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This is a really good piece done by pro publica. They got their hands on the tax records of a bunch of the wealthiest people in the US and were able to compare it to the amount those people's wealth increased over those years to calculate their effective tax rate. Turns out billionaires are paying an average of 3.4% with some managing much less than that.

tl;dr version of how it works is they basically just use the way capital gains tax laws work to avoid paying tax on any of their skyrocketing assets while reporting low income overall by doing accounting shit that makes their gains offset by losses. Bezos runs some side hustles that lose money to offset any gains, but then his stock goes up by a bajillion dollars and he just smiles and rides the waves without having to pay a cent for all that increasing wealth. Then when they actually do need to sell some stock or something and they make a ton of income they still have tax loopholes that allow them to pay just a couple of percent on billions of dollars in income. Ever wonder why every billionaire has some pet charity with a ton of friends and family members working there drawing down big salaries? Two words: tax avoidance. You can pay your friends and family "for charity" and have it deduct from your taxes then you go around giving yourself medals for having saved the rainforest or something.


NEETs existed way before capitalism too, they were called aristocrats, kings, princes, bishops. Most of those people didn't contribute anything to society at all yet they managed to leech from it pretty well.
I think it is not just surplus or extra, more like NEETing has to do with economic systems that are free and don't want to force everyone to contribute at all costs to the collective. Like, I'm not an expert on this stuff but I think fascism and communism place more emphasis on the whole/society and don't acknowledge individualism while aristocratic societies, meritocracies and capitalism focus on the individual and and these systems don't want to make everyone "happy" by force, they let nature take care of things. Collectivist systems focus on ideals, morals or whatever which are always objective by nature ergo they are for everybody. Pro-NEET systems on the other hand only value power without morals, this is why fascists and commies both hate capitalism, because it is money-ism, capitalism doesn't care about morals, whoever has capital has power regardless of his political views, morality or race or sex.

So conclusion is that systems which allow unemployment to exist and acknowledge poverty as a necessary thing are the most wizardly? Very strange, indeed. Makes you think.

Even if you aren't leeching off the system you are living on somebody's expense if you are a NEET, most likely parents or family members. Most people here either WANT to be NEETs or they are actual NEETs, there is very few people here I imagine who actually like wageslaving. And they are right to desire NEETdom.

In capitalism you are allowed to be a leech, in collectivist systems you aren't. This will always place capitalism above communism and fascism. Americans and jews truly figured this shit out, they are rightly the Übermensch of our era. Thanks for spreading liberal capitalism all over the world, Merica. You are great.


You are grossly misusing the word NEET.


Do you consider being an aristocrat as employment? I don't. Since we need an employer if there is employment. Aristocrats did no work in the sense we use this word nowadays, they literally did pretty much what they wanted while the slave classes did the actual work for them. If they aren't considered as NEETs then who?


Why are you being so hostile to the NEET lifestyle? some of us are on disability and some of us do not want to work and there is nothing wrong with that. Wizards for the most part treat politics as hobby if they actually give a darn at all and you do notk now what the words you use mean. NEETs are better than kings because a king has to work and needs to rule that is a job even being a prince would require you to undertake training for the role. We NEET for the most part do not care at all for the system beyond getting out gibs and that is all.
>. If they aren't considered as NEETs then who?
maybe people who are not actively working or studying like a NEET really is to begin with and has always been. Are you new to imageboard terms? we have a FAQ if it is working and we have google to use also so that should help you. Lurk moar


>Why are you being so hostile to the NEET lifestyle
I didn't read any hostility in his post.
In fact he said it was desirable.
What are you talking about?
You better not be one of those faggots that tries to abuse rule 4 to get people who disagree with you politically banned despite not breaking the rule.
It was a tactic commie poster used all the time back in the day until the mods told him to stop.


Corporations are in the planning stages of full automation. At this point, nobody will care because people don't want to work anymore.


Unless UBI is implemented society will break


You people don't ever keep up with what is actual currently feasible or in active development.
Full automation is still over a hundred years away.
it is just a ludite talking point to push socialism and not based even a little bit on what is going on in the technological landscape.

Automation is nether a good excuse nor can it be solved by socialism/welfare/ubi.

There is nothing wrong with admitting you just don't want to work. Don't pretend the world is going to end if you don't get bux to not work though.


Because money on a balance sheet in the profits category isn't the same as cash that can be spent.
The vast majority of that money is reinvested into the company so it can expand and maintain it's competitiveness, and a large amount is tied up in assesses that can't be easily converted into cash.
>Bezos is rich
On paper due to holding a controlling share of Amazon stock among other assets.
Just as what was explained above, this is not the same as having cash on hand. Nearly all of his money is tied up. He can't just go and spend a billion dollars, he would have to sell a fuck ton of shit first.
Like someone who is technically a millionaire because they own a chunk of land that rich people want to build mcmantions on.


That's a lot of words to spell "it's fake."


>now praising degeneracy and mental illness
Wizchan 2021


File: 1623275697320.png (37.04 KB, 720x372, 60:31, fucking_disgusting.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1623284796521.pdf (87.74 KB, 61nvid.pdf)

This paper is making rounds. "On having whiteness" by one (((Donald Moss))).

I believe whites should become the monsters nonwhites and liberals present them as. There will be no other way out of this.


If this isn't proof parties are a sham I don't know what is.


File: 1623335391924.png (58.59 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, E3hrSZgVIAQIctd.png) ImgOps iqdb




what do all those random sharp dips and rises correlate to


Noise in the data most likely. Or random controversies that people forgot about within a year.


Good. I hope this is unintentional because if so it would mean the Jew illuminati will be affected as well. Can't wait until these kine start panicking.


File: 1623433812191.gif (1.53 MB, 384x207, 128:69, giphy (1).gif) ImgOps iqdb

My roommate just got a stroke from taking the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and he refuses to go to the doctor because he doesn't have insurance.

He said he isn't taking the second dose because he said he doesn't want to die.


Retard already got it, might as well go all the way.


fukken kek.
Too bad he'll infect you with spike proteins tho.


are you talking about that pic from yesterday that was deleted that showed stats of increased heart inflammation among males under 30 who got the injection? Why would they delete it?


Any posts made outside of /meta/ critiquing the Wizchan userbase as a whole, the state of Wizchan, its staff, or suggesting rule changes will be deleted, even if the body of the post was on-topic. There's a an entire board for >wizchan 2021 posts, use it.


Who knew, right? But yes, America is a country governed by the rich and for the rich. It truly is insane how 99% of politics today is identity politics, as in should trannies be allowed human rights or not. You'd think the average wageslave would be a lot more concerned about money matters than he currently is. Weird.


Bread and circuses etc.


That is something that always intrigued me ever since I became more conscious of what is going on around me. Cost of education, housing and healthcare is exploding, inflation keeps eating away the already shitty wages but people are concerned about some men dressing like crones, it's insane.

Well, it's not like I can do anything about it but to try to keep my own mental health by indulging in escapism. Society is either not serious enough or not smart enough to go about solving its problems. Life is too short, just find a way to keep yourself holed up and entertained for a little while.


It's all about control. Don't think this shit is innocuous. It's about forcing you to think and act as they want you to.


>should trannies be allowed human rights or not
The answer is no and your framing of faggot problems as human rights issues exposes your nose.


File: 1623512626961-0.jpg (458.54 KB, 1725x1008, 575:336, chipotle.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1623512626961-1.jpg (45.3 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, cartoons.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>They only want basic human rights bro, no one is forcing anything down your throat haha, stop imagining things nazi psycho.
>Why do you care so much about identity politics haha, stop reading /pol/ and go outside they just want to be left alone and live like ordinary people.
>Get off your petal stool maga snowflake, you're not that important and the world doesn't care about your opinion enough to bother producing agitprop targeting your fragile outdated beliefs.
>It's all in your head haha, you just have to learn to look the other way every once in a while and you'll be fine crybaby.
>Why would a *true wizard* care about any of this, it doesn't affect you in any way goy-I MEAN GUY.


Deranged and obsessed.


I agree, the pan-western jewish-leftist alliance of occupational forces is deranged and obsessed.


File: 1623518932467.webm (2.94 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, footballplayerdeath.webm) ImgOps iqdb

A football player just dropped dead during a game the day after getting the covid gene therapy.


first thing that came to my mind as I heard the news is "did he get the vax?"
would be hilarious if true


There are no official news of his current state, it just happened. That he collapsed because of a covid vaccine is something that wiz pulled out of his ass, too.


That's Christian Eriksen btw, a Danish player.


well I just checked Dansk Boldspil-Union twitter and he's awake and conscious, apparently.


I know. The amount of spin and damage control would be through the roof if it were somehow related to the vaccine but it's not like we would ever know either way.


I follow some soccer leagues casually and players collapsing in the field is rare but it happens. I can remember two cases out the top of my head Piermario Morosini, Bruno Boban It's usually due to stroke or heart attack. The thing with the retarded fearmongers on both sides of the fence now is that those cases can only be two things now; covid or the vaccine for it. People are not allowed to have any medical conditions that are not related to this shit anymore, it's amazing. Almost like diseases and dying didn't exist before covid.
Apparently we were all immortals before all this shit happened.


given how many thousands of people are dropping dead the day (or minute) after getting poisoned it's likely


Hope he is alright. I was watching the game Fabrice Muamba passed away in. RIP lad


>In March 2012, Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest during a televised FA Cup match between Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur, from which he recovered despite his heart having stopped for 78 minutes.


File: 1623545790341.png (420.01 KB, 587x640, 587:640, soko_subversion.png) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder how well these empywyryd wymyn would fare if all those CONSCRIPTED "small dick" men at the DMZ walked away from their miserable, strenuous service and let the gentlemen from the northern side of the border have their way?


It is crazy the things modern medicine can do if you get to someone in time.

I mean Darth Dick hasn't had a heart beat since the Bush years.


Authoritarian censorship and abuse of power is bad no matter who does it, including you.
Without free speech there is only oppression.


The freedom to whine about trannies all day is a god-given right, damnit.


Oh, and in other news Kim Jong Un confirmed that faggy South Korean pop is vile degeneracy to be punished with forced labor and death.
Can't say I disagree with the man. How do you say "based" in gook-speak?



I'm just surprised he'd admit that k-pop is corrupting his country's people, I didn't think he'd admit a weakness like that, I wonder how badly they are losing control of their people.


Noob question but I wonder if we're at the stage where we could just cyborg-ise or connect people to machines that artifically keep them alive forever, I guess it wouldn't stop everything e.g. some cancer and stuff and its probably expensive as fuck


>I wonder how badly they are losing control of their people.
Not at all.

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