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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


>Not using roman numerals


For future use, this is crawl thread XCIII


my mother's been listening to the same degenerate song on repeat for about an hour now and she is singing along the fucking whore, you are 50 years old why are you singing and listening to whorish songs, have some shame and decency you retarded hag. Seriously fuck this sexual almost pornographic music and anyone that listens or produces that crap, her singing like some slut succubi makes me wanna punch her in the mouth to shut her up, singers are so explicit nowadays fucking sluts someone should slit their throats or stab their tongues.


My niece wants me to help her build a PC, but based on what I know of the internet all I know is that doing that will help her jumpstart her e-thot career.


I bought a "white label" hdd on ebay, I'm curious to see whether these white label drives are really good or poor. If it's good I'll save ten bucks. Also I bought my first ever ssd and can't wait to see what the fuss is all about.


What song is she playing?
Depends, what's her personality? Could just be used for gaming.
You will notice a huge difference between SSD and HDD the first time you run a program on it. They are much faster and finally much cheaper than they used to be.


>what's her personality
She's a succubus, so I'd say about 1/1 chances she's a whore


I'm thinking of getting an electric guitar but the extended month long lockdown means I can't go to any stores. It'll give me time to think at least.


Good luck wiz, but I'd recommend an acoustic to start. Learn to see if you can actually play before dealing with amps, power, and other small barriers introduced by electric instruments. Check local classifieds, people tend to give them away.


finally time to go to sleep, i wish to dream of a cute little 2d loli witch that's come to live with me and to rub her cheek against my cheek and blow a raspberry on her belly and cuddle in bed, thank you Satan, amen.


assuming the thing even works it'll be my OS hard drive…or drive….I don't know if you're supposed to call SSDs hard drives, even if you leave the ''disk' part out, whatever

if it cuts the load times on these newer, bloated linux OSs by 50%, it'll be a good hard drive


A solid state drive or just SSD


but it's made from hard materials


Oh I forgot it wasn't a soft state drive.


File: 1609673339358.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.01 KB, 450x463, 450:463, leluo-LL702-200-lumen-flas….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

my $5 chinese flashlight from ebay is still good a year later, I use it like crazy every day and nothing is worn down on it, not even the switch which I've probably clicked 100,000 times, I love this thing so much


japanese porn game creators understand what needs done. some shitty hentai jpgs, tilesets for rpgm, and a story (even this is optional)

in the west though? they try to make fucking skyrim 3d shit with physics and all this crazy nonsense and end up not producing anything



Rainy day


What are you even talking about?

There are plenty of simple western porn games and plenty of complex 3d Japanese porn games.

Are you just mad a particular project you were interested in fell apart?



>You also can’t tap the “Save” button to save the video to a playlist or to watch later. The “Save” button appears grayed out on such videos, and you’ll see a “This action is turned off for videos made for kids” message if you tap it anyway.


I wonder if newpipe will still work on those videos.


File: 1609744139140.png (5.01 KB, 383x91, 383:91, chaed.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1609755865353.png (603.41 KB, 871x892, 871:892, gn45.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have playlists of things and I noticed that, it infuriated me because I don't give likes and I had to resort to giving thumbs up because when you do they go to this playlist of videos you liked. Fuckin worthless retards don't make sense fucking things up like always why the fuck should I care about kids.


So you want your liked videos private or not because it's private by default


Saw that video yesterday, hope he's doing ok and the cops didn't bother him.


I accidentally poured milk in my booze and I didn't notice until I drank it all


Isn't that how they invented the white russian?


One of the non-vital fans in my new pc barring is ever so slightly off center so it makes a surprising amount of noise now.

Debating if I should do something about it or just ignore it.


Describe non vital, I'd remove it if I didn't live in a warm area


File: 1609777794911.png (212.07 KB, 540x408, 45:34, tumblr_inline_p7mfkpee4U1t….png) ImgOps iqdb

I just got unreasonably upset because some kids in my hometown put a firecracker on a cat's mouth a blew its face off.


Your anger isn't unreasonable. Gremlins who torture creatures for quick laughs deserve every lashing that real humans wish to throw at them.


The worst part is that it was still alive and they had to put it down.


exactly what i said. i'm talking about what i see online, most of the 3d indie porn games seem to be made by westerners, most of the 2d rpgm type stuff is japanese. i don't follow any games/projects, so no


That reminded me of an old TV report where one succubus mentioned neighborhood kids putting a firecracker inside cat's anus.


It is one of two front case fans.




Hm I'd just remove it then.


I went full fatass mode tonight and bought a clamshell package of six assorted jelly filed pastries at the supermarket, and I have eaten them al. Well, the last one right now. Two of them I ate laying in a hot bath after smoking. Pleasurable decadence but I don't binge like this often


I might be getting old but I find the way young people talk so annoying. You look up a song and every one is saying it's "lit" or "fire", I wish they were on fire.


I am going to see if I can disable it in bios first.
If I can't I will just unplug it for now then maybe get a replacement later.


i just learnt about this tiktok whore sensation because of youtube, it's crazy that now people can get famous doing pretty much nothing and having no talent, just making funny faces to the sound of music. At least that hit or miss succubus was in a costume and did more than moving her head to the beat of a song, this whore instead just moves her head and lip syncs and isn't even good looking, just neotenic. For some reason I don't find her attractive, to me it looks like a deceitful whore who wants men's money or attention and would have insulted me in high school.


it might quiet down after a while. i slapped on ancient fan from my childhood pc and it sounded like a jet engine at first but after a year it is completely quiet


shivering is only possible for birds and mammals. never thought about it but it makes sense


File: 1609914751212-0.jpg (3.82 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, IMG_4465.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1609914751212-1.jpg (3.29 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, IMG_4466.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

is this a DRAM module?
I bought this new sandisk ssd on ebay for $24 (opened it to check if scammed), there's like no real info online on this model but according to everything I heard a ssd at this pricepoint should be DRAM-less ●_●

even so, it probably won't work for some reason


File: 1609920193721.png (53.38 KB, 902x401, 902:401, 2021-01-06_902x401.png) ImgOps iqdb

it's just obsolete garbage compared to modern ssds


that bar graph doesn't qualify what "rating" means at all, it's totally useless, and that sort of meaningless "rating" graph thing is what you always see from people trying to sell you things, and notice how the most expensive shit is always on top?….a pure coincidence, I'm sure — -not


I thought I remembered seeing that pic last week

anyway I'm using this hard drive right now with a new lubuntu install, it's lightning fast (5 second boot time etc), I honestly don't see how spending $100-$300 more would make it faster or whatever "rating" is intended to suggest in people's minds


What are the numbers on the right supposed to represent?




File: 1609938004874.jpg (42.32 KB, 400x400, 1:1, wizard-riding-bike.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For the past 6 months or so I've been lurking Discord. I'm in about 15 or so servers, most related to hiki/neet stuff and the rest are rpgmaker, pixel art communities. It's all dead or on life support. The hiki/neet communities in particular, half of them don't get messages for weeks, sometimes months.

I don't understand how this works exactly. Where do people go? I'm pretty sure the staggering majority of people don't simply stop using the internet. Why everyone keeps changing communities and websites every 2 years. What's to gain from this behavior? The only thing that comes out of it is that there are online ruins everywhere you go now. Forums, ibs, irc channels, discord servers. It's all dead.


real neets/wizards don't need to belong to a community

you will not find a single wizard related discords


Oh ok I get it


>Is this X good?
<according to this graph, it is not
>WTF that doesn't answer anything! It's a lie made to scam people! "good" doesn't matter anyway!


i could not find a price per gigabyte sort filter for that site. anyone know something that will do that. i need to get another hdd for backing stuff up and i want to not spend much


>gives a $300 ssd the highest rating
>doesn't say why
>directs you to richest man in the world's site
>is not a scam
nothing to see here folks, pfffftttttttttttt


so how do i get stimulus bux if i dont file taxes and didnt do the no-filer thing in 2020? feels bad


is paypal as purchaser "friendly" as its said to be? if i ask for a refund to get an order cancelled will they oblige?


Contact them directly asking what to do. If you still live at home with family I think you should get it.


Paypal is absolute shite. Cancelled mine years ago


yes i think first few are 100% as long as you provide enough evidence


contact who? the irs? this shit is so halfassed i see no organization or system behind it


it's purchaser friendly in that it will let you purchase things. Don't buy shit you don't want. problem solved.


You probably don't qualify because whoever is supporting you lists you as a dependent on their taxes. I got nothing but luckily my parents agreed to split their with me. I bought a new gaming laptop with it plus my christmas money.


What are you playing wiz?


Do you actually believe that there's a female out there who would use a computer just to play video games for fun alone.


These days they don't give you the option to make it public anymore.

It's your choice, but I personally don't get very upset over animals dying when there are homeless people dying preventable deaths in droves every day.


The life of a homeless person is worth less than the life of a cat.


We'll see what happens in a few years. Maybe you'll come to envy cats.


I haven't played a game in about 8 years since my last gaming laptop broke. I didn't have enough wizbux to afford another one so I bought a piece of shit chromebook and then a piece of shit bottom tier acer. The hinge on my acer has been broken for the past year and the backlight goes off automatically if you don't type for a while and comes on if you start typing which annoys the shit out of me because the only time I actually need the backlight is when I haven't already been typing. I'm so ready for something better. Probably gonna play the witcher 3 and GTA 5 and one of the assassin's creeds and fallouts first.


nah it's to pre-order something that might not remain available for very long, i just want the option to cancel if i decide to buy either it or a similar product from somewhere else


At any time this board may be purged so I say that I truly love all my fellow wizzes and all anons of truth-seeking demeanor who I have encountered over this decade and a half, especially those who have challenged my views and brought me closer to the truth. I am thankful that I got to experience the full bloom of the Internet back when it was uncensored and better. This site is the last living bastion of anonymous discourse I know of: allowing ideas to flow freely, relatively untainted by the rampant disinformation and the glibness of the evil. Thank you all for sharing your opinions, knowledge, and experiences with me, an otherwise isolated man. I pray that Wizchan flies under the radar. I wish you all good fortune and I will remain here until the last.


It won't wiz, they're pushing for a centralized internet 3.0. All information in the world will be controlled by a few media giants and lockdowns will be used to prevent the spread of in-person information.


File: 1610178479048.png (419.31 KB, 539x720, 539:720, 1604928297658.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'll make 22 years 3 months from now, but I still have the same childish desire of doing something elaborated enough to me put years of my life of work on it.
Everything beyond that seems so futile to me.


He sounds like a kid. There's got to be some kind of government assistance he can get if he's a minor right?


What if he is too socially avoidant to even try to get government assistance? Usually you have to enter a building with people and talk to people for a long time.


Watched his other video apparently he's 22. He sounds so scared all the time. Wish I could help him out but I don't really live close by to him.


you have plenty of time, youre still practically a child. i dont even think your brain is done growing. it can feel as though you havent done anything in life and so you want to rush into things but there truly is no rush


Made instant pudding for the first time in like 15 years.

Was pretty meh. Not worth even worth the 2 minutes of stirring and I kind of feel like I wasted my time when I could have just bought a pudding cup and called it a day.
I don't know why I had the urge to make pudding but now I see why it's been so long. It's just so underwhelming and unnecessary.


Instant pudding mix is one of those things that's in every man's cupboard. Somewhere, in a dark corner, behind the mostly empty bag of flour and the unopened litre of white sugar is a small box of no name pudding mix that will sit and wait years for some bored NEET to stir him up. You've done him good by following his instructions and honored his passing by posting about him. When it is your time to die, pudding will await you at the end of your tunnel.


you should try making jello instead. It's more satisfying.


We hit over 300K cases of coronavirus yesterday and I haven't even seen it mentioned anywhere. It's like people have just completely decided to ignore the existence of the virus despite the fact that the hospitals are overwhelmed.


> despite the fact that the hospitals are overwhelmed

Where exactly are they overwhelmed.
Do you have any proof of this?

Also where are you getting these numbers?


>in everyone's cupboard
not anymore

whenever my mom bought some I threw it out, one day after many years I decided I wasn't gonna stand for more of that trash accumulating in the cupboard, same with muh mac n' cheese

fucking marijuana addict meme shit food, right into the trash can


>throwing out other people's food that they payed for.
>shelf stable food that last for years
What a jackass. If you had been living with me I would have kicked you out.


mac n cheese is like the best lazy poor ppl food though. i love frying up some bacon to chop into it and i substitute the butter requirement with the resulting grease. my granny used to make it for me (probably discarded the grease though).


listen to the internet tough guy, I'm soooo scared


It didn't raise the death total because people are staying inside instead of going out and doing things that would've gotten them killed like reckless driving, tons of drugs, or gang fights. So even though people are dying to the disease, more people are not dying to dumb stuff they would've died to usually.


had one of those dreams again about high school, i don't think it will ever stop
made me wonder what all my former classmates were up to


whenever I've googled one of mine they're either dead or in jail, or if it's a succubus she's a total skank, in other words typical millennial trash


Makes me feel good when I look up an overachiever AP extracurricular classmate and find that she's working as a waitress paying off a useless english major college loan.


I feel bad for them. Those people have been completely cheated by the system, despite doing everything they could to get ahead.


Fuck of Alaskan, go back to ruining threads on 8kun. This is the third time you've mentioned "throwing out your weed addict parents' food" like the bratty faggot that you are.


how would an englihs major help lol. it doesn't, that's why they are like that


That's what I mean. They've been completely duped. Education is such a sham, and I don't know if it was better before but it sure is awful now. And I say this as a graduate student.


I wouldn't characterize becoming an English major as getting ahead.


>counting the number of times
you are obsessed


I was referring more to the AP student part.


spent the day doing crosswords


You know any good websites with free ones?


in english? no sorry


Wizards, your posts have been a real inspirations these past 6.5 years I've been at university for informatics. I haven't gone to class even once in 3 years now and in an hour it's all gonna be over. They have a meeting on microsoft teams and it should all be fine, I asked to be scheduled first. Skipped 90%~ of the school days and the only reason I didn't drop out was to get 200$ child support a month, plus the school was free all of 5.5 years + the first year I took a sick leave. I have finally completely achieved my only dream of becoming a true shut-in. I don't have a single person I talk to online, and in real life I've only spoken with my mom and the dentist in these past 12 months. My goals for this year is to begin working on my dream shounen game(action platformer with swords and jutsus) for fans of the japanese culture and immense disdain for nintendo based on an anime I've made and it will be the first game featuring the nanking massacre properly. It's gonna have insane combat, pulling some training stuff from dragonball. I'm aiming it to be something resembling touhou luna nights and devil may cry but for mega-autists. Gonna be making it in sdl and the msvc subset of c. I've already made a smaller version of this game in the past in godot, but the poor non-data oriented programming thinking and the stresses of school have left me to relapse in pmo after months of progress and I haven't created games ever since, now almost 2 years. In these past few years my mom has really transformed from a tyrannical abusive monster into a good person, she's 62 and is now a massive anime fan. She works about 9 hours a day 7 days a week as a math teacher/tutor so we can save up and, in a way, she does this to repay for her past sins. Higurashi sound novels have really changed her life immensely. Her favorite anime this past year have been flcl, ashita no joe 2, naruto, dragonball, evangelion(eps 25-26 especially), ping pong the animation, devilman crybaby, tatami galaxy and most recently, Baki. Never would have thought she'd watch those, let alone enjoy but here we are. Maybe it really is possible for people to understand each other. It's somewhat embarrassing to me she's watched over 1100 eps of anime in a year while working, way more than I've ever done. I'll be entering a shut-in world without the internet to create dojin games for the next 5 years to hopefully, the rest of my life. Well then, sayonara everyone, and thank you for everything, truly.


File: 1610348982266.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1045, 240:209, aef3167a3de99941c890284f87….png) ImgOps iqdb

>I didn't drop out was to get 200$ child support a month


What in gods name.
If this isn't copypasta then you have the most bizarre life in the world
It looks like he's ESL and means he's receiving 200 dollars support from his mom for being in college.


File: 1610365835920.gif (1.65 MB, 300x216, 25:18, 845828eaabd55fcb1dcc43e4ee….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Her favorite anime this past year have been flcl, ashita no joe 2, naruto, dragonball, evangelion(eps 25-26 especially), ping pong the animation, devilman crybaby, tatami galaxy and most recently, Baki.



Browse dep out of boredom and first thing I see is this. Any neets left on this site?


>goes to wageslave thread
>finds wageslaves
Imagine my surprise


It's more that they are willing white collar wageslaves with normal-tier CVs, not the forced-into-labour minwage shelf stockers some claim to be when you confront them.


Well you were asking for neets… as for working white or blue collar and doing so willingly or not it's indifferent to me, as long as they're not breaking any rules, to each his own.



is anyone else here afraid of going outside? I constantly feel like people are watching me and that I'm going to be attacked, of course I am just delusional but these feelings keep me from going outside much, even when I try to go outside to 'train' myself it doesn't help one bit even when I kept up daily walks outside for 2 months I was still frightened of the outdoors

I asked other wizards this question before but it seems like I am in the minority of wizards who are genuinely afraid of leaving their house


Back when I didn't sleep very often I would become afraid of many things that I am no longer afraid of, such as going outside during daytime, mirrors, the bushes outside my window, and other stuff like that.


I hate technology so fucking much. There is literally no way for me to stop my mouse from waking my computer. I followed all the guides but I just don't have the options in the bios that I need to change or the power management tab on the mouse. It's fucking bullshit.


File: 1610428391718.png (212.48 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i just hibernate pc, then turn the outlet off when i go to sleep. otherwise windows tries to update and turns the pc on and shit im not ok with


I am not sure what line of stupid leads to having this particular problem but I am amused thinking of all the combinations that lead to the result.


File: 1610428902446.png (28.31 KB, 1102x640, 551:320, FUCK YOU WINDOWS.png) ImgOps iqdb



i think you need to type the device name for the mouse


I stopped drinking diet soda entirely, but I don't feel any different. I guess it was just a meme.


I've solved a similar issue a few months ago. Windows would turn the computer on from sleep mode to look for updates every once in a while. It was a lot more complicated than it should be and took like a couple hours to get it done. Fucking windows 10


Hating wearing glasses causes so much discomfort


It's a pain in the ass when they get dirty and you need to stop whatever you're doing to go clean them


>There is literally no way for me to stop my mouse from waking my computer
Don't touch it


>try to apply to college after years of not attending school
>course has a waiting list until fall 2022


>German-born Thomas has already entered the wrong password eight times, and if he guesses wrong two more times his hard drive, which contains his private keys to the bitcoin, will be encrypted – and he’ll never see the money.

why cant this guy just clone his hard drive


Where? Where I'm at attendance was record low this year.


Fuck man. The battery on my car was dead so I went to take it out and I dropped one of the screws that holds it in place into my engine somewhere. Shit just disappeared. I spent two hours looking for it only to throw up my hands and order a new one. Then I go to walmart to exchange the battery and their customer service is closed because their computers are down. I spent literally 3 hours today trying to replace my car battery and came up empty handed. Now it's gonna be 10 more days until my fucking screw gets here. I'm so tired of all the tedious bullshit that life entails.


This is unironically my cope strategy. I just started flipping the mouse upside down before I put the computer to sleep. It's bullshit but it works.


not gonna dox myself but it’s a respiratory science course
i think i’ll just focus on being comfortable instead


File: 1610492557572.gif (1.75 MB, 300x225, 4:3, ooh.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>respiratory science course
oh lol that explains it.



Well if you haven't heard there's this disease going around, mostly infects the lungs. It's been real popular lately.


Been putting on weight again.
Up to 207.
Time to cut out all snacks and leave the discounted bakery items alone no matter how good a deal it is.
I don't want to have to go pants shopping again.


How do you reach such a high number


Maybe he's just tall.


>How do you reach such a high number
Eat caloric food, don't exercise. It's actually easier than not gaining weight.


When I run the sinks, the air that gets pushed up from the drain smells like rotting onions and human waste. The scent lingers. I put some baking soda out but I doubt it will do much



Are you living in a communist country where you have to get food rations or some shit? It is easy as hell to gain weight, just sit on your ass all day and snack. It takes a ton of willpower and exercise for me to actually lose weight.


I believe he thinks you meant 207 kilograms, lol.


I actually exercise quite a bit and 207 isn't that much.
That said it is far more effective to not eat exesse calories then to try and burn them off. I have a active job, active life style, and train 4 to 5 times a week but none of that matters if I keep doing stupid shit like eat a whole cake that is 2000 calories alone because it was on sell at a fraction of the normal price and about to go bad.

In my case it is just a matter of leaving baked goods alone and eliminating junk foods from my diet and ignoring how low the price is or how tasty it will be in the short run.

Oh, noooooo, I meant pounds. Holy fucking shit, I think I would fucking kill myself if I was ever 456 pounds.
No offense to any fat wizards out there. You do you, but I personally couldn't live with my self in such a body.


how do you guys print stuff when you need to? ive got an old piece of shit machine that's no longer working and that i've spent way too much money on for what i got out of it (cartridges)


Life would be so fucking great if I could kill people just by wishing it


Most libraries have printers you can use for a fee.


Ya libraries. Barring that there used to be print shops like Kinko's here in the states that let you print for a nominal fee


Never knew this before, but now that I think about it it's probably true. I'll have to check next time I visit.


Every night before I go to bed I get this feeling that if I stay awake for a while longer the world will end

Unfortunately it doesn't


My grey ball hairs are more coarse than the ones that are not grey yet.

Can't tell the difference with my head hair because there are so many of them. Do grey hair follicles produce less oil than ones that are not grey?


I don't know the science behind it but yeah grey hair is way more "wiry" than regular hair


when I go to bed and close my eyes I can always induce a lucid-dream like image of anything I want but the instant it reaches full visual clarity something is triggered that makes it stop and snaps me back to normal consciousness, there's just no sustaining it no matter what I try


It's fucking retarded how young, highschool and college-aged people refer to "international law" as if it exists and there is some kind of global government that enforces it. Even massive treaties like NATO treat their regulations as little more than general guidelines. No, Canada, you haven't "banned nuclear weapons" when every single nuclear weapon state, including the only NATO members that matter, have let you play your little LARP game by ignoring it completely.


"international community" is the same kind of bullshit


No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.


The older I get, the harder I find it to stomach any kind of gore or extreme violence. I used to find gore threads morbidly interesting when I was younger and edgier, now they make me upset and I can't really look at them without cringing.

I go to a stationery shop to get stuff printed off, since library's are still closed here due to coronacooties.


bought useless crap from amazon to take advantage of the free delivery trial thing
don't judge me


You didn't take advantage of the free trial, the free trial took advantage of you. That's exactly what it's for.


What did you buy?


If you buy a $10 item that you don't want or need on sale for $6 you didn't save $4, you just wasted $6.



crank puller and a couple other tools, a flashlight, mint candies


assuming you have an income, who cares. that is the most normal thing to do randomly buying crap. my family has boxes from amazon coming every single day, it's unreal. i buy melatonin online maybe once every 3 months and that's about it for me


what's the melatonin for? falling asleep?


yeah good for when you want to nap during the day


the attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed


is this a meme I think I have seen it posted before. what happened wizie scars o n arm is fine



found an old email

>Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 5:42 PM

>Good news. You can now buy and sell more bitcoin on Coinbase.
>We've raised your limits to the following:
>Buy Limit: 10.00 BTC per day
>Sell Limit: 50.00 BTC per day

jesus christ my hands got sweaty thinking about this failed opportunity that was bitcoin


I want to get a gun but its too hard where I live


Where do you live and how bad do you want one?

You can probably get one regardless of whatever laws are in place if you really want one.
Plus if you don't have a record and got money in most countries it's still doable but requires throwing money at the problem enough to prove you are one of the poors that gun control is actually meant for. It isn't intended to be for the rich who are above such things.


time really flies by when doing crosswords
starting to get a bit too familiar with the common tricks they come up with though


I played around 10 hours of mahjong solitaire in the last 24 hours


I've been drinking a lot of oolong tea recently, it's very nice.


I'm actually kinda proud of how much I improved

I think I was averaging around 4-5 minutes when I first started with my initial record being 3:30 which I felt was pretty hard to do, now my record is 2:21 and I can get below 3:30 easily

scanning the board as fast as possible, using your peripheral vision, remembering ultra short term things like the places of certain tokens or back-paths for token match sequences, its very stimulating


File: 1610938192751.jpg (144.46 KB, 850x1088, 25:32, sample-5bfd3f82dc998d9e341….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Found out that PotPlayer can translate subs online and replace original subs with the translation automatically while the video is on. Italian to English went flawlessly.


Which Italian sub anime are you watching.


had to google that one wew. wikipedia says it displays popup ads, is that true lol


30-sec Love Live! Kouhaku Special Anime.
White blank popup appears once after PC launch for a few seconds and then disappears. I update whenever I get notifications and no ads so far.


>White blank popup appears once after PC launch

Inside the player itself.


interesting. do you regularly use that? i have used vlc for so many god damn years i forget there are even any alternatives


vlc has good compatibility but is terrible video quality. mpv is a lot better


i thought everything has the same image quality. i mean for images, all browsers or image viewers will display the same thing. is it different with video players


vlc is pretty good though

how come you are watching love live


videos are compressed into periodic signals with complex mathematics so the implementations of the algorithms etc matters, and they must scale to the screen and make use of the parallel GPU/CPU hardware… it is different


File: 1610999419134-0.png (7.42 MB, 1920x3240, 16:27, vlc_mpv difference2.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1610999419134-1.png (6.08 MB, 1920x3240, 16:27, vlc_mpv difference1.png) ImgOps iqdb

i tried out mpv and vlc both stock installation. i was originally hoping to prove a point, but after i realized how much work comparing all this stuff is, it was more to satisfy my curiosity . i'll try out some other video players probably

i tried mpv out with big buck bunny. the top 1/3 shows the diff of the pixels between vlc and mpv videos paused at the same time. completely identical images would be 100% black. it isn't 100% so there is a difference. i can't see the difference between the two images side by side, only via checking pixels on the diff. this is what i expected honestly, two competent video players producing equivalent results. yeah there is a difference in image quality but i'm not sure who can tell. also i only checked mp4, but there are lots of other video formats

UI styles aside, the real differences i did notice between the two is that mpv loads/plays faster and tracks faster with significantly better accuracy. the keybindings for mpv are more useful and placed together nicely, not many know youtube has frame-by-frame using "," and "."… mpv has the same thing. when holding down "1 frame forward", they both play at 1x speed, but vlc doesn't play audio which i now realize is weird


it's not real money


hey melatonin guy, is that shit really effective? got any other suggestions for somewhat harmless stuff that can make you sleep better?


there's a lot of stuff, but what works the best: valerian root improves sleep quality
calea z helps you dream better


just ordered one of those $3 displayport to hdmi adapters, I wonder how shitty it'll be
the videophiles claim there's a real gain in picture quality versus vga but it's probably their imagination


Should I keep NEETing, get bux from the gubment, and be comfy, or work on a career as a respiratory therapist and be healthy and 'successful'?


if you can get neetbux and be comfy neeting, why would you do otherwise?


>Should I live
>Or should I perish


I dunno how it works in your country, but you might be better off taking a job as a respiratory therapist first, then becoming a NEET so that you can claim that salary on NEETbux, instead of the standard level of NEETbux.


Because respiratory science is my passion.


Does being good at chess really mean your smart? For me I'm bad at it but only because I don't find it that fun at all and can't be bothered memorising the moves and possibilities

I feel like some video games have made it obsolete, I'd rather play Civ 5 or Xcom, although even Civ 5 gets kind of boring for me

I might give online chess a bit more of a go and learn but I don't really have anyone to play it with which is where I imagine it gets really fun, except for when I imagine you might plateau and not get any better or something



The other thing I dislike with chess is how to get good at it in a way you almost have to learn it academically like "if they do this you should do this" obviously it's not that simple and there is room to be creative but I like games where I can intuit and do what I want, I guess you could do that in chess but then I'd feel like I'm playing like a retard


If by "it was a meme" you mean diet soda, then yes. Both it and regular soda are unhealthy so if you're going to drink them then you may as drink the full-sugar version instead of that watered down tasteless "diet" bullshit. It being shilled everywhere is why I can't find any regular soda in the UK any more because it's all watery bland diet trash now. Fat middle-aged succubi believe it's some sort of miracle drink that tastes like regular soda while being as healthy as skimmed milk, neither of which are true.


A few years ago where I live there was this nutritionist who'd advice people to drink nothing but coke zero, and to drink coke zero whenever they felt hunger and it wasn't time for one of the three meals. Some people apparently lost weight, but I wonder if drinking that shit all day isn't worse than being a fatass.


You can try having a career and fall back into neetdom if things go south


being good at chess just means you're good at chess


apparently lots of therapists do remote stuff now. maybe i can finally 'get help' (bux)


File: 1611164998968.jpg (148.52 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, 800px-Église_Saint-Druon_d….JPG) ImgOps iqdb


>His is known as the patron saint of shepherds, coffee, and the ugly

>During a pilgrimage, he was stricken with an unsightly bodily affliction. He became so terribly deformed that he frightened the townspeople. In his twenties, a cell was built for him to protect the local citizens of the village from his appearance. Since he was so holy, his cell was built attached to his church. St. Drogo stayed in his cell without any human contact, except for a small window in which he received the Eucharist and obtained his food. He stayed there for the rest of his life, about forty more years, surviving on only barley, water, and the holy Eucharist.


That's super neat. Did you mean to post this in the wikipedia thread by the way?



lol, I knew the name sounded familiar, I've heard of it from the game Darklands

>Reportedly, Drogo was able to bilocate, to maintain his actual presence in two totally different places at the same time. Witnesses claimed seeing Drogo working in fields simultaneously, and going to Mass every Sunday.

I always found that fascinating, witches were reportedly able to do the same thing.


my mental health has greatly deteriorated in the last few weeks


why wizzie


>Can talk about littrally anything except two topics
>Can't help himself and still must try and sneak it in for no good reason


I know a person that's way more "functional" and outgoing than I am and somehow he cashes in a check every month because he can't work due to "social anxiety", I feel like chump.


getting bux isn't about being disabled it's about conning the system


Just give the social worker a firm handshake.


I have a couple of months top at this job, after I get fired I'm going to try.


anyone ever build stuff using those pyboard things. do you just slap in some modules and write code to read input and control output from the pins, because thats how it seems to me. doesnt seem difficult but maybe im not understanding it


I did a couple a years ago, and yeah it's pretty much as you desribed. There's a lot of prebuilt code that you can flash onto the board that will make it do whatever you want.


okay neat. i dont like python but its easy enough to write in. i think the main thing i never understood was like, how do you know what you can connect to it. how do you know what to buy. do you need to look for electronics that produce appropriate signals, like the voltages or whatever. i guess there is provably guides answering this stuff


File: 1611336778753.jpg (213.83 KB, 1600x1167, 1600:1167, depositphotos_240215728-st….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>go to my living room
>move to my window and see there's a succubus and a skinny dumb ass sitting in the sidewalk in front of my house, they're chatting
>there's a car I don't recognize parked in my driveway
>succubus has a nasty dyed hair and eyeliner
>the guy, an adult probably my age is pretending to play hide and seek with the succ and hides behind one of the parked cars
>can't believe that I'm seeing this bullshit emasculated display and feel like going downstairs and knocking him down and stomping on his head until it cracks for acting like a clown for the succ

Fucking schmuck it's not even noon and you already put on the clown suit for the succ. Can't believe what some men would do for succubi approval.


It really depends on what you want to do with it. Typically your board will output at a set current/voltage, and whatever you want to add on it needs a different current/voltage. So you need to make sure you buy the right resistors to change the output to be compatible with what you're connecting. However there's tools online where you can design your own circuit, and even companies that will make your circuit into a chip and send it to you for a pretty cheap fee.


online uni is just soul crushing. i ground out a semester and got a 3.8 gpa then went hikki neet for 2 months on winter break, and school started up again a week ago and i havent even been able to muster up the will to watch any of the lectures or do anything. my fire is burning low



you sound like you are jealous a guy wouldn't play hide and seek with you


i just checked my classes for the first time this week which is the first week of the spring semester and i already missed an assignment. i think it is only worth 1 point out of 1000 (major assignments make up 650 points so everything else is small) but i am still angry at myself and stressed


I am incredibly tired of how much I've let myself go over the last few weeks

Starting tomorrow I'm gonna be getting back on track


i keep going back and forth between discipline/ethics and nihilism. i will set goals and work hard towards them perfectly for a few months then burn out, lose hope, and take it easy for all the sinners out there. then i become disgusted with myself and start again only to falter. i dont really know what to do with myself. i dont have any conviction


>Seeding obscure forgotten witch anime to 2 peers at 1.5mb/s
feels good


>how do you know what to buy. do you need to look for electronics that produce appropriate signals, like the voltages or whatever.

if you want to learn proper electronics then avoid those raspberry/arduino kits and instead go back to the basics and learn about discrete electronics. arduino especially is really dishonest in their marketing campaigns where they brag about how they will teach you electronics when really they teach only the programming side of things.


there's a lot of worda and phrases i've never actually heard anyone say in real life.

i cant even imagine what it would be like hearing someone on the news refer to something negative as 'pure aids' for example


>i cant even imagine what it would be like hearing someone on the news refer to something negative as 'pure aids' for example
That's basically my thoughts until I hear people calling others a cuck or simp in real life.


Goddamn some games shove in your face 10 announcements that spoil endgame content before you can play the first stage.


Finally a blue moon blessed my fate and presented me a family member with a truck willing to help me move some belongings in to storage, but lo and behold the facility management forgot to remove their lock and they closed early so now I need to scrape and beg for another chance at getting a drive.>>261808
>Starting tomorrow I'm gonna be getting back on track

>I'll get serious from tomorrow
spoken like a true N.E.E.T


>Starting tomorrow I'm gonna be getting back on track
Yeah, me too, tomorrow…
Which anime?


File: 1611669021325.jpg (2.06 MB, 2016x3152, 126:197, 20210126_084901.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What remained after the feces-encrusted towels and stained XXXL hotpants were removed was my late mothers dresser, the one piece of furniture she managed to hold on to through decades of fleeing domestic abuse and general psychpathy. Atop sits just a sample of my poison mushroom of a sister's robotic sex toy collection. My mother cleaned up after the beast her whole life. With her gone, I now must undo the damages my sister's gaping asshole has dealt to these walls - but only now and never again, for I don't plan on existing among monsters of this variety for much longer. This is the bite of the shit sandwich I've been fearing all these years. If I can get through this I'll never have to worry about it again


Unsure if schizophrenic ramblings so can you elaborate a bit.


yes good good kill your whore sister


Can anybody who understand economics explain what's going on with gamestop?


Here's my take on it. Redditors noticed that gamestop had insane amounts of short interest and rightfully so because theirs is an obsolete business model, so they hyped up the stock, artificially inflating its price which forced short sellers to cover en masse and send the stock price to the stratosphere. This is called a short squeeze. Now the price is undergoing correction. So if you haven't already, sell.


Alright thank you.
>So if you haven't already, sell.
I don't have the money nor the intelligence to invest in the stock market, I was just curious because everybody is talking about it.


Wish I could into finance, maybe I could make a few bucks, but I'm so stupid.


It's not that hard, especially when the market is nice. Don't play short or options games. Just look at company fundamentals, financials, history, and leadership and invest accordingly. Don't get conned into get rich quick technical analysis voodoo or day trading. That is essentially gambling unless you have the capital to move the market by yourself with obscene volume. Also, it absorbs your life and can cause huge stress for those who aren't lizard psychopaths. Invest based on fundamentals over medium or long term, that is, weeks, months, or years and set loss limits and sell targets and stick by them UNLESS major news changes the flavor of the pond.


I really don't feel like getting banned again and there are already a fuck load of videos and articles explain it both simply and in detail.

There is no reason to spoon feed you this info when a quick search on your own will explain everything better.


File: 1611765312322.png (44.68 KB, 1058x260, 529:130, weird.png) ImgOps iqdb


Isn't that stuff reserved for people who already have some money to spend though?


I really missed out, wizzies, when I first posted this, the stocks were like 80 bucks, now they're like 350.




i shit on cartoons but anime can be just as bad, particularly on the ears. the shrill high pitched concerned squeals. old ass voice actors trying to sound like a child. i would pay for subbed anime with modified female voices. it would be cool to just drop the pitch but that affects music and other things. ai will solve this in like 20 years i just gotta not die


cartoons are least are funny, anime is literally same recycled jokes over and over even told with the same fucking intonation and timing and same boring situations you've seen 9999999999999 already. japs should innovate cause no wiz would watch their shit except waifufags but those aren't as wizardly and watch it for the 2d succs.


only if all you watch is moshit


got my lewd loli figure


File: 1611814848143.png (3.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0138.png) ImgOps iqdb

send pix


nooooooooooooooo don't buy the enemy fingurines


>cartoons are least are funny
Jesus dude, have some self-respect. I don't know how you can say cartoons are funny when they're a hundred times worse than even the most repetitive jap humor.


Been having a bunch of weird coincidences happen lately. Here's what I remember

>read book series that mentioned a fairly obscure form of martial arts. It's a part of a clue on Jeopardy a few days later

>likewise, two popular 80s songs were on Jeopardy, and they were played on the radio at work
>most of the product I put out at work is by weight. I've had quite a few products with the same weight/price
I'm reasonably confident it's just coincidence (and I'm overthinking it), but it's still weird


back to /b/


stop avatarfagging


File: 1611836050674.jpg (47.86 KB, 365x315, 73:63, 1464665_288488524695178_32….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do you think there are any wizards out there?


there are more disturbing things than synchronicities
I moved to the furthest corner of the internet and there's someone who is my doppelgänger


Happens to me all the time. I see it as a sign that I never had an original or creative thought, and that I'm just midwit cattle doomed to be herded and used by actually intelligent people who can clearly see the predictable thinking patterns of average dumbfucks.

Does it have to be disturbing? It's kind of cool from a certain point of view. Could you befriend them? I know how this sounds. It's a far fetched childish idea but I saw your post and thought maybe it doesn't have to be ominous, maybe something nice would happen in this horrible life for once.


>Could you befriend them?
I have never believed in friends, they're just parasites, and similar things of this nature have happened a lot where characters I basically dreamed about come true and try to get close to me, I always view it as the universe mocking me and avoid them with contempt and suspicion, also…the person here is contemptible on his own merits and so that's a no


wait, are you talking about the karatekid guy that spams tim pool videos in the politics thread


and by doppelgänger I mean evil twin


>there are more disturbing things than synchronicities
Definitely. Wasn't implying there wasn't - just that my life is boring enough that a cluster of mild syncronicities is enough to throw me thr>>262038
ough a loop.

>I moved to the furthest corner of the internet and there's someone who is my doppelgänger

That's interesting, if unsettling. Have you interacted with your e-doppelganger?

>Happens to me all the time. I see it as a sign that I never had an original or creative thought, and that I'm just midwit cattle doomed to be herded and used by actually intelligent people who can clearly see the predictable thinking patterns of average dumbfucks

That's crossed my mind, too, to be honest. My life is both boring and routine. And I'm of average intelligence, at best. I'm easy prey to be manipulated somehow by people who are both actually intelligent and have the means to fuck with boring midwits.

I hope its just coincidences, but, hey


>Have you interacted with your e-doppelganger?
Enough to last 7 lifetimes.

How you been?


>A show known for testing obscure facts and a book both mention a martial art less popular than karate
>Jeopardy mentions popular songs and the radio plays popular songs
>A product is priced at $1 per pound
These are about as coincidental as the fact that my lightbulb is hot "coincidentally" only when I turn it on.


File: 1611885793351-0.jpg (1.17 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, IMG_20210128_200014.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611885793351-1.jpg (1.04 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, IMG_20210128_200106.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was saving this cool onahole for it too


>A product is priced at $1 per pound
Not what I meant in my other post

>pricing same product

>two or three items in a row were the same weight/price
For example, I get 2+ items in a row that are exactly $1.55, despite putting 2+ different containers up.

The songs and martial arts things make sense. I'd expect popular songs to both be referenced on a popular trivia show and be played on a supermarkets pa system. Same with martial arts - I'd expect it to be referenced in a book featuring people who are into self protection (like the book I was talking about), as well as on Jeopardy. It's a little weirder to have multiple products in a row with the exact amount/price, even if it can be logically explained as either coincidence or "the pricer glitching."

TLDR there's a 99% chance I'm a midwit with paranoia (or, at least, a tendency to overthink nothing)


That's a cool combo my wizzy. Nice choices, she's beautiful.


Not a fan. Mosquito bites never look good, just make her flat. And the red shading around the vulva is whorish.


File: 1611891444820-0.jpg (764.06 KB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20210128_223023.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611891444820-1.jpg (742.68 KB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20210128_223037.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

got my superior cartoon figure


It's more probable than you think. There are only so many prices that are common and feasible and so many weights that are common and feasible. Prices tend to cluster at multiples of .25 (minus .01 in some cases), and weights tend to be whole numbers or simple fractions. Additionally, the distribution of these prices and weights isn't random, it's set by other people, and people tend to gravitate towards certain numbers like 10, 5, 3, 2, or 1. Whats more, competing brands could have the same price and weight for their products to stay competitive.
Even assuming the distribution of prices is completely random, if you have 1000 equally likely combinations of prices and weights, there is over an 18% chance that you are able to find 1 or more matching combinations in a row within a queue of 200 products.
Obviously these dummy numbers are made up, but you can extrapolate an idea based on this example.



I lucked out. I'm moving to Sweden in a couple months. How easy is it to get bux over there? I have multiple diagnoses, including autism.


You can get bux without being a citizen?


I am a citizen.


File: 1611948946543.jpg (2.51 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20210129_143319.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They drove me to the bus station thinking i was going to a job interview but im just sitting under a bridge two cities over looking at anime succubus pics on the cellphone


Lucky wiz if you're escaping north america.


You're set for life basically


I'm hoping this normie obsession with the gamestop stock actually does negatively affect the stock market and make it crash. I'm hoping on profiting on a market crash.


File: 1612110692588.png (283.8 KB, 844x799, 844:799, byaku.png) ImgOps iqdb

I had been neglecting zazen for a few weeks. After sitting for 20 minutes most of the strain in my shoulders and neck had gone, and I did a bunch of chores that had built up with an empty head. Very comfy on this cold, misty day.


Ordered a budget tablet for $142. Bigger screen to read manga. My smartphone is Android 2.3.6. Many sites don't load unless I use Opera Mini. Most apps are unavailable too. And my laptop… I hope it doesn't break. The cheapest I saw costs $356. After today I'll only have less than half of the sum. And asking parents for money could lead to anxiety over their anti-NEET sentiments.


One day all internet privacy enhancements will be maintained solely by google-employed project "volunteers" fulfilling corporate-assigned project quotas in order to maximize their pay during employee reviews and to maximize hiring potential, business-funded EFF initiatives and state actors.


i fucking hate that guy's design choices, the ui


Since gorhill was both the uMatrix and the uBlock Origin developer it seems like he just wasn't committed to any interface style.


Anyone remember that hentai russian dragon game where you play as a dragon pillaging, raping, reproducing to fulfill the quests given by the queen, which if completed you will get to have sex with her and evolve?
I forgot its name to download again.


that sounds funny


is it "time for dragons"?


>4chad thread about solipsism
>make a post about how each individual has a unique, singular experience which still doesn't imply solipsism
>replies go 'that's just cope for the fact people are better than you'

Guys, I just… Well it's my fault for being over there in the first place. My bad for being uncomfy. Needed a place to vent.


were you at least posting on /lit/? back in the day that was for philosophy


I tried one of those sanding discs today for an angle grinder and boy these things shred through steel, there's corrosion and file marks and grinder marks being leveled out in seconds, work that takes forever with sandpaper. I used a 60 grit disc but it leaves a finish that easily levels out with regular sandpaper. Screw that though, I just ordered a pack of 120 grit discs. The hardest part of polishing steel by hand is those lower grits and these angle grinder discs chopped it totally out. Can't believe I never knew about these things.

Making shit just got incredibly less difficult.


It was /lit/, yes. The only board I still visit sometimes. It's still infested with your typical 4chad crowd despite being concerned with literature and philosophy. /hob/ here is way better for that but sadly very limited regarding topics and traffic.


>'that's just cope for the fact people are better than you'
Yeah sounds like 4chan, sadly there's a few specific boards that pretty much only get traffic there, but even in the slower boards those people sip in and ruin the experience


File: 1612326075185.jpeg (38.81 KB, 383x500, 383:500, external-content.duckduck….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I've come down with a flu since two days ago. My eyes and nose have been itchy and running, I'm short of breath and phlegmy, my head feels heavy, and now my throat is going sore.It's not Coronavid-21 but the fact that the hysteria is still ongoing makes it difficult to get treatment for anything.


iff you get shot by a mugger tomorrow the death certificate will say cause of death was corona


there is no treatment for the flu anyway, at least at a doctors office, just pick up some cold medicine from your local drug store


Something strange just happened. I just received something I had pre-ordered a few weeks ago to a third party seller through amazon. Now the thing is I had cancelled the order shorty after I had made it and the seller acknowledged it, so I can only assume they made a mistake and still shipped it for whatever reason… Now I wonder if they'll find out they fucked up and ask for it or not. It's a rather large product.


Just play dumb, you cancelled your order.


If they find out they can just recharge you through credit card. Then you'll have to cancel it again and send the thing back. Wait and see.


You're not some kind of criminal, you're a paying customer. Just contact them and ask if they require it to be sent back or not.


Even though I ordered via amazon? I deleted my cc info from there, and wasn't charged as far as I'm aware.


You did a pre-order without having to fill any credit card or any other payment method information? I've never heard of a pre-order like that, wiz.


Yes I did, back then, but then I asked for it to be cancelled and they obliged, so I don't see how they could get amazon to charge me for an order that was cancelled anyway?


File: 1612378885621.png (218.58 KB, 724x720, 181:180, lea.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Something strange just happened. I just received something I had pre-ordered a few weeks ago to a third party seller through amazon. Now the thing is I had cancelled the order shorty after I had made it and the seller acknowledged it
If you receive unsolicited items the onus is on the sender to retrieve them at your convenience, say by courier. Items received after cancellation aren't entirely unsolicited though, they are the result of administrative error, but it's not up to you to account for administrative errors on behalf of companies.

Legally the company still owns the item so you shouldn't open it or block them from retrieving it, but you don't have an indefinite liability to store it either. If you haven't been contacted after a few weeks, 12 usually, the item becomes your property. This is to stop companies from retroactively charging people for items delivered to properties where someone may not even be present.


File: 1612389150669.jpg (517.58 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot_2021-02-03-23-0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Downloaded Frame Player for Android. Frame by frame forward and backward. In order to make a caption the video has to be paused. Speed up also available. No buttons for skipping, so it has to be done manually with on the playback stripe or whatchamacallit. The latter is almost transparent so it doesn't cover the details. The only problem is subtitles. I'll try using it with hardsub videos and for others I'll use my laptop.

Looks like Google Translate site for Android doesn't have option of handwriting input. Google Translate app is needed. It worked, but I'll stick to laptop and mouse.


getting hangry


lol what is it with the japs and blood types


So I should wait for them to contact me? This is kinda scummy but I hope they don't notice their mistake. Maybe I should do as >>262284 said and contact them instead to get it over with. I am unsure an unsollicited item can ever become your property where I live.


I'm neither wiz, but I'd email /message them about it. Your post reminds me of my own Amazon complaint

>order something from Amazon late last week, for mom

>supposed to get here on the 9th
>no big deal, I live in Newfoundland so I'm used to waiting
>it bounced between Quebec and New Brunswick for a couple days, for no disclosed reason
>it's in my town, as of like 3:40am Monday


>I'd email /message them about it
Why would you do this? To make sure they their stuff back?
Just keep the box, don't open it for a few weeks and if they don't contact you it's yours.


Not him but legally it's not mine so they have every right to take it back, and if it's going to happen I'd rather do it quick than hope they somehow forget or neglect to check their stuff or whatever, which I would think is unlikely. As for the "few weeks" I don't really know what the laws about that sort of stuff are over here but it's probably a lot longer than that.


I've been reading some sites and they all say that you have no legal obligation to give back something that was wrongfully sent to you, but this is in the US, of course. I don't know where you live, but you should really look it up, unless you want to do the 'right thing', then give it back.


You send them a message so that you don't get in any trouble. Most of the time they will let you keep the item anyways because they don't have a system in place for you to give it back.


What if she's the next Q Hayashida?




This might or might not be relevant to my situation:
>It is prohibited to demand immediate or deferred payment for goods or services provided by a professional or, in the case of goods, to require their return or their conservation, without these having been the subject of a prior order from the consumer.

Now obviously I did order it at one point, technically, but both amazon and the third party seller confirmed by mail that it was cancelled after I had requested it.


Reading and taking notes inside pdf to look at it later.Using tablet to watch anime failed due to various nuances. Back to square one again.


Just watch it on your computer why would you ever use a tablet for that.


Not that wiz, but to watch it in bed, of course.


It seems like the moment you stop wanting to talk to someone, they suddenly start wanting to talk to you. And it's really annoying for me, because when I stop regularly talking to someone, it's because I actually do not want to talk to that person anymore. I never do the kind of "not talking so that people give me more attention" thing. Must be nice being a normie though. I'm sure this kind of occurrence really satisfies them.

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