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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

Archive links of previous threads: https://archive.is/iVOyu
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Pennsylvania Lawmaker Dies of Aneurysm Shortly Before Dying of COVID-19

That is the only way they’ve been able to inflate this massive death toll, despite admitting that there are no new deaths in 2020.

The authorities have categorized people who die in automotive crashes as coronavirus deaths, and when questioned, said that the virus caused them to crash.

This is the statement from the Florida Department of Health at the time of said event:
“But you could actually argue that it could have been the Covid-19 that caused him to crash.”


Portugal: succubus Dies from Coronavirus Vaccine
Health authorities in Portugal are investigating the sudden death of a pediatric surgery assistant in Porto, who was reportedly in “perfect health” when she received the Pfizer vaccine against the coronavirus.


Mexico: Top Coronavirus Fear Monger Photographed Partying with No Mask
How is it possible that not one single authority pushing the coronavirus agenda appears to believe it themselves?

Seriously: have we ever seen even one of these people who pushes this stuff actually practicing what they preach?

This man is the Mexican Anthony Fauci – just to give some context here.


Pretty good solution to the arbitrary link limit.
Though now it means whoever makes a new thread has to make a new paste bin and archive.
Which I am sure will be fucked up later since many couldn't even bother to make archives.

Still my hat is off to you dude. Good job.


Practically no one in my small town takes this hyped up flu seriously any more. Stores are still required to put up 'mask required' posters but even the employees in those stores don't wear masks.


Regardless of what happens tomorrow (the 6) cities will burn.


my fellow patriots, don't be like the leftist liberals. say no to chinese fake news!

don't wear a seatbelt when you drive, it is your god given right to fly out of the windshield.
don't wear gloves, it is your god given right to get third degree burns.
don't wear steel toe boots or a helmet, it is your god given right to be in an accident.
don't wear a mouth piece, it is your god given right to get your teeth knocked out.
don't wear shoes, it is your god given right to step on a needle or junkie poop.
don't wear glasses, it is your god given right to see nothing but a blur.
don't wear jackets, it is your god given right to get hypothermia. that damn liberal weather!

clothes are for sheep! death is a hoax, WAKE UP!


>My fellow comrades, make sure to use the strawman fallacy shown in the OP image!



There is no point voting it's rigged, Trump tried to warn us many times


File: 1609961462377.jpg (153.65 KB, 915x700, 183:140, stats.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Isn't it funny how when BLMtifa does pic related it's business as usual but a single boomer chimpout drives the elites into complete panic, emergency underground tunnel evacuations and all?


bruh it's dead ass finna happening.


Yes, it's also funny that BLMtifa doesn't realize they're not rebels, they're useful pets for the people they think they're fighting against.


No, this is driving no one into panic.
They aren't even deploying the military or national guard. This is just like when libertarians took over the bird sanctuary.
They know these people don't actually want anything and can be played and talked down with platitudes. When people actually want something, like healthcare or jobs, that is when the state uses violence.


File: 1609968573400-0.jpg (190.08 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, ErE-PtVVEAEOB27.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1609968573400-1.jpg (134.21 KB, 1122x1377, 22:27, ErE-ZHeXEAIRJum.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1609969652084.jpg (140.65 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, fear-198932_1280.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah it's got to be the most jaw dropping you've-got-to-be-shitting-me thing since goddamn 9/11.
But something like this was inevitable, I fucking told you so. And none of it would have happened if the 'peaceful protests' weren't allowed to go on for so long almost unopposed, so now everyone and their mother wants to chimp out as the leftists were allowed to. I wonder if it will ever end.
It's bitterly ironic how all those righteously furious BLMs and their friends only picked soft targets while squeaking about fighting the system but when the so called bootlicking fragile angry white guys get rioting they breach the goddamn Capitol on day one.
Also very ironic how the people who are stereotypically outspoken about their nostalgia for neoclassical architecture and supposed Roman values are now behaving as Vandals running rampant along the empire's finest colonnades and marbled halls.
Is this impossibly awesome or wrong and retarded? I'm confused, as hilarious as the whole debacle is I'm getting pretty spooked cause I don't think the elites will take such a monumental insult lying down.

Where are you guys following the news? I can't be fucked to sift through shit chans.


This site's run by former WH official Darren Beattie. Sort of a mix of old /pol/ and old Drudge.


File: 1609974474311-1.png (847.73 KB, 712x718, 356:359, 1609974199906.png) ImgOps iqdb


Unlike antifa they don't have legal support, bail funds, or black money to fund them.
A whole lot of these people are going to end up thrown in jail for years.

Still, it's interesting to see the right finally find a bit of backbone.
I will be waiting to see if anything comes of this or if it will fizzle out and be nothing in the long run.

Ether way democracy is dead in the US and both sides now know it.


My 2 cents/rant:

You would think that the politicians and the media would get the hint that people are getting fed up with their nonsense and would start cleaning up their act. But if anything, they all seem to be doubling down with this event. We have had a year of riots, all ignored or condoned by the media and politicians, but apparently this protest is "terrorism" and too far because they were personally affected. Reminds me of that Seattle mayor who loved the autonomous zone, right until the "peaceful protestors" started turning up at her house. We have had decades of politicians and media on both sides looking after their own interests and profits, and instead of questioning why people on both sides have been angry all year, including today, they choose to blame everyone but themselves. This is not going to get better any time soon, the whole system is a corrupt shitshow with one side as bad as the other. If anything, Dems now having full control of everything, including the media, will likely embolden them to pass controversial laws which will just piss more people off.

And what happens in America usually trickles down to countries like mine, making our politics worse as well. It's all so tiring.


Excellent entertainment. I expect nothing less of America.


File: 1609980834947.jpg (219.65 KB, 1080x1560, 9:13, 1609978291509.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Trump got banned from Twitter. I was already sure they'd ban him but I thought they'd wait until he was out. Remember that Trump himself didn't have the power to block anyone, but Twitter itself has the power to censor the president of the US.

I am currently monitoring the situation.


Yeah, for 12 hours. If Trump leaves twitter permanently Twitter will shrink by at least 50%. The man is high energy, he attracts a lot of people. They know he's an asset to them regardless of how much they hate him.


pence is playing 4d chess with biden


Why isn't he on the alternative platforms already anyway? He should have done what the occultist lolbertarian suggested. Break all of their toys, which includes spitefully driving users away from big tech.

Now would be the perfect time to execute the exodus.
I don't even like Trump that much, he failed at being the badly needed wrecking ball and this would be a chance to at least fucking do something on his way out.

What's he up to now?


File: 1609983379657-0.webm (3.06 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 1609977447128.webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1609983379657-1.png (2.32 MB, 1446x964, 3:2, 1609970354606.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1609983379657-2.png (766.18 KB, 1080x558, 60:31, 1609966639778.png) ImgOps iqdb

Some more just for context, also nsfw webmd.


China Refuses to Allow the United Nations to Enter Their Country to Promote the Bat Soup Hoax

Andrew Anglin January 6, 2021

The media is going nuts attacking China for not letting the World Health Organization in to “study the origins of the coronavirus.”

It’s a top headline on every website.

Obviously, the reason China isn’t allowing these people in is that Chinamen, unlike Americans, are not a bunch of morons. They understand that the West is LYING about this coronavirus, and trying to place some kind of blame on China.

Firstly, even if this did come from Chinese people eating bats, that isn’t really a big deal, because the virus is just another normal flu virus.

Secondly, it didn’t come from Chinese people eating bats.

Listen: you see the way that the West has rolled out an entire, massive agenda, ostensibly in response to this virus. Well, this agenda was designed before this virus. They didn’t just put it together on the fly.

That means that the West released the virus. Either that, or they just created a test for a virus that already existed naturally. Whatever the case, none of it has anything to do with the Chinese. This is a Western agenda, designed by a group of technocrats and Jews to transform civilization from what it was in 2019 to a situation where you have a mass of peasants with no rights and no money living underneath a tiny elite minority.

“Welcome to 2030 where you don’t own anything, goyim” is not something that was designed on the fly. The World Economic Forum was publicly promoting this as early as 2016. ( https://www.forbes.com/sites/worldeconomicforum/2016/11/10/shopping-i-cant-really-remember-what-that-is-or-how-differently-well-live-in-2030/?sh=3e5ff2db1735 )

There is no way that these people would let a random event – random, in the sense of some gook getting sick from eating a bat – serve as the trigger for all of this.

It was all designed and planned, a long time ago.

And it has nothing at all to do with the Chinese.

The only reason that the Chinese were blamed for this in the first place is that it is geographically where the first case was diagnosed – but we already know, as a matter of fact, that it was in Italy months before it was ever in China.

The Chinese know what’s going on here, and they’re not just going to willingly play the fall guy for these globalist lunatics, hence why they are not allowing the UN to go in and stage some silly hoax about eating bats.


>Andrew Anglin
Stopped reading that racemixing hack's outlet in 2015 just before Disqus banned him.


File: 1609988741977.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.7 KB, 900x621, 100:69, ErFlMPUVkAARMAV.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Here's another angle of the shooting. Very sad.


lol reckt


I guess we're all supposed to be impressed that you boycott a writer.


He advocates, or at least used to advocate, for white homogeny. He was vocally against racemixing and used to shit talk Asians, especially Asian females all the time. Then one happened to suck his dick and he backpeddled on it all, at the same time coming out as not even fully white. Most of the things he writes about are just Twitter headlines with his immature sense of humor slapped on. He does no research of his own and has accepted submissions in the past for stories that turned out to be total fabrication. /pol/ neckbeards are better at him than his own job, and are another group from which he rips articles.

I guess we're all supposed to be impressed that you copy+paste an entire article from a backwards trash outlet without giving any opinions of your own like a boring, braindead drone would.


>posting 3dpd


You must care a lot about this guy trashing your writer if you went through the trouble to re-post an insult after the mod deleted your other one.


I don't know about any of that shit and it doesn't matter. If the article is good or interesting, so what? For some reason you're fixated on the personality behind the words. That's so girly. Grow the fuck up.
Don't know what you're talking about and posting news isn't motivated by any mancrush on the writer. Grow the fuck up little gurl.


>I don't know about any of that shit
That doesn't rid you of the responsibility of posting such shit
>If the article is good or interesting, so what?
It's neither, that's the point. It's regurgitated news condensed in a manner that only wiggers could enjoy reading.

>That's so girly.

>Grow the fuck up.
>Grow the fuck up little gurl.
You're the reason people are leaving Wizchan


>It's neither, that's the point
according to you, mister nobody


File: 1609999773198.jpg (93.85 KB, 913x522, 913:522, ErE_IQZXAAIBul4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I hope more shit happens, it's been kinda disappointing to be honest.



wouldnt that be ironic if this thing did turn out to have somehow escaped from some lab in china or elsewhere
i wonder what the vaccine fanatics crowd's reaction would be. praise science and human ingenuity! … even though it got us into this mess to begin with


>wouldn't it be ironic
what's ironic is the masses being led down to hell by the elites promising them salvation from this flu virus hoax they started


File: 1610036456871.jpg (83.24 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, sryo6zqp8s961.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Being Wizard my life will and is suffering regardless as who is President or congressman.

Anyone else see it this way?


thats how it is for nearly everybody but normalfaggots are too stupid to realize that.


>Being Wizard my life will and is suffering
Why does being a wizard cause your life to be suffering? Are you a crab?


Maybe President-Elect Kamala Harris will finally order the execution of all inncels and put you out of your misery.


go back to crystal cafe


File: 1610047627165.png (436.95 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Based tbh


I really love Americans, I don't care about political ideology, if they're right or wrong, doesn't matter, I just admire the fighting spirit, the martiality of it. Shit like this would never happen here in the United Soviet of Yurop, and that's not a good thing. We're completely passive and domesticated people at this point, our governments can do whatever they want and impose whatever they want and at most you'd get a mild protest in the streets, quickly dispersed by the police.


don't be fooled, americans are still very domesticated.



fake it till you make it. You're part of the problem.


>everyone talking about the unga bunga circus instead of the fact that the GOP just lost the Senate
people are so fucking stupid


File: 1610052246086.jpg (75.28 KB, 454x345, 454:345, bad feret.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You're missing the point. So yeah some protesters chimped out. But most americans would never do that. They are by and large as sedate as any other country. I'm speaking in general, not personally.


File: 1610053021068.jpg (78.01 KB, 407x775, 407:775, 1609976010311.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Three branches will become one.


Oh no not my GOPerino senaterino! The tragedy!


>some protesters chimped out
Still better than zero. In general Americans have a way higher political and civic engagement compared to Europe. They're more likely to protest, be defiant of government "orders", etc. Admittedly sometimes it can look pretty dumb, but overall I think it's the right attitude. I really cannot imagine people storming government buildings here. Governments aren't scared of the people at all, they don't respect them and it shows in many little ways. Maybe the only exception is France, but even the Yellow Vests never accomplished anything of note, never really threatened the establishment, and then the movement sort of fizzled out with the pandemic. The MAGApedes at least made some politicians cower in fear (literally) and made it clear that they will be pain in the ass for the next four years and more.


You think it was worth it?

I mean they are now hunting all those MAGAs in Washington and will do public execution with jail etc. and in private with kicking them out of their jobs. They are like squashing this in the start.


Great, now they have nothing to lose.


The main weakness of the right is they actually have lives outside of activism with lots to lose.

Putting them in the situation where they have nothing to lose will end really badly for all involved.


You now have a democrat accusing any republicans connected with the protest of treason which has the death penalty.

So yeah, they are literally calling for the death of their political opponents now.
Who is escalating things again?


File: 1610065656244.mp4 (7.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, video.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Trump just conceded and threw everyone who supported him under the bus to live comfortably after the election.


The pressure release valve has been closed.


File: 1610067982368.jpg (290.93 KB, 1440x962, 720:481, 1610063518670.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Trump is as much guilty of killing this succubus as the man who shot her in the neck. In fact, perhaps even more so. Imagine dying for a a dipshit that spits on your grave the very next day.


It's not about Trump anymore.


I think it would be more accurate to say that it's bigger than Trump at this point.


File: 1610076978560.png (5.02 MB, 3840x1080, 32:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

No neck shadow. And the background looks like a greenscreen.

It's a deepfake.


I dislike these clowns, but man, it's honestly kind of infuriating for them to actually face serious prison time, just because the media controls the narrative and will likely make an example of them.

What kind of crime did they even commit? A couple broken windows and knocked down a couple chairs and shit. Meanwhile, you got rioters killing, looting and burning down buildings and they get cheered on by the establishment.

I'm not even American but this shit is just blood boiling how unfair and biased the media has become. The average normie actually believes this was some coup/domestic terrorism event instead of a bunch of rednecks managing to enter a supposedly "secure" building with no real plan other than taking selfies and streaming themselves doing goofy shit.


so a ideological mob storming and occupying the parliament building during a session would be no big deal in your nation?


Their crime was making the Gangster Government look weak.


If a bunch of clowns stormed a government building taking selfies and destroying printers, nobody in my country would call it a coup or domestic terrorism. Yes, disrupting a session is a "big deal" but that's the fucking point of a protest, isn't it? Civil disobedience in order to make the government uncomfortable and make your issues heard. Regardless of what you think of that kind of activism, the point is that media is severely biased. You cannot compare the extent of violence and destruction that a movement like BLM has caused and supposedly illegitimate concerns like wanting to investigate a possibly fraudulent election.

Seriously, just compare the videos from the "insurrection" and literally any "police brutality" and "racism" riot in the last year. There is no way you can tell me that burning down half a block for Nike shoes is somehow OK but a bunch of people goofing around in a government building is "domestic terrorism".


A non spun recounting of events from a level headed guy who was actually there.




>the extent of violence and destruction that a movement like BLM has caused
according to The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, 93% of protests were peaceful




That's just 7%, chill out man. 7% is like nothing, dude. They're mostly peaceful and the unruly fringe is so small it won't affect you in any way. Now don't mind me as I shut down everything because there's a chinese virus with a mortality rate of 0.02%. It's a horrible apocalypse scenario so obey the restrictions or go to jail :^)


When, long ago, the gods created Earth
In Jove's fair image Man was shaped at birth.
The beasts for lesser parts were next designed;
Yet were they too remote from humankind.
To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,
Th'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.
A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
Filled it with vice, and called the thing a Nigger.


File: 1610112837568.jpg (435.11 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, ErMJTF4VQAAXThE.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Antifa are really bad cop killers, they haven't killed any cops, MAGA people get one riot and one solid kill, I think they lost a probable Republican voter as well



I hate Trump but your right besides the people who were trampling each other and hitting police and stuff, but the media, police, every politician and bureaucrat has to make an example of these people because they don't want their power threatened


Fake news.


All four deaths were the rioters. Only one cop suffered a bruised knee.


>antifa and blm were in the crowd
Is this confirmed?


Not exactly. One confirmed paid actor and a few people with twitters full of obvious extreme anti-Trump stuff were confirmed. Make of that what you will. Regardless of that they would have protested pretty hard anyway, but the presence of extreme left wingers is quite suspicious, as in burning of the Reichstag suspicious.


Yeah this is all pretty convenient, we'll probably never know, sadly. I fucking hate this era of bullshit and disinformation.


File: 1610124295505.jpg (83.88 KB, 1151x319, 1151:319, 1610038964999.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They spent months cheering people who were burning local businesses and low income neighborhoods into the ground and terrorizing common people, but will condemn those who strike against real power. Isn't this the biggest proof that the left has been swallowed by the neoliberal establishment?


File: 1610126220089-0.jpg (256.49 KB, 964x818, 482:409, 37693094-0-image-m-58_1609….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1610126220089-1.png (46.56 KB, 656x402, 328:201, 756465798724231495789756.png) ImgOps iqdb

If republicans and Trump won there would be dozens dead, the whole capitol would be burned to the ground and chimpouts without end, wait few weeks and see how fractured or not trump folks are.

Joe Manchin (Dem) is the actual tie breaker and he voted for trump's proposals half the time, but tbh he might as well cuck out and go full poz if he wants to, However, lot of other moderate democrats actually lost their seats in house and he's got reasons to stand his ground against more radical liberals, especially with his "incriminating" track record.



Soooo uncle Joe considers the Capitol rioters domestic terrorists and wants to pass laws targeting terrorism super hard. I thought USA already was THE country with the most robust anti-terrorism framework, no? I sure hope he doesn't mean to give himself an absolute power to destroy his political enemies or anything like that. It surely will be all for our greater collective safety, yes.


File: 1610131384593.jpg (110.49 KB, 603x782, 603:782, 1610129761481.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

here it comes lol, they will blackmail him into oblivion in the upcoming weeks.


They're literally buying votes. God fuck america.


No one on the left was cheering the violence and law breaking, they were cheering the peaceful protests which were in the vast majority of cases. This is the most pathetic attempt to draw a false equivalency I've ever seen.


treason also has a common meaning (betraying the government), not just a legal one. Learn to words dude.


Saddest thing is nice grandpa Biden is being manipulated and will be disposed off soon enough.


You need to know if a source is credible or not. If you don't care about that you open yourself up to being misled by lies and propaganda. I'm amazed I even have to say something so basic. Why would you think you can trust something coming from someone who has a history of telling lies? Just because it sounds truthy to you? That's really just not smart and you're doing yourself a disservice if you're interested in actually knowing what is true or not.


He already walked it back. He now says he supports it but he just doesn't think it's a priorty



File: 1610137608345.png (207.46 KB, 553x610, 553:610, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Give it a rest, shill. There's millions of examples of leftist hypocrisy over the Internet. They either turned a blind eye to the destruction or actively justified it as it was a way of "disrupting the status quo". The more Nike shoes you steal, the less police officers get hired and the less of an itchy trigger finger they have in the future, right?

But wait, you can't just storm a government building full of IMPORTANT PEOPLE!! Go loot an electronics store like any other peaceful protester instead of STAGING A COUP and INSSURECTION and also that one unarmed Trump supporter that got shot probably deserved it because she wasn't carrying a 40 inch TV.

Just look at this, you can't even use their words against them because they backflip like an Olympic gymnast.


there are also RINOs like Collins and Romney who are likely to cross the aisle on legislation


But these people weren't even protesting anything. They were just mad that they lost an election and didn't want to have to give up power. How is that even remotely similar to any other protest? That's just an attempt to overthrow the rule of law.


magatards had a dumb reason to do it but congress has had it coming for a very long time. it was only a shade off nonviolent and now the politicians are autistically screeching. they are supposed to be afraid of the public. they arent supposed to be treated like present-day lords. wonder how much they will multiply dc security now that trump monkeys pussied out.


how is breaking and entering into the capital building and beating a cop to death with a fire extinguisher "a shade off nonviolent". Pretty sure that qualifies as fully violent.


They were protesting because of concerns over election integrity. Months before that, the media was heavily suppressing these concerns as "conspiracy theories" and the court cases got dismissed way before the evidence could even be reviewed. All these people wanted was for the government to provide an election audit and have the evidence be presented in congress. And the handful of congressmen/senators that wanted to object to the electoral college vote were already being labeled as traitors and insurrectionists by the left. And then, some amount of protesters got in the building, causing no real damage except delaying session for several hours and suddenly, every concern 50% of the American people had about election integrity didn't matter anymore.

>That's just an attempt to overthrow the rule of law.

And what would you call "defund the police"? What would you call BLM protesters overrunning city hall and burning down local businesses every month? I guess that's fine because it's about RACISM and things you can virtue signal about on twitter.

You need to burn down a couple buildings to make the people in charge uncomfortable, right? Well there was nothing more uncomfortable than congress people fearing for their life because they didn't want to give a chance for the people to be heard. The overreaction by the media just made this even worse and I fully expect January 20th to be even worse in the terms of protests.


single digits deaths. its not tiananmen square. its not even kent state or a random mass shooting man. put things into perspective.


The cases were dismissed because they had no evidence. You can't just allege the other side cheated without proof and have anyone take you seriously. We all know that this was an attempt to subvert democracy, not to uphold it. You can't just lie about this and have people believe you. It doesn't work like that. This would be a totally different story if they had any proof but they didn't. It's a matter of public record. Look up the court cases yourself. They were just trying to smear the process but had nothing substantive.

You bringing up the BLM protests is a classic tu quoque logical fallacy. You can't defend what actually happened so you're trying to shift the discussion away to something else completely unrelated. Again, literally no one on the left was condoning the violence. You have exactly zero legs to stand on here dude.


Also let me just say that black people were protesting being literally killed simply for being black and having their killers get off scott free. The right was protesting the fact that they had to hand over political power because they lost an election. Apples to fucking oranges dude. None of these white people has ever suffered materially in any way from democracy. it's not the same as being literally killed.


>Also let me just say that black people were protesting being literally killed simply for being black and having their killers get off scott free.
That's a fantasy with no bearing on reality.


File: 1610141956431.jpg (1.19 MB, 2138x1861, 2138:1861, 1610039243553.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just showed you one of them though, and there's much more. When they weren't cheering they were making excuses about "they're doing that because they're rightfully angry at racism" or something like that.


No, the cases were dismissed on purely procedural grounds. The courts never even looked at the evidence. That's why people are mad.


File: 1610142833881.jpg (179.31 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, 1610032917687.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There are a couple of differences between BLM riots and the MAGA people who invaded Capitol Hill.

BLM had support from every corporation known to man. Everyone that got close to the Capitol Hill will never have a respectable job again in their lives.
BLM had cops, national guard, politicians, etc, kneel in submission to them. MAGA had to actually fight and even die to get there.
BLM burned down low income neighborhoods and looted local stores. MAGA invaded the congress and looted Nancy Pelosi's office (oy vey, the chutzpah!).
In other words, BLM is a golem of the neoliberal establishment. As misguided and ineffective as the MAGA people are, they actually slapped real power in the face (and will pay for it).


>The cases were dismissed because they had no evidence.
>Again, literally no one on the left was condoning the violence.

These are just plainly false and you'd know if you got out of your political bubble. Most of the cases got thrown out due to procedural reasons and lack of standing. The courts simply looked for any excuse not to take these cases seriously because they don't want to meddle in election affairs. Ever heard of the Doctrine of Laches? Well, turns out you can't sue before an election because no damage was caused yet and you can't sue afterwards because it's too late. There's a very short window where a court can do anything and Trumps team won when they were suing for blatant violations like not letting poll watchers even be in the same room as the workers.

There's just a ton of evidence in these cases, as well as the numerous independent researchers that presented during the hearings in the disputed states. A handful of claims were debunked, but the media basically used that as a smoke screen to cherry pick the most ridiculous ones and use the confusion to throw the whole thing out.

Regardless of that, there was no OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION into these matters and the majority of the evidence simply never managed to be presented, much less debunked a judge.

>Again, literally no one on the left was condoning the violence.

Again, you're either willfully blind or worse, brainwashed to the point where reality doesn't even register in your brain.

>Also let me just say that black people were protesting being literally killed simply for being black and having their killers get off scott free.

You're living in a liberal fantasy world. You really think any of those "martyrs" got shot JUST because they were BLACK? Name one example where the person didn't die because of the circumstances of the situation and it was actually racism?

The ones that I can remember
George Floyd - he was on drugs and died of a heart attack. the one picture of the officer having his foot on his neck might be infuriating but certainly didn't kill him nor did it happen because he was BLACK
Jacob Blake - acted erratically and didn't comply, got shot because he was an idiot not because he was BLACK
Breonna Taylor - her dumbass boyfriend fired randomly during a police raid, she got shot accidentally by the police, she died because of unfortunate circumstances, not because she was BLACK

This is just the usual liberal spin on reality. Like how they spin the 13/52 meme statistic to mean that there is systematic racism against blacks and hiding the fact that they are culturally more violent and criminal.


you mean just another thin coat of paint disguising one more authoritarian regime. i dont even give a fuck about the orange man votes coping, but you should read up on the last several decades of us foreign activity if you think this government is in any way justified besides the fact it is powerful. all those bullshit virtues scrawled on paper arent practiced.


It's a zero effort epin trell parroting insane twitter hags. Why are you responding?


File: 1610151561385.png (8.96 KB, 546x510, 91:85, 1610148367711.png) ImgOps iqdb

Twitter doesn't agree since they banned him for good now


The determination of valid evidence is part of discovery, which occurs after a case is admitted. The no evidence excuse is a completely bullshit cover to not even give the case a chance.


I've been saying this for about a year or two now, but it looks like it's finally coming to the point where a big internet crackdown on unregulated websites is about to begin. This was always inevitable, and I'm not surprised they used this shitty manipulation of the reality of the capitol protests as an excuse. I've never been a magatard, but I think at this point it goes beyond specific candidate alliances. The right-wing will not be endorsed by any establishment any longer, the republican party is probably going to drop any pretense of being a proper right-wing party for good. I'm not sure what I can really say beyond, well, if you want to do something now is the time to do it.


If you paid attention to the house debate you would realize that the argument in many states is over the legality of the 2020 voting methods in the first place. Registration inconsistencies and unconstitutionally selected electorates is the problem, or at least the sign that there are many more deeper ones.


good to reply to retards solely because leaving them unchecked enables them to invent the historical canon for everyone else. their cartoonish revisionism is social cancer. i seriously cant understand the thought process of coddling black folks. its as if the piece of shit never actually lived around them. i have and one of my fondest memories was moving away from them. everything negative about them on imageboards is 100% true.


You mean the site that somehow blames gamergate for all this happening?


Definite confirmed.


Antifa didn't but blm have killed a few. Funded by the same people and behave similar so it's whatever.


File: 1610155400827.jpg (220.42 KB, 1280x1132, 320:283, kicking the bomb.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



They're banning people left and right, well no, actually only right.
It's a purge by bigtech


They're trying to get alternative platforms taken down too. They've already removed Parler from g**gle apps, *pple issued a crazy ultimatum and will ban it from their devices shortly and they're working on getting Parler's hosting provider to take down the servers.


That's the free market for you.


After what I've seen I can't even tell if serious or ironic.


For how long will people keep pretending big tech companies are in no way related to the government? It's getting tiresome


File: 1610165296161.png (518.7 KB, 489x720, 163:240, 1609974665806.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hello fellow wizchanners
Just scouting out places to flee to after /pol/ is inevitably purged. Does this place have mods?


Yeah a lot of mods and they're not particularly fond of /pol/ so you should probably keep looking


File: 1610166356795.jpg (200.37 KB, 862x1024, 431:512, 1608323836613.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>keep looking
Okay, thanks fren.


i'm also eyeballing this place as a /pol/ backup

i'm plenty old, autistic and virginal enough to post here


Yeah I'm a virgin too but I don't think we're going to be very welcome here, and it would be rather ironic if /pol/ didn't respect other people's borders.


Happy hunting.


>not particularly fond of /pol/
Not true, stop making things up to keep non-Jews out of here


It really isn't though since there are all kinds of government interventions that are partially responsible for this situation.
I mean you as a normal person are legally unable to make a Credit card, banking, or PayPal type company due to the steep regulation put in place since 9/11.


Election integrity. When Trump won fairly they audited the election immediately based on a literal conspiracy theory, then they audited it again, then after both recounts showed he won they attempted to overthrow the election for 4 years straight.
When the right attempts to ask for one single audit. It is dismissed entirely and with extreme prejudice. Whether there was "no evidence" or not hardly matters if the courts and system are so biased that when Trump was elecred they allowed recount after recount and many attempts to overthrow the election.
In any case, there was plenty of evidence. Many credible election officials giving their eye-witness testimonies, videos of people(whether they were pulling illegal votes or not) illegally breaking protocol, and enough vote anomalies that the media is forced to concede that there was fraud for Biden but it was "not widespread enough" counts as at least worthy enough for a [b]single audit. Don't overdose on media bullshit.


File: 1610174944012.jpg (39.11 KB, 846x562, 423:281, ErKjnzCWMAA9yex.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I'm plenty old, autistic and virginal enough to post here
Welcome, brother. Tausendjähriges WizReich!


File: 1610175065252.jpg (17.58 KB, 280x357, 40:51, MishimaCoupSpeech.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

God America needs a Mishima.



Kamala Harris isn't even black, she's self admitted Mumbai-tier Indian. The media even ran articles about how she was the first indian american to do this and that bull. It's the power of the media to rewrite history, so 99% of americans believe she's african american.


Even banning mainstream center right people without reason like Tucker.

Meanwhile actual funders of terrorism and terrorist post unmolested.
Speaking of censorship the moderators are censoring descent and exposure of their bad behavior for things that are not even against the rules.

No matter where you go there is blatant censorship and double standards.
It is only a matter of time before this site will fall completely ether from being censored or by censoring it to death.


I have a family that has served in both the army and police force, and I voted Trump, and it really disturbs me to see these rioters acting like antifa and just being low class hooligans. We're better than that, we're the party of law and order, Trump lost and the election was shady and we definitely need a more transparent system but people have to get the fuck over it and accept what happens, and not let fascists take over the party. I'll be hoping someone like Ted Cruz wins in 2024 and not Trump (who I think has honestly lost his chance since this past week) as I thought Cruz should have won in 2016.


The actions of the rioters were justified in that the corruption of the system refused to even entertain a case or listen to witnesses. This is the kind of thing that merits civil war and millions dead, not just a few smashed windows.


The right have finally figured out that the cops aren't their friends, they aren't the good guys, and that the legitimate methods of political interaction have all been closed to them permanently.

Or in other words they finally aWOKE to how the system really works and they are pissed.


Just go to 4chon.me. They're the ones who had/have /new/.


"We did it! We beat the tyrants, the elites, the rich, the powerful!" say the leftists, as they elect the candidate supported by Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, George Soros, and every major corporation on Earth.
"We did it! We beat the fascists!" cheer the leftists, as they vote against the candidate who struck down the Patriot Act, refused war overseas, supported gun rights and free speech.
"We did it, we beat the rich!" cheer the leftists, as they vote for the candidate who has been propped up solely by the rich.
"We did it, we beat the tyrants!" they shout, as the people pledge to make a list of every person who supported their political enemies for punishment after election.
"We did it, the party of the common man has won!" shout the leftists, as they vote for the party supported by the Academics, the media giants, privileged white succubi, NGOs, and all major political families.
You did it :') I wonder if they'll really give you free healthcare, foodstamps, UBI and unicorn, or if that was a pretense to get the common man to tear their own constitution apart and elect a man from a long running political family supported by every corrupt organization in the world…


>We are not the establishment, we fight the establishment.
They say this unironically, not realizing that every college, every professor, every mainstream journalist, every news anchor, every CEO, every NGO, every political family, every ruling class elite shouts "Diversity! Equality! Equity!" and the same old slogans of free healthcare and assistance for the poor. I've heard some try to cope with the cognitive dissonance by saying
>Well, it just goes to show that even the billionaires can join forces with little guy to fight true evil.
Bahahahaaaa. The left is an entire class of people brainwashed to believe that they are actually rebels by fighting against constitutional rights and for every value the colleges, media, and corporations push.


>free market is when you're a store owner and you get your friends at water and power to cut utilities from the shop on the other side of the street


File: 1610208604002.jpg (52.19 KB, 1172x477, 1172:477, even_more.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They're going to fuck you up. I don't mean 'you' as in wizchan as a site or losers on the internet in some general sense. I mean YOU personally.


File: 1610210765322.jpg (92.37 KB, 750x1120, 75:112, 1604536984549.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't feel so good…


I don't think it should be legal to incite violence or plan crimes on any website. The government should pass laws instead of private companies doing it, but it makes sense that in the failure of government to act that the responsibility to police the internet would fall to the owners of the websites.


0/10 be more subtle.


>I don't think it should be legal to incite violence or plan crimes on any website
It's already against the law
>The government should pass laws
Its already against the law
> but it makes sense that in the failure of government to act that the responsibility to police the internet
Already a law
>would fall to the owners of the websites.
They are already given protection from the law if a user breaks the law.

You remind me of the people who think new laws should be passed every time there is a shooting, despite the law already being on the books that made everything related to the shooting illegal.


So basically private companies are just complying with not only their own rules, but the laws and this is a problem why?


I think you might be clinically retarded.


if it's a crime to incite violence online why hasn't everyone posting on /pol/ been arrested already?


Nice non-answer because you literally can't answer it.

"Deplatforming" is a fake issue. It is what they call it when right wingers break the rules to some website and get banned. Why do you think right wingers should be allowed to break any rule they want? How is this somehow an important issue. Explain it because I know you can't as you're 100% feels and lack the capacity for rational thought.


I don't use shitchan's /pol/ so I couldn't tell you, but I suspect nothing on there actually legally qualifies as breaking the law despite it rustling your jimmies.

You are trying too hard


New Video Shows Capitol Police Opening the Doors of the Capitol and Letting People March In

People could argue about the videos, and try to claim that the Capitol Patriots overpowered the cops based on previous videos.

Well, a new video has been released, from a different entrance, that shows, without any question, that the Capitol Police literally just opened the doors and allowed people to march in single file.


File: 1610216490218.jpg (141.38 KB, 909x1024, 909:1024, 1610039087626.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do you get paid to gaslight? I really hope you're not doing it for free.


Your property can be replaced (at your own expense). The elite's precious public image can't. Therefore activists vandalizing your home and car for displaying a MAGA bumper sticker is not violence but MAGA trolls humiliating the top politicians in an unironically mostly peaceful riot is the worst type of terrorism.


can't wait'll all you corona cultists get you dna altering "vaccine" and drop dead or become a vegetable like those people in the videos that were gonna prove it's safe


File: 1610220095266.jpg (137.61 KB, 1024x1016, 128:127, ErUBv-uXMAMQhf0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The plan here is to provoke mass flight of lemmings into red areas, converting them into blue areas which then can be taxed too. MONEYYYYYY


Instead of moving these people should just start refusing to pay taxes.


Their way of thinking doesn't work like that.


what are your thoughts on Trump's ban in social platforms such as fb, twitter and instagram? Do you think it's justified?


The reason given was that he was "provoking violence", which is asinine. The only thing he posted during the whole DC riot was that everyone involved should go home peacefully.

If some pie shop owner made a tweet that said "Come to my pie eating contest tomorrow" and then at the pie contest some viewer threw a punch. Twitter then bans the baker for "inciting violence" for initially inviting people to show up, but to eat pie. That's what happened.

Plus, his bans were permanent with no prior infractions. Literal terrorists get weekend gags for calling for genocide.


I think twitter's logic was that promoting the election fraud "conspiracy theory" is what lead to the violence. Trump didn't literally call for them to attack the Capitol, but by promoting "misinformation" it was pouring gasoline on the fire. The speech he put out was basically saying "yeah, you guys are right, but go home" which probably didn't make things better. Nothing short of admitting that "there is no election fraud" would satisfy these people.

The other accounts that got banned were all the major accounts that promoted election fraud, like Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, CodeMonkeyZ and so on.

Twitter's actions sorta make sense if you can close your eyes a bit and imagine that all the election fraud stuff was actually just a big ol' conspiracy that essentially made people become violent. The BLM stuff also promoted violence, but in their minds, systematic racism is established science at this point and only out of touch conservatives and evil people would deny it.


Politics is fucking gay.
Caring about muh white babies is for fags.
Simping for monkey people is for fags.
I can't wait for China and Jeff Bezos to own everything and all you faggots can do is whine and cry about it.


File: 1610229703142.jpg (41.34 KB, 650x520, 5:4, 1610005554032.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The Fallacy of White Privilege
The article talks about the fallacies misconceptions of white privilege while stepping on eggshells.
>According to median household income statistics from the US Census Bureau, several minority groups substantially out-earn whites. These groups include Pakistani Americans, Lebanese Americans, South African Americans, Filipino Americans, Sri Lankan Americans and Iranian Americans (in addition to several others). Indians, the group I belong to, are the highest-earning ethnic group the census keeps track of, with almost double the household median income of whites. In Canada, several minority groups also significantly out-earn whites, including South Asian Canadians, Arab Canadians and Japanese Canadians.

>Interestingly, several black immigrant groups such as Nigerians, Barbadians, Ghanaians and Trinidadians & Tobagonians have a median household income well above the American average. Ghanian Americans, to take one example, earn more than several specific white groups such as Dutch Americans, French Americans, Polish Americans, British Americans and Russian Americans. Do Ghanaians have some kind of sub-Saharan African privilege?

I feel so bad for white people. I see the media attacking whites every day, I see white wizards going homeless and getting destroyed by actual systemic racism and so on. At least I'm relatively immune from the bullshit, but I can't keep watching this go on. It's like watching the kindest, smartest, most caring kid in getting abused and bullied into self-hatred by the rest of the class. It's fucking painful to watch.


File: 1610230975776.png (151.92 KB, 435x276, 145:92, unnamed (1).png) ImgOps iqdb

I also just want to add:
I hope all you niggers have to live in the pod and eat the bugs.
I hope Marvel movies about gay trans black super hero CIA agents are the only form of entertainment allowed and they make anime illegal.
I hope you never get freedom of speech ever again in your lifetimes or the next generation.
I hope Biden takes all the guns away and increases police, surveillance and intelligence agency budgets to their maximum.
I hope he drone strikes your grandma because she did wrong thing.
I hope they instate social credit score and put you in debtors prison because you said the n-word on an imageboard 2 years ago.
I hope all the rich pedos get richer and you don't see a dime of it and they continue to rub it in your face.
I hope everyone at the end of this decade is spiritually, mentally and physically like pic related.
Burn in hell, suck my dick.


Wow, you really showed them.


>live in the pod and eat the bugs.
That totally btfo climate change
>I hope Marvel movies about gay trans black super hero CIA agents are the only form of entertainment allowed and they make anime illegal.
Leftists love this.
>I hope you never get freedom of speech ever again in your lifetimes or the next generation.
They have no use for freedom of speech because they do not dissent, nor do they hold opinions that the mainstream does not approve of(unless it's something the mainstream hasn't gotten to quite yet).
>I hope Biden takes all the guns away and increases police, surveillance and intelligence agency budgets to their maximum.
You're going to put them in sexual rapture.
>I hope he drone strikes your grandma because she did wrong thing.
Leftists have deep seated familial hatred.
>I hope they instate social credit score and put you in debtors prison because you said the n-word on an imageboard 2 years ago.
Don't worry, they'll gladly work it off with 600 hours black-community service.
>I hope all the rich pedos get richer and you don't see a dime of it and they continue to rub it in your face.
Pedophilia is just a sexuality. Anyway, as long as it isn't drumpfatronic drumpf.
>I hope everyone at the end of this decade is spiritually, mentally and physically like pic related.
All that remains for them is the physical.
>Burn in hell
>suck my dick.

You've just described the leftist dream-paradise. As >>261082 said "you really showed them."


>That totally btfo climate change
I know it won't, but I'd enjoy your misery in such a place.
>Leftists love this.
I'm not on the left or right you fucking retard. I just said politics is for sickle-celled pink-socked homos with AIDs.
>They have no use for freedom of speech because they do not dissent, nor do they hold opinions that the mainstream does not approve of(unless it's something the mainstream hasn't gotten to quite yet).
>You're going to put them in sexual rapture.
Until it dawns on every dumbfuck lib who supported this, that they will not be saved. Their realization that selling their souls earned them no place on the arch, that there never was. Only the top of the top elite will be saved. The people in charge with Very Big Number In Bank as their only credential will turn this on them the minute they stop being useful.
>I hope he drone strikes your grandma because she did wrong thing.
Again, not a leftist. But yes, fuck whatever dumbass sentiment you hold.
>Don't worry, they'll gladly work it off with 600 hours black-community service.
At first, until the narrative changes, and they don't have to pretend anymore. When things get worse, they will take away the moral narrative of do-goodery and just go for pure labor abstraction.
>Pedophilia is just a sexuality. Anyway, as long as it isn't drumpfatronic drumpf.
I voted for Trump.
>All that remains for them is the physical.
God is dead. Rural life is dead. There is nothing to retreat to.
We already are.
It ain't gonna suck itself.


It's basically a way for the big tech corporatocrats to preen over the fact that they have more power than the President of the United States. Their pride was damaged with the capitol protests and they have to reassert their dominance.


File: 1610234123748-0.jpg (27.97 KB, 587x335, 587:335, orwellian (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1610234123748-1.png (137.07 KB, 918x421, 918:421, orwellian (1).png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1610234123748-2.jpg (40.18 KB, 587x479, 587:479, orwellian (2).jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1610234155687-0.jpg (16.11 KB, 578x172, 289:86, orwellian (3).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1610234155687-1.jpg (80.92 KB, 928x767, 928:767, orwellian (4).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1610234155687-2.jpg (54.22 KB, 908x491, 908:491, orwellian (5).jpg) ImgOps iqdb


can't wait for war


It's comforting to know that no amount of pilpulling, social manipulation, and semantics can stop cold hard steel.


File: 1610234824158.png (10.25 KB, 616x236, 154:59, twit.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am Jack's empty wallet.
They're gang raping Parler but Gab is independent. Wanna bet Gab is soon going to be taken down by the law since there's no other way to fuck them but to seize their physical servers? 4AM SWAT blitzkrieg, black bags zipties and severe sentences for everyone involved based on suddenly 'uncovered' evidence. All fake of course. Maybe terrorism, maybe peadophilia, maybe Saddam's fucking WMD's. They're going to be punished extremely hard for having wriggled out of the racket system and having the audacity of caucasity to survive without the oligarchs approval. Just being there to provide a platform for the unpersoned in the most inconvenient moment is a death sentence in current year world.


The post you replied to was not from the wiz who said politics is gay.
When the streets run red with blood.


How are leftists reacting to this? Are they euphoric?


It's just been confirmed, Parler is being kicked the fuck out of the internet tomorrow by their provider Amazon Web Services.


If you think Jack is losing from this you're dead wrong.
Oh yeah they love it, suddenly they're all about respecting institutions, democracy and what not.


What is he gaining by driving users away and making competition feasible for the first time?


I hope Trump understands that this is the culmination of his life.


File: 1610255881666.jpg (31.47 KB, 364x236, 91:59, 1607869850261.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

B-but if you go woke you go broke! That's what Tim Pool said! Why do they keep going woke but not broke??? My little methodological individualist materialistic libertarian brain cannot grasp it! They are communists, it must be it! They must be doing it because they are communists! If only we had more free markets it wouldn't happen! Fast, give Jack Dorsey even more power to do whatever he wants! That will solve the problem!


for real? wow, it was true when they said all these scum are going to go full tyrant on the peasants after trump is out, probably including the part about imprisoning trump on false charges



He probably did it because its funny, and because he knows the right are too dumb to make their own platforms/online services


Anyone parroting "get woke go broke" is completely delusional or a grifter. It's been proven wrong time and time again.

The problem is these people stay in these esoteric echo chambers and are blind to what the reality is. The reality is that woke identity politics has never been more popular than it is now. Most millennials and zoomers think the world isn't woke enough and that we need MORE censorship. Wokeness, identity politics, censorship…it's only going to get worse and worse and the overton window will keep moving left on cultural issues.

And if you think things are bad now, just wait until the baby boomers and gen Xers die off and millennials acquire all the wealth and power.



Two year old article, but I hope congress doesn't cancel any of NASA's telescope projects like Trump suggested, I don't know what Biden will say yet. I'm actually a lot more interested in the Roman telescope and it's possibilities than James Webb so scary to think it could have been cancelled.


Not surprised, they have been on a book banning spree for years.
They have always been a anti-free speech company.
Nothing based in silicon valley can be trusted and really shouldn't be used if you value freedom of speech.


> It's been proven wrong time and time again
It has also been proven right time after time.
It's a jingoistic phrase that is nether always right or always wrong. People who say it don't treat it like a law of the universe or deep economic theory.
It is a expression that usually means in context that if you alienate your fans and customers you won't get their continued business. It is also a treatment to the fact that "woke" people, that such companies are courting by intentionally alienating their current/past customer, never actually put their money where their mouth is.

>The problem is these people stay in these esoteric echo chambers and are blind to what the reality is

Pot meet kettle.


I just wish there was somewhere to fucking run, some safe haven to gather strength in without the oversight of the global economy. I just feel like the world has gone to shit, I wish people had paid attention. I know the day will come when Orwell will be treated as a reactionary and dangerous "free speech apologist".


I'm sorry for the upcoming blog post textwall, but this place is the only one where I can share the following with like minded people without receiving insults and accusations of being a shill, a nazi or a communist.

Trying to make sense of a senseless world for the past 2 weeks or so I've been lurking posting and doing casual research in a lot of political platforms be /pol/, twitter, Facebook, reddit, gab, parler, you name it.

What I found out is completely disheartening, politics is bullshit and a shitshow that is not worth getting into, both left and right ideologies are absolutely horrible, and the end of the day they want the same thing, that is to achieve power and completely destroy the other side, they both claim to respect free speech but actually they just want echo chambers tailored at their needs where they can talk about how horrible the other side is while doing the same things they criticize, both sides just appeal to their own legion of retards completely ignoring the other side instead of working for the improvement of the population in general, and when the leaders of each respective faction get power they discard the same legion of retards that gave them power as if they were old newspapers.

Needless to say both sides hate people like us (Wizards) but for different reasons, they're not our allies.

In such disgusting world wizardchan is an oasis, even with the obvious problems with moderation and ocassuonal normie thinking at least this place transcends ideologies and we can all share common ground because we live relatively similar lifestyles.

My advice to all wizards is simple, stay the hell away from politics! This is not to say that the politics thread should be banned or something,but don't take this shit too seriously, Political conversation may provide some cheap laughs and memes but is not really worth getting into, and at the end of the day very little of what happens in the political spheres affects people like us directly, just make sure that you have all your immediate necessities covered and ignore everything else, just wait while they kill each other and humanity gets extinct, the real world is a horrible place anyway and politics make it worse.

Getting involved into normie political shitshows is not good for your well being, at least it wasn't for me.


They made their own platforms like they were told but they're being taken down by the monopolists. Keep up with the news.

Millenials won't acquire any wealth or power. Search for graphs illustrating changes in generational wealth. They're earning fuck all, all the wealth today is being consolidated in the hands of oligarchs and they won't share. 99% of millenials and zoomies will be serfs forever, earning slightly more than minimum wage and allowed to acquire just enough wealth to barely keep their heads above the water. Things will get worse but it won't be caused by the woke generations voting with their wallets. They might happen like where it's going but whether they like it or not is irrelevant.

Meaningless. At this point just using telescopes alone is suffering so bad from diminishing returns its loss will only be felt by the few people whose very employment depends on having that particular telescope out. NASA is not going to be destroyed now. It was already destroyed back when Obama cancelled Constellation. That was the one and only important thing NASA was going to do in our lifetimes, and they fucked it up forever. Should have dumped the telescopes long ago and put it all into the goddamn rockets.


You're right, it's shit and there's little real hope of making a difference. All major political branches from conservativism/liberalism, democrat/republican, capitalist/communist to libertarian are just puppets that play into the hands of billionaire technocrats. Some are more or less favored, for example leftist wokeness is the new face of the billionaire ruling class's subjugation of common people, but at the end of the day everything with political relevance is either a golem or soon to be.
>at the end of the day very little of what happens in the political spheres affects people like us directly
People should not fight for what affects them personally but for the good of the world. Regardless, the dissolution of free speech will by by definition greatly affect everyone that posts here.
Allowing evil to come to pass is evil. The excuse that nothing could be done, even if there is a 99.99999% chance of failure, is the cope of a person who refuses to do what's right for the sake of his own personal safety. I guarantee you 30-50% of state employees just in America from cops and feds to lawmakers and politicians are telling themselves this every time they go to bed. "It's too much to stop"


>care about what's good for the world (what happened to the post it was deleted?) anyway here's my response

Yes but to do something for the world you still need the fucked up politics, I used to believe in my special mix of right and left policies, just recently realized that both are shit and they would both destroy me if they had the chance to do it.

Also don't believe when they say "we believe in free speech" that's what both sides say to attract useful retards,both sides actually mean "we believe in free speech as long as we agree with what you say" so they can perpetuate the echo chambers, and this applies to Facebook/Twitter and less mainstream sites like /pol/, gab and parler, it's all the same shit really.


Politics at this point is just another sporting event. Either you're on the red team or on the blue team. No one really cares about the truth or specific policies, as long as their team is winning and humiliating the other side.

Working together on a solution, which would mean developing actually effective policies that solve the problems they were designed for, is a complete pipe dream. People want to watch rednecks dressed as vikings enter the Capitol and antifa punching nazis, not talk about economics or the best way to make peace between desert people. They want something to be outragged about, something to fill their twitter feed and conversations at the water cooler.

Honestly, I have no clue what's going on in my country politically. I don't really watch the news or vote or really even know which party is on top or the relevant issues. I care about American politics because it's just another form of entertainment for me. It's like watching a soap opera and rooting for the underdog. Oh no, will Trumpy pull out in the end and defeat the evil Joey Biden?

The problem is that real life doesn't really have a climax or any real closure. Trump is going to resign and he will mostly be forgotten. We will never know if the election was actually stolen or if it's just a Trumptard cope. It's like edging for 4 years and then just accepting the blue balls.

Anyway, my point is: none of this shit really matters, it's just political theater that exists for the masses. Everything is run by the elites and their interests, which means nothing will change unless they want it to change, and that also a good thing since they likely won't let everything go to shit completely, since keeping a base level of wellness for society is profitable.


>Also don't believe when they say "we believe in free speech" that's what both sides say to attract useful retards,both sides actually mean "we believe in free speech as long as we agree with what you say" so they can perpetuate the echo chambers, and this applies to Facebook/Twitter and less mainstream sites like /pol/, gab and parler, it's all the same shit really.
I do not deny that every side is hypocritical in this case, but under one set of proposed policies Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, and the mainstream social media sites will still exist at the same time as "counter-culture" sites, and under the other set of proposed policies everything other than popular mainstream media will be made entirely illegal, and "spreading disinfo/hate" (which equates to saying things the media does not also say) will be illegal. Yes, the other side would try to do the same, but it can't. It's fighting to exist, the other side is fighting to exterminate.


Yes but it seems that neither side is actually committed to free speech, we know that twitter isn't, I went to gab naively thinking it could be the ark of free speech that his creator claims it is, but while I was doing my little research on gab I found something interesting.

There is a lot of people on gab that were very angry because twitter was banning and censoring them,vast majority of them Trump supporters, I tried asking a lot of users if they would allow leftists to use the site (gab) and the vast majority of them answered that no because commies shouldn't be allowed to vote or have free speech etc.

That's when I realized that these people don't actually care about free speech at all,because at the end of the day free speech should also apply to things you disagree with, they were just angry because twitter was becoming the opposite side echo chamber and they wanted their own echo chamber.


>I do not deny that every side is hypocritical in this case
The hardcore libertarians have been totally consistent on free speech for over a century.
Just saying.


Oh no, the centrists have arrived.


That's how it works, but I doubt you will get banned if you start posting "extremist left" communist stuff on Gab or wherever.
Yeah, the old boomers. Modern libertarians mostly support legislation against gun rights and """hate""" speech because they define those things as "infringing on the individual freedoms of another person." That's why they're called BLMtarians by some.


Better then all the hyperbolic nonsense by the partisans or the pants messing of the extremist.


I'm sure I'm so far outside of overton's window at this point that there are integer overflow issues.


You seem to think the libertarian party has ever actually represented libertarians despite such a party even existing doesn't make any rational sense when put in the context of libertarian political philosophy both mainstream and obscure.
That shit was just a attempt at word corruption by radical leftest that did the same thing to the term liberal.


Most members of the Libertarian party support the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It's ridiculous.


True. Actual Libertarian ideals would obviously not limit free speech. Unfortunately most so-called libertarians of today are either unironic iron-fist communists or ex-Democrat classical liberals that have been left behind by the unceasing leftward march of modern liberalism.


True, most people who identify as "libertarians" in 2021 are just SJWs who want lower taxes. A while back I saw a post on a libertarian subreddit that unironically said hate speech laws were a good thing and that "hate speech isn't free speech" and that "hate speech is a violation of NAP." and it got loads of upvotes.


Is BitChute unusably slow for anyone else since the happening?


Yep, Pleroma and mastodon stopped for a while too, and Gab is essentially down now also.


Anyone else scared by how authoritarian your average person is? I was scrolling through r*ddit today to gauge the public's reaction to the recent conservative purge and holy crap it's scary. How can normies be so oblivious to the slippery slope?
How much time do we have left until social credit or reeducation camps for dissidents based on online post history are a thing.


Yes it's terrifying, the same people that call themselves democrats celebrate that others get silenced and cancelled.

And I don't support the orange retard, but this looks like a twisted dystopia and I'm not even american I'm just watching from the outside, can't imagine how bad would be inside.


File: 1610312384446.png (210.59 KB, 616x345, 616:345, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>social credit
You already have that, it's called a credit rating and it governs where you are able to live and work. You aren't allowed to monitor it gratis, as any request to see your own credit rating further penaltizes your credit rating.
>reeducation camps for dissidents
Pretty much never happened anywhere. The gulag system were prisons with labor programs. The closest the Soviets ever got was when mainstream psychiatry in Russia began to label certain political opinions as evidence of schizophrenia; but this has been a longstanding tradition already in the United States. The Soviets were merely catching up to the use of schizophrenia in that manner which went on through the 1960s.

This is the future you chose, Liberal. Aren't you proud?


Yup. We're headed for Nazi Germany 2.0 at this rate.


>Nazi Germany 2.0
Yes please. Based.


It's more Ingsoc than Natsoc.


If you're a wizard and not a normie infiltrator you must know that people like us would be either killed or forced to marry and have kids in nazi germany, right?


I don't think redzit is a good representation of reality nor how most people really feel.


>Pretty much never happened anywhere.
Your lack of knowledge of history and current events saddens me.
I mean they exist right now to this day in China as a example right off the top of my head.


>imagine storming the capitol because the guy you liked didn't win the election

This niave argument finally makes me understand the whole "civil was was about state's rights." argument. I mean, yeah, Trump losing is what set off the chain of events that ended with Trump supporters storming the capitol, but the reasoning behind it was more of an overall belief of corruption in the government. I just wished it was more organized. The mob expected to rally around Trump, but Trump was nowhere to be seen so they just basically walked around and did fuck all.


Reddit sure as shit isn't representative of the general population. I think most of the population just wants to be left alone. Plenty of people voted for Biden because they were just tired of the anti-Trump circlejerk in the media.


Failed law enforcement-lead strike against high office bureaucrats with a populist veneer.
Unless you are a member of congress or a cop, you're just a useful idiot if you have picked a side.
Media is pushing the common man's coup narrative to keep you from realizing this.


I realized this, I don't care about Trump or Biden, fuck them both, they can both die in a fire for all I care along with the rest of idiot politicians.

But I care about free speech, and I'm extremely concerning about the big tech companies trying to eliminate someone from the internet along with their supporters just because they don't like them.

We could be next.


The only benefit I saw to Trump was that he offered a potential disruption to your concern, among other evils. Not because of any direct action he might take, but because how utterly arbitrary and uninvolved he is as a leader. We had no wars, despite the middle powers (Department of Defense, the military, etc.) trying to push him in this direction. He was also the only president in my lifetime to personally give me something ($1,200, plus the proposed $2,000). Now that Biden is in office, I would bet money that surveillance, censorship and austerity increase. Think Bush/Obama administration but worse, because TPTB will feel the need to further punish people for the last 4 years of disruption from their system. Granted, it was the direction they always wanted, but these 4 years of chaos and the state of the economy are perfect excuses to accelerate things to their preferred point. I am anticipating a very bad year, and a consecutive 3 of starvation and constriction.


Nothing is going to happen, right? It'll just cool down from now on won't it?


Stuff is already happening and all signs point to it just getting far worse in every way.


The apocalypse has already started, it's just a very slow fall that won't reach everyone at once. By 2030/2040, this will become very clear to the rest of the world.


File: 1610326128476.png (330.52 KB, 1839x2511, 613:837, prediction.png) ImgOps iqdb


great another shitty LARP, do people really believe everything they see on the internet? are we all zoomers or what?


Don't get my hopes high.


File: 1610327602512.png (74.67 KB, 680x396, 170:99, lightningman.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just a reminder to LARPers, if you manage to make it far enough to reach your personal fantasy vision of the post-apocalypse, you will die in a humiliating and undignified manner such as pic related. There are no zombies, there is no road warrior; Only an unyielding, quietly drab misery until death finally comes, which that in and of itself will feel like another eternity until nothingness finally comes.


because he is gay.


takes one to know one!!


Comrades, err I mean my fellow Liberals, I have been informed the command has introduced prudent changes to the protocol. From now on we refrain from calling everything racism. We shall call everything terrorism instead. Carry on y'all. To victory!


I've noticed that corona-ism has become an article of faith in shitlibbery.
When the doomvirus hoax started, trump expressed a little early skepticism and these morons instantly associated virus skepticism with trump support, and parroting the virus hoax with being a true and good trump hater, in spite of the evidence and the impacts on their own lives.

I wonder in ten days when bad orangeman is gone if they'll drop this stupid imaginary association and start to protest this globalist virus hoax that's destroying their lives.


Spoke like a true /pol/tard


except I've never been to "pol"
don't forget to call me a trump lover while you're at it, buffoon


>Use /pol/ lingo
>Gets surprised when called a /pol/tard


>gets surprised
I did?
Your mind reading skill is even poorer than your critical thinking one. There's nothing surprising about your predictable reply.


File: 1610346076583.png (56.99 KB, 173x174, 173:174, society.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Libs hate Orangeman
>Orangeman says virus is fake
What if I told you, you can have an opinion about something independent of the culture wars


I'm not sure who you're trying to mock, but you're doing it badly.


The real world that we're living in is stranger than any fiction. It's completely ridiculous that we live in a world where people think they're a rebel and one of the good guys for fighting on the side of the 1%, the billionaires, the WHO, the World Bank, the corrupt DNC and corrupt RNC, the colleges, the professors, a literal apartheid State, and more.
The people whose every 3rd statement is a criticism of the 1%, Jeff Bezos, politicians, and entire establishment, or calls for class warfare are considered tyrannical bootlickers while those who thank Big Tech for censoring the masses, cheer the death of Free Speech and gun rights and the passing of draconian laws are considered "rebellious freedom fighters."
Starting an autonomous zone after driving police out in Capitol Hill, burning 30 buildings including a historic church, murdering many including 2 african-american teens, and committing rape in that zone is considered to be a peaceful gathering, while charging for politicians chanting for just a single audit is considered insurrection and terrorism.

It is seen as anti-racist to "positively" discriminate based on race. It is seen as anti-sexist to "positively" discriminate based on sex. People believe that men can be succubi and succubi can be men, that there is no difference between the two. Libertarians believe that liberty violates liberty. Communists believe that the working class is the biggest enemy to their ends. Colleges believe in "the lived experience" rather than empiric data. Professors espouse feelings over facts. Lawmakers support social justice over justice.
The party that has the proven track record of fighting openly for the interests of rich billionaires until recently reluctantly fought those same billionaires, while the party supposedly fighting for social programs and rights is now the sole proprietor of authoritarianism, support for billionaire tech giants, and war in the middle east.

The party supposedly against tyranny now believes that the great-grandchildren or great-great-grandchildren of the supposed perpetrators of a crime must work pay off the supposed crime of their ancestors, not just in reparations, but by fighting against their own interests and harming their own families in support of people they don't know- people whose great-great-grandparents are the only ones who experienced such a crime.
Why does the party supposedly fighting tyranny believe in multi-generational punishment? How could propaganda have been perfected to the degree that people live today as living contradictions to the ideals of truth?

We live in the age of contradiction. Men are now succubi, fighting for rights is fighting for tyranny, free speech is violence, eye-witnesses aren't enough for court cases, the interests of the media, the colleges, and the billionaires are now anti-establishment, sexual exploitation of succubi is now succubi's rights, killing muslim children in Palestine is seen as an act of good, supporting an apartheid state is now anti-racist, communists thank big tech, libertarians are against rights, Nazis are now Hispanic, Black, and Asian, ugly is now beautiful, nature is now unnatural, and the scientific method is now racist.

Propaganda, forged in the fires of the industrial system, has become so effective as to turn every fact against itself. People walk the streets gleefully holding beliefs that on their own contradict themselves entirely, and together contradict every fact of this world. They readily call the hispanic leader of Proud Boys and the full-blood Asian succubus Michelle Malkin white supremacists. No matter what they see and no matter what evidence appears before them, they refuse reality unless it is prescribed in the form of social media points or news headlines.

If there is one thing that can be known in this clown-world of jarring and blatant contradiction, it is that the more the world calls you wrong, the more certain you can be that you are right. And so the same if they call you true evil. You could not be closer to true good.


Hey we might lose freedom of speech but at least you will get your $2000 bucks right?


fair trade


Apparently activists of the tolerant left have hacked Parler before it went down and got everything. They're promising severe reprisals against anyone identified as a shitty human being. They sure love enforcing their politics by exposing and defaming people on the internet, until it's Andy Gno posting released mugshots. Then it's time for an attempted assassination. But hey, that's not terrorism it's just free speech you biggott :^)


For how long can this shit go on? Doesn't the right plan to do anything?



Nope. And remember, things will get a lot worse before they get a lot worse.


I'm scared and I'm not even a Trumptard, Trump can go suck a dick for being a retard that behaves like a 8 y/o.

But these people are the true nazis, one day they can just say "We don't like you, we think you are a bigot and you should be exterminated" and come after you, and it's only a matter of time before they come for wizchan and after us because we don't fit within their narrative, they will come after this site and the server providers and dox every single one of us if they can just like what happened with parler, wizzies in the US may face harrassment and even death threats, we already know what the normie left thinks about us because of gamergate and various "journalists" that came here and blog about us, we're on their way and they will try to destroy us.

This is dystopic, I hate to use /pol/ lingo but things must accelerate, they're pushing us way too hard, and this is not only against the rightists, trumpists and MIGApedes, they want to destroy everyone who doesn't fit within their vision of the world.


Nice try dude.
No one is biting what you are fishing with.


I don't know what you're talking about retard, this is my opinion and I've been saying the same for a while.


Your opinion is retarded and no one here is going to join your stupid cause. Especially the pants on the head retardation that is accelerationism in the name of culture war bullshit.



Conservitards need to make their own websites and web servers, can't be that hard


70 TB of Parler's data just got leaked. Please have your means of suicide ready for the event that they do the same with 4chan.


>Conservitards need to make their own websites and web servers
Been there done that.
Shit still gets taken down.
They can't make their own payment processors due to federal laws and regulations.


it was always gonna be this way, don't care as long as i get bux lol


Ironically it were leftists that used to warn people about corporate power. Fast forward and now corporate power has assimilated the left and will crush the right. We should've listened.


File: 1610392289057.jpg (119.05 KB, 1040x610, 104:61, ErGVdPOVkAMzExP.jpeg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do any wizzies have an informed opinion about the threat of high inflation due to all the US dollar creation since corona? I was thinking of moving more of my autismbux into Bitcoin to protect myself.


Unless you have >100K that you don't plan on spending, I wouldn't worry about inflation much.


Weak troll.


Somehow I doubt the dole gives enough money to afford speculating with cryptobullshit like the rich kids do.


Thanks, wiz.
I've just been putting a few dollars into crypto every month since 2018. Mostly so I have a backup if benefits are cut.


Biden declares war on NRA and second amendment
>States with the strictest gun control also have the greatest level of gun violence
>obviously the solution is more gun control

Why do retards still fall for the gun control meme?


Will this be just another one sided war?


The 2A community has been losing their shit and been fighting hard for the past year already.
You probably don't keep track of this stuff and the news stays away from it but it has been wall to wall court battles all last year over all kinds of issues in various states.
Last couple of months the ATF has been going nuts and conducting raids on lawful businesses to get customer records, which they are being sued for.

This is mainly a paper war fought in courts. The problem is the Supream court has for the past decade or so been ducking most 2A related cases that come before them, and no one has been holding the ATF accountable.
That and leftist still don't know shit about guns, current laws already on the books, and generally just want all guns to be banned.
They want to make what happened to CA the example for federal law, then convert to UK style gun control.
I mean they full on admitted as much, that they want to take our guns.
The 2A community has been paying attention, and they are already fighting back.

That said the NRA have been mostly useless the past few years. Which sucks because while they aren't the only group they still are the biggest 2A lobby group by far with the most political power when they have their shit together.
NRA leadership needs to be replaced with hardliners who refuse compromise.


File: 1610418964529.png (317.24 KB, 852x566, 426:283, kurtz_was_right.png) ImgOps iqdb

We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "fuck" on their airplanes because it's obscene.


>Biden declares war on NRA and second amendment

they say this about every democrat president. How are you rubes so stupid that you keep falling for this gun marketing bullshit?


I mean he literally said he was declaring war on the NRA in his last speech.
On the same day 8 new anti-gun bills were pre-filled adding to the list of over a dozen since the year started.

And you have all the shit the ATF has been doing lately.
And during the election Biden was super anti gun and anti second amendment.

But I guess since you personally haven't been paying any attention it doesn't exist.


Ron Paul is about to be purged off big tech too.
Facebook already is locking down his page.


The free market has decided.


Reliance on thought terminating cliche is just a transparent means to stifle discussion of topics you are too stupid to engage with on a intellectual level.




It's not a free market, government regulations prevents people from easily creating alternative services.


Seems like the Left has gone into war-mode ever since Trump was elected but the majority of the Right still thinks that peaceful resolution is possible and preferable. The MSM's reaction to the capitol incident demonstrates that they are utterly terrified of the Right going into the same full-scale war mode that the Left has been in for the past 4 years.


What makes you say the left is in "war mode"?


Not him but it's probably the fact that the left has burning buildings down + shooting people IRL and doxxing + threatening people online


The Floyd riots, the open calls for violence against non-leftists, the active efforts by big tech to punish those who do not fall in line by preventing them from using IT infrastructure and aggressively eliminating any alternative providers through any means possible, and the aggressive attempts by the media to label their political enemies as 'terrorists'.


>burning buildings down + shooting people IRL
That's not "the left", it's just niggers. Huge difference. Leftists don't mind because it isn't hurting them.
>doxxing + threatening people online
This is more a normalfag problem than a political problem. People shouldn't have been connecting their IRL identity with their online identify in the first place.


The leftists were cheering and calling for escalation the entire time. And feeding the rioters, and busing them out to target cities, and bailing them out of jail, and organizing and writing rhetoric to justify everything.
>This is more a normalfag problem than a political problem
Except big tech corporations are participating in this as well, not just individual normalfags.

The covid lockdowns are pretty convenient for these huge corporations as well, forcing small businesses to go bankrupt and condensing even more power in these billionaires hands. And who has been pushing the fearmongering over this virus this entire time? If MSM treated this like they treated the Swine Flu do you think we'd even have lockdowns in the first place? Kind of funny how huge transnational corporations always lobby for bigger government.

Printing all this money will cause the fiat currencies of every country involved in this to crash, and when that happens these Illuminati oligarchs will be in the perfect position to swoop in and cement their control once and for all.


>That's not "the left", it's just niggers.
they are mostly white though. the fuck are you talking about?


File: 1610493211645.jpg (171.68 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1595334280282.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Right. The only solution to defeating every billionaire and corporation in the face of the planet is deregulating even more.


Crazy stuff. Twitter tried to manipulate elections in Uganda by silencing certain opinions heavily. In response Uganda disabled access to all mainstream social media until the elections are done. Twitter tried to spin up another moralistic MUH DEMOCRASEH outrage about it but it fizzled. Apparently not enough lefty corpos have a stake in goddamn Uganda to bother engaging in a coordinated campaign. Dorsey and his lackeys are fuming because as it turns out an entitled tech corporation can be rendered impotent even by a horrible shithole if only the shithole decides to finally put its foot down. Take note, Americans. Literal third world niggers are doing better than you in resisting technocratic enslavement.


Have you seen how the normalfags are eagerly ratting on everyone they know like all the kool kids do? For good boy replies and fake internet popularity points? If you have libtarded family members who hate you you're fucked LOL. They're goint to stich to the FBI that you're a terrist, good luck wizzie.


The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.


You say that like wherever the fuck you are from isn't worse off in this regard.


>Have you seen how the normalfags are eagerly ratting on everyone they know like all the kool kids do?
No, I don't use redzit or social media so the only normalfags I ever interact with are irl people with lives and real issues to worry about other then culture war bullshit.
Here in the land of grown ups all this shit is about as impactful and important as some entertainment industry shake up. People got bills to pay and mouths to feed. Normalfags aren't the ones running around trying to cancel people.
That is the work of abnormal mentally ill losers who don't have lives of their own and instead hang on to a group identity like a cultist.


I've seen some reddit posts in this thread. I want to believe is just people RPing to get upvotes.


Yeah I used to be certain it's all talk and LARP until the LARP started showing up in my neighborhood to set cars on fire and put trumpers in ER.


Another major thing is the type of rhetoric that each side is using. Most of the conservatives and libertarians are still trying to appeal to logic or ethics to convince people that they're 'correct'. Whereas the Left has shifted into warlike chest-beating, focusing on trying to project an image of strength and demoralize. They're much closer to physical conflict than the Right, who are still in intellectual conflict.
This obviously doesn't apply to actual national socialists, who have shifted to war rhetoric long ago, but they're very tiny minority and aren't really part of the right wing. They're socialists who also happen to be nationalists.


WTF are you babbling about? America is literally a third world country with trillions of dollars in debt it has no chance to pay off and no democracy as the elites can steal elections whenever they want. Just because it has nice buildings built hundreds of years ago, doesn't change that.


> America is literally a third world country
It literally is not a third world country ya dink.


You're either an european with absolutely no idea of what a third world country really is like or you're full of shit



There were a few riots in response to black people being killed by police with impunity. It is absoloutely crazy to say that "the left" is in war mode because of that. Everyone on the left in positions of power has been publicly denouncing the violence. It's the right who has time and time again invoked violent rhetoric.

Being banned from a website because you broke the rules against inciting violence is not an act of war you absolute fucking retards. That is major fucking projection. And if you don't want to be called terrorists, maybe don't plot a violent insurrection of the fucking government.

As for the left calling for violence. Literally just give me one example. You can't because this is all in your imagination. You are absolutely deranged and doing imax levels of projection.


I honestly literally don't understand how the people posting here as so damn deranged. The levels of insanity and delusion on display here are more stark than a literal insane asylum full of schizos. I think I know what it was like for people living through Nazi Germany now.


Literally all lies. Amazing.


I don't know what's more pathetic, you typing this shit or you actually believing it.


At this point I wonder if it's schizenu being too retarded to live as usual or someone impersonating him for fun.


File: 1610553202348.mp4 (15.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, the-storming-of-capitol-hi….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Is this a case of selective blindness? Have you actually seen the videos and pictures posted here, of the MSM and other "reputable" people excusing or even cheering the violence? "Fiery but mostly peaceful"?


You have been enthralled by narrative created by people that are far more powerful than you are, what basically amounts to the secular religion for the neoliberal world, and you have your head too far up your asshole to question it, that is why you feel appalled when someone does.


Meh, there is actually a pretty high concentration of people with real not for attention mental illness on the site.
It can be annoying at times but you sort of get used to it.

Or do you just mean people who hold political opinions you don't like?
Because there is a diffrence between the actual crazies who depending on mood with actually swing for both teams if you know what I mean, and the people who are quite sane but just hold opinions you might fine objectionable.

That said I am pro-freedom so ether way they should be able to speak their mind as long as they aren't intentionally being disruptive. Just don't try to get into a debate with the nutters or you are in for a bad waste of time.
The wrongthinkers are fun though. They get all pissy when you poke holes in their bad rationalizations. It's pretty funny.


File: 1610564769142.jpg (31.87 KB, 578x129, 578:129, KNj19mxFUEtQpq01_18CN0V_Vw….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Honestly Im really happy that the people responsible for the attempted coup are getting caught. The politicians that ratted Pelosi location should go to jail too.
Really happy with twitter finally ba nning the nazis.



File: 1610569649875.jpg (180.97 KB, 618x780, 103:130, saber.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not only did you break the bonds of fealty, but you broke Her Majesty's heart. By divine decree your independence is hereby forfeit.


>Most of the conservatives and libertarians are still trying to appeal to logic or ethics to convince people that they're 'correct'.

With shit like pizzagate and Qanon right? fuck that, both sides are idiotic and full of retarded people and retarded arguments, I hope both conservatives and liberals get the rope.


LOL, no not that. What he means is some people on the right are very angry that other right wingers are not doing anything except wasting their time trying to engage in logical arguments about stuff like unequal treatment of rioters depending on whether they wore a blue or a red hat to the protests.


god there's a lot of niggers in this country
I wonder if there are still any white populations outside the old U.S. that are a majority racist?


No, he didn't. He's a brain dead retard and a hypocrite that goes from bash the fash to bootlicker stasi agent the moment government subsidized corporate media tells him to.


White Balkans plus Belarus, Ukraine, muscovite part of Russia. That's it. Unfortunately most of these nations spawn hordes of their own debased economic migrants who crawl all over europe behaving almost as bad as niggers.
Every other country is either in full blown enthusiastic racemixing+immigration indigenous population replacement mode or going through a transitional coping stage where common sentiments are already set to something like "their food is so much better and immigrants are honest educated people who came here to work hard and make something of themselves unlike our backward lousy nationals." Primed for hostile takeover.


Lies, I'd never do anything to break her heart.


So far 21 thousand troops were deployed to protect the oligarchs in DC. That's a full division. It was confirmed they were issued live rounds and authorization to use lethal force. A nice extravagant show of force and a big fuck you from your lords and masters.
Remember when they refused to do anything when people like you needed protection? Remember when the largest NG deployment during the summer of Floyd was a whopping 1100 unarmed boots, and that still triggered anguished lament about LITERAL FASHIZM?


The cherry on top is that Biden's inauguration will be completely virtual with no ceremony at all.


>Remember when they refused to do anything when people like you needed protection? Remember when the largest NG deployment during the summer of Floyd was a whopping 1100 unarmed boots, and that still triggered anguished lament about LITERAL FASHIZM?
Probably because the vast majority of people are just philosophical zombies that fight for whatever the media convinces them is fact and social media algorithms convinces them is the will of the people.


Someone asked about non-MAGAs in the Capitol crowd earlier. Well I knew about that one prolific nigger BLM-Antifa member who got arrested and today they released him without bail. Draw your own conclusions.


>oh no teh jews


>fighting spirit
That just arrogant barbarity


File: 1610846910585.jpg (49.84 KB, 599x478, 599:478, 1554830748549.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>What kind of crime did they even commit? A couple broken windows and knocked down a couple chairs and shit.
They stormed the capitol building with the sole intent to stop the confirmation of Joe Biden and to capture/kill senators (mostly Democrats and maybe some Republicans like Romney). All because Trump is "fighting against" the pedophile globalist satanic BBC loving establishment out to rape little white succubi.
Which is why they should serve serious jail time you fucking moron.

>Meanwhile, you got rioters killing, looting and burning down buildings and they get cheered on by the establishment.

The only "rioters" doing any killing if you take a close look are only right wing gun nuts. That right wing nut who ran over a crowd a few years back and killed one person. That right wing untermensch kyle going to the protests and riots with an assault rifle.


Shut the fuck up schizenu.


Vote from the rooftops.


File: 1611066289777.png (242.71 KB, 518x310, 259:155, oy_vey.png) ImgOps iqdb

Have white terrorists gone too far this time?

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