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You know the drill.

Links literally no one cares about:
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the biden regime is banning menthol cigarettes now, guess they don't care about pissing off the blacks, which was the only reason it hasn't been banned in all these decades

I wonder what lobby bribed them to ban menthol, and how big was the check


This is retarded nanny state shit. They better not go through with this. God forbid us lowly goyim enjoy smoking right? Fuck the Demonrats


It is retarded to allow selling drugs and ban a harmless flavoured tobacco. However, menthol cigs suck ass


Just more unwanted government intrusion into our lives. I smoke Reds mainly but have menthols on occasion


That's based


Worse than that. Nanny state would imply they'd at least do something good for you sometimes.
This is a hall monitor state. A snitch state. A narc state. A rat fink state.


how do we stop jews from redpilling us?


Oxymoron much?


I can feel my city slowly getting clowned. As the average home price soars over $1,000,000, the crime rate deteriorates. More and more people seem to be parking their motorhomes and vans all over the place. People are living out of cars and trailers. I saw a homeless man on a bike, all of his earthly belongings in a duffel bag, talking to himself. He paused briefly to stare into the windows of a blue van which has been sitting next to the park for weeks without getting towed. I took a walk and there was a half-eaten banana and somebody's opened mail lying on a bench at the park. I imagine some tweaker is going around stealing people's mail. As I walked, it was intensely hot, dry and windy with a sickly yellow hue in the air.


That's capitalism in action. Those home prices will keep going up because the upper class can afford to bid up prices while everyone else basically becomes homeless or van dwellers.


Sounds dangerous. The wizchan meme of taking relaxing walks is going to get people killed. If you live in a city you don't casually walk anywhere and you must never relax.

Just one of the things they took from you.


It used to be a peaceful suburb, but it is turning into San Francisco gradually. My parents will soon be able to cash in and leave. Will their chosen retirement city be any safer? Not likely. The whole US is undergoing decay.


File: 1620522199237-0.png (18.94 KB, 590x349, 590:349, realEstatePrices.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1620522199237-1.png (18.71 KB, 590x347, 590:347, NewHome-1963.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1620522199237-2.png (21.67 KB, 590x348, 295:174, Homes-USD-1890.png) ImgOps iqdb


Yeah I'm sure this >>266051 and the government-mandated lockdowns have absolutely nothing to do with it.


What does it mean? Home price going up is self explanatory but what does it have to do with gold staying the same?


Those are homes priced in terms of gold, it's not the price of gold. It's a crude way of indexing for inflation. In other words, home prices have been flat for the past century.


adjusting for inflation, housing is twice as expensive as it was in the 60's


I'm using the Case-Shiller nominal index, which is the average prices of homes in 20 U.S. cities, and diving it by the price of gold. Shiller has his data here:
Gold prices from St. Louis FRED:
Case-Shiller nominal index in Jan, 1960 was 15.19 and price of gold was $35.25 ( https://sdbullion.com/gold-price-by-year ). The latest Case-Shiller nominal index I can find was in Jan 2019 at 204.45 and the price of gold was $1291.63 .

Is it capitalism, or is it the government's inflation tax?


Canada is a communist shithole


File: 1620571030125.jpg (1.59 MB, 1500x1065, 100:71, anchovy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You paint a vivid picture of decay, and what is this moldy rhetoric in response? Mean income indexed against such and such commodity? Oh? Why has the reflex been trained to talk about that of all things, and the reflex to flee so readily cultivated? and by whom?

We are told public life is the result of these impersonal market and cultural forces, but what work really exists outside the betterment of the public body? None. Understanding that we can see what debt slavery, profit, and cultural corruption really is: parasitic feasting on the public body, hence the decay. There are no forces here, no inevitability, only people. There's hope yet in the phosphor being made from this mortifying body, those who have the explosive power to hoist a new world out of nothing.


They weren't replies to him they were replies to the pathetic communist propagandist who always tries to push his sick ideology in these threads.


Its just the anime pseud, he has an inability to speak normally and just wants to come off as superior/"higher", which is why he never addresses anything said by anyone properly. Especially when it comes to politics he is useless to speak with, I've never seen him having a proper conversation even once. Generally he seems to prefer to find a semi-related post and then begin monologuing about whatever poorly thought ideas come to his mind - regardless of if they even relate to whom he is speaking with.


All cities are being turned into hell. I can't take it anymore, I read some awful shit today.
Someone took a photo illustrating the state of public transportation and posted it on twatter. A massive amount of progressive cosmopolitans came to defend junkies shamelessly shooting heroin on the subway.
The absolute level of depravity and filth these people forced us to live in is fucking insane. Why is there no pushback at all?
The points that our moral betters promote, with their typical snarky lecturing, got so outrageously macabre that it's obvious they're not supposed to be taken as a part of any argument anymore. Resistance to their agenda is so superficial there is no actual argument going on whatsoever. They keep on rolling as if they could do to you whatever they liked. Now they're just grave dancing, and they relish in it.
Some frequently repeated points from thousands of replies:
>haha mind your own business creep
>haha pearl clutching
>haha irrational fear/-phobias
>haha it's just heroin, calm down you sheltered crybaby
>haha he's not hurting you sweetie
>haha experts agree heroin just makes people predictably docile, they just chill and go to sleep, wow so scary right
>haha if you saw heroin regularly launch junkies into berserk mode that's just your -phobia/-ism wracked mind playing tricks on you, seek help sicko
>haha I'd feel safer on a train where all passengers took heroin and serenely nodded off than one with unpredictable anxious whiteys
>haha won't anyone think of the children
>haha just move to a boring white suburb if you don't want your dumb white kids exposed to diversity
>(no we won't let you have pure white suburbs, enjoy ur blax xD)
>haha just have some empathy and explain to your dumb white kids that this poor poor harmless disadvantaged man is simply having a hard time, probably because of your privilege
>haha heroin isn't hurting any of you, but notice how the man committed a grave sin of removing his sacred paper mask and placing it upon a non-sterile surface, this is surely going to hurt him much more than the heroin ever could
>haha taking pictures of random people without their consent is illegal and immoral, posting them online is dangerous and deplorable
>(unless it's ordinary whites doing what I don't like)


Is it a stretch to say that Elon Musk and SNL just made a joke at the expense of the ADL? Was Nintendo also involved in some capacity? I have heard that SNL gets shit from the ADL for making the occasional jew joke. Haven't watched SNL since like 2004 so I wouldn't know.


File: 1620591433810.jpg (45.23 KB, 750x805, 150:161, 7sonswhoa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Musk is with the elites, dummy. In fact he's one of the worst.


Petty crime has been a thing in my province forever. There was a rash of crimes in its capital where white trash druggies stole back hoes to, in turn, steal ATMs from banks. That's on top of the usual "impoverished white people crime" that usually happens here (mainly petty theft and drug use/growing/making/selling)


That sounds almost adorable. You're probably going to miss the times of petty backhoe heists when pox descend upon your lands.


We used to have a problem of powerouts caused by people stealing powerlines. What blew my mind about that, and continues to, is the level of sophistication of their heists. They'd mock up an electrical grew, gather statistics of passerbys, find an ideal location, really study their routes, and all of that just to get scrap value for the copper in the power lines.

It just goes to show how fucked up things are. The level of intelligence, patience, and fortitude to pull off such a heist. These people should have had good paying jobs. They shouldn't have had to resort to such petty theft.


I kind of miss the backhoe heists. Just confusing and weird enough to be enjoyable

That's the thing - people who steal electrical wiring are smart, given the level of sophistication it takes to coordinate such thing. It's not just some trailer trash stealing backhoes or whatever. They know what they're doing. Makes you wonder what got them to that point. Repeated loss of jobs, or something money related, obviously, but there's likely more to it


What if I wanted more nigger riots so I could laugh at Amerimutts?


I'm autistic and love Nazis. Kill yourself tranny freak. You trannies claim to have autism like Chris-chan, but you're just degenerate, mentally ill freaks, real autistic men are nice, quiest shy intelligent gentlemen who don't know how to socialize, not mentally ill freaks that cuts their cock off and larp as succubi.


Are you just now realizing liberals are soulless freaks?


There's little to no chance (((Musk))) isn't jewish himself, how many white immigrants to America become billionares, with full support and backing of the American government in just a few years?


File: 1620625061640.jpg (128.77 KB, 1919x1080, 1919:1080, 1620507088844.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>they told me if i became more blairite i'd win
>they were wrong


What if niggers come to your country next?


What are the political and social ramifications of Black people's hair?


Don't care.
I wear a afro because it is convenient and just what my hair does with pretty minimal up keep.
There is no need to make such things political. Making the personal political is feminist/progressive/cultural marxist shit.


>why does everything have to be political? i just want to be left alone
Ok, but you're still a nazi. Part of upholding white supremacy is ignoring the voices of bipoc, even if you're not white yourself. Only people with power and privilege can marginalize black bodies by claiming their lives aren't political.


Nick Fuentes: Immigration and the future dystopia


Disgusting wire sponge head-pubes. Should not be allowed in civilized spaces.


We should light a bunch of tires on fire and put all of the black """people""" inside and kill them forever


I know you are being sarcastic and all but ain't it a goal of progressives to have blacks and other colors be comfortable and happy with who they are in their own skin and hair.
Such as proudly wearing a afro since it's just what their hair does naturally.
So if the argument is everything is political, then black people being comfortable being themselves all natural is a political statement that helps the progressive movement.
At least that is how it was seen in the 70s era civil rights movement. Where wearing a afro was very much a political statement.


File: 1620704536246.jpg (2.75 MB, 3960x1512, 55:21, The_Garden_of_Earthly_Deli….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I believe I understand what the latest equity ideology actually entails. First, it implicitly puts the races into retardation tiers, for example, intelligent, medium-retarded, and high-grade hazard tard. This sort of categorization maps quite well onto the progressives' privilege hierarchy. Note that succubi get all the perks of being high-grade hazard tard, regardless of race.
Equity pertains to high-paying or high-prestige jobs, because it is an ideology coming from the pampered who generally operate in the upper echelons. It means that if you are from an intelligent race, you are barred from easy, rewarding employment. You can get a high-paying job, but it inevitably must be a very difficult and straining job that exploits all of your brainpower. Examples would be neuroscientist, STEM professor, computer hardware engineer, quantitative analyst. These jobs are open to all races, but only very few members of medium-retarded races can reasonably contend for them. If a member of an intelligent race wants an easy job, he must to innovate and claw that cushy job out of the chaos of life by starting a new enterprise.

Not-too-taxing jobs like civil engineer, soydev, college humanities professor, politician, etc are closed to the intelligent races, but members of medium-retard and hazard tard races are free to vie for them. These jobs overload most hazard tards

Easy throwaway jobs like journalist, model, reporter, actor, secretary, mid-level bureaucrat, sinecure bureaucrat, diversity officer, HR, community organizer, etc are potentially very rewarding and don't require much, if any, brainpower, so they would only be open to high-grade tards. These jobs seem easy to the intelligent, but they exploit the intellectual power of hazard tards to their full capacity, so once equity is firmly established, these jobs will be closed off to medium-retarded races and up.

You see, from an optimization perspective it is all about exploiting brains to their full potential! From the perspective of national economic interest, forcing the intelligent races into a position of great competition for difficult jobs encourages innovation, enterprise-for-survival, and the expansion of the capitalist sprawl. It actually will whip the decadent intelligent races into shape by making life harder for them, in turn making them harder as a group. Equity is the reapplication of racist discrimination to society, tacitly acknowledging the biological reality of racial difference, yet packaged so as to not hurt the feelings of the intellectually disadvantaged races.

t. hazard tard


Why do all cuckservatives act like they're smarter than they are?


Inflated egos, acting like their shit don't stink. Typical polshit


This "my side more virtuous than your side" stuff is ancient programming and an evil from which we humans can never escape from. I fully welcome the day when mass mind compositions wipe the slate clean and make selfhood a thing of the past, something to be looked back on as we do solitary confinement for convicts; for all the whinging about preserving our individual rights and freedoms, many are all too happy to lose themselves in a collective.


Is that an argument for heroin or against it?


People from ALL political persuasions act like that.


As >>267802
That is a people thing, not a political thing.

It would be like asking why progressives fart or libertarians burp.

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