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File: 1609742141629.jpg (76.9 KB, 1222x640, 611:320, ballroom.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


i am going to attempt writing something that has been weighing heavily on my mind for quite some time now. somehow though, every time i think about trying, the particulars of how i'm going to go about it seem to escape my mind without a trace. maybe it's my low mood and motivation, maybe it's the insufficient nature of language in terms of truly describing what i want to say. but regardless, it is difficult. i will still try, though. i've made some good progress just typing this much, so maybe this is the night.

anyways though. as i mentioned, at this point i believe language to be largely unhelpful in terms of truly putting across what i want to put across. so, i figure it would be best to start instead with a few things intended to stimulate your own mind, your own feelings, rather than the ones i impart unto you through words.

first of all, notice the image i've attached to this opening post. have you seen it before? does it make you feel anything, and if so, what? look at it for a while, immerse yourself in it, imagine you're really there. perhaps you'll feel silly doing this, but really try.

now, consider these questions:

does this so-called "reality" seem right to you? does it feel right?

are you really in the right place, at the right time?

everything that led up to this point, consider it. everything in your life, everything in this world. it had to happen, didn't it?

what year is it, what time, what date? where are you? who are you?

what does it mean? does any of it mean anything, anything at all? what does it mean to you?

well, maybe those questions seem odd, perhaps even directionless or pointless. but they must have a relevance here, otherwise i wouldn't have thought of them. right?
regardless. if you really, genuinely consider them, if you put yourself in a state of mind to do so, i believe you may come to a point where you are in some kind of place - a mental place, emotional place, spiritual place - that defies any of my explanation. but it is indeed a place, and i keep coming back to it. i keep immersing myself in it, ever since i was 8 years old i knew this place, lying on my parents bed just thinking about everything one seemingly average afternoon.

and i feel like others MUST be able to know this place, in some shape or form. it can't be exclusive to me, can it? maybe we all experience it in different ways. maybe everything i have put forth so far does nothing for you, and has failed utterly to put you in that place. but i know it's there, i've been there. and it's not so hard. maybe you've found yourself there, maybe many times, maybe you will soon. but it's there, and it is waiting always.

it seems to be some kind of place between everything, between space and time itself, between us all. something underlying, something that runs parallel to our ordinary lives but never seems to directly intersect it. "reality" can get close to this place, there are physical places or even digital places where the veil is thin, yet these places only act as sort of "jumping off points" for you to immerse yourself into this strange place, all alone. it seems to be like an ocean, or a lake. there are certain areas to be submerged in, certain depths and certain zones. but it all is a part of the same single body of liquid, you're always in the same place no matter where you are.

does that make any sense? perhaps not. truthfully, i don't know why i'm making this post. i feel i am attempting something which is futile. how can someone describe something so indescribable? i suppose it just feels too important not to try. you people of all people should be able to understand, those not so caught up in the mundane workings of "normal, everyday life". but maybe not. i just ask you to consider this vague concept, to try and connect my weak link with yours, so that maybe we have some kind of better understanding. that's my naive hope, anyway.

i don't know. what do you think?


all I know for sure is this world isn't real in the traditional sense and we're not here for muh spiritual evolution


blablabla iam so special rubish


my reality interpretes your pic as a depressing place, the atmosphere make me not feel good because of the lightning, the carpet and the overall ealry 20'th century vibe that i associate with black and white photos that i find to be very depressing. those are the kind of reality layers that i actively try to avoid but it is very hard since i can't control how i view the world, every little thing affects my mood and make it very unstable. and those feelings are felt very strongly wich can be great sometimes for reality layers that bring me hapiness but sucks when the layer is a mood killer. it is very hard to explain and frustrating but i guess some things can't be explained with words, that's what art is for; putting your feelings in your artwork and sharing with other people, like some sort of spiritual communication. so yeah i totally agree when you say that words and language are very restrictive and like you i'm the kind that has a hard time to use words as a way of communication (writing this is a pain in the ass lol).

i don't know if i've been of any help or even if what i've written has something to do with the subject but since it is also an unexplained phenomenons of the mind i thought it had its place on this thread.


I understand you but that picture does not evoke these things for me. That picture looks like a before or after of a meeting place of disgusting vile people with too much Material power.


I want to roll around on the carpet


based wizdog


thats not a wizdog. thats fatwiz. still based though.


File: 1609828787272-0.jpg (1.06 MB, 2806x4206, 1403:2103, hall.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1609828787272-1.jpg (114.87 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, open.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1609828787272-2.jpg (47.62 KB, 750x551, 750:551, park.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i think that makes sense, don't worry. i think i do understand your feeling there, i find myself easily affected by that sort of thing too sometimes. it used to bring more negative feelings when i was younger, although i'm not positive it has everything to do with age or anything like that. it may simply just be our different places in which we view the world and everything in it, which seems to make even things like this somewhat unreliable in the end. i've considered the idea of expressing these things through art somehow too. it may be the only true way to do something like that. i guess time will tell.

that is alright, of course. i just like to use images like these because for me at least they tend to be a clear and simple "jumping off point" so to speak in order to immerse myself in the sort of place i speak of. i've seen other people react to similar images in similar ways, so i figured it may be one of the best methods for getting this sort of thing across.

i'll attach some more of these photos, for perhaps a bit of a better reference. i find it interesting that they've gained some popularity by the name of "liminal spaces" or "strangely familiar places" or whatever. the popularization of things usually isn't that great, but the good thing for me at least is being able to find more of these and to know that people seem to be noticing at least some aspect of all this, even if they sometimes want to use material facade concepts like "nostalgia" and "liminality" to attempt explaining what it is that this seems to be tapping into. it's not like those things aren't at play, but i think they are just the surface level masks or aspects for the greater connecting "thing" that lies underneath, if that makes sense.


"if you really, genuinely consider them, if you put yourself in a state of mind to do so, i believe you may come to a point where you are in some kind of place - a mental place, emotional place, spiritual place - that defies any of my explanation. but it is indeed a place, and i keep coming back to it. i keep immersing myself in it"

I don't really get what you are referring to. You mean the 'self' that processes reality like a filter that can't be reduced to time and space (rather it preconditions time and space) yet it is present all the time and it doesn't ever allow us to experience something or someone beyond this subjective filter?

Or do you indeed mean a local place where we go to mentally? I had similar fantasies and daydreams in the past but never seriously and nothing where I would go my whole life. I remember one particular place where I imagined that before sleep I could go there and turn some valves and shit like in a submarine to control my sleep, what I dream and and when I fall asleep. I liked to turn on the lever for lewd dreams when I got older but I think that never worked out. Then after school I kind of forgot about this whole thing.

Or do you mean a mental state as in a state of defiance and originality where we never truly go in compliance with the world around us on all dimensions due to our strong individual perspective? I ask since you said something about defiyng what you said.


i don't know if it's any of those things necessarily. perhaps it is most similar to your first idea, although something about that doesn't seem quite right either. in particular, i don't feel like it's some kind of filter that prevents access to something greater, although perhaps there is something even greater behind it, as incomprehensible as that sounds for me to say. you may think of it as similar to some sort of "filter" though, in the sense that it's a place where everything seems to be opened up to you in a exceedingly "big picture" sort of way, though curiously at the same time it's almost as though there is nothing in particular to be seen. i guess that's why i figure it's somehow a place underneath everything, or connecting everything in some way. speaking of dreams though, i think dreams are also a place where the veil is thin so to speak. thinking about the pervasive "feeling" of being in a dream might lead you closer to what i mean too.


Is it something like when you look at the night sky you are neither the night sky nor yourself but you are so to speak the 'looking' itsel. The looking mediates you as a subject and the night sky as an object. You could extend this to everything you perceive and experience the phenomenon in question is always in between the subject and the object and it is in a way more real than the subject or the object alone. In this way we are always a bit alienated from ourselves however we are at the same time connected with something bigger than us, the object, while still not being one with it thus the object remains somewhat unknown.


File: 1609910313996.png (3.37 MB, 1500x1259, 1500:1259, Foto_web_(33).png) ImgOps iqdb

What do you think when looking at this place? (do not search for it yet)




i believe you're getting very close with that idea, it definitely seems like part of this whole thing at the very least. you put that very well i think.

doesn't do much for me, although i can feel a tinge of something when looking at it for long enough. perhaps i'm just too tired right now, i'm not sure. i like it, though.


That sign in Spanish ruined it for me, now I can only think "this is your brain on socialism"


I know about burgerpunk but is there anything like sudacapunk?


yeah because as we all know the whole spanish-speaking world is socialist


that's a supermarket were 300 people died in a fire trapped inside, poorly designed one with only 3 small exists two of which were blocked to stop looting, it was a flash fire that in 20 seconds consumed the roof and feel on top of people, some of them simply turned in to ashes. is the most cursed place in Paraguay. It's architecture looks like a weird mix of googie and brutalism or something, it really looks bad yet it was built in 2001.


Yeah, it pretty much is, even Spain is starting to go down that road.



>After the fire broke out, exits were locked to prevent people from stealing merchandise


This is the epitome of capitalism. Everyone would act like this if there was no state laws.


I don't see how murdering your customers is conducive to building a profitable business.


Usually business owners are retards with luck, not self made enterpeneurs, supposedly it was the location owner's son who gave the order, though he claimed it was probably a manager and a guard fault.


But in a free market self-made entrepeneurs have a huge advantage over retards with luck, because, as this event demonstrates, it only takes one retarded move to completely zero out the retard's assets.


looks like a bowling alley or 'games place' from the 90s or something


polshits again


no, not everyone experiences derealization.


>psychology fag

Not everything is about your psyche. There's also something called soul.


Psyche literally means soul, tho.


>There's also something called soul.
Care to quantify specifically what that means and how it is a separate thing from psyche? Remember, actually quantify it in specific terms, no weasel words.

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