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How many semi-oldfags hang out here? I'll be 37 soon, and I already feel like an outsider. I've noticed people adapt their language when you tell them your age, because they assume there's zero common point of reference. You become a token out-of-the-loop old guy.

It sucks, because I have no idea where I'd go to besides this. Relative to an average human lifespan, I'm not even that old.


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Why you would feel like that? I'm from gen-z and oldbros wizdom is always welcome.


Are all kids like that


Whenever I tell people my age, which I do increasingly seldom, I always get this "this guy is fucking awkwardly old" vibe. People want to get out of there as fast as possible.

Even now I think I'm adapting the way I write to how people probably expect me to write.


Like what?

Do you mean on imageboards or real life? Or just other websites?


Online. Don't really meet people besides that.


File: 1619988776944.gif (1.77 MB, 540x552, 45:46, 3548913247.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I think the places with a lot of people who are hostile to oldbros are the ones filled with normalgroids. Which are quick to label anything that a oldbro shares like "nostalgia", or just resort to blatant namecalling with them. This happens because often oldbros say things that are outside of whatever horripilant trendy zeitgeist the normalgroids are into at the moment. And worse, they suggest that things could be different.
So, I think you are going to be good in sites that, even if they're filled with young people, they won't disregard what you said because of your age, because they're not filled with normalgroids. So, yes, don't go to normalgroid sites, they will treat you like that and worse.

Personally I think oldbros are necessary in any community (and oldbros, if the community is really one, will arrive sooner or later. Either when the community has been around for a time, or just for getting attrached to it), they teach important things to the younger parts. For example the young parts may won't know many things that oldbros do, like say, how was the times in 90's or experiencies they had in their time that is already a missed one, or just give valuable advice because they have more experience with somethings in life. So both young and old are important part of the community.

When an oldbro shares his wisdom, usually you can get something from it or learn to make things better. But in most other sites you will find hostility to this because it threates the herd mentality.


I've always been an outsider. As I get older the isolation becomes painfully more apparent. Never had a job and have no clue how to find one. I was always told that you have to "network" but I'm incapable of even basic social interaction. My family turned their backs on me over the years and I'm pretty much alone in this world. I just want to escape society and be NEET for the rest of my days in a room all by myself. I feel that the best way to tackle the feeling of being isolated is to fully embrace it. There is not much I can do improve my lot in life now because I've gotten too old to change it. All those years of living inside my head has made it impossible to adapt to the outside world. It's the most depressing thing imaginable to realize that the older you are, the less chances you get to turn your life around. And if you must know my age, I'm in the 25-30 range. Tbh I'm not convinced at all that my 30s will be much different than my 20s, if I'm still alive that is.


I think most young people, myself included, are simply skeptical when someone says they are old on the internet. Every adult in my life is too tech illiterate to find reddit, let alone some place like wizchan. However being 37 is still young enough to have grown up with computers and so I don't really doubt you. However there are still hordes of people who lie about their age for one reason or another on the internet.


Find book to read or games to play. Something other than the internet. I'm 29 and the internet has grown stale. There's no need to fit in if you just quit using the internet altogether.


The oldest millennial is now 41 years old.


Perspective thing, but old non-tech-illiterate to me would be people who went on BBSes, experienced early home computers before everything became PCs, played Atari 2600 and similar (which I didn't even know about until I was an adult), and caught arcades before they were already fading. Guess most of them would be in their mid-to-late 40s by now.

I've been using computers since I was six. We used to make fun of our parents for being tech-illiterate. Seems super anachronistic that we'd kinda be lumped in with them.


>I already feel like an outsider.
they see you as an intruder in their zoomer clubhouse, waoh, gtfo oldfag

*phoneposts a meaningless youtube video at u*


As others have pointed out it is only normalfags who actually dislike someone for being old I had known 50+yo "loser" types online and always got excited when interacting with them so hold a lot of respect.

37 is not really that old but you are right if you are even in your late 20s it can fell like you do not belong at all but this is only when they are all idiots and younger people tend to be idiots for a fair while.

You are always welcome Wizard where have you tried to fit in and found issues?


As long as you don't… do the… boomer…. …


70 years old here.
I saw my first 'computer' in '69…
i have never fit in anywhere by being years ahead of the people around me.
not a follower of fads or bs…
i am ashamed of my fellow hairless apes for their ignorance and crudity.
it will all come to a sad end…


what anime?


what is it like being a 70yo wizard? what websites do you like to use and when did you first start watching anime.


Checked, are there like 3 70yo wizards here?


File: 1620025292819.jpg (174.88 KB, 1370x1078, 685:539, suytr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'll be 35 this year. I still check this place once in a while but I feel there's nothing left to talk about the subject of being a virgin living on the fringes of society and not having the goals that most normal people have. It all comes down to finding something to occupy your time with. That's it. That's what comes down to. Finding /hob/.



I'm 34. Just starting to realize the internet is filled with children and I no longer fit in.


>>267335 ewwwww anime ? yuk !
mostly political and technical websites.
97% of the net seems to be dumbass mother f***ers with lots of opinions and few smarts.
its entering a new dark age…


You believe this man?


I am inclined to take that poster at face value after all back when elder.lol was around there were quite a few 70+ wizards


What do you do all day? What kind of music and videos do you like?


It's not your fault, normgroid society keeps lowering the age where you're still young. Nowadays you're already considered old and useless after 25 years old. And of course this is neither right nor true. Your late 30s are not old at all.

I'm 32 and for example when I was a kid in the 90s job offers were "18 ages over" or "18-45/50". Then in the 2000s it was already 18-35. And already in the 2010s it slowly changed into 18-25.

Society is sick and it does all it can to make us feel bad


>Your late 30s are not old at all.
true, it seems real old when you're young but when you get there – and it happens sooner than you think – it doesn't feel old, … although your younger states (20s, teens) and the things defining them may strike you as absolutely infantile in retrospect, and you wonder what the hell was going through your mind

late 30s is usually a time of regrets


i am not as my younger whizzees are…
i see things exactly as they are with no cultural/political blinders…
i have lived thru a shit-ton of unnecessary 'political'/social actions…
society is a huge fraud…
you are nothing but serfs and cannon fodder to them…
i am simply now and forever a witness/observer of the actions of the hairless apes around me…
j feel for those of you that still have your lives ahead of you…
i have maybe 35-40 years left (my family is VERY long lived)
it is the best of and the worst of times…


I feel like this place is for people in their mid-late twenties mostly. The median age here is probably 25+ but not 30, which is still a lot compared to places like 4chad. Basically aging fags, people who don't fit on boards like r9k anymore because it's full of teenagers complaining about the same over and over.


4kids seems to be full of literal kids. Or, at least, teens. It's draining, as they all seem to complain about discord drama or "wow my gf/friends did *minor/easily dealt with or avoidable thing*, wot do fellow losers" or some other non-issues.

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