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Any wizards had covid? Do you know where you got it from?

Got thinking wizards must be the perfect test for how common asymptomatic transmission is. Many of us are recluses and only meet a few people.


Don't know as I haven't been tested nor am I going to be tested.


my mom had it but she didn't have any symptoms so maybe I had it too idk, I didn't notice if I did


the retarded job I had back in summer made me come into close contact with hundreds of people every day in an indoor setting

I developed rashed on my face around that time and had high fever (38.5 or so) and terrible fatigue for around 3 days, they still made me come in. I didn't get tested because I didn't want to bother going to a hospital and honestly I was angry and preferred spreading it at work in case I was positive, during smoke breaks I'd blow smoke on my coworkers and shit. they didn't like me there and I can't blame them

not really sure if that was covid or not




I think I did. My taste and smell are still recovering. I probably got it from the post office.


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I got it, I even got a positive PCR test and everything. Got it from a shitty customer service job that insisted put as many people close to each other as if wearing masks and putting some plastic shit between computers in a closed space where everyone has to keep speaking was going to stop it.

As for symptoms it started with extreme fatigue, as waking up from a 6 hour nap and still tired, then I got fever, rashes, nausea, lost both my taste and smell and some other symptoms don't remember now. I keep hearing people claiming they are not sure if they had it or not but the symptoms were too many and different to be a common cold.

Hopefully I got to treat it as soon as I got the fatigue with ivermectin, azithromycin and Zinc.
Damn thing didn't even reach my lungs. Naturally I quit the fucking job and been working from home since.


Literally everyone in the office I work at tested positive at one time or another except for me. Including a succubus I had to sit a few feet away from regularly. I didn't go around wearing a mask or using alcohol on my hands either.

It's almost a certainty that I contracted it at some point but didn't have any symptoms.


Last august, this retarded old man waiting behind me in a queue kept coughing and spluttering and would not cover his mouth. Felt like I had a bad cold for a few days, followed by a week of coughing. Was fine after that.


how do you know you got it? there's no way i'd let anyone stick that thing inside my nose


nope, and family won't let me out for fear I will get it and spread it to them. Which works fine for me as I have no desire to socialize with the outside world. 2020 was a great year, especially for justifying prolonged unemployment.


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