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File: 1618647699560.jpg (47.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, donthrtme.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is it just me, or as you are aging one of the biggest copes/addiction, which is pmo, starts to lose appeal?

I mean I still relapse but more and more I found myself thinking "CRINGE" when looking at pron, will it be hentai or real life

I found myself searching only those hentai artists I liked as a young guy (32 now), but they are mostly unactive at this point. And new stuff looks awful to me.

Is it just age pill or what


age has nothing to do with it, it's exposure, nobody gets turned on the same after having seen the same stuff a million times, that's why all those weird and disgusting fetishes are created


When did you adopt this mentally? I wish I could feel the same.


Is it just me or does OP's post feel like it came straight from /r9k/ on shitchan?

The format, the starting thread off with a shitty question, the use of shitchan buzzwords and slang.
Smells like outsider newfag to me.


I'm pushing 30 myself and I porn is as boring as other entertainment has been for a while, for me.
Modern stuff is just.. disgusting. Post nut clarity happens sooner and sooner. I have a hard time finding 2D erotic anymore, I just think I'm not horny anymore.


I try not to watch porn. I just masturbate to my own penis, nowadays. I treat porn relapsing as a very big deal and it causes a lot of emotional turmoil for me. Fuck watching normalfags get their rocks off.


So you are a homosexual that faps to his own cock and watched 3D porn obviously.
You know you can look at ecchi? anime succubi the superior succubus


No I am not one of your kind. I treat any porn watching as a negative experience. Vicarious sexual experiences seem very synonymous with cuckoldry. I refuse to watch another being have sexual intercourse, even if it's a cartoon character.


wtf is pmo?


I've heard of this happening to a lot of guys recently. I think this is just simply a consequence of age. As you get older, you don't have the same chemicals floating around you that make you horny.


Can't relate, but then again I've been steadily drifting towards more softcore porn for like 5 years now, so maybe it's just the really raunchy stuff that is putting you off.


File: 1618686235116.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1095x1500, 73:100, 1616718146739-0.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

These days I'm starting to see all the porn whores as disgusting, painted up bimbos, even the young and natural ones. Most hentai is tacky and tasteless too. The only artist I really enjoy at the moment (cutesexyrobutts) is for nonsexual reasons, mostly because I like his extreme skill and color palettes

Color and form > penis into vagina


I'm 32 too and porn is the only thing that keeps me going. I don't even fap that much, maybe a couple of times a week. But I NEED to watch porn at least once a day or else I lose my shit. It's like a fucking drug.


Masturbation saves lives.


It's a process, if you are deep into porn like I used to be/still am it takes years. I mean, from the rational point of view I understood that porn is bad for me for a long time, but monkey brain kept telling me otherwise. Now the urges still come, but the disgust kicks in before I act on my impulses, and the urge is gone

what those things even are, don't want to know


i wouldn't say it's boring but i have exhausted most of the surface porn for my interests. fapping is now like 95% searching for something new, and 5% actual fapping

i do cringe seeing porn and nudity and stuff in films and anime though. it's like i physically sigh and feel disappointed. that didn't happen when i was younger


I feel like this is already happening to me at 20. Jerking off feels like just punching into work and out. Theres nothing exciting or calming about it like when I was 13 -14(like the other wiz said in this thread


I've never really liked porn come to think of it. When I first started fapping I would do it to fantasies or sexy pictures, or hentai at most. When I did watch 3dpd porn it was mostly the novelty that got me into it. Now it's all gross, revolting and shameful to me. The last few times I fapped to some video I felt completely guilty and disgusted afterwards. I don't see how any wizard can still watch porn. I don't see how even normalfags can, as it's basically virtual cuckoldry. However 2d stuff I can still easily get off to, especially since there's an endless amount of god tier stuff on boorus and nhentai and such.


Porn Masturbation Orgasm.


I have had the same fetish for decades.


Porn is evil. Ive been weening myself it for the past year. This method seems to work: I no longer visit porn websites, have deleted all of my saved porn featuring fetish shit and more than just a succubus, and whenever I fap to my porn collection I delete a couple of videos and images from it.


Most actual porn is awful. it goes to the point where someone asks wat the fuck is she doing with that dick? shes a terrible actress!

its really but really hard to find someone enjoying the act in these days, most of the succubi just wanna show off and thats all.
also, 1 take to the ass for 10 straight minutes doesnt make a porn. a succubus riding a dildo doesnt make a video worthwile the full watch let alone 20 dolars.
and finally: 2 photos and 1 video of 1 minute is not worth 15 usd in a fucking market where everybody sell the same shit for half the price.
fuck self made porn done by sucubbis and normalfags who knows 1 shit about photography or lighiting and think pov is the only way to record


That depends on the individual, that's not a universal thing applying to everyone.

My brain was ruined after I was abused by an older female relative when I was 13.
And though I now avoid both men and succubi, I have no attraction to anyone except way older succubi who are about 55+ like her.
My brain is now completely incapable of bonding with succubi
my age.

Though I hate her and hope she dies for doing that to me. I also hate porn. I also skip all scenes in movies or series where people get intimate. I just want to be left alone and die.

I have been in therapy for a decade and it helped nothing. I have attempted suicide 2 times. I have never had a single friend in life.
Maybe to crown it all I will be banned for this site for being abused by an adult 4 times older than me.


If you mention /r9k/ he's just going to insinuate that you just arrived from there; I don't know who these tourists think they're fooling, really.


Is it "cope"? Or maybe it's him using "cringe" as a catch-all buzzword and adjective rather than the verb it actually is. In addition, the question itself is derivative and leading, a keystone of reply-bait threads on /r9k/.
Placement of "verb" and "adjective" was wrong so deleted prev post.


File: 1623686509520.gif (Spoiler Image, 52.96 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 7845834743.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Porn with actual fleshbags stopped being useful once the erotic comics that were featured in the middle of Playboy mags got popular enough to spawn its own culture, which then lead into the hentai/cartoon porn scene online.


Imagine saying that and thinking people would believe it to be true lmao


Exactly. It sucks to be alive during a time when sex dolls do not even resemble real people, and the only alternative is porn.


File: 1624067829615-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.29 KB, 1280x828, 320:207, GRP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1624067829615-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.15 KB, 986x1600, 493:800, sailormoon.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nice colors.


File: 1624164401549-0.jpg (58.06 KB, 484x607, 484:607, MTG21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1624164401549-1.jpg (68.34 KB, 558x590, 279:295, 20210620.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is this art?

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