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What's up with 4chan lately?
1. Random permanent bans over posts that are completely on topic.
2. Porn ads in the supposedly safe for work sections.
3. Porn being posted all over the site in areas it's not permitted in.
4. Ban happy mods range banning entire area codes.
5. Off topic posts not being banned.
6. Troll posts not being banned.

It's like all the idiots from /b/ took over and wrecked the site utterly.

What the fuck is going on over there?


My IP range is globally banned from posting on 4chan lmao.


Good, fuck shitchan and every normalfag and zoomer who use it


i feel like every imageboard user must graduate from 4chan and never look back at some point. maybe now is your time


who cares about normalchan


Glowniggers run halfchan.


this, what the hell are you doing on 4chan? it’s a site for teenagers and young college students, it’s so retarded I can’t stand that shit anymore and sounds like it has gotten even more retarded in recent


Where has everyone gone since the fall of 8chan? I found 9chan, but it's pretty trash too.


4chan is fast and entertaining. This place is comfy but too slow and the 10 or so regulars get on each others nerves and we run out of things to talk about here.

Old habits die hard. 4chan is still the busiest imageboard out there so you're guaranteed hundreds of replies with the right thread.
It's also a lot more diverse. You get all walks of life and all manner of conversation on many boards.

8chan or rather 8kun is so dead and buggy there's no point to go there anyway.


File: 1608845242864.jpg (451.42 KB, 4040x626, 2020:313, fanbase.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

One of my regular boards is being messed with right now by mods. They are really not giving a damn. Last time something like happened was when moot was having a tantrum against /pol/, but this seems different. I wonder if mods have gotten word in advance of the site being shut down, so they are just doing what they want and making mayhem until then.

It's so far gone from its weeb origins it's no different from any other social media these days anyway. It's sad, but a community always dies when it gets popular. You can already start to see the normalfags creep into this site too.


4chan isn't even entertaining. Most of it is the same regurgitation of the flavour of the week memes, LGBTQ shit, and pol shit. And off topic stuff - for example r9k tier greentexts with "books for this feel" attached, on lit.


Anime is as normalfaggy as it gets


Anime after the mid-2000's is garbage-tier normie shit.


Art post 1920 is shit
Literature post 1950 is shit
TV post 1975 is shit
Internet post 2004 is shit
Vidya post 2007 is shit
Anime post 2007 is shit


Generally agree with most of that.
Don't really watch tv or read. Curious why in particular you set those dates for quality cut-off. Also "art" seems like an extremely wide category to wholesale condemn after 1920.


1920 is actually the birth of modernist art and schools like the Dadaists. It's also the death of Western Post Renaissance because most schools suddenly dropped those styles in favor of the new modernism. (Incidentally this enraged a certain mustachioed dictator)
No good authors were born after the date of about 1920 either, and most of them were dead by 1950 although some were still publishing OK works. I say literature because there were still a lot of OK "junk-food" type books being written by people such as Stephen King well into the 80s. That's hardly good though, but certainly okay.
TV died in the mid 70s with the effect end of the golden directors like Piotr Szulkin, Tarkovsky, Shakhnazarov, and Renoir, Cocteau, and René Clair. Some good movies were still made after that point such as some works by Louis Malle, although his later stuff isn't exactly the best.
Of course, good stuff still appeared after those dates, that's just when those mediums managed to reach the point where there's so much shit to shovel through it's basically not worth it.
Phoneposting so this is going to sound incoherent, eh.


The reason that "art" as a whole died is because the world collectively said "it's okay not to be pretty, it's just important to be expressive."
The world regressed from the 4000 years of artistic development and decided to do away with everything because art is for "expressing urself" and "the subjective experience" rather than the beauty and transendance of nature as was the 4000 year mindset.


Ahh so you both seem to be referring to capital A Art. I can understand gripe with that. Art in that way was always a hobby of the gentry. But I suppose it at least wasn't so alienating and unfriendly to outsiders as it is now, both visually and as a community.

The only books I read are science fiction, but I suppose that's not considered real "literature". Even though the ones I enjoy most usually dabble heavily into philosophy, that's probably still to be considered "pop" or whatever.


4Chan became soft.
Everyone has "a wife and kids" on that site it's ridiculous.
4Chan was never really that good.

>/a/ has shit taste

>/b/ is beyond saving
>/co/ is Tumblr light
>/fit/ is a joke
>/pol/ fucking ruined the entire site
>/r9k/ is full of normies and failed normies
>/tv/ is autistic as fuck
>/v/ is full of whiny fags
>/x/ is pants on head retarded


the beginning stages of 4chan straying from their dedicated beliefs into ass-half normie beliefs
slowly it has become more "mainstream" but once mods become shit too, its done for
R.I.P 4chan


The mods are already SJW's and they're attempting to take over the website by influencing Hiro. Actually, the website was officially infiltrated in 2012 or so. You can look up the mod leaks that were available on the original 8chan. There were mod leaks for tsuki, 4chan, wizchan, and a few random forums such as Neofag if I recall correctly. 4chan is 100% infiltrated in totality.


File: 1608936203257.png (Spoiler Image, 301.69 KB, 934x1149, 934:1149, screenshot.png) ImgOps iqdb

I agree. There is too much BBC and cuckspam and it seems engineered.
Like even a determined shitposter would get bored but it seems like there's an entire group dedicated to spamming that shit 24/7.
/b/ and /gif/ are just mostly porn and are beyond salvaging.
It would be better if all the porn on the site was forced onto a few boards rather than having it leak out onto every board outside 4channel.


If any it's /pol/ the one that ruined the site and mods seem to be /pol/turds in boards like /int/


File: 1608944100245-0.jpg (118.84 KB, 1100x650, 22:13, 20201227.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1608944100245-1.jpg (296.83 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 20201228.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

4chan has been going downhill fast…


Mods are total normalfags nowadays.
I got banned for saying I was a pedo. No illegal content, no implications of any wrong doing. Not even for being off topic.
Literally just banned for wrongthink on a website that has gore threads and loli.


/pol/ mods are pushing it left. Rewriting history by saying it was always commie/left. Every original org is usually libertarian. If you go to the political compass threads, they’re mixed with normal filth. This just means there’s ripe opportunities to create something better.


Also, I get banned whenever I post. I guess for wrongthink or something. The mods might just be young and dumb.


File: 1609014777913.png (83.2 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 151518538442.png) ImgOps iqdb

Is this bait?


File: 1609020858216.png (557.66 KB, 875x492, 875:492, 1603256712412.png) ImgOps iqdb

4chan has been in a downward spiral for at least 5 or 6 years now, and to someone like me who has been over there since 2006 it's painfully obvious. I internally refer to it as googlechan, because I am convinced that 4chan actually is owned by Google in some manner and that this is the true reason moot ended up as their employee. Even if that seems to conspiracy minded to you, just consider the Captcha system it uses. It is incredibly shit and is used for both tracking and making money for google or some related company. The moment you post there you're giving out free labor. The reasons as to why google or the US gov would use and own 4chan are beyond obvious - from controlling the narrative to rewriting history to shilling for product to gathering data it's an unmatched tool. Some wizards here already mentioned how /pol/ is now completely subverted and utterly, completely dead. I am even convinced that the "christians" who post there and on the site as a whole are actual shills, because /pol/ especially completely abandoned that worthless religion and saw it as a part of the problem. It, like American conservatism, was seen as a superseded thing at best but generally as a totally failed and treacherous part of the same system, meaning that there's no qualitative difference between the GOP and DNC. They're both the same people working together for the same goals. But that's long gone now, because everything /pol/ was has been herded back into the good goypen of the old Left-Right dichtonomy that we broke away from for a glorious but brief moment.

I could spent a day just writing on how everything good and valuable has been destroyed on /pol/ From metaphysical to economical and purely political every worthwhile content has been purged for years now and replaced with lies, bullshit and subversion. And all of us who were once there simply left. There came a moment when the noise overcame the sound. And then 8chan, the final and best incarnation of the imageboard principle was killed and with it all value the Internet had. The death of /pol/ marks the end of the Internet as a tool of freedom, learning, free thought and actual people. It truly is over.

Going back a bit to 4chan, it's a site entirely populated with normalfaggots. It really is that simple. No original spirit remains even in traces. I was once a /co/ tripfag for instance, and have about 14 years of posting there, even as all the old guard left bit by bit, and even places like WWOEC fell and were forgotten, and all fun and meaning was drained from it all. Today I simply do not post anymore, for there's no point to it. If I say I refuse to accept homosexual propaganda in cartoons I just get banned within minutes - that's the best and easiest way to get banned on 4chan. Just say something that isn't liberal. It doesn't matter if you're polite, explain stuff and so on. They will ban you, because those are no-no thoughts that go against the "narrative," but the "narrative" isn't a proper term because this shit is backed by the world's most advanced militaries, governments, intelligence agencies and basically everyone with power. Again, /pol/ was an organic last ditch effort from a bunch of random, still sane people who deluded themselves into thinking we could save the world. Anyway, it's amusing to me to see new /co/mrades bitch about how they've been "invaded" by lolicons when the whole board basically existed as a haunt of people who fapped to children's cartoons from day one, and was essentially created for the sole reason to contain us since the rest of the site didn't have anything to do with that (western) interest. It really was all about anime and old /b/, and young wizards probably can't even understand how obscure, low quality and fringe #34 porn was. VERY FEW artists were into this and it was a truly underground thing, and posting cartoon porn on say /b/ would get you either laughed out or even banned because it was so… out there despite the obvious fact loli was on everyone's lips, so to speak.

This is getting out of hand, so let me finish. The Internet is dead or close to death. Data hoard while you can, but for all practical, emotional and purposes of expression and communication it's fully subverted, controlled and DANGEROUS to your safety, prosperity and mental health. I stress the last bit in particular. The Internet is a tool of subversion, disinfo and all things negative BY DESIGN. It's PURPOSE now is to feed you worthless, faulty, wrong and harmful pseudo-information. Not lies outright, but grains of truth coated in layers upon layers of lies to give them an air of believability. And no, trying to "uncover" the truth is not a plausible or possible course of action. The old idea that you can find the truth or worthwhile information about anything on the Internet is DEAD. Please understand this. It's DEAD and there is nothing left in the carcass.

Many sites and little forums have vanished. This is commonly known across all topics of interest. They aren't coming back. Make your peace with this. The goal is TV 2.0 and we're already there. Live your life in electronic silence and abandon the Internet. It's time to relearn how to be analog, and use this shit only as a last resort. The alternative is already known to you.


Thanks for this post, it's nice to see these kinds of perspectives. Personally, I don't believe the internet is completely lobotomized and commercialized yet. I'm still discovering a lot of useful information on subjects I find interesting.

One thing I think a lot of people don't realize is that internet was never intended to be a tool of freedom, and that short point in time where it seemed like it could be was a fluke. The current state of the internet and the decline of the anonymous imageboard were all inevitable due to the nature of the format itself.


>noooooo not the heckin taboo! you can't just disregard social mores on a website explicitly not adhering to mainstream mores!
What exactly is wrong with being a pedophile?
It's no more immoral than being a heterosexual or homosexual.
Just because the attraction exists doesn't make you a rapist any more than being a heterosexual doesn't automatically mean you desire to or will inevitably rape a succubus.
I'm not even a pedo, I just say it because I know it triggers the normalfags who shouldn't be on 4chan. My mistake was in not knowing the normalfags have infiltrated the mods.


Being a pedophile is a bad thing. The innate desire to do something bad is itself bad.
I guess an example would be that it's okay to be a carnivore or an herbivore, but there is definitely something wrong with being a cannibal even if it's just another "food preference."


File: 1609041394744.gif (116.59 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 1490187133165.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Nothing Wrong with being born bad, actually being a pedophile has more to do with being weak rather than with being bad society of today hates weakness and wants to see it destroyed and tortured.


It's bad because it's bad, flawless logic
And he's banned because it implies he wants to have sex with real littlegirl


And yes, pedo and lolicon is not the same


File: 1609049194436.jpg (48.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nope.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>And yes, pedo and lolicon is not the same


>It's bad because it's bad, flawless logic
Good and bad cannot be "logically" explained because they're not logical concepts.
Want to do bad = bad. That's my assertion.


You belong there, trust me, you retarded faggot.


Once it became popular of coarse kikes infiltrated/owned it, happens with every internet site.


only retards think 4chan got ruined because /pol/ was subverted, /pol/ even existing was what ruined 4chan, it was also never that good to begin with, certainly not something worth crying so much about.

this, /pol/ opened the floodgates for retarded normalfags, npc zealots and shills and bots to spam the shit out their stupid politics and flooded every other board and even other sites with it. No place is safe from faggotry now


>literal thoughtcrimes
what retard.
Is Brave New Word and 1984 not required reading in school anymore?

wanting to do bad =/= bad
what's more
instincts wanting to do bad =/= bad

Only doing bad == bad


Yes it is bad to want to do bad. Is it as bad as doing that bad thing? No, but it's still bad.
There is certainly something wrong with an innate desire to do something that causes harm. That's a bad thing. It's certainly not a good thing.
I also think it's funny that you used BNW as your reference and that obviously shows it's been decades since you read it or you're just name-dropping a random dystopian title.


>Yes it is bad to want to do bad
Apply morality to thoughts is a rabbit hole that leads to the conclusion every human deserves to burn in hell.
Thoughts can't be controlled. Following your reasoning, even the briefest involuntary thought of "I want to kill that person" makes someone a bad person.
That's not a productive morality system. You're dismissing human agency.

Anyways, good luck eventually killing yourself as part of the logical conclusion to your morality, as it's impossible for a person to be good in the long term. Only way to stop bad things is to remove the capability for thought entirely. Otherwise you'll always have the capacity to be a bad person whenever you have a dream or intrusive thought. So the best way to reduce "evil" in existence is to remove your capacity to think ASAP.

>obviously shows it's been decades since you read it

You got me there


Just wanting to do a bad thing sometimes doesn't make one a bad person, and consistently resisting the temptation to do evil is even good, at least good enough to offset the bad for wanting to do it to some degree. Pedophilia is a bad thing. There's nothing good about having an innate desire to rape children. A pedo can jump through as many hoops as he can to justify that desire, even to the point of rejecting all morality as irrational, but at the end of the day it's bad. What makes a pedophile "worse" is that there is an inherent disposition in him to some evil acts. It doesn't by itself make him a bad person, but he has to live with that innate disposition for evil. That innate disposition, pedophilia, a desire to do an evil act, is bad.


The power of Christ compels you!
The power of Christ compels you!
The power of Christ compels you!
The power of Christ compels you!
The power of Christ compels you!
The power of Christ compels you!


> Pedophilia is a bad thing.
Show a single holy text that says pedophilia is bad. You won't find anything outside of modern western civilization making a comment on it, and even western civilization can't agree on a universal age of consent.
>What makes a pedophile "worse" is that there is an inherent disposition in him to some evil acts.
Like saying any male heterosexual is bad because there is an inherent disposition in a man to rape.

Are you trying to say that every single civilization until the last century when child labor/prostitution was made illegal was evil?


Pedophilia is as bad as any lust-related sin, you'll have to marry a succubus first, and one only.

The thing is, that childhood as we know it emerged with grade schools in the 1700's

I think maturity has more to do with height and body mass than age, and thus genetics. like some 12 year olds could be wife material but most aren't until 15 or 16.


>Show a single holy text that says pedophilia is bad
I didn't know you based your morality on holy texts.
>western civilization can't agree on a universal age of consent.
What they agree on is that there is such thing as a "too young."
>Like saying any male heterosexual is bad because there is an inherent disposition in a man to rape.
It is impossible to have sex with a child, so all desires that a pedophile has are to rape a child. He can only attempt convince himself that it's "sex".
>Are you trying to say that every single civilization until the last century when child labor/prostitution was made illegal was evil?
Yes, and every country up to now is evil. Some far more, some far less.


All sex before succubi's feminist liberation was rape, you think succubi wanted to lay with the short balding guy their parent married her to because he had money? don't you know that flirtring and pick up are technically grooming, trying to convince someone your genetics aren't shit? nowadays succubi prefer black men because that's whjat their instinct tells them to do, that is the only true consensual sex. And yes you can have sex with succubi as young as 9 but it depends heavily on their genetics because is an small percentage of them.

I am just saying that eugenics will always be the answer to grow a bigger and stronger society.


I think I broke it.


>What they agree on is that there is such thing as a "too young."
But they don't set it the same, so what is legal in one country is "pedophile! you're literally evil for even THINKING about having sex with a 16 year old!" in another
>It is impossible to have sex with a child
lol. That's an absolutely retarded statement. Even in countries with age of consent there's still exception when both parties are underaged, or the older is within an arbitrary age range older than the younger.
Why do people always try to brush under the rug that children have sex with each other? Uncomfortable truth that completely demolishes your arguments, leaving only "age disparity results in a power imbalance so the weaker party can't consent" which only opens a whole new can of worms.


here in this caveman country is not unusual for 16 year olds MEN to FUCK 6th grade school SLUTS.


>But they don't set it the same, so what is legal in one country is "pedophile! you're literally evil for even THINKING about having sex with a 16 year old!" in another
They're trying to find cutoff dates for when a person is able to understand the meaning and consequences of their actions and the actions of others on them.
>"age disparity results in a power imbalance so the weaker party can't consent"
This is the case and it's the can of worms I gladly open with all that it entails. Human laws have an ambiguity and arbitrariness to them because we are not capable of understanding every single possible case and formulating a book of instructions for every possible scenario. This results in some occassions where a person has obviously been raped but the law doesn't say that they were, and likewise cases where a person under the "age of consent" in a country was not raped but under the law they were.
If a person with a real knowledge and understanding of their actions "has sex" with someone who does not have the knowledge and capability to understand the significance and the consequences of that action then it is rape. This is why having sex with a retard or heavily intoxicated person is usually rape.
Children aren't able to understand the significance of a sexual act. They aren't capable of knowing if they are being groomed for sex. They don't know if daddy is using pavlovian techniques to condition them into sexual acts. Age of consent is an arbitrary date that legal systems set to determine when "almost all" people are old enough to be able to determine for themselves if they really want to have sex or not.


That's not how sex works, in nature, the mightiest male has all females and even some males in to submission until a rival dares to defy him and beat him.


what about wizchan? going into that conspiracy theory rabbit hole, what if this site was first created to serve as a terrorist honeypot, a place to gather all potential mass shooter crabs. if this is the case i guess it failed since the common user of this site seem to fantasize more about killing himself than participating in any kind of uprising.
not gonna lie, it would be funny


A simp admin made a succubus mod in hopes that she'll sleep with him.


> This is why having sex with a retard
Why can retards have sex with each other and it not be raped? Neither of them have "real knowledge and understanding", whatever the fuck that means.
>heavily intoxicated person
Then why is it when both parties are drunk it's the male who is guilty of rape?
> the significance of a sexual act
There is no significance.
>Age of consent is an arbitrary date that legal systems set to determine when "almost all"
It has nothing to do with ability to determine if they want to have sex.
You'll notice that the age of consent is always years beyond puberty, which is objectively a measure for sexual maturity in animals. Or do you want to argue that the mechanism that evolved SPECIFICALLY to determine when an organism is ready for sexual reproduction is wrong?


Actually getting losers to be depressed and suicidal rather than homicidal is the point.
If both parties have no idea what they're doing then it's more excusable.
>> the significance of a sexual act
>There is no significance.
Yes you're a post-modernist, all actions are just the results of cellular automata and chemical reactions. If you have something against murder then you're being logically inconsistent because there's no significance in the act of "murder". It's simply a rearrangement of atoms in some arbitrary manner. Discussion over.
>It has nothing to do with ability to determine if they want to have sex.
It has to do if they have the ability to understand the consequences of the action. It's why children can't sign contracts either.
>You'll notice that the age of consent is always years beyond puberty, which is objectively a measure for sexual maturity in animals. Or do you want to argue that the mechanism that evolved SPECIFICALLY to determine when an organism is ready for sexual reproduction is wrong
Doing just what is natural means rape and murder is okay. In nature the strongest most violent win over the weaker. Animals rape, murder, cannibalize, steal. They do whatever they can to improve reproductive success. I'm not talking about what is natural. Humans created an unnatural society because the bestial way of animals isn't virtuous and it isn't good. Western society takes liberties to move us farther away from natural savagery.


>they're doing then it's more excusable.
Why? Would you say that murder is excusable if you don't realize you're killing people? Or maybe even if you know you're harming people, but that there's enough degrees of separation/choice involved you can absolve yourself of personal responsibility i.e. smoking industry?
> If you have something against murder then you're being logically inconsistent
Don't assume my moral system, normalfag. I am against murder because I don't want to be murdered, and if murder is socially unacceptable and there's less murdering then I'm statistically less likely to be murdered.
>It has to do if they have the ability to understand the consequences of the action
That's such a retarded metric for calculating guilt/evil. If some psychotic retard goes around murdering people they aren't as bad as a sane serial killer. But the person who executes the psychopathic retard is more evil because they understand that they are killing a person?
>Humans created an unnatural society
I disagree. Society is not unnatural, it's entirely natural. Society is an entirely natural result of intelligent creatures trying to min/max survival. Society is ultimately about survival and increasing the reproductive success.
>bestial way of animals isn't virtuous and it isn't good.
But animals lack capacity to understand what they are doing so under your reasoning they aren't Evil. Arguably, they are BETTER than humanity because while they lack the capacity for good they also lack the capacity for evil. Unlike humans, who inevitably succumb to evil so long as they are alive.


>Would you say that murder is excusable if you don't realize you're killing people?
Remember the post before? It says "more excusable" not entirely excusable. And yes, a person who is psychotic and doesn't understand they're murdering people is not as evil as a knowing murderer. Both must be stopped because both are still committing evil acts, one knowingly and the other unknowingly.
>Don't assume my moral system, normalfag. I am against murder because I don't want to be murdered, and if murder is socially unacceptable and there's less murdering then I'm statistically less likely to be murdered.
Then I am correct. To you, murder is just an arbitrary action. In this case your only problem is that you don't want it to happen to you. You're a postmodernist with a tiny splash of "egoism."
>I disagree. Society is not unnatural, it's entirely natural. Society is an entirely natural result of intelligent creatures trying to min/max survival. Society is ultimately about survival and increasing the reproductive success.
If it is then age of consent as has become the norm is natural too and you shouldn't make an argument for reproductive maturity. This is just the result of nature. I don't have a problem with your argument here, this is just a converse view of my statement.
>But animals lack capacity to understand what they are doing so under your reasoning they aren't Evil. Arguably, they are BETTER than humanity because while they lack the capacity for good they also lack the capacity for evil. Unlike humans, who inevitably succumb to evil so long as they are alive.
That doesn't weaken my argument, I agree with those statements.


>If it is then age of consent as has become the norm is natural too and you shouldn't make an argument for reproductive maturity.
Sure, but the original argument is that pedophilia is "bad". I'm arguing it is neutral.
I'm arguing the anti-pedophilia is a cultural construct that has little impact on the overall stability on society where nothing significant would change even if society was pro-pedophilia instead. Similar to how central American societies had human sacrifice and felt that it was absolutely necessary and the notion that human sacrifice was meaningless would be a taboo greater than pedophilia is now, but we know that we don't need human sacrifice for a society to function.
>That doesn't weaken my argument
It weakens your argument in that your morality isn't beneficial to yourself or civilization, at least as far as I'm understanding it. And so your statement that pedophilia is bad is meaningless, as your morality taken to it's logical conclusion means putting an end of humanity. And life. And the universe.
Unless there's some part of your moral system where good existing is more important than making sure evil doesn't exist. I'd love to hear the reasoning on that.


Alright, then let's just say we have different morals. You won't accept anything unless they are put in terms of your moral system, but my morals are incompatible with your moral system and vice versa.
>It weakens your argument in that your morality isn't beneficial to yourself or civilization, at least as far as I'm understanding it.
This is an example of the incompatibilty of our moral systems. When I read that I was exasperated for a minute until I remembered this:
>I am against murder because I don't want to be murdered, and if murder is socially unacceptable and there's less murdering then I'm statistically less likely to be murdered.
Your moral system is defined egocentrically and mine is defined "objectively"(in the sense that it exists outside of human beings). There's no overlap.
>your morality taken to it's logical conclusion means putting an end of humanity. And life. And the universe.
Yes, a semi "anti-natalist" and Schopenhaurian pessimist view. The greatest possible average happiness is the non-existence of organisms that can feel suffering. I do acknowledge the idea and see it as true and I do have a counter-argument that mostly goes
>Killing a person with the intent to reduce total suffering is meaningless unless you can successfully kill all people. If you do not, you have made no impact whatsoever on the level of total suffering in the world because even if that person would have a hundred thousand suffering descendants it would be only a drop in the bucket compared to the billions or trillions of descendents in total that will be born to those you did not yet manage to kill.
There's a lot more to it but I am posting from a phone and it's very inconvenient. Hopefully you can see what I mean.


And on that last idea, all moral systems that want to reduce suffering reach the point where they have to address the possibilty that total non-existence is the state with the least suffering. There are camps that say we should move towards having greater happiness in total through improvements and government because the future happiness could outweigh all past suffering, those who believ happiness is worth more than suffering(with evidence being that most people choose to live even when suffering greatly), and more. It isn't a trump card


File: 1609140781286.jpeg (29.62 KB, 620x348, 155:87, safe_image.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes I caused it, each day I become dumberand dumber.


You would be surprised how much of that BBC/cuck spam is eurasiantiger's doing. A normal troll would get bored but eurasiantiger is one of those ultra autists devotes his entire existence toward one thing for their entire life.

Whereas a normal troll will put a bit of thought into his posts, read every reply, and reply with whatever he thinks will get the biggest reaction, eurasiantiger is just mindlessly making the same threads and replies which allows for a very high output. He probably has a list of subreddits, boards, chans, forums and other sites that he does this on everyday along with a list of usernames and passwords along with a 5GB folder of pictures of black men with white succubi and a VPN. He then cycles through the tabs shitting up each site, then changes the server on his VPN, cycles through the same websites, rinse and repeat for ~16 hours a day. And whereas a normal troll is just in it for a cheap laugh, eurasiantiger has a weird long-term goal of provoking enough white people that it causes civil unrest and knocks the white man down a peg. He has even admitted to doing this with this specific goal in mind. His logic seems to be that since white male and asian female couples enrage him and give him violent thoughts, that the same is true for all white men who see white female black male couples. Instead he only manages to be annoying to 99.99% of people who would be equally annoyed it literally anything else were being spammed. So much of his worldview is based on projection like this, which is why in so many of the comics he draws the "loser" character has the same facial features he does, specifically a large nose and a receded chin.

Once you know a bit about him and his MO it becomes obvious when you see his work. It is especially hilarious seeing him larp as a black guy who fucks white succubi all day, because apparently guys who have lots of sex spend hours on imageboards and obscure websites bragging about it.


File: 1609271213590.jpg (38.01 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1605693986523.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

/pol/ was the flowering and maturity of imageboards and their only significant impact. That's why it was destroyed. It was the only authentic movement in the last 30 years, if not more.

Simply put if you deny this it just means you're a leftist.

As for 4chan again it seems I'm utterly unable to post there anymore in any capacity. I get random info pages about bans from sometimes five years ago for stuff posted on boards I don't even know about or ever posted. I assume most of the old /pol/ guard is in the same situation. As mentioned previously /pol/ and 4chan now exist only to shill leftism to normalfaggots - be it on /a/, /co/, /x/ or any other board. It isn't just a normalfag website, but a malicious tool of liberal indoctrination full owned and operated by either Google or an alphabet agency. In any case, it is best not to get involved anymore. Or anywhere else for that matter. The Internet is over.

Also, notice how the thread was hijacked by the meaningless and emotionally charged topic of pedophilia.


>/pol/ was the only authentic movement in the last 30 years, if not more
how so? how different was it back then?


I don't speak for him, but as I see it "/pol/ism" was a collection of "ideals" that truly ran contrary to the direction that most the world was going in. I don't mean to say it just "wasn't mainstream" but that it was NOT a progression of modern philosophy. Far left ideologies like Marxism were at one time VERY socially unacceptable and non-mainstream, but they were always a development in the trend of not only mainstream Western philosophy, but the general trend for all ideals all over the world.


And to clarify(just in case it wasn't obvious), the reason that "Republicanism" and "conservativism" do not run against the trend that modern philosophy is going is because they are simply moving in the direction of mainstream philosophy more slowly, not going in another direction. They're still trending in the same direction.


I really enjoyed reading your posts in this trhead but it is so depressing to me because I understand internet culture is just straight dead and I only ever liked posting on imageboards instead of forums which I do use- anyhow..
>why the hell are imageboards so dead
There are enough people online that we should have some boards for "losers" active all the time yet everything is either normalfag boards pushing gay shit like 4chan or slow as fuck.
Is it due to the culture people have where they do not value anonymous discussion and chase clout in the form of internet points?

You really do not see a return to anything decent but I have hopes it may happen but realize as you said the internet will just become like TV with selected channels and everything controlled.. it is very depressing.


File: 1609289874711.gif (1.12 MB, 498x280, 249:140, 1608469102244.gif) ImgOps iqdb

/pol/ as it existed before 2016 and very shortly afterwards was a completely different board from this meaningless shit it is now. There is no value or purpose in modern /pol/, it simply has nothing, absolutely nothing with the original board. The whole reason people like me (and I'm not American) and others supported Trump was out of pure awareness that Hilary was completely insane and drunk on power before she even got the presidency, and that she was heavily pushing for war against Russia which is suicidally, world-endingly stupid. The other reason was due to the simple desire to shake things up, out of total contempt for the DNC and GOP, because like >>260354 said the two are the exact same thing. Trump was merely seen as a bridge, a tool that would perhaps enable other outsiders to grab power and maybe institute something normal everywhere. This failed spectacularly and never materialized, and now we're back in the same degenerate path as we were, except even worse.

But enough about Trump. He was merely the last thing. /pol/ was composed largely of people who saw the world was sinking, drowning, gasping for air under oppressive military-backed "progressivism" that was destroying all culture, all races, all beauty. The economy doesn't matter. GDP doesn't matter. None of that matters - only race and culture matter. We were all pro-white and white nationalist out of sheer necessity rather than "hate" as it's usually said. Our combined knowledge came from diverse sources ranging from Western to Eastern occultism, history, and a general ability for independent thought. The thing is we were guys who grew up in an analog world and learned through books rather than the Internet, which only gives you disjointed tidbits and no ability to correlate and understand the information in proper context. No topic was forbidden, and we ranged from hardcore nazis to simply people who saw that multicultural, multiracial countries are always failures and that immigration is soft genocide. We saw Christianity, democracy, liberalism and so on for what they are, rather than what they say they are. And we were disgusted, and we were angry. And thus we talked and discussed and discovered many things. /pol/ was something like an university, a true one with no bullshit.

We had shared ideals but differed in how to implement them and where our emphasis was. We weren't a monolithic entity like the libs.

But again, all of this is meaningless to talk about. The only reason I am doing it now is because I forgot to take my late 90s laptop with me - which doesn't have wifi and runs Win 98SE. Yes, my dislike of the Internet and the userbase on imageboards and beyond is so vast, so total, that I have de facto abandoned it completely and no longer participate in anything. There is no reason to participate. The zoomers ARE the perfected goyim and they are not able to be people, and thus silence. Add mass surveillance and censorship and deplatforming in to the mix and you can see why it doesn't make any sense to waste time on the Internet.

Like I said, the Internet is dead and it isn't coming back - because there's no people to populate it. It's only normalfaggots and shitskins now, and zoomers. Neither has nothing to say or do or is able to say it or do it, because they aren't even aware there is an "it" that isn't something the media or talking heads told them to do or approve of. 2020 has utterly destroyed any semblance of empathy I had towards people and convinced me that I (and us) were and are right about everything. I am assuming many others such as myself simply walked away and we aren't going back to "fix" a board or site and "try again" because we got everything we could out of it and zoomy zooms can't understand anything, so there is no point. Like I said even me posting this is an accident and I know it means nothing and that I should've taken my actual machine with me.

Simply move on. Zoomers aren't interested in imageboards, and their time is over either way since it's true for the whole Internet. The only path is to go dark, go offline, and abandon everything digital and even technological.


File: 1609291120692.gif (6.71 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1605646447263.gif) ImgOps iqdb

And yes people are chasing "internet points" because they are a way to get them accustomed to the social credit system, which is already here in a beta version way - post anything bad about blacks or gays and you lose your job for instance.

Yes, people really are like that. They seek validation and acceptance by other people more than anything else. Above all else! And after 50+ years of social engineering and two world wars they've been bred and "educated" into what sort of "ideals" and people they should worship, adore, and follow.

You see, a personality, a human, is not the default. Being an "I" is a continuos effort, and none of the zoomers and a great deal of the populace under the BEST circumstances where a genuine aristocracy and culture exists are never truly human. This is the hardest truth to fully accept and digest. The vast seething majority of humanity always were, are and will be nothing but slaves in all but name (occasionally) and they will act accordingly - they will find a master. It is just that now this has been brought to the fever pitch, and is fully understood by the "elites" who are effectively breeding a mongrel race of slaves worldwide. No roots, no culture, no race - just workers and consumers. And it's working. It is in fact almost a completed process. It began very long ago.

As you can see the question of the Internet is trivial in the end. It is precisely what the "elites" and especially the slaves want it to be. Art has been destroyed. Science has been destroyed. Literature, sex, love, succubi, men, boys, architecture, NATURE ITSELF, and everything else has been cauterized and thrown aside. We aren't only in the twilight of the species - those were the 90s - but we're in a time where the shadows of night are growing deeper and deeper, darker and darker, and if you yourself do not possess a light - even if it leads you into death - nothing can save you.

There is much more at stake here than you can imagine. And nobody seems to be aware of it, as expected.


>The whole reason people like me (and I'm not American) and others supported Trump was out of pure awareness that Hilary was completely insane and drunk on power before she even got the presidency, and that she was heavily pushing for war against Russia which is suicidally, world-endingly stupid.
Exactly. As I see it the American populace was primed to enter the same state of neoliberalism that Europe is in for nearly 20 years. They primed Americans with the Ferguson riots, they founded BLM, they created the mass pro-feminist dialogue, they spun an anti-Russian narrative, etc. Hillary was supposed to be seen as the OBVIOUS choice for both Democrats and Republicans. She would be the first female president for feminists, she would be liberal and pro-handouts for progressives and blacks, pro-immigration and pro-Trans Pacific Partnership for Republicans, white for those who might have been triggered by Obama, etc. She was the person. Donald Trump was allowed to reach the primaries because he was who the elites calculated could not ever win. He was the OBVIOUS NO choice.

And then Trump won. This is the only tangible evidence that I think we have that the elites can really make big mistakes. Of course, they turned their failure all the way around into a massive win in the end; You said yourself it is even worse than before, I assume because they've used him as a way of villifying any and all opposition(not helped by the fact that Donald Trump is retarded). Still, Trump was an outsider and he was meant to lose, I think that much is obvious. After he was elected they really ramped up the anti-"right wing" propaganda until it was a constant news cycle of """""Right wing"""" terror", "Pro-Trump terrorists", """"Right wing"""" extremists", etc. It culminated with engineering riots and a resurgence of BLM right before the election just as happened in 2016, and to not take any chances they straight up rigged the election.

I still don't think Donald Trump was good, but it's important to remember that Hillary was the worse option. Donald Trump was an outsider and he is an outsider. He blocked the TTP, struck down the Paris Agreement, vetoed the Patriot Act, etc. I also believe that they will make an example out of him as a warning to other "outsiders" after January. In the end though, Trump is just another random guy. He isn't good, and his single and only saving grace is quite literally that he isn't president material.
Best post on wizchan.


File: 1609292410987.jpg (208.81 KB, 999x754, 999:754, 1608487513199.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

at least he was too stupid to help israel start more wars. Killary would have started 3 more by now.


They took him as a joke, but what was serious business was stopping Hillary. I say again, he wasn't good, he was just the choice we were not supposed to pick.


Hillary was seen as an existential threat to imageboards because she literally said she would pass hate speech laws which would effectively end anonymous websites.
If you're from Krautchan then yes I suppose nobody cared, but oldfags from 4chan and 8chan definitely wanted to stop Hillary to preserve IBs at the very least.


>. /pol/ was something like an university, a true one with no bullshit.

This has to be a joke, actually this whole thread is a joke.

Now you say that /pol/ wasn't actually a escape board for retarded manchildren with anger issues, they were actually misunderstood geniuses that somehow "discovered" the great conspiracies of our time.

Also why would a wizard care about "muh race" "muh white genocide"? do you want to have white kids with a white wife or something? fuck races, all of them they're all horrible, niggers, spics, whites, fuck them all.


>. /pol/ was something like an university, a true one with no bullshit.

This has to be a joke, actually this whole thread is a joke.

Now you say that /pol/ wasn't actually a escape board for retarded manchildren with anger issues, they were actually misunderstood geniuses that somehow "discovered" the great conspiracies of our time.

Also why would a wizard care about "muh race" "muh white genocide"? do you want to have white kids with a white wife or something? fuck races, all of them they're all horrible, niggers, spics, whites, fuck them all.

It's obvious that you don't belong here either, go back to your analog internet-free life.


I know those 2 posts may count as spam, but I can't delete them and my internet was crashing when I wrote them,at least know that before issuing a ban.


Accidental doubleposting is no way a violation of the rules.


some mod banned me once for spamming or some shit.


some mod banned me once for spamming or some shit.


A wizard refers to a 30+ year old male, and sometimes informally an 18+ year old male.
Adult virgin men can have morals and care about the world. Even a hikki can care about what's happening in the world, even about topics that don't involve them. Being a NEET, a hikki, or a wizard in no way means your entire political view revolves around yourself and what you can obtain for yourself.


Well I disagree, a wizard is supposed to reject "normal" and "mainstream" (yes /pol/ shit is mainstream) tendencies because that's exactly what makes you a normalfag, there are normalfag asexuals that could technically post here but they don't fit wthin the wizard category because they follow retarded normalfag tendencies like everyone else.

This /pol/ shit in particular seems extremely anti-wizard, why would a wizard care about far-right politics and racial shit? why would you care about the *replacement* of white people? if you're not going to have any kids anyway, and I probably don't need to remind you that people of your own race (whites,blacks w/e) are probably as bad as everyone else, they won't be any kind to you just because you agree politically with them, they're still normalfags that will despise you, so why care about what happens to them? I'm not a leftist but considering that the far right /pol/ type of user seems to favor religious shit,plenty of sex for reproduction and lutheran "hard work" idiocy that seems to be specially contrary to everything a wizard represents I can't help but wonder why a wizard would support such people, less alone consider himself an equal.


Isn't this just the same as every other ordinary "dude why care about politics at all lmao" argument? Politics is mostly a hobby for people and something to talk about, some people think communism is best, others neolib, some nazi, etc. If someone is to say.. ya know something like "DUDE HAVE SEX AND WHITE CHILDREN", sure you say they are unwizardly, but just saying "I would prefer to live in a homogeneous society of my own race since I believe that is what is best" is not unwizardly in itself.


Why would you adopt the beliefs of people you happen to post on the same website with? Why would you choose to believe something because it's mainstream or counter-culture? A person should believe the truth whether it's acceptable or unacceptable, convenient or inconvenient, and helpful or harmful.
You're also looking at it all wrong. Have you wondered if some wizards actually want the world to be a better place? Being a wizard loner doesn't preclude a person from having morals.
>>260384 also has a point. The political discussions here have no function besides enjoyment. If someone actually thinks that keyboard warrioring on an obscure imageboard is going to make a difference they're delusional.


File: 1609318795399.png (48.39 KB, 480x52, 120:13, A1F1837D-4537-4EF6-8DA2-13….png) ImgOps iqdb

> yes /pol/ shit is mainstream


I love how this thread devolved into cyclical /pol/ sperging only after a few posts. 4cancer truly is the fetid, rusty asshole of the internet.


File: 1609320016616.gif (441.21 KB, 498x490, 249:245, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Stay butthurt, manbaby. Back to reddit.


File: 1609320504213.jpg (208.65 KB, 406x480, 203:240, tumblr_ls7h5uNLQV1r1sj6oo3….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>He was so angry he felt compelled to immediately jumped to respond when I shit on his precious normie-tier imageboard

Seems to me there's only one developmentally stunted Redditor here.


He has a point.

Isn't /pol/ nazism all about genetically superior people? And when you say genetically superior people, you mean white chads.

Why should I, as a wizard, subhuman and evolutionary dead end, care about the distant future of the White Chad and his descendants? This doesn't make any sense to me.

I'm someone who's been bullied and laughed at by this guy my whole life. Imagine if he heard about all those losers worshipping him behind his back. Wouldn't that be hilarious?

Wizard nazis are just pathetic, lame, laughable little bootlickers. You don't deserve to be here. We all have far more in common with the poor and ugly loser in Nigeria than we do with the smug 10/10 Aryan Chad in the U.S. We disgust people, just like the faggots you hate.

Also, this whole racial thing will be meaningless in a century because we'll have genetically altered ubermenschen humans by then.


That's because they all think they'd be installed as some autistic sage in the high council of their idealized vision of the "ethnostate". Like anyone remotely like them wouldn't either be discarded or forced into labor in a fascist government. Only the wealthy gentry get to be NEETs and tend to their hobbies all day in that type of government.


File: 1609323313291.mp4 (1.01 MB, 406x720, 203:360, e vai morrer também, yes b….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw white wizards are cheering for their white chad bullies and white socipathic normalfags to reproduce and have big families and will get into internet fights everywhere to defend their normalfagottry



File: 1609323740236.jpg (58.46 KB, 570x960, 19:32, lg50kqjwipx21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


You're a funny kind of retard that understands neither the ideals you criticize nor the beliefs of the people you criticize. Supporting a system of governance does not mean one expects that they will personally benefit from that new system of governance. What is with you leftists expecting people to vote only for their own personal gain? Is that an extension of your gibsmedat mentality?
cringe but nice mp4


Lmao as if nazis, especially those that are terminally online, aren't themselves fags, trannies, and other assorted brain damaged, sex-obsessed freaks who don't even abide by their own ideology.

>All I can say is "cringe" because I don't have an actual counter for what either of them said
Nazicels stay losing.

I get it though, it's nice to have a cope. Whatever gets you your eight hours at night and keeps you from roping, I suppose.


Ouch, I've just been totally btfo by a crab obsessing over "white chads".


File: 1609325654111.jpg (63.43 KB, 600x600, 1:1, jesus.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>I want the world to be a better place
>Therefore I advocate white supremacist ideologies
Can one of you stormkiddies actually explain how white nationalism benefits *you* at this moment right now?

The only way it makes sense is if you're somehow living in the ghetto surrounded by nogs. Otherwise your only exposure is normalfag bullshit you would be ignoring anyways if you were an actual wizard.


It is, /pol/ is not "muh sekrit club" it never was, hell you can even find redditors and reddit-like opinions on /pol/, r/thedonald and /pol/ share an userbase.


>The MIGApede /pol/tard uses the "tranny dilate-tier" cope

You're getting desperate huh?


> What is with you leftists expecting people to vote only for their own personal gain?
/pol/ user detected, for /pol/ everyone who doesn't support their retarded version of a chad white ethnostate is a leftist.
cringy /pol/ lingo.


Full or not, the politics thread is still open. Keep the You leftists / You Nazis arguing there


your weak strawmen have no power here, get back to the normalboard or reddit sub were you belong


>Thread about shitchan
>Post reddit tier opinions
You're alive at the brain stem


ok, go have lots of sex and have lots of white children normalfaggot


What rule are they violating besides your personal taste?


Keep obsessing over white chads and implying everyone who disagrees with you "supports a chad white ethnostate."


File: 1609403784038.jpg (57.16 KB, 432x768, 9:16, wm04zxn78y531.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


normalfags taking pics of true wizards in public to then ridicule on the internet and make memes of


Trust me, wizards don't look like that.

Most wizards are white and Aryan.


File: 1609414209871.jpeg (139.26 KB, 776x1024, 97:128, A81A11ED-6838-48ED-8160-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Most wizards are white and look like ayn rand


This thread is gay and got aids


>/pol/ was the flowering and maturity of imageboards and their only significant impact.
>shitty animoe image
And then you cry everybody takes /pol/ as a boogeyman. At least be less obvious, /pol/lie


I still post on /co/. Most of you faggots can never shut up about anime so I have to go somewhere to get my fix. Anime is boring, I'd rather watch low budget israeli cartoons about DiY circumcisions than torrent 50 GB of ugu oh pie oh pie sugoyyyyyyy SoRGL (slice of rich-succubus life) anime just to understand the references the fake wizzies that plague wizardchan make


I got a permaban handed to me this december, they don't read appeals so it's GG. I've detested the state of that shithole since the 2016 mass normalfag invasion but it still sucks not being able to post in content dumping threads now and then. Which, I mainly used it for. I haven't seen a single decent post since 2017 or thereabouts. It was languishing heavily since 2013 though.


I don't know how anyne can have the audacity to criticise anime when they watch western cartoons. 95% of anime might be shit, but 100% of cartoons are shit. Also calling otaku fake wizzies, lol. If there's anyone who can claim to be truwiz, it's the aging anime oldfags.


Same here. No idea why.


Because I don't like niggers. I personally, do not like them. Generally, of the VERY few people I find alright, all of the are white. Those that aren't are asians or middle eastern. Not once have I seen a nigger worth more than his auction block price. And anyone who is trying to create a world that caters to them is working against my interests, yes, my very own selfish interests. I am not a moralistic person. I don't like most people, and I won't fight for "the beauty of the white race" or some nationalist cause, or a leader besides myself. But I don't like niggers.


I realized that place was dead when I got banned simply for expressing leftist views on /pol/. The neonazis have transformed the entire site into a propaganda machine for their ideology. You can't escape it anywhere.


File: 1610212349842.jpg (60.63 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 379036.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>it's the aging anime oldfags
You're too young to be on this website, kozo.
>I don't know how anyne can have the audacity to criticise anime when they watch western cartoons
You do realize "western cartoons" refers to cartoons created in the west as a whole, not just America. My post might've come off like I hate all eastern cartoons, but that's not the case. Truthfully I despise animated products that are neither in-house animation nor stuff done on paper with acrylic paint. I hate digital animation with a passion, and I don't exclude modern anime just because it's Japanese.


There haven't been ink and paper animations for 20 years. Modern anime as of 2020 is pure shit for sure, but for reasons other than being digital and some you probably wouldn't like to hear. I appreciate a good, hand drawn animation like anyone else, but I care less about that than I do the quality of the actual content. As much as I like the OG gundam and other mecha from the 80s, there's just as much derivative soulless garbage from the 80s and 90s and in some senses it's worse than 2000s stuff because it often follows some generic action movie format like you see in any terrible live action film of the same period. In my opinion the best shows center around late 80s to early and mid 2000s and mainly because they started getting into more esoteric ideas more often. Sure, you might say NGE is overrated and you might be right, but you'd never see that kind of stuff in a western show, animated or otherwise. The quality of the animation can actually distract sometimes, in my opinion. Something that goes way over the top in the animation department tends to be compensating for a bland story. Overall, it's only really anime that ever even attempts to be more than just a cartoon, and even the best European stuff still is rooted in its cartoony origins and it shows. Whether you like it or think it's pretentious garbage, you gotta admit there's no way something like angels egg would have been made in the U.S. or Europe.


I agree that western filmmakers never go as far as some of the anime you describe, but at the same time even the most "out there" anime is mishmashes of western stories and arthouse stuff


Yeah I mean, evangelion is basically childhoods end but with a lot more physical conflict. And any anime with a heavy political or military theme is lifted from western history and myths. But occasionally you do have some interesting expansion of themes found in other things, and I've never seen a western movie or tv show that actually understands hikkis, Otaku, or just generally "losers". The cliche highschool nerd is the closest you'll ever get.


My bans keep getting longer and they are for stupid things that aren't even rules like inadvertently bumping spam or hurting barneyfag's fee-fees. My last ban was for agreeing with somebody that the people who are trying to eliminate free speech from the internet and potentially shut down 4chan should suffer consequences. How cucked is that?

There are so many ban evaders and bots posting off-topic, spam and stale template garbage that it's futile to try to report them.


I got banned from /ck/ for calling someone's food a sloppa shit. Probably was a butthurt mod.


endch, halfch and 8kun now


> inadvertently bumping spam
That should be a rule if it isn't already. Don't give retards power anon. Give attention to people that create interesting threads and original content


>I've never seen a western movie or tv show that actually understands hikkis, Otaku, or just generally "losers"
A lot of people bitch about NHK for not being a "realistic NEET story", but in the next breath they make a woe is me post saying "all I do is cum and play video games". I actually liked the pyramid scheme saga of NHK and wish an entire series of a NEET getting trapped into stupid internet schemes or had to deal with runins with the FBI due to looking at cunny without 6 batrillion proxies on existed.
>As much as I like the OG gundam and other mecha from the 80s, there's just as much derivative soulless garbage from the 80s and 90s and in some senses it's worse than 2000s stuff
Even the most blatant toyline plug cartoons are 100x better than any show currently running or streaming, in any country; which of course is incredibly sad, but that just goes to show how passionate directors and storyboard artists were back then. Tomino's worked on a lot of better projects than Gundam. I personally enjoyed Xabungle, SRI and Vifam.


>Even the most blatant toyline plug cartoons are 100x better than any show currently running or streaming, in any country

I am so sick of unnecessary overexaggeration.
It is beyond annoying at this point that on nearly every topic there is someone trying to outdo themselves on how hysterical they can sound. I fucking hate it.


Welcome to web 2.0


File: 1610320052795.jpg (60.46 KB, 600x800, 3:4, nigra-magik.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got IP banned from there for no reason and never looked back.
Looking at it seems full of 15-20 year olds with way more energy than brains, not willing to discuss anything just engage in never ending shitflinging no matter the board, even fucking /n/ lost its chill.

Never liked the inclusion of (you)s on replies cause that on itself became a upvote/point system.


You also have the pack of people on each board and general thread who's only life is to try to cause and feed off negative emotion.

As well as the huge number of retards that just spam thought terminating cliche over and over again in response to everything posted.

Granted this site has both problems but it's to a far lesser degree. In shitchan it's a problem on every board and every thread, with many threads make for those two reasons.


File: 1610321386390.gif (40.59 KB, 500x250, 2:1, story004.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Name ten good shows produced in the last ten years. I'll wait
>inb4 owl house or some generic SoL shit
If you have no knowledge on the topic, shut the fuck up. Pic unrelated


Dunno why you're responding to me, just agreeing with that wiz that I also hate the hyperbole screeching that is all modern online discourse. But now that you mention it, to your point about animation, I have to agree. Still a matter of opinion though.


>I also hate the hyperbole screeching that is all modern online discourse
Trust me, that has nothing to do with the "modern web", that's one of the internet's quirks that hasn't changed since usenet. >>261167-kun's "discourse" was unnecessary since it had nothing to do with the discussion of the current state of the animation industry. Of course it's an opinion, but you cannot deny, in house cell animation takes more talent and effort than pumping out basic shaped, cookie cutter cartoons in Toonboom. These companies have the funds to make real animation, but instead they choose to make something a tiny group of high schoolers could make.


I agree on effort and talent, but that's the era we live in. Things need to be cheap so that the majority of the profit goes into management and shareholders as opposed to the actual product being produced. We, especially in the west, live in the age where everything has to be ethical to the shareholders. It's not profitable or ethical to choose a beautifully crafted, painstaking cell-style animation made by artists who were taught via apprenticeships and are likely in steady union job over farming it out to and underpaying a group of self-taught gig workers with zero stability in both the industry overall or within the tenuous contract they work under.


sym-bionic titan
Thundercats (2011)
Gravity Falls
The Amazing World of Gumball
Regular Show
Young Justice
The Looney Tunes Show
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Dan Vs.
Green Lantern the animated series
Generator Rex
Beware the batman
Batman brave and the bold
(yeah I like action shows if you couldn't tell).

And I could easily keep going.

>b-but I don't like it therefor it's bad

That is a reflection of your shit taste and not the quality of the product being produced.


All of those are from the late 2000s and early 2010s though (it's 2021, wizzie). Although most of those were decently written, the animation still sucked on all them besides the WB ones and Sym Bionic. 2013+ is when shit became completely unforgivable


Check the dates again dude.
>the animation still sucked
No the fuck it didn't.
What ones mentioned specifically do you erroneously "think" sucks?

Regardless your dramatic hyperbole is clearly wrong and you need to stop acting like a hysterical succubi over shit you don't even know all that much about.


Calm your tits. I'm just not fond of the switch to digital, but apparently that breaks your wittle heart, so I guess I'll tell you the toons in your list that I personally find better or worse. For starters, the WB stuff looks the best. TLTS (although the concept is kind of dumb, turning Looney Tunes into Family Guy for kids), BTB, etc. Dan VS. is another show that's basically Seinfeld/FG for kids, but despite it's crappy animation I actually think it's a pretty funny show. I thought the Hub was a pretty nice channel, it was nice watching reruns of ALF and Transformers. I think there should be more cartoon channels. Really the creators nor the staff aren't at fault for the animation quality. They just got their foot in the door a few years after the golden era. As for the other major network cartoons you mentioned, they're all kind of bland (to me). CN went from producing UPA styled cartoons, to noodle armed designs, to fermented bean blob stuff. Their best cartoons were the ones that they shelved early on/never produced into a full series. *cough* Kitty Bobo *cough*. Honestly, I think you've taken my words too seriously. If you're like eighteen and you took my love of cell animation the wrong way, don't take offense, because I really don't give a shit enough to pick on whatever's aired on CN this past decade. All I know is that hand painted cells beat digital. I have no faith in any modern animation production studios ever bringing it back, so mixed media independent films are the only animated projects I have faith in. For what it's worth, there are some older variety shows that use mixed media computer animations, like ugo ugo ruga, liquid tv, or even 80s-90s era Sesame Street skits. I think cell animation should be the standard, but I'm all for mixing things up and doing weird expressive things with computer software.


I really can't disagree with him though. As I think about it now, the derivative toy ad shlock from the 80s and 90s was still way more entertaining than anything made nowdays.


I think you ether don't know what you are talking about or just trying to pick a fight.
By every measurable standard there have been far more quality shows in the past ten or so years then the cartoons available from the 80s.


>overexagerates like a hysterical bitch
>acts totally irrational much like a succubus in every post
>has the nerve to tell anyone else to "calm your tits" when their womanly behavor is pointed out

Only arguments are
>It just ain't like it used to so therefor it's bad
>a few of the shows have character design feature that I personally subjectively dislike totally arbitrarily therefor it's bad
>acts like a child
>tries to pretend they are old and mature
>while projecting their insecurity about their lack of maturity on the person they disagree with

Your opinion is worthless on the subject of animation.


who are you quoting?


>By every measurable standard there have been far more quality shows in the past ten or so years then the cartoons available from the 80s.
You are purposely looking at bottom of the barrel shit, don't be a clueless twat. America wasn't the only country that produced cartoons dude. Slavic cartoons from the 80s and below are fucking gorgeous.


>bunch of art school shorts
>in a discussion about TV cartoon series
really going out of your way to compared apples to cucumbers
It would be like bringing in web animations or festival circuit shorts as a example of current animation. Which would be invalid because that isn't what is being discussed. Animated television series are explicitly what is being discussed. Not independent shorts.
The only one being a clueless twat here is you.


Wasn't the topic originally about cell animation and why it's superior to digital?


Nice try at refraiming though.


*Cel animation. And how exactly is it superior to digitally colored and processed animation? The old analog method effectively limits you to a certain "style", on top of being cumbersome to work with. There is no working professional out there who yearns for a return to the old days, it's all just deluded nostalgiafags.


idk dude I'm done having this conversation. You seem to be stuck in 2010 if you think people try to "get away" from old styled stuff. People use dithering and filters in animation all the time, both in online and television cartoons, to get that "gritty" effect you get with handpainted backgrounds.
>The old analog method effectively limits you to a certain "style"
Don't know what you mean by this.
>on top of being cumbersome to work with
Animation is a job.


Me three. It happened when I switched ISPs in the summer and the whole range was permabanned for "abuse".


My mobile ISP has been rangebanned. I'm getting to where I'm too paranoid to post anyway, so I suppose it doesn't really matter.


/a/ has a lot of stragglers and normalfags but there's still a core of oldfag /a/nons that never left
there are good and fun threads but you have to look for them

similar with /lit/, the entire board is a flaming trash heap but there are also some of the most unique, well-read and intelligent people you'll meet posting on there


Something that I noticed from some time ago that now is expanding into other boards is the "christians" trying to "convert you" and ruining any thread topic. At first it seemed an /x/ phenomena only were in any random thread there would be posts saying embrace jesus, abandon this evil stuff, etc even debating quoting scripture, etc. Probably product of the polturd cancer, you can't make a single thread on /x/ not even a troll one without those annoying retards spamming it to death. Now I noticed this same thing on other boards. Yesterday the same thing happened to me on /int/ and surprisingly it was a brasilian flag the one doing it, it was fucking annoying.

I barely post on 4chan lately though, the amounts of cancer, rage and normalfag garbage makes it disgusting. Mostly lurk /diy/ and /k/ sometimes


I decided to try /mu/ again recently and the entire board is shit
>too fast
The board moves very quick and a thread will move a page down every 5 minuets or less it seems.
>too many kids
A lot of young posters on there and you can tell by their posting style
>too much shitposting
People plain shitpost garbage ontinually trying to argue over nothing derailing a thread
>/mu/fags know hardly any music
Most of the userbase only knows /mu/ stuff and nothing more

As with all 4chan boards I have used it seems like a trash heap that is only worth using in hopes that you will come across someone that will engage like an oldfag would and post quality content.

/mu/ was trash 6 years ago but gosh it has gotten much worse now and may as well be /r/music or something on reddit and strangely enough from my lurking on the reddit the niche music subs are better than /mu/ is.


For me the only use 4chad has nowadays is when I'm looking for something (anime, porn, software, website, etc) and can get a quick response, nothing else. Discussions on 4chad are long dead


It was better when Moot owned it, the new owners are shady creeps


I like /ic/ and the pretty pictures they post.


yeah it is comical seeing christians act like they run 4chan. i remember seeing them mocked relentlessly in the earlier years. maybe i just have selective memory.


>too fast
I used to like /v/ for this reason. I had to adjust that it was more like a chat room than a forum. Now every thread is about Persona or some indie shit I'm too old for, so I spend my time on /vr/ now.


No, you're right. Back then christianity used to be mocked and trolled, even IRL /b/ would make phone calls to televangelists and shit like that. The tips fedora meme and other anti atheist/pro christian stuff started more or less when /pol/ began


I do not mind fast boards I used to use a relatively fast board that was sure to get replies and entertain you with (you)'s while also being slow enough to sleep and have your thread still up.
I just think when you are talking ust about music it does not need to be so fast and the posting they do is shit not even good shitposting.


I did it. After over a decade, I am finally permabanned from 4chan.org. I only had to break rule 1 and then send youtube videos in my appeals twice to achieve this. You can still appeal a permaban it would seem.


whenever I used a vpn and the ip would be banned because tor/vpn I'd insult the mods with text walls in the appeal box and the ips would get permabanned in seconds


Aren't the biggest reason for the range bans is the attempt by the site to get users to buy the 4chan gold account?


>paying to post
I've never been to 4chan but now it sounds shittier than ever


No it is the only way the mods can handle blatant rule breakers. Yo ucan still evade easily but most people do not have access to superproxy accounts and after a range ban will stop avatarfagging or whatever it is they did to get banned so many times.
The mods are faggots though and will ban for personal reasons whilst ignoring those who break rules that they like.


Not only replying to this post but a few different ones in the thread all on the same topic.

>/pol/ ruined 4chan

No you did. /b/ ruined 4chan long before /pol/ ever existed. Chanology is considered the death of 4chan to every oldfag. /pol/ was just the natural evolution of edgy teenagers growing into adults and seeing everything was fucked. They wanted a family and kids, and got hit in the face with pure hatred for their existence. /pol/ was inevitable on any platform allowing for (mostly) censorship free discussion.

The reason alternative boards don't take off like 4chan is because 4chan is mostly good enough. It's the same reason assassins creed and skyrim sells so well, it's good enough. You can still go to /tg/ and talk about D&D, /co/ and talk about cartoons or /lgbt/ about sucking dick. While it's good enough to read on the train or while you take a shit 4chan will continue to exist. It's hard to tell if the quality drop is bots, subversions or phone posters but it's still on target enough to make it usable to the majority of people. Reddits the same way and so is Twitter, Tik tok and instagram. Until they have a major melt down event which creates an alternative (which could be 8ch or Reddit replacing digg depending on how many move) nothing will change. Things won't change just slowly get worse over time. The top layer of shit shifts a bit but the foundation stays the same.

People saying Muh internet died because of commercialism need to check the dotcom bubble.


>/pol/ was just the natural evolution of edgy teenagers growing into adults and seeing everything was fucked. They wanted a family and kids, and got hit in the face with pure hatred for their existence.
Please go back, /pol/ly. Thanks


i heard half of australia was range banned on /int/


>Reddits the same way and so is Twitter
Not really I admit 4chan mods are faggits who do remove controversial thoughts on occasion but nothing compared to reddit and other platforms.
Redddit is designed to be shit and even by participating you have to change the way you interact they KNOW if you are a IB user but hope that you will change the way you think to avoid bans and it will carry over unti you are a soycuck also.

Phone posters ruined the internet the normalfags did but many things did obviously.


My on topic thread was just deleted on /int/ for no apparent reason after being up for 3 hours. Not even given a warning to know what rule did I break (if I ever did so, there was nothing that would break the rules). Not even the replies had any rule breaking thing nor anything. 4cuck moderation is probably at its worst right now, never seen it being so shitty


File: 1613440478665.jpg (68.68 KB, 450x600, 3:4, d68cbfe7ba35ec666c4585bc08….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Am I the only one who misses the 8chan rendition of /r9k/? That's where all the real robots went when 4chan /r9k/ was taken over by dysgenic tranny faggots. It was shortlived but I remember it had many high quality threads in its short existance. Now actual robots are nowhere to be seen, they seemingly vanished off the face of the Earth as though they had never existed.


There was a bunker on anon.cafe, which is where robots began gathering after the fall. Then, that was taken down (long story) and an emergency board was established on fatchan, with an even smaller population of stragglers. Then fatchan went under (another long story) and now I don't know where they all went.


Robots really have practically vanished I wonder what happened it was quite sudden as soon as discord became a thing.


I often wonder what happens to some of these small communities that vanish. I don't just mean robots, of course, but any strange niche communities that I've come across and are no longer existent. Did they all just become normalfags, get married and move on with their lives? I'm sure a few did but I doubt all of them could do it or would want to. It feels like the internet has been hollowed out of individuality and all that's left are ghosts in your memories. I want to know where these people are. Maybe they're just alone doing things on their own and not trying to talk to anyone about it anymore. Maybe that's what I should do.


File: 1613482340541.jpg (531.11 KB, 1414x1000, 707:500, chocolat sits here to smug….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

As someone who's been a part of a few communities that just up and died, I just move on. Of course I usually still participate in whatever that community was about, I just never post about it or anything.


At least as far as the ib crowd goes, they overlap a lot. You see the same people posting on 5 or 6 different ibs, sometimes even copy paste posts.


It’s pretty crazy how forums used to be where you’d find one forum and make it your home. New internet users have multiple image boards they visit, 50 subreddits, 10+ discord channels, an account on each social site. Modern internet consumer is crazy!


What is a good alternative to 4chan for losers and wizard types? wizchan is very slow and the faggotry seems to be escalating here quite a lot and condoned which is worrying.
Why do virgins have to become gay instead of just being themselves?

Is it the end of the internet being a welcoming place for us types?
The normalfags control all the platforms or pressure non conforming ones and make them shut down.


File: 1613489005688.png (203.56 KB, 1800x623, 1800:623, imageboards are not your h….png) ImgOps iqdb

There isn't, at least from what I can tell. Everything gets slower from here, and while the quality is a bit better it's not that worth it to me. I've basically just realized ibs are shit. Just become detached from any sort of internet community, and lurk. I basically just browse here, a few webrings, and 4chan, but I hardly post. Just save a few funny images or some porn, and don't get attached. Maybe you'll see a post you like, but more often than not you just gotta mentally screen out 90% of posts because they are either bait or just retarded and not worth your time as a human being to reply to or get upset about. Even here when the inevitable /b/ fag creeps out of his pit and starts posting about fags and witchies, just filter them out. It's the only way to stay sane on the internet these days, save for just going on some echochamber or making an extensive blocklist on places like reddit or twitter (who's content is not worth the effort anyway).


I used to use imageboards a lot and found myself mentally filtering nearly everything out because it was garbage and I have to say: I have to say if you have the energy to actually interact in a meaningful way with long thought out posts on faster imageboards or any nowdays for the matter you are better off reading a book instead and then thinking to yourself and working on your ideeas and then maybe sharing it with those who could critique and discuss it.


It's even slower


They end up on Reddit or Facebook, maybe a discord channel these days. Why check fuckingplushies.com when you you can add it to your facebook account and consume it all in 1 long feed?

Wizchan is the best of the alt image boards. But they're all being raided or just the only people left are trannies and fags. Wizchan having a containment thread, despite being full of gay hentai is the best of managing it.

The internet was never welcoming to retards. It's always bullied outcasts and weirdos.

They've always been as you describe, you had to filter a lot of crap to find the good stuff. The good stuff was fantastic and worth reading back then. Now the good stuff is someone posted a twitter screencap and 200 people replied gossiping. Twitter is now where people go for 4chan content instead of the other way round.


File: 1613500923929.gif (631.33 KB, 300x224, 75:56, carl exhausted.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Why check fuckingplushies.com when you you can add it to your facebook account and consume it all in 1 long feed?
I get you're joking, but this shit is actually what happens. All my furry boards I used to frequent just died cause everyone would rather go to discord. I don't get it, I don't want an account associated with that, why does no on else care? Even people on twitter seem to have no problem making accounts to follow their favorite diaper fetishist artist. Why does no one want to be anonymous when talking about this shit except for me and some faggots on /trash/?


Because degenerates don't want to keep it to themselves. They want to force their fetish into everyone else's lives, many of them get off on making others uncomfortable.


File: 1613502907278.jpg (43.55 KB, 497x500, 497:500, sad kot drink.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I guess I always figured I was some silent majority, but I'm just a silent minority.


This is the type of furries who want it in the real world and will wear diapers/fur suits in public.


the mods on 4chan are a bunch of trannies


>chat a bit in the loli thread about up and coming artist
>few hours pass
>get banned for cp for no reason
>must wait 3 days to appeal
>despite loli being totally fine on /b/
>but mods are explicitly allowed to do whatever they want
>probably got banned over a 8kun link despite that also not being against the rules and it not linking to illegal material

More then a little salty with their arbitrary bans. It's the main reason I bearly use the site and stopped using the site for a few years. The mods don't consistently follow the rules and are allowed to permaban for whatever they want or no reason at all.


It's /b/ you fucking idiot. The mods have always been able to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted on /b/. Banning pedophiles is a great idea and should be encouraged on every board. Hope they reported you to the FBI while they were banning you.


You seem more emotional then I am.
Maybe to bait I guess. Ether way your anger amuses me.


I think they should keep the pedos around. It obviously piss the shit out of normalfucks, that's always fun to watch.


File: 1613517544507.jpg (53.32 KB, 640x516, 160:129, 1449398017981.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

normalfaggots like you who complain about lolicons and not actual normalfags shitting up 4chan with porn, bbc, and 3d worship, and other normalfag shit are hilarious


cry harder, normalnegroid.


>probably got banned over a 8kun link despite that also not being against the rules and it not linking to illegal material
yeah they don't know that and dont think they are gonna bother checking and risking getting cp on their pc because of some pedophile on /b/


We have had this discussion for years now, 4chan being shit goes back all the way to 2004.
It was always full of annoying teenagers, low IQ mongoloids and power tripping mods, whats really lacking arent these superficial lacks stemming from a false sense of nostalgia, but that the site has been commercialized, its no different from twatter or facebook in that regard, moot is a sellout and whats really lacking is a sense of communion, its really bland and boring and people are mostly posting for themselves, more interested in getting a quick dopamine boost from a (you) than trolling the internet or discussing a topic.
Other than that its the same sea of piss it has always been, 4chan didnt change, you did.


File: 1613531079245.jpg (14.5 KB, 250x200, 5:4, 1463092636048.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can not like lolicon, shotacon, bbc and simping threads all at the same time. Go back to your pedo board fag.

8kun was labeled a CP hive when it took off. And it was accurate, being able to make your own board and delist it from the index made it great for pedos to dump CP and link others to it. 8kun keeps the reputation of being full of pedos.

That's only true for select boards. Boards like /m/ were the best places on the internet for their content at the time. Mecha had little to no English support outside of MAHQ which was a shitty wikipedia run by fags. /m/ was full of niche discussions, gunpla threads and people working together to sub/translate things. If you go to /m/ today it's nothing but bait and muh waifu pilot threads. The translators and news hounds have move over to Reddit or Facebook. 4chan is now the place you post when you take a shit and previously some boards were the place you went to get news on niche topics.

The people who say 4chan was never good never went to boards except /b/ and /v/. Those were containment boards for retards.


There's no rational reason to buy in the pedo hysteria if you're don't have childen
You're a dumb easily manipulated normalfag
You sure seem to know a lot about CP circles for not being a pedo though.


>You're a pedo not me!
Fuck off. Some of us want to live in safe communities and don't like having our nephews and nieces raped by faggots like you. Go take a night walk in the ghetto with the other nigger cattle


…Did you mean to say "sons and daughters"?


Are you that right-wing guy from that other thread?


Are you new here? There's plenty of right wing people on wizchan. Wizzies don't want to live in ghettos with nigger beats playing all day and violent muggings if they leave the house. It's better to be a wiz in a safe place than one in a dangerous place. If where you are is safe enough for children to play in the street then it's safe enough for a wizzie to go for walks.


Although I'm prone to glee in any normie getting annihilated, even if it be from a nigga's piece… I find myself agreeing with you.


In the politics thread you go amerimutt


One of the mods on 4chan is a succubus that presumably has children or was raped as she will ban anyone for posting loli of any kind if she feels like it.

>I think they should keep the pedos around. It obviously piss the shit out of normalfucks
Even if you disagree with pedos it is acctually good to have them on a board posting legal things related to their affliction as it drives the normalfaggots away.
If someone can stand seeing a pedo dscuss their pedo feels they can obviously discuss everything with an open mind.

No one is saying here that children should be harmed you miss the entire point they made and obviously you are not suited to be here if you cannot stand someone else having a different opinion.
Why do you care so much about society I value having free speech online over caring about what other people do.


You even argue like a retarded normalfag.
No one is snatching children up from the streets, it's statistically negligible. Unfortunate occurrence, but there's no use getting insane about it because a 0% crime rate is impossible.
The vast majority of molestation is from someone the child/child's parents know and trusts.
You're making shit up and/or buying into falsehoods to whip yourself into a frenzy over pedos. Why?


Loli is a grey area for legality in many countries and states. It's not been tested properly in court every where and no one wants a party van because you posted lolicon and it's illegal where they are.

Excuse me while I laugh at your ignorant. Industrial scale child grooming is not something you write likely against a protected class.


Why do you care so much about things that do not concern yourself and if they do how? obviously it is horrible that wizkids get hurt by scum but no one gets hurt by people enjoying art and you sound like some boomer on a crusade.



I tried going to 8chan after not being on there in literally years and realised its now called 8kun and you literally need tor or some shit which I'm too lazy to use, so I don't know maybe now that they have no competition they can do what they want plus all the 8chan pedos who couldn't be bothered using tor like me came back


8kun is really slow and you do not need tor to use it.


File: 1613573980160.png (124.31 KB, 691x492, 691:492, f4ee4a0ada3451f0ac52265b5c….png) ImgOps iqdb

8kun is abandoned, and Jim Watkins is logging your interactions and giving that info to god knows who. Don't use 8kun. A lot of the people from 8chan are not at 8chan.moe


8chan's userbase went to the webring. All the major boards owners except Mark decided to make individual image boards and network them over returning to a website working with the US government. Smug.loli is the most populated of the webring boards and you can find your way to the others by clicking webring.

8chan.moe was made by Acidman (A guy who sells guns to the FBI and was heavily involved in doxxing people when he ran the gamergate board on 8ch) and Mark (the most hated BO on 8ch who then got hired on as staff and is known to be a slimy kike). Only Mark's butt pirate buddies use it and everyone else calls it blacked.moe and various insults and avoids it. They shit on and tried to spam the webring for months before joining it and quality dropped on many other boards, some were outright killed.

Welcome to the webring drama. There's a /cow/ thread on wizchan on the alog server so some of you are already there and shit posting.


>8chan.moe was made by Acidman (A guy who sells guns to the FBI and was heavily involved in doxxing people when he ran the gamergate board on 8ch)
I had no idea, I don't pay much attention to drama, I also browse a few boards on the webring, but stuff goes down a lot and I kinda got tired of that.



I think you should be banned for linking some nigger on twitter.


A bunch of losers feeling important for being knowledgable on hurr durr old meme and internet culture on twitter. What should my thoughts be exactly besides that they're failed normies looking for attention and validating one another.

4chan is still ok. The vid of people shooting eachother in the snow was nice. The crusty anon that hadn't showered in forever was interesting. Good stuff still gets posted. But I'm banned all of the time for being off topic or replying to dubs or criticizing stuff. It's funny how 4chan used to be considered a place where everything was ok and allowed but now saying 'roll' or 'fuck jannies' is a crime punishable by death. Ok than. It's become a janny pleasing simulator.


/tv/ janny banned me the other day for 'replying to off-topic garbage'.
My replies were serious and well written though more importantly, the entire board was a complete garbage fire at the time so i didnt think it mattered.
Whatever I only go to 4cancer for a laugh. Nobody has anything worthwhile or interesting to say unlike here.


I would argue most people here also don't have anything interesting or worthwhile to say.



Ahh a fellow man of taste and culture


Any nice slow board like this that isn't 100% focused on weeb stuff? I lost interest in all of that some time ago and it just tends to alienate me now. I like how this site is broader than that.


Do you think Hiroshima isn't selling people's 4chan posting history to probably multiple organizations? People say insane things just to shitpost, but that wouldn't work as a defense if those posts got leaked, they'd just say that it was the only place where you could be honest because it's anonymous. If I wasn't a nobody the most terrifying thing to me would be someone leaking my posting history – whoever had that info could blackmail me to do or not do almost anything. I honestly regret ever having posted instead of just lurking, but here I am again. But then again, I suppose everyone is already being monitored constantly anyway, unless they don't use the internet and don't have any "smart" devices.


This is a problem I've found too. Every niche board is now dominated by weebs. Even if you find a IRL topic there is still weebs posting anime succubi doing that activity while clearly having no experience of it themselves.

4chan post value has to be on par with reddit, which is to say it's worthless. Focus groups don't use social media numbers for their data research because it's not very useful. Reddit is even less valued than those places. He's probably trying but he's not finding many buys which is why we're seeing boards being made and deleted in an attempt to make it worth something to someone.


too many people are posting on 4chan for that to effectively matter


I just got banned from ALL boards for a single lame troll post on /pol/ lol. It was a chud/poljak image saying that pol blames jews for anglo crimes


reject 4kidz embrace tradition


I thought it was over with Google Captcha and or registration. And that is some years ago. If I want to shitpost, I do it on Kohl without any problems, if I want to discuss something aside politics mindfucks, I do it on any small imageboard or forum. Who cares if it's slow.
Oh, I like /vr/, it's good for checking out missed retro stuff. I miss the creativity, it seems that everything is done what could be done and is now consumed by Pepe and Wojak. Sometimes there might even be good content made out of this, but it's too "professional" and I think it's stupid to identify with a limited range of Wojak variations.
The wild internet without political interference seems to be over, only niche sites will survive without going mental about this.


File: 1614004949755.jpg (423.66 KB, 900x2002, 450:1001, 1410146151334.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The photoshop people came from Something awful, moved to 4chan then moved onto Reddit. There's entire subreddits dedicated to trolling lolcows and photoshopping them into various things. It's just as active as /b/ was in the day, but it only targets the "right sort of people"


I once accepted reddit as an alternative forum version of an imageboard, though I despise karma, like and "priority" systems. But many interesting more "underground" reddit boards vanished and the GUI is fucked up. And modern forums copy that (and use big tech script software) so they can't even be called forums anymore.


I hate reddit, any time I post there within a week I'm revolted by it. All the underground stuff has vanished because of the censorship policies. I think they maybe on facebook but no account to find out.

if you put old. before reddit in the URL it will give you the old interface.


File: 1614011782629.png (162.02 KB, 480x765, 32:51, image_1.png) ImgOps iqdb

here, I took a screenshot


Good thing your ban was so short so you can go right back to /jidf/ and post your wojak quoteposts again.


seems like you have to go back


says the person who spends his free time shilling on 4chad for free


eh, you deserved it


My attempts to appeal my permanent ban are being rejected. I think the ride is finally over. There's probably something actually wrong with me for allowing things to get to this point.


I have heard that in the past couple years permanent ban appeals are auto rejected.
The mods don't give a shit, you can be banned for no reason, and your appeals don't matter.

I used to use shitchan for porn, but got banned for sharing a link to 8kun, which isn't against the rules but the mods apparently don't like that site and will just ban people without reason for posting it. At least the mods on /b/ will, who according to their rules page can do whatever the fuck they want.

Site is worse then mainstream social media sites. At least you can kinda see where bans are coming or predict how rules are interpreted.

On shitchan it's just
>Do anything the mod mildly dislikes
>Permanent range ban for your whole zip code
>Rules be damned

Sad thing is I suspect the mods here are creeping in that direction due to lack of oversight or accountability.
Hell, just saying that will probably get this post deleted despite it being on topic.


my shits so confusing i have no idea what to do. ive had a 4chan pass for 3 years because i post a lot and hate captchas. its going to run out soon so i tried posting without it and apparently my ip got perma banned half a year ago, not a range ban, a perma ban on my ip… but ive been able to post this entire time with my pass, which isn't how it's supposed to work. no clue whats going on, i tried to appeal it but it got rejected. i think i pissed off a mod there and it's just a troll to make me continue buying a 4chan pass


Hello pol


Get an extension called Buster: Captcha Solver and forget about buying a pass


Doesn't fix him being ip banned.


yea that wont help me, ip is banned. i used to be able to change my ip with my last isp just by messing around with my routers mac address, but i can't do that now because i'm forced to use my isps lame modem/router and i can't change the mac on it. i might just end up calling them and requesting to change it because something something for remote work


Today I browsed /x/ and /his/ and both boards are infested with pol garbage. Can't have a single thread without some retard spamming nordicist or christcuck stuff or even outright pol memes. Last time I visited was like in 2017 and it wasn't like that


Browsing 4chan ruins my mood. It's almost impossible to have a serious conversation there. Each time, with no fail, some dude appears and starts to spam the same baits, the same wojak comics, the same words, always the same /pol/ bullshit.


/an/ is comfy. I like animals more than humans and /an/ is decent (for the most part).


I like that board too. And /diy/


On the issue of range bans - I would consider myself a longterm effortposter, I was rangebanned on an IP address that I’d used for years at that point without issue. Because of the way the culture of the site seemed to be going, I actually just stopped posting entirely, I basically resigned myself to being silenced rather than go to any effort to change things. Later on I did return on occasion, and I would see other anons talking about similar expeiences of being rangebanned. This is entirely speculation and I have zero evidence of this, but I did start to wonder whether there might not be some sort of cointelpro style operation to disrupt the community.

This is something practically everyone who’s been a part of an online commmunity in decline has probably asked themselves and I have no evidence but what if the rangebans were implemented in a way to target longterm posters, as part of a program of disruption? I really started to wonder about this after effortpositing a couple of times on different boards and being accused of ‘reddit spacing’. Now it’s entirely believable that this is just some dumb meme that took off and appeals to newfags as a way to ‘in-group signal’, but then I would see other posters who I thought were at the higher end on the quality scale having the same accusations thrown at them randomly, often it would just be a very very short post like ‘>reddit spacing … ignored’.

What if there were bots or even just a handful of people tossing that accusation around to disrupt any sense of community cohension? Another thing I saw was that this meme of the ‘30 year old boomer’ took off, and while many millennials and so on my age took it in their stride and joked about it, I did some many millennial type posters express a feeling of being suddenly ‘attacked’ in a way on a site they’d otherwise felt comfortable on. There was this growing sense of zoomers as having taken over the culture and maybe this was just an organic thing, but you know it’s possible it wasn’t and that it was a way of ‘disrupting’ by offending the odd ‘oldfag’ or ‘elderly’ poster.

Just speculation anyway - I remember on r9k for a few years there was a mythology about a ‘cum on her face’ poster named “Craig”. The claim was that there was a dedicated spammer who may even have an elaborate setup of bots who was spamming the board with threads that today we’d consider “crab” type comments. I personally don’t believe a Craig ever existed, every time I tried to investigate I’d find that it seemed to be the core clique of tripfags promoting this mythology, and that they’d often derail perfectly good threads with accusations and spam, based on this mythology of Craig, and that much of the time the OP would actually return to refute the accusations and refute them convincingly. This Craig thing is a good lesson in how paranoia or fake narratives can actually do a lot of harm, but a also only confirms the possibility of a disruptive attack being launched against an online community - in this case I see the narcissistic tripfags (some of whom were also faking their entire stories and posing as multiple different people) as spreading lies that disrupted otherwise functional communication.

I mean one thing I am VERY suspicious of is the ‘schizo spam’ I saw a lot of after pizzagate. I see pizzagate as having been at least partly organic. I know a fair deal about what people are investigating and why, and I feel like even if I have no idea what was ultimately ‘there’, it seemed like there really could be something odd researchers were touching on. After pizzagate there was Qanon and then a bunch of images started to get posted that felt very astroturfed, even to this day (it happened in a thread I checked on pol today, I don’t visit often at all but saw it today) threads that touch in pizzagate related stuff end up getting filled with these ‘schizo’ infographics that practically nobody takes seriously and seem like they are almost consciously designed to disrupt and confound and confuse the issues with fake bullshit. Could it be some dedicated crazy anon who just samefags and slams his own shit? Yeah maybe, but my ‘ghost’ whispers otherwise. Something very odd and artificial about it.

Anyway at this point I believe anyone who really cares about preserving or reviving imageboard cultures should completely give up on 4chan. You really need a fresh start. It’s be nice to see a bunch of us writing short amateur essays (or posts) arguing exactly how to design an imageboard with enforceable board rules AND cultural ideals or rules that will enable better quality posting and a better, more functional experience. Every single ‘alt board’ at the moment is filled with people who continue to refer back to 4chan and complain about it , when we should be focused on AT LEAST theorising improvements and solutions. One thing about r9k was that the idea of the ‘unique post’ requirement enforced by the robot actually did end up creating an amazing if short lived culture - I think the problem is that moot just pretty much left things as they were and eventually got sick of his job and the board and didn’t seek to improve or refine or experiment much further. There is SO much that we could have experimented with in terms of what’s allowed to be posted and so on that could have been used to continue to create a model for other boards.

There’s so much intelligence out there but for some reason most of us seem to be fixated on reacting or complaining, or even when we might be innovating - were focusing on a site that none of us really have control over anymore. Funding is another thing we really need to look into.

I would just beg anyone out there who cares to look to the value of starting anew sometimes and experimenting more. There will never be the exact same culture as the original 4chan culture, but why can’t we try to create new things which bring out some of the better aspects of that old culture?

I’ve got like a thousand ideas written down for all this but I have the burden of something much larger in my personal life so I can’t personally start a site or even spend much time exploring this more, but like… one idea I come back to a lot is that we should create boards or sites where we share a common literature or canon - ie instead of “you must be a Wizard to post” as a standard, “require” through encouragement every poster to have at least read x book and or a manifesto on board culture, etiquette, values. We need to CONSCIOUSLY create commonality and common ‘purpose’ (even if it’s just the common purpose in quality of what’s posted).


Based jannie acually doing his job, which I could say the same for wizchan jannies.


I've spammed /pol/ non stop with the same garbage for a year long and of course was accused of being a bot and see /pol/cucks thinking the most derailed theories about why that happened. so my guess is that 95% of bots is just ebin trolls + schizo paranoia

by changing IPs I once managed to have 25 threads in te catalog lol


>I was rangebanned
What did you get rangebanned for?
>often it would just be a very very short post like ‘reddit spacing … ignored’.
That's just how zoomers are. They grew up on smartphones, 9gag, tumblr and twitter so their attention spans are far too short to read any post that's more than a few sentences. They also love spamming buzzwords ("cope" "seethe" "schizo") and one line non-sequitur insults (eg. "have sex" "take your meds" "you just posted cringe"). That and of course reaction pics.

There's no grand, organized conspiracy to be disruptive. You do get highly obsessive and dedicated shitposters who spend all day spamming the same shit and sometimes others join in on the spamming but it's not organized, they just join in because they think it's funny or they agree with the agenda the spammer is trying to post.

You can just chalk everything up to zoomers being zoomers. It's just that their generation is so awful that a conspiracy almost seems to make more sense, but no, they're just that bad.

Random thought, but considering how each year the average quality of posts gets worse (more zoomers posting online each year) and how artificial intelligence is rapidly improving, I honestly think we are going to reach a point where bots create more creative, coherent and quality posts than the majority of human posters. I give it 10 years tops before we reach that point.

>narcissistic tripfags

One of the biggest mistakes from the start was allowing name/tripfagging on 4chan. I was always opposed to that and was a staunch proponent of "forced anon" even back when I was a newfag myself 15 years ago. Even back then I noticed that name/tripfag posts were generally lower quality and more likely to be attention seeking, normalfaggy or virtue signaling (the latter two terms weren't coined yet but most understood the concept). The most that imageboards ever should have had was an ID system like we have on /meta/ (Your ID is the same only within that thread and will change to something different if you post in another thread.) but maybe instead make it optional.


seethe polcuck


I got banned for asking if I could make a snuff film NFT in /biz/. It was completely on topic but some normie tranny moderator got offended, I guess.


>I honestly think we are going to reach a point where bots create more creative, coherent and quality posts than the majority of human posters. I give it 10 years tops before we reach that point.

We have already passed that point. Next up will be the news being read by Alexa, followed by mass automation of "unskilled" labor. Wake up and smell the 'Technlogical Society'



Well that’s interesting. Would you share with us what you were spamming and why? Were you trying to force some sort of meme? Tell us the whole story if you don’t mind.


The ban (against posting) just came about out of nowhere one day, the ban message was something generic about IPs in my range being banned for spam or something, and it recommended buying a pass. Maybe it’s just a way to get people to buy passes or maybe there was some legit spamming by someone on my range? No idea but I’m sure I didn’t do anything myself.

Yeah I agree that the zoomer explanation makes sense in a much easier way than an elaborate conspiracy, and I’ve never seen any sort of confirmatory evidence of anything really dodgy, it’s just a bit of paranoid speculation I guess. I have spoken to lots of younger people of the ‘zoomer’ generation on other sites though and I’ve met plenty who seem to be pretty coherent in their thoughts and capable of articulating arguments to some degree, so I don’t want to dismiss the whole generation. It could even just be a general mass-ADHD in the population at large; I mean in my teens my parents were constantly on my back about being on the computer too much… now at literally any hour of the day if I track my parents down in the house they are scrolling through feeds on their phones or messaging like teenagers. So all this distraction isn’t limited to just zoomers but I guess they did grow up in radically different times. Or maybe there’s something about 4chan that attracts the worst type of zoomer.

I agree absolutely on trip/names and thread-specific IDs. Wouldn’t it be good if we could all agree on simple basic things like that which improve the quality of discussion? One thing you didn’t mention but I’m sure you’re aware of too is that thread IDs help to follow an argument more easily without confusing posters and it makes it easier to disregard low-quality posters in a thread. Like what if Wizchan had an experiment board or even a handful, where different rules and systems and ‘technoloies’ were tried out? So long as we could get enough people posting at a fast enough past we could experiment and find the best techniques, hone them, share the results and the entire culture would benefit. The major problem is that the wider ‘imageboard culture’ is sort of divided up, or putting wasted effort into sites like 4chan which should be put out to pasture instead.


File: 1616167974153.jpg (18.9 KB, 749x546, 107:78, fuck around and find out.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>all these fags who got rangebanned for spamming/trolling
God no wonder this place is so shit sometimes. Imagine being so obnoxious not even 4chan wants you.


>Would you share with us what you were spamming and why?
mostly porn, gore and copypastas. occasionally bait threads about race

>Were you trying to force some sort of meme?

nope, although a meme was born thanks to that. I just did it for teh lulz because it was hilarious how much poltards seethe and believe whatever garbage is posted on their containment board

I remember once (2016 I think) a norwegian anon who trolled poltards making them DDOS some random site and reported them to some newspaper making it to the news. some countries were apparently rangebanned for a while for this. another I remember was a copypasta about a "scientific research proving blacks are superior" with a broken link that in the middle of the text included a sentence calling poltards for being stupid and not even reading or checking the source. guess what? they infact didn't and thread went 300+ replies every time


memes aside in early 2013 there was proof that /pol/ (and before /n/) was being flooded and taken over intentionally by stormfront. a lot of the newfag waves that propped /pol/ up over /b/ came from there. and then the site was ruined afterwards


4chan has been "ruined" like 5 times at this point.
>2007 and smartphones
>trump election


Last time I checked, there were guys in /pol/ who had wives and children. Bunch of normalfaggot scum, I will never go back.


most of those are either larps or the migatard boomers that came frol facebook or reddit


>There will never be the exact same culture as the original 4chan culture, but why can’t we try to create new things

Because our time, the web 2.0 era was pretty unique and will probably never be replicated ever again. Everybody does things only for money or fame on the internet.


I read your post completly. You're on the right track. However there is something maybe you need to know
>There was this growing sense of zoomers as having taken over the culture and maybe this was just an organic thing
I'm a zoomer. Not only I loathe the continuous flow of extremily low quality post of all types in Internet in general, but neither I can post anymore there because of the rangebans. Don't let people like >>265070 tell you that
>haha brah is only crapposting from zoomers haha
The reasons why the site is like that are many. But trust me, the reasons behind it are not that banal.


ok butthurt zoomer


It's hardly a "banal" reason. The generational differences between millennials and zoomers are pretty vast and are especially pronounced when observing their idiosyncrasies online. One generation grew up on a wild west internet that was mostly nerdy male outcasts and was comprised of small tight-knit communities with their own unique subcultures that they maintained through gatekeeping, the other grew up with a comparably sanitized internet, smartphones, social media, meme culture, ironic culture, etc.

Also, you never experienced the old 4chan or the old internet for that matter. You don't know what it was like before your generation invaded.


That I'm a zoomer doesn't mean that I didn't experience anything of the "old internet". I get to be part of some of these smaller communities. Most of them died out, true, but again it has little to do with "zoomer invasion".


I really don't understand why it infuriates zoomers that things *were* different before. As if catching the tail end of "something" or viewing a curated "something" is enough to understand what that "something" meant or was at the time.

It's like when zoomers latch onto certain dated games that were great for the time they were released but have aged like milk.


As shit as zoomers in general are and as cancerous as their online presence is, it just makes me feel for the few apprentices that have to deal with that shit. There's undoubtedly some that have the right spirit, even if culturally they never experienced the same things we did.


It amazes me how so many zoomers speak so confidently about things they are too young to have possibly experienced and act like they're a higher authority than those who actually experienced said things.

I get that young people in general have a tendency to think they know more than they do, but zoomers are on a completely different level of narcissism.


>Sad thing is I suspect the mods here are creeping in that direction due to lack of oversight or accountability.
I think it's inevitable.
Moderating a website is a thankless job that gives power over a community.
Think about the kind of person who would WANT to do that.
There's a reason the 4chan modship was filled with confirmed redditors ( at the time where admitting you browsed reddit would just get you ignored, at best a handful of (you)'s telling you to go back).
I couldn't imagine confirmed gaia regular users becoming 4chan mods back in those days.


>There's a reason the 4chan modship was filled with confirmed redditors

I think that can be explained by the fact that the internet has been homogenized for quite some time. Back in our day (i'm assuming you're around my age based on the fact that you remember when 4chan's biggest feud was with gaia…oh those were the days) most posters picked ONE site. They might have posted on other sites from time to time but they spent the vast majority of their time posting on one site that they considered their home. But that's an antiquated concept. The vast majority of modern posters post on multiple subreddits, multiple discord servers, multiple social media sites, etc. I would go as far as to say you'd be hard-pressed to find a 4chan user that DOESN'T use reddit these days.


what is 4chan and reddit?


>They might have posted on other sites from time to time but they spent the vast majority of their time posting on one site that they considered their home.

More like the *content* of the internet has become homogenised. In the old days you could bounce from site to site to site and it'd all be wildly different sites with different content.

Now people flow through a handful of sites all containing pretty much the same kind of info and chatter. The youtube comment section, reddit, the chans, twitter etc all speak pretty much the same language as each other (as in everyone pretty much speaks the same way and about the same things).


Not just the mods, the userbase is the shittiest ever as well


Are you Canadians?


File: 1617668269465.png (134.67 KB, 853x521, 853:521, ban evasion.png) ImgOps iqdb

I got banned for a month supposedly for "ban evasion", even though I didn't evade any bans. I probably just got banned because some christcuck janny was pissed about the 314444444 get.


Discord trannies have taken over


Today I got banned from all boards for a week for replying to different threads on /u/. For some reason the modcuck thought of it as spam despite them being genuine replies related to the threads. I insulted him on the appeal form, it's not even worth it. Never ever got such a ban not even when I genuinely spammed or participated in raids in the past. 4cuck only gets worse everyday


Userbase is shit because there are no more nerds.


This. I love it how "nerd" is used as an insult, yet they are the only subset of population who consistently have any sense of justice.

Yes, there are retarded nerds too who abuse things like mod rights (and have always been, even spawning some memes) but normies make the absolute words moderators for anything.


I got banned from all baords after mentioning somehting on topic that I do and think which must be considered weird to normalfags.
Was banned for a troll post despite just being a wizrd and not trolling but I am used to everyone thinking that I must be making up things beccause I am so fucked up.


This happened to me on the old 4chan even. Normies love to LARP how fucked up they are but when an actual hikki starts talking this is what happens.


A digression but
>I love it how "nerd" is used as an insult
lol no, nerd (or geek) hasn't been used as an insult since the normalfags stole those terms.

>This happened to me on the old 4chan even. Normies love to LARP how fucked up they are but when an actual hikki starts talking this is what happens.
Like I said: there are no more nerds. They will never exist again.

I'm being a tad hyperbolic but…


Hikkis aren't welcome anywhere except for a few imageboards


>nerd (or geek) hasn't been used as an insult since the normalfags stole those terms.


No, now it's an "ironic" insult.


There are only 4.3 billion ipv4's in the world. I think at the rate 4chan is going, they will ban a big chunk of them from English speaking countries.


I dont know how people can browse that shithole for extended periods anymore. The posters are so lame and normified I wonder if the theories about it being mainly populated by ai have a kernel of truth in them.


>I wonder if the theories about it being mainly populated by ai have a kernel of truth in them.
I believe it. Between governments, corporations, and just plain dedicated trolls, it seems unlikely to me that more than 80% of the posts there are made by genuine humans.


You are deluded then. All those commenters are the same people as youtube and facebook commenters.

The average person *is* that braindead. There is no bot conspiracy. They are not AI's.

You have no idea how incredibly stupid and narrow-minded the average person is.


I think you have it backwards. The 80% are the hivemind reading from the script. The 20% of "bots" stand out because they are capable of independent thought. You are in the terminal stages of internet brainwashing brought to you buy anonymous imageboard culture. You can quit drinking the Kool-Aid anytime.


Maybe, I don't know what level of "irony" the idiot zoomers are on these days but nerd/geek are tainted words, the nerd/geek subcultures have been absorbed into the monoculture so thoroughly that trying to separate them would be like trying to unbake a cake. There's no reclaiming the culture.

>it seems unlikely to me that more than 80% of the posts there are made by genuine humans.
People *are* that dumb, the number of people who go out and buy designer shit regardless of whether they can afford it or not is staggering.


There are no "bots" on this imageboard or any site making opinion pieces or regular posts. There are spambots because those generate money for their owner but they are quickly detected.

Anyone who thinks there are Soros-like ops to "influence" people on sites like this are 70 IQ.


4chan already polluted wizchan as well. You might notice the "-oomer" posting here. Retarded children with no real vocabulary to speak off supplanting the entirety of their lexicon with "-oomer" shoved onto the end of any combination of consonants. The same people posting that infantile filth are not just new to here, but new to the internet in general. Check these archive links for an example.
You'll notice some underage spammer and regular wojak posting reprobate suddenly flooding the site with it on the 17th of June 2018, waiting until other impressionable children latched onto it and letting it snowball from there. So when you see some spastic posting any derivative of "-oomer" here, know that they are the cancer of the internet, and they are more than elated to dumb down the literacy of the World Wide Web because their toddler mind finds the pronunciation of "oo" funny.


File: 1619697473377.jpg (187.93 KB, 1394x1500, 697:750, 1598130306711.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i thought it was from this


There may be no bots but you have to be naive to think that there are no ops going on at the bigger imageboards. The fact that a fucking anime imageboard has a presence in politics means it's of use to nefarious entities.

>-oomer theory
I doubt it, more likely it came from newfags who kept calling the last remaining oldfags boomers even though most oldfags would be Gen X at the oldest and mostly early-to-mid millennials. The remaining oldfags called newfags zoomers as in Gen-Z. Because this boomer/zoomer thing stuck somewhat other newfags were desperate to separate themselves from zoomers and being unoriginal as fuck just replaced the letters in front of -oomer.


Anything that happened post-2014ish kinda doesn't matter in the sense that at that point things were in a terminal freefall.


He’s right though. You can see one dedicated poster going through all the boards making the same template boomer posts. It’s the fishiest fucking stuff, and it happened on 8chan too.


They're still not bots. End of story.

There are billions of these low IQ automaton drones around the world. They also love to spam "amongus" memes and "nobody: literally nobody" memes.


> It’s the fishiest fucking stuff
Not really dude, in fact it makes perfect sense why ANOTHER simple ass wojak clone became popular.


You aren’t getting it. It’s not like someone made the oc in a thread and people started posting it elsewhere. It’s a meme that came from nowhere, using a template to leech off, that was posted in a coordinated manner in multiple imageboards. I’m not saying it’s the government or an AI necessarily, but someone clearly was trying very hard to make sure that shit meme became popular.


Do you even understand how memes work? I've randomly made some templates, posted them on obscure altchans and they ended up on 9gag because people liked it.

Not everything is a "coordinated conspiracy". The real world is much more boring than you wish it to be.


4chan hasn't been a meme factory in years mate, most memes (if you call them that) originate somewhere else noe.


It used to be a driving force in shaping the internet, now it's just a cultural backwater.


My ip range got randombanned there too few months ago. But now the jannies have changed their mind it seems, what's going on? Any similiar cases?


Why did you link some dicord where they laugh at lolcows?


I walk into random as hell bans when I use my cellphone.
It's sometimes funny finding out what the local retards in the area have been banned for.
Mostly it's one autist that keeps getting banned from /co/ (a board I never use) for spamming and intentionally antaganizing the mods.
But every once in awhile there is a funny surprise. Like yesterday walking into a ban of someone who was banned for "tributes" involving pictures of Justin Beaver on /mu/. for those that don't know what "tributes" are its when some degenerate prints out a photo of someone then cums on it and takes a picture of it
That gave me quite a laugh.


My phone network is permabanned from 4chad as a whole for posting nonstop BBC/blacked images, and its not what you think, the majority of people here are asain/immigrants lol.


That's a great idea. I'll travel the world to get phonefags permanently kicked out.
I finally have purpose

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