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Seeing as this site is so dead, it leads me to ask this. If not actively posting here, then what else?


It's not dead, it's just slow which is part of its appeal.


How is that appealing, to you? For me i think it's kinda good because other image boards sjove too much info in your face at a time.
Now answer the question.


>Seeing as this site is so dead
You haven't noticed that people are leaving the Internet en masse?


It's just the same topics over and over again, same posts, too. There's no reason to post the same responses for the millionth time, OP.
>What the FUCK do wizards do all day?
What they usually won't do is check the catalog once in a while >>255552.


I've spent over 10 years on imageboards, I don't really have much left to say.


What do wizzies do all day? Idk but I play on my phone pretty much from dawn to dusk. That's NEET life for ya.


work, then home, i don't play video games anymore so I just mess around with my hobbies. i sleep earlier a lot these days as well.


usually cleaning the house and other unrewarding, nasty chores like eating food or walking to go buy more


I check the catalog to see if a thread is already up before making a new one since duplicate threads piss off the mods.
But apparently that's just me and is a unwritten rule that only applies to me.


I spend all morning watching videos on youtube, browsing a couple of imageboards and doing little work, very little, I don't know how I haven't gotten fired yet…
Then I take a nap, get up, play some games and have dinner, watch some anime and go to bed.


Sometimes I go outside and get some cats


I listen to music and maybe spend time searching for new music and also reading manga or posting online.
I spend a lot of time in /b/ though as I am so bored but even /b/ is dead.. poor >>>/b/

Need a good manga by the way to read that is depressing


I'm currently just browsing 4chan for the first part of the day, then watching Mad Men followed by children's cartoons until bed. I listen to music while preparing food (which I spend a good 6 hours of the day eating). Very enjoyable life.



playing videogames
watching anime, tv shows, movies
writing programs and learning stuff online
cleaning the house
eating food

to be fair though, a thread posted to a dead imageboard would NOT get this many replies under 4 hours


funny thing is I saw this thread two days ago, I just thought in my head mostly I just refresh wizchan all day, and occasionally do something else, but now it is two days later, I probably should have posted 2 days ago, I dont know why I didn't


I daydream a lot. If I had privacy I would work on my hobbies.


>listening to music
>learning instruments and singing
>watching youtube
>taking walks in nature
>playing with dog
>grocery shopping
>drinking or smoking weed
lots of things to do


File: 1618719430506.jpg (333.11 KB, 850x1203, 850:1203, 20210425.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Draw & Write.


Actual doing the hobbies I talk about on occasion here.

Don't just get a hobby. Get several and before you know it you have a life and something to do besides argue and shitpost on image boards.
One thing about having a life and things to do that you enjoy is that you start to see this place isn't actually fun and most on this site are mentally ill crabs in a bucket who's sole thing they have left in their lives is dragging people down and making them feel a fraction of how bad they do.

Wizard or not that shit gets old.




Wizchan being slow is good it coud be a little faster I agree but I like that I can browse here and if I see a topic I like maybe I put effort into a post.
Other wizards will put effort ito posting also.

I wake up brush my teeth fall asleep again go on internet maybe read some manga and browse websites and sleep


jerking off and searching for porn
playing video games
consuming media
programming stuff
consuming foods and drink
napping with cats
slave labor when required

time flies, its like i wake up and take a shit and half the day is already flushed away


Video games, youtube, anime, other imageboard in that order.
I'll be honest I mostly come here when I have "depressive episodes" (not sure how to call it)


>which I spend a good 6 hours of the day eating
How is that even possible? Are you 600 pounds?



> wizchan slow/dead

This is how I know you people are straight out of 4chan, or a Discord chat that moves at a mile a minute. This site is WAY faster and more active than it was once upon a time.


> half the day is already flushed away
same but that's as soon as I have morning coffee, shower and make some food, something like 5 hours is already gone somehow


I wake up around 9 am, grab some coffee and usually study something until it's time to get lunch, but this week I'm more depressed than usual so I just wake up to watch anime. While I'm eating I browse random youtube shit, then go do random stuff. My evenings are really blank to be honest I just kill time until 7 or 8 pm when I go for a walk or jog while listening to music. Then a shower and sleep time. Sometimes I watch hentai in the shower to fap. I only sleep with medication so in 20 minutes after taking the pills I'm already knocked out.


Tell us what you do with your day, Norma


I mindlessly browse the internet and watch Youtube


I'm trying to learn programming (and since I'm a retard it takes 2x the time it would take for a normal person) so I don't post here as much as I used to.

I used to post a fuckton back on 2013 or so, but that wizchan had a more relaxed atmosphere and was better IMO.


Nothing, wake up at 12/1pm to eat and sit around until I eat more then play games until 10pm and drink watching YouTube until I fall asleep and repeat.

I don’t shit post so I don’t ever post here and to be honest it’s the exact same shit every week posted here for the last 5 years (which is the same for every image board)..

If anyone remembers the the Wiz who’d spit into the welfare workers mug when they left the room or the one who’d always give himself enamas in the shower and got the workers called because of a foul intestine smell in the drains after he blocked it repeatedly (it was all the same post) it’s the oldest post I recall here and that must be easily 4 years ago now. Same shit posted every week the only unique one I recall is that I mentioned above apart from maybe, the Dutch Wiz who is most likely the only one to actually off himself instead just bitching in /depression which is actually older than the spit/shit wizard, so literally nothing goes on here but repetition at a very slow pace.


excuse me


plan for the future…
the drs have told me my heart has healed up and my infection js abating due to new medication…
so i am planning on what is for me the big 3 of my unfinished climbs…
i have put this off for several decades due to health reasons…
i plan to summit mount whitney, mount lassen, and mount shasta in a single mad flurry of effort and dedication to what was my insanity of younger days…
i took up mountaineering when i was 13 and never nailed these 3 …whitney nearly killed an unprepared member team member and i have never been back…
my last great effort to the sport…


I play videos games, mmorpgs, all day, just so at the end of the day I can say I did something that's 'worth' it, not everyone can spend a thousand hours tuning a virtual character


stop roleplaying this is embarassing to read.


In part due to my mom constantly harassing me as a kid every single time she heard me enjoying myself (even though I had good performance in school and it was completely unnecessary), I have an autistic block where I can't relax and enjoy anything unless I have absolutely, 100% nothing else more important to do. Except, often times, I don't have the energy or motivation to do those things, or I autistically come up with more, arbitrary things to do with ill-defined criteria for completion, so I just take the "neutral" path of effectively doing nothing at all all day. This includes browsing imageboards, which frankly, I don't derive any enjoyment or benefit from at all anymore.


>>267464 no brag just fact…
i did lots of hiking when i was younger, and a fair share of climbing.
none of these are really hard to accomplish so i am willing to give it a go…
when i was 20ish my oldest climbing partner was a 77 year old retired professor who was willing to show me the ropes (bad pun)…
i have let it go for many years but have kept up with all the advances in equipment and techniques…
it should be a fair bit of a go at my age but not undoable…
i love the mountains, no hairless apes for most of the year…
the biggest difficulty is obtaining permits, whitney is a nightmare of paperwork and last minute madness…lassen may be closed off again as it was last year…
all i can do is try…


>I play videos games, mmorpgs, all day, just so at the end of the day I can say I did something that's 'worth' it, not everyone can spend a thousand hours tuning a virtual character
I'm the same as this anon. I spend all day playing video games, but particularly MMORPGs in the past year or so.

I get up, play for 12 hours, then go bed, and that's pretty much my entire life.

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