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File: 1608772600370.jpg (244.21 KB, 620x600, 31:30, 2020-12-23_18.17.17.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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What's up with 4chan lately?
1. Random permanent bans over posts that are completely on topic.
2. Porn ads in the supposedly safe for work sections.
3. Porn being posted all over the site in areas it's not permitted in.
4. Ban happy mods range banning entire area codes.
5. Off topic posts not being banned.
6. Troll posts not being banned.

It's like all the idiots from /b/ took over and wrecked the site utterly.

What the fuck is going on over there?
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File: 1613517544507.jpg (53.32 KB, 640x516, 160:129, 1449398017981.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

normalfaggots like you who complain about lolicons and not actual normalfags shitting up 4chan with porn, bbc, and 3d worship, and other normalfag shit are hilarious


cry harder, normalnegroid.


>probably got banned over a 8kun link despite that also not being against the rules and it not linking to illegal material
yeah they don't know that and dont think they are gonna bother checking and risking getting cp on their pc because of some pedophile on /b/


We have had this discussion for years now, 4chan being shit goes back all the way to 2004.
It was always full of annoying teenagers, low IQ mongoloids and power tripping mods, whats really lacking arent these superficial lacks stemming from a false sense of nostalgia, but that the site has been commercialized, its no different from twatter or facebook in that regard, moot is a sellout and whats really lacking is a sense of communion, its really bland and boring and people are mostly posting for themselves, more interested in getting a quick dopamine boost from a (you) than trolling the internet or discussing a topic.
Other than that its the same sea of piss it has always been, 4chan didnt change, you did.


File: 1613531079245.jpg (14.5 KB, 250x200, 5:4, 1463092636048.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can not like lolicon, shotacon, bbc and simping threads all at the same time. Go back to your pedo board fag.

8kun was labeled a CP hive when it took off. And it was accurate, being able to make your own board and delist it from the index made it great for pedos to dump CP and link others to it. 8kun keeps the reputation of being full of pedos.

That's only true for select boards. Boards like /m/ were the best places on the internet for their content at the time. Mecha had little to no English support outside of MAHQ which was a shitty wikipedia run by fags. /m/ was full of niche discussions, gunpla threads and people working together to sub/translate things. If you go to /m/ today it's nothing but bait and muh waifu pilot threads. The translators and news hounds have move over to Reddit or Facebook. 4chan is now the place you post when you take a shit and previously some boards were the place you went to get news on niche topics.

The people who say 4chan was never good never went to boards except /b/ and /v/. Those were containment boards for retards.


There's no rational reason to buy in the pedo hysteria if you're don't have childen
You're a dumb easily manipulated normalfag
You sure seem to know a lot about CP circles for not being a pedo though.


>You're a pedo not me!
Fuck off. Some of us want to live in safe communities and don't like having our nephews and nieces raped by faggots like you. Go take a night walk in the ghetto with the other nigger cattle


…Did you mean to say "sons and daughters"?


Are you that right-wing guy from that other thread?


Are you new here? There's plenty of right wing people on wizchan. Wizzies don't want to live in ghettos with nigger beats playing all day and violent muggings if they leave the house. It's better to be a wiz in a safe place than one in a dangerous place. If where you are is safe enough for children to play in the street then it's safe enough for a wizzie to go for walks.


Although I'm prone to glee in any normie getting annihilated, even if it be from a nigga's piece… I find myself agreeing with you.


In the politics thread you go amerimutt


One of the mods on 4chan is a succubus that presumably has children or was raped as she will ban anyone for posting loli of any kind if she feels like it.

>I think they should keep the pedos around. It obviously piss the shit out of normalfucks
Even if you disagree with pedos it is acctually good to have them on a board posting legal things related to their affliction as it drives the normalfaggots away.
If someone can stand seeing a pedo dscuss their pedo feels they can obviously discuss everything with an open mind.

No one is saying here that children should be harmed you miss the entire point they made and obviously you are not suited to be here if you cannot stand someone else having a different opinion.
Why do you care so much about society I value having free speech online over caring about what other people do.


You even argue like a retarded normalfag.
No one is snatching children up from the streets, it's statistically negligible. Unfortunate occurrence, but there's no use getting insane about it because a 0% crime rate is impossible.
The vast majority of molestation is from someone the child/child's parents know and trusts.
You're making shit up and/or buying into falsehoods to whip yourself into a frenzy over pedos. Why?


Loli is a grey area for legality in many countries and states. It's not been tested properly in court every where and no one wants a party van because you posted lolicon and it's illegal where they are.

Excuse me while I laugh at your ignorant. Industrial scale child grooming is not something you write likely against a protected class.


Why do you care so much about things that do not concern yourself and if they do how? obviously it is horrible that wizkids get hurt by scum but no one gets hurt by people enjoying art and you sound like some boomer on a crusade.



I tried going to 8chan after not being on there in literally years and realised its now called 8kun and you literally need tor or some shit which I'm too lazy to use, so I don't know maybe now that they have no competition they can do what they want plus all the 8chan pedos who couldn't be bothered using tor like me came back


8kun is really slow and you do not need tor to use it.


File: 1613573980160.png (124.31 KB, 691x492, 691:492, f4ee4a0ada3451f0ac52265b5c….png) ImgOps iqdb

8kun is abandoned, and Jim Watkins is logging your interactions and giving that info to god knows who. Don't use 8kun. A lot of the people from 8chan are not at 8chan.moe


8chan's userbase went to the webring. All the major boards owners except Mark decided to make individual image boards and network them over returning to a website working with the US government. Smug.loli is the most populated of the webring boards and you can find your way to the others by clicking webring.

8chan.moe was made by Acidman (A guy who sells guns to the FBI and was heavily involved in doxxing people when he ran the gamergate board on 8ch) and Mark (the most hated BO on 8ch who then got hired on as staff and is known to be a slimy kike). Only Mark's butt pirate buddies use it and everyone else calls it blacked.moe and various insults and avoids it. They shit on and tried to spam the webring for months before joining it and quality dropped on many other boards, some were outright killed.

Welcome to the webring drama. There's a /cow/ thread on wizchan on the alog server so some of you are already there and shit posting.


>8chan.moe was made by Acidman (A guy who sells guns to the FBI and was heavily involved in doxxing people when he ran the gamergate board on 8ch)
I had no idea, I don't pay much attention to drama, I also browse a few boards on the webring, but stuff goes down a lot and I kinda got tired of that.



I think you should be banned for linking some nigger on twitter.


A bunch of losers feeling important for being knowledgable on hurr durr old meme and internet culture on twitter. What should my thoughts be exactly besides that they're failed normies looking for attention and validating one another.

4chan is still ok. The vid of people shooting eachother in the snow was nice. The crusty anon that hadn't showered in forever was interesting. Good stuff still gets posted. But I'm banned all of the time for being off topic or replying to dubs or criticizing stuff. It's funny how 4chan used to be considered a place where everything was ok and allowed but now saying 'roll' or 'fuck jannies' is a crime punishable by death. Ok than. It's become a janny pleasing simulator.


/tv/ janny banned me the other day for 'replying to off-topic garbage'.
My replies were serious and well written though more importantly, the entire board was a complete garbage fire at the time so i didnt think it mattered.
Whatever I only go to 4cancer for a laugh. Nobody has anything worthwhile or interesting to say unlike here.


I would argue most people here also don't have anything interesting or worthwhile to say.



Ahh a fellow man of taste and culture


Any nice slow board like this that isn't 100% focused on weeb stuff? I lost interest in all of that some time ago and it just tends to alienate me now. I like how this site is broader than that.


Do you think Hiroshima isn't selling people's 4chan posting history to probably multiple organizations? People say insane things just to shitpost, but that wouldn't work as a defense if those posts got leaked, they'd just say that it was the only place where you could be honest because it's anonymous. If I wasn't a nobody the most terrifying thing to me would be someone leaking my posting history – whoever had that info could blackmail me to do or not do almost anything. I honestly regret ever having posted instead of just lurking, but here I am again. But then again, I suppose everyone is already being monitored constantly anyway, unless they don't use the internet and don't have any "smart" devices.


This is a problem I've found too. Every niche board is now dominated by weebs. Even if you find a IRL topic there is still weebs posting anime succubi doing that activity while clearly having no experience of it themselves.

4chan post value has to be on par with reddit, which is to say it's worthless. Focus groups don't use social media numbers for their data research because it's not very useful. Reddit is even less valued than those places. He's probably trying but he's not finding many buys which is why we're seeing boards being made and deleted in an attempt to make it worth something to someone.


too many people are posting on 4chan for that to effectively matter


I just got banned from ALL boards for a single lame troll post on /pol/ lol. It was a chud/poljak image saying that pol blames jews for anglo crimes


reject 4kidz embrace tradition


I thought it was over with Google Captcha and or registration. And that is some years ago. If I want to shitpost, I do it on Kohl without any problems, if I want to discuss something aside politics mindfucks, I do it on any small imageboard or forum. Who cares if it's slow.
Oh, I like /vr/, it's good for checking out missed retro stuff. I miss the creativity, it seems that everything is done what could be done and is now consumed by Pepe and Wojak. Sometimes there might even be good content made out of this, but it's too "professional" and I think it's stupid to identify with a limited range of Wojak variations.
The wild internet without political interference seems to be over, only niche sites will survive without going mental about this.


File: 1614004949755.jpg (423.66 KB, 900x2002, 450:1001, 1410146151334.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The photoshop people came from Something awful, moved to 4chan then moved onto Reddit. There's entire subreddits dedicated to trolling lolcows and photoshopping them into various things. It's just as active as /b/ was in the day, but it only targets the "right sort of people"


I once accepted reddit as an alternative forum version of an imageboard, though I despise karma, like and "priority" systems. But many interesting more "underground" reddit boards vanished and the GUI is fucked up. And modern forums copy that (and use big tech script software) so they can't even be called forums anymore.


I hate reddit, any time I post there within a week I'm revolted by it. All the underground stuff has vanished because of the censorship policies. I think they maybe on facebook but no account to find out.

if you put old. before reddit in the URL it will give you the old interface.


File: 1614011782629.png (162.02 KB, 480x765, 32:51, image_1.png) ImgOps iqdb

here, I took a screenshot


Good thing your ban was so short so you can go right back to /jidf/ and post your wojak quoteposts again.


seems like you have to go back


says the person who spends his free time shilling on 4chad for free


eh, you deserved it


My attempts to appeal my permanent ban are being rejected. I think the ride is finally over. There's probably something actually wrong with me for allowing things to get to this point.


I have heard that in the past couple years permanent ban appeals are auto rejected.
The mods don't give a shit, you can be banned for no reason, and your appeals don't matter.

I used to use shitchan for porn, but got banned for sharing a link to 8kun, which isn't against the rules but the mods apparently don't like that site and will just ban people without reason for posting it. At least the mods on /b/ will, who according to their rules page can do whatever the fuck they want.

Site is worse then mainstream social media sites. At least you can kinda see where bans are coming or predict how rules are interpreted.

On shitchan it's just
>Do anything the mod mildly dislikes
>Permanent range ban for your whole zip code
>Rules be damned

Sad thing is I suspect the mods here are creeping in that direction due to lack of oversight or accountability.
Hell, just saying that will probably get this post deleted despite it being on topic.


my shits so confusing i have no idea what to do. ive had a 4chan pass for 3 years because i post a lot and hate captchas. its going to run out soon so i tried posting without it and apparently my ip got perma banned half a year ago, not a range ban, a perma ban on my ip… but ive been able to post this entire time with my pass, which isn't how it's supposed to work. no clue whats going on, i tried to appeal it but it got rejected. i think i pissed off a mod there and it's just a troll to make me continue buying a 4chan pass


Hello pol


Get an extension called Buster: Captcha Solver and forget about buying a pass


Doesn't fix him being ip banned.


yea that wont help me, ip is banned. i used to be able to change my ip with my last isp just by messing around with my routers mac address, but i can't do that now because i'm forced to use my isps lame modem/router and i can't change the mac on it. i might just end up calling them and requesting to change it because something something for remote work

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