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Heres a question: Do you think that bullying should be banned or allowed in moderation as it is a natural manifestation of the collective and inevitable so should be kept to an acceptable level among school children.

Do you think maybe that kids who do not get to bully are deprived from important learning in terms of social dynamics or esteem boosts so it could be better to let the class/school have a punching bag as the total benefit of the group would outweigh the misery of the child?


I think we should ban fags and trannies instead


You can't solve bullying. The person being bullied is the one who needs to solve it, third party arbitration just signals to the bully that you are weak and need to be bullied harder.


I think even if the bullied child stood up a new victim would be picked it seems like a natural thing and I do not like reductionist darwinist explanations but it could help thin the herd.
>I think we should ban fags and trannies instead
Trips of truth


I think schools in general are outdated in the digital age, especially post-covid.


Public or state schooling is a tool of the elite to enforce values of slavery and conformity among the proles, it's there to create a new generation of obedient wageslaves. The upper class don't educate their children this way.

The real answer is that the working class should stop sending their kids to state schools.


bullying is a psychopath cope and a way for normalfags to excuse their shitty behavior
bullies can only drag others down to their level which is already low, if you're talking school yard most bullies are from low iq alcoholic parents that abuse them
the only lesson here is that "bullies" deserve everything they get back for being shitty people in general


>most bullies are from low iq alcoholic parents that abuse them

That's just false. All my bullies were smart, popular, nerd kids


they were probably just middle class trying to act rich, bullying is a learned psychopathic behavior which usually happens more often in poor/low iq households
the rich/smart nerds have video games and toys to keep em busy


WHy are you so sure of yourself when bullying is universal are you trying to say that amongst rich kids there are no bullies or something unless it was learnt from a poor person? why do you hate poor wizards so much.


This is just false because I was poor as fuck and was one of the poorest kids in school. I was so poor that my school gave me free food, I had no running hot water, sometimes lived with no electricity and I had to work to afford my gaming PC when I was in high school.


I lived and went to schools in both poor and middle class areas. Both types bully but the poor kids are more physical and violent about it. Middle class kids like to form hierarchies and exclude people, gossip, use gaslighting and psychological warfare.


re-read what i wrote and stop being so reactionary, i said bullies are low iq and come from poor households
so was i but these arent reasons people bully or get bullied for >>269039
well this isn't what i meant, I meant bullying is usually low class/low iq behavior no matter your economic class


File: 1622156703556.jpg (11.6 KB, 249x332, 3:4, 4e8219d09ad552a88666e111a9….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> i said bullies are low iq and come from poor households
Bullies come from every household though what is it you are saying? why do you claim bullies are low IQ when this does not need to be the case at all. It sounds like you just got this from the simsons based on picrel


even the nerdy kids bullies me
i scared them so fucking bad, they cant understand that mentally ill freaks hurt the most.


> This stereotype was later disputed by research that suggested bullies are socially competent and have superior theory of mind skills (i.e., awareness of others’ mental functions and states) and good levels of social intelligence, knowing how to attain goals without damaging their reputation. Linked to this, there is also debate concerning whether bullies lack empathic skills. Some research suggests that bullies understand the emotions of others but do not share them. The inconsistencies across studies may be, at least partly, due to different definitions of bully status and different methodologies employed. Studies which have distinguished between “pure” bullies and bully/victims have revealed that “pure” bullies have few conduct problems, perform well at school, are popular among their classmates, and do not suffer from physical and psychosomatic health problems.

>Aggressors who are socially-savvy, popular, and smart
>Compared to other children, pure bullies were more likely to agree with such statements as “I do most things right.” They were least likely to agree with statements like “I worry about what others think.” They were also the least likely to agree with statements that indicated loneliness or social anxiety (e.g., “I have nobody to talk to” and “I worry about what others will think of me”).
>The kids with highly positive self-images were more likely to be named as aggressive by their peers. The results remained significant after controlling for gender and ethnicity, and even moderately positive self-perceptions were linked with higher levels of aggression.

>In addition, results revealed some interesting sex differences: succubi in the pure bully and bully/victim groups reported significant increases in self-esteem over time, with succubi in the pure bully group reporting the greatest increase, whereas boys in these groups reported no significant changes in self-esteem over time.
>Workplace bullying is reported to be far more prevalent than perhaps commonly thought.[10] Workplace bullying seems to be particularly widespread in healthcare organizations; 80% of nurses report experiencing workplace bullying.[10]
> Workplace bullies may have high social intelligence and low emotional intelligence.[11] In this context, bullies tend to rank high on the social ladder and are adept at influencing others. The combination of high social intelligence and low empathy is conducive to manipulative behavior, such that Hutchinson (2013) describes workplace bullying to be.[11] In working groups where employees have low EI, workers can be persuaded to engage in unethical behavior.[11] With the bullies' persuasion, the work group is socialized in a way that rationalizes the behavior, and makes the group tolerant or supportive of the bullying.[11]
It's absurd to claim that bullies have low "emotional intelligence" when describing their emotional intelligence as giving them a much higher than usual aptitude to understand and influence the emotions of others, utilizing the significantly lower emotional intelligence of the non-proactive bullies around them, "In working groups where employees have low EI, workers can be persuaded to engage in unethical behavior.[11]". The absence of remorse is not an absence of knowledge nor of wisdom nor a failure of perception. Characterizing it as such is just ressentiment.

Bullying is a self-esteem-building activity conducted by socially dominant individuals which further increases their status in the eyes of their peers, their respect from their superiors, and enhances their adult career trajectory, especially for succubi as seen with the apparent gravitational draw of nursing to female bullies and its fostering of female-on-female bullying environments which has made nursing the #1 most bully-populated workplace environment in the first world.



File: 1622165450885.png (388.72 KB, 1024x1491, 1024:1491, _vector__rarity_eqg__2_by_….png) ImgOps iqdb

I was bullied heavily and I turned out like this, do you really want more people like me? THINK before you open your gaping maw.


who else was bullied as a kid and expressed homicidal urges and was treated as some sort of villian while the law protected them.


All my bullies were rich, smart, talented, and were friends with all the teachers.

My teachers even started to bully me, cast me out and made my life hell.

I'm the ultimate outsider because I never even had friends. The outcast of the outcasts. Being a bully is ingrained within human society because humanity and life is a cruel joke. It's a dog eat dog world, only the most cruel, shallow, empty, lying, backstabbing and apathetic succeed.


Herd you mean, animal?


ironically there's this line in the simpsons that's pretty accurate
>People say bullies are cowards. Well, they're wrong. Bullies are brave because they're strong.

yet the myth of the bully as a loser lives on. i blame american sitcoms


I remember I was bullied by one of my teachers for being on my phone and I was singled out and mocked because I never spoke with anyone and was always on my phone.

Everyone else was on their phone too, but I was the only one singled out because I didn't talk with anyone.




I was bullied fron 3rd grade to 10th grade. Bullies often have family issues and pray on outcasts weaker than them. When I wasn't the lowest in the class (11th-12th grade) the others bullied another kid. Bullying, in my opinion, is a group dynamic. They need to find a scapegoat so the groupmembers won't turn on eachother. The problem (from my observations) lies within the modern school system. The victim cannot escape from the school environment (schools were like prisons to me). Or if they skip school they get disadvantaged in the job market later on.
The other problem is with the teachers. They lack of compassion. When the bullied takes a stand against his bullies the teachers jump to punish him but don't care when the bullies make his every day literal hell.


>When the bullied takes a stand against his bullies the teachers jump to punish him but don't care when the bullies make his every day literal hell.
True. And yet this is the only solution (not saying it's guaranteed to work). If you don't stand up for yourself it's not going to go away. Dumb platitudes such as "just ignore and play along with them" or "talk to an adult" are politically correct hogwash and they know it. Your comparison to prison is right in more ways than one I believe. These cheesy advices will make it worse in both settings, sometimes there is no other option but to fight back.


Teachers fear reciprocal violence and it tends to impact their job performance/ratings far more negatively than unidirectional violence.
It's therefore ALWAYS the correct resolution to escalate to immediate, vicious, reciprocation. The more injury the initial victim can inflict on his tormentor the better and the sooner the situation comes to a close.


>It's therefore ALWAYS the correct resolution to escalate to immediate, vicious, reciprocation.

That's really dumb advice for much more dangerous schools.


My mom always gave me this bs advice "Don't pay attention to them" - It doesn't work. The only thing that semi-worked for me is making fun of myself before anyyone else could do it. But this approach is also flawed because I took on a self degrading role which hurt my self esteem really badly. I think the strong willed lone wolf types get out from bullying relatively unharmed.


I have PTSD from severe bullying over my mental illnesses. I don't want another child to ever have to endure what I went through. I don't even care if it's ultimately better for the collective or whatever, it's just not something I'll ever condone.


File: 1623400042021.png (3.82 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 01_28__10.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Bully-defenders either didn't get bullied enough and/or have some sort of delusions to explain why the abuse happened to them. Claiming to get strong because of it, by bullying others in return or adapting their behaviour the way bullies want them to behave, are becoming cogwheels in the system that the same abusers have to live by.


As normalfaggish a it sounds, it is called adaptation. It does not mean you have to become a bully yourself and torment the weak, but it is a good experience if you learn to stand up for yourself. I wish I had lived by this kind of advice when I was a lad.


Bullying should be "allowed in moderation" if the bullied are allowed to bring guns and make their fellow students pay, in moderation of course. Let's say they get to bring only 4 spare mags.


children's brains aren't fully developed, and half of the population is actually retarded, unable to fully think about or understand the consequences of their actions


I don't give a shit.


You really didn’t get the point of that post.


you know what, I don't care about the "they are still just young" excuse.
I was never vicious like that when I was a kid and teenager, so I'm going to employ normgroid logic and live by the just-world fallacy in this case.
>if I could do it, so can they
and if those kids and teens can't refrain from acting vicious like that, they deserve to be blasted.


Remember that a lot of normies browse this website. They try to excuse the behavior of their subhuman spawn.

It is justifiable to shoot and kill a bully or stab them, end of story.


Most people are just psychopaths they learn how to hide it better during high school/college.


No bully please.

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