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I remember gen xers getting along with the young millennials during early years of the internet, like in the middle of the 90s, but also early 00s, where everything was new and on its seminal stage.
I used to play a lot of online games since when I was 8 or 9, with my dad, like DAoC, Ultima and later WoW, and I was in these guilds were, I remember, there were almost no generational infights; well, youngest players were infamous for being greedy and all around cocky, but nobody referred to them as "millenials" or shit like that.

So yeah, what's up with zoomers? Why everybody hates them? Boomers, gen xers, millenials, everyone shits on Zoomers and their generation.
Personally, from time to time I feel like there's something wrong with them (I mean really fucked up sometimes) but I shrug it off thinking that's just me getting old and unfamiliar with modern subcultures.
what do you think it's actually going on these strange days?


Because the internet used to be a set of relatively close-knit communities, but once the Zoomers who grew up on smartphones entered their teenage years they invaded the internet wholesale, and now every single young normalfaggot is spending most of their time on the internet, polluting and corrupting it.


When I was I kid most people absolutely hated knowing a kid was playing with them. If you got on the mic you were instantly a “squeaker” and would be shit on. Though I understand why, it does feel weird being an adult now and hearing some ten year old on the mic.

As for your zoomer shit, that’s just cause 4chan/Reddit/Twitter basically owns the entire internet now, and so all their vile memes about zoomer and boomers and shit are just everywhere.


social media, video chatting, skype, discord, facechat, iphones, app stores, mobile games, smartphones, touch screens, not being able to use a computer mouse, youtubers, e-celebrities, online activism

these people grew up with this garbage and it has turned them into garbage as a result


zoomers are faced with having knowledge without knowing why or how things work
they think they can just call themselves volcels without being crabs for at least 5-10 yrs


>most people absolutely hated knowing a kid was playing with them. If you got on the mic you were instantly a “squeaker” and would be shit on
yes but you had to be really young to be shitted on for that, like 8-14. Once you hit puberty and voice got deeper nobody gave a fuck if you were 15, 16 or 20, unless you blatantly acted like a stupid brat of course. At least this was my personal experience.
If you were 11 in community full of 25+ year old males, I can understand you had an hard time using the voice chat to communicate with them - or any other third party software for that matters


The most recent generation really is worse than all generations that have ever preceeded them that we know of.
It's because of social media primarily. This new generation bases their entire belief system and behaviours on internet points. 95% of humans through all time obviously based their beliefs and behaviours on social approval, but with modern tech consensus is constructed not based around observable facts but by a combination of memes, mass media, and malicious corporate algorithms.
Gen-Z is conditioned to trust everything that mass media says even if it flies against all personal observations, say whatever they can to get the most likes, and believe "witty" memes over facts. They are a people whose entire culture was created by AI algorithms designed to turn them into perfect slaves that believe they are rebels and freedom fighters.


Honestly, thats for the better, i know a lot of those people were just assholes but theres also the factor of not wanting to groom you into a place were you should not even be in the first place. adults should not be too nice welcoming kids into their groups, just look at discord pedos, just shuuing the kid away is the most sensible thing to do if you are not a creeper.

Every generation is the worst ever until the next one comes along. Gen x probably had the best teenage and yound adult culture though, millenials and zoomers are constantly borrowing nostalgia from them.

generation conflict is just another way to dillute class conflict, same as race, sexuality and gender, all of those minor idpols are getting promoted so theres never really a larger conflict that aglomerates all of the underclass. The more segregated the lower classes become the better for the ruling class. Back then those psyops were only neccessary in the lower classes but now its happening on the middle classes.

Black people had their gang warfares and the mexicns vs niggas, vs whatever but now there is a manage decline that involves the middle class so it has become necessary to segregate them too so they become disenfranchized and unable to unite for a common interest, so enter the zoomer vs boomer vs millenial, the man vs succubus vs tranny and the gay vs straight vs bisexual and all that stupid garbage that means nothing in reality and won't ever improve anyone's lives


>They are a people whose entire culture was created by AI algorithms designed to turn them into perfect slaves that believe they are rebels and freedom fighters.
this describes shitchan perfectly, specially now that protestants and dozens of political shills spend their day proselitising there. Those same people that used to have to brainwash normies with pamphlets on the sidewalk and the subway or paying adspace on tv now do it for free on internet spaces were they never belonged before the bas was lowered as it is today.

The internet now became an extension of real life rather than an escape.


so who is pushing this climate of hostility between generations? And how do they do it? Mind to share some examples?


I don’t wanna derail, but why are you so sure that class is the true barrier and not all those other idpol things?


File: 1609370175699.jpg (411.09 KB, 2274x1625, 2274:1625, Screenshot_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

same media conglomerates as always, if people are talking about le zoomer and le boomer and le millenial is because many ad agencies and news sites already propagated those concepts. I don't think i even need to link a particular one, you can google and find a million of those propaganda pieces about generation comparisons.

Some years ago there were like a million think pieces all over the media about millenials being the worst ever, pretty much all of the stereotypes were propagated by those. Very short ago the "ok boomer" shit went viral and every internet site was talking about that shit and spreading it further. 4chan is full of shillbots with that same purpose , who would open threads like "why do more young men are refusing to work, according to this study millenials are generation cristal" . Older millenials are now like 40 so they are moving on and targeting zoomers now since zoomers are already young adults.

because it is much, much bigger, people can have same class issues even if they are from different religions, ethnicities and sexualities, imagine all those people could come together in dialogue about it and find common ground and act politically based on it disregarding minor differences. That is something that could have real world implications and bring about reforms for the system, but people arguing over petty idpol shit will not.
Right now the middle classes are on a difficult spot, so its when those divisions come in and fuck with the narrative, most modern woke sjw shit is stuff the middle classes give a shit about but they are missing the forest for the thress minding about trivial sex bullshit and blacks in cartoons while their wages stagnate.

As an example, Jeff Bezos apparently loves diversity hires because the idpol shit means employees have are less likely to unionize and get to getter to bargain for better wages. Division on the underclass favors stability for the status quo.


I've said this before, but it's because of the simple fact that whether those "in power" favor people of a certain race or sex they ultimately favor themselves the most.
There are real differences between different groups. Men and succubi are not the same, they have differences, equalities, and inequalities. The same can be said for cultures, religions, races, and every trait no matter how small. Rejecting that there are identities and that identities can have an impact is retarded, but the most important thing isn't identity but instead the state of being ruled or ruling.

As an example, imagine a pre-Civil War America. It is easy to see that whites held a privileged position in relation to blacks, and it is easy to see that they had more economic and political power as a group or "identity" than blacks. However, while groups and identities are real, individuals are not their identities. Any individual white person was more or less at the whim of the rich aristocracy in the same way that any black person was. If the rich aristocratic whites and jews decided to take away some or all of the privileges that "white people" held at the time, they could and they would, and whites would be just as helpless to stop it as blacks.
Whites pre-Civil war were merely allowed certain privileges by the ruling class because the ruling class found it convenient. As you will notice, once the ruling class no longer found it convenient for whites to "be privileged" they took those privileges away.

Whether the ruling class is White, Jewish, Asian, Black, Male, Female, Christian, Muslim, whatever, the people that they rule are all equally at their mercy. The ruling class allows privileges based on what they find convenient. In the modern day, I assert that whites are underprivileged because it is convenient for the purposes of attacking the last remaining major ethnic group in the west which still has a large middle class and land ownership.
All of this isn't to say that the ruling class never awards privileges for ideological reasons, Hitler was an example of a ruling power that awarded whites privileges and attacked jews not merely because it was convenient but because of his ideological zeal. In this case, as with any other, it isn't that "whites" in general oppressed jews, it is that the ruling powers of Nazi Germany decided to redistribute privileges among its subjects.

To sum it up: Ultimately the only hierarchy that matters is the ruler and the ruled. This is typically known as "class" or Proletariat and Bourgeoise, the poor and the "rich". The rulers have rights, the poor have privileges. Races might be privileged or underprivileged, but only the rulers have rights and power over the system.


is a very effective illusion to convince a bunch of poor or middle class whites that they have more in common with a white billionaire than with a poor or middle class mulatto neighbor when in reality is the other way around. White identitarians play right into it, at the end of the day they are doing the same job as the sjws in further segmenting and atomizing the lower classes.


It's also an unwinnable game. I know you'll strongly disagree but refusing to resist social justice in the interest of "unity" will just allow social justice to complete its objective of annihilating cultures, races, and identities that are inconvenient for the rich and then separating what remains into segregated interest groups of people who will fight each other over who is more or less privileged.


social justice is not there to anhilite any divides but to accentuate them. Look at the racism stuff, most is stuff that was already considered to be water under the bridge in the 90s, current year racism is propped up by social justice because increasing that divide is useful right now. If you really look into sjw logic they are even going as far as advocting for total cultural segregation based on race, they want and enviroment were everone is constantly walking on eggshells with people not their own race, they want the tension.

a white person doesn't have to give up his culture or anything, just realize maybe they do have more in common with the the next door mulatto that works the same shit factory job as him rather than a billionaire that only larps to give a shit about his particular idpol. you and me could have different religions or sexual proclivities and nothing will change that, but still both would be fucked just the same by the system.


I suppose we do agree on the topic then. I actually meant exactly what you just said.
To clarify, I mean social justice is creating greater divides intentionally and the end result is for there to be many many separate groups of people divided by intersectionality in literally every single identity a person could have. However, there are things, such as traditional western philosophy that have no use except as a boogeyman and their very existence can be nothing other than a threat. Because of that, social justice will eliminate it along with any of the other things that truly cannot be reconciled with the end goals of the ruling class.
> just realize maybe they do have more in common with the the next door mulatto that works the same shit factory job as him rather than a billionaire that only larps to give a shit about his particular idpol.
I definitely agree here. It's sad though, because middle class whites wake up with the bills piling up, the foreclosure on their door, their children addicted to heroin, their business closed due to Covid, their banks empty with nothing to pass on to their children, and yet, when they turn on the news, what do they see?
Those people who have gone through the same thing, people of color and the poor calling them evil, colonizers, calling for them to give their houses away for equality, and calling for them to pay reparations for slavery. They have no choice in the matter. Social justice really succeeded in making it impossible for people of color, whites, men and succubi to put aside their differences for something that would help them all.


It's the same consumer-minded shit that plagues everything else in modern times.
You're conditioned to form an opinion by making a gross generalization and throwing out any nuance. If you can't do that, then you need to look for the most bite-sized prepackaged generalization about a topic and make that your opinion. Everything is also broken down into a simple two-sided fight. You use your shitty opinion to figure out which side of the fight you're on. Now you're part of a demographic that can be easily manipulated.

Zoomers hate Millennials, Millennials hate Boomers. You aren't allowed to have it any other way. Thinking for yourself isn't a legal move in the game of culture war.


But old people tend to believe in mass media much more than younger people.


Any natsoc, fascist or assorted third positionist worth their salt will agree that class plays a large role on how society functions. Do you believe that there can be a society with no ruling class? Because unless you believe that I don't see the point in making that distinction.


Yes, I am aware. As I see it there are 2 issues being discussed:
>1. The current ruling party right now is incredibly corrupt and needs to be replaced entirely.
>2. Social justice is being used prevent that by pitting most groups against the middle class white population that still holds enough economic and political power to lead a popular coup.


>I forgot to add the important part.
Norps today believe that the primary hierarchy of power is based on identity, for example whites/men are privileged and so must be the group that controls the rest. In reality, whether the privileges are real or imagined the power is ultimately in the hands of the ruling class alone.


File: 1609406890801.jpg (74.8 KB, 500x637, 500:637, dbf4cdd95b69dbe9ce52e8aa36….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Zoomers to me honestly almost don't exist. I barely see them, I can probably count on my fingers how many times I interacted with them and I barely notice them. Sometimes I wonder where they're all hiding.
But as for hating them or having something against them? No. I don't know enough about them besides these obviously forced, and malacious, internet narratives that constantly push for more and more division among people. Anyhow, the poor fuckers came in to this world at a worse time than me, I suspect.
Who I do know quite a bit about, however, are my own "kin" and I find it much easier to despise millenials because I KNOW who they are, where they came from and most importantly and above all else: Who they COULD have been.
Zoomers though man… they're in this shit deep. They never got to experience the world "before." Maybe they'll get lucky and have a benevolent AI take over during their lifetimes and plug them in to a VR paradise where their waifus will love them evermore.
Good posts, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
While on the topic of class, perhaps you can entertain a thought I've been having as of late in regards to the elites?
I've been thinking how they are viewed as being inherently evil. Like cancers on humanity, feeding off our life force until they bloat and annihilate their host. But is this true? We judge them from our own flawed and narrow-sighted perspectives, while they have a full view of the chessboard. What if they - through possible means such as generational eugenics and the hoarding and passing on of deep knowledge down through their bloodlines over the ages - have made them in some way transcend the human condition and are working towards a goal that mere normalfaggots can not hope to understand?
Because you know, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. It's the norm in "circles" such as ours to dismiss the elites as greedy, sociopathical, "satanic," pure evil etc etc and that would be very convenient for me as well.. Sometimes I have my doubts though. Because your average person is just such shit guys… such pure, uncaring, greedy shit. I understand that this thought is very likely false, but it's good to think critically and explore both sides of the coin right?
Please respond.


>have made them in some way transcend the human condition and are working towards a goal that mere normalfaggots can not hope to understand?

Lmao no, you are just being contrarian.
Just because it's a popular position in some circles, doesn't make it inherently wrong. You have online discourse brain.


>but why are you so sure that class is the true barrier and not all those other idpol things?
Money is the true source of power in our society. It isn't race, gender, sexuality or any of the other nonsense that is promoted. Those are distractions.


Someone who automatically tends to take the opposite point of view from the person to whom they're speaking, or to disagree with society at large out of a sort of knee-jerk reflex.


>It's the norm in "circles" such as ours to dismiss the elites as greedy, sociopathical, "satanic," pure evil etc
History generally proves that human rulers are corrupt and greedy, we're just not capable of handling that much wealth and power


5 star post


because the internet was mostly used by adults back then, most zoomers grew up on the internet when they didn't even hit puberty so the general level of content has diluted to the most immature forms of aesthetic, as an analogy, it's just like how certain cities are being niggerified to the lowest common nigger when they were once bastions of european culture and heritage


The ends do not justify the means. The means imposed upon us by the elitISTS are thoroughly evil and destructive, which points to their corruption. The fact that they seek to hide themselves and their influence implies nefarious intention, for if the degradation that the global aristocrats seek to subject us to was justified by some brighter future, we might be informed of the situation and swallow their bitter pill without angst. Stripping away all their wealth, power-corruption, and conceit the elitISTS are just humans like you and me: flawed, fallible and afraid of losing the lifestyle they are adapted to.


If I reply to this post then it will take a long time and it will be a very long post because the question itself can only be addressed with a complex answer. In general, I understand one of your implications is that calling the "elites" evil(and perhaps the primary source of all societal ills) could be a way of creating an easily defined enemy for oneself out of convenience. Either because one doesn't want to deal with a million random obscure and difficult to define problems, or because they are looking for someone or something to blame for personal reasons.
The fact is that even if the "elites" truly are unequivocally evil there will still be an immense amount of other very serious problems such as the industrial system or exponential growth economics, and if they are not evil but instead "good" or "neutral" for whatever reason(like incomprehensible eldritch lore as your example) it remains clear that they both permit and partake in acts unequivocally evil from our moral system. For example, many of the "elites" were found to be purchasing from child sex trafficking groups such as NXIVM and recorded admitting to raping children. If those instances were just rogues, why then were the middlemen in the operation the only people that were punished? Why didn't the non-rogue moralistic "elites" attempt to punish them? If whatever incomprehensible eldritch "moral system" these people have makes them permissive of just the evil acts that media is okay with admitting they committed, it's safe to say that those morals are evil no matter what their end goal is.

This is in no way comprehensive at all and I admit there are many logic gaps but this is a quick reply.
Relevant but I'm not sure how to fit it in: I don't think the "elites" are a hive mind. It's probably certain that there are power blocs although there's no way to be sure or if so who's in each. For example, I am sure single-generation elites such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are distinctly different from multi-generational like the Rothschilds and such. However, they are all clearly moving in the same direction and "on the same side" for now at least.


I fully agree with your last statement.
Bloodlines such as the Rothschilds must be far above people like Gates or Bezos or Soros or anyone in the public eye, doing business in mundane manners. I suspect that those who are visible like the aforementioned people are just (really) high-ranking servants.


I remember gen x not existing. I think they're a myth. No one hates zoomers, they're mostly just dreadfully boring and people don't really respect them since they have no life experience outside of tiktok


you probably dont encounter them irl too much. rest assured from a wiz who babysits his relatives minigroids and neighborgroids, they are really bad. the future is fucked


zoomers are all in school or college now, obviously everybody hates them. Millenials are all in the workforce now and have basically become real adults


No one who uses vapid normalcattle slang like "-oomer" is or ever will be a wizard . That includes every brainless fuckwit in this atrocious thread who uses it.


Only thing I hate about zoomers is there tranny horseshit.


File: 1609711685077.jpg (69.92 KB, 1280x721, 1280:721, Chio-chan-no-Tsuugakuro-Ep….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Zoomer and Boomer are just 4chan memes. Outside of your little imageboard bubble nobody thinks in these terms. You should stop thinking that the retarded bullshit you are reading here is in any way representative for what the whole society thinks.


i hate them because in them i see the same naivety i had at their age. probably why elders on wow would express annoyance with me too. i hate boomers because they are too retarded to understand society is always transforming and the easy lifestyle of their young adulthood no longer work for the new generation. they project that everyone younger than them is lazy when labor has very little to do with getting ahead now. much easier for me to just keep tabs on stocks and shitposting all day than building houses or doing anything else with my hands besides masturbating.


the older zoomers are like 25 now, zoomers have been part of the workforce for a while


If you are a genXr or an early millenial and you were into anime, videogames and computer shit growing up, you were a nerd, a weirdo, a social pariah and the internet was your refuge from the outside world. But zoomers grew up on social media and even the most normalfag of zoomers watches anime and plays videogames. Zoomers are different because they don't know how things were before the internet became mainstream.


every generation thinks they're better than the one that comes after it. don't make the same idiotic over-generalizations


This implies that there is not a consistent difference between the environments from generation to generation. Whether you like it or not, GenZ is a generation that grew up raised largely by electronic devices with instant gratification and social standing measured in an accruable point form.
The common complaint by the older generations is how socialized and dependent on the social or technological system they are. Baby boomers complained about the newer generations because they were objectively more dependent on social systems through increasing connectedness with the internet, globalization, etc.
To believe it is baseless or "idiotic" to claim that a succeeding generation is inferior by some consistent metric is the kind reddit nonsense that oversocialization causes. Humans and their societies are not consistent and they trend is directions that are better or worse over time.
>Every generation thinks it's better
Because every generation observes the increasingly invasive effects of technology, global interconnectedness, and modernism on succeeding generations. All of these are trending in a specific and objectively measureable direction. To Le Enlightened Rédditòr it appears that old people just complain about young people, when they are in fact observing the effects of a changing environment on their children, just as their parents noticed and complained about in times past.
I hate phones so damn much. I had to delete the post 4-5 times.


File: 1609783255073.png (142.25 KB, 455x423, 455:423, 1575509632686.png) ImgOps iqdb

I guessing you posted on the "End of the Wizards" thread(s)?

>Zoomers are different because they don't know how things were before the internet became mainstream.

I hate them too.

>GenZ is a generation that grew up raised largely by electronic devices with instant gratification and social standing measured in an accruable point form.

Basically why geekdom is now dictated by people with "clout" and money rather than any expertise or love of the culture. But it's also had this strange effect where zoomers are digging up degenerate parts of various fandoms and proudly displaying it as badges of honor. The number of non-autist people I seen wearing hentai t-shirts and hoodies is kind of staggering.


>Look at the racism stuff, most is stuff that was already considered to be water under the bridge in the 90s

The Bell Curve came out in what, 96? Jensen's g factor in 98 I believe? Then the genetic studies only started getting headwind in the mid 00's, picking up major steam in the past 10 years. I think black white tensions are super high due to the increase in robust evidence for hereditarianism/genetic basis for IQ/behavior differences between races…


dont need scientific proof to provoke blacks. theyre just racist in general, unless they are self-loathing and like the smell of wypipo of course.


>racial tensions due to books that neither group reads
pretty sure it's due to the jewish mass media deliberately stoking those tensions 24/7 as you may have seen


>No one reads

Those books were a big deal, it was an "the evidence is getting overwhelming" moment in the public consciousness. It was the culmination of 30 years of research on B-W IQ differences, meaning since Jensen's initial 1969 Harvard article.

Jews do have chaos agents in high places, and undermining WASP Anglo society has long been a goal of theirs, but it's far too simplistic to say they can chart the course of history here - all that needed to happen was for science (behavioral genetics, twin studies, psychometrics, statistics) to progress until the evidence for genes being critical was on the wall. Then you have no choice but to deny it, and to promote censorship, because the truth is too terrible for the globohomo project to cope with.

People still believed in environmental/sociological explanations for gaps until relatively recently - "no one/racial group is born smarter than anyone else" is a dream that died in the late 20th century.


>Those books were a big deal,
with academics and fringe internet people, you think the average black or white is reading college level sociology books? lol, these are average 90IQ people, they've heard of heritability of intelligence, they just turn on TV and see race riot baiting floyd news


never heard of*


Remember when /pol/ didn't creep into every fucking thread on every imageboard in existence?


>Socio-political thread
>Political responses
Politics have invaded every corner of the internet. Everywhere mainstream is extremist leftism and everywhere "anonymous" is "/pol/".


>Everywhere mainstream is extremist leftism
I really don't understand why so many people think the mainstream is even remotely left, half of it is liberal sure but leftist? No.

I guess the waters have been intentionally muddied so that we don't realize that we only have a choice between austerity and fag-flavored austerity.


Yes, it is extreme leftism. If you don't think so then you've overdosed on memes.


The media has basically poisoned your mind. What does "extreme leftism" even mean?

There's nothing left about america.


Unless you have a retarded definition for "leftist" such as "it must be aligned with socialism/communism" then yes it. Again, you sound like you overdosed on reddit memes a long time ago when you say a country that has two parties, "Neo-liberal marxist capitalism" and "Neo-conservative marxist capitalism" is right wing. Let me guess, it's right wing because people have TWO SINGLE RIGHTS, guns and speech, and to your leftist mind that's just incomprehensible and sounds like "far right" extremism that must must be crushed.


Marxist here refers to social justice rather than communist class warfare. Obviously leftism is free from class warfare elements, it's all about social warfare and that's all it lifts from marxism.


i wonder what the purpose of left and right terminology is. whats the difference between being ruled by a monarch or niggercorp? there doesnt seem to be much. one thing i can think of is maybe its just supposed to be inherently divisive on purpose, to keep the slave class infighting (not that slaves running the farm is necessarily better). its arbitrary to categorize opinions as left or right. why would something like environmental preservation have to be associated with lgbt acceptance?
you would think environmental issues would be associated with conservatives but most republicans i know think climate change and turning the world into a plastic landfill are commie lies. just because jews might want a carbon tax for more shekels doesnt mean human-led climate change is fake. ruling class will generally seek an excuse to monetize anything. sorry if im just retarded and missing something obvious.


I can never understand how people can keep parroting concepts such as "social justice", "freedom" and "equality" as inherently good thing that we must pursue.

right and left are just tribal groups, contradictions in tribal thought doesn't matter so long as it can't be used as an effective weapon against it. tribes like to conform to any thought that their tribal chief (politician) espouses, even it contradictory to previous deeply held beliefs.

All political theory can be just boiled down to tribes hitting each other over the head with clubs for supremacy, we just now do it in such an abstract way that people falsely believe that we've evolved past that.


>Let me guess, it's right wing because people have TWO SINGLE RIGHTS, guns and speech, and to your leftist mind that's just incomprehensible and sounds like "far right" extremism that must must be crushed.
No you fucking retard your country is controlled by corporations and both your ludicrous parties kowtow to those corporations instead of the will of the people.

Prop 22 was written by Kamala Harris's brother-in-law and a grocery store chain just fired all it's union drivers to be replaced by cheaper "independent contractors" and Obama's transportation secretary, who works for lyft now, is going to roll out for the rest of the country. That's your "left" wing party.

I know you're retarded because you think of left and right as gangs instead various economic and social concepts.


Because they are just gangs, it was always about gang warfare. What people really care about above all else is to become a martyr for the tribe, they want their flag atop the shitheap. Sacrifices for a worthy cause, the results from the success of the tribe gaining power doesn't matter, so long as it doesn't result in another tribe taking over.


Sweet Jesus are you stupid.


What was wrong with what he said? if you can't explain why, don't reply.


on christmas eve my 17 y/o cousin just jokingly said OK BOOMER talking to my uncle. It's 2021, the line that separates internet and real life is very very thin at this point


>Because they are just gangs
Is there any point trying to explain anything to you because you're too stupid to separate ideologies and political parties who don't necessarily who follow their supposed ideology?

I guess a future where we don't own anything and the corporations only loan things to us and spy on everything we do because america's retardation problem is contagious, is where we're headed.


I remember this feeling back in like 2007 when I'd hear people say "owned" (as in "You got OWNED") and pwned in real life. It might have just been a trend around my school but nevertheless I felt like something belonging to my people was being taken away.


Most people change their views on policy based on what their preferred candidate supports. They're also less caring of wrong doing of people with the same political affiliation (tribe) as theirs, and hypercritical when it comes to the political opposites.

It's like this because of evolution, the tribes that were fairer in judgement (to other tribes) didn't survive, while the hypocritical ones did. We have also only evolved to create better technology because the ones that did were the ones that survived too. If you have a better club, you have an advantage over other tribes.

You also can't lay this blame on america, this has been a trend long before america existed. I personally think it is a inevitable trend, total control over every aspect of our lives. Putting down any resistance and dissent, it will be the last tribe standing.


the last of the real boomers were born in 1955 give or take a year, young people are so dumb they don't know what it means, then again you're talking about the same people who think cutting your cock off makes you biologically female


You are hilariously brain damaged.
>I explain leftism is capitalist
>You attempt to deboonk it by implying the USA's two political are controlled by corporations
What are you even doing? Leftism is a group of political ideologies primarily concerned with perceived social plights, not more important issues like the class divide. Leftism has nothing to do with opposition to corporate interests which you repeatedly claim. You can only say that that's because leftists are being subverted into pursuing petty social issues to prevent them from "class awakening" and you'd be nearly right, but that just demonstrates the near complete disinterest in anything economic other than managed decline welfare that leftists have and the ideology of leftism has.
>I know you're retarded because you think of left and right as gangs instead various economic and social concepts.
Your post was a big demonstration of poor reading comprehension. I hope you were just extremely drunk at the time you wrote this.


Boomer just means anyone over the age of 30 now. No one actually uses it to address the baby boomers anymore.


i’m pretty sure millennials are more hated than gen z. only millennials hates gen z. old farts thinks every one young are millennials. gen x are becoming old farts. nobody escape growing old and bitter.


it’s just a new buzzword to call out old geezers


Zoomies belive baseless youtube videos and twits as much as old people trust the tv. Same shit


why are the current young people so monumentally stupid?


>complain about protestant and politcal stuff proselytizing on cuckchan
>thread is full of /pol/ garbage
you do realize you're part of the problem, do you?


Zoomers aren't people, they're products.


zoomers are disgusting filth if i was a zoomer i would kys


You type in all lowercase and
>if i was a zoomer i would kys
>i would kill yourself
So are you saying you hate yourself, or are you mentally handicapped?


On the contrary, Gen Z are excessively praised by everyone. The media talks about how they're "saving the world", leftists praise them for being so "woke" and "diverse" and right wingers praise them for being "based" despite voting data and polling confirming they are further left than any other generation. It's difficult to find anyone with anything negative to say about them and if someone does say something remotely bad about zoomers, they will instantly get ganged up on and called a "boomer". This website is the only place I know of where Zoomers are hated so if you spend a lot of time here, it will skew your perception of what the situation actually is, but I assure you that this site is a anomaly in this regard.

Meanwhile everyone shits on millennials, including other millennials. Our generation sucks, and we acknowledge it. Even the media shits on us. I've lost track of how many headlines I've seen about how millennials don't know how to [insert basic life skill here] or how millennials are killing the X industry.

But when you combine all this praise they get from everywhere and everyone with the fact that they grew up on social media from a very young age, it's no wonder why zoomers such massive narcissists.


gen z in my experience are very knowledgeable about certain subjects (usually things popular on the internet) but are absolutely braindead when it comes to actual life experience and putting things into practice, it's all theoretical and naval gazing with them (a bit like this website in all honesty)


Is there anything this site doesn't hate?


Wizards are not a monolithic hivemind


Sure buddy


No, fuck off.


The line doesn't even exist anymore, and hasn't for years.

Most of my coworkers are zoomers and they reference memes literally everyday, jokingly (and sometimes angrily) call people "boomers" "inncels" and other meme insults, and talk about e-celebs (they really love pokimane and belle delphine).


The thing about millenials and Zoomers is millenials will be much more predominant in the future, just like Boomers and GenXrs, so it's easier to hate them, they'll become the next boomers.


I hate zoomers, I hate zoomer culture. Simple as.


i feel you


Where's the joke though. Their sense of humor is nonexistent. Spouting catchphrases is not funny.


>Spouting catchphrases is not funny.
I guess "ironically" would have been a better choice of words than "jokingly". Gen z thinks spouting memes "ironically" is hilarious. Zoomers think "irony" is the secret ingredient that makes everything instant comedy gold, and that the thicker the layer of irony (or the more "layers of irony") slathered on, the funnier it is.


File: 1610218246149.jpg (82.74 KB, 1200x715, 240:143, EkWQwcvWAAE7LYV.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, millenials will always be dispossessed as a group, just like zoomers. You will own nothing and you'll be happy about it.


>how to lie with statistics
People grow more wealthy with age generally speaking, and then they die off.
Young people are almost always relatively broke compared to someone who has had a career and been building wealth for decades.


Millenials will not be getting 100 times as wealthy in less than 30 years.


ah those were true meme gold cabaret



Yes they were, and I knew some clueless smartass would come out of the woodwork to say exactly that. It was funny because it wasn't being done anywhere else. Fight club rules, you were supposed to keep shut the fuck up about it because it indeed wasn't funny in any other context. Being a tryhard channer outside of imageboards or god forbid an IRL meme spouter was not tolerated in the past. Now it's considered peak zoomer humour.


You jest but that shit was funny because it was back when memes were actually memes as in inside jokes meant only for certain people/boards/fandoms, rather than whatever piece of shit they run through the random "meme" generator and then shove into the social media networks.


Each new generation controls less wealth than the previous one at the same age.


>Zoomers/Boomers/Xers think Millennials are all lazy failures who are too burned out for people in their 30's/40's

Honestly, Zoomers are for a rude awakening. Part of that burnout is due to socio-economic hardships they faced very early as young adults that only continued to get worse as they got older. Many people had their entire futures crumble before their eyes. Shit ain't getting better, and signs point to even more disparity before we even reach this next decade. I imagine as Zoomers are firmly in their 30's as a generation, they won't be too far off from where Millennials are today.


File: 1610491967419.jpg (169.32 KB, 767x1024, 767:1024, fakeandgay.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I barely know zoomers because I don't interact with people often, but the few male zoomers I've interacted with irl seem depressed and have speech impediments. Also many are tall and gangly: I see very few muscly or fat zoomers. I wonder what has caused this or if it is just a strange coincidence of my personal experience. I pity the zoomers for not having had as much time to see the world before it turned into sjw trash dump. I feel no animosity towards them because they have been fucked from birth by the forces of evil and know not what they do.

Pic related is typical bullshit propaganda to incite jealousy against a made up illusion to make us hate our fellows and fuel the fires of this disgusting generational divide and conquer crap.


File: 1610492831303.jpg (105.42 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 800px-Anonymous_Scientolog….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Being a tryhard channer outside of imageboards or god forbid an IRL meme spouter was not tolerated in the past
this is from 2008


Fucking seriously? If you were there you'd know how the clowns were treated.



the trend ive observed is people are only knowledgeable about their own generation because as they age they become less agile, less adaptive, and more 'set in their ways.' unless people go out of their way to want to understand how another generation sees the world they risk interpreting it through the wrong lens leading to wrong conclusions. this is a core idea of cultural anthropology: 'understand a culture on its own terms and dont make judgments using the standards of one’s own culture'

i also don't understand why you bothered to write that tl; dr when your conclusion (by your own words) was you agree with me: 'Humans and their societies are not consistent and they trend is directions that are better or worse over time.' yeah, they are not consistent. i.e. not always bad. ergo, you agree with me, so, why is it 'idiotic again'? is it too 'reddit' being logically consistent about basic things? if that's the case, sign me up man.

the rest of what you wrote is your own /pol/tier opinions on anarcho-primitivism together with other philosophy bs, lightly sprinkled with insults. very nice




Saged in every field.


>Humans and their societies are not consistent and they trend is directions that are better or worse over time
Yes. And then trend now is that every generation is more dependent on technology and government. They are more dependent on media. They are more dependent on the system.
Generations can be better or worse, but in modern history each generation complains about the next because they note these changes.
>Kids these days don't know what it was like without lightbulbs. They don't even know how to set a lamp. What if the power plants go out?
>Damn kids these days, don't know how to take care of a horse. What will they do if the rockefellers ain't got no more gas no more?
>Look at the kids these days, all they do is waste away by the radio. I remember when we'd go to the concerts ourselves. I remember when we'd hear our politicians with our own ears.
>A telly-vision? Damn kids. What are they going to do with their lives if all they know about the world is what they see in this damn electric box?
>Kids these days, all they use is the phone. It ain't gonna be good for them not seein' people face to face. I remember when we knew what all our friends looked like. What if the towers go down? What'll they do then?
>Damn kids these days are sittin' at the computer 24/7. Give it too much longer and they won't even bother goin' out.
And so on. Each step reducing a persons independence and closeness with nature. In the past it would be absurd if you told someone that in the future people would not ever see most of their friends face to face, that the majority of conversations would happen over long distance, that discussions of politics would take place not in a real world forum but over electromagnetic radiation, that even work would begin to take place through the internet, people would ride cars down the streets instead of walk with their friends or family, the majority of people wouldn't know how to fish, hunt, build themselves furniture, repair issues in their homes, and more. They'd think it's utterly absurd that a man in rural Utah could freeze to death if a powerplant in Nevada turned off, that he could starve if a shipment of grain from China didn't make it, that he could dehydrate and perish if a water plant 400 miles away broke down, that he could be stranded in his own home if his car and phone went out, that he could lose his livelihood if a megacorporation in another state went bankrupt.

You can't rationalize that there hasn't been a trend of increasing dependence on factors that are totally outside of individual humans control. You can say "Oh! Many things are out of people's control. The weather, earthquakes, eruptions" but that is ignoring the fact that so much more is now out of people's hands, or at least that so many more do not know how to take the matters into their own hands. Preceding generations do have a legitimate complaint over subsequent ones. In the industrial era, people are growing more and more dependent on things that are outside their control. This is noticed by the generation before them, and it is complained about, just as the generation before noticed the change. So,
>'Humans and their societies are not consistent and they trend is directions that are better or worse over time.' yeah, they are not consistent.
I said that there is nothing that by nature makes a generation worse than the one before it, but that the continued environmental changes that cause reduced independence are a legitimate source complaint for each generation. It is a factor that is changing at a growing rate in a constant direction.

>'understand a culture on its own terms and dont make judgments using the standards of one’s own culture'

That's leftist-tier garbage. It is never possible to judge something outside of your own standard unless you do not judge. If you create another standard to judge by then it is merely through another entirely arbitrary standard. What we can look at is the fact that each generation can be different based on the one variable that really is changing with each generation, technological development and access. That is the single variable that is changing in a constant direction for all people all over the world, and so we can say that there is an environmental difference between generations, and we can at the least understand that these generations are reliant on new technologies, and that this dependence is a source of complaint for each generation.


Rorschach and weev were considered leaderfags back then

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