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I hate everything about transgenders.


They really are just the worst thing modern times have spewed forth. And it's real fucking sad that most political discussion today is centered around them rather than things that matter like economics and foreign policy.


Trannies rule, I love jerking off to shemales every now and then. Also, they are the ultimate middle finger to the creator god/the demiurge and to nature too. More transgenders are needed in this world, I'd say.


>Trannies rule, I love jerking off to shemales every now and then
>more transgenders are needed in this world, I'd say.

woke "wizards" are now praising degeneracy and mental illness aylmao



fucking hell


Why even care about people who don't affect your life in any way?

I want everyone to just live life as best they can, wizard and non-wizard alike. If for some people, that includes changing genders, who cares. As long as they aren't hurting anyone, do as you please.




it's just a middle finger towards yourself as a disfunctional replicating organism


Step up or down from being a virgin in your 30s?


One of the reasons I hate trannies is because their lifestyle literally does affect me. They want me to engage in their fantasy of calling them a succubus and I simply refuse do encourage that degenerate clown world horseshit.


Then turn the other way and ignore it


Using she/her isn't going to make your life any worse. It's not going to affect your material conditions. Think beyond yourself for a moment and do what can make others more comfortable.


>woke "wizards" are now praising degeneracy and mental illness ayy lmao

You do realise that it was going this way for some time now right? Imageboards are to blame.


File: 1621640422396.mp4 (3.72 MB, 360x360, 1:1, IT'S MA'AM.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>Using she/her isn't going to make your life any worse
k ma'am sorry for misgendering you.


Virginity is a step up from acrotomophilia


It is a misrepresentation of reality, going along with the delusions of a mentally ill man is harmful to you, him and the rest of society.
I'm sorry but aliens aren't proving your anus and you aren't a succubus just because you cut your penis and I'm not going to indulge in such bs just to make you feel better.


Using He/him isn't going to make your life any worse dumb tranny.


So you're admitting that you have a social life, normalfag


No they're on the same level. It's good that you learned a $10 word, though


EU is insane, they ordered Poland to shut down a lignite mine because Germans and Czechs don't like seeing it from across the border and they think it poisons "their" air. Real life woke colonialism, why are these potato bitches just taking it? Instead they should park tanks around the mine and say fucking deal with it eurofaggots. This is soft land grabbing, if it's not opposed it will never stop.


If the lignite mine really is poisoning the air wouldn’t it be in Poland’s interest to shut it down for their own people?


So, "wizards", tell me actually what your problem with trannies is? Because I fail to understand it. From my understanding, right-wing "wizards" like you hate trannies fundamentally because:
- they are seen as weak males who aren't able to contribute to the collective or protect the tribe if the enemy attacks
- they won't reproduce most likely
Being seen as weak/useless and not reproducing, hm…Wonder where I heard this before? Some other group, yes but which? Oh, you mean the group you and I belong to, male friendless virgins who are mostly NEETs aka wizards? Trannies are seen as monsters, just like us. We have more in common with them than with the average white, church-going, responsible, working, family-man. What you see in modern media doesn't cover reality, trannies are really fucking hated by the majority, most normalfags hate them just like us and would gladly burn them at stakes, just like us outsiders.

Did you guys have negative personal experiences with trannies? I didn't, the only tranny in our little town works at the local post office and she is one of the kindest, friendliest worker there. Even my father, who is a conservative, religious man had to admit that she is a very polite and friendly person.

Anyway, I always wonder how wizards can be right-wingers and conservatives? I mean, whenever I listen to politicians or religious leaders who support the right-wing they ALWAYS bitch about "muh normal world" "muh normal values" "we have to bring back the normal world" etc. They are spiritual and intellectual communists who want society to be composed of people who are all the same, think the same things, do the same things, etc. This is the very opposite of wizardry. All the right cares about is brainwashing people to be useful members of the community, yeah fuck off. I don't want to work, I don't want to have a family, I don't want to die for my nation and God, I don't want rich people to fuck me in the ass. Right-wingers literally can't be wizards.


What is this stupid ass strawman? I hate them because they are in full frontal denial of reality, and not only that they expect me and everyone else to go along with their delusions or be torn apart by the mob. A man cannot become a succubus, a succubus cannot become a man. End of story. No amount of clothes or surgeries will change that.


She acts like a succubus. She thinks like a succubus. She feels like a succubus. She looks like a succubus. What more do you need?

We know that nature or God isn't perfect. God/nature creates lots of shit humans have to fix. If your teeth hurts you go to a doctor to have it fixed. Same way if you feel you belong to the other sex you go to a doctor and change your body.


She acts like a succubus.
She thinks like a succubus.
She feels like a succubus.
She looks like a succubus.

lol 4 in a row, that was something.


How about having two x chromosomes faggot? Like I said, it's delusion and I refuse to partake in it. These transexuals are being preyed upon and I don't think it's right. Pharmaceutical companies and surgeons are making huge money off mutilating these people's bodies. They are feeding a complete denial of reality and these people are worse off for it. Transexuals will never be able to live the happy normalfag life they thought transitioning would give them. And what's more is they want kids to do it earlier and earlier. Can't you see the scheme they've set up?


Care to elaborate what your problem actually is with trans people or should I just consider you as a kindergarten-tier troll? Now, think. Articulate your thoughts properly. I am sure even people like you are capable of it. What is the actual problem with people changing their sex? Typing "wrong" simply and shouting strawman aren't actual arguments.


Fucking trash. I'm NEET because society rejected me for having autism, not because I want to be a succubus. There's a difference. One you can't control while wanting to cut off you balls is something you can.


>How about having two x chromosomes faggot?
Like I said, looking, behaving, thinking and feeling like a succubus basically makes a person into a succubus. You can be an ass and say "where is the two X??" but that won't change the fact that the person in question functions like a female in most areas.

Again, why should we accept nature? Man is the master of his own destiny, we don't need nature or a creator god either to tell us what is right and wrong. If you have an illness you go to a doctor and he will take care of you. Same with operating yourself into a female.
>Pharmaceutical companies and surgeons are making huge money off mutilating these people's bodies.
They make huge money from anything related to health-care, why does it only bother you in this way?
I don't know where you get your ideas that trans people are unhappy or whatever, most of them seem pretty healthy and full of vitality to me.
>they want kids to do it
Uh oh, not our precious children! They want to corrupt our pure and dear children, oh god what should we do…? How about you let people decide what they want to do with their own lives?

No, there is no difference in the eyes of right-wingers. They think most autists are only leeches who suck precious money and resources out from the body of the holy cow, the nation.

You pretending you are better than trannies just to please normalfags who hate you is just pathetic. The right-wing hates all kind of outsiders and outcasts. Their very core ideology is built around normalfaggotry.


>basically makes a person into a succubus
It doesn't. How can you possibly ignore your DNA, the code that dictates your body's functions and structure. I don't care how much someone acts like a succubus or thinks they are one, they aren't. And humans don't have godly technology. These hormone pills and surgeries, like I said, do more to fuck up your body than to make someone the opposite sex. Even when we invent gene therapy, it won't be able to make someone the opposite sex.

When you have an illness the doctor is supposed to cure you, not make it worse. If I went to the doctor and told them I'm a bird, give me wings, they would not only tell me I'm crazy and delusional, it would be highly unethical to give me wings in case I jumped off a bridge trying to fly. These people are being lied to, they are being told transgenderism is not illness, they are being told to pursue their delusions to the point of self destruction. This entire system goes against all tenets of the hippocratic oath.

>How about you let people decide what they want to do with their own lives?

They aren't deciding, they are being indoctrinated. Kids are fucking dumb. Look how many kids fuck up their lives doing drugs early and making shit decisions already. Are you saying we should encourage it?


Its a misogynistic take relying on stereotypes to claim men who act like the outward expression of a succubus is a succubus and sadly this view is what pushes naturally butch young succubi to mutilate themselves.
Men cannot be a succubus by acting like what they think a succubus is also same crime rates for ftm and men etc because men.
Are you trans?


File: 1621708821827.png (1.25 MB, 938x1023, 938:1023, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Its a misogynistic take
I find it funny how with the trans debate among normalfags, each side calls the other "misogynistic".

The pro-trans side calls people who disagree with the idea that "trans succubi are succubi" misogynists for "denying their womanhood" and the anti-trans side calls people who are pro-trans misogynists because it "denies the womanhood of biological succubi".

I believe in genetic/biological reality. A man who mutilates himself and wears a dress isn't a succubus the same way a white guy who shits in the street isn't indian. But I'm not going to try to invoke pathos by using emotionally charged buzzwords like "misogyny". The whole thing reminds me of the republicans who say shit like "Democrats are the real racists because their policies actually hurt blacks! Defunding the police causes more black on black crime!" etc.


File: 1621713133941.png (596.33 KB, 800x609, 800:609, m.png) ImgOps iqdb

>So, "wizards", tell me actually what your problem with trannies is?
It's a lowkey sterilization program to advance the capitalist state's biopower.


That would support the idea there's a sterilization program no?


No, they have entitlement issues and provoke an intense disgust reaction.


Chromosomes is what i need, your biology is what defines what you are no matter how much you bark you will never be a dog.


There's numerous studies which show a neurological correlation to being transgender. It's not something anyone made up.

Getting misgendered is actually pretty unpleasant. Wouldn't you find it so if you were called she/her?

I really don't understand the right-wing zeitgeist of this site at all. If anything, you'd think wizards would find solidarity with marginalized groups of all kinds, so long as they also express solidarity. Not to say that you need to show kindness to those who don't show it to you, of course, but you would think those who know social ostracism would feel for those who also know it.

It's more about neurology and identity rather than assigned sex at birth. I would recommend doing some reading on the actual science, because this isn't anything new or novel. http://transcience-project.org/


All that links proves is that transexuals are mentally ill, which we all already knew.


Actually, according to the APA, it's not so much a mental illness as a psychological state.

https://www.apa.org/topics/lgbtq/transgender Do some reading.



>Dr. Saul Levin, who last year became the first openly gay head of the D.C. Department of Health, was named on May 15 as the new chief executive officer and medical director of the American Psychiatric Association.


So? Do you only accept the validity of cishet men or do you just dismiss the viewpoints and research of everyone who isn't one?


Oh yes, because there can't be a conflict of interest here.


Guess you can't talk about wizard life in the future, then, due to your conflict of interest.


but psychiatry isn't jewish


>the gay doctor totally does not have a vested interest in making sure transgenderism is not labeled a mental illness
No one is buying the bullshit.


Hey, if you want to reject science based off of ad hominems, that's your prerogative. I prefer sticking to the facts.


The facts are on the side of gender criticals your gender theory is hogwash sexology is science.


Psychology isn't really based on science or the scientific method. At least not most of the time.


Yes, hence why you've actually addressed them rather than engaging in ad hominems.


>assigned sex at birth
You mean observed sex at birth.


I will adress them in due time state your points


I am often misgendered and do not care or find it funny


>The facts are on the side of gender criticals
They're right on literally this one issue and that's it.

They're militant pro-censorship authoritarian SJWs on every issue except the trans question. Hilarious seeing some of the lower IQ members of the right go all soy face and yells "BASED" when a radical leftist TERF (who would gleefully jump at the chance to censor/cancel them) simply declares a basic biological fact that men can't become succubi.


"TERF" stop talking like a faggot


I remember when r/gendercritical was at the forefront of the charge to get Stefan Molyneux banned from youtube and when they had a thread upvoted to the top cheering when r/milliondollarextreme was banned and the comments were suggesting to report the splinter subreddits created as a result.


A subreddit is not the face of a movement and if you read more rad fem literature or investigated and interacted with them you would know this.


"gender critical feminists" or whatever you wanna call them. Not sure why you're getting so butthurt over a word. I already said they were right about the tranny question.
Yeah they were major players in, and defenders of, cancel culture. Then their communities started getting banned and suddenly they started pretending like they were free speech advocates like they weren't spearheading the movement to censor right wingers and right wing communities for years.


Not all gender critical were the same quit referring to them as an organized collective. There is a new movement taking form with a more rational approach and I implore everyone to read their thoughts/books as they are an ally


File: 1621782482796.jpg (1.46 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Qualitative social science through the quantitative work of psychomedical studies has sought to capture neurological characteristics that, divorced from any social or political critique, become the sole explanatory predictor of transgenderism. In this way neoliberal capitalism captures the surplus bodies it has produced, and state institutions position themselves to confer rights and privileges to these captured bodies. There are parallels to the expansion of social services and the prison industry in the 1980s. That expansion of political biopower was met with a similar reception by system shills wholly concerned with maintaining bourgeois values surrounding manners, due process, and institutions; synonyms for the social power granted to them under neoliberalism. Participants in the middle class are being compelled to act under this guise once again, explaining the intensity and character of their engagement with sexual politics.


This *current* tranny trend is the culmination of a number of thing (many of them nerd or internet related) but I feel like many of you are trying to tie it to the left/right when it's really just a bunch of degenerate hentai addicts who've found the perfect political climate to grow.


At least in america it is deeply tied to left/right.


Stop trying to blatantly shill your anti anime agenda


It is and it isn't, whatever moves their degeneracy forward in the mainstream or allows them to be degenerates without being called out on it is "their" politics. It's how you have strange shit like Bruce Jenner (who killed a succubus with his car and was told that he was a brave succubus after he transitioned), nazi femboys, liberal trannies who want to enter womens' bathrooms etc.

I'll stop "shilling" when it everyone knows what the virgin-to-tranny pipeline is.

I'm not ragging on anime but it is a catalyst in this shit.


The nazi femboys are just a deranged group 4channers. They don't have any political sway or power, they just masturbate on discord. The left is the only group who is officially pushing transgenderism and is an actual political force.


No, even if it was. It's not poisoning anything. And there are 9 German and Czech mines in the area.


How does "she" know that she thinks/feels like a succubus, if she isn't one?
If I said that I experience the color red in the same way that you experience the color green, even though I don't know how you perceive colors (because I am not you) would my statement have any validity?
I don't believe so, and in the same way, the only valid definition of thinking/feeling like a succubus is "the way you think/feel, if you are a biological succubus".


Trannies aren't marginalized they are aligned with the extremely powerful LGBT lobby and constantly have the media supporting them. A new celebrity comes out tranny each week for Christ's sake!

They are not our allies, they are disgusting freaks and don't belong on a website for male virgins.


I am too lazy to reply to everyone of you /pol/wizards so I'll make a general reply.

Most of you go on and on about biology and whatnot. So I ask you. Do you consider every man to be a man? Because I surely do not. Biology doesn't mean anything if someone acts like a succubus in my eyes he/she is a succubus. If someone is a coward, if someone adheres to authority blindly, needs someone else to dominate him/her then it is a she, regardless of what she has between her legs. On the other hand, if someone is dominant and can think like an independent person, has the will to fight the community or others, the she is a male in my eyes. Biology isn't everything, despite the materialist worldview being so mainstream nowadays. I believe in souls and probably lots of others too and I think it is possible to be born into a wrong body. In fact, I am sure the demiurge/the creator god often fucks us up for his own pleasure. I was never a materialist and certainly never bought the "you are just your genes" trendy, hip argument either.

Being male or female is more than biology. It is a spiritual, mental, psychological process. If someone feels like a female he should be allowed to modify his "prison", his body to feel more comfortable. In fact like I said earlier, it would benefit most weak males to be turned into females, simply because they would finally find their place. Instead of whining about their weakness they would finally accept the fact that they are weak.

And for this autism that being a tranny is totally accepted or okay, what you see on TV isn't reality. If you operated yourself right now and walked the streets as a succubus chances are you would receive passive-aggressive, verbal bullying or even an actual beating. Trannies are still outcasts, just like blacks and minorities continue to be despised by the majority, no matter how strong the propaganda machine is or what you see on MTV. Guess what else is a minority? Being an adult virgin who doesn't want to socialize. As far as outcasts and freaks go, society treats everyone who is different like shit.


>tranny shit

It will forever amaze me just how much defence trannies get on imageboards. You can be as racist and/or misogynistic as you want but as you utter one bad one about the trannies, the tranny defence force leaps into action. Even straight-up faggots get less defence than trannies.


>Do you consider every man to be a man? Because I surely do not. Biology doesn't mean anything
No need to read further you have cemented yourself within a perspective which ignores objectivity and replaces it with your own abstraction far removed from reality.
There is no argument to be had and any discussion we could have would be fruitless akin to atheists arguing with religious people.

I will however bend my knee and break decorum this instance by pointing out the statistical improbability of transgenderism being anything but either
>A. A mental illness
>B. A social contagion
Based on the frequency of peers adopting this label within groups at a rate much to high to be innate gender dysphoria or latent.


>And for this autism that being a tranny is totally accepted or okay, what you see on TV isn't reality. If you operated yourself right now and walked the streets as a succubus chances are you would receive passive-aggressive, verbal bullying or even an actual beating
This is true and brings up a thing that often bothers me, people mistreating other people because they saw someone like that person on TV getting preferential treatment


>it would benefit most weak males to be turned into females

I think I'm out of the loop but at what point did virgins/crabs/wizards get such a self-hatred for themselves?


He's a retarded sissy nigger from r9gay. "weak males would benefit from becoming trans" Trash like him should be executed.


Its a psyop perpetuated by faggots.
Chasers push it to make trannies and trannies push it to validate their transition.


The so called "LGBT" lobby is but a branch of the most powerful lobby in the west.

Hitler was right.


File: 1621859784697.png (1.54 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, bee.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Also, they are the ultimate middle finger to the creator god/the demiurge and to nature too. More transgenders are needed in this world, I'd say.

>Biology isn't everything, despite the materialist worldview being so mainstream nowadays. I believe in souls and probably lots of others too and I think it is possible to be born into a wrong body. In fact, I am sure the demiurge/the creator god often fucks us up for his own pleasure.
>Being male or female is more than biology. It is a spiritual, mental, psychological process. If someone feels like a female he should be allowed to modify his "prison", his body to feel more comfortable.
Is this the final conclusion of gnosticism?


because they want everyone to be trannies.
Transexual's, homosexuals and pedophiles all originate from the fetus not developing correctly, in the case of the former 2 it is caused when the male fetus is not given enough testosterone (As a result of endocrine disruptors that the mother digests or from because her body doesnt have enough to give) which causes the male child's brain to form incorrectly (It doesnt associate with it's own sex or doesnt feel opposite-sex attraction) this is clear proof that it's a mental illness and can be solved via not digesting plastics and objects containing BPA (unfortunately they are everywhere due to corporations being greedy and cheapskates) and also screening the fetal environment to ensure the fetus is getting correct amount of hormones and nutrients to properly develop; Pimozide has also been suggested to help with transexuals without changing their body (https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.3109/00048679609065010)


use sci-hub to access the article


Unfortunately it's not true and most ordinary people will contort themselves to placate your kind because they still force themselves to believe in retarded shit like tolerance and politeness towards those with different beliefs. But you do deserve beatings and preferably extermination.
The pendulum will swing, tick tock.

Since autismal tards started forcing the moronic idea that a 'wizard' is an actual thing and an identity to aspire to, and not a morbid self aware meme.
It's okay to hate and disrespect the tryhard truwiz LARPers.


>Do you consider every man to be a man?


>Most of you go on and on about biology and whatnot. So I ask you. Do you consider every man to be a man?
Yes, end of story.


well that collapsed pretty fast didn't lol


You got banned on meta months ago for shit posting and changed tactits to shit post here.
Why ignore this faggots reply >>268654 if you want a debate


>Do you consider every man to be a man?
Anyone who isn't mentally ill will say yes to this. That is like asking if you consider every apple to be an apple. Words have meaning


Liars are forced to use a lot of words


>Do you consider every man to be a man?
In a literal sense? Yes.

There's a figurative sense of being a man, and then there's the literal sense. Your typical feminized passive aggressive soy boy isn't a "man" in the sense that he doesn't exhibit any signs of masculinity or in the very least his behaviors are more feminine (at least ostensibly) than masculine. But at the end of the day he is still physically a man.

It's sort of like with "manchildren" (I know that a normalfag redditor buzzword for anyone they disagree with at this point but I'm using it the way it was originally used). Their mental might be 13 but despite their arrested mental development, they are still above the age of 18, thus adults.


Jannies mad so I'll say it again: shit yourself crying because you've invented some vague arch nemesis poster for yourself, schizo.

Clean it up janny.


>Do you consider every man to be a man?
Yeah, so people aren't cool or interesting but that doesn't change them from a biological perspective you fucking braindead faggot.


this is clearly not true.
I will accept you and your faggotry, sister. Be proud!!


>you will nevar be a succubus


kys tranny


File: 1621972193458.jpg (1.75 MB, 3994x2246, 1997:1123, anime-girl-frontline_15782….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Holy-moly, I got more than 10 replies in such a short time on a fringe image board. Hmm. Makes you suspicious though. Are you guys tourists or cross-posters? Wouldn't be surprised, since actual outsiders have no reason to get so emotionally worked up over other freaks and outsiders.

By the way, the replies are exactly the cliche replies I anticipated them to be.
"Hohh, genes are everything! How could you imply that science/biology/materialism isn't absolute??" Spare me, dirty bildungsphilisters. You are hypocrites, the lot of you. You resort to science whenever it suits your shitty agenda yet other times you conveniently ignore it. You offer no original arguments because you don't have any thoughts on your own. You only can parrot whatever your hivemind parrots all the time. Bet you think you are clever or unique but don't delude yourselves. You are little people who want to have a hand in something they should never be allowed close to: politics and state affairs. Your kind is only suitable for blind obedience, you are the ones who are sent to fight wars and die on the front and rightly so because you are absolutely inferior and dull in every way. The only thing you are good at is persecuting anyone who is different from normal and you take delight in stomping down on actual individuals and unique persons. Talentless hacks.
It's like people here aren't familiar with neo-platonism/gnosticism. Makes you wonder what these /pol/wizards spend all their time with. Arguing with people about trannies on image boards?


>Are you guys tourists or cross-posters? Wouldn't be surprised, since actual outsiders have no reason to get so emotionally worked up over other freaks and outsiders.
Projection. You're a literal discord tranny raiding wizchan. Fuck off and don't come back.


You could have just posted "yes" simply but I guess you love to play it the hard way. I'm still not really sure how the existence of trannies concerns the life of the average wizard, especially negatively, but whatever, "wizard". Not everyone is a normalfag who wants to adhere to common expectations.


It's not science. It is directly observable physical reality. You don't have any points to refute, because you know you are wrong, which is why your post consists of nothing but ad hominem attacks and no true scotsmen. Also
>Holy-moly, I got more than 10 replies in such a short time on a fringe image board.
Acting retarded will get you noticed.


how rude, bad boy
go to mommy now and learn some manners


Sad to see that most replies you got were normalgroid parroting tier. I didn't agree with everything you said (real outcast are a rare breed) but you said some very interesting things that only the initiated would understand, let alone discuss.
But don't be fooled, some of us still got it.


Okay, I got it. I’ve been epically trolled. I’ll stop replying now.


What physical reality? I never argued that shemales start out with male bodies. I argued for the thought that body isn't everything. I will always reject disgracing humanity to the level of biological machines. We are much more than that and you would ackonledge this too if you were honest with yourself for once.
Using science won't make you instantly right, only in the eyes of the cattle. Science is an extremely subjective thing also. In the 60s being homosexual was considered degenerate and an illness by mainstream scientific circles. Nowadays it is totally accepted as healthy behavior. It is because science is still influenced by emotions. Some people want to see X in it, they will see X in it and use it for their agenda while the other person will see science prove Y fact right.

In short, science is overrated. It is the new religion of the masses, coupled with materialism.

You should post more. Don't let the retard normal tourists shit up our site, brother. Those who know the mysteries should stick together.


kys tranny propagandist.


you're obsessed with transexuals, get help


go dilate, tranny


I am telling the truth, that's why you hate me

Maybe if you didn't post transexuals on end for months in abyss boards, then maybe I would not have this assumption of you.

Or is it really an assumptions? You've been shitting up b for weeks, everywhere you complain about "trannys", tranny this tranny that

Not only that, but you also post photos of transexuals on abyss board. How is it not against the rules is beyond me

TLDR fuck you, moron closet trans retard


go back to trannychan, faggot


go jerk off to shemales tranny discord freak


funny how you brought up a sissy porn

really tells much about you


You're overestimating the effect consciousness and downplaying reality. Everybody has feminine and masculine personality traits in varying amounts. How to interpret and do with it is a different question which the trannies answered wrong.

>muh occult bullshit

Practical politics is a worldly matter that requires worldly knowledge and aspirations. It really is not a place for esotericism.


You will never, ever, ever , EVER pass


that's what a female would say lmao


Cope tranny
trannies are a plague, they look for places filled with lonely males and colonize the place for new recruits, they did it to /r9k/ and will do it here if they are allowed to


you just butthurt over it plus you're obsessed with transexuals


Oh, I do. But I usually Just visit or post in threads like this for my own amusement, not seriously. Because like we know, politics are a joke, much less people should let politics rot their brain like some people obviously had let ir here. That's why they give these wothless replied, (though some of them are just crappy tryhards). I like to post more in other threads that have more juice.


>persecuting anyone who is different from normal and you take delight in stomping down on actual individuals and unique persons
I absolutely do, both on the internet and IRL and I will continue until all of you faggots kill yourselves.

>you are the ones who are sent to fight wars and die on the front and rightly so

Itty bitty gay boy is terrified of a little war, projects and thinks we are scared too. A swing and a miss, war is amazing you nigger.


File: 1622037473722.jpg (91.69 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, appi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>It's like people here aren't familiar with neo-platonism/gnosticism.
Let's accept the position for the sake of argument, would the answer be to seek comfort as you suggest? My understanding is the historical gnostics and neo-platonists were either ascetics or theurgists who devoted themselves to reaching the One, you wouldn't describe them as hedonists or epicureans. If we are imprisoned in a fallen world, shouldn't we be suspicious of the conclusions we come to regarding material reality? You could equally say then that transitioning is falling further into materialism. As an aside this is also my view of transhumanism, it presents itself as rising above our limitations but it's really a further fall into mechanization.


So the final phase of wizchan (a poor knock off) is that it will turn into a tranny chan or will it succumb to the contradictions of the self-aware meme it's based on?


anyone else hoping we get a dictor who tries to conqouer the entire world?


There's too many large countries who are relatively happy with the current world order, I don't think it could happen.


Isn't it inevitable? if there was no atomic bomb and mutually assured destruction I think we would have already had another conquerer.

You are right though but who knows what will happen in the future.


File: 1622051036450.jpg (101.12 KB, 1200x636, 100:53, EatTnRIWAAAHNXm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>There's too many large countries who are relatively happy with the current world order
Which ones? China is autistically blabbering about pursuit of "dignity" (conquest) and bases its entire national identity on grabbing their neighbors' land because "China is a heavenly empire of 5000 year wisdom of the soaring dragon, chinamen used to own the whole world, we wuz kangz n shiet." India is desperate for the status of #1 shupa powah 2020, Pakistan China we war you. Russia has been locked in a state of incoherent screeching for the last 30 years because they feel entitled to own all other Slavs as slaves. Iran has started like 15 wars in the middle east and africa with no real plan other than assuming this will surely lead to them conquering Jerusalem lel. Brazil is devouring itself. RSA is exterminating whites and when they run out of white punching bags they'll throw themselves into some embarrassing nigger war. Canada is utterly passive but they have their own internal white genocide to complete. Germany is trying not to get called Hitler while trying to mostly peacefully pressure and subvert Poland into becoming their lebensraum again, they even have implicit "understandings" with Russia about the territory again lel but this time the germ stormtroopers are wearing rainbow flags instead of feldgrau so it's OK. France wants to be Napoleon again but this time gay and islamic and ally Russia instead of war Russia, also they're really angry about Germany having more control over the EUSSR than France does. America is not going to be happy until every country in the galaxy is rendered into perfectly docile economic zones inhabited by migrant mixed race faggots who vote D. Argentina sits in a dark corner quietly repeating "las malvinas son argentinas." Australia is barreling towards a war with chingchongs while being subverted into launching an internal race war against the whitey. I don't know what Kazakhstan and Mongolia are up to. Maybe they're happy.


Did you even read my post you dumb tranny? I didnt even mention genes, I said fetal development, you know SOMETHING that happens during your time in the uterus where you're exposed to different kinds of hormones and nutrient. Do you see a child with fetal alcohol syndrome and say "yep that's definitely the magic fairies that made them like that" like some twitter succubus (something you desire to be since you're such a disgusting tranny)
Sure I will agre, some subjects/matters require more than factual information, but in the case of something clearly material/factual/biological like a man wanting to degrade his own body, this isnt the case.
>homosexuality was considered degenerate and an illness
and it is, it's just that nowadays people have became dumber and think like you in the sense that gays/trannies/pedos are just "different" for no reason what so ever and shouldnt be fixed (just let them succumb to their desire for no absolute reason :) )



Take your meds


but heterosexual butt sex is kosher somehow


it's not either.


Actual reality can be interpreted only through spiritualism. Spiritualism means you observe the full reality, not just a part of it. Materialism only focuses on one aspect of existence therefore it is bound to come to false conclusions. How did trannies answer wrong? They changed their bodies to fit how they actually felt and thought. Bodies are just vessels.

The "occult bullshit" phrase just proves you have no clue about anything. Politics, philosophy, religion/occultism, these have been connected since like forever. They all deal with how people should live their lives and how to be happy. And I bet if I cited the Bible as reason for hating trannies you would agree with me, because it would suit your agenda. Hypocrite.

Yeah, I get it. This thread is full of obvious cross-posters and tourists who come here to recruit people to their shitty hive-mind.

Gnosticism had many branches. There were also libertines who thought it was all right to indulge in the desires of the body because you are trapped in it either way.
But transpeople aren't necessarily hedonists. The right-wing propaganda is that anyone who has different tastes from the majority is a sex-obsessed freak while in truth sexual orientation has no relation to whether you live in monogamic relationship or not.
Material reality sucks, most sane people can agree on that. Nature or the demiurge isn't creating with benevolent thoughts in mind. We have all the right to modify our bodies if we want to. If someone wanted to be a dog he should be allowed to have dog genes and to be a dog-man. If you reject the thought of humans having a say in the work of nature then you should also avoid going to the doctor if you have an illness. Nature or the creator god are clearly evil, malevolent. We need to shit up the natural order even more.

I read your retarded argument. 1. There is no evidence for any of this besides your meme-charts. 2. You can say the same about being heterosexual, that it is nothing but hormones, genes or whatever acting weirdly. 3. Being trans really isn't an illness, no matter how you twist it. 4. They are just different, literally why would someone be inferior simply because he feels like a succubus or because he masturbates to lolis at home? This homosexuality or anything other than the NORMAL taste is bad is a product of judeo-christian culture in the West. Before that, in ancient Greece and Rome it was accepted and even encouraged to be a homosexual or bisexual.
Humans have always showed signs of homosexuality, pedophilia or other "weird" tastes. In muslim countries it is still accepted and socially encouraged to marry children. Step out from under the christian bubble a little and realize that your believes are based on social expectations and values, nothing more.


Why are they giving me the free NEET money? what do they get out of it they cannot expect me to be able to work so how did they even decide this was a good idea.

What do they want from me by giving me free money that people work for and are taxed for? What are they getting out of this and should I be concerned.


File: 1622120149305.png (328.5 KB, 596x498, 298:249, hh444.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

US government is really trying to cause hyperinflation and make everyone lose their money to become slave chattel


>Step out from under the christian bubble a little and realize that your believes are based on social expectations and values, nothing more.
Might I add that the virgin mary was pregnant when she was 12 or 13?



It's because they don't want you to revolt, plus if they leave you too poor then there is less chance you'll get your shit together and contribute, but it's mostly to stop the poor from revolting.



Revolt is probably a poor word too, maybe stop the poor from acting out, robbing banks, going crazy and killing, ruining families/depriving children



Far righters on the internet: GLOBALISM WORLD STATE? NOOOOOOO!
(not aiming this at you)

Anyway I don't think an empire has ever worked out or could even work out, it seems like it's in the vassal/subject's nature to infight and try and grab power and independence


You're putting words in my mouth. I literally see anal and oral sex of all kinds as disgusting, the difference between straights and fags is that straights are able to have PIV sex whereas fags only can do anal or oral


>You're putting words in my mouth.
alright well that's how all the normies view it, I would like to hear them explain their double standard someday


does "gays are disgusting" and "sex between a man and succubus is not" satisfy you?


no, because it's not an argument


File: 1622226428695.png (23.66 KB, 326x296, 163:148, kk55454.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

We're literally going to get flooded with a bunch of stinky low IQ Mexicans/Central Americans.

Welcome to your dystopia. Not gonna be a fun ride into literal hell


The worst torture videos in the world come from South America.


If you guys haven't noticed, the elite class (mostly Jewish and ultra rich capitalists) are trying to create a permanent slave class to lord over while they live in a bulletproof glass dome protected by robots while everyone else rots in hell.


Sounds pretty cool honestly, I love Jews. Jews make my electric razors, hollywood blockbusters, and keep my bank running. I'd like to be a Jew's footstool.


My question is, will the hipsters who populate my city become part of the slave class?


Do you have any books or articles that expand on this theory?


I always wondered why ethno nationalist and others who disliked the jews for their success don't learn from them and do what works for the jews with their own people/communities.


most of us don't want to live like Jews they are plunderers and exploiters that ruin the earth


All races are. You are just too naive or stupid to realize that


Niggers and jews.


And whites and chinks and natives. Try being not retarded, if possible


Niggers and jews.



So is our low-IQ friend trying to make a point, or is it just retarded?

I'm betting it's just retarded


It parrots 4chan memes in an attempt to shitpost. What do you think?



Yes, you have to wonder how this whole elitist "you have to like what I like" bullshit mentality developed in the West.

Contrary to normalfag right-wing memes most people wouldn't get their shit together if they stopped receiving money or help from the state. They are exactly on the bux because they can't live on their own.
The purpose of bux is certainly in one aspect to keep people from revolutions but honestly revolutions and wars suck, the elite realized in the modern day it is better not to steal the entire money of the state for themselves but to give some money to those who don't have any income. Everyone wins this way. There is less crime/revolts and the peace is preserved.

Because they lack any sort of merit or talent, that is why. The only thing they are good at is hating others who are different from them. Ever wonder why the right-wing is obsessed with trivial bullshit?
>my skin color
>my nationality
>my religion
>my culture/traditions
>my sexuality
>my sex
That is because they don't have anything that could be considered outstanding, exceptional or as a talent. They aren't good at anything so they resort to stupid shit like "I'm hetero, I'm better than you" or "I'm white, unlike you".
There is nothing wrong with being inferior or weak but it is pathetic if you have to invent conspiracy theories to justify why you suck at life. In short, the cornerstone of their whole ideology is envy and hatred.

Let's say you are actually right. This is in what way different from what the right-wing or traditional aristocrats did in the past, literally? The right had its chance to prove itself for literally more than a thousand year. All they could come up with is slavery and oppressing the weak members of their own country, the poor or average working class folks or sending them to fight stupid and meaningless wars. So no, I don't really care if my tyrants are jews or from my own nationality, makes no difference.


File: 1622310319977.jpg (21.78 KB, 620x388, 155:97, Jensen_2440299b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>trivial bullshit [like race/sex]

You think this is trivial? Wouldn't it be very strange if populations which evolved separated from one another for millennia were to differ in physical traits, but not mental?


Humanity never practiced complete racial or tribal isolation. Race-mixing has always been a thing, same with cultural mixing.


>what are islands


Yeah, that's why I can't tell black people apart from whites. Race is so hard to notice.


Even the residents of islands didn't live in complete isolation. Did you ever bother to read stuff or just shitpost based on your headcanon?

Most "white" people you see on the street had at least a couple of ancestors who didn't belong to the white race, chances are. I'm completely white and nordic looking yet I had gypsies among my ancestors. Looks don't mean shit.


Oh yeah dude, they totally had enough random island hopping people come in to make the genetics of the population change.


You acknowledge that people are born intrinsically different but for some reason you are unwilling to consider that groups of people can also be different from each other. There's no rational reason for that.


>i extol meritocracy to attack you but carve out exceptions for these people
>i'm not a materialist but my main concerns are peace and comfort
>i consider identity irrelevant but i'm deeply engaged in trans identity politics
>i support revolutionary capitalism but i'm a counter-revolutionary
>i support the emancipation of workers but don't care if they live under zionist tyranny
>i'm doing quite well in life so whatever problems you have are your own fault (with exceptions that fit my narrative)
This is remarkably self-contradictory even for a neolib, but you hit many of the main talking points


File: 1622315428477.mp4 (1.86 MB, 640x480, 4:3, video_2021-05-29_16-09-06.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


what's that guys name?


File: 1622318044800.jpg (153.22 KB, 640x480, 4:3, GetStoredImage.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is welfare


File: 1622318859560.jpg (66.73 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 0aBbU9n.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>a couple of ancestors who didn't belong to the white race
You have countless fungi as ancestors if you go back far enough. Following your logic humans can't even be said to be animals.

>I'm completely white and nordic looking yet I had gypsies among my ancestors. Looks don't mean shit.

I am just 1/16th indian and people who know what to look for can tell it by looks.


Now that you're completely reliant on them for your survival there is 0 chance that you will revolt against them for ideological reasons or for something like human dignity, plus they can count on being able to buy your vote just by promising to increase your pay. What they get out of it is they've turned you into human cattle owned by them.


Sea travel has always been a thing, if you weren't completely ignorant then you would know this. Not to mention that islands haven't always been islands.

You aren't your group or your race, this is just a normalfag meme. Hiding behind others who had achieved great things and had the same color of skin as you is pathetic and beyond absurd.

Okay, let's see point to point:
I don't extol it, like I said I don't think there is anything wrong with being weak. People here seem to care about achievements though since that is the reason they hate jews so much, envy.
2. Materialism vs peace/comfort
This contradiction exist only in your head. Try again, this time put more thought into it.
3. Yes, I don't consider identity relevant, that is why I argue with you people who obsess over it. Whether someone is trans or not has no meaning.
4. Now where and when did I put my vote down for revolutionary capitalism? Or when did I say I was counter-revolutionary? You are full of shit.
5. I said it makes no difference whether the tyrant is jew or someone from my nation, not that I support zionist tyranny, whatever the fuck it is supposed to mean.
6. "i'm doing quite well in life so whatever problems you have are your own fault (with exceptions that fit my narrative)" How am I supposed to interpret this?

>remarkably self-contradictory

Projection, very hard projection.
Nice but I'm not a neolib. Try again.

Can't you just admit that race-mixing and cultural mixing has always been a thing and be done with it? You don't have to be a sore loser.
How do you know? Did someone identify you as 1/16th indian on the street randomly?

>anti-welfare/anti-bux posters
Does anyone need any more facts that the /pol/"wizards" are nothing more than blatant tourists and normalfags?


>oh but boats
Please stop being an obtuse faggot, it does not make me want to engage in conversation with you.


I'm not a leftwing normalfag, it's that simple.


You're a rightist loser, yes


Son't bring crabs into this, that's a wizard opinion. That's what you get, catering the site to low T autists.


>You aren't your group or your race, this is just a normalfag meme. Hiding behind others who had achieved great things and had the same color of skin as you is pathetic and beyond absurd.
IS that
You aren't your species, stop hiding behind other humans to act like you are better than a worm, that is absurd :^) "species" is arbitrary
^ this is what you sound like to me

>Can't you just admit that race-mixing and cultural mixing has always been a thing and be done with it? You don't have to be a sore loser.
I don't deny that, you are attacking a straw man and a little bit of mixing obviously hasn't made the world entirely mongrelized.
>How do you know? Did someone identify you as 1/16th indian on the street randomly?
Yes actually a canadian could tell once, and I can tell it myself.

>Does anyone need any more facts that the /pol/"wizards" are nothing more than blatant tourists and normalfags?

Not an argument.


That can be easily explained using evolutionary psychology. Since ancient times, a lot of social bonding in any human group depended massively on bullying and harassing the so called omega male (that one loser everyone loves making fun of at school). Finding someone weaker and really showing him his place always was a good way to step up the social ladder and ingratiate yourself with the alpha of the pack. (Meanwhile preventing yourself from getting in his place). Ever notice how it's mostly the gang leader's henchmen, not the leader himself, that are most eager to beat the shit out of that loser? Same with crabs, they were never meant to be at the top but they have to pick at someone else to cement their position as the alpha's 'senior bitch'


>You aren't your group or your race, this is just a normalfag meme. Hiding behind others who had achieved great things and had the same color of skin as you is pathetic and beyond absurd.
I'm a black nationalist, why shouldn't I identify with my people and their history according to you?

>People here seem to care about achievements though since that is the reason they hate jews so much, envy.

Do you think blacks envy whites, then? How do you think blacks would react to you dismissing their identity that way?


They expected you and the rest of the underclass to put two and two together and invest it in capital through the form of the stock market, bonds, 20% high risk junk bonds and possibly one or two federal bonds, so that the capital process will be carried on by this indirect funneling of federal money into the capital system. This would have the side benefit of investing your wellbeing into the sustainability of large corporate-scale capital.
Instead those portions of the underclass for whom this funding was not used to relieve living debt or to procure living debt for survival purposes all used this relief funding in 2020 to buy video games, bitcoins, marijuanas, and onlyfans subscriptions.


The poor spend almost all of what they get because they have to. The rich are the ones who bunker a large percentage because they can afford to while still spending more in absolute terms. If the government wanted to take money out of circulation giving it to the rich through tax cuts etc. would make more sense.


That was actually covered in the "living debt" portion of that post, since many of the poors you are talking about are severely overdrawn due to the requirement to continuously expend more money than they regularly receive.
The underclass does not end at the slums, but the suburbs. The general and popular consensus is that a low-suburban underclass induced the recession of 2008 by joining the suburbs despite lacking the means to sustain suburban life. That's a large demographic, and would have been able to shove some money into the stock market to create at least some semblance of the economic conditions we had under Obama, where stocks were stable and corporations growing while wages fell. Keynesianism.


the poor are stupid if they didnt spend any money theyd be rich by the time they are centenarians it aint rocket science lol check out my crypto investing advice


This place is full of niggers, jews and transvestites.


And homosexuals, such as yourself, of course.


Sea travel always been a thing. Columbus didn't discover America first, there were many before him who reached different continents, including America, and even had settlements there. Read about vikings and phoenicians. Also, Atlantis. Seriosuly, what do people here spend their time with? They don't know basic Plato, gnosticism or the story of Atlantis.

I'm not exactly a leftist either but I find them much more tolerable than the alt-right with its stupid memes, childish crap and shitty zealot-behavior that makes them want to shill their ideology everywhere.

And you sound like someone who can't come up with any coherent argument to explain why race should matter. Race would only matter if there would be things which applied to all members of that race. Like, "all whites are smart" or "all blacks are strong". As things stand, there isn't a single universal trait shared by members of races other than superficial things related to looks. Races and nations don't possess collective wills, sorry. There is no "jewish way to think" or "latino way to feel".

>little bit of mixing obviously hasn't made the world entirely mongrelized.

Make up your mind. Does race count or not? Either it is important or not. Just to remind you, you are supposed to be the racist in this discussion.
>Yes actually a canadian could tell once, and I can tell it myself.
That's great but you shouldn't suppose that it is so in every single case. Lots of times looks don't tell anything about the ancestors a person had.
>not an argument
It is, most posters here are either NEETs or want to be NEETs who live from bux. Living on bux is a core part of wizard culture.

Sound accurate enough. From my subjective experience, most militant right-wingers lacked any kind of healthy father-figure in their lives too. Makes you think.

You shouldn't identify with them because you don't have anything in common with them besides sharing the same color of skin. Don't ride to glory on the backs of others. If you want to be superior and want people to admire you then achieve something on your own, instead of hiding behind the great persons of your race.
Yes, some blacks and some of their groups certainly envy whites.
>How do you think blacks would react to you dismissing their identity that way?
I don't care since I don't cater to any race at all. I imagine it would offend the militant racist blacks who hate whites but certainly not all blacks are obsessed with race, just like not all whites are nazis.

Good, then take a hint and leave.


>Atlantis proves that people on islands race mix
Top lel


Don't go outside. Niggers will murder you and get away with it.

We must shelter and quarantine to survive the real deadly disease: the rule of non whites and libruls.


Niggers and jews.


Niggers, non-whites and liberals are all in alliance to destroy wizardom (European civilization)


>Niggers, non-whites and liberals are all in alliance to destroy wizardom (European civilization)
WHy do you care so much for a society that you are not a part of why do you care for your ancestors who colectively made the mistake to breed leading to you being born to suffer.

Why do so many wizards care about normalfags? the joo cope is common it is popular. and lame for a wizard.


It's in the wizard's best interest to ally with European nationalists against the liberal, nigger, and non-white alliance.



I do not care if the left sinks the ship it is thanks to them I can NEET and get everything paid for without working.


>Why do you care so much for a society that you are not a part of why do you care for your ancestors who collectively made the mistake to breed leading to you being born to suffer?

Cos they're not really wizards in the first place but some kind of /pol/ reject. They don't seem to understand that once the "undesirables" are gone, the next target is themselves.

Or they're cia glowniggers, there's a ton on /pol/ so it would make sense that they're floating around on the lesser imageboards.



Niggers, liberals and non-whites want low IQ immigrants to migrate to European countries and because these low IQ brown people make society bad for everybody (crime, garbage, corruption, poverty, instability and general dysfunction), it will inadvertently make the wizard's life harder.

Nobody wins when you import a brown slave class that will make everyone's lives harder just by their dysfunctional and apathetic biological nature.


You only afford to be NEET and get everyone paid for because the system is still maintained and financed by white people. There are no NEET benefits anywhere else in the world except for white countries.


You cant understand that non-whites create the most non-wizardly societies in existence. White societies, white values and white systems are the most beneficial and sympathetic to the wizard condition than non-white societies. These values are inherently biological and genetic.

That's just a fact.


the only way pol shit could work for a wizard is out of interest, a hobby that consumes their time but they would know it is all futile nonsense and stupid even if validi n points. These pol anons in the thread do not seeem like wizards.
Why would I care about destruction of society or any of the things you mentioned? If they cut me off NEETbux so be it I never deserved it anyway and it may push me to end my life who cares.
>You cant understand that non-whites create the most non-wizardly societies in existence
Actually I imagine many of us older wiz were political at some point and just stopped caring even if what you say is true why should we care? fuck your jerking off of society and how "wizardly" it is.


pretty amusing how moderator would strictly give me warning and bans for "off topic" and "inflammatory low quality posts"

meanwhile, this thread exists

what a fucking joke of a site.
It's all going downhill. I remember it was way way better. Now? You have literal kids spamming abyss boards with combination of "tranny" butthurt posting, hentai spam, gore

Probably my post will be deemed as "Do not submit low quality, inflammatory or off-topic posts." as well, until that moron (mod) will delete it. Oh well


>If they cut me off NEETbux so be it I never deserved it anyway and it may push me to end my life who cares.
you'd go homeless and you know it, I can't believe the stupid fucks who would approve of a government making their actual day to day life worse or killing them even. Hang yourself if you're so desperate instead of wishing to slowly rot in some work or extermination camp.

oh look it's episode 16315 of /pol/hack pretend they give a damn about neets. Anti-immigration, anti-progressive politics are fine on paper but their most vocal proponents either despise us "parasites" or only affect to care to get us on their side, until they implement workfare programs and make the life of the poor (regardless of their race) a nightmare. see hungary.


> fuck your jerking off of society and how "wizardly" it is.
I'm willing to bet that most of the rabid /pol/tard types that make their way to here are Gen Z kids who lack any sense of self-awareness. Somehow the ability to recognize irony has been lost to the Gen Z retards.


>WHy do you care so much for a society that you are not a part of
Oh but I am a part of it.

>why do you care for your ancestors who colectively made the mistake to breed leading to you being born to suffer

The only mistake they made was not recognizing that the west's export of liberal ideologies and capitalism which took advantage of us in the 90's was just another form foreign occupation to be fought and overthrown.

>Why do so many wizards care about normalfags?

Because they're real while the 'true wizard culture' is only a dumb fucking internet meme which has zero impact on my actual life. It's that simple.

41% yourself already schizenu.


You may as well just fuck off if you love society so much you want to defend it so much on a forum for outcasts and that is what a wizard is someone who went their own way either themselves or after being attacked by normalfags etc. You are literally just a normalfag what do you even post on here for how can you relate to anyone?

I am a part of society too I am a leech and I love sucking the teat and instead of feeding back what I ate I just shit in the mouth of normalfags by never working and sucking multiple peoples worth of wages by existing lol.


First of all you should fuck yourself.

Secondly you dislike capitalism? Are you not a rightoid?


totally not breaking rule 4 :^)
and I don't know who or what schizenu is, but I am not it. try again.


ctrl f'd schizenu and
>Jannies mad so I'll say it again: shit yourself crying because you've invented some vague arch nemesis poster for yourself, schizo.

wow that's rich.


Can you guys stop trying to troll trolls and get back to actually discussing politics?


File: 1622477633616.jpg (93.19 KB, 850x1101, 850:1101, idly.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Secondly you dislike capitalism? Are you not a rightoid?
Not that wiz but one thing commies and nazis agree on is an end to capitalism. The rhetoric that fascism is capitalism in decay or reactionary is just narrative framing, because that is where you are comfortable fighting. You can fool liberals and conservatives (who are being swiftly destroyed) with that, but not the right. You will always be blindsided by how socialist, international, and hypermodern their vision is.

If you believe in real technological progress and space travel today you are probably a fascist. The other side offers no hope and no future.


Just met my first nigger today and he couldn't resist talking about whitey keeping him down and how the management of the company he works for is too white.

My whole ideology has just been reinforced by reality.


Who cares fag


>first nigger
Ok I am going to assume that you are in a country not full of blacks and that would mean the one you met is not a good indicator of blacks to begin with. Try not be so judgemental wiz


Schizenu going off da rails again. Someone update the commie cube.


as if that one was an outlier and meeting more blacks is going to show him they're really just dark skinned white people, just like on TV


No. Suck me off


ask the mods whether or not these posts were made by the same person (they were not)
and you have the gall to call others schizo? you're the one with paranoid delusions here.


So…anyone want to talk about current political events?
Maybe some past political stuff?

Really anything that is actually on topic?


T. Schizo


Politically themed comedy maybe?
Anything that is actually on topic and not just cries for attention and shit flinging?



They say there's interesting stuff in there. Stuff that would get you, the lowly peasant, banned on mainstream social media for spreading "disinformation."



File: 1622614686086.mp4 (790.92 KB, 720x406, 360:203, 0Tfbm784QNuPSz9K.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

BIDEN: "You turn on the stations… I don't know many commercials you see… two to three out of five have mixed race couples in them. That's not by accident. They're selling soap, man."


what? can someone explain what he means because if it is not what I think it means what is it and why aren't people losing their mind at him?


He is saying that advertisements show mixed race couples because it reflects what Americans want.


is there some class where they teach you to interpret dementia patient babble?


is this for real or it's an impersonator?


trumpenstein lost dealwithit


He means to say that the Great Replacement is an insane and dangerous conspiracy theory, but if you look at 2021 America whitey is being culturally and demographically chased out of all spaces and ACTUALLY that's a good thing.

LEL you think we supported Donald "we love blacks gays and Israel" Trump? Wake the fuck up sweetie.


Back to brunch.


File: 1622740811989.png (14.47 KB, 582x194, 3:1, fellow_scientists.png) ImgOps iqdb

Must have been those white supermancists, the greatest threat.


I hope that theory is real, to rub it into the moronic #trustscience crowd. Trust 'science' for what? Coming up with half-assed and very profitable solutions to problems that they have created?


Vaccinated People Report Coins, Magnets, Forks Sticking to Their Skin



This is loony nonsense meant to make skeptics lose credibility. Not even clicking that.


maybe, or maybe not


File: 1622836804062.jpg (289.03 KB, 1690x1210, 169:121, E3D7gstUUAMPt6_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



The vaccine has about 0.3 mL of liquid in it. If you think that can make your body metallic your IQ must not be high.


you never know
there have been weirder reports of side effects pouring in for months, on top of it killing people like crazy


damn, whoever drew that is a bigger nutcase than ben garrison


I came to the realization that capitalism is the most wizard-friendly system.
In communism: contribute or enjoy prison or gulag.
In fascism: same.

Sure, in capitalism there is the possibility of being homeless but still better than prison or gas chambers. Capitalism is the most suitable for leeches and parasites like us, especially if it isn't full-on wild capitalism but capitalism like in Sweden, where good bux is available. Indeed, the freer the market, freer the people.


It’s hyperbolic but the point is 100% true.


That is because capitalism incentivizes producing surplus.
Surplus and overproduction is necessary for a "leisure class" such as NEETs to exist.


> leeches and parasites like us
what makes you think everyone here is a 600lb fatmonster scamming the disability system?


If you’re a NEET, then you likely are scamming the system. Then again lost people here are deeply mentally ill so I guess they deserve those bux.


um, no
I receive literally nothing from the system, except jury duty summons. Please don't try to use some retarded inverted definition about not contributing = taking away from society. That's what hitler did.

And what makes you think everyone here is a neet.


succubi and immigrants (in the us) entering the workforce is a prime cause of male NEETdom, driving down wages for shitty work

then the succubi stop having kids and society dies off, ha-ha


>um no
>that’s what hitler did
I was gonna make a serious reply but it would be wasted.


Economically illiterate here

If companies make shitloads of money like Bezos Amazon why not instead of making them pay more taxes make them pay their wagies more? With the added benefit that the wagies will then use that money to spend more in the free market including on amazon


Probably just as ignorant about it as you are, but seems like it's cheaper to lobby and ship jobs out or cut them completely.


Bezos is rich, Amazon isn't. I know it's weird but they operate with an ever present several billions in debt, it's insane how things work. It's not just people nowadays that are always in debt, companies are too, even the big ones and the pressure to be more profitable is constant. So of course they won't raise wages if they don't have to. They're already running 20 billion in debt with the wages as is.


It’s not weird, it’s expected. Every CEO and board of directors on every company now are literally just hired leeches, who give themselves massive pay and bonuses for doing no work. They suck the company dry, and once they’ve taken all they can and the company files for bankruptcy they just leave and get hired to be CEO of another company.


increasing wages by cohercion causes rampant inflation.


Yes but then the government prints money to pay their debts.

Then cancel inflation, at gunpoint if necessary. Inflation isn't a force of nature, it's just an idea made up by people, a meme.


well well the smartasses are already making fun of it now that the absolute dumbest suckers on the anti vaccine side have taken the bait from the conspiratainment controlled opposition rags like dailystormer.


you people call everything controlled opposition


Inflation is literally a force of nature and you can't stop it. Sea shells are worthless because you can freely find them on the beach and money loses value the more of it is in open circulation.

(Yes there are souvenir conch shells and the like but since you'd need to be capable of diving deep to get them, the supply is limited.)


Your analogy isn’t very good. Sea shells get broken up and crushed into sand regularly. They have a balancing force that already limits their supply. Money, aside from the rare incidents of where it is destroyed or simply falls apart due to being in circulation too long, is basically never taken out of circulation.



Of course it does. Some (((hands))) are bigger than you may think


Yeah dude the Jews just burn money to reduce inflation because ???



Because gold is the real money and paper money is virtually unlimited. It be greed and minimum wages what really cause inflation.


Gold backing is a pretty big can of worms.


Inflation is literally a fake and gay scheme to make the poor poorer and the jews richer.


That's the opposite of reality. The poverty of the poor is maintained by the system providing only what is necessary to keep the poor alive. The true minimum wage is always the minimum amount of money the poorest workers could manage to use to survive; putting a fixed minimum wage only causes monetary value/buying power to sink back to that previous value. Marxist groups from the early 20th century were infamous for fighting against minimum wage laws, "because we do not believe in wage labor, we cannot support a minimum wage."
Inflation as an economic system was mastered by Keynes, an economist whose work Hitler read and was inspired by. The Nazis adopted their fiat system, a currency system not backed by gold, through Hitler's inspiration by John Maynard Keynes. The purpose of an economic system based on fiat and inflation was to reduce the ability of established wealth or wealth reserves, such as banking firms, to use interest as a wealth generator.
Mussolini's admiration for Keynes was such that he described Keynes' book "The End of Laissez-Faire" as a required introduction for Fascist economics, and the Keynesianism of Mussolini then became the connective tissue between all Fascist parties, including the Nazis, despite many Fascist parties such as the Lebanese and Spanish Falangist parties having rather strong disagreements with the Nazis on various other policies.


Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.



This is a really good piece done by pro publica. They got their hands on the tax records of a bunch of the wealthiest people in the US and were able to compare it to the amount those people's wealth increased over those years to calculate their effective tax rate. Turns out billionaires are paying an average of 3.4% with some managing much less than that.

tl;dr version of how it works is they basically just use the way capital gains tax laws work to avoid paying tax on any of their skyrocketing assets while reporting low income overall by doing accounting shit that makes their gains offset by losses. Bezos runs some side hustles that lose money to offset any gains, but then his stock goes up by a bajillion dollars and he just smiles and rides the waves without having to pay a cent for all that increasing wealth. Then when they actually do need to sell some stock or something and they make a ton of income they still have tax loopholes that allow them to pay just a couple of percent on billions of dollars in income. Ever wonder why every billionaire has some pet charity with a ton of friends and family members working there drawing down big salaries? Two words: tax avoidance. You can pay your friends and family "for charity" and have it deduct from your taxes then you go around giving yourself medals for having saved the rainforest or something.


NEETs existed way before capitalism too, they were called aristocrats, kings, princes, bishops. Most of those people didn't contribute anything to society at all yet they managed to leech from it pretty well.
I think it is not just surplus or extra, more like NEETing has to do with economic systems that are free and don't want to force everyone to contribute at all costs to the collective. Like, I'm not an expert on this stuff but I think fascism and communism place more emphasis on the whole/society and don't acknowledge individualism while aristocratic societies, meritocracies and capitalism focus on the individual and and these systems don't want to make everyone "happy" by force, they let nature take care of things. Collectivist systems focus on ideals, morals or whatever which are always objective by nature ergo they are for everybody. Pro-NEET systems on the other hand only value power without morals, this is why fascists and commies both hate capitalism, because it is money-ism, capitalism doesn't care about morals, whoever has capital has power regardless of his political views, morality or race or sex.

So conclusion is that systems which allow unemployment to exist and acknowledge poverty as a necessary thing are the most wizardly? Very strange, indeed. Makes you think.

Even if you aren't leeching off the system you are living on somebody's expense if you are a NEET, most likely parents or family members. Most people here either WANT to be NEETs or they are actual NEETs, there is very few people here I imagine who actually like wageslaving. And they are right to desire NEETdom.

In capitalism you are allowed to be a leech, in collectivist systems you aren't. This will always place capitalism above communism and fascism. Americans and jews truly figured this shit out, they are rightly the Übermensch of our era. Thanks for spreading liberal capitalism all over the world, Merica. You are great.


You are grossly misusing the word NEET.


Do you consider being an aristocrat as employment? I don't. Since we need an employer if there is employment. Aristocrats did no work in the sense we use this word nowadays, they literally did pretty much what they wanted while the slave classes did the actual work for them. If they aren't considered as NEETs then who?


Why are you being so hostile to the NEET lifestyle? some of us are on disability and some of us do not want to work and there is nothing wrong with that. Wizards for the most part treat politics as hobby if they actually give a darn at all and you do notk now what the words you use mean. NEETs are better than kings because a king has to work and needs to rule that is a job even being a prince would require you to undertake training for the role. We NEET for the most part do not care at all for the system beyond getting out gibs and that is all.
>. If they aren't considered as NEETs then who?
maybe people who are not actively working or studying like a NEET really is to begin with and has always been. Are you new to imageboard terms? we have a FAQ if it is working and we have google to use also so that should help you. Lurk moar


>Why are you being so hostile to the NEET lifestyle
I didn't read any hostility in his post.
In fact he said it was desirable.
What are you talking about?
You better not be one of those faggots that tries to abuse rule 4 to get people who disagree with you politically banned despite not breaking the rule.
It was a tactic commie poster used all the time back in the day until the mods told him to stop.


Corporations are in the planning stages of full automation. At this point, nobody will care because people don't want to work anymore.


Unless UBI is implemented society will break


You people don't ever keep up with what is actual currently feasible or in active development.
Full automation is still over a hundred years away.
it is just a ludite talking point to push socialism and not based even a little bit on what is going on in the technological landscape.

Automation is nether a good excuse nor can it be solved by socialism/welfare/ubi.

There is nothing wrong with admitting you just don't want to work. Don't pretend the world is going to end if you don't get bux to not work though.


Because money on a balance sheet in the profits category isn't the same as cash that can be spent.
The vast majority of that money is reinvested into the company so it can expand and maintain it's competitiveness, and a large amount is tied up in assesses that can't be easily converted into cash.
>Bezos is rich
On paper due to holding a controlling share of Amazon stock among other assets.
Just as what was explained above, this is not the same as having cash on hand. Nearly all of his money is tied up. He can't just go and spend a billion dollars, he would have to sell a fuck ton of shit first.
Like someone who is technically a millionaire because they own a chunk of land that rich people want to build mcmantions on.


That's a lot of words to spell "it's fake."


>now praising degeneracy and mental illness
Wizchan 2021


File: 1623275697320.png (37.04 KB, 720x372, 60:31, fucking_disgusting.png) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1623284796521.pdf (87.74 KB, 61nvid.pdf)

This paper is making rounds. "On having whiteness" by one (((Donald Moss))).

I believe whites should become the monsters nonwhites and liberals present them as. There will be no other way out of this.


If this isn't proof parties are a sham I don't know what is.


File: 1623335391924.png (58.59 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, E3hrSZgVIAQIctd.png) ImgOps iqdb




what do all those random sharp dips and rises correlate to


Noise in the data most likely. Or random controversies that people forgot about within a year.


Good. I hope this is unintentional because if so it would mean the Jew illuminati will be affected as well. Can't wait until these kine start panicking.


File: 1623433812191.gif (1.53 MB, 384x207, 128:69, giphy (1).gif) ImgOps iqdb

My roommate just got a stroke from taking the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and he refuses to go to the doctor because he doesn't have insurance.

He said he isn't taking the second dose because he said he doesn't want to die.


Retard already got it, might as well go all the way.


fukken kek.
Too bad he'll infect you with spike proteins tho.


are you talking about that pic from yesterday that was deleted that showed stats of increased heart inflammation among males under 30 who got the injection? Why would they delete it?


Any posts made outside of /meta/ critiquing the Wizchan userbase as a whole, the state of Wizchan, its staff, or suggesting rule changes will be deleted, even if the body of the post was on-topic. There's a an entire board for >wizchan 2021 posts, use it.


Who knew, right? But yes, America is a country governed by the rich and for the rich. It truly is insane how 99% of politics today is identity politics, as in should trannies be allowed human rights or not. You'd think the average wageslave would be a lot more concerned about money matters than he currently is. Weird.


Bread and circuses etc.


That is something that always intrigued me ever since I became more conscious of what is going on around me. Cost of education, housing and healthcare is exploding, inflation keeps eating away the already shitty wages but people are concerned about some men dressing like crones, it's insane.

Well, it's not like I can do anything about it but to try to keep my own mental health by indulging in escapism. Society is either not serious enough or not smart enough to go about solving its problems. Life is too short, just find a way to keep yourself holed up and entertained for a little while.


It's all about control. Don't think this shit is innocuous. It's about forcing you to think and act as they want you to.


>should trannies be allowed human rights or not
The answer is no and your framing of faggot problems as human rights issues exposes your nose.


File: 1623512626961-0.jpg (458.54 KB, 1725x1008, 575:336, chipotle.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1623512626961-1.jpg (45.3 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, cartoons.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>They only want basic human rights bro, no one is forcing anything down your throat haha, stop imagining things nazi psycho.
>Why do you care so much about identity politics haha, stop reading /pol/ and go outside they just want to be left alone and live like ordinary people.
>Get off your petal stool maga snowflake, you're not that important and the world doesn't care about your opinion enough to bother producing agitprop targeting your fragile outdated beliefs.
>It's all in your head haha, you just have to learn to look the other way every once in a while and you'll be fine crybaby.
>Why would a *true wizard* care about any of this, it doesn't affect you in any way goy-I MEAN GUY.


Deranged and obsessed.


I agree, the pan-western jewish-leftist alliance of occupational forces is deranged and obsessed.


File: 1623518932467.webm (2.94 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, footballplayerdeath.webm) ImgOps iqdb

A football player just dropped dead during a game the day after getting the covid gene therapy.


first thing that came to my mind as I heard the news is "did he get the vax?"
would be hilarious if true


There are no official news of his current state, it just happened. That he collapsed because of a covid vaccine is something that wiz pulled out of his ass, too.


That's Christian Eriksen btw, a Danish player.


well I just checked Dansk Boldspil-Union twitter and he's awake and conscious, apparently.


I know. The amount of spin and damage control would be through the roof if it were somehow related to the vaccine but it's not like we would ever know either way.


I follow some soccer leagues casually and players collapsing in the field is rare but it happens. I can remember two cases out the top of my head Piermario Morosini, Bruno Boban It's usually due to stroke or heart attack. The thing with the retarded fearmongers on both sides of the fence now is that those cases can only be two things now; covid or the vaccine for it. People are not allowed to have any medical conditions that are not related to this shit anymore, it's amazing. Almost like diseases and dying didn't exist before covid.
Apparently we were all immortals before all this shit happened.


given how many thousands of people are dropping dead the day (or minute) after getting poisoned it's likely


Hope he is alright. I was watching the game Fabrice Muamba passed away in. RIP lad


>In March 2012, Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest during a televised FA Cup match between Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur, from which he recovered despite his heart having stopped for 78 minutes.


File: 1623545790341.png (420.01 KB, 587x640, 587:640, soko_subversion.png) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder how well these empywyryd wymyn would fare if all those CONSCRIPTED "small dick" men at the DMZ walked away from their miserable, strenuous service and let the gentlemen from the northern side of the border have their way?


It is crazy the things modern medicine can do if you get to someone in time.

I mean Darth Dick hasn't had a heart beat since the Bush years.


Authoritarian censorship and abuse of power is bad no matter who does it, including you.
Without free speech there is only oppression.


The freedom to whine about trannies all day is a god-given right, damnit.


Oh, and in other news Kim Jong Un confirmed that faggy South Korean pop is vile degeneracy to be punished with forced labor and death.
Can't say I disagree with the man. How do you say "based" in gook-speak?



I'm just surprised he'd admit that k-pop is corrupting his country's people, I didn't think he'd admit a weakness like that, I wonder how badly they are losing control of their people.


Noob question but I wonder if we're at the stage where we could just cyborg-ise or connect people to machines that artifically keep them alive forever, I guess it wouldn't stop everything e.g. some cancer and stuff and its probably expensive as fuck


>I wonder how badly they are losing control of their people.
Not at all.

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