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I was wondering why dont us Wizards engage in esoteric discussions.

I am not talking about religion per se, nor about hollow new age pseudo-mysticism, but about the many works scattered through the course of history dealing with the inner life of man in a metaphysical sense. This also includes fiction which deals with these ideas symbolically – such as the epics Homer, revered by the Neoplatonists.

These days philosophy, the love of wisdom, seems to concern itself solely with intellectual masturbation, completely oblivious to the fact that praxis were originally an integral part of it.

I suppose atheism plays a considerable role in this line of development, especially in the academic field, where the modern notion of "progress" have arrogantly seperated us from all matters relating to divinity, considering such things as barbaric non-sense, simply because the limited apparatus of science are unable to prove such things, and that faith supposedly stands in direct opposition to reason – and so, ironically, they put their faith in the many hypotheses of science, putting their restless fear of unknowingness to a standstill, for a little while, until this or that gets debunked tomorrow and they silently invest themselfes dogmatically to a new pet theory.

Moreso, philosophy seems to have taken a course in the direction of subjective inquiry, instead of objective reality, and this further puts it away from abstract spiritual matters, and closer to a psychological, socio-political critique. While there is nothing wrong with such matters, the general consensus of philosophy seems to have grown in such a light as to have become more bitter and melancholic in recent years.

Furthermore, I believe an exclusively exoteric interpretation of myth and religion has fueled the ignorance of its followers and consequently the aversion of its adversaries. The esoteric dimension have all together been overlooked.

The whole notion of mysticism is, to many people, considered to be an import from the east, even though such matters have clearly been present in western society. The revival of platonism in the renaissance is a testimony to this, as is the influence of the alchemical tradition on art. There is also the interresting theory that Francis Bacon, a supposed initiate of the rosicrucian order, was in fact Shakespeare.

In recent years, writings pertaining to esoteric matters, whether they be magical or mystical, have shown in abudance, yet the discussion of these works seems minimal.

Instead of being drunk on my own assumptions, I thought that it would be good to sober up a little by involving other points of view.

Why is this discussion absent?


maybe something to do with the trickle-down effect of the cult of science over the generations, and the fact that people are generally lower IQ than they were centuries ago, including the thinkers


File: 1609429844675.jpg (50.65 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, dark_hole.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Because our lives are way too much damned both physically and mentally tangled, atrofiated to put any method to work on ourselves in effective ways that would cause motivation.

This is why I first focus myself in attending the physical part: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/230576.html#q234175

You want something esoteric? Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf7npSoyX08

>Both links have the physical and mental methods respectively.

>Nothing has still changed my opinion that were any wizard to intensely apply these two ways to his own lifestyle, the inner sicknesses of any kind that are typically shown here and complained about would end up being over beyond expectatives.
>Even though, people tries them without insistence and without reading things carefully so they slow and mediocre results just before they give up. Beware of becoming one of those.


when you see people doing this on imageboards, it's likely a big larp from bored "trad" tards and new age cultists


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I wish /fringe/ moved here after 8ch went down.
They had such a vast library of hoarded information. Still have a 1TB torrent of books on a HDD somewhere that I got from them. Now I wonder where they went/if they're still around somewhere.


There's a thread up on /hob/


they migrated to 8kun


How unfortunate to settle in such a place.


I dont agree with the OP quote. Just because John likes empiricism better than rationalism and finds it a superior mode of inquiry does not make it a "better opposite" to irrationalism


>I was wondering why dont us Wizards engage in esoteric discussions.
We do.
Usually doesn't go far due to idiots and roleplay along with low interest.


because im dumb i wish i was smarter


I'm surprised they didn't go to Erischan on the webring.


Basically we shouldn't belive that it does exist neither be so certain about its non-existence but basically belive in its existence at the same level that we belive in the existence of superdimensional commer hitler with 13milion light years dick

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