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You know the drill.

Links literally no one cares about:



"Those are not normal patrol jets. They’re nuclear bombing jets.

Russia is of course massing troops on the border in response to all of these threats and aggressive actions."


"On the ground, the outlook is grim. Denis Pushilin, one of the top leaders of the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics, has stated that the chances of avoiding war are “extremely small.” Serbian sniper Dejan Beric – whom I met in Donetsk in 2015 and who is a certified expert on the ground – expects a Kiev attack in early May."



Should we just leave Russia alone and let them slowly conquer Europe? I would rather the U.S dominate the world, Putin is a cocaine-bloat face manlet garden gnome who flooded his own country with Muslims and enriches himself and his friends, the country that has produced so many great scientists, artists, chess players and athletes and got to space first yet is still a second world country, he has no morals, neither does Joo Biden but still the preferred country



Capitalism requires world domination, America is rich because of our foreign policy with China and Russia, these isolationists like on Daily Stormer want America to be poor and lose control of the world's markets, they are basically cryptocommies


I am convinced more with each passing day that the majority of right wingers are deluded dumbfucks who don't understand a thing in this world, and yet think they are the smartest and the most red-pilled beings in reality. And that comes from someone who genuinely sympathises with right-wing ideologies, despite them being normalfaggotish as they can be.
Muh based Vlad, muh based Russia. Putin is a corrupt kike lover whose philosophy is anti-white, anti-western Duginism, Russia is a ethnically crumbling state that is depressing as fuck outside Moscow and Peterburg, which suck all resources out of other regions. How can they not see it for what it is and escape the truth I have no clue. Probably because they consume Dailystormer, RT, Zerohedge and other media, which sucks up to Russia constantly.


>I am convinced more with each passing day that the majority of right wingers are deluded dumbfucks who don't understand a thing in this world, and yet think they are the smartest and the most red-pilled beings in reality.
Dude EVERYBODY thinks people who hold political ideologies different from theirs thinks this way. Watch. Here's the exact flip of what someone from the other side would say without batting an eye:
>I am convinced more with each passing day that the majority of left wingers are deluded dumbfucks who don't understand a thing in this world, and yet think they are the smartest and the most black-pilled beings in reality. And that comes from someone who genuinely sympathises with left-wing ideologies, despite them being normalfaggotish as they can be. Muh based Obama, muh based Nordics. Pelosi is a corrupt crony crapitalist whose philosophy is pro-interventionist, Venezuela is an economically crumbling state that is depressing as fuck, despite the massive oil revenue. How can they not see it for what it is and escape the truth I have no clue. Probably because they consume CNN, Vaush, John Oliver, and other media, which sucks up to muh social welfare Nordic countries constantly.


wow nice argument really convinced me


thoughts on canada getting ubi?


File: 1618280211506.jpg (60.86 KB, 1610x792, 805:396, inflation.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This rotten system is finally entering the death spiral in full force. Thank God.
Globalist Illuminati lunatics will probably try to construct global communism out of the ashes but they are insane and deluded and will no doubt fail.


Actually it didn't sound that convincing, at least my post has some basis in reality. I am culturally close to Russians, I was born there, I know Russian language, I know about their situation more than some deluded westerner would. That is different than just spouting things you learned online.

It wasn't an argument, but an observation and a little rant. Why the hell would I want to convince you?


>Actually it didn't sound that convincing, at least my post has some basis in reality.
EXACTLY what someone from the opposite viewpoint would say as well.


is this what they teach at Libshit U. now? or did you just hallucinate all that on your own


there are whole buildings of people in the US government that sit around posting war propaganda online, those two anons are probably part of that


Crack-up boom is coming.



I will be honest I was trolling a bit with the first sentence or devil's advocating, normally I would side with noninterventionism and fuck NATO and Middle East interventionism, the Putin part is fully true though, somehow he has a personality cult where people must defend him at all costs, proof that politics is all about personality and persuasion



Would the rich and powerful really let that happen?

Why would people do their shitty overworking unfair jobs for shit pay if they can get UBI, where is the money gonna come from, higher taxes? Again will piss off the rich

I don't think it's gonna hurt anyone but seems like it would make the rich a little less richer, they might not be able to afford their yearly pedo island trips or get their second yacht in time for Christmas

If your into white ethnonationalism its probably a good thing because whites in North America are killing themselves at an alarming rate, UBI would probably soften that quite a bit, again though the elites are against unity of any kind including white or poor unity, its why after the financial crisis and occupy wall street the media had to flip the script to divide people among race, sexuality and gender


yeah but what did the putin part have anything to do with those news stories?


Anglos please don't try to understand slavic issues through the prism of your own domestic hangups. I understand isolationism and I don't hate it but seeing you cling to crude ruski talking points in an attempt to get more ammo against your own enemies at home is kind of embarrassing. It helps nobody and makes your cause look as cringe as these Russian state psyops. I mean I'm practically a fucking nazi and even I don't believe any of their shit.
I noticed that American gnatzees tend to have this very binary mode of digesting information according to which the truth about every event is considered to be the opposite of whatever the Ameri-Jew MSM say about it, therefore every narrative that contradicts Ameri-Jew MSM is probably true.
They lose a shitload of nuance to this almost contrarian thinking and laser focus on the jews. Not everything is about the kikes, they do wield a massive amount of power but it's not nearly at the scale of a world-dominating manipulation that amerinazis claim.

Back to Russia. They're performatively mobilizing because they want to force concessions without having to fight an open war. Putin's support is in the dumpster right now so he wants to secure some form of victory, as he always does in times like these. Preferably a political victory through intimidation.
This time they're really putting a lot of effort into assembling forces and trying to stir an invasion frenzy among civilians at home though. This could be dangerous because if they don't get anything out of the posturing (for example an ironclad green light for NS2 in exchange for demobilization) Putin may feel forced to attack to save face.
But then again another war might be too costly for Russia altogether. Russians absolutely despise being conscripted for war after Afghanistan and Chechnya and support for the government might fall catastrophically if an open war with Ukraine drags on, and zinc lined gruz 200 starts arriving at home.
War is not certain but it's more possible than before.

As for the so called provocations against Russia: Ukraine was strengthening the front line weeks before the west noticed Russian mobilization because a ceasefire deal between Ukraine and Russian proxies in Donbas was ending. The Russians weren't talkative, the negotiations on a new ceasefire weren't getting anywhere. In such situation it's natural for the attacked country to try to improve their defenses before the deal expires.
It's logical and the ruski knew what was going to happen of course. The breakdown of negotiations was planned, the crisis is manufactured and its purpose is for Russia to gain something. The inevitable Ukrainian movements were always intended to be used as part of a new casus belli.

Bombers aren't out of the ordinary. Even in normal circumstances you get somewhat regular bomber missions just to show the flag, in addition to ELINT and ISR orbiting Kaliningrad and Crimea practically every day. In the Baltic you see E-3's, Rivet Joints, RQ-4, Hurons, Korpens what have you. P-8's, EP-3's, RQ-4 in the Black Sea. That's just from what I can remember, I'm sure there's more stuff flying there.
I'm glad they're doing it, it's not accomplishing all that much to stop Russia from trying shit but at least it's a signal.

As for the clandestine manipulation theories I keep seeing anglos overestimating the scope of their intelligence machinations. Many Americans like the theory that the coup against Yanukovych was a fake revolution. Not really, some western officials expressed a support for the change but it was all very superficial. The movement wasn't foreign sponsored or controlled, the Ukrainians were actually kinda annoyed that some proudly democratic big wigs arrived only to offer words of support but nothing of substance while Berkut and friends were out shooting randoms.
Remember that Ukraine had another "revolution" earlier, the orange revolution. It was caused by the very same shit: getting tired of Russian shenanigans. Russia wouldn't back off then and kept puppeteering Ukraine through corrupt politicians, fucking the country over with forced shitty deals.
What did they think was going to happen? The decoupling from Russia was decades in the making which significantly exceeds the attention span of any American and their spy organizations.
It's nothing unusual in the eastern bloc. Check out what the USSR (effectively Russia) did to Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, what they were preparing to do to Poland in 1981. These movements against Moscow were all caused by people getting sick of being fucked over by the Russians, and that's only taking the second half of the 20th century into account. It's like they can't help themselves but treat their subjects like garbage. Hundreds of years of shared history and nothing ever seems to change.
So it happened numerous times before, it will most likely happen again and I assure you it's not the CIA that tricks us into doing it using James Bond shit and MKULTRA mind control.
In fact the CIA and other western spy agencies refused to provide our underground with lethal aid back during the Cold War, they were too afraid of what kind of unpredictable escalation could result from arming random slavs in Russia's satellite states.
The most significant CIA contribution to the creeping unrest here was how they smuggled us some disassembled printing presses so we could better pirate books forbidden by the Soviets.

Russia always was a polynational empire, today it's seeking to restore its rule over "lost" territories to incorporate even more nations into its own version of multicultural nightmare. A country doesn't get to be Russia's size by staying in your own homeland and being peaceful.
When ousting the Russian controlled government Ukraine chose to lean on the EU but it's not because they want to celebrate globalist megacorporations, critical race theory and faggots. It's because the EU and NATO are the only available alternative forces that could counterbalance hostile Russian influence. Kind of like Vietnam sought support from China and EastBloc when they wanted to get rid of the French, South Vietnam and Americans, and then they spent the next 15 years warring with China and generally not being very good upstanding members of the internationale.

I value the self determination of nations. Sovereignty is important and maneuvering the space between opposing great powers is how many smaller nation-states got their independence after being subsumed within empires for ages. Maybe the perspective from inside of the big powerful countries that can stand on their own is different, and these processes may seem to them like results of one-sided conspiracies and manipulation. The influencing can go both ways if the small nation can bargain with something that is of strategic importance to the big players or serves their ambition, like advantageous geography, resources, access to forward basing or control over trade routes and so on.
Finding these ways to employ outside forces to disrupt and displace existing spheres of influence to further the interests of own nation is sometimes the only way. It's not glorious or pleasant, not always win-win but beggars can't be choosers.

Before you hit me with a gotcha about the self-determination of "ethnic Russians" in Ukraine: that's another long topic and I don't feel like typing anymore. I worked with Russian-speakers from Horlivka and Donetsk. They didn't feel exactly Ukrainian but not exactly Russian either. Their national feelings whatever they could have been were overshadowed by the dismay at being forced into a position of a pawn on a map, in a war over some strange idea of "Novorussia" that no one asked for before 2014. Overall I got the impression they had strongly federalist ambitions but not separatist.
As I see it Russia used these existing sentiments as a substrate to create an artificially overblown image of separatism for the sake of gaining plausible deniability in undeclared war on Ukrainian soil. The blame Ukraine for abusing its own citizens in Donbas but Russia conscripts people of the region as a proxy cannon fodder while presenting itself as their saviour. It's a pretty sad state of affairs.


It was Putin at random


yeah but what does he have to do with whether murika starts a proxy war next month in ukraine? the last 500 years the so-called west has been obsessed with taking down russia, it's a historical arc with reasons bigger than can be laid on any particular russian ruler, even if this one is the hitler-of-the-moment


How does it even feel to be that retarded?


Russia is too poor and weak to project power in this manner much further, USSR 2.0 is completely unobtainable at this point in time.

And how about greater sovereignty and self-reliance worldwide instead of just whoring yourselves out to one of 2 major powers? Do you really want the united clowns of muttmerica dominating the world forever?




>Russia is too poor and weak to project power in this manner
They can't sealift or airlift anything for shit but that's not the plan anyway. Russia is stress testing its rail and road system for strategic deployments as we speak. All Russian flatcars that were designated as reserves for wartime military transport have been requisitioned by the army. These trains are going back and forth showing off that they can plausibly project force in the European region. They're incapable of intervening globally but Rhein would not be completely unreachable. Money is a huge problem but they already have most of the gear they need. Remember you can drive a truck from Moscow to Berlin in 24 hours. The threat is credible and right now they're doing what they're doing because they want everyone to understand that.

>self-reliance worldwide instead of just whoring yourselves out to one of 2 major powers

Your opinion on power is naive. Choose or the choice will be made for you. Not even North Korea could stand alone without the patronage of China and Russia.


Fake Pandemic! Hoax
401,000 Excess Deaths in 2017 But Only 376,504 in 2020


I mean sure in theory if Russia just wanted to roll tanks and apc's straight to Berlin completely unopposed they could do it, but to fight a war on that scale with NATO is not something they're capable of doing anymore. Hell even during late stage USSR that would have been unfeasible, and even Bundeswehr alone could've possibly taken on Warsaw Pact. They simply don't have the economy anymore.

Perhaps it is naive at this time, but it is not unfeasible. None of these powers will last forever. USA only reached superpower status after ww2 and cracks have already been made apparent.


File: 1618494264597.mp4 (9.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, a.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


I like this, who is it?


the chart for the m2 money supply doesn't look much better

it's going to suck when prices jump 50%


And your taxes are going way up because niggers will get those reparations, they need new nikes and TVs you know. Just joking, they're going to be allowed to simply loot those. The gibs money will be spent on drugs and guns.


With the way things are going I'd bet that the government starts collapsing before they get around to implementing the tax hikes. They'll probably keep handing out money but it'll be newly-printed money.


I think they're going to do it and get away with everything, opposition will be no more than a whimper and the dems will entrench themselves so robustly they'll probably never ever lose again. How could it even collapse? Who's going to make it break? Whites wouldn't do anything even if they were being openly holocausted. The race is conquered, people are either fully on the elites' side or too bullied and scared to ever consider defying the state-corporate blob and their nig/kiketifa attack dogs. I don't think it can collapse, it's too big and too powerful to fail.


I have to agree. If anything has been made increasingly apparent over these last few years, it's how utterly incompetent the government is and how the establishment actively alienates anyone with a modicum of intelligence. They're basically just bloat surviving off the finite post ww2 prosperity.


It's not a matter of opposing it or not. A country's economy simply cannot survive if hyperinflation goes parabolic.
The government has completely given up any pretext of controlling inflation and are freely printing billions of dollars with no caution or reserve. The center cannot hold.


File: 1618551796244.jpg (558.65 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, EtOjzTAXcAIwkFK.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do I become like the Antifa super soldiers in this pic?

Patriarchy, global capitalism, you better watch out.


guy in the top right feels like he is out of place, he was just on his way to a local chess club or something


Are you kidding me the top right guy has that fag haircut you can tell what he is like just from his hair.


He was probably there to pick up hippie chicks.


This tombstone has been getting a lot a exposure recently.


File: 1618572465301.jpg (67.85 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, heiko-maas-portrait.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

He looks like Hip Heiko Maas, a major leftist politician who is mentally disturbed.


That's all based on how the public feels and what it trusts.
>But then finally the masses wake up. They become suddenly aware of the fact that inflation is a deliberate policy and will go on endlessly. A breakdown occurs. The crack-up boom appears. Everybody is anxious to swap his money against "real" goods, no matter whether he needs them or not, no matter how much money he has to pay for them. Within a very short time, within a few weeks or even days, the things which were used as money are no longer used as media of exchange. They become scrap paper. Nobody wants to give away anything against them.
Ever thought the elites could have groomed the public specifically to maintain control in heretofore uncontrollable circumstances? Sane dissatisfaction has been made irrelevant and impossible to express. 90% of us already have literally no money and no physical goods to barter instead. We're already pod people. Masses waking up won't change anything when they have no means to influence any mechanism that matters. By now the only people participating in the system are the elites who own everything.

First you have to get the glasses.


File: 1618591952361.png (3.97 MB, 1753x1576, 1753:1576, 1618519745919.png) ImgOps iqdb


>After Argentina legalized abortion, the abortion activist's death is the first recorded since the pro-abortion law was passed at the end of 2020.

>Spanish language media reported last Sunday that radical pro-abortion supporter Maria de Valle Gonzalez Lopez died during what she labeled her “dream” abortion operation. She was 23 years old and was the leader of the Radical Youth in the La Paz municipality in the province of Mendoza. Her death has sparked a fierce debate about abortion in Argentina and led for calls for succubi to know that the procedure can sometimes carry serious risks.

>Dr. Luis Durand, an Argentinian surgeon, told ACI Prensa journalists that “while some believe that the death of the young succubus could’ve occurred due to some misconduct, in reality abortion is not a medical practice. Just a few months ago, it was a crime under Argentinian law. In the case of abortion, the death of the child is always brutal. It is burned through injecting substances into the uterus, or it is removed through dismemberment, or it is subjected to extreme uterus spasms which asphyxiate it.”

>Durand added that an infection or sepsis may appear in succubi who take the drug Misoprostol when doctors fail to complete extract the child and his or her remains linger in the succubus's uterus.

The stupidity of the female knows no bounds. This is poetic justice for worshiping abortion like a sacrament so she could led the life of a whore, which she did and look how she ended.


I wouldn't be surprised if she got pregnant on purpose just to have an abortion. Specially on this day and age that you have so many cheap and realy available birth control methods. Seriously it took me like 10 seconds on google to know about 5 different contraceptive products just now. They even have pills you can take AFTER you fucked it up and failed the other stuff you could've done.


Do you think that someone who is so militant about abortion as a female right doesn't know about contraceptives? She saw abortion as her "contraceptive" method, and it cost her life. At least she won a Darwin Award.


>At least she won a Darwin Award.
really? Like an official one?


In order for what you're describing to take place, the elite would have to either
a) completely eradicate the individual's desire to accumulate wealth, which they have not done,
b) control 100% of the methods by which individuals are able to accumulate wealth, that is, make it impossible for individuals to exchange a currency that is inflating at an increasingly parabolic rate for real assets, which they are not able to do, or
c) control 100% of the vectors by which ideas spread, which they are not able to do at the present

It has to be 100%, else the success of those minority who are able and willing to get out of the exponentially inflating currency will very quickly spread the meme that causes the panic and loss of trust.


There isn't always justice in the world but sometimes there is and it is sweet.


She died last Sunday so I doubt that.


I can't believe that anymore. The assumption is everything is controlled from the bottom up by cumulatives of universal, individual level impulses that get a snowball rolling. Can't believe this logic still applies after everything that's happened. Nothing that wasn't meant to break ever does, seemingly no matter what. Shit just goes back on track of the endless liberal slippery slope.

>a) completely eradicate the individual's desire to accumulate wealth, which they have not done,

Since when are they concerned with what people on the ground want or think? I think now they finally don't have to pretend to give a fuck anymore, the system is becoming self-purging and self-correcting. A prison doesn't need any walls or guards if there's a way to train inmates to keep others from leaving.
>b) control 100% of the methods by which individuals are able to accumulate wealth
They kinda already do. The corporations and activists are running an implicit social credit system. Whoever makes enough noise to potentially get noticed by the normie public gets their life ended on the spot. All decently paying jobs come with strings attached, the HR thought police is always involved and they're constantly on the lookout for any troublesome employees caught voicing problematic opinions anywhere. You can probably say whatever you want if you have a low wage slavery job but slave-workers have no power and no assets to exchange so their opinions don't matter to anyone anyway. Maybe it's still different in the rural areas but urbanites can't escape this reality, and the cities much more power than the country.
c) control 100% of the vectors by which ideas spread
They kinda already do. The internet is fully controlled and undesirable ideas generally just don't get to spread memetically. All of the fads and jokes which were started by countercultures and managed to make it into mainstream internet consciousness are futile antics. Anything made by us is by default designated as low status and socially abominable. We've been rendered irrelevant. Large portions of the population can't even talk freely in private to anyone anymore. People are more untrustworthy and eager to snitch than ever. Huge numbers of people are publishing videos of their own 'problematic' family members for goddamn upvotes from social media judgement enthusiasts.
>It has to be 100%
Does it? What if this new version of the system is meant to be facilitated by a state of permanent strife, where it's assumed whites will always be uncomfortable, unhappy and disgruntled by default (because according to the narrative they deserve to be)? According to the official line there's a racism emergency, sexism emergency, LGBTQAPZ+++ rights emergency, climate emergency, virus emergency, whites doing anything emergency. They learned how to utilize these like they're magic spells allowing for any laws or logic to be flouted if any unruly crackers need to be taken down.
The ruling class has already done everything to cause panic and lose people's trust, 10 years ago no one would have believed they could get away with any of that shit without triggering a societal collapse. Yet here we are, nothing ever happened and there wasn't even any real opposition along the way. The shit is only going to get crazier and with what I've seen so far I can't see anything stopping it now.


The system that is currently in place has existed for only a hundred years or so, depending on how you want to define it. The Internet, which is probably the current biggest influence on the Zeitgeist has only been active for ~30 years. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the current system is immortal. As you said, chaos is heavy in the air. Chaos is a bad bedfellow for schemers. They can dream about erecting some utopian gay space communist society from the ashes of society after they drive it into the ground, but you can't really control all of the effects and components of a worldwide implosion.



Putin is the greatest politician alive today. He singlehandedly reversed Russia's economic freefall from the 90s to steady growth in the 2000s-2014. Russians will always love him for that. Yes, Russia did not produce an ideology that was strong enough to counter liberalism, but maybe that will come with time. It's only been 30 years since the USSR fell.

The west fell apart because the westerners didn't give a shit about having a strong and healthy country. It was not Jews or Blacks that doomed the country, it was the small-hearted office worker and other white urbanites who popularized left-politics as a smokescreen for the banks stealing all the wealth in America. Now all the wealth has been stolen. There is nothing to steal. Print another trillion dollars and all dollars will stop being valuable.


You are not a Russian. Russia does not want an empire. The only reason the war in donbass started was to delay Ukraine's ascension to NATO, where missile batteries can be built with a flight time of minutes to Moscow. If russia wanted an empire, wouldn't they have organized a takeover of geographically isolated (and more valuable) Kazakhstan, where a large percentage of the population is russian?

Russian expats are slowly going back to russia, other than population there is no reason to want these territories. Look at the population in the baltic countries, it's lower than it was in the 50s and shrinking, baltics are irrelevant in an economic sense. Finland has 5 million people living in it. Hungary has 10. It wouldn't be worth the hassle when russia has 140 million people.

I do not know about the long term, now but the territories will return and then everything goes back to normal? No, first everything goes back to normal and then the territories return. Kazakhs, Ukrainians, etc will one day be on russia's side not as one nation but as one civilization.


This drivel isn't even worth answering. Jesus Christ what a retard.


Keep up with the news bro Russia has been in constant economic freefall for ages. Putin is a mediocre politician who built a poor country. If the people love him so much why do they hate him and protest so much?


Big if true.




The sheer insanity of this world is caused by a lack of faith in a higher power. We are turning on each other and becoming like wild animals. We need to call upon God/Allah/Jehovah to be delivered from this madness.


Really, I thought my post was well composed, but really what value would the post soviet republics, from Tajikistan to Estonia represent? It would be dead weight. East Germans in the cold war lived a lot better than the Russian people. Tajiks lived a lot better in the USSR than they do now. Belorus has a higher GDP per capita than Russia but this is an illusion caused by Russian oil subsidies. Russia would want these lands only if her economy improves to the point where she could support these countries and have a good standard of living for Russians themselves.
>Russia has been in constant economic freefall for ages
Not comparable to the 90s, there were dips in Russian GDP in 2008, 2014 but after that there was growth.
>Putin is a mediocre politician who built a poor country
Without Putin Russia would might not even be a country, it would be divided by the US into 15 or so different republics
>If the people love him so much why do they hate him and protest so much?
those people are fringe elements; homosexuals, children, and mentally ill pretentious bastards. In Moscow they add up to about 30K people who protest whenever their handler organization pays them to.


File: 1618772030557-0.jpg (21.32 KB, 352x500, 88:125, nemesis.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1618772030557-1.pdf (1.94 MB, Nemesis.pdf)

Great post. It chimes with an interesting book I've read recently, and which you and others here may enjoy - Nemesis, by C.A. Bond. It attacks much of the philosophical basis of liberal modernity, which in part is this 'aggregative' model of society you criticized where 'cumulatives of universal, individual level impulses' create the overall structure of power in a society.

The book traces the broad development of individualist thinking through several centuries (with a decent overview, the book is still quite short at ~150 actual pages), and basically demonstrates how again and again the ideas of individualism and 'the will of the people' were and are deliberately sponsored and promoted by elites to justify an expansion of power. Throughout, he uses a model of power proposed by a philosopher called Bertrand de Jouvenel, whose basic insight is that these ideas work by enlisting what he calls a large and disenfranchised 'periphery' (common, powerless people) to help destroy the 'middle' (subsidiary institutions like aristocracies, churches, local organizations and the like) so as to help the Central Power (monarchies and states, and arguably corporations nowadays) expand.

Human rights, democracy and liberalism are shown to be inherently centralizing ideologies, because they rely on a model where individuals can exist prior to a particular social or cultural context (usually the 'middle' or another Power center), giving Central Power moral permission to wipe out opponents and make people identify with its own system. These ideas also cleverly disguise modern elites behind things like the 'public/private' distinction, which make the actions of elite-funded foundations and corporations look like just another bundle of individual transactions, rather than a way through which Power centers promote social agendas. Centralization and societal atomization go hand-in-hand.

The Jouvenelian model, where Central Power is primary and culture is derivative from its goals, is deeply opposed to the 'bottom up' model. It gives a good explanation for why cultural movements like BLM, feminism, LGBT and the like have been so successful and will continue to succeed. By creating the appearance of disenfranchised peripheries who need salvation from a Central Power, they are extremely useful for the centralizing process.

A running theme throughout the book is that significant cultural changes cannot happen without elite patronage. Funding, legitimacy and infrastructure are absolutely vital for meaningful cultural change, and they can only be given by some Power Centre. Fascinating book; it's certainly a blackpill for those who want to believe that by critically attacking enough modern fallacies we will have bottom-up change (e.g. the conservatives mentioned in >>266172), but taught me a lot and references many good books. I hope to read Jouvenel himself sometime soon.

Book is attached, or you can get it for free on Libgen here: http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=4869DC45760A5309E19AE29A2AED0ABC.


thanks for the pdf
great insight. especially the implicit social credit system bit. Quite a new perspective on this whole mess for me.


russians are the niggers of yurop



but they are our niggers, at least.


File: 1618789852276.jpg (1.06 MB, 1040x3792, 65:237, covid isn't real.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

COVID-19 is not real


We know anon. But what can we do? The public can be gaslit a million times over due to the MSM.


what is the end game?



I saw a theory that people lost faith after the massive horrors of World War 1 (and maybe World War 2 as well)



Putin is a Muslim lover, he has sold Russia to the Muslims for his own benefit


Didn't something similar happen after the Lisbon earthquake? Voltaire wrote something about that, iirc.

I made a stupid U.S. budget simulator, because I didn't like any of the other ones I've seen/thought they were pretty unrealistic. Three conclusions I keep coming across at least in my sims:
1 - If you tax rich people or corporations, they leave. This dramatically limits the influence of taxation on them for revenue. Interestingly, on the margin the rich usually leave to Canada (because they already currently have lower higher marginal tax rates on income than the U.S.). I tried adding a bunch of stuff to minimize this effect, but I still end up surprisingly limited here and have a lot of trouble getting any "soak the rich" tax policy to stick.
2 - VATs. They are scarily powerful. Unfortunately, they don't really impact income inequality. If anything, they appear to increase it.
3 - Social security+medicare eventually destroys any budget. It doesn't matter what I do or what kind of reform I apply to them. The projected demographics in the growth of the elderly plus their current stipulated payments by law overwhelms any budget, and I can't get them to work in the long run. I can cut the defense budget to zero and put in VATs and remove my assumptions on tax the rich on corporations that they'd actually stay and it doesn't matter–the payments to boomers always balloon any budget I work with.
(I guess there is a way I can "sort of" get them to work. Which is if I keep massive inflation going for a long period of time so that it makes social security/medicare payments trivial. A simpler way of doing that is by "redefining inflation" for the purposes of social security/medicares payments.)


I wonder what the point is. Lockdowns and isolation will just allow normies to spend time on the internet and get redpilled. It'll also result in a higher yield of wizard apprentices.

What sort of conspiracy is it that has no benefit for the government whatsoever? Even less tax income to funnel into human trafficking and other black ops.

The only one who might turn a profit is Amazon.


File: 1618868806019.png (386.8 KB, 1200x758, 600:379, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Lockdowns prevent people from spending money which decreases money velocity and holds off the inevitable inflation that is going to happen as a result of printing and handing out billions upon billions of dollars. If lockdowns end people will begin spending money again and hyperinflation will kick off, destroying the US and thereby the world economy. The elite need time to get their ducks in a row so that they can profit as much as possible from the shitstorm that's about to go down.


It's not nearly as organized as that and there are many different power players in the game scrambling around and have their own special interest that they are pushing by using the scamdemic as a opportunity.


So a cop who "died" in the "literal civil war" at Capitol was finally confirmed to have died of completely natural causes. That much was clear a couple of days after the riot, as soon as his family officially asked not to use the cop's name as a vehicle to propagate rumors.
The libs acted like they knew better of course.
Remember, they told you he was murdered by vicious Nazi traitor-terrorists, head smashed to a pulp with a fire extinguisher. That was a complete fabrication. The media that rave every day about disinformation, exposed again for feeding you actual malicious lies. Enemy of the people.
I remember how the believers were posting a video supposedly showing the killing. I watched it numerous times, it showed absolutely fucking nothing.
The scary thing is the antifas who watched it actually saw that nonexistent cop being bludgeoned by a nonexistent trumper with a nonexistent extinguisher. They really truly did.

>How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?


Meanwhile the person that the cops murdered at the capital hill protest by firing blind into a non-violent unarmed crowd through a door isn't charged and they are still hunting down and arresting people for simply being there.

There is a two tier legal system where nothing is applied equally or fairly.



I thought all the rioters were Antifa false flaggers anyway?


I found this article very interesting and convincing: https://architectsforsocialhousing.co.uk/2021/02/19/cui-bono-the-covid-19-conspiracy/.

Basically, it's part of an evolution of capitalism to a much more centralized and illiberal form. Less tax income is not that big of a deal when in the end power and money has been far more heavily consolidated in the hands of the elites. Even if the amount of produce is less, what matters is that fewer control what's being made. A general digitization of the world looks more preferable to the powerful nowadays.
An implication is that lockdowns will not truly end as well. Even if they nominally are ended sometime, the Western world will still be a much less free place than before (not that it was great anyway), and the lockdowns will probably be brought back when necessary. I can see Climate Change being a good justification.

Do read the article though; he explains the reasoning quite well. There are many other good Covid-related articles on the site.


File: 1618946014501.png (160.74 KB, 579x454, 579:454, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Operatives of the social credit system targeting key possible dissidents for action by the people's voluntary guard brigades.


File: 1618951374004.jpg (55.1 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 20201015_142046.jpg) ImgOps iqdb





I bet they found him guilty, if not on all charges then manslaughter at the very least. Everyone wanted to screw Chauvin from the start. Even fucking Biden is interfering in this, the old cunt called Fentanyl Groid's family today and said he hopes justice will be done. No pressure on the jury at all.


File: 1618952898284.gif (363.73 KB, 220x125, 44:25, .gif) ImgOps iqdb



Guilty on all charges. What a fucking sham.

Let the riots begin anyway.


Niggers now confirmed completely and utterly untouchable.


Soon it will be illegal to even look at a nigger the wrong way. Fuck this gay country. How do I emigrate?


It already is, implicitly. If a nigger beats you up for being alive while white they're not getting into any real trouble.


What country has it better at this point?


File: 1618954771324.jpg (84.04 KB, 1284x559, 1284:559, EzcmPK7VUAsuuHe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The jury was packed with niggers and females. 13% of the population, yet 43% of the jury.

There was only one white male (7% of the jury), yet they compromise 31% of the US. The US justice system is basically rigged against white people.

I want this nigger country and system torn to the ground.


Man America is openly at banana republic tier levels of clownishness now, and this is from someone who didnt care much about cops or criminal bullies like floyd.


File: 1618955311484.pdf (2.88 MB, james-mason-siege.pdf)


Wasn't the one "white" guy a jew? 1% of the population.


Singapore but they don't allow poor neets or useless people residence and they have super strict immigration. So good luck moving there unless you are rich and have a highly in demand set of skills.


File: 1618956029311.jpeg (85.9 KB, 1280x854, 640:427, F382403F-07E7-4A7A-AE6F-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Today was very shameful for America. Now we know for certain that the justice system really is beyond repair. All it takes to get convicted of a crime now is to use appeal to emotion tactics and other shady logical fallacies.


>All it takes to get convicted of a crime now is to use appeal to emotion tactics and other shady logical fallacies.
Pretty sure it was all the violence and threats of violence that did it.
Since no one holds the left accountable when they act like orks they can now hold the whole country hostage and demand whatever they want and if anyone defends themself they are thrown in prison rather then the rioters and murderers.


Neoliberals are like "muh China" all day every day. If China ruled you, Floyd would've been executed for his crimes long before he overdosed. But in America and countries ruled by America, he is a saint of an increasingly powerful religion.


File: 1618957900311.jpg (257.32 KB, 828x826, 414:413, 1618159343908.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched most of the Chauvin trial and none of the evidence showed conclusively why Floyd actually died. The prosecution's witnesses were basically paid shills that made up scientifically plausible sounding theories based on the video but none of them actually examined the body. The medical examiner that did the official autopsy named several factors like drug use, heart disease and so on, and GF's death was basically a complication of all those factors during the struggle with police.

It's kinda fucked that this guy will get minimum 20 years with all the charges combined for doing his job and having a random black guy die during arrest. Chauvin got fucked because he happened to be the guy closest to the neck and in absence of conclusive cause of death, everyone made up their mind based on the video that happens to look really, really bad (knee on the neck + Chauvin's nonchalant expression).

The sad thing is that there's probably real racist cops out there shooting black people and planting guns, extorting parolees and generally acting dirty, but this guy had to become the poster boy for systemic racism and police brutality and used as a political tool by the BLM grifters.



A little bit of both probably influenced the verdict but the most decisive factor was the jury being convinced of Chauvin's guilt before the trial even started. They bought the new reality narrative, internalized that they had to do their part in the anti-racist struggle even if it meant subverting their jury duty. It's activism in every aspect of life.
Still I thought they'd find him guilty of manslaughter because of all the evidence which pointed against murder. I could even consider and understand a decision like that. But all charges was pretty shocking to me, just blatant disregard of facts and reality in favor of pure ACAB-destroy-whiteness-punch-fascists activism.

My favorite expert witness was the overexcited I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE cardiologist.
"Actually 90% coronary occlusion is GOOD because it forces your heart to develop alternate vessels which ACTUALLY means you're less likely to have a heart attack than healthy people! Having a history of being hospitalized due to super high blood pressure up to 200 mmHg ACTUALLY means you have an exceptionally athletic heart. Saint George Floyd the Martyr was so incredibly unhealthy he became practically superhuman, isn't science amazing?"

Fucking Pelosi thanked Floyd for sacrificing his life for justice, said that his name will be remembered as synonymous with all that is right and good. That is your new poster boy, America. A drugged out, raging, brutal repeat offender hood rat.
Meanwhile a white guy who was asked to confront a nigger molester prowling his neighborhood is getting treated like a criminal, had his life ended by the social media court. Probably will go to jail too.

I think the dirty racist cops stopped being a thing a long time ago. For how long have BLM and friends been scrutinizing the police for any sign of bad whitey? They're constantly looking for evil crackers with a microscope, so far they failed to come up with any really obvious ones. As you said they have to use cases like Chauvin as flagship public enemies, they wouldn't need to stretch so much if they could find those dirty racist cops instead.

Various things can be bad for different reasons and at different levels at the same time. Muh Chyna is still shit, wouldn't want to live there either. In China you could be the master race until the party arbitrarily decided it no longer benefited them, overnight you'd find yourself being sent to the camps. They like to fuck over people like that. Look at Hong Kong. China promised them a bunch of things to get them to submit smoothly, then they kept going back on their word until none of the guarantees remained. And you better act like that's fine or you'll get disappeared.


File: 1618964889473.png (4.2 MB, 1080x5378, 540:2689, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


>actually wanting justice for a violent criminal who had no intention of changing his ways and using hard drugs like a degenerate
If Floyd were white he would have been flushed down the toilet of society long before his demise. He would have been blamed for getting killed by a police officer because he wasn't being a "responsible white adult" and failing to "take advantage of his white privilege". Nobody would be mourning his death and it wouldn't have been mentioned in the news. Absolutely disgraceful.


So much for "muh constitution" "muh law" and all that bullshit that America had in so high place.


It was a lose lose situation.

It was either a miscarriage of justice where a cop was convicted of murder because a criminal overdosed on fentanyl, or acquit the man and cause the country to erupt in riots where innocent people would be killed, assaulted and have their businesses looted and burned down.

Chauvin was already considered guilty in the court of public opinion. The MSM and social media had already convicted him. Several social media platforms actually removed posts even mentioning George had fentanyl (and enough to kill 5 people) in his system, and others labeled them as "misinformation". So if he was acquitted not only would there have been riots across the country, but the general public would have viewed it as a guilty white man going free because of white privilege and systemic racism.


a dead nigger and a pig behind bars, where's the bad ending here?


Look at this guy, he just hates everyone!


You're trying to rationalize it because this situation just shows how rotten everything in the US is.


shit's been rotten since the early 90s, this isn't a watershed moment and anyone sympathizing with a pig because muh white peeple is retarded, you should thank the injustice system, they just saved you from more nigger riots


This is extremely myopic. The real loss here is the justice system which has now been proven to be easily swayed by media and propaganda. Not only will this case be continually used to justify inane political policies like defunding the police in the future, it will also be the lens through which all race relations will be interpreted.

The thing that really scares me is the continual examples of collective psychosis where actual reality is substituted with a preferred one.


it's been swayed and corrupt for decades, people have been calling it "injustice system" for a very long time for a reason, adding "swayed by media" is just a drop in the bucket of problems


The only reason you keep sucking china's dick in every thread is because you think actual literal fascism is a good idea.

It's really dumb.


>acquit the man and cause the country to erupt in riots where innocent people would be killed
So we got riots anyway. No dead reported yet but the looting, arson and intimidation of random whites on the streets will continue indefinitely. Blax are saying jailing Chauvin was not nearly enough, there will be more demands when they sober up after celebrating the victory. What was the point?

Don't bother, he's their ally.


There would be no riots if the cops stopped arresting anyone who defends themselves or their property.

Just a few roof top koreans thinning the herd for a day would nip all this shit in the bud.
But any time anyone fights back they are hit with the full force of the state while the democrat funded rioters kill children with impunity.
The dems are criminal scum who need to be hanged and the rioters should be mass slaughtered.


Libtards on another victory lap, can't stand this shit. Hope I'll at least get to watch their smug faces being beaten to death when the niggers come to take their shit.
Oh who am I kidding, they'll never get what they deserve. They don't have to live around niggers.


File: 1619016947232.jpg (119.18 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, igarashi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>It was a lose lose situation.
You mean win-win.

With an innocent verdict you get more black riots and radicalization of whites, but the narrative that whites have recourse to a functional judicial system remains intact. A guilty verdict undermines that narrative, which makes the job of managing whites harder for cuckservatives given they often make appeals to "doing things the right way" and "trusting the plan" to their base; they had reason to, as historically trials of white police officers and people like Zimmerman often returned verdicts of not guilty. Now whites can be free from that illusion.


>this fool thinks there will be a race war


Not him, but learn to read. Anyone who denies the giant steps that are being taken in the US to a "break up" at this point can't be taken seriously anyways.


I don't think anyone is getting radicalized over this verdict.


File: 1619025568885-0.png (84.57 KB, 592x901, 592:901, black_culture.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1619025568885-1.jpg (115.2 KB, 1130x1013, 1130:1013, de_escalating_a_knife_figh….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1619025568885-2.png (436.7 KB, 579x425, 579:425, never_ever.png) ImgOps iqdb


its their culture lmao
let em stab eachother :D


Whites need to move away from cities asap if they haven't done so already.


Hey, that's called "white flight" and it's racist, cracka! You can't just move away into white neighborhoods with zero crime and let black people govern and police themselves!


Well, you have to let blacks police and govern themselves, otherwise it's racism you fucking biggott fashist. But you also have to live among them so they can police and govern and humiliate and abuse you.


Favorable polling by Pew Research showed that support for BLM among white Americans dropped from 38% to 29% in the 3 months since June 2020. The summer of arson, looting, and violence radicalized more whites. Freeing them from the delusion that the legal system will take their side is a narrative win, even if structurally they are further disempowered. One less institution will treat you fairly, you have one less cope, and one less reason not to adopt politics that actually addresses reality.


You are never getting your dream of a ethno-state.


>a narrative win, even if structurally they are further disempowered
I don't see how we go from peddling black pills to normies on the internet to seizing enough power to reverse all of this shit. At this point what would the enemy lose from going mask off open and shameless about everything?

Why not?


You talk like you know everyone here.


And you will never be a succubus, tranny.


>Why not?
>You talk like you know everyone here.
>And you will never be a succubus, tranny.
Bad takes. Whenever someone dismisses the idea of an ethnostate just ask about Israel.


But don't libs despise Israel too? Or is that a thing of the past?


>But don't libs despise Israel too? Or is that a thing of the past?

Half the people who hold liberal views couldn't locate Isreal on a map, the other half supports it out of ignorance for what it is and to disassociate themselves from rightwingers who talk about it.


Is this Chernobyl 2 or World War 3? Both?


Neither. It's nothing. Don't ever believe sensationalist political news anons and retwitters when it comes to military and war stuff, they're always wrong. It annoys me when they tune in to the topic once a month to frantically comment on some flavor of the week incident and act like they know what's going on. They should stick to what they know instead of what they think they know, acting as if they see all things through the lens of American internal politics and political cliches.


moot just quit google

is he going to return and finally euthanize /pol/?


He'll probably make some shitty alt-chan that dies after a week


>Whenever someone dismisses the idea of an ethnostate just ask about Israel.
explain operation moses then. ethnostates just regularly spend large amounts of money and effort on bringing blacks into their country, do they?


it doesn't seem to have been a policy of Israel at the time, but something that came later.
>You're going to struggle to spin this as anything other than the policies of a Jewish supremacist state.
with Netanyahu in power? yeah I will, because he's a far right Jewish supremacist and it's not surprising that he's doing stuff like this.


>explain operation moses then
Are these the same Ethiopians that were sterilized in Israeli transit camps? (https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.5226424)

Israel literally bombs, blockades, and bulldozes Palestinian territory. You're going to struggle to spin this as anything other than the policies of a Jewish supremacist state.



>it doesn't seem to have been a policy of Israel at the time
I see, so you have no complaints with Jewish Ethiopians being settled in the Negev desert near a nuclear reactor, then? You only object to the later sterilization policy?

>with Netanyahu in power?

Israel has been expanding its borders and displacing Arabs for decades before Likud were in power.


>I see, so you have no complaints with Jewish Ethiopians being settled in the Negev desert near a nuclear reactor, then? You only object to the later sterilization policy?
naturally I object to it, but mistreatment does not an ethnostate make, otherwise the USA would be an ethnostate.
>Israel has been expanding its borders and displacing Arabs for decades before Likud were in power.
America's done plenty war in the middle east too, but again nobody's claiming they're an ethnostate.


Who is mistreated in the USA? Other than Whites I mean.


>naturally I object to it, but mistreatment does not an ethnostate make, otherwise the USA would be an ethnostate
I'm just going to apply the same nihilism you applied to Jewish Ethiopians to African Americans. Flooding the ghetto with drugs was only a later policy, for instance.

Nice pivot away from Israel, btw. I can tell you're just a liberal and not a leftist, because they wouldn't even attempt to defend the racial policies of Israel.

>America's done plenty war in the middle east too

American foreign policy in the Middle East is Israeli policy. Everyone on the New American Century committee (i.e., those leading the charge for the Iraq war) was a Jewish Zionist. The biggest lobbyist group for foreign intervention in the US is AIPAC.


>Who is mistreated in the USA? Other than Whites I mean.
autists for a start. the prevailing attitude in America is to "cure" that which deviates from the norm.
> Flooding the ghetto with drugs was only a later policy, for instance.
precisely, which is why, as I said, America is not an ethnostate, just as Israel is not an ethnostate. both take actions against politically destablizing minorities, but this alone does not constitute an ethnostate.
>American foreign policy in the Middle East is Israeli policy. Everyone on the New American Century committee (i.e., those leading the charge for the Iraq war) was a Jewish Zionist. The biggest lobbyist group for foreign intervention in the US is AIPAC.
the alignment of multiple country's foreign policies is nothing new, the fact remains that Israel is not the only country waging war in the middle east, regardless of being the primary beneficiaries of these wars. And all of this is even assuming that war in the middle east is even an indicator of ethnostatery to begin with - I don't think Israel's border expansions make it an ethnostate, it just makes it ultranationalist.


File: 1619455415296.png (7.35 KB, 474x90, 79:15, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Another riot carousel is being spun up. The looters are already prepared and ready to start, now waiting on the go signal as a plausible cause is being manufactured.
Everyone should know this at this point but here's a reminder: the end goal is the ultimate expansion of extreme leniency towards blacks into complete immunity.
Maximum charges for every targeted White from now on, and they will all stick as demanded by the mob, as established by the Chauvin trail precedent.
The black violence will not end, it will only escalate as their demands grow. Board up permanently and never relax, this is the new normal.


File: 1619455592097.jpg (97.76 KB, 750x708, 125:118, 1580434793000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

who fucking cares
>go shoot people whitey!
t. CIA


File: 1619455774131.jpeg (59.18 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 5F07CC02-60D6-4CE9-A009-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Based philosopher knew ahead of time what was going to happen


>both take actions against politically destablizing minorities, but this alone does not constitute an ethnostate.
Then you have no recourse to claim state policies that target these groups are systemically racist. This is the corner you've painted yourself into just to defend the actions of Israel. I would ask you to apply the same standard to the Rohingya and Uyghur, but we already know what your answer will be.

>the fact remains that Israel is not the only country waging war in the middle east, regardless of being the primary beneficiaries of these wars.

You've gone from writing about the actions of Israel, to America, to the entire Middle East. This, and you even concede Israel is the primary beneficiary of American foreign policy in that region? To what degree would you say ethnic conflict in the Middle East is from redrawing the borders by Western imperialist powers after the fall of the Ottomans? What do you think of all the war mongering against Iran for decades?

>I don't think Israel's border expansions make it an ethnostate, it just makes it ultranationalist

If the US was to blockade, bomb, and build over Mexico, ethnically displacing Mexicans in the process, I doubt you would call this "just ultranationalist" (you have no other choice now, however), this is where your terrible position on Israel has led you.


>Then you have no recourse to claim state policies that target these groups are systemically racist.
a racist policy isn't unique to an ethnostate. if racist policies are the unique hallmark of an ethnostate then every single country in history was a ethnostate, every country ever has had at least one racist policy at some point.
>You've gone from writing about the actions of Israel, to America, to the entire Middle East.
you said that one of the indicators that Israel is an ethnostate is that it wages war in the middle east. they are not the only state that wages war in the middle east, that is the relevance.
>This, and you even concede Israel is the primary beneficiary of American foreign policy in that region?
well naturally, that was the policy of their precursors, the British, as well.
> To what degree would you say ethnic conflict in the Middle East is from redrawing the borders by Western imperialist powers after the fall of the Ottomans? What do you think of all the war mongering against Iran for decades?
I would say that the conflicts arising from the redrawing of borders was primarily the prerogative of the British, who acted primarily on the behalf of the Zionists. Just as Stalin redrew the borders of Central Asia to make the region easier to govern by splitting groups between borders, so too did the British divide the middle east to give Israel a secure foothold in the region. the war mongering against Iran is primarily because Iran is thoroughly opposed not just to Israel, but to Saudi Arabia, the other steadfast ally of the US in the middle east that was even kind enough to carry out 9/11 as a favor to Bush.
>If the US was to blockade, bomb, and build over Mexico, ethnically displacing Mexicans in the process, I doubt you would call this "just ultranationalist" (you have no other choice now, however)
they already did it in 1832. it did not make the US an ethnostate. therefore yes, it was naturally ultranationalist, since as I already stated, it was not a process that magically transformed America into an ethnostate.
>this is where your terrible position on Israel has led you.
to disagreeing with you? yes, such a terrible position. surely if I spent 10 hours a day lifting weights and fucking aryan succubi to preserve le volk I could be half as baaaaased as you.


Everyone cares and you're going to push us past the point of no return, nigger.

>autists for a start
And who mistreats autists the most?
Right now a video of a nigger bullying an autist hotel worker is making rounds. The nigger recorded himself tormenting the sperg to the point of his complete breakdown. The autismo starts hitting himself in the head, breaks a monitor with his head then runs away crying. Nigger posted it online for viral clout as some evidence of fighting against horrible fragile whiteness.
Now, the worst thing about this isn't even the incident of bullying itself. It's the self disclosed attitude of niggers who reacted it, exposing how their minds work.
Besides ridicule the most common reactions of niggers commenting under the video is that the autist is a dangerous whypipo future mass shooter who should have been punished for his deeds, preferably killed on the spot by the recording nigger.
The assaulted guy literally ran away crying but niggers treat it as some form of aggression requiring immediate pursuit. This is coming from a race that is unable to behave in any situation, unable to uphold any standard of human decency, and who will actively resist and fight the cops every time while claiming they're innocent and din du nuffin.
They're animals, hyenas. Shameless, violent, deceitful, self serving and cowardly in everything they do.


Right, because whites would never, ever do something like that. It sounds like you're a tad biased.


>And who mistreats autists the most?
I am an autist, and I grew up being bullied exclusively by whites, so fucking blow me. plus the Nazis exterminated autists, it was called Aktion T4.


Niggers and jews.


I have Jewish ancestry, so it's on my father's side, so according to Jewish law I'm not Jewish.




you'll have to give him some time, most of his blood pumps around his oversized swastika-plastered muscles, it takes a while to get up to his shaved pinhead.


This is the meta-analysis that's making the rounds in the news now, that says facemasks are not helpful and may be harmful with regards to SARS2.
The author, Baruch Vainshelboim, seemed to have chosen to put his previous employer's credentials instead of his current credentials in the paper; Stanford University has issued a statement that he was no longer affiliated with them when this paper was published. As a meta-analysis this paper required no experimentation and no observation, so this seems like it might have been more an example of medical-academic makework by a currently unemployed medical professional to keep his hat on the table while he takes a break from the game, and not really a serious attempt at advancing medical science.


>discussion about israel immediately flips to hyperbole about nazis
>"i'm half-jewish btw"
This has to be /pol/tard satire because no jew would willingly make themselves look so bad.


but it is true hyperbole. the very basis of Nazism is being physically fit, having hordes upon hordes of children (awarded during the regime with medals, showing the ideal goal was for each family to have 10 children), purging the mentally ill, those who refuse to accept forced labor on the autobahns, so on and so forth. it is an ideology constructed entirely out of making the world revolve around Chad, and removing from existence that which stands in his way.


It's obvious the autists will side with the leftists when the breakdown happens. The promise of the new post-revolution society granting them a privileged status among the protected classes as 'neurodivergent' or some other shit is too alluring. It's pretty funny. They'll be considered inferior to other more important protected groups regardless and they're willingly putting themselves in a cage with unleashed buckwild negros thinking nothing bad will happen LEL.


>It's obvious the autists will side with the leftists when the breakdown happens.
Nah I would switch between sides and fight for my own personal gain


>they're willingly putting themselves in a cage with unleashed buckwild negros thinking nothing bad will happen LEL.
it's better than siding against our own interests, with the people who bullied and tortured us mercilessly growing up, all so they can line us up in front of a firing squad if we're LUCKY. if we're unlucky, we'll be put in labor camps and enslaved for the rest of our lives.


File: 1619528370863.jpg (57.67 KB, 350x405, 70:81, 1619133096292.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

We should tell the chads that Nazis are insane autistic crabs, and tell the autists that Nazis are chads who would gas them. Nobody will suspect a thing, we all know chads and autists are just pawns in our plan. r8, h8, masterb8


File: 1619549043733.jpg (70.31 KB, 920x790, 92:79, 1596195771421.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do wizards deal about being part of a dying civilization? I'd like to say that I'm mostly over it, but sometimes I still get those black pilling feels. On one side I see all the progressives unwittingly pursuing their own demise believing it to lead anywhere but death, while on the other I see the people who still struggle to keep alive what already amounts to a rotting corpse being eaten by vultures and believe that there can be some sort of recovery from that state. I know there is no future for this civilization and the people that choose to remain in it and there's no point in even feeling sad about what is already dead, but sometimes I can't help but feel sad when I see a vulture gobbling another piece of it, knowing it was once so full of life but died so miserably.


File: 1619552484627.png (191.97 KB, 405x386, 405:386, 1619297536161.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's anything from crushing despair to feeling completely liberated. Every single day I'm hit with a massive dose of confirmation bias. What's really sad is you still encounter good people in the world, and I feel bad these people are going to be annihilated.


Civilization is not dying, you only wish it was.


Not in the least, trust me.


>falling life expectancy
>falling educational achievement
>no cultural developments of note for decades
>no manufacturing
>collapsing infrastructure
>incapable of building new infrastructure, power stations and rail networks are now built by foreign companies
>no investment in skills at state level, intergenerational transmission of skills no longer occurs
>parts of the country now look third-world
>increasing crime and poverty
>monthly terrorist attacks
>cover up by police and local government of racial attacks against their own constituents for decades
>pension system unsustainable
>mass immigration of historical enemies
>malaise and despair at all levels of society
>no longer any pretense of protecting the borders, shipments of guns, drugs, and people being run in
>literal mass slavery in major cities (something we used to criticise other nations for)
>megacorps buying up reams of property and farmland for market speculation (one of the few ways left of making money in the country)
>government does nothing, is nearly certainly complicit in all the above
It may have been bad in the 70s but the decline is terminal this time.


The /dep/ goggles are too strong in this one.


No, a TFR of less than 2.1 for European peoples spells the end. Jews, Indians, and Chinese do not have it in them to produce livable societies.


File: 1619557323116.jpg (32.43 KB, 450x499, 450:499, 1619293242716.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm pretty optimistic, just not about my homeland.


>Civilization is not dying
I agree, 'civilization' is not dying, is already dead. And it was since few years ago, not now. The only thing that remains is its corpse.
But this is not necessarily bad. There are good things emerging, and we, the outcast, should support and contribute to the emerging of these new things.




>There are good things emerging

Not denying this, but what do you see emerging exactly?


>There are good things emerging
Like what?
>the outcast should support and contribute to the emerging of these new things
The only new things that pop up every day are fresh leftist nightmares. I'd rather die than help these vermin.


The only thing "emerging" is SkyNet and a half-baked attempt at global medical-pharma tryanny over your own fucking body


File: 1619568474930.png (86.73 KB, 1234x852, 617:426, un_population_projections_….png) ImgOps iqdb

>There are good things emerging,

Agreed, here's one


>the niggerocalypse is upon us
Oh god no


That has been debunked already.
Population growth in Africa is already slowing down drastically. It just slowed down slower and later then Europe because Europe "empowered" their succubi first and it was all down hill from there.


There is like 7 blacks per white worldwide, it had never mattered, how the hell are they a minority if they have and entire continent and a good third of america?


Exponential growth projections are a pet peeve of mine.
Shit never lines up to reality and is exclusively used as a scaremonger lie to trick people.



This is assuming they follow the western pattern of reduced fertility with increased education of succubi - doubtful, considering the large behavioral/hormonal differences between Africans and the rest of the world.


This isn't assuming anything.
It is what the current data already says when it comes to population growth figures.
It has already slowed down. There is no know factor that would cause it to increase given current trends.
Everything points to it likely to continue to decrease until it's just at replacement levels or less.
If South America is any example the drop can happen fast too.


Can you give me any data behind that claim? The birth-rate has slowed down but only by a little (The birth rate prior to 2010 in Congo was 7.4, now it's 6 which is still high). Also I do agree with the argument that succubi rights (specifically the right to work) leads to a lower birth rate, but I never understood how, is it because if you're too busy working and going to college you wont have time to raise and have children?




The greatest danger to humankind is just how delusional and retarded people in general seem to be. The world is filled with Dale Gribbles who think they're really fucking clever. What the world needs is more Hanks.


You mean more acquiescent conservaturds who only defend and conserve whatever the left was clamoring for 5-10 years ago?


I mean both sides of the left-right spectrum are entering mass psychosis territory. It seems like everyone has lost their damn minds and I'm not exaggerating.


rate my politics


File: 1619688416198.jpg (155.81 KB, 1121x1784, 1121:1784, LITERALLY_WORSE_THAN_SHOAH.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How is it even possible to believe this shit?


File: 1619698491046.jpg (207.08 KB, 690x437, 30:19, singleparentoutcomes.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

- Do you think the prevelence of single mothers is a big problem?
- If so, how do you think it should be approached?
- How would you approach it if you were dictator?

Personally, the more I read about it, the more I think it's _the_ social problem. The likelihood of future outcomes regarding addiction, poverty, education, health, etc. are all worse in single-parent households, and especially single mother households; and the difference in these outcomes far surpass racial inequalities as well.


I don’t think it’s possible to fix with policy. It’s a social problem.


What exactly is factually incorrect there? It is the worst economic crisis since the GD. It is the worst pandemic in a century.
He *has* been in office for 100 days. And a direct assault on the Capitol *was* unprecedented after the Civil War.

All of those things would be true regardless of who won the presidency.


The harmless peaceful protest at the hovel of crime and filth known as the capitol wasn't an assault on anything.


File: 1619709037210.png (44.76 KB, 647x641, 647:641, clown_court.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Chauvin trial is a proof our justice system still works
>even conservatives agree it should be celebrated and trusted
>it wasn't a show trial you nazi trumper conspiratard traitor


Are you on drugs or did you miss the part where they actually went inside the building and people died from police bullets or other violence?

They also threatened to kill Mike Pence but he escaped the room those "peaceful protesters" were about to enter just in time.


Peaceful protest. They were let inside by the capitol cops. There's zero proof of any assassination being attempted or even planned.


>Trumpers really believe this

I don't even like Biden. But you're deluded.


I think you are the one on drugs if you actually believe that, which I don't think you do.
Was about as peaceful as when the succubus's march stormed the capital before only in that occasion it didn't involve a cop firing blind into the crowed though a door unprovoked so that time no one died.


Two out of three of those things are direct consequences of actions taken by Uncle Dementia and his cronies.


Not him but it was a peaceful protest. Any violence on January 6th is at the feet of Christopher Miller and Ezra Cohen-Watnick.


Can you explain that comment?
concerned for reasons…




It was mostly peaceful.


the "insurrection" is the founding myth of the new america but unlike other myths there's no grain of truth here


>Can you explain that comment?
You'll recall that Blumpf fired Mark Esper after Biden was declared president. Firing your defense secretary at the Pentagon this late into your presidency is unusual. Initially it appeared Miller was dropped in to leverage support from some of Trump's Zionist backers because of his history with Hezbollah and Iran, but in hindsight it may have been because of his domestic terrorism background.

The new team under Miller included Anthony Tata, a general involved in framing Palestinians for terrorism. Ezra Cohen, who was a national security adviser to Michael Flynn and later Jeff Sessions. He was accused of leaking information to Devin Nunes on behalf of Israel, and there's evidence he has been involved in psyops like Q. Cohen was fired under McMaster but after campaigns by Roger Stone and Morty Klein was rehired under Miller. Douglas MacGregor, a general who strongly supported the Iraq war, and whose books are part of the IDF's officer syllabus, was also part of Miller's team. The team therefore was comprised of experts in domestic terrorism (Miller), military strategy (MacGregor), media ops (Tata), and psyops (Cohen) who were quickly assembled after Trump's election loss. Trump personally assigned sole authority for the D.C. National Guard to Miller.

>Miller authored the memos issued Monday and Tuesday in response to a request from the D.C. mayor, in which the Pentagon prohibited the District’s guardsmen from receiving ammunition or riot gear, interacting with protesters unless necessary for self-defense, sharing equipment with local law enforcement, or using Guard surveillance and air assets without the defense secretary’s explicit sign-off, according to officials familiar with the orders.

>The Capitol Police hadn’t requested help from the Guard ahead of Wednesday’s events. But early Wednesday afternoon, its chief made an urgent plea for backup from 200 troops during a call with top Pentagon and city officials, according to officials familiar with the call.
>On the call, Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund was asked whether he wanted help from the National Guard. “There was a pause,” one of the D.C. officials said. And Sund said yes. “Then there was another pause, and an official from the [office of the] secretary of the Army said that wasn’t going to be possible.”
– Washington Post 7/1/21

You'll also recall there were bombs planted outside the Washington DNC and RNC buildings on January 6th. The FBI has been eager in prosecuting anyone who entered the Capitol, but mysteriously can't find whoever planted these bombs.


Bombs were fake, it was a prank by some leftists which is why the FBI will never look at it.


Wow, I knew none of that.
Quite the rabbit hole from what seemed like a throwaway comment.


The FBI probably planted them themselves. We also know, anecdotally, they told counter-protest organizers to stay away.


Does anyone know any good war related news aggregators? Tried looking for some on twatter but everything I've found was embarrassing to behold, all accounts ran either by insane Russia worshiping tinfoilers or hysterical libs with terminal Trump derangement syndrome.


File: 1619900657300.jpg (77.05 KB, 750x610, 75:61, E0USrYIXMAIp8Ah.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Coddling mentally ill weaklings is how the Navy will beat China in the contest for global maritime supremacy.


They're all controlled by the same people at this point.


what's so bothering you about this picture? I don't see nothing wrong


It's the Airforce. The other guy just can't admit Airforce cucks are fags


He's an idiotic drumpf supporting homophobe racist whose opinion we should all ignore. No doubt he believes that there's a "cultural Marxist conspiracy" which we all know is a dogwhistle for white supremacy. He should get out of his white, conservative, nowheresville rural hick non-college-educated hillbilly Facebook-post reading Qtard echo bubble and move up to reading respectable journalism like Vox, PBS, and the BBC. No doubt he still thinks drumpftard had no connections to Russia, remains unvaccinated, can't accept Chauvin's conviction as legitimates, believes in conspiracy theories that Biden "stole" the election despite repeated court hearings against it, and supported the Capital Hill Insurrection of January 6th that absolutely shook our Democracy and shows how violent and fascistic these MAGAtards really are.


Ok. Just wondering because you don't just get to "be" a pilot for the navy, there are extensive tests which 99% of applicants fail.

If those guys are competent pilots, why does it matter at all if they're gay? They're probably more skilled than pilots of any other military in the world.


File: 1619928758800.jpg (75.74 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>move up to reading respectable journalism like Vox, PBS, and the BBC.
>No doubt he still thinks drumpftard had no connections to Russia,
>Capital Hill Insurrection of January 6th that absolutely shook our Democracy



China will never beat us at anything, they're just a small nuisance, in fact the reason they are so shit is because they are too small minded and traditionalist, you'd probably belong there with the chink insects


They already have full influence over most African countries and a big amount of Asian countries.

Their military could also expand to other countries if they really wanted to.


Is this satire?


back to >>>/pol/ nigger
wizchan is a white supremacy website


I wrote that because I was getting sick of hearing the exact same arguments over and over again without any further logic, like I'm so stupid that I've never heard those arguments before. Also because for some reason I watch Oliver and it's gotten to the point that I laugh when I hear him repeat the same arguments over and over again. I just want to say, we get your arguments, we've been hearing them–they're just bad arguments that aren't convincing people.
I think the point is more to make an allusion to how the U.K. police went 120% diversity to the point of ignoring actual crime (embed related). There's a fear that the U.S. military will start focusing on diversity and inclusion to the detriment of being able to do their actual jobs just like what's happened to the U.K..


>you don't just get to "be" a pilot for the navy
You do actually. They got their jobs based solely on being poster boys for the agenda. They're handing out positions to anyone who isn't a straight white male.


What should be done about the problem of growing white nationalism and white supremacy groups? The FBI and DHS got involved to crack down on this groups (about time), it's good that white parents are just starting to shame their children for being white, and it's definitely a step in the right direction that most companies have actively managed diversity boards and hiring practices; but I can't help but notice that the problem of hate speech has been completely ignored. If anything, hate speech is the primary way that this spreads, and I just don't understand why imageboards like these–where white supremacy, racism, and anti-semitism spread like wildfire–are allowed and permitted to continue to exist.



File: 1620072612978.jpg (47.25 KB, 850x400, 17:8, evola on amerimutts.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Man this entire thread is fucking awful, just pure bait or discussions on some mutt going to jail for having someother junkie mutt die underneath him. Americans were a mistake.


>hurr durr americans americans americans


Tell us about your country's politics, anon.


that's a pretty annihilatory quote but I've seen better




>What should be done about the problem of growing white nationalism and white supremacy groups?
It should be encouraged, supported, funded and escalated.


>What should be done about the problem of growing white nationalism and white supremacy groups?
If you ignore them like the irrelevant nobodies that they are they will eventually go away.
They are so irrelevant and do so little that the crazy identiarians on the left consistently and constantly have to make up hate crimes to commit on themselves and blame the boogyman that isn't even there. Then the police look into it and every fucking time the narrative turns out to be bullshit.
There are more lefty idenitareans pretending to be white nationalist then there are actual white nationalist. That is how small and impotent they are. In truth the commie retards know it's bullshit. They just want to use WN as a excuse and tool for their fucked up authoritarian bullshit.

>The FBI and DHS

Are full of shit and just picking low hanging PR fruit so no one in the media complains about their black sites and black money they sling around.
Only worse scumbags are the CIA and the only ones more incompetent is ATF.
The whole lot of the alphabet agencies should be scraped.
Fuck those evil motherfuckers. There ain't enough dog blood in the world to satisfy those monsters.

The rest of what you said is just retarded baiting that I ain't even bother responding to because it is so pathetic and stupid.
You should feel shame for being such a retarded faggot.


File: 1620138618719.png (139.45 KB, 685x223, 685:223, honeywell_corruption.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well well well would you look at that, some actual treason for once. Too bad it's not what the media wanted to see, the story will be forgotten by tomorrow and you won't hear about it again. I wonder why. A 15 million fine is a joke to Honeywell. That's about the price you'd pay for 20 AGT1500 engines. The giant multinational conglomerate will lose no status over this. They give space to black bodies, support antifascist action and prioritize equity-focused outcomes for intersectional neurodiverse queer zoomlennials of color so the occasional case of massive treason is cool.

>The whole lot of the alphabet agencies should be scraped.
No, they're important. They should be punched into shape and made to do what they're supposed to: sabotaging and killing the enemies of White America at home and abroad.


>No, they're important. They should be punched into shape and made to do what they're supposed to: sabotaging and killing the enemies of White America at home and abroad.
The whole thing needs to be torched and destroyed then their functions be replace and rebuilt from the ground up anew.
It has been beyond the point where minor reforms could fix these so called temporary agencies a decade after their creation.
They need to go. Totally rendered into ash so something better can rise and replace them.



Oh dear, looks like someone lied under an oath to get on the jury to be an activist-juror. And they will face no repercussions for it. So shocking, nobody saw that coming. I sure hope the rest of the jury was impartial and unbiased in their deliberations.


> And they will face no repercussions for it.
Even the article you cited says that this could potentially undo the whole trial.


There was a lot of potentially coulds during the trial too. Guess how many of them changed something.


>Guess how many of them changed something.
Oh gee whiz dude, are you able to see alternate timelines or something? Point is, if the washington post admitted the ruling could get overturned then it certainly has a chance. I don't think it will though.


why are the old succubi so upset about this guy?


Because he's a faggot retard nigger?


He said THIS guy, referring to the video, not your mom.


File: 1620259419070.jpg (608.37 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, roger_dean.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>fake pandemic: scare people into lining up for …
<… novel "vaccines": sterilization chemicals; serum makes succubi infertile. Not sure if it does anything to the male reproductive system. Very curious how it will unfold

>mask bullshit:

hateful and degrading annoyance for the purpose of implanting visceral indignation reaction in the sterilized towards the unsterilized, leading the former to pressure the latter into volunteering for the inoculation.

>purposeful inhumane and stupid policies:

population reduction by making many people unable to afford families or not wanting to subject their children to the shitshow. Who wants to live in clown world?


population reduction by reducing ability for humans to couple and subsequently reproduce. Also, making normans suicide from loneliness.

>stoking of racial tensions

mostly a distraction from the above. Perhaps planting the seeds of some kind of racial extermination program, but I highly doubt it. Also, for the discrediting of the creative races and any "racist" that might bring up the ideas I am presenting to you in this post.

>promotion of UFO stuff

distraction. Implant the idea that aliens will save us, or are behind it rather than the most powerful humans.

>extreme promotion of homosexuality, genital mutilation

obviously because trannies and homosexuals are functionally infertile, so convert more humans to those cults


obvious reason


just look at the birthrates in feminist 1st-world countries. Feminism turns succubi into repulsive harpies and demoralizes men, also making men weaklings. Single-parent homes increase criminality which increases murder, drug-death, suicide rates

>great reset

Global human population reduction initiative. Children of Men, 2027. For those who remain, a technological eutopia.


volcel wizards might as well get inoculated if they are under livelihood-threatening to do so, because the ability to reproduce would be irrelevant. If you want to get the full backing of the state, pretend to be a faggot or tranny, but you have to announce it everywhere and make yourself visible.
I approve of population reduction, but not the way it has been executed so far and I reject the shaming of those who do not want to be inoculated with the "vaccines". Perhaps, though, it is the only way population reduction would be possible. The urge of the norman to breed like a rabbit must have been deemed insurmountable except for deceptive solutions.


I have to do the submission-compliance ritual and inject the globohomo juice or I'll be kicked out by my raging libtard parents. The only vaccine I was able to sign up for is the one that notoriously gives people strokes and crippling complications. It's depressing and degrading.

>volcel wizards might as well get inoculated if they are under livelihood-threatening to do so, because the ability to reproduce would be irrelevant.

Isn't it irrelevant one way or the other? I hate this reality I was forced to live in and I'll never be able to change into the "vol"cel mindset, no matter how hard I try to fool myself into becoming it.
I might just finally suicide from loneliness like the normans do. But if they can't take it anymore after a year of quarantines what am I supposed to feel after thirty-some years of a lonely hell lined with other people's constant scorn? A lot of these lonely suffering normals will openly say people like me deserve to be shunned, chased into isolation and made to die alone.
I'm expected to take dangerous experimental drugs because it supposedly helps the humanity while that same humanity of theirs would be happy to see me subjected to inhuman conditions, which they themselves wouldn't be able to endure.


the scariest of all is that people are ok with it, when they are not actively asking for it. check some "mainstream" forum or the comments on a news site and the virtue signalling and patronizing is off the charts.
the ufo stuff would not be shocking at this point, it's not like anyone would have been taken seriously had they predicted a quarter of the shit we are experiencing only a couple years ago. all bets are off now


Here's a link to a collection of files one could employ in the creation of a US vax kard. I am not encouraging anyone to do this. 4.25" x 3.5" are the true dimensions. Stay strong wizfriend.

anonfiles DOT com/X4p0H0u4u6/karte_zip

>all bets are off now
I agree. We endure possibly the most interesting crisis in all of human history. It's tragic, but also a wonder to observe and a challenging puzzle to wrangle with.



Schwab has been shockingly straightforward about his desire to use the coronavirus hoax to establish a New World Order.

He even wrote a book about it, entitled – straightforwardly enough – “COVID-19: The Great Reset.”


Unfortunately a US corona passport won't help me in EUSSR. I appreciate the gesture though, maybe someone else here will find it useful.


These videos of 'peaceful protesters' ambushing motorists are terrifying. Saw 4 of these and that's just ones that happened today, there probably was more. These are coordinated mob provocations to entrap and frame random whiteys. Shit's insane. Angry mobs block streets, swarm trapped cars to force a reaction, provocateurs jump at the vehicles to make it look like the drivers just did a muslim-style vehicle ramming attack. Then the self righteous vigilantes in black can drag people out of their cars and beat and rob them, at gunpoint. All in broad daylight. And there's nothing anyone can do because it's done by packs of dozens of these subhumans who are armed for war complete with long guns and armor. And the perpetrators have the gall to call it 'stopping terrorism' and 'de-escalation.' The law enforcement probably calls these incidents 'white supremacy terrorist attacks' thanks to the 'evidence' manufactured by the 'protesters.' It's fucking impossible to live like this.


white americans are filth who deserve everything bad to happen to them



the biden regime is banning menthol cigarettes now, guess they don't care about pissing off the blacks, which was the only reason it hasn't been banned in all these decades

I wonder what lobby bribed them to ban menthol, and how big was the check


This is retarded nanny state shit. They better not go through with this. God forbid us lowly goyim enjoy smoking right? Fuck the Demonrats


It is retarded to allow selling drugs and ban a harmless flavoured tobacco. However, menthol cigs suck ass


Just more unwanted government intrusion into our lives. I smoke Reds mainly but have menthols on occasion


That's based


Worse than that. Nanny state would imply they'd at least do something good for you sometimes.
This is a hall monitor state. A snitch state. A narc state. A rat fink state.


how do we stop jews from redpilling us?


Oxymoron much?


I can feel my city slowly getting clowned. As the average home price soars over $1,000,000, the crime rate deteriorates. More and more people seem to be parking their motorhomes and vans all over the place. People are living out of cars and trailers. I saw a homeless man on a bike, all of his earthly belongings in a duffel bag, talking to himself. He paused briefly to stare into the windows of a blue van which has been sitting next to the park for weeks without getting towed. I took a walk and there was a half-eaten banana and somebody's opened mail lying on a bench at the park. I imagine some tweaker is going around stealing people's mail. As I walked, it was intensely hot, dry and windy with a sickly yellow hue in the air.


That's capitalism in action. Those home prices will keep going up because the upper class can afford to bid up prices while everyone else basically becomes homeless or van dwellers.


Sounds dangerous. The wizchan meme of taking relaxing walks is going to get people killed. If you live in a city you don't casually walk anywhere and you must never relax.

Just one of the things they took from you.


It used to be a peaceful suburb, but it is turning into San Francisco gradually. My parents will soon be able to cash in and leave. Will their chosen retirement city be any safer? Not likely. The whole US is undergoing decay.


File: 1620522199237-0.png (18.94 KB, 590x349, 590:349, realEstatePrices.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1620522199237-1.png (18.71 KB, 590x347, 590:347, NewHome-1963.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1620522199237-2.png (21.67 KB, 590x348, 295:174, Homes-USD-1890.png) ImgOps iqdb


Yeah I'm sure this >>266051 and the government-mandated lockdowns have absolutely nothing to do with it.


What does it mean? Home price going up is self explanatory but what does it have to do with gold staying the same?


Those are homes priced in terms of gold, it's not the price of gold. It's a crude way of indexing for inflation. In other words, home prices have been flat for the past century.


adjusting for inflation, housing is twice as expensive as it was in the 60's


I'm using the Case-Shiller nominal index, which is the average prices of homes in 20 U.S. cities, and diving it by the price of gold. Shiller has his data here:
Gold prices from St. Louis FRED:
Case-Shiller nominal index in Jan, 1960 was 15.19 and price of gold was $35.25 ( https://sdbullion.com/gold-price-by-year ). The latest Case-Shiller nominal index I can find was in Jan 2019 at 204.45 and the price of gold was $1291.63 .

Is it capitalism, or is it the government's inflation tax?


Canada is a communist shithole


File: 1620571030125.jpg (1.59 MB, 1500x1065, 100:71, anchovy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You paint a vivid picture of decay, and what is this moldy rhetoric in response? Mean income indexed against such and such commodity? Oh? Why has the reflex been trained to talk about that of all things, and the reflex to flee so readily cultivated? and by whom?

We are told public life is the result of these impersonal market and cultural forces, but what work really exists outside the betterment of the public body? None. Understanding that we can see what debt slavery, profit, and cultural corruption really is: parasitic feasting on the public body, hence the decay. There are no forces here, no inevitability, only people. There's hope yet in the phosphor being made from this mortifying body, those who have the explosive power to hoist a new world out of nothing.


They weren't replies to him they were replies to the pathetic communist propagandist who always tries to push his sick ideology in these threads.


Its just the anime pseud, he has an inability to speak normally and just wants to come off as superior/"higher", which is why he never addresses anything said by anyone properly. Especially when it comes to politics he is useless to speak with, I've never seen him having a proper conversation even once. Generally he seems to prefer to find a semi-related post and then begin monologuing about whatever poorly thought ideas come to his mind - regardless of if they even relate to whom he is speaking with.


All cities are being turned into hell. I can't take it anymore, I read some awful shit today.
Someone took a photo illustrating the state of public transportation and posted it on twatter. A massive amount of progressive cosmopolitans came to defend junkies shamelessly shooting heroin on the subway.
The absolute level of depravity and filth these people forced us to live in is fucking insane. Why is there no pushback at all?
The points that our moral betters promote, with their typical snarky lecturing, got so outrageously macabre that it's obvious they're not supposed to be taken as a part of any argument anymore. Resistance to their agenda is so superficial there is no actual argument going on whatsoever. They keep on rolling as if they could do to you whatever they liked. Now they're just grave dancing, and they relish in it.
Some frequently repeated points from thousands of replies:
>haha mind your own business creep
>haha pearl clutching
>haha irrational fear/-phobias
>haha it's just heroin, calm down you sheltered crybaby
>haha he's not hurting you sweetie
>haha experts agree heroin just makes people predictably docile, they just chill and go to sleep, wow so scary right
>haha if you saw heroin regularly launch junkies into berserk mode that's just your -phobia/-ism wracked mind playing tricks on you, seek help sicko
>haha I'd feel safer on a train where all passengers took heroin and serenely nodded off than one with unpredictable anxious whiteys
>haha won't anyone think of the children
>haha just move to a boring white suburb if you don't want your dumb white kids exposed to diversity
>(no we won't let you have pure white suburbs, enjoy ur blax xD)
>haha just have some empathy and explain to your dumb white kids that this poor poor harmless disadvantaged man is simply having a hard time, probably because of your privilege
>haha heroin isn't hurting any of you, but notice how the man committed a grave sin of removing his sacred paper mask and placing it upon a non-sterile surface, this is surely going to hurt him much more than the heroin ever could
>haha taking pictures of random people without their consent is illegal and immoral, posting them online is dangerous and deplorable
>(unless it's ordinary whites doing what I don't like)


Is it a stretch to say that Elon Musk and SNL just made a joke at the expense of the ADL? Was Nintendo also involved in some capacity? I have heard that SNL gets shit from the ADL for making the occasional jew joke. Haven't watched SNL since like 2004 so I wouldn't know.


File: 1620591433810.jpg (45.23 KB, 750x805, 150:161, 7sonswhoa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Musk is with the elites, dummy. In fact he's one of the worst.


Petty crime has been a thing in my province forever. There was a rash of crimes in its capital where white trash druggies stole back hoes to, in turn, steal ATMs from banks. That's on top of the usual "impoverished white people crime" that usually happens here (mainly petty theft and drug use/growing/making/selling)


That sounds almost adorable. You're probably going to miss the times of petty backhoe heists when pox descend upon your lands.


We used to have a problem of powerouts caused by people stealing powerlines. What blew my mind about that, and continues to, is the level of sophistication of their heists. They'd mock up an electrical grew, gather statistics of passerbys, find an ideal location, really study their routes, and all of that just to get scrap value for the copper in the power lines.

It just goes to show how fucked up things are. The level of intelligence, patience, and fortitude to pull off such a heist. These people should have had good paying jobs. They shouldn't have had to resort to such petty theft.


I kind of miss the backhoe heists. Just confusing and weird enough to be enjoyable

That's the thing - people who steal electrical wiring are smart, given the level of sophistication it takes to coordinate such thing. It's not just some trailer trash stealing backhoes or whatever. They know what they're doing. Makes you wonder what got them to that point. Repeated loss of jobs, or something money related, obviously, but there's likely more to it


What if I wanted more nigger riots so I could laugh at Amerimutts?


I'm autistic and love Nazis. Kill yourself tranny freak. You trannies claim to have autism like Chris-chan, but you're just degenerate, mentally ill freaks, real autistic men are nice, quiest shy intelligent gentlemen who don't know how to socialize, not mentally ill freaks that cuts their cock off and larp as succubi.


Are you just now realizing liberals are soulless freaks?


There's little to no chance (((Musk))) isn't jewish himself, how many white immigrants to America become billionares, with full support and backing of the American government in just a few years?


File: 1620625061640.jpg (128.77 KB, 1919x1080, 1919:1080, 1620507088844.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>they told me if i became more blairite i'd win
>they were wrong


What if niggers come to your country next?


What are the political and social ramifications of Black people's hair?


Don't care.
I wear a afro because it is convenient and just what my hair does with pretty minimal up keep.
There is no need to make such things political. Making the personal political is feminist/progressive/cultural marxist shit.


>why does everything have to be political? i just want to be left alone
Ok, but you're still a nazi. Part of upholding white supremacy is ignoring the voices of bipoc, even if you're not white yourself. Only people with power and privilege can marginalize black bodies by claiming their lives aren't political.


Nick Fuentes: Immigration and the future dystopia


Disgusting wire sponge head-pubes. Should not be allowed in civilized spaces.


We should light a bunch of tires on fire and put all of the black """people""" inside and kill them forever


I know you are being sarcastic and all but ain't it a goal of progressives to have blacks and other colors be comfortable and happy with who they are in their own skin and hair.
Such as proudly wearing a afro since it's just what their hair does naturally.
So if the argument is everything is political, then black people being comfortable being themselves all natural is a political statement that helps the progressive movement.
At least that is how it was seen in the 70s era civil rights movement. Where wearing a afro was very much a political statement.


File: 1620704536246.jpg (2.75 MB, 3960x1512, 55:21, The_Garden_of_Earthly_Deli….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I believe I understand what the latest equity ideology actually entails. First, it implicitly puts the races into retardation tiers, for example, intelligent, medium-retarded, and high-grade hazard tard. This sort of categorization maps quite well onto the progressives' privilege hierarchy. Note that succubi get all the perks of being high-grade hazard tard, regardless of race.
Equity pertains to high-paying or high-prestige jobs, because it is an ideology coming from the pampered who generally operate in the upper echelons. It means that if you are from an intelligent race, you are barred from easy, rewarding employment. You can get a high-paying job, but it inevitably must be a very difficult and straining job that exploits all of your brainpower. Examples would be neuroscientist, STEM professor, computer hardware engineer, quantitative analyst. These jobs are open to all races, but only very few members of medium-retarded races can reasonably contend for them. If a member of an intelligent race wants an easy job, he must to innovate and claw that cushy job out of the chaos of life by starting a new enterprise.

Not-too-taxing jobs like civil engineer, soydev, college humanities professor, politician, etc are closed to the intelligent races, but members of medium-retard and hazard tard races are free to vie for them. These jobs overload most hazard tards

Easy throwaway jobs like journalist, model, reporter, actor, secretary, mid-level bureaucrat, sinecure bureaucrat, diversity officer, HR, community organizer, etc are potentially very rewarding and don't require much, if any, brainpower, so they would only be open to high-grade tards. These jobs seem easy to the intelligent, but they exploit the intellectual power of hazard tards to their full capacity, so once equity is firmly established, these jobs will be closed off to medium-retarded races and up.

You see, from an optimization perspective it is all about exploiting brains to their full potential! From the perspective of national economic interest, forcing the intelligent races into a position of great competition for difficult jobs encourages innovation, enterprise-for-survival, and the expansion of the capitalist sprawl. It actually will whip the decadent intelligent races into shape by making life harder for them, in turn making them harder as a group. Equity is the reapplication of racist discrimination to society, tacitly acknowledging the biological reality of racial difference, yet packaged so as to not hurt the feelings of the intellectually disadvantaged races.

t. hazard tard


Why do all cuckservatives act like they're smarter than they are?


Inflated egos, acting like their shit don't stink. Typical polshit


This "my side more virtuous than your side" stuff is ancient programming and an evil from which we humans can never escape from. I fully welcome the day when mass mind compositions wipe the slate clean and make selfhood a thing of the past, something to be looked back on as we do solitary confinement for convicts; for all the whinging about preserving our individual rights and freedoms, many are all too happy to lose themselves in a collective.


Is that an argument for heroin or against it?


People from ALL political persuasions act like that.


As >>267802
That is a people thing, not a political thing.

It would be like asking why progressives fart or libertarians burp.


"It's is a people thing, not a political thing" is a jewish talking point.


Blaming unrelated shit on jews is a retard talking point.


Do I really have to explain what he meant by that?

What he meant was that it's not any particular policy except immigration that is causing California to become a shithole. It's the people (Hispanics) moving there.

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