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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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I vacuumed and mopped my room and cleaned the furniture. Mr Peterson, I dedicate today's cleaning to you.


Peterson's actually a cool guy, hipsters mad at popularity, go figure



Dude, you go out of your way to get banned and come here bragging about it every month or so.
You even regularly get banned here for dumbshit.
You just like being a edgy retard who gets a reaction out of other people then play the victim when people have had enough of your shit and ban/report you for being a annoying faggot.


File: 1613955305377.jpg (143.3 KB, 850x1098, 425:549, meiling.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

ありえない which is really 有り得ない, that is, ある and える negated, which should really be 有得無 or 有得不 in backwards-Chinese had me confused for 15 minutes. This is literally the second word in a novel I was trying to read. This is going to take a long time.




Yeah he's a p cool guy i dislike him at first but he says sum good shit


I have and probably will never be a fan, but I find a lot of hate directed to him to be irrational. His views are really mild and he hasn't said anything super offense. I can get not liking him or his content, mostly because I don't like it either, but the strong vehement hatred I don't think has anything to do with what he actually says or who he actually is.


he's a self help guru who came out of nowhere, that alone is highly suspicious. how he got successful as a public speaker is also a mystery: his voice is horrendous, he has little charisma, he's unfunny and so on. his private life with the drug use, hospital stay in russia, his weird daughter… it's like a joke that keeps on giving. he's more intringuing as a phenomenon, a sign of the times, and not someone one should take at face value.


File: 1614012671356.gif (3.4 MB, 600x366, 100:61, 1591833837254-1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Oh look, it's the moddess stalking me again


>he came out of nowhere

He's been teaching in universities and giving lectures for most of his life. He was targeted by angry feminists and fags because he is against progressive bullshit in universities.


I agree with his point though :/


File: 1614048871482.jpg (51.73 KB, 1023x737, 93:67, 20210220_100219.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Lord help me… I'm visiting my dad and drunk uncle. They think I have a job and a place to live when really I'm a neet who has been sleeping in an abandoned barn dowm the road. My dad left for the night because his sexual outlet was having withdrawls. My uncle went to bed. I told them both I'd be gone by 8pm to catch the bus home, ze.

What I really did was move my bag and laptop to the non-functional bathroom in the back room of this old farmhouse they live in. The toilet's been disconnected but the sink works. There's an electric oil heater here. The plan was to sit here until morning, giving my devices and battery packs a good charge while pirating some songs and anime with their Wifi to watch when I return to the barn.

Buy my uncle woke up, drunk, and is now watching TV in the back room. He's angry too, I heard him belittling the cat. There's a paper-thin temporary wall between us. The door is locked.

There is no way out. There is a good chance he will try to enter the bathroom to check the oil heater or piss in the sink. An equally good chance he will rip the door off its lock. My stuff isn't packed so I can't just jump outta window, and the floor is so squeeky and the floorboards go under the temp wall and under the couch (which isn't on legs) so he'd feel the vibrations. There's no way to pack up or even stand without startling the hoard. He keeps getting up to check the woodstove and everytime he does I feel the halves of my brain split a little.

What am I to do? Best case scenario he goes to sleep and I continue my downloads. He had a nap though and is out of beer so that's hours away. He knows my dad is gone so he might dial a hooker, in which case I will sneak out then set the house on fire. If he catches me in here though it's game over. My whole operation will be blown. They will have the police send me to the psyche ward. My dad has security cameras in the back room so he can catch my uncle beating his prostitute on video, so even exploiting my druncle's uncen state and exploding out the door wearing the curtain as a robe and screaming like a wraith isn't an option because they'd play the recording and see me, not going to work, and then go the extra mile and assume I was jerking off in the dark bathroom. And now the rats are active in the walls, creating even more interest in this back bathroo.

I'm no stranger to sitting on a toilet with my pants up for hours waiting for someone to go away, but this is too dangerous. Send good spells, Wizards.


Just say you missed the bus and you were on your computer trying to get someone to pick you up on social media.


And if he asks why you didn't use your phone, say it's out of battery or no connection or something. If they see you coming out of the bathroom say you were washing your face and you were planning on leaving again because you found a ride (that explains why you had your backpack on you in the bathroom).


And it's probably best if you leave before your dad gets home. It should be much easier to fool a drunk uncle than a horny dad.


Hey btw, if you want a place to use wifi, check the public library's schedule. They might not be open right now, but when they do reopen, it'll be a good place to use the wifi. You won't get chased out or anything either. There was a homeless guy at the library I used to volunteer at who was there every day to check his email and stuff on the library desktops.

Also, lots of libraries require a library card to use the wifi, but don't let that discourage you because the card is usually free. They just use the card so they know who is late on returning books or getting them ISP letters. Speaking of ISP letters, pirating anime should be fine on library wifi, but pirating songs definitely won't be. If you want music, check the library and see if they got a CD section. I know the library I was at had a really large CD collection for music, and even a lot of cassettes. If the library doesn't have the song you're looking for, you can check the catalogue on a desktop to see if it's in any other libraries in your county, and then you can request it to your library if it is.


Youtube's ads are getting more aggressive as they try to get around adblock.
Had to add filters, update everything, and even add in a secondary ad blocker.

This arms race between companies wanting to shove adds in my face and the ability for ad blockers to keep up is so tiresome.


I haven't had any issues with ublock origin. The only thing that gets past is the ads that are incorporated into the video itself as 'sponsors'.


Really? I just use adblock plus and it works like a charm, haven't seen jewtube ads in ages



Well now I use Ublock and adblock plus. Hasn't caused any slowdown despite the bloat of running two similar plugins at once.
For the time being that seems to have fixed it, along with adding like 8 different updated block list and re-installing everything.

Probably only bought myself another month of peace.


Why doesn't google just use widevine DRM to protect the videos with the ads?


I don't know what you're doing wrong wiz, I've only ublock installed and haven't seen a single ad for 6 years.


tfw your neighbors are being noisy and you could just close your window but you can't because you're farting and it'd be like trapping yourself in a gas chamber.


File: 1614099071440.jpeg (59.46 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 03CFBF9D-BFA8-4D61-9880-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

What is the best wizzie hairstyle? Is it a bowl cut like pic related?


File: 1614099372333.jpg (98.97 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, 55a22511e9584182627956f162….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

no haircut for your face


File: 1614099898288.png (376.68 KB, 640x640, 1:1, cousin itt.png) ImgOps iqdb

Guess it will have to be this one then.


if your ass gas is so dangerous then use it against the neighbours. find their furnace intake and let r rip, no survivors, not even the elderly


grow out the hair and beard forever. only problem is having to brush it a lot daily.


I've been spending a bit of time on Reddit lately. I've come up with a weird theory and wonder if any one else has noticed it. I'm going to call it content villages and the castle.

Reddit has a lot of subs and general content flowing through it, like all social media platforms most people are only going to see this side of it. They see celebrities doing AMAs or laugh at funny posts and move on with their lives. These are the content barons, pretty much all apolitical and just want a space they can talk shop with like minded people. They are for the most part worthless to any one but their own niche. They're the village surrounding the castle.

In the castle sits all the SJWs, the feminists and the protected leftists (the theory isn't political, it's just how Reddit works). Subs like r/twox, trolling streamers and others which constantly attack people will leak into the village to witch hunt wrong think in the comments most the village doesn't read. These elites use the village as their public image, Reddits just the place Arnie posts about body building, Bill Gates does the secret santa and you can see all of these cool NERDY THING there. The castle is infested with the absolute worst scum possible, they're vampires constantly kidnapping and killing people in the village below. Any time someone attacks the castle they run into the village and scream bloody murder how everyone's being mean to the village. The second the coast is clear they run back into the castle and start to devour more and more of the villagers. It's how feminists say "We only want equality" and then claim trannies are men/succubi and succubi deserve more etc. but that's warped into a more modern version where the very top of the pile are millionaires able to fund select artists or content creators and hook them up with new life styles and free swag as long as they keep the village alive and don't mind the off person being destroyed in the background.

I've probably butchered explaining this. It's just an observation built on the old feminist behavior pattern I explained before. The difference being that now it's evolved to the larger internet where vicious "trolls"/political actors are using general hobbyists as shields in ways I've not seen before. It's an evolution of an old technique adapted to the internet age and I expect to see more often in the future. Elite circles using "influencers" to create semi legitimate content communities to create umbrellas for their assassin circle to shade under.


i know that feeling, anon. God bless.


Sort of like a motte and bailey.


That's the term I couldn't remember. Just like that but now it's more evolved.


wagie loses it
>no tip


I always love it when wageslaves act out. Fucking clowns.


>they charge the customer almost a $4 delivery fee and we don't see any of it.

Is this true?


Lazy nigger. Delivering pizzas is one of the easiest jobs you can have. Even easier now that delivery people are just leaving food at the door without interacting with the person due to the flu.
They're getting paid a salary so no.



That's funny you can get a fucking pizza for 4 dollars where I live.


you can technically get a pizza for a dollar but it won't be good ingredients




File: 1614263483539.jpg (101.31 KB, 900x691, 900:691, eb9a2827ae0c339cd8c66201a5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

anime boy style


Shut up Andrew.


I meant from a pizzeria, of course I can (and often do) make pizza for less than a couple of bucks


Watched one of those videos from stupid youtubers with cartoon avatars "analizing" videogames and now all I get in my feed are videos like those. Next time I feel curious about watching something I'll just log out.


I've decided to use uMatrix to block images on most websites in order to protect myself from the wiles of the digital succubi.


It helps to go to your watch history on Youtube and remove the offending video, and then when similar videos appear on the homepage you click the option icon beside it and tell YT to not reccomend videos from that channel


Dear God, don't open this webm when you have volume turned up with headphones on, fellow wizzies, I feel my damn eardrums near ruptured, begone normgroid.


Don't shit up wizchan with your inane posts, succ.


Did you even read what he wrote wizzie? Being white would be a major hindrance, because they would send you back. If you were black or brown you could just claim that you have no passport and they'll let you live there forever and never have to pay tax. You don't seem to understand how the western world works, if you're from EE, I recommend just staying there, it's gonna be better off than the western world in the coming years.

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