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File: 1620238644427.jpg (8.49 KB, 227x222, 227:222, braind.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I seriously have brain damage from antipsychotics, i get mindblanks, i have low attention span and i can't comprehend certain things.
I've gone full retard, one moment i'm thinking of doing something and i forget, i forget dates appointments, i literally set alarms on my phone just to remind myself certain things

Sometimes i even have trouble reading stuff online, i'm seriously brain dead

Been on medication for 2 years at the very least and i can't stop because i will become psychotic again.


Why did you take them I get psychotic myself and do not take them as they make you feel awful anyway.
You will become too psychotic again? that is a shame wizzy can you get NEETbux for schizo and go off meds or is it too bad


What meds have you been taking?


I get paranoid moderately and get socially withdrawn, going outside and socializing is very hard off my medication, so is holding down a job.
I get neetbux but not enough to live off, it doesn't cover living expenses, i live with my parents looking to get a job so i can live alone.

It doesn't sound bad but it is, i can't function off my medication because when i go outside i get incredibly paranoid walking around or being in stores

I take zpyrexa 10 mg and 40mg of snri's


This is like me but with hallucinations at times and full delusional psychosis but I am luckily able to stay at home without needing to go outside and get welfare that is adequate.
Sucks wizzy I never took those zombie drugs after feeling the effects and reading about them.


I am also on zyprexa but only 2 months now, doctor gave me stimulant meds to stay awake, I dont really notice anything beneficial from taking this, only bad side effects like barely being able to get up in the morning and not being interested in anything


I took those for a few months I think and do feel dumber. Now my chances of ever getting a non shit job are even lower but I still won't get wrlfare.


That isn't brain damage, it's the suppressng effect of the very medication you are using. Moreover, those specific blocks you feel could be considerd 'failed attempts' at your brain completing an action; not because it is dead or broken, merely suppressed or following the path of least resistance. If you delve into the pharmaceutical literature, you will find that those 'mind blanks' and 'fog' are described as instances of your conscious mind aware that it is being suppressed. Perhaps a helpful way to describe it is in terms of a brain's computation; either as computations from data via the nervous system, or inner thoughts comprised of the sum whatever neuron network it is employing for the task. Neurological science is still crude and barely out of its infancy which means that almost every drug on the market effects way more of the brain than it needs to; like putting a 10 gallons of chlorine into pool when there's just a bit of algae on one little part. It sucks, but that's just where we are in 2021.

I can certainly understand why it would be vexatious and frustrating to suffer the side effects continually, but it could be seen from a more positive perspective, namely that the drugs are effective. I'd definitely consult your doctor if you find it to be too unpleasant, however. More than likely either an alteration to the dose and/or frequency of consumption or trying something different could be SAFELY worked out, but I'd like to suggest to you that simply reminding yourself that you're on track when feeling those moments will bring you relief. It's not easy on medication and it isn't for everyone, but the fact you stuck with it for 2 years is indicative of your abilities to persevere. God speed wiz o/


I recommend going without meds if you can manage it.


Maybe get a second opinion from a medical professional.
There isn't much good advice you are going to get here as we don't know you or your situation.


That sounds like negative symptoms of schizophrenia though so how do you know if it's the drugs or the disease the drugs are trying to treat doing it to you?


I get those symptoms from drinking lots of alcohol. I think it's brain atrophy.


my medication makes me lethargic, i've never been like this off my meds so it's definitely not negative symptoms


the medication might cause some impairment but you are probably mostly experiencing the negative and cognitive symptoms of your condition

these symptoms are masked by psychotic symptoms when you don't take your meds so you are less aware of them

take your meds or you will end up like terry davis but always insist on the lowest dose you can get away with


This is just your typical big pharma lies. Saying 'Blablabla its just your condition bro' is very convenient as it strips them of all responsibility for whatever side effects there may occur from the stuff they're selling.

Antipsychotics do indeed cause significant irreversible damage to your brain, regardless of whether you are mentally ill or not. For some reason, for a long time nobody in psychiatry cared enough to check this (rather obvious) fact, but thankfully now we have a bunch of studies to back it up.

>exposure to olanzapine compared with placebo was associated with significant decreases in cortical thickness in the left hemisphere (β [SE], 0.04 [0.009]; t34.4 = 4.7; P <.001), and the right hemisphere (β [SE], 0.03 [0.009]; t35.1 = 3.6; P <.001)

Effects of Antipsychotic Medication on Brain Structure in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder and Psychotic Features: Neuroimaging Findings in the Context of a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial


>In summary, we found that chronic exposure of monkeys to haloperidol or olanzapine in a manner that mimics clinical use is associated with a significant reduction in brain volume that affects both gray and white matter.


>Viewed together with data from animal studies, our study suggests that antipsychotics have a subtle but measurable influence on brain tissue loss over time, suggesting the importance of careful risk-benefit review of dosage and duration of treatment as well as their off-label use.


They called antipsychotics 'chemical lobotomy' for a reason.


You know what also reduces grey matter? Coffee. And it has no observable negative effects on brain function.


Also the brain matter loss is not significantly more than the amount a normal, unmedicated person's brain shrinks each year. Most of the shrinkage is again due to the illness itself and not the medication. The longer you go unmedicated, the more rapidly the illness progresses and the less likely it is that you will ever be a functioning human being again.

What's worse, a few missing brain cells or winding up homeless or killing yourself or somebody else because of your delusions?


>The longer you go unmedicated, the more rapidly the illness progresses and the less likely it is that you will ever be a functioning human being again.
…and that's a bad thing? Just get neetbux for the rest of your life and hide away from society in the woods or something. Being functional is overrated.


What country are you from? I'd like to know where this mystical land of easy-to-get neetbux and being left alone by same said state is.


You would still have to go to appointments every now and then to prove you're still mentally ill, but that's not really an issue


It doesn't, actually. Stop getting your news from dailymail and other unreliable clickbaiting sources.
This is false.

>After the exposure, we observed an 8–11% reduction in mean fresh brain weights as well as left cerebrum fresh weights and volumes in both drug-treated groups compared to sham animals.


You are talking about monkeys. People's brains don't shrink that much.


Also, I forget that schizos are incorrigible and it takes a miracle for them to actually accept treatment.


not all shizos are alike, there's something called anosognosia which is true a lot of shizos don't see themselves as such or don't call themselves shizophrenic
They refuse treatment but there are exceptions i for one know when i'm psychotic, i'm very aware of my illness and when it emerges, i hate it so i take medication even though i rather not.


File: 1621283149485.jpg (8.91 KB, 155x317, 155:317, brain collapse.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Then just leave it gradually, eliminate cereals and start the warp wanings.

I have talked enough of this, I won't post the books this time.


I swear i have fuckin brain atrophy i fail to do basic tasks, i have no concentration span anymore, i used to be avid gamer, i used to be quick witted but now i just can't fuckin play anymore

Don't ever do antipsychotics that shit will fuck your brain up


I don't have schizophrenia but my doctor is prescribing me first pertain which helped a bit and next risperidon which gave me anxiety attacks where I thought about suicide. I've gone through like SSRIs and nothing helps with my neurosis and depression, and lately it's become unbearable. I'll just ask him for strongest drugs he can give me, and if it won't help I'll kill myself. My whole life I was unable to function, but now I'm unable to stay alive due to the agony of depression and the fear of nervousness. I take alprazolam which helps me relax but it doesn't help with depression.


File: 1623352663010.jpg (24.33 KB, 229x343, 229:343, despair.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sounds like Derealization.
Stop caring. It will go away.
Also don't take any other drugs (coffee/ sugar are drugs) until you figure out how to get out of it on your own will.
It's scary, but it really is not permanent and fixable.


>this shit
Wizchan 2021
Its so positive that suicide is much better option.
But you are normalfag, you don't value intellect.


>I take alprazolam

This is a miracle drug. Don't take anything but this


from what i understand benzos also damage the brain at least stuff like valium etc


This image seems fake; other sources including wikipedia say he allegedly died from laughter or drinking wine


it's a joke edit

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