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>MBTI type
>"Mental Disorders"
compulsive & Schadenfreude
>Political views
Social Democracy
>Philosophical views
Egoism. Animal rights.EFILism and Pro mortalism


Why the fuck would/should I or anyone else describe ourselves or give you data to mine?


Meaningless. Einstein was also an INTP, I guess you're going to be like Einstein, huh OP?


I'm an exact mirror of you. Just replace schadenfreude with want to fucking die disorder.


why the fuck do you have to bring this soulless shit to the internet. youre nothing more than a husk of a real human, being programmed by whatever the fuck you interact with. i will never call myself by anything other than my actual name. its so fucking infuriating to hear people say "i am a X", because in that moment they are relinquishing power to whatever name they gave to themselves, and they didnt have to do that. they could be individuals, but instead decided to enter into the collective.


This is the most succubus OP on the site right now.


>Describe yourself


File: 1614089670037.png (108.68 KB, 230x358, 115:179, huh.png) ImgOps iqdb

Apophatic perennialism


>Me Chinese, all hail glorious Leader Xi Jinping!

No, we're not giving you our data and information.


the bpd thread is.


I am isfj, I have an anxiety disorder, and I dont really have any strong political or philosophical views


>MBTI type
>"mental disorders"
BPD/SZPD - depression - anxiety - body dysmorphia disorder- CPTSD - OCD - diagnosed and getting more testing to confirm autism+
>political views
My opinion changes too much a system without any humans at all or anarchy for true freedom.
Uncertainty with nihilist pessimism as far as things appear

Sorry for doing a bad one of these my views change so much all I know is life is sucky and people are sucky


You know what, I will play along with this bullshit.
I have nothing better to do this fine morning.

>MBTI type

Don't know and don't care
>"Mental Disorders"
Stupid allergy. The symptoms include sarcasm and excessive snarkyness when exposed to large quantities of stupid.
>Political views
Leave me alone or else is my favorite political view.
>Philosophical views
Reality exist, deal with it.

Enjoy your data.


Cringe thread


I just want to be comfy. Can you believe that you can be put into prison these days for fucking off to some uninhabited cave and living there? The world used to be much less comfy physically but much more comfy existentially. The problem is the telecommunication and recording technology. We are enslaved now as before and what hope is there? Busybody rangers patrol all the caves to keep nature "pristine". No, in truth to keep us on the big plantation, to make sure no one reverts. In 14th century Russia I could don the monk's habit, cross the Volga, point at any patch of land, and say "here is where I will live until I die". I would have been equipped by peasant life with the tools to perform the heavy physical labor to make that wish a reality. But now the tools are witheld and there are two labors: acquiring the tools (there hardly any teachers left and those few want money) and performing the physical work. So the effort wall blocks all but the true kulak from achieving some real freedom outside of all human law. Perhaps this is fantasy; perhaps I would have been born a simpler form of slave earlier in time as unequipped by nature and providence as I am now. The West has forced humanity to make a trade. We have traded our souls for physical comfy. Now the pain of the serf's bodily toil is mapped onto depression and mental decrepitude. In every era the serf is somehow degraded. There are still old breed serfs: rurals who fear the God of Abraham. They obey pastor. They suffer physically. New breed serfs are crude-type atheists and brand cultists. They are wageslaves or on welfare and they suffer spiritually and wonder at why they are sad. They obey establishment hierophants like Bill Nye, Fauci and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, or worse, "influencers". Their gods are weed and Green Lantern. They make retarded life choices. They are cool. The old breed serf is painted as uncool because new breeds are more useful to the aritocrats. You see the old aristocrats have materialized the panopticon to the point where they no longer need the old makeshift yoke, God, and his worshippers. In fact the upright morals of traditional God-belief stand in the way of their machinations and lust for abolute control.
My conception of comfy is crude I admit as I am not enlightened. The enlightened have had an epiphany somehow where they are always comfy. They are comfy even while they mummify themselves alive or sit engulfed in flame. Lucky ducks. I am not comfy even here lying in bed with my monetary worries. So I am in the end good goy somewhere in between the new and old breed serf with my material needs, consuming and fretting, quite alone and atomized, physically comfy but in spiritual turmoil. I will never worship their false gods.

That should answer your questions


>Bipolar schizophrenic
>Embrace traditon reject modernity. Love the earth dont reproduce


You are an enjoyable existential writer. Reminded me of something a depressed old philosopher would write.


just lie lol


File: 1614202011603.jpg (1.17 MB, 1642x2000, 821:1000, 203N09600_96PNJ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Was an INTP last time I took the test, which was several years ago. Not going to take it again since I think it is bullshit.
>"Mental Disorders"
The only thing I ever got diagnosed with is depression.
>Political views
Communism, in short. Egalitarianism. Pro UBI. Free healthcare/housing/stuff for poor people. Refusal of work. Pacifism to a rational extent.
>Philosophical views
Humanism, materialism, hedonism, pro-morals, pro-collectivism, pro-altruism.
I think life is beautiful and worth living unlike most people here, also.

Nice anime succubus, OP. Saved it.


bugman thread, wizards should really know better than to label themselves based on a shitty internet personality test or get drawn into political ideologies


it's just for fun


>jew nonsense label type?
INFP with biggest gaps being introverted/extroverted and judging/prospecting, shortest between thinking and feeling.
>brain glitches?
schizo, borderline, autism
i want whatever system that will enable me to live in solitude on a small farm or next to a wooded lake, but whatever sends negroes and latinos back home is fine too.
>big think?
cynical, stoic


I believe the maximal suffering of all living beings is the optimal outcome, that's about all

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