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A thread to discuss anything related to cryptocurrency.

How's your portfolio right now, wizzies? What do you think of the market right now? Do you predict a crash soon?


>Lindsay Lohan Tweets 'Bitcoin to the Moon'- Celebrities Are Flocking to Crypto in Great Number


JOE KENNEDY, a famous rich guy in his day, exited the stock market in timely fashion after a shoeshine boy gave him some stock tips. He figured that when the shoeshine boys have tips, the market is too popular for its own good, a theory also advanced by Bernard Baruch, another vested interest who described the scene before the big Crash:

"Taxi drivers told you what to buy. The shoeshine boy could give you a summary of the day's financial news as he worked with rag and polish. An old beggar who regularly patrolled the street in front of my office now gave me tips and, I suppose, spent the money I and others gave him in the market. My cook had a brokerage account and followed the ticker closely. Her paper profits were quickly blown away in the gale of 1929."


I don't understand why BTC is still the #1 cryptocurrency. There are so many other better alternatives. The gas fees alone make BTC unfeasible for regular currency use.


Still too dumb to understand crypto even now. Why is it so expensive? I suppose it has some confidence now that Elon Meme endorsed it but why was it still so expensive before and why is there so many different types?


I have a single litecoin in the hopes of it going over $10k USD someday. It is severely undervalued imo. Might buy more as time goes on.


don't worry someone will just pass a law calling crypto fake money one day and everyone else will adopt it


I bought some LINK and now I'm kicking myself for not buying more when I had the chance.


File: 1613429421501.jpg (1.77 MB, 1341x1938, 447:646, 1593746685841.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizzies, sign up for Coinbase and watch their short videos to earn free crypto. My free crypto, since I just let it sit in my Coinbase account, is now worth ~$300.


It's expensive because people are willing to pay a lot of money for it.


I'm holding GRT and ALGO.
GRT, as I see it, is going to be integral to web3, I'm just not sure on if the token will be worth a ton like coins are.
ALGO has some major institutional backers, which goes against the spirit of it all, but evil wins in the end. It's the one I'm really banking on.


I'm holding my bitcoin and chainlink even though I think the bubble is about to burst. I'm tempted to sell and buy back in when it crashes.


Really says a lot about human civilization when some random person can make up some chunks of bits, claim it's a currency, and have so many other humans believe them it becomes worth anything.



All currency is just someone claiming it has value and others believing it. Most currencies aren't even gold or silver backed anymore.


I wonder how much that crypto is worth to the Texans right now. "Mr plumber please stop the leaks, I promise to pay you with my epic online drug buying tokens as soon as the power is back on."


All these crypto wallets keep asking for my real ids. Do I have to give it to them?


Everyone things a crash is soon, but no-one knows exactly when. It's impossible to time these things so it's best to stand still and do nothing.
If you're not in, wait for a crash and put no more than 20% of your savings into it. If you're in, selling isn't exactly a good idea either.

Putting in a little money now is unwise but at least ensures you have some crypto. Don't go all in now. Don't ever go all in. Trying to time these things is gambling.

Don't rely on crypto since as texas showed, it's not going to be worth shit if there's no power. Crypto as a holding is mainly for the scenario where there is power but there's some kind of need for a currency that won't inflate that can also be transferred internationally.


The crypto markets stupidly volatile. Many more people lose the money they put on not make it.

Crypto won't be worth shit if everything else inflates. It's a meme currency with nothing backing it. When everything else goes crazy crypto will collapse. No one wants your meme money when they need a suitcase of 50 dollar bills to buy a loaf of bread.


It isn't even really a currency in function.
It is a speculation vehicle more than anything else.


I started paying attention again in late December. A lot of coins did a x10 since them, a lot of them I considered buying.
Unfortunately I didnt know what I was doing and got dumped on twice, I barely made any money so far. I am an impulsive moron, unfortunately. At least my XCM are doing great.


Those reasons is why I'm hesitant to buy any bitcoin. I was dumb to not buy any in 2010 when I heard of it because I could have at least a buck in case, but the fact that it is even a more memer currency than meme fiat currency makes me not wanting to put a cent on it. I'd stick to gold and silver.

>muh free decentralized money
If governments wanted to ban or take control of it, it could happen immediately. IRL I've only seen tech soyboys obsessing over this thing as if it were a magic thing


>IRL I've only seen tech soyboys obsessing over this thing as if it were a magic thing
here in the southern us I always see shops run by foreigners with big signs "ACCEPTS BITCOIN" so it's definitely not a meme, I've seen them for years now, you can go in these shops and buy gas station tier food with bitcoins so I guess its worth something


Idk, thankfully I don't live in USA


Just use localmonero.co


>No one wants your meme money when they need a suitcase of 50 dollar bills to buy a loaf of bread.
Why? The places with hyperinflation right now have the most cryptocurrency usage. Everything else can inflate but there are still the same number of coins, how can you fight the mathematics of that economic effect?


Ask texas how useful cryptos been to them. Not people trafficking drugs in collapsed commie states.


Sometimes I get this feeling that cryto is a red herring. All the money that would've gone to gold and silver went to crypto. Someone is gonna make out like a madman.


And to think I would have brought crypto a few days ago if my ID verification didn't get rejected. Holy shit.


Did it crash again?


Not that guy but from the looks of it yee


It just beared. It's over.


Nooooo my 1 litecoin :(


wtf does texas have to do with hyperinflation? So obvious you can't argue when you just change the topic

Anyway, society can't function at all without electricity and many countries are already effectively phasing out cash


It is back to the all-time-high price from 1 week ago, oh no it's all over


did anyone else miss the boat on GRT? i could've more than doubled my earnings and made bank but i got cold feet at the last minute again.


So how do you guys manager your wallets?
What type do you use?
Do any of you buy things with crypto?


Why can't I buy Bitcoin in cash without giving my name/etc.? I've been trying to do so for years now.


Watching crypto is stressful.


Depending on location new laws are in place. That might be why.


You can use local bitcoins but you are going to pay more.


Because it is the only currency that the financial news media talks about. Normies and boomers hear "Bitcoin is at an all time high!" and think they need to get in on that. Then they just buy bitcoin online and do nothing with it.


But you can't. localbitcoins now requires an account with your real name. Other sites just show places that are equivalent to Western Union that want your name, address, and phone number.

For a currency, it's not easy to buy.


So is going through the trouble of using off line cold storage worth the effort or do you use software wallets?



Localmonero.co, localcryptos.com, hodlhodl.com, bisq.network, localcoinswap



I wonder how reliable of a source of income this is. I would have no problem privately selling crypto to degenerates if it turns a profit.


This. At this point it's popular because it's popular.


For any wizard in this thread attempting to avoid kyc in the united states of america. You cant. But you can just move it through xmr then invest in scamcoins.


So anyone preparing for the bubble to pop in bitcoin?
I give it another week before the price drops again. Don't know how much but it seems like it will pop soon.


File: 1616272476194.png (403.78 KB, 1480x2708, 370:677, 1614833477671.png) ImgOps iqdb

People have been saying this since January. All predictions happening right now are based on previous market data and are not 100% guaranteed but it's likely that this bull run will continue till the end of the year, or possibly longer. The previous 2016/2017 bull run was primarily driven by retail investors with weak hands and the current bull run is being bought up by institutions and wallets with a history of long term holding.


The corrections, pullbacks, and scamwicks you're seeing right now have existed in previous market cycles but are now being used more frequently to shake out weak handed investors in an attempt to prolong the current bull run and decrease market volatility. Combine this with the trillions of dollars on investment bank balance sheets as a result of last year's fiscal policy and the increasing money velocity as lockdowns begin to end and vaccinations become widely distributed. We can't say with 100% certainty what's going to happen this time because we've never had a crypto bull market in a situation like this before. However, all of these factors combined and previous market data shows that we still have a long way to go.


Bitcoin and the stock indexes are in a huge bubble. I'm a permabull though and skew toward going long, opting to hedge my positions in the short term instead of going full bear mode. I believe we are going to have more losses across the board for the next few months.


Honestly I am still only interested in it as a sneaky beaky currency.
Bitcoin is still the only crypto that is universally accept for "dark" transactions so it's the only one of any use or interest to me.
The others are non-functional speculation tokens of little to no value beyond speculation training. Like digital trading cards for a game no one plays.

On a unrelated note, what method of payment do you guys use to buy?
I have been looking into virtual credit cards and virtual gift cards because I am tired of running to the store to buy gift cards/single charge debit cards every time I want to buy.


Any online black market worth its salt requires payment in Monero or some other privacy-conscious altcoin.


Was about to post this. Bitcon can be and is traced, making it shit for sneaky beaky business. Bitcoin was good for shady trades in the past because the government had no tools to track it, but now they are all over that shit enough to allow them to track you down for not paying your crypto taxes.

Monero was designed to be untraceable so it is the crypto currency of choice for anyone on the black market.


Oh so none of them then because no one actually accepts that shit coin with any kind of reputation.
I can tell you don't actually buy or sell shit and just talking theory.
Seriously what markets do you even know about since you don't use any.
What have you ever bought with that shit and where?
My guess is you just traded it around exchanges.

As far as bitcoins being traceable, everybody doing fully illegal shit and isn't full retard washes their coins (run it through automated account cycling so that it can't realistic be traced or tracked).


No one actually uses Mondo in actual markets.
You are talking out your ass.

I swear this thread is 99% role players who got their info pasta stories.


>posts bullshit with no sources


>no one actually accepts that shit coin with any kind of reputation

It is a currency that exists. A currency doesn't need a "reputation" to be used, it just needs to be able to actually be used for the exchange of goods, which every crypto is capable of, no matter how shady it is. I could exchange in fucking stuffed panda bears if I wanted to.


If no one is willing to trade anything with you for your pandas or shit coins then it's useless.

And last time I was browsing markets that site was down yet again. Never used that shit and never going to use it.
Though nice attempt to cherry pick a isolated exeption in a overwhelmed sea of sites that use exclusively Bitcoin.
I have seem more support for etherium (or however it's spelled) on market sites then mondo which I haven't seen used anywhere but suspect scam sites.


File: 1616325522363.png (6.05 MB, 2644x1468, 661:367, Captura de pantalla 2021-0….png) ImgOps iqdb

Somewhere in 2014 I made a thread on wizchan and recommended people to buy Ethereum as it will repeat the Bitcoins fate.

It did.

At the moment I made thread Ethereum was selling at $14.

I literally wanted to help other wizzies get rich.

I'm a multi-millionaire now from holding ETH and BTC since 2013.

Well, the moderators deleted that thread immediately, so many wizzies never came across the opportunity.

Thank your caring mods for that. They have one a great service.


I was here and remember all threads.
You are full of shit.


he's posted that half a dozen times. ignore him.


Were you on wizardchan? The website before wizchan.org. I'm pretty sure its the same domains. I remember making thread in 2014. Thank you moderators for keeping wizzies poor. Hope you are happy.


Whatever role player.


even if mods didnt delete it no one would have followed suit


File: 1616370919635.gif (903.34 KB, 240x180, 4:3, source.gif) ImgOps iqdb

and that's a cope


Never existed to be deleted.
He is just a shit stirrer and role player.


This post is definitely why the google hive-mind just recommended me that video on youtube. Six degrees of separations I guess.


or it could just be that fact it's a common meme.


Everything on this goddamn site is a cope.


I'm so tired of seeing this word


File: 1618079295624.png (426.09 KB, 1242x2688, 207:448, 1E811C72-8AFB-4AC7-BAAE-CD….png) ImgOps iqdb

I went all in on xmr
Am I stupid ?
(Yes I am stupid I lost my 1.4 btc on a shit coin called dsd)


You never go all in unless you've got insider knowledge


I remember this but ended up selling my eth a while ago.


File: 1618162256251.png (42.96 KB, 1279x571, 1279:571, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I own 320,000 AGI (SingularityNET) that is worth $150,000.

Any advice on what I should do with it? Should I sell it? Should I hold it?


buy a plot of land with a small house and live your life


Let me put it this way anon, if we say "sell it" and it suddenly goes up to $100/AGI, then feel free to blame wizardchan for being full of a bunch of fucking idiots while you stroke your $150g of shekels.

(what'd you buy it at?)


Bought between 2-4 cents.

Was going to buy 320,000 more but I blew the money.


If you were at a roulette table and you just put ~$10k to start out, and now you had ~$150k, would you cash out, or would you think to yourself, "But I'm on a lucky streak…"


Now it's worth $165k


Investing in assets is not roulette.


Alright, you do you man.


File: 1618190096807.png (1010.28 KB, 1593x2460, 531:820, 1610657163350.png) ImgOps iqdb

Monero is definitely better than BTC, it's actually cheaper to send (less than a cent) and actually private (I don't want people to know how much money I have when I buy a drink with it). The team making it is smarter than most academics, they basically write the books on the tech.


Monero is a good currency, but I wouldn't want to use it as an investment because governments want to ban it due to tax reasons.

It's superior to Bitcoin in everyway, it has low fees and it's completely private.


File: 1618192298617.png (64.92 KB, 296x363, 296:363, atty gen report - Monero a….PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Perhaps, but for that to work well almost every government would need to ban it at the same time. Also, monero has a "view key" which means you can choose to show it if you did get taxed that way.


Good for you. Why did you chose it when it was that cheap, by the way?
I'd like to get into cryptos in the future and investing in something cheap, without seems like a good way to earn something substantial. After all, it is not like you'd lose a whole fortune even if it would remain a shitcoin forever.


It can be exchanged with other cryptos in a decentralised way so a ban would not be effective


Crypto is so volatile and I have so much invested, my networth increased $30,000 since yesterday.


Why so many rich kids on a losers only site? Pisses me off.


>Why so many rich kids on a losers only site

Because of crypto


Almost all of that is roleplaying.


Imagine not having a diverse crypto portfolio valued at least $200,000.
Must suck being a nocoiner poorfag.


>losers only
…anon, I don't know about you, but I think the men who decide to do anything with their lives other than succubi are pretty top tier in my book.


This hasn't been a losers club in quite a while.


The rungs of the ladder are getting shifted higher at a quicker pace day by day.

Anyone have tips on how to stay alert and on top of things chasing defi ponzicoins? Most of this bull market has passed me by because I’ve been despondent and too much of a scrooge to sell my 2017 stacks but I’m starting to come around. Already started staking CAKE but I still can’t get used to all of the brazen doge clone scams and foodcoins that are marketed as confidence games.


But it should be. Rich virgins get the bullet too.


Just redistribute it


Imagine calling virgins crabs simply for being depressed. You should leave this site.


>he keeps calling wizards crabs just for being depressed or sad
I thought I told you to leave.


You mean real cringelords, truwiz fantasy monk LARPers.


What if wizardchan had its own cryptocurrency, just for shits and giggles. Here's my pitch:

> Call it "UBI"

> Has an extremely complex whitepaper that essentially comes down to, "People are paying us to do our site moderation for us." E.g.:
> X UBI (suggestion: X=1/(currently existing quantity of mined UBI)) let's you delete a post replacing it with the text, "BANNED FOR BEING A NORMIE."
> Y<<X UBI let's you delete a post if it contains the word "female" in it.
> Z<<X UBI let's you delete a post if it contains the word "friend" in it.
> You get the idea, basically if a post contains certain collections of keywords (in the whitepaper, this would be described as "being ascertained by machine learning"), then it's easier to delete that post.
> UBI is set up with a codebase that allows it to be applicable to other imageboards, maybe in a way similar to desudesutalk.
> Wizzies can give UBI to other posts if that post is by a poster on the blockchain.

…please don't take this seriously, I really am just shitting around. The absurd thought is briefly flitting through my mind that one of you autists takes this seriously and then other imageboards actually end up adopting it, ending up with the every chan on the internet ruled by UBI and wizardchan.


I would buy $50 of it for shits and giggles and reward wizards with sweet crypto cash


I'm too freakin cautious. I told myself I would dump $10k into eth on april 1st but I been avoiding it. Instead I decided to do weekly $100 deposits into it. What the fuck is wrong with me? I should've done $1k.


For one, don't buy Eth, buy Cardano instead.

Or find some other low marketcap cryptocurrencies to invest in to make insane gains.


Nothing wrong with being careful. The future can be very uncertain in these matters.


It's called not being a degenerate gambler. You're doing fine.


This guy is a genius. SingularityNET is going to moon when they're fully integrated into Cardano.


Wish I had my own house and lived in an area with cheap electricity so I could setup a sweet mining setup.


How the hell is cardano low marketcap?


Mining rigs are pretty expensive even if you are able to get around the energy problem.


Apparently robinhood is fucking with people's stocks again.


File: 1618603790591.jpg (154.61 KB, 1332x748, 333:187, EzCiTqqWgAATuIq.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

All these '$300k in bitcoin' poorfags thinking they can compete.


Coinbase went public and it was a hilarious disaster.
Despite it being slaughtered in the stock market the bitcoin bubble still kept on inflating.

I will keep investigating using crypto as a means of getting hard assets at a discount but I have no interested in it as a speculation vehicle.


File: 1618616171084.jpg (262.87 KB, 616x544, 77:68, ftgg3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think many of us can relate to this.


Stop posting shitchan bullshit over and over again you outsider cretin.

Fuck all the way off.


File: 1618624474227.png (118.05 KB, 2862x462, 477:77, n7m08253glt61.png) ImgOps iqdb

gamers… we're not done just yet


4chan still has great boards, and most of the Wizchan userbase came from there and still go there if you haven't noticed…


OH GOD FUCKING DAMMIT, I was going to ask "how the hell can you get 10k dollars from dogecoin, it's only 0.29 right now" then I remembered that a few months back it was 0.003 or something which means it increased by 9566.67%, meaning if I put as much money as I did for bitcoin, I possibly could have been a fucking millionaire, fuck. Should I unironically invest in this dogecoin or is it too late now (also now that I am writing this, how the hell would you even convert 10k or more dollars of dogecoin into cash)


oh wait a minute, I did my math horribly wrong. It only increased by 200% or something (It was originally 0.08 last month, I dont know how much it was worth a year ago), I wouldnt have been a millionaire after all (I also read that wrong, I thought brother got 100k or something, not 10-30k)



Leave and never return you shit stains.


File: 1618806206096.jpg (125.2 KB, 1810x1810, 1:1, shbianiu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

4chan and friends say they are gonna see if they can manipulate DOGE to greater heights on 4/20. It shot up recently and might be worth picking up a few dogecoins, for kicks

i bought one thousand, i have 1000 doge coins


shitters from elsewhere on the internet come here to advertise crypto

the definitive thread


It's more a role playing thread then anything else.


>it's role playing
>it's a LARP
What does this even mean whenever you post it in random threads? Who are anyone in here 'role playing' as? What archetype are they attempting to make you believe they are for fun?


The term LARP has really been abused by 4chan tards to mean the exact opposite of LARP. Not live action.


You know exactly what it means especially in the context of this thread.

That people are making things up, playing pretend, and generally bullshitting.
Only reason you are pitching a fit is probably because you resemble such remarks.
Maybe find something better to do then lie about yourself over the internet to anonymous strangers.


>You know exactly what it means especially in the context of this thread.
If I had said I did know, would you have accused me of not knowing?

>That people are making things up, playing pretend, and generally bullshitting.

Not everyone on the internet is out to get everyone else. Wizchan especially probably has fewer than average people looking to screw over their fellow posters. If you don't trust people in general, then that's fine, but to accuse everyone who gives advice or suggestion as having ill intentions… Who's to say you're not the troll, trying to make people avoid potential advice so that nobody gets easy bux?

>Only reason you are pitching a fit is probably because you resemble such remarks.

Asking for clarification on how exactly you are misusing a word is hardly pitching a fit.

>Maybe find something better to do then lie about yourself over the internet to anonymous strangers.

Who's lying? My only post ITT is >>266407. This is a thread for posting about our investments and speculation in to a meme lottery. I did just that. I neither lied about myself when I said I invested ~$300 in to a meme money based on speculations, nor did I lie when I said what those speculations were. You can go on 4ch/biz/ and ask them about their Dogecoin ruse yourself, or you can stay here and continue believing that there is no plan for bored anons to make an extra $0.10 on their dollars. Who else here do you believe is lying, and why do you feel that they are?

If I had just typed "I made an extra $40 on Dogecoin last night" and nothing more, you probably would have ignored the post. But when I outline through less than a paragraph why I did buy DC in the first place and how much of an investment it took to make that $40, suddenly I'm the bad guy trying to con my fellow virgin males in to losing their life savings out of spite and hatred for…. whatever. Your entire reaction doesn't add up. The only off-topic posts that can be seen as disruptive in this thread are all the people sageraging at anyone saying they even so much as look in the direction of 4chan, where the biggest Crypto discussion is held.


>the lady doth protest too much methinks
I made a general comment of the obvious roleplaying and now you are taking it super personally.
It doesn't take a detective to guess why.


>you are taking it super personally.
There's no hint of anyone taking personal offense to anything you've said. We're only asking why you keep misusing the word roleplayer and then explaining how we don't fit your personal definition of the word by elaborating on how our posts are on topic. This is how conversations work.

If you have something against cryptocurrency, then just stay out of the thread.


You the only one complaining miss.
You ain't a hive mind and you don't speak for anyone else.
>Misusing the word
Really not even a little.
It 100% fits what some people, most likely including yourself, are doing in this thread.
>then just stay out of the thread.
You are not going to act like a Karen to push out all criticism of bad behavor.
Lying about shit that involves money to have the effect of convincing wizards to gamble is actively harmful.
It should be pointed out when people are bullshiting when there is money on the line.

If you are so triggered by this then you can go right back to shitchan, home of the crypto millionaires because no one ever roleplays there of something they are not there.


Any thoughts on Chia? I think it has a lot of potential for the future. The idea of being able to mine it personally is absurd unless you're rich (sad, but true for all cryptocurrencies) but dropping a bit of autismbux into it when it launches can't hurt.


If you can't even afford to take care of yourself then you probably shouldn't gamble.

Don't ever bet money you can't afford to lose.


Betting autismbux on crypto is the only way to get out of poverty these days


I mean you could get a job if you were tired of poverty.
But that is a different discussion for a different time.
Besides being far from the only way the odds really aren't actually in your favor especially when you only have a relatively tiny amount of money to play with that you will likely be too emotionally attached to.

You have to know what you are doing and have money that you can be totally fine if you lose it with nothing in return.
If you don't have knowledge and you don't have money you can lose without it hurting then DO NOT GAMBLE in this or any other get rich quick schemes. You are just going to be food for the sharks who do know what they are doing and who see your life savings or rent money as grains of sand on a beach of wealth they are building.

If you don't know what you are doing when getting into this you will be prayed on by those who do.
If you are a emotional investor/gambler because you are too attached to the money then you will lose no matter how smart you think you are.

Build a nest egg of savings. Stick it in a index fund, and work on yourself in regards to skills, knowledge, and experience. Maybe after a bit of time you will be in a better position to get involved in all this.


>I mean you could get a job if you were tired of poverty.
Maybe he could if he has some rare and valuable skills.
Most jobs available to 30+ NEETs with no recent education or experience will not lift anyone out of poverty.


This really isn't the thread to discus this but I will say that such a statement isn't a good excuse to gamble and most likely make his situation worse.
Which is my main point.


They have as much of a chance of lifting them out of poverty as investing in fucking crypto does.


>I mean you could get a job if you were tired of poverty.
Doubt he could work if he's getting bux. Might be better to learn how to trade or do the smart thing and hold whatever crypto assets he has for the long run.


I think gambling can be completely rational.

Wageslave life is not worth living and my be impossible to survive.

If there is no high probability method of trying to reach a life worth living, it is better to make a low probability gamble. If your life isnt enjoyable / worth living then you should kill yourself anyway.


He is not in a rational position to gamble though.
That was my point.
While it can work for some people in certain circumstances in the particulars of his he is as far from ideal as you can get.

To the rest, you can always make your situation and life worse with the wrong choices.
Gambling what tiny money you have in a game you don't fully understand will make your life significantly worse.


Shitcoins provide unmeasurable asymmetric risks. The most stupid people out there are becoming millionaires from very small deposits. it is simply low IQ to not play the game, this isn't lottery where you know you only have 1 in a million chance of winning


It's actually very much like a lottery. Lots of people put not that much into the pot and some pull out big. If the chances of winning are higher that necessarily means the payout is also proportionally smaller relative to the ticket cost. Most lottery winners are dumb too.


It's all a scam.


It's less like playing the lottery and more like playing high stakes poker without even knowing the rules.


>I dont invest in boomer coins like btc or eth anymore
>I dont invest in shitcoins
>I dont daytrade crypto anymore… I made great money doing it but holding is better

XMR is the only real crypto



File: 1620142500279.jpg (86.07 KB, 1026x710, 513:355, 20210504_113410.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



i'm so glad to be living in the omega timeline where anything and everything can happen


This shit just gets more retarded every passing day.


The utter retardation is what stops me from investing in this shit. Maybe I could make money doing it but if you told me I could make money by stripping naked and pretending to be a walrus I wouldn't do that either because it's fucking retarded and earning money through crypto speculation is every bit as retarded and degrading.


I will say that I'm at least glad that some people are doing it, just because the shit they stir up is great.


>come to board full of fellow wizards
>tell them of my speculations on what coin will give some return
>speculations based on hype from the guy who's sending black people to mars and the 4chan users who shut down the whole economy temporarily by coordinating for one day in meme stocks from a dying company
>suggest fellow wizards also look to this coin if they want to make some extra dollars or so, even if they only buy a few of them for $0.40 in case they do blow up
>get called a larper by fellow wizards
>coins double in price in one night
>get called a retard by fellow wizards
>all in the dedicated coin speculation thread

my ass is in orbit, you guys are the best
current speculation:
>gonna get told to go back to shitchan/4shit/shiteshite for greentexting on an imageboard
>by fellow wizards


>>all in the dedicated coin speculation thread
No shit, where else would you tell people that coin speculating is stupid if not here?


Speculating on digital currency is absolutely retarded. You'd have better luck playing slots at a casino.


Statistically inaccurate and also a really lazy attempt at a comparison. Speculating cryptocurrency is the same as speculating the future value of stocks, "real" currency, and precious metals. You can go read up on those yourself but to summarize, when the value of something isn't based only on the amount of physically available units of whatever is being gambled on, then there's going to be potential for manipulation. And that's exactly how Doge coin rose in value, by a coordinated effort by neckbeards to make it rise. They said they were going to because they knew they could, and they did. They could do the same to any other coin and the effects would be felt even harder if the coin itself was actually limited in total available supply. They chose Doge because it was funny, known among impressionable normalfags and also because it was so cheap that any poor neet could grab a few coins. People are trying to do neets and struggling wagesalves a favor and so far they've done a good deal of good for those who trusted their advice. You are free to be butthurt and not trust these random computer nerds but don't pretend that there's no sense or direction to any of this. You saw what they did to Gamestop.


>Speculating cryptocurrency is the same as speculating the future value of stocks, "real" currency, and precious metals
It's really not. Unlike those other things crypto has nothing of value backing it to justify the speculation. It is more similar to speculating on beanie babies or 90s comic books then stocks.


emrit.io will ship you a free helium miner. they just take like 80% of what you earn. but it is still basically free money

the goal of helium is to make basically a worldwide long-wifi network. it doesn't 'mine' in the sense of bitcoin or most crypto. you are mostly given helium tokens by just providing the infrastructure as it doesnt really use much internet or electricity

ive been waiting for a miner of my own for a few months. i onyl recently heard of emrit so i signed up for one


Just ordered mine(r) (lol). I don't think it will make me the big bux but free hardware is free hardware


it is free hardware in dome sense but you wont own it, they are just basically letting you use it. just to clarify


Possession is 9/10 of the law.


File: 1620191774111.jpg (56.32 KB, 384x384, 1:1, cat-avi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>crypto has nothing of value backing it to justify the speculation

Some crypto currencies provide utility, like Ethereum for example which provides the ability to create digital contracts.

All his points only work on Bitcoin because Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme and is kind of useless outside of speculating that the price will go higher and therefore profit. It also has the ability to be sent and received through a system that isn't controlled by any government or organization. For example, Nick Fuentes was banned off almost every payment processor and one of the few ways he can still receive money is through bitcoin, in which he did receive a very generous donation ($250,000 in Bitcoin).

Some coins are called "utility tokens" for a reason because they are needed to use a certain feature or platform. For example, SingularityNET is a decentralized AI marketplace and for people (or AI agents) to utilize AI on the network, they would have to use their AGI (SingularityNET) token.

Bitcoin hardly provides utility, while other coins provide more utility. This TurdFlingingMonkey dude has no idea what he's talking about and is probably angry because he never bought any cryptocurrency and gets triggered whenever crypto is brought up.


I see you didn't watch the full video or pay any sort of attention because he talks about the edge cases of "utility tokents" and what their value.

I think it is you who doesn't know what you are talking about.


File: 1620210331595.gif (17.03 KB, 220x124, 55:31, dd33.gif) ImgOps iqdb

The only crypto currencies he mentions are Bitcoin, Doge and the Lino token. He doesn't mention utility tokens, Ethereum, smart contracts or anything once.

He talks about the utility of things and many coins do have utility, they have a function. Bitcoin even has utility because you can transfer it without having a bank account or any other institution, you can transfer it in a decentralized system.

Some tokens have more utility than others, some things have more utility than other things, but what it comes down to is what people value and what they are willing to pay.


The logic under which companies Tesla invested billions into bitcoin is that it's a store of value of which a limited quantity exists.

So it's really not any different from gold, except that you can't touch it.

There is a hard cap of 21m bitcoin just like there is a finite amount of gold in the crust of the Earth.
Once it's all mined, it can just be divided into smaller units but it's not disappearing anywhere, it just circulates between people.

Gold is "useless" too (except for fringe uses like gilding objects or plating appliances for conductivity) and it still keeps steadily if slowly rising in value.

As long as there is demand for anonymous payments verified by an extremely large blockchain, there is no reason why people would stop mining (=processing transactions)
or paying those miners a transaction fee for their efforts and electricity spent.

There is no real logical reason why the value of Bitcoin would plummet by any significant amount, except during large sales of bitcoin by institutional investors (but as shown time and time again in history
it rebounds far and beyond the original value after the sale is done a few months or a year later).

It can't be regarded as a "ponzi" because it has a legitimate function: Providing completely anonymous and fully secure payments, albeit very slowly compared to alternatives like Visa or Mastercard.


> like Ethereum for example which provides the ability to create digital contracts.
so how many digital contracts you made so far?


File: 1620220792414.png (18.88 KB, 660x160, 33:8, jj333.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Decentralized exchanges, decentralized platforms, etc, all use Ethereum smart contracts.


>this time it will be diffrent

Those who fail to learn the basic princable of economics end up broke.
Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
The bubble involving crypto in general is no different then what happened right before the tulip bulb crash.


Crypto has been going through cycles since like 2013, with a crash and then a recovery.

There is no bubble to pop.


Like the poster above me said: What bubble?

People said it's a "bubble" at $100. Then at $1000. Then at $5k, 10k and 20k.

It keeps cycling up and down, and then eventually rises.

Every block only generates 6.25 btc now as opposed to 50 all those years ago, so demand is going up but supply down.

It also costs more and more electricity to mine a single bitcoin. It's not getting cheaper any time soon.

And there is constant demand for BTC's to conduct anonymous transactions.


>Many more people lose the money they put on not make it.
That's because they FOMO into it, buy high, then sell low in a panic when they see scary red numbers. Someone who bought BTC at 15k and panic sold at 8k would have still made a substantial profit if they had just held. Or, they let themselves get tricked into buying some dumbfuck no-name memecoin. Either way, copesters could have turned a profit 10x over by now if they just invested every time they said "oh, crypto is just a meme, it's too late for me".


>And there is constant demand for BTC's to conduct anonymous transactions.
Actually using BTC for transactions only makes up around $100,000 of the market.
Literally all the rest is speculation.
And it could easily be done with any other token so bitcoin isn't unique or need for such a use.
Cyrto coins are functionally interchangeable and practically infinite in supply.


>Actually using BTC for transactions only makes up around $100,000 of the market.
How exactly did you arrive at this figure? I have a very hard time believing this, if even just from drug transactions alone.


Estimates from the alphabet agencies of how much money is move around on the onion marketplace sites. The coin there mostly recycle over and over gain with very slow growth after about a year or two.

It is a lot smaller "community" then you probably think it is. With only a few hundred heavy merchants globally.


> Cyrto coins are functionally interchangeable
This is true for a lot of them but there are situations in which the unique qualities of say Ethereum make it actually useful software.
The GNU Jami project for instance currently runs its ID protocol off of a single Ethereum token.


Did I fuck up not buying DOGE?


Kind of, but there's a limit to the efficacy of hindsight in clown world. Not only does nothing make sense, it seems as though the greater forces of this world have brought about a design whereby that which makes the least sense is, in fact, the most probable outcome.

I'm inclined to say that because it would be so unlikely… so unfathomably absurd for Dogecoin to hit $1, it will. By extension, I believe that it would be so infuriatingly insulting to the annels of sanity for it to hit a market cap of 200 billion.. fuck it, 250 billion, that it will in fact get to that. I hope to the Lord that I'm wrong, but I suspect that hope is in vain.

Why would one think and act upon the opposite of sense? Take a look around you, wiz. Take a good long look, all the way around.


With hindsight you could make the same observation about a infinite number of things.
It's best not to dwell on what could have been.


Thank you for your posts. I feel like I've woken up from a long dream in 2020 and I don't kick myself over what was before. Kinda hard to make long-term plans when all I could think of was either killing myself or dreading the next day.


Yeah I know that feeling. Long term plans regarding crypto are difficult at this point. On paper, the increase in price relative to the increase in volume over this last bull run states quite clearly that we 'should be' in a pretty bog-standard bubble. Therefore it makes the most long-term sense to wait for the next big crash and invest into a 1-3 year outlook, essentially whenever the next bull run occurs. Yet the recovery of momentum after each of the 'mini-crashes' (01/24, 03/04, 03/25 and currently 04/24) is indicative of considerable, if waning, speculative health across all the major cryptocurrencies and plenty of the shitcoins, and has dragged out sustained market growth for nigh on 6 months now. It's a given that speculative force is all that really drives up the price without real-world uptake through necessity (or being compelled to); ergo, there is no scarcity without the influx of new money. But look how many NPCs have 'learned about Doge' from the media and are reaping the rewards from what should be a suicidal gamble. That's exactly the kind of new money which sustains a bubble, which is exactly what we are witnessing. Of course, their swift withdrawal is exactly what pops a bubble.

So the next month or so will be the real test now that Bitcoin has been proven to be stalling; Ethereum's growth can be largely explained with their recent technical changes, and BNB's growth explained with it being the most ~used~ and arguably 'useful' coin… (lower fees if you use it). The other top 20 are really fighting for their share of a £2Tn marketplace, and Doge as the latest suicidal speculation mania.

The one other point to maybe consider is BTC's relevance in this era, now that competitors are technologically advanced, proof-of-stake casting doubt on mining ventures and all the threats from tax/law. How/if that happens brings about questions as to how that capital is distributed into, or withdrawn from, the market. But there's no real way to get anything substantive out of that discussion, because nobody has a crystal ball.


After shilling here for years I have to wonder if anyone here listened to me and joined in becoming financially independent


Unlikely, people are afraid of losing what little money they have. This is the saddest reality for those most deserving of some financial luck.

The best advice, or shilling as you put it, that you can give to someone who doesn't understand finances and investment is to get them to identify what actual sum of money in their pocket they could cope with losing over some period of time. $10 per week, maybe more, maybe less. Encourage them to invest in a dollar-cost-averaging style of investment, and each arbitrary time period, put that exact amount into one cryptocurrency or ideally spread it over a few. Over the course of a year You'll invested a tidy starting sum of $500, subjected it from a week to a year's growth and will not have psychologically lost anything. If you did this with 90% of cryptocurrencies in the last year you would have an easy $2500, and in some cases $20000.

If wizzies could stick to this, no matter how small and infrequent, and NOT PUT IN more than you would be upset about losing from your pocket in some given time period, you would experience a stress-free method of investment. And don't panic sell. Staring at red for months doesn't matter if the money you put in was sufficiently insignificant in the first place. Let it grow.


I kind of scoffed at DOGE since it was less than a penny. After all of this I have learnt that a coin going from literally nothing to even 30 cents is a big percentage increase. Speaking of low priced coins, what do you guys think of QUAI, Bonefire or FROGE?


FROGE already pumped, stay far away from that pump and dump. It's going to crash soon.


Has chainlink wiz come back to show his profits?


tfw can't cash out my 1 million bux of doge, im forced to play virtual monopoly forever



Taxes is the answer for why any American and plenty of others is unwilling to close their position.


I am really dumb when it comes to finance. Will they jail you for some sort of tax evasion, will demand
heavy cut of your profits or what? Can you even put it on you bank account?


Probably would fall under capital gains tax.

It's avoidable but the way to do it legally is a headache.

I mean it's straight up theft for no good reason but they are the ones with the biggest guns so just have to deal with it.


File: 1620477818218.jpeg (28.65 KB, 400x400, 1:1, .jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

doge new all time ath. lol, lmao


i bet the infamous hacker website known as reddit is up to this again


File: 1620550960135-0.jpg (119.1 KB, 1000x697, 1000:697, MTGCOFF1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1620550960135-1.jpg (161.29 KB, 1000x749, 1000:749, MTGCOFF2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cryptocurrency is basically gambling now. That could change later but that's all it is today.


These days it is more about TikTok


The difference between gambling and investment is subtle, and worse is that the terms differ from person to person. Gambling is risking one's assets with the HOPE of its value increasing. Investment is risking one's assets with the EXPECTATION of its value increasing. Linguistics (with the help of mathematical set theory) describes this 'phenomenon of subtlety' with the terms synonymity (equality), hyponymity (partial equality) and incompatibility (partial or absolute inequality) in the branch of Componential analysis. Hyponymous terms share PART of a feature set. Of course to use the typical vernacular one often thinks of hyponimity as synonymity by saying that an investment IS a gamble; by extension EVERYTHING is a gamble. And sadly now the term gamble has changed to such a degree that it loses its intended meaning, albeit in some sense acquires a new one.

What makes this all the more difficult to compartmentalise is the degree to which knowledge or insight alters the respective degree of risk. While this is always open to apagocical assault, as there is no starting point or end point in the pursuit of risk minimisation, it can be clearly shown that the risk of a 'gamble' is bound to some (or many cases an absolute) static degree of risk, in comparison to action built upon analytical methods. Thus an investment can be thought of as highly viscous, with any arbitrary delta on the risk curve as a function of an input… the input? Knowledge and insight. Then we can move on to an analysis as to the efficacy of the investment, relative to no investment at all or some other investment whose opportunity cost it can be measured against.

Having said all that, which maybe is interesting to someone, to speak in colloquial terms myself, I know exactly what you mean. It really does look to be MORE of a gamble than it was some years ago. Specifically because we are in a bubble at the moment.


*apagogical, even


bought 1.5m shiba inu for 20bux


godspeed wiz o/


fuck it, i'll do it too, 23.75 and that's all i have to my name.


>I mean it's straight up theft for no good reason

making absurd amounts of money speculating on a useless "currency", fucking can't believe they want to take it from me


>Playing a zero-sum game with other players means elites have a right to a portion of the result of our game
Interesting perspective you have there. I'd ask why you think that, but I don't care, so I won't ask.


File: 1620612896526.png (28.36 KB, 1019x640, 1019:640, bob.png) ImgOps iqdb

pay your share for the wizards on NEETbux, faggot
you should care about a bullet in your head but I'll never meet you so eh


I believe in ETH when it was shilled here years ago but I didn't have any money. I kinda just forgot about it and didn't get serious about putting any money in it until recently. I am still a fairly risk adverse person so I have yet to put in more than a few thousand.


Aren't you that communist cunt that keeps trying to get everyone that doesn't agree with you banned?

You don't give a shit about other wizards neets or not.
You just care about power, thinking that if power is taken from others somehow you will gain power despite having no redeeming qualities to deserve power.

Also it's still theft from wizard regardless of your shit non arguments.
Report me all you want. I didn't break any rules in my disagreement with your evil bullshit.


File: 1620623190417.png (573.2 KB, 600x817, 600:817, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>you should care about a bullet in your head but I'll never meet you so eh
Calm down Cold Steel.


Oof, someone touched a nerve?


Just hit me how I missed out on ETH, I had money in 2017-2018, would become a millionaire if I put 1000€ in it.
But I just didn't have the mindset, like this Wizzie says:
It took me a few years to realize money doesn't make me happy at all and I'll just keep it on my bank account until I die/someone steals it so I'm more interested in stuff that can be my lucky break.


i remember you could just go to websites and get free crypto sebt to your wallet, it was a promotional thing in the beginning years as it was worth like less than a penny

i did a lot of that for a while, many currencies

i have saved most of all my old hard drives too i wonder if i can find my wallets


I sure hope you do find them wiz. I forget the details, but do some real research into backing up your wallet files before you start, in case you fail with your passwords. There are some stories about people trying to get into old, forgotten wallets and getting automatically locked out of their wallets if they did too many failed attempts or someshit.


nice, turned $20cad in to $70 cad overnite


Beware of pump and dumb schemes.

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