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File: 1616016078732.png (84.25 KB, 466x608, 233:304, 20210317_181347.png) ImgOps iqdb


>am a shopkeeper at a small shop
>boss told me some old fag stole some stuff from there last week
>asked him to see the guys face at the camera
>just saw the guy as I walked home from work
>stopped him, told him I knew the situation, hoping he'll show up at the shop and offer me money to not call the cops
>grabbed my phone and took a picture of his face
>called my boss telling the guy was walking near the shop, but he ended entering a bus in the middle of the call
>sent him the pictures so he can show the cops and he said "good one"
How much of my boss' doormat am I, in a scale from 0 to 10
Im so dumb I didn't even just take the picture without calling my boss, now the old gag doesn't even have business buying my pity


Theft is completely reprehensible. Good on you.


>now the old gag
old fag


good one


What did he steal?

Everyone knows some amount of shoplifting is just part of the necessary expenses of keeping a store. You can install cameras, security, have some kind of deterrence, but at the end of the day, if the guy leaves your store, it's really not worth the hassle of getting "justice". Maybe you can install a wall of shame and put this guy's picture as another deterrent for shoplifters.

Unless this guy robbed the store at gunpoint, the fact that you went through the hassle of taking a picture and calling your boss over stolen candy bars is somehow more pathetic than the crime itself.


Some small stuff but not as small as candy bars and he grabbed a handful of them


Your boss exploits your wage labour unfairly. Let the poor dude snag a few goodies, you'll never own the store so what do you care


Yes he explores me and humiliates me from time to time, he was trying to make me quit but I didnt because I can't find another job so I remained with him laughing at his fantasy of humiliation. Then I went on a two weeks vacation and he's acting polite


At least you aren't harassing people you think are stealing. That shit is the worst.

I went to the grocery store this morning. The self checkout thing kept yelling at me to put something in the bagging area while I was fiddling around with a grocery bag that wouldn't open. A worker came by and acted like he was doing some shit with the candy rack next to me. No, I am not trying to steal shit. Out of all this shit in my cart why would I try to steal something that the computer is yelling at me to put down? If I wanted to steal shit I would just leave it in my cart and hope no one notices.


>At least you aren't harassing people you think are stealing. That shit is the worst.
Ironically my boss did that to me a few times


If he comes back and bashed your skull in for beinga dirty little snitch it's your own fault for being a pathetic uncle tom wizzie who harasses poor people so your schlomo boss can make five dollars more profit.


That guy is a disgusting faggot so I don't pity him
Though I planned on extorting him and ended up scaring him and being my boss' bitch slave


>so your schlomo boss can make five dollars more profit.
Shoplifters hurt the customers more than the owners. If an item is shoplifted a lot, the store will increase the price to compensate for that. The system knows how many units are stolen because it knows how many units the store should have based the number ordered and the number sold, so when they do inventory the system knows if there's been a lot of theft, and prices will be adjusted accordingly. You'd also be surprised how much this can affect the price of an item. Some items cost ~50% more just due to shoplifting alone. Also keep in mind the VAST majority of shoplifters don't get caught. If you catch one, you can assume there's 50-100 that you didn't catch. You can also safely assume that he's done it at that store many times before, even if that was the first time you caught him in the act.


very unwizardly of you, licking your boss anus like a true normgroid. who cares if the old guy stole something? not your problem


>Shoplifters hurt the customers more than the owners
americans. not even once


Stop supporting this broken system that can't even reward you with basic human decency and paints you as "le crab creep mass shooter" for using your fucking brain. Get on bux


Op, don't try to do mental masturbations. If you were a normalfag it would've make sense. Being a wizard, which inherently implies being rejected by the system, what you did was cringe and retarded. One thing is if that guy stealing meant you getting fired, in this case it makes sense to do something, or if somehow it means any benefit for you (like a promotion). Now, if it didn't affect you in any way, being a boot licking slave and exposing yourself like that was completely stupid


File: 1619830274546.jpg (82.33 KB, 650x773, 650:773, 20210516.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thief! stop stealing!


You ever wondered why the price of everything in shitty corner stores in bad neighborhoods is so much higher then normal?

It's to compensate for all the theft, extra security, and much higher insurance along with retarded bureaucratic red tape cost.

Shop owners don't run shops for shits and giggles.
If someone steals they have to push that cost to the customer to not go bankrupt.


Thisi s really pathetic OP I would understand doing something about theft wile you are on the clock as it is your job but to actually care after hours is plain stupid. I would have told the guy that he could come steal on my shift


>i would have told the guy that he could come steal on my shift

Bad idea. It could backfire on op. Op may be an idiot, but he doesn't deserve it


I can agree with this even when I was younger and constantly stealing from stores I never took from a small store. Big stores lose more from employee theft than customer theft.


stealing is wrong.


Based on what? Exploiting labor is stealing as well. Someone works their ass off because they were born without capital, some rich fuck who was born with millions sells that labor for $50 an hour and pays the slave $9 bucks.

It's masked as a "contract", but the other side is forced to accept because they face starvation or homelessness if they don't. Making it practically indentured labor.

He's stealing. Everyone is stealing. Nobody but a subsistence farmer feeding his own family using the land he farms himself is honest.
American land itself was stolen at gunpoint from natives and the inhabitants were killed or enslaved. Stop being such a naive child.

The world is built on stealing. Sometimes masked with nicer words like confiscating, embezzling, appropriating.
You wouldn't even be alive today if your ancestors didn't commit countless cases of theft in various forms during thousands of years of human history. Masked as justified because they were stronger than the original owners of said property or land.

And communism is just as bad where a small clique eventually forms and exploits everyone else, humans can't create a system where everyone benefits. Nordic countries have come pretty close.


What an edge lord you are.


He's not wrong though


If you have nothing but 80IQ oneliners as an argument, go back to 4chan where it's par for course.


What are you talking about, each and every one of his long list of talking points is laughably wrong.


So the United States just spawned out of thin air and natives peacefully disappeared from their own homes?


>and natives peacefully disappeared from their own homes?
Mostly yes.
I don't think you understand that the Americas were post apocalyptic population levels when America started to be actively developed.
Natives died 9 out of 10 to sickness for like a full generation before colorization even started.
You don't really need to ask the dead permission to use their old hangout places that they didn't even own in the first place before you built something productive.


>he lets his boss humiliate and belittle him


>The world is built on stealing
Only if you're a criminal scum.


stealing from big corpos, public places and people who stole from you is ok


No it's not.


Have anything to back that up


It is, amerislave


I am tempted to dump a bunch of text books but that comes off as super assholish for no reason.

Here is a pop-history article that touches on it instead with a few accessible links as sources within it for casual browsing.
Yeah it isn't the best but it's very disputable and I am trying not to be a dick.
If it helps, it was written before Cracked went to total shit. They were only half shit😉.

If you want more academic source I can recommend some books.


No it isn't, commie criminal.


I’d rather you dumped textbooks over using cracked. Also take that emoji and shove it way up your asshole.


If you are going to be a dick then you can go fuck yourself and do your own research.
Shit is easily available.


I'm not even a communist. So glad I'm not an american boot licking slave though


Now just using insults that are totally meaningless in context because as with most thieves you just aren't very smart.
You weren't raised right. Your mother was probably a degenerate and failure of a parent if you were the result.


File: 1620653994545.png (93.16 KB, 226x444, 113:222, knuckles eggsman.png) ImgOps iqdb

While I don't think getting that involved, to the point even your safety is compromised, was a good idea this thread confuses me.
Do you people really want the places you live/work to become crime ridden shitholes just to spite some boomer business owners?
Cause that's what happens when you let people do crimes undeterred. Or there's something else im missing?


Nice projection and use of /pol/ language. But it's good to see you coming out from the closet, /pol/lo. What's next? Defending succubi from blacks?


I'm the wiz you were replying. sorry to disappoint you but nope, I grew up in le traditional united christian family that you cripples worship so much. in fact my parents are still married and go to church like the normalcattle they are. I started shoplifting when I realized how shit the system is and that I was the only retard not doing it and behaving like a cucktian drone. I even shoplifted when I had a job. do you think carrefour is gonna bankrupt because they lost 500€ one month (not that carrefour disappearing is a bad thing to be honest)? maybe in muttmerica you're brainwashed to worship business to the point of believing that. see, here in Europe it's the employees the ones who steal the most from the big corpo business, and the owners know it very well. are they fired? does the business fail? nope

now go and keep licking the boot you love so much


the entire modern world is based on stealing. if you believe otherwise you are a retard. wars are fought for resources, what the fuck do you think that is? no surprise that the biggest thieves (elite and shit) are the ones forcing people to think otherwise


Them going to church or staying married doesn't mean you had a good mother.
The evidences of her being a shit mother is your shit uncivilized behavor even as a child.

It quite literally is not based on stealing. You are just lying to yourself to justify your immoral and unethical evil behavor.


>be american
>country literally stolen from natives
>steal resources from entire world
>nooo you can't steal a candy bar from the store! that's terrorism pls think about the kids now the country is a third world shithole! the economy is shinking SHTF soon


>or if somehow it means any benefit for you (like a promotion)
doing it for this reason is sociopathic.


>be retarded
>say retarded shit
>be wrong all the time in every possible way


File: 1620720594767.png (85.73 KB, 302x302, 1:1, 1520868303024.png) ImgOps iqdb

My ancestors were genizaro native americans. The plains tribes would capture people in war and sell them to the Apache, Pueblo and Navajo, all of whom kept slaves for hundreds of years before Europeans ever showed up. The Spanish freed my ancestors from very brutal slavery and pressed them into a gentler form of servitude until they were eventually freed

Who am I supposed to be mad at?

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