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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


today I thought I remembered something but it was probably a lucid dream of walking down a certain street, even though I haven't been there since march 26th, it felt like late april, the difference is in march the snow was still knee deep but in the memory it's dry and about early spring, I remember almost all of it vividly but I know for an absolute fact I haven't been down there since march, my long term memory is pretty damn good, it's very distressing, I guess my tipoff is that the memory cuts off at a certain point soon in

if I'm remembering a lucid dream, then it must have been exceptionally lucid, to intrude on my real-world mind like this


Looks like a picture from modern day Esgaroth.


Day is hot, day is humid.
Life is hard, life is stressful.


You try, I guess.


I'm getting pretty fucking tired of having to install a shit ton of third party software and having to make a shit ton of accounts just to play 10 year old games. I've got like half a dozen game launchers at this point and even more accounts. To play a new game I have to click to give permission to install something like 12 times and only one of those is for the game itself. I just want it to stop.


You're lucky. I spend 30 minutes going through a game list just to finally realize I can't give a shit anymore. I really want to want to play Amnesia Dark Descent but I literally don't have the energy to care enough to actually play it, it's awful.


A lot of those things are redundant and you can usually opt to skip them. There’s no reason to install directx every time you play a new game.


at least there's always icecream


File: 1623165530898.png (349.67 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

why do pictures of chemicals from chinese manufacturers always have the stuff stored in buttplug looking things


Many volatile chemicals are stored in sealed off glass tubes. Not sure why they chose such a specific shape though.


couldn't afford regular tubes, borrowed moulds from the buttplug factory next door and made their own



I want to mess around with a geiger counter (basically repeat the experiment in embed related), but I don't want to buy one because I know I'm only going to play with it for a weekend. Is there some way I can just rent one for a weekend?


You can probably buy one with Amazon prime and then return it for any reason. Maybe one that's been previously used and returned already as a courtesy.


The highlight of my day was finding a Hershey's milk chocolate bar in the crevice between my wall and my bed; it was probably years old now, and in a semisolid state, but I froze it and then I ate it. This proves that you don't need money or possessions to make you happy; you just need chocolate in the right places.


File: 1623217891272.png (2.1 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20210608-224354.png) ImgOps iqdb

Went swimming today. I swim about once a week. I should do it more, like everyday. Its a couple hours round trip walking to the river.


i swim everyday


That's funny I dreamt I was buying chocolate last night. I asked a female employee what were the most bitter sugar-free products they had, and finally settled on a small candy cane shaped piece of black chocolate.


Oh man, I'd love to swim in a lake or a river where there'd be little islands. Swimming in the pool is like running on a treadmill, super boring.


Standing desk + wiz gaming until early morning = you don't pay attention to discomfort and fatigue and get used to standing for many hours


some buttplug drove past me today with a custom license plate that said SKYRIM

what possesses these people


>that kid who was named dovahkiin for a shitty viral marketing scheme


I forgot to ask how much the repair shop wanted and gave them permission to fix one of my brakes which was leaking and goddamnit they are trying to charge me over $3,000 now. Literally fuck mechanics. There is no way they came to that number honestly. I just had the front brakes completely replaced with new lines and everything and it was half what they want just to fix one of them now. Fuck these guys.


youtube and google and try to fix it yourself

ive fixed tons of appliances and stuff over the years this way. i dont even want to imagine how much what repair guys would have charged total. probably 10x what ive spent, the only real cost is replacement parts of you do it yourself


I was down to just 2 pairs of pants, but my last pair of blue jeans ripped in the butt a few months ago so now I only have one pair of black sweatpants. Most of my shirts are black too so now whenever I go somewhere I look like I'm in mourning.


Ripped pants should be mourned for


Do normalfags have a taboo against wearing all black? Asking for myself.


It's seen as strange


Not too strange, I hope. Well, if you're a wizard it probably doesn't make much difference.


Not strange at all


No one seems to care when I wear all black, so I doubt it unless you do it in a silly attentionwhorish way.


ooooOOooooo black clothes, I bet he worships the devil, better tell homoland security too just to be safe, he probabbly a terrarist


No one seems to care when I do it either but it still feels kind of weird because it's something that only people who are trying to identify with some sort of goth or punk sub group do. It feels like it will draw attention.


I just scored a ton of new leather belts and tropical shirts some dumbass left outside of a salvation army that closed down last month, this is truly a lifetime supply of belts


File: 1623409814435.png (23.37 KB, 540x379, 540:379, pikachu beach.png) ImgOps iqdb

So I'm unemployed again. I think I'll start working on that rpgmaker game again.


i know weve had this discussion once but id be too anxious of bed bugs and other vermin to pick up clothes and furniture off the street.


Dunno about the belts but the clothing you can just boil them if you're worried about bed bugs.


sounds reasonable but what if you got some on you while you were carrying it back home? do you undress on your doorstep and put all your clothes in a bag and boil them too, just to be sure?


Bed bugs can’t teleport, unless you’re rubbing the clothes all over yourself they won’t get on you.



I would do that but I fear getting eaten by alligators or being run over by a boat. I heard of someone who died by getting run over. Horrible stuff. I have a lake nearby but there are freaking gators in it. They took over the lake. I hate being at the will of carnivores.


congrats on the freedom.


You could just buy it and then resell it on ebay but you will probably take a hit.


>So I'm unemployed again
Well done. Show up your former employer by working harder on your own project than you ever did for any of theirs.


just be self-employed bro


I think I have bed bugs. I didn't find any in the bed but sometimes I see individuals on the white walls. Fucking normies go to each others bedrooms for sex but I am the one to gets bed bugs. Maybe I got them from a hospital.


we haven't had this discussion
everything I found smells like laundry soap
people who donate clothes to the "thrift" stores, which turn around and charge more for them than new clothes in walmart, always wash the stuff beforehand, the laundry detergent smell is so strong it's like they dumped a whole bucket worth in the machine


Hearing a phone conversation of my sibling praising the intelligence of her kid. I've heard this before. All parents think their kids are geniuses. There are no dumb kids anywhere to be found on this earth according to parents. Amazing.
Game really changes when they reach their 20s and parents can't ignore their offspring are dumb fuckups like themselves anymore.
You want to see two adults in a most awful, awkward conversation, put two parents together trying to convince the each other how much of a genius their respective kids are. It's the most weird, 'polite-aggressive' talk you'll ever hear.
Fucking humans man, we're so fucking pathetic.


Calling kids smart is the most retarded thing. No your crotch spawn isn’t like Mozart because he can clap to the beat of a song.


How much of that is self-persuasion and hoping to influence the child so they will live up to their parents' expectations?


All of it.


In my experience breeders tend to not mention their kids intelligence if they are actually dumb, but will oversell their kid's intelligence if they are slightly above average or higher.
Sort of how they will act like they are the next greatest sports star if they are mediocre or above in sports.

Part of it is pride, part of it is wishful thinking, and part of it is just being shit at judging their expected abilities based on developmental level.
Any one of the 3 causes a over estimate of the kid's specialness.

It doesn't bother me. I sort of understand the impulse, and even was that special kid in my mom's eyes.
She thought I was a genius destined for great things because I test well. Turns out I am just autistic. So "special" instead of special, and probably will never do anything worthy of historical remembrance.
Dad is just mildly disappointed I have no interest in making a family of my own. He couldn't care less if I make history books.


When I was a kid I'd have nightmares about getting Shanghai'd by some pirate boss for labour

As an adult I'm having dreams where I'm a pirate boss kidnapping children and putting them to work

I wonder, if those kids I kidnap are real, and when I sleep I am the pirate boss of their nightmares, and somewhere out there is a very old man who used to drag child me to sea when he was my age now.


Man I was almost scammed by Amazon. They offer this prime wardrobe thing which is billed as a way to try on clothes at home and then return anything you don't want to keep, but then I decided to read the fine print and it says that all returned items must be returned in original packaging in unworn unwashed state. So you aren't actually allowed to try on the clothes and then return them. It's literally a total fucking scam that is no different from a normal checkout.


Anything that sells itself as a subscription is a guaranteed scam.


lol that reminds me when my parents made me lie about my grades I got in elementary school to impress their friend
>so how are you doing in schooL?
>parents nervous laugh, eyeballing me
>uhh A's and B's of course
>wooow you're such a smarty
in reality I usually scored C's on everything and occasional D in topics I really hated like science and history, I wish I could go back and just straight-face tell the truth to spite my parents


was eating my apple sauce without a spoon, and i had smashed the plastic cup so it was vagina/oval shaped, trying to get it to squish to the surface so i could lick it easier. the cup snapped on one side and violently exploded apple sauce all over me, my desk, my keyboard, my monitor. as i was scooping it up and cleaning up, i realized this is probably what getting bukkake feels like


You ever consider just tilting the damn thing?


that's not really the point


Was your point to make yourself sound like perverted clown?


My neighbor finally complained about me blasting porn at 2am


Use them.
Stop being a gross perverted clown.


But I am a gross perverted clown.


File: 1623850820230.mp4 (886.35 KB, 900x720, 5:4, 0dwCjvmC8N6kWlz6.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Looks like Windows 11 is right around the corner and will make Windows 10 obsolete and unsupported. Truly ground breaking guys, they changed the UI and made things shittier and harder to use. Woah. It's literally Windows 10 repackaged.

This is the definition of planned obsolescence.


that's just showing off the ui to take advantage of the spotlight win 11 has been put into, i think

in a few months there will be more meat to look at


Shut up idiot.

It's a reskin of Windows 10 and it's clearly made to make money.


most people will pirate it anyway, the price is only relevant to big businesses



>most people will pirate it anyway, the price is only relevant to big businesses

No shit. I literally just said "It's a reskin of Windows 10 and it's clearly made to make money."


what's the point of mentioning it then, who cares if some shit corporations have to buy a million new copies of windows lol, fuck them


crawl not into your abode but get you out and embrace the stinking decay you're thrown amidst.


>who cares if some shit corporations have to buy a million new copies of windows lol, fuck them

I care because they're going to stop supporting Windows 10 in 2025, forcing you to upgrade to Windows 11.


I'm using windows 7 with no problems to this day.


Some programs don't support Windows 7 anymore.


What programs? It never happened to me but then again I just use photoshop, firefox and steam pretty much.


nothing wrong with upgrading, if you actually use the os instead of complaining you will find every single version of windows that people have a problem with is easily customized to look basically exactly like it always has, but at least you're not a win7 luddite


File: 1623885976557.png (591.72 KB, 600x621, 200:207, hh32d.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I want these fucking retards put in a concentration camp  


I haven't really had any problems with win 10.
It doesn't take much time or effort to get it exactly how I want it and it runs great on modern hardware.
I have no complaints.


just dungeon anyone who still prefixes things with 'i' or calls them a "reboot," it's 2021 you miserable shits


File: 1623892315292.jpeg (333.56 KB, 750x961, 750:961, trumpheadpats.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>sexual situations
That just means Miranda Cosgrove is gonna be a cuckoldress and bang 40 niggers on camera while Freddie (Nathan Kress) watches and jerks it. 1 more fucking day til this starts…I spent my middle school years watching the original. The jew that waifu'd Blossom introduced a ruined and pozzed PPG "reboot" and an awful movie that introduced a black teenager 4th character that didn't mesh well with the original 3 at all. Not to mention the twerking scandal. And little succubi watch this shit? Now the normies are going to get what they dreamed of for 14 years: actual hardcore porn of Carly - at the expense of my childhood.


No offense but how could to ever stomach icarly in the first place?


I saw some scenes of the new iCarly on youtube and noticed it has a black succubus in the cast so I knew it'd be soulless trash. icarly opening is still one of the best;
I know you see
somehow the world will change for me and be so wonderful
lieve life, breathe air
I know somehow we're gonna tget there
I will make you cahgne your mindddddthesee things happen al l the timeee
and it's alll realll
I'mm telling you just how i feel
So wake up the members of my nation
it's your time to be
there's no chance unless you take one
and the time to see the brither side of every situation
some things areant to be so give me our best and leave the rest to me
leave it allllll to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee





>I'm so disappointed in this show. The casual racism and profiling is disgusting. The scene with the polish kid who calls into Carly's Internet show has a terrible fake accent, that the succubi then mimcik, badly. And then turn off saying something about lets stick to ppl who speak our language.

All I needed to know about that show. That was a review on some site.

Probably written by mental 13 year olds.


Sometimes I wonder what will happen when they finally run out of ways to "improve" windows. Like will microsoft just fire all their employees? Eventually this will happen not just to windows but to most all technology. There's only so good you can make a product. Most innovations these days are based around cost-savings to compete on price, they don't even make shit better, but what happens when even then they are all out of ideas on how to make it cheaper? What will people do all day?


Apple figured this out a few years ago. You don’t need to make improvements, you don’t need to make a better product, you just need to make it different than the last iteration. Remove a feature, then add it back later. Change the way something looks or works just because you can. People will keep buying as long as it’s different.


Apple's UI and operating system is way more responsive than anything Android.

I've used both and vastly prefer iOS. What I hate is how they can't be self repaired or you can't even change the battery yourself.

Build quality on an iPad is also miles ahead of any Android tablet.


That’s not the point I’m making here.


Feel like windows has been doing this for awhile. Win11 might be the most blatant yet though



You dont even need to do that, they just stop giving security patches for the old software


I am just disgusted with the state of modern tech. The golden age ended 5-10 years ago. Now we're in the gilded age of tech. Almost every new tech item that gets released is a) a mobile device that spies on you and is horrible to use or b) an insecure black box with an always-on mic "IoT device" that does more harm than good. And this doesn't even cover the modern web. Desktops now, desktops tomorrow, desktops forever.


Why not just use linux then?


it is pretty insane that dinosaurs existed for about 150 million years and never developed the levels of intelligence humans have today, and humans have only been around 200 thousand years. It took a giant cataclysmic event to create the right environment for intelligence to reign, I wonder how many planets there are in the galaxy that are inhabited by vicious brainless animals that will never evolve past that state, maybe highly intelligent species are an extremely rare occurrence and the true equilibrium will always just be the vicious animals


Speaking of cataclysm and human intelligence, coincidently, today I heard that some people believe the mass extinction during the cretaceous was caused by God tossing a fallen angel down to earth.

I actually quite liked that idea. If they ever do a movie about angels using genetically enhanced dinosaurs in some weird heavenly war I would definitely watch it. We need to commit more crazy shit to movies, script writers are playing too safe lately.


The Earth is still at the vicious brainless animals stage


>humans have only been around 200 thousand years
there were many archeological finds up until the 20th century of anatomically modern human remains being found when digging mines going down to stratum levels from millions of years ago, fossilized alongside dinosaur bones even, that nobody wants to talk about, they were highly publicized at the time


See, this is the problem with modern science. People constantly dig up evidence of creatures dying in times & places that don't fit into their narrative at all. So instead of questioning the status quo (which is what got us as far as we did) they mark it as an anomaly and push it under the carpet. Done. Never talked about again. They can't and won't explain the human remains from well over 2 million years ago, or the fossils of an ancient whale found underneath a freaking desert. In under 100 years, we've gone from "question everything" to "TRUST the ScIEncE!!1!".


Your ignorance is painful.


those news stories about mines were real, how is mentioning them ignorance?


what game


We'd love to read them if you'd be kind enough to link some articles.


i can sense a bad smelle from that thumbnail


File: 1624146033543.png (163.81 KB, 1240x1240, 1:1, 6a14143c1eda73866cfd9fc891….png) ImgOps iqdb

I ordered an ancestry DNA kit. It will show that I am one quarter Cree aboriginal. This will be all I need to get nativebux, which is a free lump sum, some land maybe, I become tax exempt, and I can shoot arrows at animals without permission. i will neet harder than i ever neeted before and it will be rad, i will finaly buy a nvidia quadro and render softcore blender erotica for passive income. there is nothing in the plan that could go wrong, it is genius, smart even. oh an i will play so many video games.


I dunno, looking at the state of most reservations and Native American populations it hasn’t seemed to work out too well for them. Except maybe casinos, but I don’t think most of those are even native owned.


File: 1624149454202.png (71.62 KB, 463x526, 463:526, hmm.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Except maybe casinos, but I don’t think most of those are even native owned.
I wonder who owns the casinos.


Is this rhetorical or genuine curiosity?


>It will show that I am one quarter Cree aboriginal.
Will you develop the crippling alcohol addiction afterwards, or do you alreayd have one?


He just has a quarter of one.


I'm a quarter Irish too so they cancel each other out

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