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There is something genetical about the american mixture of people living in the US that makes them absolutely repulsive mentally.

Maybe it's because they're mostly descendants of frontiermen many of whom were killers, thugs, rapists and all sorts of weirdos escaping poverty and starvation in Europe. Like an Australia but on turbo mode.

Americans are even more materialistic than Chinese people which is a major achievement. Your worth in society is literally decided by the dollar amount in your stock account or bank balance.

Also there is a huge number of people descended from said thugs and rapists who simply enjoy bullying or torturing things, animals and people for fun all the way from age 5 to the professional world and beyond.

Class mobility is also extremely low for anyone not an athlete or startup businessman. There is an incredible number of sociopaths who inherited their wealth and do everything in their power to keep wages as low as possible for people not as lucky as themselves.

Don't blame capitalism, communism or any ideology for why there is a mass shooting in the US every, what, 2 days? It's because so many people can't stand living among the vile disgusting type of human called a typical American.

It's completely logical these things happen every two, three days in the US, not in a country like Japan, Germany, India or the UK (even when calculated relative per capita).

Most americans are disgusting mentally, America is also a disgusting hyper-competitive antisocial society, and their treatment of fellow human beings only fuels the rise of these shootings as more and more people can no longer take it.


Is it just me or does anyone else think these posts are made by non-americans talking out their ass?


I'm from Wisconsin and I agree with most of it, though I think he omitted the fact people even kept slaves in this country for hundreds of years. Nobody asked if they wanna come here.

Not too surprised their descendants are very likely to end up in prison for violent crime, although they're not mass shootings.


This is OP, I'm local.

I'm not glorifying other countries, this was purely a take on shootings.

I also hate how people use the counterargument "Well why is America so rich then"? 1% of american households own 43% of the wealth.

America isn't wealthy, its' wealthy citizens simply have a lot of wealth. There is a major difference.

Most people are left out of wealth creation and manage somehow or barely day to day.


funny you would mention australia, we also descend from a bunch of thieves, pirates and rapists and about 95% of the country are bullies, racists and drunks

being a non normie here is absolute hell


Based post. I hate when normans say "b-but it's the richest country in the world!" Who do you think owns that wealth? Not I. China is pretty rich too in terms of GDP but it's still a shithole with tons of poverty.


How is class mobility low? It's just based on genetic factors like IQ - there is plenty of opportunity for anyone regardless of race/sex if they have the ability to compete in the meritocratic competition of school. The reason why blacks and other low SES groups can't get ahead is due to the different averages in IQ by race/sex, as well as some not being domesticated enough to handle the demands of rules/conscientiousness.

If you keep your head down and perform well academically, you can do very well for yourself in America. That's why the entire world still (mostly) wants to come here.

I think the shootings are more due to the blackpill seeping into public consciousness.


Whites are responsible for only a quarter of mass shootings in the US, which is below average compared to the other races, adjusted to % of population. And, yes, it's blacks who commit mist mass shootings, how did you know?


File: 1619113683755.jpg (50.09 KB, 960x613, 960:613, El07jljWkAME43a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This. White Americans have the same gun crime rates as Switzerland


pretty sure he meant rampages, not things like a black gangbanger shooting 3 rival crips or bloods


american fat…worst country
i only eat potato and soup


Call me a bullshitter all you want but I read they don't even allow all east asian (Chinese, Korean & Japanese) applicants to top ivy unis anymore because their test scores are too high.

Since otherwise like 95% of students would be from there. So there are now maximum quotas for east asians.


>If you keep your head down and perform well academically, you can do very well for yourself in America.
Lots of people with degrees who still work for poverty wages kinda disprove that notion. And before you say what is commonly said, know that there are underemployed STEMbros in the workforce as well. Now if even a higher education can't help us… what will?


well how do u explain y black-americans are so much more violent than most blacks in africa?


>Normgroid lies
Society, and especially school, is anything but meritocratic. In fact, school only serves as a screening tool for the elites to identify and destroy non-npc’s.


seems totally legit


Why do you post /pol/ content in /dep/? Reported.


File: 1619122141371.png (250.17 KB, 915x799, 915:799, blacks shooting at cops 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

They're not. Black Americans have violent crime levels on par with sub-Saharan Africa


File: 1619122328408.png (1.64 MB, 1823x3394, 1823:3394, shillbots.png) ImgOps iqdb

this guy is a literal AI incase you guys who are replying didnt know. "he" used to just be confined to the textboard but i guess now that its gone, the guy who directs where this AI writes posts has let "him" loose on the main site. if you arent privy to this sort of stuff it might be hard to catch at first, but when you get good at it theres no mistaking a bot post. if youre interested in this stuff and want to train your intuition to spot these robofuckers then head to /pol/ on 4chinz, bots outnumber human posters 300 to 1 there (if not more).


I had a feeling this was going on. Is the "topped" guy on /r9k/ a bot, too? Or just one really determined faggot


>Is the "topped" guy on /r9k/ a bot, too?
i had no idea what you meant by this so i had to go to that shithole and do ctrl+f, but you raise a good point. personally i dont think hes human but there is the slim chance that hes a mega autist that keeps repeating the same "joke". when you have a "person" like the OP of this thread who wrote dozens of 300 word essays about america on the textboard, its clear to anyone that hes a bot. with a guy doing 1 sentence posts its a lot easier to think that someone could have the time to do that. however it would also be relatively easy to program a bot to fulfill that guys role, if there even is seperation between the bots.

its highly that the bot writing the thread is part of the same system that replies to the thread and playing different characters. the end goal of this is to get you complacent in conversing with what may be people. what i mean is that you are supposed to sit by and watch the thread, like a theater play, and have ideas implanted into your head while you are unaware that it is even such because you believe that its a discussion, not a tv commercial.


God I never understand the richest country in the world bullshit and why so many people wanna come here to "get rich" when 99% of the time immigrants work peanut jobs that are equivalent of their shit jobs in their country. Literally most americans live by fucking paycheck and everything is getting more expensive, I fucking see videos like this and just think HOW THE FUCK IS THIS THE RICHEST GREATEST COUNTRY? This shit looks worse than parts in japan or china.



>Everything I don't like must have been written by an AI because no sane human being would disagree with me.
>Openly inviting people to /pol/

Just fucking wow, am I an AI too?


>Everything I don't like must have been written by an AI because no sane human being would disagree with me.
notice how i never attacked the content of OPs post
>Openly inviting people to /pol/
would reddit be more suited to you? or would you rather just have me leave out any proof or examples whatsoever of botting on internet forums?
>Just fucking wow, am I an AI too?
you could be, a lot of the reason AIs exist is to stifle meaningful discussion with retarded shit like what you pulled out of your ass.


You sound mentally ill. I have written maybe 20 messages in my life to Wizchan. I have zero idea about any neural networks.



>equivalent of their shit jobs in their country
Lmao no. How much is the minimum wage in America again? 7,25? I am earning like 75 US CENTS per hour in my country. Some immigrants who live in cheap worker dorms can easily earn multiple times their wage back home.


You know that people on the US pay for shit in US dollars right? so yeah you get $7.25 a hour there, but you have to pay a lot more for shit too.

A rundown department in a zone full of niggers can cost up to $1500 a month in rent.


Is that the cheapest arrangements available? No sharing cost with your fellow immigrants and living 8 men to a room? How much disposable income do you usually have left after the living cost has been paid?


>You know that people on the US pay for shit in US dollars right?
The big point about immigrating to america is that you send the money to your family back home, where it's worth far more. Until you save enough to bring the whole family to america.


>frontiermen many of whom were killers, thugs, rapists and all sorts of weirdos escaping poverty and starvation in Europe.
'Frontiermen' they became in North America, sure, but they sure as hell weren't convicted murderers sent there by the Empire, like in the case of Australia.

Colonists from the Empire were mostly Puritans, who had trouble with orthodox Protestants in the British isles.

Those escaping poverty and seeking better life came there much later and were much more diverse group of people. For example lots of Finns found their way to North America (both the US and Canada) in the late 19th and early 20th Century.


dep is now /pol/ crab lounge


File: 1619196090021.jpeg (90.44 KB, 1280x731, 1280:731, E6AF2739-A514-40C9-A117-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

can't post pic because it has 3d succubi

We are a group of pol users and Stormfront browsers who are interested in turning /b/ into a miniature politically incorrect thread or /mpol/ to counteract Jewish shillers known as shillsgate and JIDF to help to help all /pol/users must assist us by creating
>b8 threads
examples can be as simple as "why are black dicks bigger" to 'hey witebois we steelin all yous succubi', this creates hate and animosity for the negro, deny anything or anyone that try's to argue with you but make your arguments outrageous and easily breakable
>Make gore threads based solely with violence towards negros and other minoritys
This dehumanizes the negro
to the /b/ users
>Post Jewish hate threads and show the true nature of the Jew
Post news about any and all Jewish or miniority crimes
>Post threads from /pol/ to /b/
>pit races against each other
"would you rather this race or this race
>promote the idea that homosexuality is a mental disorder
and finally request the mods for a board name change at press@4chan.com

wizchan 2021


Australia is far worse. We were a literal penal colony where brits sent the worst of the worst offenders that would be too much of a risk in the UK, and they kept procreating until I was born into this shit planet.

Are you then surprised the average aussie is a deranged fuckwit with tons of mental issues, aggressiveness and proclivity towards alcohol abuse. I'm not.


Considering the origins of Anglo presence in Australia, Aussies are more than okay.


File: 1619303152036.png (788.55 KB, 653x1024, 653:1024, circumcision censored.png) ImgOps iqdb

Considering that the majority of American males are literally tortured and molested immediately after birth, that isn't surprising.


Am I normal if thinking about cops doesn't send me into a murderous rage?


Wow, you don't sound like a kike at all


Nothing but shit bait that I doubt you even believe or would try to defend.

A string of empty insults and whining hoping to pick a fight to you can insult people for fun.

Why such garbage is even allowed when rule 5 is beyond me but nothing productive could ever come from a thread like this.
Whatever, mods better keep this shit contained if they choose to keep it up.
If this cancer spreads to other threads I will just ignore rule 5 too since apparently it won't matter anymore and all boards are /b/.



why so many support BLMs if this facts are a thing? Are those NPCs, what's happening in america?


At least he took a shot at deciphering it. You can't deny the US has more mass shootings than all other western countries combined and then some.


> You can't deny the US has more mass shootings than all other western countries combined and then some.
Oh really?


And a thumbnail with the conclusion if you don't want to click.


Mexico, Honduras and such places don't count as "western" countries.

By "western" I mean civilized first world places like Western and Central Europe, Northern Europe (though South Korea and Japan are also first world countries, just not geographically western).

Plus this was about mass shootings at places like malls and schools. Almost all of them on the planet happen in the United States.

What you get in a place like Columbia is a bunch of drug gangs killing off each other. In general they are zero threat to your child who is walking around in a mall or going to school. They do it out of financial necessity.


middle and south america arent western and those cartels fight over drug routes to the us

so even the vast majority of those cartel and gang murders happen because american junkies need their fix


As long as popular kids bully shy kids for no reason there should be school shootings. Every day until they learn.


The reason it happens is that there aren't enough school shootings.


Mass shootings happen all the time in broken parts of the world like in South America and the Middle East. Pretty sure the US is beyond saving now. It's just something you get used to after a while.


America has always been a frontier backwater filled with people who hate each other despite being largely monocultural.


>American junkies cause so much mayhem and bloodshed
b-b-b-but MUH war on druggs!!!!
THe US guberment is LICHTERALLY forcing me to overdose on cocaine, they made it illegal, I HAVE TO TAKE DRUGSS BROOO


It is my constitutional right to consume 5x the lethal dose of fent and resist arrest when whypipo come to stop my unhinged mania. Don't tread on me muhfugga.


File: 1619574311968.jpeg (99.9 KB, 940x529, 940:529, 46058046_403[1].jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I absolutely hate how Americans refuse to build things. It is very much realistic to lower the costs of housing, it just involves building things like the Chinese do. Or even just building above 2 stories tall. I'd love to live in a Chinese style high-rise if it meant I could pay a low rent for it, like $300 a month.

I'm a Japanese American. I hate how whites and blacks play this game of "who can talk the loudest?" Whites and blacks gather in circles and then have contests on who can talk the loudest and laugh the most- at stupid things. You just don't see Japanese people gathering in circles and playing this game.

Because I'm a Confucian Japanese guy, I get treated like shit by Americans. I never get invited to parties. A lot of people flat out refuse to talk to me and only talk to the white person next to me.


Why are you living in the U.S. instead of Japan?


it's cultural, they think "the bigger the better" they could use concrete houses though, easier to maintain and outside of California most of us is earthquake free.


Because I was born in the US. Because I can't speak Japanese. I can't deal with the legalese of immigration, and even if I did immigrate, I just can't deal with the Japanese work culture.


>I just can't deal with the Japanese work culture
>I absolutely hate how Americans refuse to build things
…uhhh, don't these two statements of yours kind of contradict?


Not really


How so?


You actually have a lot of choices when it comes to housing and working in Japan. Even someone who collects cans all day can find a flophouse or an internet cafe to live in.

You can't do that in the US because we just don't build things and building over 2 stories tall is illegal in most of the US. Most Americans really only have the choice of an expensive suburban house or an expensive apartment in a 2 story complex.

I just can't deal with working in a Japanese office, being expected to stay late, and then go drinking. I just can't wear a suit and tie to work every day. I just can't commute on a Japanese train.


The previous sentence is complaining about hard working culture, the latter sentence is complaining about a lack of hard working culture.


I thing he means that Americans just don’t invest in large housing complexes. You don’t necessarily need to be hard working to do that.


Unlike China and other socialist countries, nobody cares about the poor here so it's pretty understandable why there isn't more affordable housing. The waiting list for that kind of housing is 5-10 years long on average. You get it faster if you have kids though.
I feel the primary attitude toward the poor is to treat them like trash. It's always been about victim blaming and not about actually helping.


>Americans just don’t invest in large housing complexes
Oh. I completely misinterpreted that.


You want mirrion dorrar? Too bad, here bomb. Go to China.

You realize in socialist shitholes you have to wait 20-30 years to be assigned a tiny horribly built flat right? Oh and you don't get if for free either, you have to pay for it in full. I lived and survived socialism. You clueless sheltered western zoomers don't know shit about life or the world. Just eat the tide pods and die already.


Life is hell for poor people everywhere, it doesn't get any better in capitalism or any other -ism.

The only places on Earth where a poor person can have any semblance of a dignified life is Nordic countries like Sweden, Finland or Norway and they account for a pittance of the total world population.


>The only places on Earth where a poor person can have any semblance of a dignified life is Nordic countries
Not anymore. Certain demographic sucked the life out of these countries.


poor/homeless people etc are a feature not a bug, in capitalism. Capitalism does not care about nor has a goal of alleviating poverty/homelessness etc


Neither does any other system. Every single system exists so life is an amusement park for the top 1% until they kick the bucket.

Nobody gives a shit about you in any system. Even benefits are there to reduce crime, robberies and shoplifting etc. which make life uncomfortable for the 1%ers.

There is no "society".


capitalism isnt a thing, no one sat down and devised capitalism. it is just how free people have decided to interact with each other. there are no problems with capitalism (since it isnt real), there are only problems with the people. every problem with "capitalism" can be fixed by fixing the people.


>Americans are even more materialistic than Chinese people which is a major achievement. Your worth in society is literally decided by the dollar amount in your stock account or bank balance.
the same happens in Japan in a probably even worse level


>the koncentration kamp of klown
nice troll


>Even someone who collects cans all day can find a flophouse or an internet cafe to live in.
maybe in 2005. not anymore. I don't know why imageboards still in 2021 have such an absurd and bloated image of japan


I mean this whole thread is a troll so…


can you elaborate? (honest question)


>capitalism isn't a thing
>spends a paragraph saying how it is, in fact, a thing


Not him but the "OP" of this thread is a bot from the textboard. Hide it and let it die


Daily reminder, how matter how schizo you are, there are no "bots" on wizchan, and never will be.


LOL okay gangstalking pussy half a man whatever you say 🙄😒🙄😒


I mean that isn't literally true.
I mean the site was down for a few weeks due to bots.


Those did advertising.

The kind of schizoid deluded ideas of "bots" flying around here have some kind of hidden agenda, usually focused around a conspiracy of jews, mass media and evil billionaires.

There are also loads of low IQ people calling everything they disagree with or can't understand "bots".

I was called a bot in a Ted Bundy thread and I've been using this site from the first month it went online.


USAians worship the gun too much.




I prefer the AK group of assault rifles.


One question I would like to ask as a foreigner is why are lower class whites despised so much in the USA? I've noticed everybody calls them "white trash", the media constantly derides them and middle class whites seem to hate lower class whites far more than blacks or hispanics who are afforded a lot of sympathy.


its the only demographic that middle class whites can shit on


You mainly get that from media which is has a agenda from out of touch elitist who use a few stereotypes to hold up a group that they feel better then.

Most Americans, as in the actual people and not just media, do not hold such a view with maybe the exception of people who literally never left the inner city and got their ignorance from the media pushing their bigoted message.


The people need an ENEMY and we must give it to them, lest they turn against us.


this has to be a troll


You’re fucking retarded. There are terrorist groups, individuals that are in a fight with someone, or gangs like you said, that massacre children or people at malls and other civilians all the time in Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. You’re literally so blinded by the mass media that you pretend it doesnt happen, just because Buzzfeed doesnt report on it doesnt mean it isnt real. Fucking retard


IQ is 80% heritable and determines to a very large extent how well you do in school. You know there are blacks at MIT making 100k+ just because brain work good at STEM, right?

You failed in life because you're a retard with bad genes, born in the land of opportunity and couldn't hack it. Too bad!


These massacres are politically or criminally motivated. You can't compare say, the 2017 Las Vegas shooting and the 2008 Mumbai attacks.
Or maybe you can, who the fuck knows with serial killing, mass "suicides" and mass shootings in the US and elsewhere. There are probably hidden hands behind at least some of these events.


STEM is a paper tiger. Once the solar flare happens it will become the useless knowledge it is at heart


You do know what stem stands for right.
That shit would be more relevant after such a event not less.


Most of the mass shooters in america are on psychotropic drugs like antipsychotics or antidepressants.


Correct that USAian mass shooters are on a drug but the drug is HATE.


Both of you are totally incorect if you actually look at the data.

Most mass shootings by the numbers are getto crime related bullshit like drive by shootings and gangsters unloading their gun in the general direction of a rival and hitting everybody but the guy they actually wanted to kill.

And before you say that doesn't count.
Gangster ghetto bullshit also makes up the vast majority of school shootings, and mass shootings at events too.
It's just that shit like that happening where it happens only makes the local news.


How does that make them incorrect when the gangsters are almost always addicts and dealers? If anything it reinforces the point.


They aren't addicts and dealers of antipsychotics, antidepressants, or hate.


Read the post more carefully, the anon said mass shooters are usually users of psychotropic LIKE anitpsychotics or antidepressants.

Gangbangers might not take any prescribed meds but they are still frequent users of psychotropic drugs, Cannabis being the most common.


From context you know damn well he was talking about psychopharmaceutica drugs, with the implication being that they are a factor in the cause, and not occasional recreational use of street drugs, cigs, and booze.

And even if you do try to make that argument alcohol is way more common then weed.


The point I'm making here is that regardless of legality all mind altering drugs degrade mental health and often lead to violent actions.


Then I have to make the tired old boring point that the attempt at correlation is not evidence of causation.

I would argue that the factor that links both behaviors is low impulse control and anti-social personality issues.
That is the cause of both drug use and mass shooting.




Guess critical thinking is a bit too hard for you.


More bugman platitudes, keep taking your drugs and coping that it isn't causing your mental decay


Go back to 4kids


Yeah it's all a coincidence that such a disproportionately high percent of mass shooters were on SSRIs or antipsychotics.

Defending big pharma for the sake of contrarianism is epic win bro.


>Yeah it's all a coincidence that such a disproportionately high percent of mass shooters were on SSRIs or antipsychotics.
Did you read the second part?
It is very likely that there is a something that causes both rather than one causing the other with no supporting evedence.

But that is ignoring the elephant in the room which is that what you said isn't factually true.
Most mass shooters aren't on such medications. The vast majority of mass shooters never took such medications.
Just about all of your assumptions aren't actually true.


>It is very likely that there is a something that causes both
People with "anti-social personality issues" aren't even more likely to be on such medications as those medications don't that. In fact there aren't any medications for cluster B personality disorders as they're genetic.

Mass shootings weren't even a serious problem until the 90s. Do you think there was suddenly an increase in cluster B personality disorders? Firearms were commonplace in america before that and if anything were more easily accessible back then than they were now. Or do you think the gene pool changed that rapidly?


>The vast majority of mass shooters never took such medications.

You're either knowingly lying or you haven't done any actual research on this. Keep frying your brain with jew pills though.


>make prostitution illegal
>make healthcare expensive and restrictive
>antagonize virgin and young males in general
>do nothing about policing black on black crime
>gives everyone easy access to guns

Making prostitution legal will solve so many social problems for both sexes.

Blacks do not do the mass indiscriminate shootings that this thread is talking about.


Don’t you find that strange though? If anyone should have a chip on their shoulder it should be blacks right? So why do they only kill rival gangs and never seek revenge on a society that has abused them for so long!


>Blacks do not do the mass indiscriminate shootings that this thread is talking about.
Yes they do and they are the main ones to do so according to FBI data on the subject of mass shooters.

Or are you going to play the no true Scotsman game until you are forced to admit that you just don't want it to count because it goes against the narrative you want to regurgitate?


If you have hard data then you are welcome to post it.


I think you are just conflating homicides with "mass shootings", which are two different thing. A mass shooting is when three or more people are killed by a shooter. Whites are behind more than half of the mass shootings in the US. Blacks do commit more homicides but it is just stupid territorial gang shit where they kill one or two guys and run away.

Because they want to survive. In their world survival means these stupid gang wars. Random, targeted killings is something you do when you give up on life and want to die or go to jail.


Blacks do the vast majority of indiscriminate shootings. Keep up with the news.
Prostitution as a solution is an argument of the retarded. It solves nothing, in fact it makes everyone worse off. Imagine someone says they're sad because they have no friends and you tell them 'just pay some hobo to have a beer with you bro, problem solved LEL.'


>Making prostitution legal will solve so many social problems for both sexes.
Normie comment, leave wizardchan.


Not the guy you were replying to but

>Some 90 percent of school shootings over more than a decade have been linked to a widely prescribed type of antidepressant called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs, according to British psychiatrist Dr. David Healy, a founder of RxISK.org, an independent website for researching and reporting on prescription drugs.



This could really be putting the cart before the horse though. It makes sense to me that most mass shooters are already depressed and mentally unstable and so would be on medication, not that the medications makes one mentally unstable.


Prostitution being legal is a horrible idea it does nothing to protect the succubus and focuses on protecting the john. Prostitution being legal even increases the demand for sex trafficking as happens in Europe for example where a significant amount of the succubus working in legal brothels are coerced to begin with. There are many myths which the media has perpetuated that it is better for sex working to be legal but the facts simply do not reflect this at all and it is exploitation plain and simple.
The state should never be able to monetize and create revenue through sacrificing dignity. There is also the myth that men who are sexually frustrated will turn to rape and this demonizes virgin and sexually unsuccessful men as a whole it is plain incorrect.


>dude with obvious agenda gives opinion with no data
>apeal to athority the artical
>look into guy is clearly just a shill for his own extra special method of treatment that he happens to be the main seller of/teacher of
>the one research paper sited mainly consist of idle speculation by a guy who clearly had his conclusion first then worked backwards
>nothing at all supports the headline within the article including the lone research paper mentioned
>no data at all actually
>same article also blames fucking dynasty warriors as a possible influence at the end

Is that really the best you got?
A obvious shill bloviating on a conspiracy site?

But I guess it would be unfair for me not to post something to support what I have been saying.
Have links


>and never seek revenge on a society that has abused them for so long!
What do you think the whole criminal nihilistic counterculture of ghetto blacks is?



Again, if you have hard data that says otherwise you are welcome to post it.


Yeah but they frequently rob and kill each other. I don’t see how that is revenge.


And where in your links does it say or even imply that the vast majority of mass shooters were NOT on psych meds?


>I expect you to prove a negative

You have at no point proven your assertion that most shooters are on psych meds nor have you proven that the few that were did their shootings due to the medication.


>shooting of 4+ people
>463 of 612 (75%) mass shootings in 2020 have no known suspect
Am I reading this right? 75% of people who shot 4+ people are unknown, meaning they got away with it? I don't see how that's even possible in 2021. Law enforcement must be a fuck ton less competent than previously believed.


It is very possible if those shootings happen in fucked up poor areas with fucked up poor people and the neighborhood shelters the criminals and is mostly anti-police.

Just guessing.


You'll just keep claiming every citation is from a conspiracy theorist and smugly declare victory.

Obviously no mainstream media outlet will admit this connection. Big pharma pay them too much money in advertising. Oh but that's just a CONSPIRACY right?

You seem awfully emotionally invested in defending big pharma and psych meds. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your usage of psych meds has done irreversible brain damage.


Yeah what the other wiz said. I think it’s likely those are cases where some rival gang does a drive by and the cops are left with 4 dead niggers and no clues cause people in gang areas do not talk.


To be fair it takes time and investigations before a arrest can be made in cases where the person doesn't stick around or is turned in by someone.
That said, yeah, cops are probably a lot less competent then you think they are and they clear way less crimes then you would probably find acceptable.


You're just seething at this point and don't want to admit there could be a link between mind altering drugs and violence


>You'll just keep claiming every citation is from a conspiracy theorist
You posted a single article that you web search up and only posted because the headline fit your narrative. Did you even read the thing?
Anyway "just keep claiming every" is pretty disingenuous.

>Oh but that's just a CONSPIRACY right?

Right. That literally is a conspiracy in every sense of the word. One that you can't support with any hard evidence at all.

>You seem awfully emotionally invested in defending big pharma and psych meds

You seem to be making things up or seeing things that aren't there.
> I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your usage of psych meds has done irreversible brain damage.
This is just projecting on your part.

Pretty sure you are just full of shit and acting out for the sake of arguing rather then actually even believing anything you say.
Behavior that is all too common on this site when disagreements arise.

Now that there is no good faith between ether of us I see no point in continuing this conversation as I feel you are probably a hairs breath away from just spamming childish insults.


You have presented no solid evidence of this claim so there is no rational reason for me to think such a link actually exist.
Even giving a literal conspiracy theory as a excuse why you can't give evidence, which is beyond unconvincing to anyone capable of even rudimentary levels of critical thinking.


All of those cases that have an article attached to it describe petty crimes that escalated to technically reach the threshold of a mass shooting.


Not sure what point you are trying to make here.


What is your point? I find a lot of this stuff is just racially motivated to say that blacks are a nuisance, which really does nothing more than muddy the conversation.


File: 1621182924629.png (335.92 KB, 312x450, 52:75, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


probably a typo


The absolute state of white males… some men bald very young I can see how he could be in his 20's


most likely it's his 59 year old uncle that was killed and whoever made the article was incompetent. he looks exactly like my dad so i'm gonna assume that's what happened


>dismiss any source with a conclusion you don't like
>provide no sources to counter with
>smugly declare yourself the winner of the argument acting like you're "too mature" for the debate


Being low class doesn't make you white trash. White trash is a specific brand of racist stupid criminalistic hillbilly. They're just repugnant people all around.


Racism is literally correct about everything.



Every wealthy country has its own of form of domestic terrorism. For instance, acid attacks and stabbing in the UK. Bombs and war in the middle east, balkan countries with their ethnicity dispute throwing molotovs and shooting each other. South america with gangs using fear and extortion. The list goes on and on. Here's something you don't know anon, what you say happens everywhere through different methods. It's ironic you pit against two of the most influential countries in the world and say one is more capitalistic consumerist than the other. No, that's not true. Both are the same. Wealthy countries such as the ones you listed (aside from Japan i suppose) have their own credit score system. The world is one ugly place.


>White trash is a specific brand of racist stupid criminalistic hillbilly.
most white trash these days live in cities and listen to rap


Cope, white trash is just a generic term of discrimination for Caucasians living below the middle class.


That's insane, they really are OP.


Do you work for one of the alphabet agencies?


The part admitting blax are barely sapient is at odds with the narrative enforced by these agencies.


Not sure if you understand that without niggers it would be EVEM MORE obvious how ridiculously stacked the odds of succeeding are for the wealthy.


How to best handle the problem of mass shooters.


>brainwashed by NRA


Spread <3, not bullets


File: 1623244180631.jpg (77.76 KB, 640x877, 640:877, capitalism late.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You can't claim meritocracy and have "networking" as the main and only way to improve your standing economically.
The actual definition is Cronyism.


He never claimed anything about networking.


File: 1623244864832.png (646.94 KB, 900x465, 60:31, China communist.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's inherent to western capitalism.
Only place that can claim "meritocracy" is China.


Should’ve just said you were retarded and saved everyone some time.


Amerian normie detected.
Refusing to entertain fringe ideas and hypotheticals is a clear cut symptom.


Genghis Khan's Mongolian empire is the last time meritocracy was enforced widely.


File: 1624684660882.jpg (47.25 KB, 850x400, 17:8, evola on amerimutts.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



every european country worships america. you should replace americans with whites.


Gun-worship is a USAian thing. Guns are tools, not a god.



the only thing they worship is jews


Reminder that you can't buy guns.


Guns should be considered a fun and necessary hobby like auto maintenance.


Why don't Japanese people need guns, or Norwegians?

Why is it always shithole countries that feel the need to protect themselves from other citizens?

In Iceland you can even pick up your neighbors mail when going to the post office because there is constant goodwill between citizens.

Their primary thought isn't their neighbor is going to rob or murder them and they need rifles and pistols against them.


>Why don't Japanese people need guns
They lost their rights when they lost the war.


Someone who doesn't have the right to defend themselves or their property nor have the right to the best means to do it is a slave.


No, they were demilitarized. Nothing prohibits personal gun ownership except their own laws.

Japanese people don't fear other Japanese people. Americans treat their neighbor as an enemy.


necessary hobby is an oxymoron, and fuck auto maintenance


> Nothing prohibits personal gun ownership except their own laws.
Who originally prohibited civilian gun ownership, when, and why?

Also most gun laws are directly due to collectivist being unable to trust their fellow man without top down control. So your whole argument is retarded.


Iceland has some of the strictest gun laws in the world and there is practically no crime of any kind.

Japan has practically no firearm crime at all, except for organized crime (Yakuza) killing each other every now and then.

Japan has 0.06 deaths per 100,000 people a year caused by firearms, and a population of 126 million.

USA has 21.9 deaths per 100,000 people a year caused by firearms, and a population of 330 million.

Adjusted per capita, America has 350x more gun violence than Japan.

On 4th of July alone (Independence day), 230 Americans shot each other to death.

That is the same number as Japan gets in roughly 30 years.


File: 1625959840679.jpg (40.87 KB, 749x733, 749:733, 20200604_005722.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



More people were killed in a single day in Chicago last week than in all of Japan in an entire decade.
And that's just a single city.

America is an utterly barbaric failed oligarchy.


To extrapolate on your image: Laws wont necessarily stop these things if the population itself is violent and low IQ.

Brazil's gun laws are tougher than Japan's and you can get really harsh prison sentences just for owning a firearm.

But they have more gun violence than even the United States does per capita.
They are simply not capable of creating a fair society with fair safety nets. They leave people to fend for themselves and to be recruited by drug cartels.


Didn't answer the question.


>Iceland has some of the strictest gun laws in the world and there is practically no crime of any kind.
It's safety is in no way shape or form caused by it's gun laws.

Most of your post is a red herring.
Gun control is about people control by the well connect who wants a monopoly on force.
It has never and will never actually be about public safety.
You posting about the land of feminist and japan doesn't justify gun regulation.
They are people who don't have basic natural rights. They are subjects and serfs that have been conquered. Either literally or by destructive ideas, and both are dying because of it.


If USA-made guns are so good, why are Ak-47s banned in USA? Checkmate.


Other people: imagine NOT needing guns.
USAian: I need guns cos other people hate my freedoms.


Technically they aren't, you just need a tax stamp which is expensive and takes forever.
But the reason they are restricted is because they are fully automatic.
Which is a infringement of constitutional rights but whatever. Can get a AK variant that is semi-auto no problem.


I know this is just a troll thread but gun rights are a important human right. Just as important as speech and property ownership.
All such rights are under attack or totally disregarded around the world.


Iceland is safe because they're a homogeneous white society with no muds or jews. You could've just said that.


That still doesn't explain all of it, because you also have extremely white countries in places like Poland, Lithuania etc. which are complete shitholes.
I believe more in genetics, nordics have genes which lead to behavior that creates fair societies.

Japanese people also have genes that lead to fairly high IQ, logical analysis of situations and high problem solving capability, with high inhibition towards troublemaking.

They also have an innate need to calm down social unrest and distribute resources fairly equally.

The genes of the population play such a huge role in this, and we can't talk about it in the mainstream because it is considered racist.

The average Icelander or Norwegian's first natural instinct is to help a wounded stranger.
The average chinese or brazilian will literally just walk past or even try to mug/rob the wounded person.
They have innately good hearts, and when a society is made up from people like this, you get an immense success story.

When the bulk of your society is made up of monsters, don't be surprised when distrust, murders and unrest are rampant.

Youtube has plenty of these tests. Nordic countries and Japan are extreme exceptions to the rest of the planet if you drop a wallet on the ground (99 to 100% will return it to the police) or if you pretend to be wounded and see how people treat you.
They are simply good at heart when looking at the masses of their population.


imagine this happening in japan, hundreds of people suddenly deciding to swarm bystanders and rob and punch them

its simply physically impossible

their brain structure is too different


I live in Brazil and its even worse than people think.

You think riots in the US are bad? Look what happens after a football game gone wrong


The referee stabbed a player after giving him a red card, then angry fans stormed the field, decapitated the referee with a sickle limb from limb, and placed his head on a spike in the middle of the field
Not even a horror movie or comedy show can make this up, this can only happen in the hell known as Brazil that lives mentally 20,000 years in prehistory.

I'm not rich enough to move out, I'm stuck.


> like Poland, Lithuania etc. which are complete shitholes.
wow, you must have REALLY high standards to call them shitholes


Have you been to Lithuania or Latvia? They are crime ridden places with a lot of poverty and safety issues.

I'm Polish and I hesitate to go there, except in the tourist areas which are guarded.


Maybe shithole is a bit harsh but they are post-soviet second world countries with a lot of problems

Of course, with the first world declining the difference between them is blurring and narrowing


Your observations are correct, but it is cultural rather than genetic. Culture forms the whole basic infrastructure of our mind and is passed down through the generations


Google adopted children and crime rates or adopted children and IQ.

Even if you adopt a child from a low IQ family to a very wealthy white family there is a gigantic chance they will end up in prison or not be able to read or write, even if you hire them the best tutors and private schools.

Thinking all human differences are cultural is a false line of politically correct thought.


File: 1626008578828.jpg (60.96 KB, 600x434, 300:217, pupil-background-cat-score….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Google adopted children and crime rates or adopted children and IQ.

Even if you adopt a child from a low IQ family to a very wealthy white family there is a gigantic chance they will end up in prison or not be able to read or write, even if you hire them the best tutors and private schools.

Thinking all human differences are cultural is a false line of politically correct thought.

Even in the UK, students who were born in the UK and have East Asian (Japanese, Chinese, South Korean) genes score the highest in IQ tests.

Those born in the UK to bangladeshi, paki etc. parents in the UK consistently score an average of 90.

Blaming culture or country doesn't work. Brain structure is inherited from your family biologically.


Generational welfare dependence and high unemployment is more of a predictor of high crime rates then skin color or IQ.


Vietnamese had 60-80% unemployment rates in the 1980's so they fled the country, and upon arriving into their host countries mostly in America and Europe they were some of the most hard working and lowest crime rate people in the entire population.

Why don't sub-saharan, somali, iraqi etc. migrants have similar rates, but instead resort constantly to crime, rapes and not working?


Got stats correlating A to crime more than B to crime, or are you just assuming that has to be true?


Nigerian immigrants to the U.K. have the highest academic aptitude of all second-generation immigrants, including Chinese and Jewish.



You realize they literally changed the system because there were so many complaints about blacks doing poorly? Schools cheat the system because blacks under performing loses them money.

You don't know shit about the UK schooling system and how warped it has become do you?


>In the UK, 1988, the Commission for Racial Equality conducted an investigation on the admissions practices of St. George's, and other medical colleges, who set aside a certain number of places for minority students. This informal quota system reflected the percentage of minorities in the general population. It was discovered that minority students with Chinese, Indian, or black African heritage had higher academic qualifications for university admission than did whites (Blacks in Britain from the West Indies had lower academic credentials than did whites). In fact, blacks with African origins over the age of 30 had the highest educational qualifications of any ethnic group in the British Isles (Cross, 1994). According to the 1991 British Census, 26.5 percent of black Britons who were born in Africa had at least some college education. In contrast, only 13.4 percent of white Britons had gone to college.Thus, the evidence pointed to the fact that minority quotas for university admissions were actually working against students from these ethnic groups who were on average more qualified for higher education than their white peers (Cross, 1994; Also see, Dustmann and Theodoropoulos, 2006).
The quota system was changed because black immigrants weren't doing as well as they ought, that is true. Only twice as well as native whites, instead of the 3 times as well that their performance on standardized tests would indicate.


Once again we have a lefty not understanding shit. I speak from first hand experience.

>Spear chucka goes to the Afrikans school for cow butchery in click click village

>Passes exam made to African standards (read : none).
>Uses qualifications there to apply for UK work visa.
>Diversity bullshit gets them let in
>They get free places in universities because of bias hiring practices
>University cannot flunk them or they lose their diversity quotas
>NHS is now full of doctors who can barely speak English and you can't trust
Tell me how I know you dumb nigger. I have to deal with this shit and I'm not making a damn thing up. Foreign doctors are a plague on the people here.


Your "twice as well" figure is based on the quote that says at least 26.5% of them had attended college in Africa.

Keep in mind you can graduate from a typical Nigerian or Congolese college with the knowledge a second or third grader would hold in Japan.

It is also extremely easy to bribe the headmaster to just hand you a diploma to gain easier employment in the west.
You are never going to be able to bribe a Japanese college headmaster let alone a British one, which is why their prestige is a thousand times higher on the job market.

I live in Germany and we have had cases where they attempt to 'mirror' the degree (get it acknowledged in Germany), where they need to do an aptitude test to show their skills.

It turns out many of those college, or even African "university"
graduates can barely read and write properly in English, though allegedly their studies have been carried out entirely in English.

Note: There are some very capable black students, but they are a 1% minority, they go to prestigious universities like Harvard and you can tell within five seconds of talking to them they are capable and intelligent.


(cont. from 272668)

I am not racist, the only thing I ask for is we acknowledge these things are hereditary.

Not a single rational person in my country opposes genuinely intelligent blacks migrating in. Or genuinely intelligent people of any skin color or ethnicity.

There are too many who have bought some sort of a fake 'university' diploma in Tanzania or Sierra Leone or can barely read or write, yet are apparently "doctors of medicine". The situation is absurd.
There is no need to let in more low IQ people. We have enough such native Germans here as it is.

By being politically correct and pretending these make-believe degrees are as valuable as a very difficult degree from the University of Hamburg will eventually cost human lives especially in the field of medicine.


Regression to the mean exists.

No one wants to live among foreigners no matter how smart they are. They want to live around people like themselves which means it's rational to be racist. It's irrational to show no loyalty to your own genetic lineage over others.


the OP and the majority of the posts ITT were made by trolls


Pretty much, though not 95% (it's lower).
t. Ricewiz who went to Caltech



This is fucking nonsense. Behavior is more linked to culture and not race.


Niggers and jews.


You clearly haven't bothered to get to know either.


Reminder if there are any actual posters here: This is literally a chinese bot psyop thread. Notice how the thread starts off simply being anti-american, then slowly descends into conversations about IQ(as if that's even a meaningful metric. also anyone who has interacted with the average china man would know they are in no way intelligent and they LITERALLY fake their IQ scores) because asians supposedly have the "highest average IQ", then a bot just straight up starts to assert that asians are superior to you.

THIS ENTIRE THREAD was probably written indirectly by a few(if not only a single person)programmers who wrote bots and used VPNs to make their posts.

for some reason this place is heavily associated with /pol/, so psyops intended for users of /pol/ often leak into this place.


Do you even have a shred of evidence for a single claim of yours?
Why should anyone believe you?


If you're a real person and not a bot, honestly. just think it over for a second. Don't you find it a little strange that on wizardchan of all places there is often such heated "discussion" about politics, race, genetic superiority/inferiority, and all the other things that seem to be aggressively pushed constantly on a good chunk of mainstream imageboards and forums? Does that seem organic at all to you, especially when considering that the site's founding principle was to create a space for people who are virgin males, i.e. people who tend to be undesirables of society at large?
Because it doesn't at all seem organic to me, and it seems like it following the exact same patterns I see on all of these mainstream imageboards that are confirmed to be targetted by bots and people with malicious agendas.


also, a quick look at the politics thread will certainly reveal that a certain user or users seem to have an agenda for spreading pro-chinese propaganda.


A third of the population is just human bots that can be hypnotized in a few seconds. That they pick up brainworms from bots on conceptually adjacent sites and spread them here isn’t surprising, just disappointing.


File: 1626085291673.jpeg (60.23 KB, 717x477, 239:159, 9FB7D69D-8590-4738-8DB0-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

omg this thread is peak wizardom


That china shill isn't a bot, it's a idiot from shitchan who is a China apologist specifically because they are fascist which is his preferred ideology.
So no matter how dysfunctionl or immoral they are he will defend them as being based or something for being a oppressive shithole.
Sad thing is he ain't even getting paid that sweet 50¢ a post, lol. Dude isn't even Chinese. It's pathetic.


>inb4 j-j-jew/a-a-amerifat!!!!12


I used to play on this Australian server for a game until their servers got taken down, then I went to American server and got to see how different Americans are, on average I found that the Australians were really relaxed and nonserious, whereas Americans more uptight and serious and bigger egos. I think as the winners of capitalism America has overproduced and believed in quantity over quality, production over real values, mental illness from population density and squeezing it's people dry, then they bitch when their young people launch in the other opposite spectrum and wanna be communist, NO YOU NEED TO MAKE MORE MONEY GOYIM!!!!


All of the American supercontinent is socially fucked up. I remember, when I played Dota and Dota 2, how often people on forums would complain how bad and toxic the SA players are. However, I really hated US players as well. They sucked and would have a shitfit I understood over voice chat. So what if a Brazilian types "hdm" or says it over voice? It's almost comical at that point. Either way, there wasn't much chance of reeling tilted teammates back to reality whether they were from below-Canada NA or SA. America in general is just fucked and I wish I could live somewhere else among people who may be more laid-back to play games with.


Even the commies are money grubbing scammers here. There is no ideology that fully overrides the in built greed and money hunger that is here.


Then that means there are no real humans left in the US. Only husks and physical animated corpses that "look" human and have their biology.

What a sad country. No wonder when a conscious human spawns there, they become so enraged by the soulless husks who torture, bully everyone else and worship money, they snap and start shooting them.
It must truly feel like shooting animals who wont leave you alone.


>No one wants to live among foreigners no matter how smart they are.

I don't mind. I rather live next to a Japanese lawyer than a violent 70iq white drug addict.

"Genetic lineage" doesn't mean shit. My personal safety and comfort is maximized by living near to intelligent calm people of any ethnicity.


>intelligent calm people of any ethnicity.
But that's the point. Some ethnicities are biologically incapable of being calm and intelligent.


do you believe chinese have that capability? be honest


Your forced meme isn't funny.


Every ethnicity has its elite, around 1% of blacks are Mensa eligible as well. There are pakis who are Nobel laureate level doctors.

It has nothing to do with ethnicity. Just avoid the rabble, be they white, black, eskimo or whatever ethnicity.


China had calm intelligent people and were capable of complex empire building, printed text, philosophy and public welfare 4,000 years ago when the vast majority of the planet were flinging shit at each other in forests and Rome was still a distant concept.

Their elite has more true knowledge about life and governing than any group of people.
Unless we count the descendants of Mesopotamians, but their countries are shitholes now.


Cool, now I will disregard everything you say. Post hidden.


Who cares about your posts, you haven't provided any counterarguments to anything in the thread. You're a troll at this point.


Nevermind, I just realized you are a poster from that other thread who is very sensitive about China.

By the way, the current China is far from a wise and enlightened state, it's a hellhole police state that deserves revolution.

Your problem is you mix individual Chinese people with the Chinese state and think they are one and the same.
I only said freethinking, intelligent Chinese people exist.

I didn't say the state of China is great or deserves to exist. It's a hellhole for much of its' inhabitants and I wish as much misfortune on their leaders as possible.

Consider there are people inside the country giving it far harsher critique than I am. They are extremely brave. Not everyone there is part of the hivemind. There are lots of critical voices against the regime which quickly get censored. People can get killed over those comments.


>You're a troll at this point.

Dude, this whole thread is just trolls trolling trolls.
I highly doubt anyone is even remotely sincere about anything in this thread.
You included with the china shilling.


You just proved you don't even read anything in the thread. I specifically made a reply above stating why I'm not "shilling" for China, the state (and actually wish for its demise).

You're also saging a thread that is at the top of the board proving you don't understand how imageboards work.


could happen in mexico


brazilian culture sickens me deeply. i am sorry if brazilians get offended i just cant help but to feel disgust whenever i hear about the country and its inhabitants
(their accent sucks too)


there is literally a few seconds difference between when the post were made.
You tripping.


I'd link 6 million videos of Chinese civilians walking by crying, bleeding toddlers on the street while housecat pelt delivery trucks run them over, but LiveLeak is gone now. You can still find videos of the trained, armoured Chinese soldiers crying and vomiting on their way to patrol a sector on the Indian border though.


It's not as bad as you think.

Its worse. You don't see the worst stuff on YouTube.

This country is hell for those not in the richest 1% and we don't have money to escape it.



Good idea to mock the soldiers for displaying human emotions as they are treated like cannon fodder.

Let's encourage more sociopathy. This world is sick.


Nobody is mocking them for fearing death. It's the hypocrisy. The Chinese are genocidal, heartless, and believe themselves to be gods among humans, yet when their cream of the crop tough guys are faced with a slight risk of being caught in a firefight (on their way to attack another country, mind you) suddenly they're all tears. Those brutes crying on their way to a routine training exercise are of the same ranks responsible for the ongoing murder of unarmed, undefended mainland cultures all in the name of communist-taught xenophobia.


File: 1626114457387.png (1.77 MB, 1211x909, 1211:909, 6CAEAAA6-78B3-4624-B545-1C….png) ImgOps iqdb

>t. non-combatants


They're just 'golden children' and other spoiled kids who were caught in conscription. My cousin in Russia is one of these types. He had to go to the military commissariat in high school to practice marching, and cried when he got there. He wasn't even conscripted yet.

Army is not fun and games like the US military. In a normal army, you don't sit in an air conditioned base in Arabia and play video games all day.


Empty bravado is part and parcel of every countrys military, it gets instilled into them with training. It quickly dissipates when they actually face death.

Take WW2 for example, Soviets dropped leaflets on enemy territories like Finland saying their population would be decimated by a far superior force unless they surrender unconditionally.

In reality the Soviet army was mostly made up of very ill-trained peasants who were shitting themselves once they were on the receiving end of mortar and sniper fire, and they lost key battles as a result despite outnumbering Finns 10 or 20 to 1, Stalin failed to conquer the country despite three years of war.

Posturing is part and parcel of military activity. When out of the barracks and actually faced with death, the vast majority of men will panic.
Some wont, a few hundred special forces in each army, but those are psychopaths.



>Your objective empirical data with actual sources is wrong and my flawed limited personal view is better because I tell you so

You all behave just like the blacks you hate so much, so much for "whites are high IQ"

>everyone who disagrees with me and my fucked up worldview must be a chink bot, because it's LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE I'm wrong.

This is a politics thread you retard, of course people are gonna talk about """politics""" and """race""" on a thread that directly mentions both.

Fuck off back to /pol/.


>By the way, the current China is far from a wise and enlightened state, it's a hellhole police state that deserves revolution.

Quite interesting coming from a burger whose country is actually run like a company for the money making jews while they actively try to censor/kill/discredit anything that opposes their worldview, a country whose only purpose is to provide for the 1% of the population while actively trying to fuck the rest and keeping them entertained with IPhones, and shiny things

The only reason you people hate china is because they're leaving you behind at a very fast rate, and like the good americucks you are you're ready to defend your jew masters if they feel threatened.


These bots are losing their charm, frankly. They're interesting in that they use parts of existing posts in their own, but it just seems to be random, garbled nonsense at times. This one isn't all that coherent, but I suppose it is superior to some of the bots I've seen here.


That is not always true. The great patriotic war was an existential conflict for Russians. Had we lost the war, we would have been enslaved and exterminated. All measures were pulled to win the war. Many people worked 24 hour shifts and worked to death in factories that were built 5 years prior to the war.

The siege of Leningrad was held for more than 2 years because it was a known fact that the city would have been exterminated, as the Germans would have needed food and occupational forces for the front.

WW2 was a exception, rather than the rule, but it is the most important moment in Russian history


>this is a politics thread
because one containment thread wasn't enough right?
>go back to /pol/ if you don't like excessive political content that is completely irrelevant to this board and was posted just because a user wanted to start a shitstorm

and here you are, insulting the intelligence of others.


Keep talking about bots schizo you're literally the only guy here who keeps spouting this bullshit.


I mean, if you aren't a chink shill but post like one, what's the difference? Nobody is defending USA when they criticize China. Bringing up how shitty they are in defense of China virtually every time is what I see from posters with Chinese usernames. You are romanticizing one garbage nation over another.


You make a lot of weird assumptions, like the fact I defend the US at all. I think it's a worse oligarchy than China is. How it's packaged ("capitalism", "communism") doesn't matter.

Just look at how many people suffer compared to the tiny, tiny group of people who don't even have to work and reap 30-50% of the total wealth created each year.


>I'm not a bot! I'm just easily programmed and regurgitate what my masters told me
you are right
a bot is probably more difficult to program


It *is* kind of schizo to think there are 'bots' on Wizchan.


you spend too much time on 4chan.
the schizo meme thing is pretty stupid.


>Bringing up how shitty they are in defense of China virtually every time is what I see from posters with Chinese usernames.
>Chinese usernames
>on wizchan
>Implying that Chinese bots would use Chinese usernames anyway

Yeah you pretty much confirmed that you're a schizo retard.


Sorry you are an ESL retard and your parents repeatedly dropped you down flights of stairs when you were a toddler so you're too brain-damaged to realize I was discussing websites that have sign-up. Doesn't change the fact the rhetoric is the exact same. Kill yourself schlub.


If you still use websites with signup in 2021, you are some kind of a weird out of touch dinosaur.


That's not what we were discussing, retard. You can also see other people who have signed up without having an account yourself. I can look at any popular website like Quora and YouTube and see all the little insect men scurry out of the woodwork to defend grorious China. Furthermore, you are even more retarded to make the generalization that no site is worth signing up for. Seriously consider a painful suicide.


yeah bro, you are totally hip and in the now for using fucking wizchan


What are you on man, fucking everything wants you to make an account now. I couldn’t even order something from a convenience store without making an account for said convenience store.


>I was discussing websites that have sign-up.
Why you don't fuck off and go back to those websites? go fight the chink bot horde there instead of bringing outsider shit to wizchan.


I'm not the fucking faggot singing praises of China, dipshit. Not my fault the cocksuckers post here. You fuck off and, preferably, go play piano on your teeth with a hammer.


No, you're the fucking faggot that is calling everyone else a chink bot because of some shit you saw on reddit, just fuck off and go back to the shithole you came from.


>Hurr durr everyone who doesn't like Chinese shills is the same schizo
Gee, uh, that's not a schizo take at all. How about you stop overcompensating about your identity (extremely wizardly!) and commit suicide if you don't like it?


File: 1626253752668.webm (1.99 MB, 480x360, 4:3, sherman.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Law from the barrel of a gun


1. I don't see anyone praising China in this thread
2. There are no bots on Wizchan


a random deflection to burgers and jews is all the same, since nobody praises america either. you are being disingenuous to look at a single thread in a vacuum and then talk about the website in general. furthermore, i haven't used the word "bot" a single time. your boogeyman is elsewhere, little guy.


Boogers and juice rule this website. Boogers and juice rule the world.


US doesn't even make the best handheld guns


I don't think anybody ever claimed that even once.


I think it was meant as bait, but no one here cares so it fell flat.


File: 1627703443990.gif (3.16 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 20210002.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Best gun for USA; full-auto fire mode.


File: 1628334945292.gif (550.56 KB, 1195x601, 1195:601, chesssssss.gif) ImgOps iqdb

If you're interested in the Ak-47 from a russian point of view, watch this:


No one cares.


>Class mobility is also extremely low

>Don't blame capitalism, communism or any ideology

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