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It is now once again officially the season of winter in the Northern hemisphere. The time of snow for many wizards.

How does the snow and cold affect your life? Do you enjoy it more than you do the warmer months?


the cold sucks i hate it. thank god i dont live anywhere that snows anymore. shoveling that bullshit every morning made me suicidal. i dont like wearing shoes multiple layers of clothing. i would rather be hot than cold, but somewhere in between is best, like 50-60f. i last had to work somewhere that reguarly in the 40s celsius and that was hell on earth


"official" doesn't mean shit, as far as I'm concerned it's winter when the first snow attacks and it's only spring when it's almost all melted


I like the cold weather.
I know the secret of how not to shiver. It's nice.


>the secret

being 600lbs?


It barely snows where I live. Temps kinda hover around 35-40 during the coldest days.


being cold


I've never seen snow in my life. The coldest it gets where I live is about 0ºC. I really enjoy winter here and I despise summer. Snow looks nice on tv but I'm sure it can be pretty annoying.
I still wish I lived in a colder place with a bit of snow and not six months straight of summer.


>I've never seen snow in my life.
It's overrated imo. My favorite weather to appreciate indoors is definitely a thunderstorm. The sounds, colors and general atmosphere are all pretty good. I love seeing the world getting washed away under the dark gray sky. Really peaceful. Indoors of course.


Agree on that, storms are top comfy to watch.


we just had 16 more inches of the white shit this weekend, there's sirens everywhere from cars crashing and the sidewalks are literally non-existent you gotta walk in the street, the power didn't go out this time but there's probably other neighborhoods still without juice, it's not just annoying, it'll kill you


I enjoy walking. Ice and snow hampers that. Or, rather, my city's inadequate snow removal (and ice melting) measures makes it difficult


>Do you enjoy it more than the warmer months
up where I'm at, neither winter nor summer is preferable honestly, the extremes of one are just inverted into the extremes of the other, both sides of the year have their upsides but the balance is always toward the bad, the miserable, I hate them both


File: 1609021612246.jpg (55.96 KB, 850x383, 850:383, you_re_under_arrest_drawn_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Snowy winters seem fake to me cos I never had one.


I like it because there's less sunlight and less people outside.

Also I prefer snow over rain, if I have to pick between the two.

I prefer cold over hot weather. I like wearing winter clothing too.


File: 1613683353086.jpg (1.47 MB, 4000x1846, 2000:923, IMG_20210217_124427.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

gotta shovel snow every morning.

>pic related.

my dogs hut

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