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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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assuming you have an income, who cares. that is the most normal thing to do randomly buying crap. my family has boxes from amazon coming every single day, it's unreal. i buy melatonin online maybe once every 3 months and that's about it for me


what's the melatonin for? falling asleep?


yeah good for when you want to nap during the day


the attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed


is this a meme I think I have seen it posted before. what happened wizie scars o n arm is fine



found an old email

>Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 5:42 PM

>Good news. You can now buy and sell more bitcoin on Coinbase.
>We've raised your limits to the following:
>Buy Limit: 10.00 BTC per day
>Sell Limit: 50.00 BTC per day

jesus christ my hands got sweaty thinking about this failed opportunity that was bitcoin


I want to get a gun but its too hard where I live


Where do you live and how bad do you want one?

You can probably get one regardless of whatever laws are in place if you really want one.
Plus if you don't have a record and got money in most countries it's still doable but requires throwing money at the problem enough to prove you are one of the poors that gun control is actually meant for. It isn't intended to be for the rich who are above such things.


time really flies by when doing crosswords
starting to get a bit too familiar with the common tricks they come up with though


I played around 10 hours of mahjong solitaire in the last 24 hours


I've been drinking a lot of oolong tea recently, it's very nice.


I'm actually kinda proud of how much I improved

I think I was averaging around 4-5 minutes when I first started with my initial record being 3:30 which I felt was pretty hard to do, now my record is 2:21 and I can get below 3:30 easily

scanning the board as fast as possible, using your peripheral vision, remembering ultra short term things like the places of certain tokens or back-paths for token match sequences, its very stimulating


File: 1610938192751.jpg (144.46 KB, 850x1088, 25:32, sample-5bfd3f82dc998d9e341….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Found out that PotPlayer can translate subs online and replace original subs with the translation automatically while the video is on. Italian to English went flawlessly.


Which Italian sub anime are you watching.


had to google that one wew. wikipedia says it displays popup ads, is that true lol


30-sec Love Live! Kouhaku Special Anime.
White blank popup appears once after PC launch for a few seconds and then disappears. I update whenever I get notifications and no ads so far.


>White blank popup appears once after PC launch

Inside the player itself.


interesting. do you regularly use that? i have used vlc for so many god damn years i forget there are even any alternatives


vlc has good compatibility but is terrible video quality. mpv is a lot better


i thought everything has the same image quality. i mean for images, all browsers or image viewers will display the same thing. is it different with video players


vlc is pretty good though

how come you are watching love live


videos are compressed into periodic signals with complex mathematics so the implementations of the algorithms etc matters, and they must scale to the screen and make use of the parallel GPU/CPU hardware… it is different


File: 1610999419134-0.png (7.42 MB, 1920x3240, 16:27, vlc_mpv difference2.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1610999419134-1.png (6.08 MB, 1920x3240, 16:27, vlc_mpv difference1.png) ImgOps iqdb

i tried out mpv and vlc both stock installation. i was originally hoping to prove a point, but after i realized how much work comparing all this stuff is, it was more to satisfy my curiosity . i'll try out some other video players probably

i tried mpv out with big buck bunny. the top 1/3 shows the diff of the pixels between vlc and mpv videos paused at the same time. completely identical images would be 100% black. it isn't 100% so there is a difference. i can't see the difference between the two images side by side, only via checking pixels on the diff. this is what i expected honestly, two competent video players producing equivalent results. yeah there is a difference in image quality but i'm not sure who can tell. also i only checked mp4, but there are lots of other video formats

UI styles aside, the real differences i did notice between the two is that mpv loads/plays faster and tracks faster with significantly better accuracy. the keybindings for mpv are more useful and placed together nicely, not many know youtube has frame-by-frame using "," and "."… mpv has the same thing. when holding down "1 frame forward", they both play at 1x speed, but vlc doesn't play audio which i now realize is weird


it's not real money


hey melatonin guy, is that shit really effective? got any other suggestions for somewhat harmless stuff that can make you sleep better?


there's a lot of stuff, but what works the best: valerian root improves sleep quality
calea z helps you dream better


just ordered one of those $3 displayport to hdmi adapters, I wonder how shitty it'll be
the videophiles claim there's a real gain in picture quality versus vga but it's probably their imagination


Should I keep NEETing, get bux from the gubment, and be comfy, or work on a career as a respiratory therapist and be healthy and 'successful'?


if you can get neetbux and be comfy neeting, why would you do otherwise?


>Should I live
>Or should I perish


I dunno how it works in your country, but you might be better off taking a job as a respiratory therapist first, then becoming a NEET so that you can claim that salary on NEETbux, instead of the standard level of NEETbux.


Because respiratory science is my passion.


Does being good at chess really mean your smart? For me I'm bad at it but only because I don't find it that fun at all and can't be bothered memorising the moves and possibilities

I feel like some video games have made it obsolete, I'd rather play Civ 5 or Xcom, although even Civ 5 gets kind of boring for me

I might give online chess a bit more of a go and learn but I don't really have anyone to play it with which is where I imagine it gets really fun, except for when I imagine you might plateau and not get any better or something



The other thing I dislike with chess is how to get good at it in a way you almost have to learn it academically like "if they do this you should do this" obviously it's not that simple and there is room to be creative but I like games where I can intuit and do what I want, I guess you could do that in chess but then I'd feel like I'm playing like a retard


If by "it was a meme" you mean diet soda, then yes. Both it and regular soda are unhealthy so if you're going to drink them then you may as drink the full-sugar version instead of that watered down tasteless "diet" bullshit. It being shilled everywhere is why I can't find any regular soda in the UK any more because it's all watery bland diet trash now. Fat middle-aged succubi believe it's some sort of miracle drink that tastes like regular soda while being as healthy as skimmed milk, neither of which are true.


A few years ago where I live there was this nutritionist who'd advice people to drink nothing but coke zero, and to drink coke zero whenever they felt hunger and it wasn't time for one of the three meals. Some people apparently lost weight, but I wonder if drinking that shit all day isn't worse than being a fatass.


You can try having a career and fall back into neetdom if things go south


being good at chess just means you're good at chess


apparently lots of therapists do remote stuff now. maybe i can finally 'get help' (bux)


File: 1611164998968.jpg (148.52 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, 800px-Église_Saint-Druon_d….JPG) ImgOps iqdb


>His is known as the patron saint of shepherds, coffee, and the ugly

>During a pilgrimage, he was stricken with an unsightly bodily affliction. He became so terribly deformed that he frightened the townspeople. In his twenties, a cell was built for him to protect the local citizens of the village from his appearance. Since he was so holy, his cell was built attached to his church. St. Drogo stayed in his cell without any human contact, except for a small window in which he received the Eucharist and obtained his food. He stayed there for the rest of his life, about forty more years, surviving on only barley, water, and the holy Eucharist.


That's super neat. Did you mean to post this in the wikipedia thread by the way?



lol, I knew the name sounded familiar, I've heard of it from the game Darklands

>Reportedly, Drogo was able to bilocate, to maintain his actual presence in two totally different places at the same time. Witnesses claimed seeing Drogo working in fields simultaneously, and going to Mass every Sunday.

I always found that fascinating, witches were reportedly able to do the same thing.


my mental health has greatly deteriorated in the last few weeks


why wizzie


>Can talk about littrally anything except two topics
>Can't help himself and still must try and sneak it in for no good reason


I know a person that's way more "functional" and outgoing than I am and somehow he cashes in a check every month because he can't work due to "social anxiety", I feel like chump.


getting bux isn't about being disabled it's about conning the system


Just give the social worker a firm handshake.


I have a couple of months top at this job, after I get fired I'm going to try.

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