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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

Archive links of previous threads: https://archive.vn/9RuyM
Last thread: >>260732


send your kids off to war lol
why do americans act like their 'boys' are freezing in trenches waiting to get mauled by machine gun fire?


I refuse to fight in any war regardless of how much you try to pretty it up.


Why do the libs think it's a good idea to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr? My labor as an autistic male who hasn't worked in over 7 years isn't worth that much. Now I'll never get a job.


They know that the hoi polloi have poor impulse control and will gladly jump at a short-term pay bump even if there are long-term consequences. It's just another way to buy votes.


File: 1610920763724.jpg (201.33 KB, 1250x800, 25:16, politicalspeech.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This one is much better.


fuck dan quayle


Is this just a random shitpost or did dan quayle actually do something recently that made him relevant for the first time in like 28 years?



hi dan


One more day for Trump to pardon Snowden/Assange and prove he isn't a deep stater, there is no honest and good reason for him not to, unless he's a coward

It might also be too much to ask that he declassifies a bunch of stuff I don't see why not


He really should but he isn't going to.



You shouldn't need a job you should have a social safety net, but some countries like America barely have that, which is why there is so much crime and retardation and stress there


U.S elections are a personality affair not policy, Biden won back in 2018 when he said he'd beat Trump up


And all Trump could say was "very bad Joe you can't be saying these things bigly!! how uncouth ooohh!!!"

Trump may also be funny but so is Biden with his old man rants and just having him in the white house is as funny a joke as Trump getting in was


Looks like the NRA is filing for bankruptcy.
Shitty timing even if I am not a fan of them.


murkans would never us their guns to fight the zog anyway so who cares, the things ar just security blankets, as long as ah have muh guns ahm free durr hurr is their whole mentality


>murkans zog ar ah have muh guns ahm free durr hurr
if you don't want to discuss politics fine but don't shit up this thread


I guess you think the gun matter is deep and complex but it's really that simple, it's not shitting up a thread to point it out, even you with that fancy long barrel pistol or whatever the hell you made would never raise it against an authority figure coming for your freedums and you know it, so what's it good for


Read rule 5 and stop shitposting.


>having an honest opinion is shitposting
how about you stop trying to make rule 5 what it isn't


>It might also be too much to ask that he declassifies a bunch of stuff
I just want ayy stuff declassified. That's all I ask for. Pls Trump.


well it's dumbass's last day in office, watch this…he doesn't pardon anyone or do anything but limp away



File: 1611094680747.jpg (36.76 KB, 572x411, 572:411, 1609306563300.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hail to the thief "President" Joe Biden


What if there isn't anything related to aliens to declassify?
What if it is just more boring shit like all the other FOIA dumps for the past few decades?


President Biden missing on his inaguaruation day


this old ghoul is an embarrassment to true Pedos everywhere, we all know that Kamala Niggerman is the true Empress of Neo-Africa


Parahrased from the geneva convention
>Rooted in the principle of humanity is the prohibition of superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering—that is, inflicting injury or suffering without any military value. This fundamental principle, when breached, could amount to a war crime
How do you determine what suffering is "un-necessary"? If a soldier bleeds out from bullet wounds, is that "un-necessary"? If the only plausible method of stopping an armored column was detonating a neutron bomb over them to kill the crews, is that "un-necessary" if it was the most effective tactical move? How can you even begin to apply such an idea to combatants? In war combatants will die, the very method of fighting is the process of killing the enemy. Extra suffering that produces no tactical advantage would certainly be un-necessary, that's fair enough. But that doesn't seem to be how people interpret the "rules of war". There are many, many tactically effective weapons that will produce painful methods of dying, that is to say; most of them. Are people just scared that war will become so effecient that they won't be able to keep up with the lightning fast pace of it?


People are saying Trump didn't pardon Assange/Snowden because he thinks not doing that will stop Republicans from impeaching him, but Trump isn't stupid he knows they are gonna impeach him anyway, but even if that were true it's worth pardoning just for his legacy (which Trump should also know), which is why it almost baffles me he didn't do it, almost cause I know he's deep state himself


are the democrats backed by big tech literally orchestrating a violent takeover?
>steal the election with blatant voter fraud
>shut down anyone on social media who tries to deny it and force the narrative that biden was legitimately elected despite not having any evidence
>force it down everybody's throats that anybody who doesnt acknowledge the election results is a conspiracy theorist or a self interested traitor
>either decoy disguised antifa or patriots who are genuinely concerned about our democratic system mob the capital to assert their rights as citizens to a fair democratic process
>use this as an excuse to lock down the capital with trained personal and forcefully put biden in office, nobody is allowed to question it or they get silenced


Its weird you can say people of colour but not coloured people, I hate both


it's just more of that crazy double-think from the minds of the nigger lovers, you'll go nuts trying to make sense of it


I just call em niggers


File: 1611142298475.jpg (150.53 KB, 2048x822, 1024:411, EsJJYqOXEAM5cRi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


They're just moving to Texas.
It's not like they have any choice in the matter on what to be called.


File: 1611146072462.png (351.13 KB, 680x681, 680:681, 1uyeOZf2CiKW1MDnYahzLErZg1….png) ImgOps iqdb

I always see people talking about third parties and they always seem to "syphon" votes from republicans, is this really the case? Are democrats just brain dead "vote blue no matter who" idiots that never change their vote? Or is it just republicans blaming others for their failures.


both republican and democrat dislike third parties because they are seen as splitting the vote. Many people blamed the green party for siphoning votes when trump won.


Remember, always aim to royally fuck over the leftards in your life from now on. If you can get away with it go out of your way to hurt them in any way you can imagine. Whites of America and 'the west' are not going to survive this berserk ZOG but before it's over the least we can do is to maximize the number of libs who 41% themselves.


both parties cry about it, maybe most notably with ralph nader back in the day. it's just normalniggers being butthurt their favorite grandpa didnt get elected. a third party vote is not a vote against their own as they like to claim.


That's just pettiness. White Americans are going to continue existing even after they become a minority, even after their country degrades and dies. Instead of engaging in finkel-think you should try to understand why it went into this direction and how to survive it.


>Men's rights group successfully sues to force US military draft to include succubi
>The US military must include succubi in any future drafts, a federal judge has ruled, after a prominent men’s rights group successfully sued the Selective Service System (SSS).

The decision follows the Pentagon’s policy reversal in 2015 to begin allowing succubi to serve in combat military roles. succubi were previously barred from combat, which caused the US Supreme Court to rule in 1981 that their exclusion in draft registrations was constitutional.

I only just heard of this now, does anyone know if females in the US have to sign up for draft now?


It's like they want to keep losing wars.


hello mr policeman


>oh no we can't we're not like them this is not who we are
Yeah exactly. Just quietly lock yourelf in your hovel and be proud of losing with dignity, again. Behave yourself and never consider doing what the left did to merely win everything there was to win. Don't fight it goyim, just step back and focus on bare survival. Good, goooood.


It's not like foot soldiers get deployed anymore. It's just gonna be fat american succubi dropping bombs on iranian children at the behest of isreal. Pretty poetic.


>It's not like foot soldiers get deployed anymore.
Where did you get that idea? Don't you realize the old world of low intensity shithole policing missions is dead and gone? Your current enemies are slightly better prepared and motivated for real war than some dispersed network of IED emplacers which could be contained with two targeted assassinations a week.


I don't think real wars are gonna happen anymore. Big nations know that the destruction of an all out war would be too costly, and so they just posture and wage war economically. Actual fighting is reserved for battles that easily won against small weak nations.


What exactly do you want to fight for? Trump? Republicans? Capitalism? "Classic" liberalism?


File: 1611163811559.png (46.02 KB, 701x301, 701:301, ridin with biden.png) ImgOps iqdb


Fight for yourself. That's all you have. Don't let them convince you that they own you.


Not being forced to take part in their indoctrination programs at work, being able to go outside and do my shit without being accosted by or expected to show support for LGBXYZ rights shrills and rampaging niggers, being able to go through all the necessary human interactions without being probed for wrongthink and preached at, and to keep my hobbies free of their bullshit. None of these things are possible right now. If you live in some magical place where being left the fuck alone is achievable you're incredibly lucky but rest assured they'll be coming for your little corner of the world eventually.


Trump's sendoff ceremony got more views than Biden's inauguration.


I have to be honest, I think we've got to have a little bit more love in our community. We've got to stop being so fucking rude


And I think we need to stop being so polite.


Biden's only been in for a few hours and you crabs are already seething.
Yuppers, views and crowd sizes = joke and votes = broke. crab logic.


Don't shit up the thread more then it already is.
Again, civil discussion of politics.


Joe Biden is allegedly the most popular president in US history. That claim doesn't seem to match up with reality.


>Yuppers, views and crowd sizes = joke and votes = broke. crab logic.
They did make the same comparison with Obama and Trump four years ago, though. Now please stop calling everyone a crab, really makes you sound like one.


Nothing wrong with inncells. The desperate improvebrah larpers on the other hand are the real cancer.


>They're just moving to Texas
Because of the dozens and dozens of lawsuits that they can't afford to fight.


Talking about people's sexual desires or lack thereof has nothing to do with politics in context and is just being used as a lazy meaningless insult.

If you or anyone can't make a reasonable point without needing to resort to lowbrow insults, dumb memes, and buzzwords, then they aren't worth listening to and really are probably incapable of even discussing the topic competently.


tfw democrats control congress and the executive branch


File: 1611196511459.jpg (663.48 KB, 1384x1176, 173:147, EsItxT_XYAAg5yy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

And who controls the democrats?



Perhaps then it is more true to say that Trump is one of the most disliked presidents in history. That idea does match up with reality pretty well.


File: 1611225697996.png (11.21 KB, 629x192, 629:192, lel_canada.png) ImgOps iqdb

Instant buyer's remorse? Off to a good start with a blunder of strategic caliber, have fun tackling China with these retards in charge.


I think they're both retarded but whatever


He's hated by the MSM, not the people. Trump got over 10 million more votes than he had in 2016.


The MSM controls the thoughts of a lot of people. Everyone who doesn't like trump thinks he's literally hitler and shit. He's incredibly divisive, I don't think many people are indifferent to him.


The type of people who are controlled by the MSM already thought he was Hitler in 2016.


He still got less of the white male vote than he did back then. Face it, the only people whose lives have gotten better are succubi and the gays.


Yes, that's true. And they still do. Not sure what point you're making.


If MSM influence alone is enough to push the democratic candidate into the unprecedented 80 million votes range then Hillary should have easily beaten Trump in 2016.


Oh my bad, I wasn't following the chain of replies. My point was just that those who dislike trump really dislike him is all.



They could just watch FOX or the swarm of conservative radio or huge conservative/Murdoch newspapers or the youtube superstars (Tim Pool, Molyneux, sargon of akkad, dave rubin, ben shapiro, crowder loads more) it's out there people just don't give a fuck


File: 1611248853822.jpg (96.44 KB, 1125x929, 1125:929, EsQUdCoW8AA3osd.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yellen's about to make retirement illegal. I hope Bidencels are ready for the assrape of the century.


>hey could just watch FOX or the swarm of conservative radio or huge conservative/Murdoch newspapers or the youtube superstars (Tim Pool, Molyneux, sargon of akkad, dave rubin, ben shapiro, crowder loads more)
Not that wiz but everyone you mentioned are either libertarians or neocons. Molymeme has been deplatformed for years.


I think I'm ready to just move my saving to crypto and stop paying taxes.


File: 1611251814666.jpg (15.47 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1605650229606-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I still have no idea what actual changes Biden has in store. Can any libtards explain?


Undoing all the shit Trump did for the last 4 years.



Absolutely love this clip from Alex Jones


>virus spreading bad
>travel ban racist


I still have no idea what actual changes Biden has in store. Can any libtards explain?


File: 1611262882470.png (67.33 KB, 672x1081, 672:1081, ygbsm.png) ImgOps iqdb

>PCR tests are our holy augur, do not dare insult the holy augur you filthy heretic. The only way forward is testing, testing, testing, better trust the science you dumb biggott.
>Just kidding LOL. See you around suckers.


i don't know why anyone would willingly get tested, not only does it look unpleasant but in the event it is positive they'll pester you and your relatives about quarantining and all that crap


He's not Trump


this guy won't last a year in office


Being low IQ and saying dumb shit didn't stop Trump from being president for 4 years, his only real job was to sign the papers that Kushner put in front of him, so Biden's dementia is meaningless. If anything Biden's handlers will have an easier time with him than Trump's handlers had with Trump since Biden doesn't need unrestricted access to Twitter to get pacified.


God I hate the state of American politics.


Surreal shit


It's like you are actively trying to sound as ignorant on the topic as you can.






trump is still running shit in the shadows, they let the pathetic libcucks rule for a bit before they jail them since america isn't ready for the truth



Is anyone sick of autism being used an excuse to do shitty things, I have autism and I don't do shit like this, crime is a crime and should be deterred and punished with the full force of the law, I've done citizens unlighting at public bus stops where smoking is not allowed and someone is smoking I'll spray their cigarettes with a bottle, because the police can't always be around to beat the fucking shit out of them



Before anyone asks no I've never been assaulted for doing this and usually people are surprisingly nonviolent but still get pissed off but I just walk away, but they wouldn't mess with me anyway since I'm 6'2 and have some pounds on me


Cops don't "beat the fucking shit out of" anyone for smoking but do I hope they kneel on your neck for being a retarded little shit.


If you tried to spray my cigarette i'd beat your fucking ass grow up lil bitch


You could not ask for a more normalnigger post than >>261737


Your bait and attentionwhoring has nothing to do with politics.
Fuck off retard.


File: 1611366163137.jpg (93.46 KB, 598x597, 598:597, 1611365987636.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

freedom kino is back on the menu


File: 1611368286519.jpg (161.42 KB, 1010x940, 101:94, whoops.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My condolences, similar shit happened in my country like 10 years ago. Leftarded government destroyed an entire branch of industry just to suck up to the cosmopolitan international community, taking away my chance to get the one job that wouldn't make me want to literally kill myself every second of it. It made my entire education useless and I can't stand doing anything else so I ended up permanently unemployable except for brief suicide inducing minimum wage stints, which are made all the more miserable by the fact our wages and living standards are artificially kept at serf level by the abusive globalist market and the hordes of disgusting goddamn immigrant filth which now infest our once sovereign nation. No, I can't fucking learn to code. I tried. And of course my country didn't even get anything in return for willingly castrating our domestic industry other than some empty praise in the globohomo MSM sphere, which was worth precisely nothing. The international opinion flipped against us immediately anyway when the obsequious pinkos lost power to vaguely rightist mainstream christian democrats ("LITERALLY NAZIS"). They're like our equivalent of cuckservative RINOs but you know, if you're not 110% with globohomo you're a mega Fascist so whatever. Maybe now Biden will bomb us evil Nazis to score some upvotes from the angry woke crowds. At this point I'd welcome it, fucking drop all of the nukes and put us out of our misery already.

How appropriate that Biden's team is pushing for 'Merica to willingly decrease its fantastic hydrocarbon production capacities from day 1, possibly making it depend on Middle Eastern oil imports again.


Remember that it's much better to die in a jail cell than it is to die in an overseas war. If they try to draft you, just say no.


If what Donald Trump claimed is true, and they managed to steal the election, even in states like Georgia and Arizona, where Republicans control the entire state government. Even with Trump in power in the federal government. That means there is no hope for the future as the situation can only get worse with the loss of the federal control.

The only solution is to abandon the Republican Party, and not support any electoral endeavors of theirs. We need to break the Republican Party and push Trump on this Patriot Party idea as Tim Pool says


lol who cares


Was ww2 the end of the world in a way? The end of the old world I mean. The 60s were 15 years later but I think it was a delayed effect, the cultural foundation was gone already and the 50s were just older people miming out a dead world. The world of religion, monarchy, the classical values and hierarchy, was gone.It's unfortunate that white men didn't wise up and do enough to assert themselves before the next generation fucked everything up.


Remember that this constant whiner is a bitch and war is pretty fucking awesome IRL.


It's very hard to draw the line where things like that begin or end. If you read people like Proust and Tolstoy they go really deep into death of values and tradition and those guys are writing almost a 100 years earlier from 1960s. If you go back another 100 years you find people like the luddites who were convinced the change in manufacture methods was the end of precious foundations. If you go back farther, you have the division of the catholic church after Luther and a lot of people believe that was the end of all the good values there and then. Take a look at the French wars of religion for example.

Now, if you go back even farther (bear with me here), in antiquity we had the division of history into ages and according to that the farther back you go the better it was. Golden age being the best and the current age, iron, being absolute shit in its entire duration. I'm not sure where it comes from exactly, but the west does have a fascination with the concept of decadence. The Decline of the West by Spengler is a famous one that deals about this and that came out way decades before 1939.

I guess the safest thing to say is WWII did put the US at the center of Western history shifting it from Europe. I guess the problem with history is that we never get to see end of the plot. It's hard to come up with a clear-headed opinion when we can barely stay alive for 70 years. I'm not dismissing any criticism people have with current cultural values of course, they're are still very valid despite of what I have said.


Baseball Legend Dies After Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine


Now that millions have had the vaccine I don’t know why individual cases would matter. It would be noticeable if it was killing people.


it's about the media's bad faith wiz, it leaves a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. It announces as absolute tragedy every single confirmed and unconfirmed COVID-19 celeb death but then pretends nothing ever bad can happen with the vaccine, which is of course ridiculous.

This railroading narrative understandably piss off some people who will now make absolute sure to announce every vaccine related and possibly unrelated celeb deaths in the very same manner.


>On days 3 and 4 after taking office with "multiple crises" underway, Vice President Harris has an empty schedule. President Biden only meets with advisors until the afternoon today before nothing until Monday (The Hill)
They told me Joe is the man with a plan but then he got in and immediately said nothing can be done about the epidemic for months and that the economic crisis is only going to get worse. Is this 4D chess? Is Joe secretly hard at work together with all the world's experts intellectuals and activists to save us all?


>It would be noticeable if it was killing people.
unless the colluding media choose to ignore it, which they are, except in high profile cases they can't (celebrities, people on webcasts)
the bigger problem than instant deaths from the "vaccine" is the long term effects, there's millions of people whose DNA is fucked up now and that's going to show sooner or later


Yeah being brainwashed, gaslit and tortured by turbo-normalfaggots until you're literally willing to take a bullet through the brain for the cabal that they work for sounds real "fucking awesome".


Wish I could be drafted. I would either perish in the battlefield or survive and get veteran benefits for the rest of my life. Sounds like a win-win scenario to me.


File: 1611426026832.jpg (1.08 MB, 5472x3648, 3:2, 721f622a94f21121fd1104edd2….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw we could have been listening to dorky mom jokes from Aunt Klobe but instead we have to hear Biden and Kamala for the next four years


Cry me a river hippie. OK that's enough sobbing, face the wall now.


File: 1611433459464.png (1.77 MB, 914x1280, 457:640, _original_drawn_by_alracoc….png) ImgOps iqdb

What did you think of Biden's inaugural speech?

Did you watch the inauguration?


>veteran benefits
funny joke


That is probably the most painful suicide method I have ever seen posted here. Have you seen videos of boot camp?


File: 1611442455519.jpg (258.04 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, alexander-the-great-wc-918….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>perish in the battlefield
Back in the old ages I guess it had some appeal to die on a battle, under the banner of a great leader like I dunno Alexander the great or Caesar, but nowadays you'd know you'll only be dying to further the Israeli agenda.
So what's the point anymore?



But Trump is so based!! I'll die for iSrael if its for him!



oh I forgot Biden is president, well I'll still die for Israel because like when the Iraq war happened if you don't support our troops your a pussy, and french fries are now called freedom fries in every American store


Hitler and the Nazi party were man's last rage against modernity. It's why the Nazi's opposed everything from "modern art" to "feminism." The Nazi's were simply antithetical to modernity in every way.
When they died, traditionalism died with them. Do I agree with the Nazis? No. But history died with them.


Wow, for real? Then I must have suicided painfully without even being aware. I'm apparently a ghost now. Oh my goooood. The horror, the horror.


That is by far the dumbest thing I have heard all week.
Did shitchan tell you this as a troll and you fell for it without any research or is it something you shitted out yourself?

God I rather deal with actual neo-nazi or whatever because they at the very least know their small subject of interest.
But tards like you know nothing about anything while proclaiming to the world your proud ignorance.

I am so fucking tired of your limitless stupidity that you unleash within this thread on a regular basis.
Nearly every day you try to one up yourself with something dumber then what you said last.
Making a game of it.

Not that you care. You will just reply with some dumb buzzword or phrase you think is edgy or whatever that you heard repeated on shitchan as you always do.
Probably calling me a jew or slur of some kind. Being happy your wore down another person with a brain so you can make the whole site what year special needs level of discourse.

Fuck it.
You win
Your endless torrent of aggressive stupidity has worn me down.
I'm done. With this thread and with this board. You retards can have it.


Thank you. Stay mad buddy.


What did anyone realistically expect a "change" in the administration was going to do?

The only reason that Trump was such a "problem" was the fact he had no presentation skills or manners when it came to the world stage, the last 3 presidents have all been warmongers, it's just they had "decorum" when they decided to blow up third world countries.


They were brainwashed horribly. Most don't really know why Trump is "bad", they just feel it. They also really believe he's a neonazi setting up a war machine of crazed cultists, obviously because of media brainwash.
I think the real problem with Trump is that he's not very bright and ultimately toothless.


I don't think his intelligence was the problem. He was just used to the world of business where you say what you mean and you avoid bullshit - your word is nothing short of a contract. When it comes to politics, the better you are at bullshitting the right people, the further you go. You don't come into politics with actual convictions, you just base your campaign rhetoric on what's currently popular in the polls and then when you get elected, you play along with the usual player's interests so you cause the least amount of friction and you get favorable press. Biden made a big deal out of Trump "lying" that he would ban fracking, and on the very first or second day of his presidency he went back on that promise.

Yes, Trump lacked a certain kind of "decorum" and lacked the backing of the establishment, so you could stick any nasty label you wanted on him, but I don't recall him actually going back on any of his campaign promises, he was just sabotaged at every point because no one except the people that voted for him wanted him in power. The refreshing thing about Trump that got him elected in the first place was that he wasn't a weasel career politician but actually went in with real convictions.


We are not hostile to religion, but we are hostile to the errors that lead to it. We are hostile to all forms of fanaticism. We are hostile to all forms of ignorance. We are hostile to all forms of hypocrisy.


>The refreshing thing about Trump that got him elected in the first place was that he wasn't a weasel career politician but actually went in with real convictions.
What? No, he got voted in because the choice was either another warhawk or a reality tv show host. Might as well throw a wrench in the works.


>No, he got voted in because the choice was either another warhawk or a reality tv show host.
This is revisionist history, given Hillary won the popular vote. Trump won in 2016 because what he said (build a wall, bring home troops, bring back manufacturing) was wildly popular with whites, particularly in the rust belt. He lost in 2020 because he had abandoned those people.


Bernie was a major sore spot for democrats in 2016 and many claim that the vote split from him was a major aid to trump.


Short answer is yes. The foundational mythology of the liberal consensus is WWII. I would go with WWI though because Europeans' collective suicide made it clear they had lost leadership of the twentieth century. If you're a traditionalist, then it was the French Revolution that ruined everything.
You can lay a lot of blame at the foot of Protestantism for sure.
The National Socialists with the Art Deco eagle right? They were a knee-jerk reaction to modernism and inseparable from it because they never would have existed without it.


File: 1611522020985-0.jpg (300.22 KB, 1353x1056, 41:32, 1604619321370.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611522020985-1.jpg (3.73 MB, 1308x8614, 654:4307, 1605206584376.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611522020985-2.jpg (2.3 MB, 1808x5312, 113:332, 1604706286111.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

He lost because of all the dead people voting for Biden.


you know there doesnt have to be one reason for everyone right? because i heard people who were passionate about trump and those who just hated clinton more.


I'm not revising anything, I'm just saying he never had any real convictions. A lot of people voted for him because was the alternative to the status quo whatever claims or promises he made.

>He lost in 2020 because he had abandoned those people.

He never really cared about those people in the first place. And he's stupid, he could have easily won against sleepy Joe.

>Vote blue no matter who
And they can go fuck themselves.


Interesting video where Keith argues that we're heading towards a sort of neo-feudal age.



And the capitalist shills will literally say this is based


anyone else noticed how main trump donor sheldon adelson croaked right in the final days of trump's term this month? like that maliferous jew was clinging to life only to keep pulling trump's strings, pretty nice timing



I'd lose the will to live too if I gave someone huge amounts of money only for them to lose, good time to die when you're as old as him


That could be one of the reasons but I feel like you don't have to go further than Hillary was the weakest most hated candidate in US political history and Biden just wasn't her which was enough, Trump has sold the idea that he is so great and popular and couldn't possibly lose except for fraud that even his supporters believe it, his ego won't ever let him believe that maybe he's just not that popular or a winner, you could argue whether that's a good or bad thing to have a strong ego like that, or if he even actually believes it himself





File: 1611614441570.png (138.62 KB, 1392x720, 29:15, 1611600036463.png) ImgOps iqdb


am i right in noticing major contradictions in party platforms and their animating beliefs? it just seems like both parties beliefs dont really match up.

like libtards believe everybody is equal, diversity works, and that things like gender and race and shit are cultural constructs because we all start from a tabula rasa (blank slate), but when christian conservatives say homosexuality is a choice libtards will say they are born that way

and then theres that time conservatives got BTFO beyond recovery by uncle ted who called them out for fostering unhinged economic growth while crying about the decay of traditional values that ensues


It's a coalition to concentrate votes.


from a philosophical standpoint their platforms make no sense. i dont understand how any rational observer could support either party. are voters really all just NPCs?


most things are problemed with contradictions, take your pick, like worshiping a long haired hippie while calling you a faggot for having long hair, people are comfortable with contradictions, it's nothing new


Politicians need to amass votes and sway, so they often use different rhetoric to get the same result. For example in prohibition era america, many politicians used the fact immigrants drink a lot to persuade both the left and right to ban alcohol, just with different spins.


They'll have to decide if they're okay with other things the party is supporting. You can't have 100 different parties that get 5 votes each. Politicians also want to maximize their chance of winning and I suppose their supporters would prefer their favourites to win even if it means sharing a party with others they don't hate as much as the party over yonder.


>You can't have 100 different parties that get 5 votes each.
>Politicians need to amass votes and sway, so they often use different rhetoric to get the same result.
>most things are problemed with contradictions, take your pick
in other western democracies like the eu they have a shit ton of parties that each have a little bit of seats.

but the point is it seems so retarded to back a politician who picks and chooses what he wants to believe to get votes. the representative system is supposed to allow for people with more political experience than the common people to make more informed decisions on topics, but when they have no animating beliefs how am i supposed to trust them to be just? like i watch politicians spew forth bullshit and i cant make myself believe a word they say. like republitards talking shit about NEETS on bux while they give farm subsidies to redneck hicks and give out corporate welfare. like how can anybody in their right minds take these goons seriously? what the fuck?


America is set up so there can only be two parties. They have to be big tents and include lots of affiliations.


File: 1611706096576.png (258.45 KB, 747x668, 747:668, fired_for_wrongbrowsing.png) ImgOps iqdb

You can get fired for using the wrong sites now. Not even for posting any particular content anymore, just for getting caught using stuff not approved by your intellectual and moral betters.

>buh-buh-but this doesn't affect a real life fantasy monk such as myself!

Yeah you keep telling yourself that.


that's why wizards should not have female employers.


As if I had any say in that matter. I'd say most people who come to places like this don't have any choice in their lives either.


you're just being an alarmist. That dude is a big normalfaggot who made a tweet about a site he uses. realistically speaking, what wizard would have this problem? Unless you are a big normalfag this is an impossible scenario because only normalfags would share on social media the sites that they use and invite other people to join them.


This demonstrates that these people have dreams of policing and controlling your very thoughts. Do you really want to give them power over you? 1984 was like a manifesto to these megalomaniacs.


Whenever Trump complained that it is open to fraud, Bezos’ Washington Post screeched, ‘President Trump has peddled false claims or imaginary threats about voting by mail’. Three days after Trump’s removal, Amazon (owned by the very same Bezos) rejected mail-in voting for its unionising employees as the mail-in vote is notoriously unreliable. “We believe that the best approach to a valid, fair and successful election is one that is conducted manually, in-person, making it easy to verify”, said Amazon. The mail-in vote for the Presidency was a must because of the pandemic, but there is no outbreak when Amazon employees try to join a trade union.


File: 1611760795446.png (103.46 KB, 632x328, 79:41, shoah_2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Oh my G*d this is literally worse than shoah. Will someone please think of the billionaires? Shocking, disturbing. You know who believes in allowing frivolous private initiative and free enterprise for the unwashed masses? That's right, it's white supremacist nazi traitor insurrectionists. The government must clamp down on this anti-American domestic terrorism.

I'm kinda mad it wasn't channer scum that did this. To think anons would be completely outdone by filthy plebbitors, these are truly the end times.


Nice fake article, faggot.


Is it? So what? I saw the 'experts' posting the same opinions and trading apps were blocked for the plebeians to stop them from ruining the billionaires fun, so. The 'fake' article turns out to be more real than a real one.


Speaking from experience, what we are experiencing with gamestop is just the latest cope in addition to being a scam. This will likely amount to nothing aside from enriching a few redditors and burning a few wall street investors and others who are doomed to buy high and sell low. This is the mania before the inevitable letdown.


>nothing will happen!

How insightful.


Yeah no shit this won't end the stock market but scammers scamming scammers who deserve it is not a "cope."



File: 1611787526461.png (29.69 KB, 943x270, 943:270, gamestop_muh_trumpism.png) ImgOps iqdb

How about this one friendo?


And now they are arresting people for memes.


They're doing all they can to stop them, I wanna see lefties try to make excuses for their beloved new president when the government shuts it down somehow to save his billionaire friends


/r/WallStreetBets is getting banned everywhere. The reason they give: spreading racism, hate speech and disinformation. Of course.
If anyone still believes anything can be changed by methods available within the system they're hopeless.


Oh noes! You can't be openly racist on a privately owned platform.
*shake fist


>Snarky sarcastic reply with no substance
>Strawman arguement
>b-but it's a private company!
>"freeze peach" meme that was made by leftists specifically to counter-signal free speech advocates

Textbook redditor/twitter user reply. The only thing missing is that XKCD comic that sjws spam that defends big tech censorship.


Didn't it knock out a couple of hedge funds at least? It seems to have done more damage to plutocrats in under a week than occupy wall st did in months. The banning will hopefully clue a couple more people into the fact that the system is all about degrading the poor.


File: 1611816096638.jpg (701.98 KB, 2280x1080, 19:9, 1596209051734.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If it wasn't obvious, this is proof that accusations of racism and "wokeness" in general are a tool of neoliberals.


You're a genuine retard aren't you?


What's wrong with you people?


fuck off shill


Liberals you fucking spastic.


File: 1611839989319.jpg (40.8 KB, 600x623, 600:623, moker.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>thousands of investors acting together is market manipulation
>small group of hedge fund managers working with regulators isn't market manipulation

>finance being run by jews is a conspiracy

>it's antisemitic to attack the financial system

>mail-in ballots for a national election are reliable, t. bezos

>mail-in ballots to form an amazon trade union are unreliable, t. bezos

>foreign interference in elections is wrong

>we should help navalny in russian elections


>buying stocks

>competing with the elites


>voting in accordance with your personal convictions


>calling for abolition of foreign globalist control over internal issues of a sovereign nation



Still getting triggered over words for no good reason I see.


Why are bitches so angry at strict abortion regulations? If they can't even use all the ubiquitous contraception that society throws at them for practically free they should just stop being whores. It's not hard. In fact it's easier than being a whore.

You know what, scratch that. All this maddening screeching has convinced me. The feminists actually changed my mind. I came to the conclusion abortion should be legal in every case and even performed for free.
HOWEVER the succubus who aborts the inevitable fruit of her retarded lifestyle should pay alimony to the state for 18 years. Either that or 25 to life while working to repay their outstanding debt to humanity, after all every abortion kills a man.
Killing deprives the state of manpower and tax income. Since all law and functioning of government are fashioned towards securing the prosperity of the state by ensuring the populace enjoys appropriate conditions for living and working and producing wealth efficiently, I don't see a reason why females should be allowed to go completely consequence free while they're denying the society at large its essential profit generating units. It impoverishes us all by proxy.

I think my proposition of allowing the abortionist to select a preferable form of repercussion is very liberal and radically pro choice. I mean it literally gives one a choice of avoiding the responsibility of raising a progeny, but responsibility can't ever be avoided altogether.
The civilization might be an artificial construct with many arbitrary features but in the end every single factor that influences its workings is firmly based in the fundamental laws of physical reality. Even elementary thermodynamics will teach you that nothing can be accomplished free of cost. In this universe of ours there is absolutely no such thing as free lunch. While this saying is beloved by the right wing I also fully agree with the popular liberal rallying cry of actions having consequences. It is absolutely true and it must be respected at all times.
Sound good?

Oh don't call me heartless and inhuman. Every human being I ever met, from the staunchest authoritarian to the most open minded leftist, was completely fine validating their attitudes and behavior towards me by applying the iron logic of natural laws, correctness of innate human reactions and just results of pure competition. They also viewed others' general treatment of me as only logical and therefore rightful.
It used to bewilder me to no end but as of now I accept and internalize their strict rationale as an accurate model of the real, but remember — nothing is ever consequence free.
Not even my acceptance of this reality.
Therefore I embrace the rigid reasoning which I was meticulously taught over and over through the decades, and I apply it to everyone else, equally and fairly.
We truly do live in a society, so…




Fuck Joe Biden, this is Empire Strikes back, but there is a THIRD PART


I used to be against abortion until I realized only the worst of the worst would kill their own child. So I figured I didn't want those people reproducing, parents of "wanted" kids fuck up a lot as it is.
It's funny, I've seen people saying it's "Return of the Jedi"


File: 1611922606314.jpg (127.06 KB, 720x960, 3:4, georgiaguidestones.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Killing deprives the state of manpower and tax income.
Manpower is no longer required by the state after the forth industrial revolution happened,automation & AI can now perform most functions required for the maintenance & functioning of government.Human slaves are now a liability so most Malthusian elite want the large portion of irrelevant useless slave populations to die off.

Margaret Sanger the birth control activist & creator of planned parenthood advocated for a eugenics program.Most feminists,SJWs & modern liberals promote eugenics propaganda because they were indoctrinated by pozzed institutions controlled by eugenicist elite.


File: 1611947959310.jpg (53.81 KB, 629x450, 629:450, R0e80aa1fa8d34f2c3eac79df7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's fun watching all these Wall Street people get hurt financially, but a lot of normal people are also going to lose large sums of money in the coming days.


File: 1612037649144.png (47.3 KB, 646x750, 323:375, dow.png) ImgOps iqdb

You'll own nothing,
and you'll be happy


>If anyone still believes anything can be changed by methods available within the system they're hopeless.
If 2020 didn't wake them up, they'll be asleep forever.


File: 1612050510487.jpg (106.59 KB, 1079x1152, 1079:1152, EkjSwZFWAAEcoib.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>France’s Marine Le Pen, at record high in polls, proposes ban on Muslim headscarves
The poll conducted online by Harris Interactive suggested that if a final-round presidential run-off were held today Le Pen would garner 48 per cent while Macron would be re-elected with 52 per cent, Le Parisien newspaper reported.

The margin, the narrowest ever recorded, set off alarm bells in the French political mainstream as the dual health and economic crises caused by the coronavirus pandemic sweep across the country.

“It’s the highest she has ever been at,” said Jean-Yves Camus, a French political scientist specialised in the far-right, while adding that it was “too early to take the polls at face value”.



This. Is. Civil. War.


I trust the plan and know these police will one day be held to account, and Trump WILL be president again, and cry, liberals will.


Trust no one and nothing. Nobody is on your side. There are no good guys in the government waiting in the shadows to swoop in and save us from tyranny. It's just evil and retards that deny it or "have faith" that it will "just get better". No one will save you. Do something positive, don't just circle-jerk and preach to the choir.
Right wing explosion please. Whole world far right soon.


But why ban it?


You keep harassing the immigrants with little laws like this so they return to their homelands. It also discourages new Muslim immigration.

Liberals in the US do stuff like this with the 2nd amendment. E.g., they pass tons of little laws that make it very hard to buy and sell guns and receive weapons licenses. IIRC, San Francisco (pop. 800,000) doesn't have a single gun store left.


Why don't they just let fewer immigrants in?


That idea is a bit harder to sell to the general public, especially in a country as guilt ridden as France. In France, as well as most western european (and even some eastern european countries) that image of that dead migrant child on the beach is burned into the mind of every single citizen. It was shoved down their throats by the media and it made them take in even more immigrants than they already were. Suggesting taking in less immigrants is too far outside of the overton to sell to the public as a large majority have a positive view of mass immigration and believe it is their duty to take in as many immigrants as they can.

Even in America, the idea of taking less immigrants in general is outside of the overton window. Take Donald Trump for example. He only shunned "illegal" immigration and would say things like "you can come but you have to come legally!". He never publicly stated that we need less legal immigration in general. And look at how a lot of diehard trump supporters think legal immigrants are "based".
>Do something positive, don't just circle-jerk and preach to the choir.
And what exactly should we do? In your own words, nobody should be trusted, everyone in government is against us, and we're only going to become a more tyrannical country. What can WE do to change the trajectory? Be specific.


It's amazing how deep the conditioning goes. My parents watched their idyllic town morph from a peaceful, high-trust white community into a crime-ridden third-world hell hole, but they never changed their views on immigration.

In fact, they'd cruelly mock my aunt whenever she made even a mildly critical statement about the damage immigration caused.


File: 1612074916059-0.jpg (78.37 KB, 620x640, 31:32, 1582570673045.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612074916059-1.jpg (100.8 KB, 750x683, 750:683, 1598624710845.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612074916059-2.png (663.75 KB, 1272x932, 318:233, lmao.png) ImgOps iqdb

White supremacy and whiteness are the bigger issues.
Imagine being white and wanting a nation for your own people. Disgusting.


>My parents watched their idyllic town morph from a peaceful, high-trust white community into a crime-ridden third-world hell hole, but they never changed their views on immigration.

Reminds me of Amy Biehl's parents. For those who don't know, Amy Biehl was a white succubus who went to south africa as an anti-apartheid activist, and she was murdered in cold blood by 4 men who were yelling anti-white slurs. When a witness talked about how she was screaming in pain, the courtroom erupted into laughter. Her 4 murderers were released as a part of "truth and reconciliation". The most fucked up part? Amy's parents were openly advocating for the murderers to be released and they even went to south africa to shake the hands of her murderers to fight against racism. If you're naive you might think this sounds like a story /pol/ made up, but you can just google it. None of it is even disputed.

White guilt is truly limitless. /pol/ has a fantasy where one day things will get so bad that whites will eventually "wake up" but this is nothing more than, as they would put it, a "cope".

I guess I can understand how an impressionable 18 year old could believe in all of this anti-white shit but the fact that parents prioritize their white guilt over their own children is probably the most disturbing part of all this. My own parents called me racist when I was a teenager and said that affirmative action was bullshit.

There has to be something genetic causing whites to be susceptible to this kind of guilt. Whites are probably just more altruistic and this has been weaponized against us. Maybe my parents suspicion that I'm a sociopath is correct and maybe that's why I'm immune.

Either way, no other race behaves this way. Every other race fights for their own rational self-interest. There is no "japanese guilt" or "chinese guilt".


You should operate under the idea that nothing will save you or what you believe in besides yourself. Is it possible at this point to fight back? Probably not. Everyone at every level who would be sympathetic to your belief is afraid of the same thing and so they do not speak up. They either hide and wait for the day the tide changes or for things to get too bad to survive.
Everyone is doing that. Every federal agent, every politician, every corporate middleman that thinks this whole society is bullshit is waiting for "the time" to rise up, and so they continue servicing the machine that will destroy them.
The fact is that if you wait you will not be spared, and neither will you be spared if you act now. Only the beliefs worth falling for matter. If you actually care you will take the fall to show others that they aren't alone.
I can tell you what not to do. Don't go around killing normies because you think it will help. Killing opposition is something that only the establishment has the luxury of, and it's what they are going to do to you if you survive long enough. If you want to change things you are going to have to go out and take the fall as another person who says no and pays for his thoughtcrime. Better yet, convince as many as you can to do it with you. Protest, spread fliers, hold signs, what you need to do is show people they're not alone. Even if it amounts to nothing in the end, it is infinitely more effective than responding to the echo-chambers. You will not win this on the internet.


Medically recognized sociopathic traits here and I am not a racist but very logical and not emotionally swayed but get called a racist and sexist by some family who believe in fairytails and affirmative action and all that bullshit.

When I try to discuss something with them they tell me they do not care to know if what they think is wrong they just believe it.




>Tibbetts's father said, "The Hispanic community are Iowans. They have the same values as Iowans. As far as I'm concerned, they're Iowans with better food".


Disgusting. Enabling the murder of their own daughter all to be "politically correct". Reminds me of the father in Wales that apologized for racism to the nigger that stabbed his 5 year old son to death at a BLM protest.


Seeing all those tards who follow the superficially reactionary fad and get all excited about sticking it to the elites but then they go and piss their pants about cool daddy Musk. Musk is not your friend. He's Bezos with leddit meymeys.
"We" are not "going to Mars." Maybe in 20 years a select handful of top billionaires will be able to go on mindbogglingly expensive extraterrestrial holidays. You are staying right here in your personalized Amazon wage cage.


Having a lot of money does not make you an elite. Money is the smallest denomination of power.


PSA if you can afford to fool around with stocks you're not part of the so called downtrodden common folk, fucking rich kids. If you can afford to spend even one dollar on your reddit revolución you're still better off than 90% of the world. Now these poseur proletarians are buying fucking bars of silver just for the hell of it. Meanwhile I never even touched real silver in my life. These goddamn people are part of the problem.


Agree with every word


>shitholer problems
who cares?


It is called having a job. If you aren't a turbonormie who has like 5 different kids then you can afford to throw your money away on a stock. Especially with brokers that allow you to buy a fraction of a stock.


I don't trust stocks. It's a jewish game and it's rigged.
Just a way to trick the goyim into losing their cash.


This is correct, which is why the whole "stick it to walk street!" game that people are trying to play now is foolish. A lot of people are going to moose money


Clueless rich boy.


It is okay to be excited about space exploration even if you never will go there yourself.


File: 1612159270255.jpg (19.13 KB, 224x348, 56:87, Ess1M58XcAIJ0UJ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Umm how will investors and speculators investments go up then? They need constant growth so they can make more money


UK: The Flu Magically Disappears, Cases Plummet by 95% as Totally Unrelated Coronavirus Rises

literally just the flu


>muh third world problems
Nobody cares, retard


>Days after Donald Trump started making unsubstantiated claims of election fraud in early November, Myanmar’s military began doing the same.

So this is Trump's legacy…making another country go fascist


Virtue signal received. You can stop samefagging now.


Not sure if shitposting or actually serious



I was a bit hyperbolic they were probably gonna do it anyway at some point, but its not far fetched that seeing the "role model of the world" do it inspired them and gave them ideas on how to pull it off, its too weird timing to be coincidence


>I was a bit hyperbolic
More than a bit, I'd say. First of all coup doesn't equal fascism, I bet commies have more coups than any other ideology. Second, Myanmar is a shithole that was under military rule for like 50 years, there are dozens of different ethnic groups and tension is always high, they're pretty much in a perpetual civil war and democracy there has been a thing for like ten years.
The only argument in your favour is the timing, but considering there are coups pretty much every year (last year there was one in Mali, and an attempt in El Salvador) it's not far fetched to say it's just a coincidence.
Of course the media will say this is Trump's fault, if the sun doesn't come out tomorrow, they will find a way to blame it on Trump too.


Biden's rigged election inspired Myanmar's illegitimate government to try the same. Fortunately the military was there to stop the steal.


No it's not OK to be excited about the ultra rich spending fortunes on their outrageous and useless private tourism hobby while they're raping us.


File: 1612304731482.png (316.37 KB, 657x705, 219:235, bjk.png) ImgOps iqdb

Using wealth to expand human knowledge and ability is much more important than using it to feed niggers.


The people who try to sell you these infantile sensationalized visions of muh science and muh exploration are the very ones who feed niggers, fund faggot ideologies and anti white activism.


There hasn't been any real science or exploration done in decades.


Completely wrong.


I genuinely wonder how much the ultra rich enjoy watching the working classes tear themselves apart over petty differences.


File: 1612316706190.jpg (8.27 KB, 460x276, 5:3, george soros.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think they enjoy it even more than the billions of dollars they steal.



"If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."

Except often when people use this quote they think LBJ is saying it evilly, but he was actually criticising the rich and powerful for doing it. They still do it today, CNN is "left wing" but would rather talk about race than how trickle down economics is retarded


File: 1612317604537.jpg (112.07 KB, 843x1231, 843:1231, EtKQynAXIAAI4BM.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Even better are the news articles that keep reporting larger amounts of holocaust survivors than the previous year's articles.


Trickle down economics doesn't exist and is just a made up term by leftest to lie about actual economic policy of fiscal conservatives.


Moscow Court Orders Navalny to Spend 3 Years in Prison Camp

bout time


expect a lot more of that "progress"

biden voters got sold a bag of political oregano


>I've done citizens unlighting at public bus stops where smoking is not allowed and someone is smoking I'll spray their cigarettes with a bottle
I seriously hope your face gets caved in by some nigger if you're seriously going around doing shit like this.


The lowest White Man is better than the best colored "man."


File: 1612363640931-0.jpg (167.54 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 1533065676784.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612363640931-1.png (290.98 KB, 1498x2723, 214:389, NYC murder rates compared ….png) ImgOps iqdb


Apparently stupid succubus that can't stop saying how she "almost got murdered" at the capitol protests wasn't even in the building.


Scalise and Rand were almost murdered by real domestic terrorists but no one remembers that. Even back then everyone just laughed at them and handwaved the events.
Now, taking selfies in the den of thieves and dabbing on the swamp, that's simply worse than 9/11 oy vey.


inept gangster government strikes again

glad I don't live in a human hive like this


In the future, sophisticated disinformation tactics from various sides will make historians unable to determine the truth of particular events despite having plentiful records about them.


What do you mean "in the future"?


I mean that even though we already have plenty of disinformation now at least by being alive at the time of something happening, we can have some inkling of what may have happened. Historian hundreds of years in the future will have a harder time reconstructing current events than current historians who study ancient civilizations that left little records. The irony being that their problem won't come from not having enough information but because there is too much information that contradict each others since our contemporary record-keepers aren't as interested in recording the truth as fighting the culture and information wars. I don't really know anything about history and historiography. Just a brainfart.


They'll just tell the story best suited for their ends, just like in the entirety of human history.


Dude, typo on your pie chart. You listed the impoverished white population for both.


>"If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."
You can literally see it at work in your replies.

I find it strange for wizards (here) to be racist, or more precisely, actively racist. I mean, whether or not you believe in racial superiority why invest so much, or anything really, into it when your fellow man will kick you in the teeth when that loose bond no longer has value?


Site has been flooding with pol refugees lately


>your fellow man will kick you in the teeth
except they won't


File: 1612451462162.webm (6.71 MB, 480x360, 4:3, loud niggers.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Because I do not want to live around niggers and if I do not actively oppose the effort to inject niggers into every facet of society I will be forced to live around niggers regardless of my choice in the matter. Plus I will be forced to financially support them, at least until the system collapses.


Hang yourself before I do it for you nigger.


File: 1612475505727-0.jpeg (151.92 KB, 1080x1273, 1080:1273, EtZssWCXAAcyuBK.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612475505727-1.jpeg (82.52 KB, 828x780, 69:65, EtaKRw3WgAIvlJ4.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612475505727-2.jpeg (61.19 KB, 727x647, 727:647, EtaKQ5qXcAMBLqv.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


what are the people in those pics even doing?


Some Korean fund made more than a billion too.


It just doesn't seem right to me that Musk keeps pushing Dogecoin. Does he not care about all the poor saps that are going to buy in late and lose a lot of money?


There is only one thing Musk cares about: his money.


Why should we care about stupid inferior people?


File: 1612510247244.jpg (24.31 KB, 330x413, 330:413, 452c276c56b77187132c299eb4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They're Me Too-ing Marilyn Manson. A California state senator formally requested the FBI open an investigation. He's been dropped by his label, his agent, and edited out of the tv shows he's in. All before he's even been formally charged let alone convicted. The way they unperson people so fast is really creepy.


>edited out of the tv shows he's in
Lmao, literally damnatio memoriae'd


White scientist kills himself after getting doxxed. He had a Daily Stormer-like secret twitter account.
>Northwestern Neuroscientist, Who Recently Admitted to Operating an Anonymous, Racist Twitter Account, Dies


Let me share my thoughts.
We ought to require more evidence before destroying peoples careers and it is all smoke and mirrors on the side of showbiz anyway because they know people are dumb enough to cause them to lose money that is all it is about it is not about abuse or anything of the sort ever actually happening.
This is the scariest era for any high profile person to be active in I think it would be wise for anyone reading this who gets famous to remain a wizard or you will get even more Met-too bullshit made up about you

I read what was linked and there is just nothing solid there it is all from one or two tweets for gods sake and meanwhile paedophiles are active among the elite.
>I was groomed as a teenager
Stupid femoid deconstructs and recreates her being star struck into being groomed by manson who would have NO problem getting a young witchie back when he was big or even now for that matter.


Kinda fucked up that he's automatically guilty, without any kind of evidence other than stupid whore speaking, but I haven't listened to any of his albums since the 90s so I don't really care.


How can people automatically believe every whore it happens to everyone some succubus just claims rape and then the wizard is screwed for not doing what they wanted and even if they get proven to have lied they do not even get in much trouble if any at all.

Fuck society


It's always some literally-who actress/singer/model that wants some publicity with an overblown half-truth. But seeing as the guy's whole image is that he's a fucked up freak, I doubt he acts like a schoolboy around w0men and probably treats them like trash.


Sometimes I have to travel by bus or something and i get really anxious, because here it's not uncommon for some bitch to start making a fuss about a guy fondling her, and those guys always get recorded and shamed publicly, and I'm willing to bet a lot of those people are innocent.
>I doubt he acts like a schoolboy around w0men and probably treats them like trash
If you're a dumb whore who wants to fuck a guy only because he's famous you deserve all the shit you could get.


They're openly gloating about the voter fraud now.


I saw that article. For a group that spend 4 years selling the Russia conspiracy theory they act surprisingly Russian.
>it never happened
>and even if it did, it wasn't us
>and even if it was, you can't prove it
>and even if you can, we were right to do it
>and even if we weren't, you can't do anything about it


Time magazine is literally admitting that a secret cabal of powerful wealthy elite people and corporations hijacked our 2020 election by steering media coverage, influencing perceptions, and changing rules and laws.
The 2020 US presidential elections wasn’t “rigged,” oh no, but “fortified” by a conspiracy of activists united in saving “Our Democracy” from the Bad Orange Man, now proud to share their story in a friendly tell-all piece in TIME.
Ball’s article reveals a lot, from why there were no street riots by Democrats either on November 4 or on January 6 – the organizers of this “conspiracy” stopped them – to who was behind the push to alter election rules in key states and set up mail-in voting, who organized “information” campaigns about the results of the election, and who even threatened election officials into making the “right” decision to certify the vote.
So who are these shadowy saviors of Our Democracy? One of them is union organizer Mike Podhorzer of AFL-CIO, a traditional Democrat powerhouse.
Perhaps the most intriguing part is buried towards the end. Ball reveals that she got a text from Podhorzer – the AFL-CIO organizer – on the morning of January 6, hours before what the Democrats would describe as “insurrection” by Trump supporters at the US Capitol, saying that the "activist left" was “strenuously discouraging counter activity” in order to “preserve safety and ensure they couldn’t be blamed for any mayhem.”

How did Podhorzer know there would be “mayhem,” hours before the “storming” of the Capitol that Democrats claim Trump “incited” at the rally outside the White House at noon? It’s a mystery.


jews and irishmen were behind the steal, what a big surprise


You being a idiot and adding nothing to the conversation again, what a big surprise.


I'm a new poster


These people need to hang.


Then leave and go back to shitchan


They're the ones who will be pulling the lever and we'll be the ones who hang. Right now they're gradually turning up the heat hoping someone will snap. They're desperate for just a crumb of right wing white domestic terrorism to justify the already prepared war on whypipo. It pisses them off to no end that even after everything they've done to us they still couldn't provoke a single suitable scapegoat. If the famous FBI terrorism statistic was true they'd be parading scores of captured bombers every day. Useful idiots of the establishment repeat the FBI claim every day but so far no one was able to prove any of it. It's a made up figure. The little peanuts of truth floating in the giant bullshit of fed stats are insanely contrived cases. If some rando gets caught throwing piss bottles at a mosque and 10 years later they kill some groid in an unrelated drunk argument= white nationalist terrorist in the statistics. They can't even use Oklahoma Timmy as a boogeyman anymore because the target audience doesn't remember him. They badly need a real attack to show it on MSM and they're trying hard to cause one. It feels like I'm watching a 9/11 inside job conspiracy theory being reenacted live except it's being performed by retards and completely in the open.


File: 1612582403672.jpeg (71.81 KB, 662x960, 331:480, EtgqPHjXUAAA-D3.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm a hikki in a rural, conservative area and have never seen a tranny. How bad is it in cities? Is it true men are starting to openly date trannies, and that you can be shamed for disapproving of them? Do you see lots of these people out and about town?


> Is it true men are starting to openly date trannies, and that you can be shamed for disapproving of them?
I'm convinced this is an internet or very specific circles only thing.


I am a hikki also but am in a city and I have seen some of them but I do not talk to anyone irl really to actually know if you get shamed for not wanting to date one as a normalfag.
From what I understand after conversing with family it seems that normalfags see them as literally succubus so would not think any different of dating them.

I see the leftist succubus with colored hair that look eternally triggered often though but maybe I have seen passing trannies and not known? I was in therapy group with a tranny and he said he wanted to be a mother and I honestly am unsure if it was deluded or just an ugly succ since I have trouble when seeing succubus as thye all look like men to me after so much anime.



Trans that pass as succubi, are gonna have the same standards as succubi, possibly higher as they are rarer than cis succubi. It's just a fucked up fetish at that point. If you can get a female passing trans, you can get a cis succubi, so you really just want to fuck someone who has a dick.


This tranny fad would not even be a thing if it were not for the possibility of 'treatment' ie pills, surgery, therapy and all that enabling stuff provided by the industry and techno-science. I just cannot wrap my head around the idea that a person would seek out a 'transition' through pharmacopeia and the surgeon's knife. It seems so completely absurd to me. The ideologues, scientists, doctors and so on enabling this have completely lost it.


most trannies pass it's just online where the the bad ones are spammed to discredit them

someone i know who already looked girly took 5 years of HRT and mogs real females now but was already passable around 1-2 yrs on it


Lol fuck off nearly no tranny faggots pass and you should fuck off you are trying to pink pill wizards.


considering it's impossible to change one's obviously male bone structure I think you're lying.


>The ideologues, scientists, doctors and so on enabling this have completely lost it.
I think the scientists and doctors just smelled the money in the air and went with it, they never had any moral principles to begin with and don't care about breaking their hippocratic oath or who knows it, people are all the same retarded or evil scum and this whole "transsexual" thing proves it


It is just plain eugenics, they are culling the weak Democrats believe only the migthy shall have the privilege if breeding, they are obsessed whit genetics and the law of the Jungle.


see that's the thing when you think of trannies you just think of some neckbeard who's putting in 0 effort besides taking HRT, and those are the only ones spammed online so you think that's all of them

the person im talking about was a short ass azn who already crossdressed and wore makeup enough to look like a succubus, HRT actually turned him into one and if you saw the cosplays there is no chance you'd know it's a guy


There is no such a thing as "turning into" the opposite gender. At least not in humans.


faggot still has a y chromosome, he's a male and no amount of surgery, hormones, or clothing can change that.


I assure you you're just as ugly as you were before and you will never be a succubus.


Manson shot amateur film called Groupie where one succubus arrived to their house and they did things to her that made her cry including drinking urine of then keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy. Tony Ciulla, his manager, saw it and said to hide it or it would destroy his career. It happened in the 90's. And now same manager disowns him to save his ass. Like when Manson fired Twiggy after he was called out for raping his gf while being on drugs in the past.

Co-author of Manson's autobiography was Neil Strauss also known for writing a pickup book. In the book Manson confessed to cucking innocent man while trying to justify it by the fact that succubus was obviously a whore and he should've known better.


That's really enlightening but why do you have this information?


I don't care about what he did or didn't, I don't even care about Manson himself. He always relied on shock and controversy to carry his career. Why isn't he milking the outrage for all its worth now? For someone in his position all publicity is good publicity. He should probably go all in and personify everything that makes the mainstream writhe in horror and outrage.


He's a coward. Just goes to show that scientists are nothing more than power-addicted demagogues. If this man actually cared about truth or knowledge or any of those other "scientific" virtues, he would have easily been able to carry on. But no, scientists nowadays don't care about that stuff at all. It's all about pushing agendas and telling people how to think. Take that away from him and he's driven to such depths that he deccides to kill himself. I'd bet that this guy willingly bended the knee and operated as a willing slave to his demonic masters in his professional life. Makes me sick. We really need a humongous purge inflicted against the 'intellectual' elite.


This could have been true in the 90s but I do not think given how unanon social media is and group think is that people would dare support him as they could get in trouble they all fear being outed as normies.

You are right there must be a way to make this work but he is a has been I never even liked his music really.

Look how eminem is so cuked nowdays and did a 360




You're going to love Biden's inflation, job destroying policies and mass import of third world labor. See you in 4 years pal, we'll see how you like your precious diversity and openness then.


Why are you here? Aren't there some 8chan /pol/ boards where everyone thinks the same as you?


Wizchan is WN country, always has been.


File: 1612719458350.png (1019.31 KB, 986x845, 986:845, heppokomaru is displeased.png) ImgOps iqdb

>let's all just be in echochambers


OK guys very funny. Ha ha. Which one of you jokers let the librul in?


File: 1612734107738.png (534.36 KB, 1194x1155, 398:385, HAHAHAHAAHAHAH.png) ImgOps iqdb


They can't know who you are unless you give them the information yourself so what did he do to identify himself?


>Still getting triggered over words for no good reason I see.

If words can mean anything why wouldn't you be triggered? We are a point where non-white people are being accused of white supremacy, "multiracial whiteness".


Most popular president in history


We need Biden to make the US as socialist as possible. Lots of government spending is needed.
Bitch boy Trump cut the funding for all kinds of welfare programs during his term. Anyone who has a problem with more spending for welfare hasn't had to deal with autism in a way that isn't a meme.
They're also the kind of people to say "getting a job is easy", "just apply bro" and all that other bootstrap nonsense. Fuck that, we need federal job guarantees not this stupid competitive employment bullshit that favors neurotypical people.
This isn't the 20th century anymore. We need a complete overhaul of the system. Everything else is just noise.


I think we as a society should unite in making autists useful, maybe by turning you into soap and lampshades or something.


"federal job guarantees" = state-run labor camps

enjoy being shipped off to the gulag for being "antisocial", comrade.


Can't we just cut to the chase and ship them off to hell without having to go through the whole retarded communism pantomime?


And here come the normalscum to express their discontent.
Trump was an enemy to the mentally ill, and he was anti-wizard for the most part. I hope he burns in hell with the rest of you.


>Trump was an enemy to the mentally ill, and he was anti-wizard for the most part.
Holy fucking based. Trump 2024.
Kill yourself.


So Biden's America finally got their coveted attack. Oh how they longed for this day. Brace for a crackdown the likes of which you've never seen, Whites. It would be a real shame if you lost your guns in some unfortunate accident. They'll be coming for your shit and once you're made defenseless they will come for you.



You're delusional.


You're a faggot AND a nigger.


Good talk




Trump gets the same treatment. They are booing Biden because he is just Trump-lite when it comes to the profit over people system in America


I like Biden continuing Obama's good economy after Trump's aberration, if Democrats are gonna be profit over peoplists at least they get the economy right, something even Trump admitted years before he became president and duped the miga retards



How dare Navalny not want Russia to get overtaken by Muslims and Islam

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