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What's up with 4chan lately?
1. Random permanent bans over posts that are completely on topic.
2. Porn ads in the supposedly safe for work sections.
3. Porn being posted all over the site in areas it's not permitted in.
4. Ban happy mods range banning entire area codes.
5. Off topic posts not being banned.
6. Troll posts not being banned.

It's like all the idiots from /b/ took over and wrecked the site utterly.

What the fuck is going on over there?
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4chan has been "ruined" like 5 times at this point.
>2007 and smartphones
>trump election


Last time I checked, there were guys in /pol/ who had wives and children. Bunch of normalfaggot scum, I will never go back.


most of those are either larps or the migatard boomers that came frol facebook or reddit


>There will never be the exact same culture as the original 4chan culture, but why can’t we try to create new things

Because our time, the web 2.0 era was pretty unique and will probably never be replicated ever again. Everybody does things only for money or fame on the internet.


I read your post completly. You're on the right track. However there is something maybe you need to know
>There was this growing sense of zoomers as having taken over the culture and maybe this was just an organic thing
I'm a zoomer. Not only I loathe the continuous flow of extremily low quality post of all types in Internet in general, but neither I can post anymore there because of the rangebans. Don't let people like >>265070 tell you that
>haha brah is only crapposting from zoomers haha
The reasons why the site is like that are many. But trust me, the reasons behind it are not that banal.


ok butthurt zoomer


It's hardly a "banal" reason. The generational differences between millennials and zoomers are pretty vast and are especially pronounced when observing their idiosyncrasies online. One generation grew up on a wild west internet that was mostly nerdy male outcasts and was comprised of small tight-knit communities with their own unique subcultures that they maintained through gatekeeping, the other grew up with a comparably sanitized internet, smartphones, social media, meme culture, ironic culture, etc.

Also, you never experienced the old 4chan or the old internet for that matter. You don't know what it was like before your generation invaded.


That I'm a zoomer doesn't mean that I didn't experience anything of the "old internet". I get to be part of some of these smaller communities. Most of them died out, true, but again it has little to do with "zoomer invasion".


I really don't understand why it infuriates zoomers that things *were* different before. As if catching the tail end of "something" or viewing a curated "something" is enough to understand what that "something" meant or was at the time.

It's like when zoomers latch onto certain dated games that were great for the time they were released but have aged like milk.


As shit as zoomers in general are and as cancerous as their online presence is, it just makes me feel for the few apprentices that have to deal with that shit. There's undoubtedly some that have the right spirit, even if culturally they never experienced the same things we did.


It amazes me how so many zoomers speak so confidently about things they are too young to have possibly experienced and act like they're a higher authority than those who actually experienced said things.

I get that young people in general have a tendency to think they know more than they do, but zoomers are on a completely different level of narcissism.


>Sad thing is I suspect the mods here are creeping in that direction due to lack of oversight or accountability.
I think it's inevitable.
Moderating a website is a thankless job that gives power over a community.
Think about the kind of person who would WANT to do that.
There's a reason the 4chan modship was filled with confirmed redditors ( at the time where admitting you browsed reddit would just get you ignored, at best a handful of (you)'s telling you to go back).
I couldn't imagine confirmed gaia regular users becoming 4chan mods back in those days.


>There's a reason the 4chan modship was filled with confirmed redditors

I think that can be explained by the fact that the internet has been homogenized for quite some time. Back in our day (i'm assuming you're around my age based on the fact that you remember when 4chan's biggest feud was with gaia…oh those were the days) most posters picked ONE site. They might have posted on other sites from time to time but they spent the vast majority of their time posting on one site that they considered their home. But that's an antiquated concept. The vast majority of modern posters post on multiple subreddits, multiple discord servers, multiple social media sites, etc. I would go as far as to say you'd be hard-pressed to find a 4chan user that DOESN'T use reddit these days.


what is 4chan and reddit?


>They might have posted on other sites from time to time but they spent the vast majority of their time posting on one site that they considered their home.

More like the *content* of the internet has become homogenised. In the old days you could bounce from site to site to site and it'd all be wildly different sites with different content.

Now people flow through a handful of sites all containing pretty much the same kind of info and chatter. The youtube comment section, reddit, the chans, twitter etc all speak pretty much the same language as each other (as in everyone pretty much speaks the same way and about the same things).


Not just the mods, the userbase is the shittiest ever as well


Are you Canadians?


File: 1617668269465.png (134.67 KB, 853x521, 853:521, ban evasion.png) ImgOps iqdb

I got banned for a month supposedly for "ban evasion", even though I didn't evade any bans. I probably just got banned because some christcuck janny was pissed about the 314444444 get.


Discord trannies have taken over


Today I got banned from all boards for a week for replying to different threads on /u/. For some reason the modcuck thought of it as spam despite them being genuine replies related to the threads. I insulted him on the appeal form, it's not even worth it. Never ever got such a ban not even when I genuinely spammed or participated in raids in the past. 4cuck only gets worse everyday


Userbase is shit because there are no more nerds.


This. I love it how "nerd" is used as an insult, yet they are the only subset of population who consistently have any sense of justice.

Yes, there are retarded nerds too who abuse things like mod rights (and have always been, even spawning some memes) but normies make the absolute words moderators for anything.


I got banned from all baords after mentioning somehting on topic that I do and think which must be considered weird to normalfags.
Was banned for a troll post despite just being a wizrd and not trolling but I am used to everyone thinking that I must be making up things beccause I am so fucked up.


This happened to me on the old 4chan even. Normies love to LARP how fucked up they are but when an actual hikki starts talking this is what happens.


A digression but
>I love it how "nerd" is used as an insult
lol no, nerd (or geek) hasn't been used as an insult since the normalfags stole those terms.

>This happened to me on the old 4chan even. Normies love to LARP how fucked up they are but when an actual hikki starts talking this is what happens.
Like I said: there are no more nerds. They will never exist again.

I'm being a tad hyperbolic but…


Hikkis aren't welcome anywhere except for a few imageboards


>nerd (or geek) hasn't been used as an insult since the normalfags stole those terms.


No, now it's an "ironic" insult.


There are only 4.3 billion ipv4's in the world. I think at the rate 4chan is going, they will ban a big chunk of them from English speaking countries.


I dont know how people can browse that shithole for extended periods anymore. The posters are so lame and normified I wonder if the theories about it being mainly populated by ai have a kernel of truth in them.


>I wonder if the theories about it being mainly populated by ai have a kernel of truth in them.
I believe it. Between governments, corporations, and just plain dedicated trolls, it seems unlikely to me that more than 80% of the posts there are made by genuine humans.


You are deluded then. All those commenters are the same people as youtube and facebook commenters.

The average person *is* that braindead. There is no bot conspiracy. They are not AI's.

You have no idea how incredibly stupid and narrow-minded the average person is.


I think you have it backwards. The 80% are the hivemind reading from the script. The 20% of "bots" stand out because they are capable of independent thought. You are in the terminal stages of internet brainwashing brought to you buy anonymous imageboard culture. You can quit drinking the Kool-Aid anytime.


Maybe, I don't know what level of "irony" the idiot zoomers are on these days but nerd/geek are tainted words, the nerd/geek subcultures have been absorbed into the monoculture so thoroughly that trying to separate them would be like trying to unbake a cake. There's no reclaiming the culture.

>it seems unlikely to me that more than 80% of the posts there are made by genuine humans.
People *are* that dumb, the number of people who go out and buy designer shit regardless of whether they can afford it or not is staggering.


There are no "bots" on this imageboard or any site making opinion pieces or regular posts. There are spambots because those generate money for their owner but they are quickly detected.

Anyone who thinks there are Soros-like ops to "influence" people on sites like this are 70 IQ.


4chan already polluted wizchan as well. You might notice the "-oomer" posting here. Retarded children with no real vocabulary to speak off supplanting the entirety of their lexicon with "-oomer" shoved onto the end of any combination of consonants. The same people posting that infantile filth are not just new to here, but new to the internet in general. Check these archive links for an example.
You'll notice some underage spammer and regular wojak posting reprobate suddenly flooding the site with it on the 17th of June 2018, waiting until other impressionable children latched onto it and letting it snowball from there. So when you see some spastic posting any derivative of "-oomer" here, know that they are the cancer of the internet, and they are more than elated to dumb down the literacy of the World Wide Web because their toddler mind finds the pronunciation of "oo" funny.


File: 1619697473377.jpg (187.93 KB, 1394x1500, 697:750, 1598130306711.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i thought it was from this


There may be no bots but you have to be naive to think that there are no ops going on at the bigger imageboards. The fact that a fucking anime imageboard has a presence in politics means it's of use to nefarious entities.

>-oomer theory
I doubt it, more likely it came from newfags who kept calling the last remaining oldfags boomers even though most oldfags would be Gen X at the oldest and mostly early-to-mid millennials. The remaining oldfags called newfags zoomers as in Gen-Z. Because this boomer/zoomer thing stuck somewhat other newfags were desperate to separate themselves from zoomers and being unoriginal as fuck just replaced the letters in front of -oomer.


Anything that happened post-2014ish kinda doesn't matter in the sense that at that point things were in a terminal freefall.


He’s right though. You can see one dedicated poster going through all the boards making the same template boomer posts. It’s the fishiest fucking stuff, and it happened on 8chan too.


They're still not bots. End of story.

There are billions of these low IQ automaton drones around the world. They also love to spam "amongus" memes and "nobody: literally nobody" memes.


> It’s the fishiest fucking stuff
Not really dude, in fact it makes perfect sense why ANOTHER simple ass wojak clone became popular.


You aren’t getting it. It’s not like someone made the oc in a thread and people started posting it elsewhere. It’s a meme that came from nowhere, using a template to leech off, that was posted in a coordinated manner in multiple imageboards. I’m not saying it’s the government or an AI necessarily, but someone clearly was trying very hard to make sure that shit meme became popular.


Do you even understand how memes work? I've randomly made some templates, posted them on obscure altchans and they ended up on 9gag because people liked it.

Not everything is a "coordinated conspiracy". The real world is much more boring than you wish it to be.


4chan hasn't been a meme factory in years mate, most memes (if you call them that) originate somewhere else noe.


It used to be a driving force in shaping the internet, now it's just a cultural backwater.


My ip range got randombanned there too few months ago. But now the jannies have changed their mind it seems, what's going on? Any similiar cases?


Why did you link some dicord where they laugh at lolcows?


I walk into random as hell bans when I use my cellphone.
It's sometimes funny finding out what the local retards in the area have been banned for.
Mostly it's one autist that keeps getting banned from /co/ (a board I never use) for spamming and intentionally antaganizing the mods.
But every once in awhile there is a funny surprise. Like yesterday walking into a ban of someone who was banned for "tributes" involving pictures of Justin Beaver on /mu/. for those that don't know what "tributes" are its when some degenerate prints out a photo of someone then cums on it and takes a picture of it
That gave me quite a laugh.


My phone network is permabanned from 4chad as a whole for posting nonstop BBC/blacked images, and its not what you think, the majority of people here are asain/immigrants lol.


That's a great idea. I'll travel the world to get phonefags permanently kicked out.
I finally have purpose

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