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I was thinking today about the price of a home in 2021 which averages $340,000. At 20% downpayment you have to have on command to drop $68,000 not including other charges and fees that come immediately after and I just have to ask.

How does ANYONE afford this? It's utterly mindboggling to imagine dropping that much money in an instant. I can only think that it's like cars where people aren't putting any form of downpayment and are getting insanely high rates. How do they expect this to continue? I live with my parents which i'm forever grateful but the thought of moving out sometimes keeps me up at night.


> in 2021 which averages $340,000. At 20% downpayment
How was that average calculated?
What is the source of information you are using for your numbers.
Do you know how bad your credit has to be for the bank to require a 20% down payment to get a mortgage?
No seriously where the hell are you talking about?


>which averages $340,000
Don't live in a city like an idiot. In my small town prices average around $50,000.


Even in a lot of cities you can still find houses that are reasonable in cost. It's just that down town multi million dollar houses throw off the average.


was just thinking of financing a house and never paying off the loan, you can live probably for 10 years in it and then just kys


Most people just rent forever. Also, move to the country


Most people just get financing and mortgages.


You have to find a place that will let you buy cheap land and plop a trailer on it or, alternatively, buy a house in an undesirable area. In West Virginia, the median housing price is like $98k. There are parts of Pittsburgh, PA where you can get a house for $20k. Many other places are like this.

I recommend living in the country, somewhere far away from the BLM mob, and having your own land where you can grow food, an aquifer, and solar so you can survive the coming collapse.

t. suburbanite living in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the US


i dont know why anyone would want to live downtown anywhere besides for ordering carry-out from a different nice restaurant every night. doesnt seem worth it living among niggers though.


The main reason is to be closer to high paying work.
When your time is money a 2 or 3 hour commute every day is absolutely unacceptable. We are talking upper middle class and higher who are willing to pay nearly any price to cut that commute time and increase work time.

Seems like a shitty life to live for work but without such people the world wouldn't be as prosperous so whatever.


I've been thinking about buying a place but I don't know, it seems like a waste right now. I don't want to rent either though, right now I live at my parents and pay cheap rent while saving from job. I could probably afford a cheap house. I don't mind living at home but I do want to live more remote.
Hopefully this past year has shifted this a bit. Places that can go remote seem to be sticking with it, I haven't had to go in to the city for over a year now and it seems very unlikely it will ever be required again.


I have the same sentiment about living in a large city, in general. Too many people, too many minorities, etc.

I live in a largeish town (20k people). It's not perfect, but I'll take it over a city of even 100k. It has everything I need, but norms moving away because it's "too boring"



Bullshit, the cost of living is so high and wages so low that the vast majority of people aren't able to save a single dollar no matter what convoluted lolbertarian logic you use.



You can have a house 3d-printed out of concrete for like $10k. You'll have to jump on it now before demand surges and you have pay ten times that amount.


You misspelled 'socialist logic.'


Google dirt bag houses


Interesting. Sounds like a good idea since a 8" 2x4 now costs $12.


Time for a house-van…


Now imagine Canada, where the average detached house with enough distance from normgroid neighbours costs 700k. And the majority here makes 50k a year.


at least it is not america


In London, the median house price wavers around the £500k mark (about $685k). In my last job, I made £20k per year, so I don't think home ownership will ever happen for me.

I really do wonder how things will progress over the next 10-20 years though. Will house prices continue to rise at insane levels? Surely there is a limit to how expensive something as fundamental as a home will get?


>Surely there is a limit to how expensive something as fundamental as a home will get?

Not really, because they're attractive targets for money launderers to store illicit gains into.

Specifically London apartments, since their demand has been steady for centuries so their value is extremely unlikely to drop.

It's estimated roughly a third of all London apartments are owned by Russian organized criminals who don't even live in the country.
It's a perfect place to hide stolen, embezzled money into (or just proceeds of crimes like drug trafficking, human trafficking or theft).
In 2020 alone, they identified £5 billion worth of apartments bought by Russian mafia figures.

At the median price you posted, that's 10,000 apartments in a single year accumulated by a tiny group of people.

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