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What was the make up of your school social groups?
What were the cool and rich kids in your high school like and what things were considered cool during your time in high school?
What did the unpopular kids were into, or was there no difference at all?


>the kids who said fuck school and left
me, and probably some others
>the normalfags who stayed in school
mostly everyone fit in to this group


I never stepped foot into a high school


i dont know how any kid was able to drop out of school, my parents would have just beat the living shit out of me and forcibly taken me to school. i did manage to drop myself out of highschool and enroll myself into an easier public charter school, was hard to convince my mom. it let me graduate with the absolute minimum effort in a weird small 'school' where there was maybe 5 people per classroom

popular kids were highly social and interacted with tons of people

unpopular kids interacted with only a small group of people usually, or none at all


Why is that so?


>What was the make up of your school social groups?
There were the bad kids, the jocks, the nerds, the boring average goody kids, the stoners, Racial groups would segregate with some cross blending among them.
>What were the cool and rich kids in your high school like and what things were considered cool during your time in high school?
Strange as the "cool" kids were only really seen as cool by their own group if that makes sense it was a false air of cool.
No one really gave a shit about the fact they were "cool" t was more about if you could hold your own either from being able to stick up for yourself with fights or were witty and did not care what others thought of you. I grew up poor and in a poor area so not one gave a hell about some kids that were wealthy. I remember this kid in my class who was rich would come to school with a wallet full of money and show it off but people just thought he was a dick and some kids would try rob him.

>What did the unpopular kids were into, or was there no difference at all?

I am a weird case I was severely bullied in elementary moving many schools I had teachers actually bully me and also students obviously they even threw human poop at me once.
In middle school though I was still that weird kid but hung around the smokers as I started smoking on my own mind you and from this I became friends with another weird kid that smoked.
In high school though I was openly weird and people tolerated it or respected how open I was and I would be a bit of a social butterfly but never really had a true group of friends.
I left school young a few times and really never cared about talking to anyone I knew I was used to being alone a lot and liked it.

I grew up trying to be normal at least until I was around the age of 12 and then I embraced how weird I was and later on this commanded respect from others I had sucubi in school saying "no one likes you" and all that but I was already bullied so much I really did not care and just enjoyed seeing the reactions I would get for being weird.
I would say things to people I thought was right if I could back them up with facts sort of uncomfortable truths and people would sometimes try fight me but I recall once that in class I mentioned something horrible about some kids ethnicity as it was relevant to the work and I had to stand up or something.
The kids were jocks and demanded to fight me and all the rest but they went away and researched what I said as I had sources on hand with me and the next day they waited for me and I thought I would get beaten but instead they said. "wizzie after class we went to the computer lab and checked what you said it was true but very offensive so please do not say things like that as it is hurtful".

I gained respect with people for being myself for example I used to shoplift every day and get art supplies that were good and i quit drawing and one day I see this succubus all by herself drawing so the next day I brang all my art supplies I had and gave her a garbage back full of everything and mentioned I did not need them and walked away without saying anything more.

I was an odd kid.


Hope my post does not break the rules at all it is not like I was some popular kid I was strange but tolerated and drifted around.


I dropped out and earned my "good enough diploma" later on. Then I went to community college and dropped out. Now I'm doing school online.


Why the fuck would I remember some boring shit from decades ago that doesn't matter to anyone?


it probably shaped the rest of your life


Highschool really doesn't matter all that much compared to most other parts of life.
Even elementary school or the time before school maters more to the rest of your life then highschool.
What you do or don't do in your 20s certainly matters a fuck load more then whatever bullshit you dealt with in highschool.



Are school cliques unique to america?

I had nothing but different area gangs instead of cliques. There was a hierarchy but it was a lot flatter than anything in the american movies.

Maybe shit has changed in the past 15 years since I left secondary school.


How do you expect me to know the answer to that if I wasn't a part of any of those groups?


Why do you act as if a thread made to everyone on an entire forum is somehow a direct attack on you that questions the validity of your status as a unique person? Go yell at clouds schizo.

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