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Do you guys prefer alt chan's over 4chan, I kinda like the feeling of a smaller comunity. but that's just me.


every alt chan is ran by trannies and is just a bunkerchan spin off


No, not really. That is to say I hate them both and am hopelessly addicted. But alt-chans are literally just slower 4chan now, so I don't typically bother with them unless there is some niche content they have that would get drowned out on 4chan.


Simply not having to put up with stale, unfunny memes is reason enough to prefer this place to 4chan. The post rate even seems to be picking up.


>so I don't typically bother with them unless there is some niche content they have that would get drowned out on 4chan.
This. The beauty of 8chan was that you could discuss pretty much any niche topic with at least a handful of people without having to use some shitty forum. The problem with these new boards that are trying to be the new 8chan is that they can never attract enough people to start a community based on those subjects.


This. Not having to deal with Normans and their shitty memes is why I prefer posting here


Most altchans are generally garbage now aside from maybe here and kc and it's only gotten worse after 8chan died.


I do admit to posting on r9k, but only really to make fun of the variety of normalniggers who post about their relationships or other non-issues


R9k has been an absolute disaster for years now even compared to the rest of 4gag. It's truly amazing how norps can make something that was already shit even worse.


It truly is the asshole of the internet, not just 4tots. It has no redeeming qualities, unless you consider how easy it is to bait normals


Alt chans are infinitely better. You can get banned way too easily on 4chan. It's like reddit now.


i dont use 4chan and havent since at least 2013



that place is sinking with 3D porn


The only reason one goes on 4chan is to shitpost and cause a ruckus. The old guards have been long gone and now it's just filled with normalfaggots trying too hard to be edgy.


Which is why I use it to slog off normalfags


cuckchan is comped as hell
some of the boards I used to enjoy there are also too fast imo, but many of the altchans are a bit too slow


I cant resonate with 4chan anymore. Even the hobby boards. They are full of young people I don't like what zoomers like and I assume its vice versa too.
I dunno, I guess I become a little bit bitter I guess. 4chan was made by a millenial teen for millenial teens. Feels weird how old that site has changed.
No offense is meant but I even feel too old for this place too. Too many apprentices not enough wizards.


same, i only browse 4chan for porn now.


Anyone knows any reasonably active and not cancerous place I could browse to stay up to date on game shit?



>4chan was made by a millenial teen for millenial teens.

4chan is fucking bizarre to look at as a millennial, it feels like the newfags are just doing a crude imitation of what anons were. Like they lack a self-awareness the oldfags had, possibly because most aren't actually nerds or geeks.


It’s cause there are still some die hard oldfags there, but they are outnumbered 1000 to 1. So it’s just apes trying to capture what made 4chan good in the past with the scraps a passing old one will shit out.

Also I saw pepe in an official ad for a mobile game today. I was gonna throw up.


File: 1623066153313.mp4 (2.15 MB, 360x640, 9:16, Garbage.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>In the conditions of digital recall, loss itself is lost.

Just crap constantly regurgitated forever because internet things these days never really disappear anymore.


Got tired of canned responses and kids trying to school me politically with stale screenshots from 2015+. The place sucked years before then too.


Is the same soyjaks, same buzzwords and the same shitty macros from pol and same 12 yr olds trying to act knowledgeable and edgy wherever you go.


File: 1623087245102.jpg (92.61 KB, 985x1280, 197:256, Bot inject.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Alt chans are much slower, but the posting quality on 4chan has been utterly destroyed by the sheer amount of bots totally dominate the threads there.

It's not just /pol/ either, although that's the main one. People just run bot servers that spam canned responses and drown out any actual discussion, and the jannies do nothing about it.

Smaller communities that can develop freely are always going to provide better discussion than ones large enough that it becomes worth tampering with.


>demoralizing picture.png
>attack them from 4 ways, once China pluck the election will control USA.png
No way these are real Chinese. The second filename is straight up a sentence explaining their purpose.


File: 1623093585478.jpg (144.27 KB, 707x709, 707:709, drumpfed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why the fuck are Qfag MIGA tards over here of all places.
Go shit up something else.


Bots aren’t always political in nature. If you ever browsed old 8chan you might remember Bui’s legion of spambots that made the site unusable for a few weeks. And he did that all because of furry drama.


is this how easy it is to troll you poltards? bots do exist but the people who set them up to spam imageboards are a little smarter than doing exactly what you are thinking they do.


This is the only good chan left. And dont worry, I know exactly what it says to the state of imageboards to quantify this one as 'good'.


what are some of these better smaller communities?


Most hobby/fetish boards in altchans. The people who post there are usually extremely dedicated and sincere. Problem is there’s usually one post a month, if that, depending on the specific hobby/fetish.

Or were you asking for a specific website?


I don't believe it. There has to be something.


If they knew they’d be there and not here. And video games in particular seem to attract the biggest retards around so that makes it even harder. Best you can do is just follow company accounts on Twitter for news, and just try and ignore everything else.

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