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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


today I thought I remembered something but it was probably a lucid dream of walking down a certain street, even though I haven't been there since march 26th, it felt like late april, the difference is in march the snow was still knee deep but in the memory it's dry and about early spring, I remember almost all of it vividly but I know for an absolute fact I haven't been down there since march, my long term memory is pretty damn good, it's very distressing, I guess my tipoff is that the memory cuts off at a certain point soon in

if I'm remembering a lucid dream, then it must have been exceptionally lucid, to intrude on my real-world mind like this


Looks like a picture from modern day Esgaroth.


Day is hot, day is humid.
Life is hard, life is stressful.


You try, I guess.


I'm getting pretty fucking tired of having to install a shit ton of third party software and having to make a shit ton of accounts just to play 10 year old games. I've got like half a dozen game launchers at this point and even more accounts. To play a new game I have to click to give permission to install something like 12 times and only one of those is for the game itself. I just want it to stop.


You're lucky. I spend 30 minutes going through a game list just to finally realize I can't give a shit anymore. I really want to want to play Amnesia Dark Descent but I literally don't have the energy to care enough to actually play it, it's awful.


A lot of those things are redundant and you can usually opt to skip them. There’s no reason to install directx every time you play a new game.


at least there's always icecream


File: 1623165530898.png (349.67 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

why do pictures of chemicals from chinese manufacturers always have the stuff stored in buttplug looking things


Many volatile chemicals are stored in sealed off glass tubes. Not sure why they chose such a specific shape though.


couldn't afford regular tubes, borrowed moulds from the buttplug factory next door and made their own



I want to mess around with a geiger counter (basically repeat the experiment in embed related), but I don't want to buy one because I know I'm only going to play with it for a weekend. Is there some way I can just rent one for a weekend?


You can probably buy one with Amazon prime and then return it for any reason. Maybe one that's been previously used and returned already as a courtesy.


The highlight of my day was finding a Hershey's milk chocolate bar in the crevice between my wall and my bed; it was probably years old now, and in a semisolid state, but I froze it and then I ate it. This proves that you don't need money or possessions to make you happy; you just need chocolate in the right places.


File: 1623217891272.png (2.1 MB, 1560x720, 13:6, Screenshot_20210608-224354.png) ImgOps iqdb

Went swimming today. I swim about once a week. I should do it more, like everyday. Its a couple hours round trip walking to the river.


i swim everyday


That's funny I dreamt I was buying chocolate last night. I asked a female employee what were the most bitter sugar-free products they had, and finally settled on a small candy cane shaped piece of black chocolate.


Oh man, I'd love to swim in a lake or a river where there'd be little islands. Swimming in the pool is like running on a treadmill, super boring.


Standing desk + wiz gaming until early morning = you don't pay attention to discomfort and fatigue and get used to standing for many hours


some buttplug drove past me today with a custom license plate that said SKYRIM

what possesses these people


>that kid who was named dovahkiin for a shitty viral marketing scheme


I forgot to ask how much the repair shop wanted and gave them permission to fix one of my brakes which was leaking and goddamnit they are trying to charge me over $3,000 now. Literally fuck mechanics. There is no way they came to that number honestly. I just had the front brakes completely replaced with new lines and everything and it was half what they want just to fix one of them now. Fuck these guys.


youtube and google and try to fix it yourself

ive fixed tons of appliances and stuff over the years this way. i dont even want to imagine how much what repair guys would have charged total. probably 10x what ive spent, the only real cost is replacement parts of you do it yourself


I was down to just 2 pairs of pants, but my last pair of blue jeans ripped in the butt a few months ago so now I only have one pair of black sweatpants. Most of my shirts are black too so now whenever I go somewhere I look like I'm in mourning.


Ripped pants should be mourned for


Do normalfags have a taboo against wearing all black? Asking for myself.


It's seen as strange


Not too strange, I hope. Well, if you're a wizard it probably doesn't make much difference.


Not strange at all


No one seems to care when I wear all black, so I doubt it unless you do it in a silly attentionwhorish way.


ooooOOooooo black clothes, I bet he worships the devil, better tell homoland security too just to be safe, he probabbly a terrarist


No one seems to care when I do it either but it still feels kind of weird because it's something that only people who are trying to identify with some sort of goth or punk sub group do. It feels like it will draw attention.


I just scored a ton of new leather belts and tropical shirts some dumbass left outside of a salvation army that closed down last month, this is truly a lifetime supply of belts


File: 1623409814435.png (23.37 KB, 540x379, 540:379, pikachu beach.png) ImgOps iqdb

So I'm unemployed again. I think I'll start working on that rpgmaker game again.


i know weve had this discussion once but id be too anxious of bed bugs and other vermin to pick up clothes and furniture off the street.


Dunno about the belts but the clothing you can just boil them if you're worried about bed bugs.


sounds reasonable but what if you got some on you while you were carrying it back home? do you undress on your doorstep and put all your clothes in a bag and boil them too, just to be sure?


Bed bugs can’t teleport, unless you’re rubbing the clothes all over yourself they won’t get on you.



I would do that but I fear getting eaten by alligators or being run over by a boat. I heard of someone who died by getting run over. Horrible stuff. I have a lake nearby but there are freaking gators in it. They took over the lake. I hate being at the will of carnivores.


congrats on the freedom.


You could just buy it and then resell it on ebay but you will probably take a hit.


>So I'm unemployed again
Well done. Show up your former employer by working harder on your own project than you ever did for any of theirs.


just be self-employed bro


I think I have bed bugs. I didn't find any in the bed but sometimes I see individuals on the white walls. Fucking normies go to each others bedrooms for sex but I am the one to gets bed bugs. Maybe I got them from a hospital.


we haven't had this discussion
everything I found smells like laundry soap
people who donate clothes to the "thrift" stores, which turn around and charge more for them than new clothes in walmart, always wash the stuff beforehand, the laundry detergent smell is so strong it's like they dumped a whole bucket worth in the machine


Hearing a phone conversation of my sibling praising the intelligence of her kid. I've heard this before. All parents think their kids are geniuses. There are no dumb kids anywhere to be found on this earth according to parents. Amazing.
Game really changes when they reach their 20s and parents can't ignore their offspring are dumb fuckups like themselves anymore.
You want to see two adults in a most awful, awkward conversation, put two parents together trying to convince the each other how much of a genius their respective kids are. It's the most weird, 'polite-aggressive' talk you'll ever hear.
Fucking humans man, we're so fucking pathetic.


Calling kids smart is the most retarded thing. No your crotch spawn isn’t like Mozart because he can clap to the beat of a song.


How much of that is self-persuasion and hoping to influence the child so they will live up to their parents' expectations?


All of it.


In my experience breeders tend to not mention their kids intelligence if they are actually dumb, but will oversell their kid's intelligence if they are slightly above average or higher.
Sort of how they will act like they are the next greatest sports star if they are mediocre or above in sports.

Part of it is pride, part of it is wishful thinking, and part of it is just being shit at judging their expected abilities based on developmental level.
Any one of the 3 causes a over estimate of the kid's specialness.

It doesn't bother me. I sort of understand the impulse, and even was that special kid in my mom's eyes.
She thought I was a genius destined for great things because I test well. Turns out I am just autistic. So "special" instead of special, and probably will never do anything worthy of historical remembrance.
Dad is just mildly disappointed I have no interest in making a family of my own. He couldn't care less if I make history books.


When I was a kid I'd have nightmares about getting Shanghai'd by some pirate boss for labour

As an adult I'm having dreams where I'm a pirate boss kidnapping children and putting them to work

I wonder, if those kids I kidnap are real, and when I sleep I am the pirate boss of their nightmares, and somewhere out there is a very old man who used to drag child me to sea when he was my age now.


Man I was almost scammed by Amazon. They offer this prime wardrobe thing which is billed as a way to try on clothes at home and then return anything you don't want to keep, but then I decided to read the fine print and it says that all returned items must be returned in original packaging in unworn unwashed state. So you aren't actually allowed to try on the clothes and then return them. It's literally a total fucking scam that is no different from a normal checkout.


Anything that sells itself as a subscription is a guaranteed scam.


lol that reminds me when my parents made me lie about my grades I got in elementary school to impress their friend
>so how are you doing in schooL?
>parents nervous laugh, eyeballing me
>uhh A's and B's of course
>wooow you're such a smarty
in reality I usually scored C's on everything and occasional D in topics I really hated like science and history, I wish I could go back and just straight-face tell the truth to spite my parents


was eating my apple sauce without a spoon, and i had smashed the plastic cup so it was vagina/oval shaped, trying to get it to squish to the surface so i could lick it easier. the cup snapped on one side and violently exploded apple sauce all over me, my desk, my keyboard, my monitor. as i was scooping it up and cleaning up, i realized this is probably what getting bukkake feels like


You ever consider just tilting the damn thing?


that's not really the point


Was your point to make yourself sound like perverted clown?


My neighbor finally complained about me blasting porn at 2am


Use them.
Stop being a gross perverted clown.


But I am a gross perverted clown.


File: 1623850820230.mp4 (886.35 KB, 900x720, 5:4, 0dwCjvmC8N6kWlz6.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Looks like Windows 11 is right around the corner and will make Windows 10 obsolete and unsupported. Truly ground breaking guys, they changed the UI and made things shittier and harder to use. Woah. It's literally Windows 10 repackaged.

This is the definition of planned obsolescence.


that's just showing off the ui to take advantage of the spotlight win 11 has been put into, i think

in a few months there will be more meat to look at


Shut up idiot.

It's a reskin of Windows 10 and it's clearly made to make money.


most people will pirate it anyway, the price is only relevant to big businesses



>most people will pirate it anyway, the price is only relevant to big businesses

No shit. I literally just said "It's a reskin of Windows 10 and it's clearly made to make money."


what's the point of mentioning it then, who cares if some shit corporations have to buy a million new copies of windows lol, fuck them


crawl not into your abode but get you out and embrace the stinking decay you're thrown amidst.


>who cares if some shit corporations have to buy a million new copies of windows lol, fuck them

I care because they're going to stop supporting Windows 10 in 2025, forcing you to upgrade to Windows 11.


I'm using windows 7 with no problems to this day.


Some programs don't support Windows 7 anymore.


What programs? It never happened to me but then again I just use photoshop, firefox and steam pretty much.


nothing wrong with upgrading, if you actually use the os instead of complaining you will find every single version of windows that people have a problem with is easily customized to look basically exactly like it always has, but at least you're not a win7 luddite


File: 1623885976557.png (591.72 KB, 600x621, 200:207, hh32d.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I want these fucking retards put in a concentration camp  


I haven't really had any problems with win 10.
It doesn't take much time or effort to get it exactly how I want it and it runs great on modern hardware.
I have no complaints.


just dungeon anyone who still prefixes things with 'i' or calls them a "reboot," it's 2021 you miserable shits


File: 1623892315292.jpeg (333.56 KB, 750x961, 750:961, trumpheadpats.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>sexual situations
That just means Miranda Cosgrove is gonna be a cuckoldress and bang 40 niggers on camera while Freddie (Nathan Kress) watches and jerks it. 1 more fucking day til this starts…I spent my middle school years watching the original. The jew that waifu'd Blossom introduced a ruined and pozzed PPG "reboot" and an awful movie that introduced a black teenager 4th character that didn't mesh well with the original 3 at all. Not to mention the twerking scandal. And little succubi watch this shit? Now the normies are going to get what they dreamed of for 14 years: actual hardcore porn of Carly - at the expense of my childhood.


No offense but how could to ever stomach icarly in the first place?


I saw some scenes of the new iCarly on youtube and noticed it has a black succubus in the cast so I knew it'd be soulless trash. icarly opening is still one of the best;
I know you see
somehow the world will change for me and be so wonderful
lieve life, breathe air
I know somehow we're gonna tget there
I will make you cahgne your mindddddthesee things happen al l the timeee
and it's alll realll
I'mm telling you just how i feel
So wake up the members of my nation
it's your time to be
there's no chance unless you take one
and the time to see the brither side of every situation
some things areant to be so give me our best and leave the rest to me
leave it allllll to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee





>I'm so disappointed in this show. The casual racism and profiling is disgusting. The scene with the polish kid who calls into Carly's Internet show has a terrible fake accent, that the succubi then mimcik, badly. And then turn off saying something about lets stick to ppl who speak our language.

All I needed to know about that show. That was a review on some site.

Probably written by mental 13 year olds.


Sometimes I wonder what will happen when they finally run out of ways to "improve" windows. Like will microsoft just fire all their employees? Eventually this will happen not just to windows but to most all technology. There's only so good you can make a product. Most innovations these days are based around cost-savings to compete on price, they don't even make shit better, but what happens when even then they are all out of ideas on how to make it cheaper? What will people do all day?


Apple figured this out a few years ago. You don’t need to make improvements, you don’t need to make a better product, you just need to make it different than the last iteration. Remove a feature, then add it back later. Change the way something looks or works just because you can. People will keep buying as long as it’s different.


Apple's UI and operating system is way more responsive than anything Android.

I've used both and vastly prefer iOS. What I hate is how they can't be self repaired or you can't even change the battery yourself.

Build quality on an iPad is also miles ahead of any Android tablet.


That’s not the point I’m making here.


Feel like windows has been doing this for awhile. Win11 might be the most blatant yet though



You dont even need to do that, they just stop giving security patches for the old software


I am just disgusted with the state of modern tech. The golden age ended 5-10 years ago. Now we're in the gilded age of tech. Almost every new tech item that gets released is a) a mobile device that spies on you and is horrible to use or b) an insecure black box with an always-on mic "IoT device" that does more harm than good. And this doesn't even cover the modern web. Desktops now, desktops tomorrow, desktops forever.


Why not just use linux then?


it is pretty insane that dinosaurs existed for about 150 million years and never developed the levels of intelligence humans have today, and humans have only been around 200 thousand years. It took a giant cataclysmic event to create the right environment for intelligence to reign, I wonder how many planets there are in the galaxy that are inhabited by vicious brainless animals that will never evolve past that state, maybe highly intelligent species are an extremely rare occurrence and the true equilibrium will always just be the vicious animals


Speaking of cataclysm and human intelligence, coincidently, today I heard that some people believe the mass extinction during the cretaceous was caused by God tossing a fallen angel down to earth.

I actually quite liked that idea. If they ever do a movie about angels using genetically enhanced dinosaurs in some weird heavenly war I would definitely watch it. We need to commit more crazy shit to movies, script writers are playing too safe lately.


The Earth is still at the vicious brainless animals stage


>humans have only been around 200 thousand years
there were many archeological finds up until the 20th century of anatomically modern human remains being found when digging mines going down to stratum levels from millions of years ago, fossilized alongside dinosaur bones even, that nobody wants to talk about, they were highly publicized at the time


See, this is the problem with modern science. People constantly dig up evidence of creatures dying in times & places that don't fit into their narrative at all. So instead of questioning the status quo (which is what got us as far as we did) they mark it as an anomaly and push it under the carpet. Done. Never talked about again. They can't and won't explain the human remains from well over 2 million years ago, or the fossils of an ancient whale found underneath a freaking desert. In under 100 years, we've gone from "question everything" to "TRUST the ScIEncE!!1!".


Your ignorance is painful.


those news stories about mines were real, how is mentioning them ignorance?


what game


We'd love to read them if you'd be kind enough to link some articles.


i can sense a bad smelle from that thumbnail


File: 1624146033543.png (163.81 KB, 1240x1240, 1:1, 6a14143c1eda73866cfd9fc891….png) ImgOps iqdb

I ordered an ancestry DNA kit. It will show that I am one quarter Cree aboriginal. This will be all I need to get nativebux, which is a free lump sum, some land maybe, I become tax exempt, and I can shoot arrows at animals without permission. i will neet harder than i ever neeted before and it will be rad, i will finaly buy a nvidia quadro and render softcore blender erotica for passive income. there is nothing in the plan that could go wrong, it is genius, smart even. oh an i will play so many video games.


I dunno, looking at the state of most reservations and Native American populations it hasn’t seemed to work out too well for them. Except maybe casinos, but I don’t think most of those are even native owned.


File: 1624149454202.png (71.62 KB, 463x526, 463:526, hmm.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Except maybe casinos, but I don’t think most of those are even native owned.
I wonder who owns the casinos.


Is this rhetorical or genuine curiosity?


>It will show that I am one quarter Cree aboriginal.
Will you develop the crippling alcohol addiction afterwards, or do you alreayd have one?


He just has a quarter of one.


I'm a quarter Irish too so they cancel each other out


i'm probably one of the few weirdos that still uses windows 8. spent the last couple of years taking notes on win10 and even linux for my future pc build, then win11 comes out of nowhere. i thought they were gonna keep updating win10?


why would you take notes for years on a product that is essentially the same as the last one? Windows 11 will be basically the same as windows 10. They haven't been all that different since 95.


I'm slowly losing my ability to read and write coherently. What would you call this area of cognition? For most of my life I've been able to pronounce words I haven't seen before quickly and accurately, and write with little or no typos/errors. It's all slipping away for some reason.


My sentences are still mostly, lexically, syntactically and semantically valid, but there's no longer any structure to my posts. Sentences read as a series of unconnected thesis statements with nothing to support them.


Well, that might be a good thing, or a mark of sagacity. A post which reads as a series of aphorisms is much more memorable than a conventional, drawn-out monologue.


This is a good thing. I would much rather read stuff wrote in your style than a "structured" style


File: 1624360647215-0.jpg (1.66 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 20210622_135725.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1624360647215-1.jpg (1.66 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 20210622_135733.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Often seen cruising at the butcher's. And some shops are there. Thankfully he ain't hungry.


Toilet's broken. The handle broke and also the tank appears to be slowly draining into the sewer. The tank was in a state of trying to refill itself perpetually so I turned the water off at the wall. There's probably some component that needs to be replaced so there's probably nothing I can do myself since I no longer have a car.


Sounds like the little chain in the back came detached from the float arm. Easy fix, just rech in and reattach


I had to open the top of a toilet once and found a beer cooling inside


this nigga flushin too hard dead ass


I got beer brewing. A half gallon of cherry with wheat malt and hops. I expect it to be a sour beer. I'll probably age it at least a month; I currently have several months old kefir that I am enjoying, so I am used to waiting like that. Then again I've had fresh milk and younger kefir in that time. Maybe I'll make a second batch and have the first batch after a week or two and the second batch after a month.

I sprouted the grains myself and dried them in the sun. Being dried int he sun they didn't brown so it will be a light beer. Used cherries from my backyard. I have enough malt to make several more gallons. Might make mead as I have plenty of honey but don't particularly like honey so I rarely use it.

I didn't really follow any instructions. I read like 4 guides to making beer a while ago and gleamed rudimentary knowledge and am working from there, but the wort seems good. It mostly tastes malty. I used a big tea cage I use for kombucha to seep the wort, hops. I've used hops in my tea before to start to understand it before making beer. I also couldn't find my abscorbic acid/vitamin c I use for dechlorination (it also removes chloramine) so I added a bit of kombucha for the vitamin c before I boiled it so that the kombucha culture would die.


to seep the malt*


page down/up is so fucking useful thing but it's a pain in the dick reaching to the right side of keyboard. if i had a mouse with programmable buttons id probably put it on those


I lost my mouse dongle and didn't replace it for months, got used to using my keyboard. Not just tab but pg up/pg down, home/end, carat browsing, keynav software. I still sometimes use these sometimes. I could do pretty much anything but play games. There are a few random things I couldn't do like some stuff that requires dragging mouse, which I would figure out a way to do if I really needed it.


You can get a cheap Xinput/DirectInput controller such as a fightstick and use something like JoyToKey to bind the buttons to any key combos, then keep it to the left. Such things are useful in workstation software packages that need repetetive user input


I don't believe you


if you work mostly from the terminal and use a text editor like vim or emacs, there's almost no need for a mouse


what's not to believe?

99% of the time when i need to use page up/down, i'm scouring for content (porn) and this involves selecting images, links, or other things, repeatedly middle clicking to open new tabs. so my right hand is fully occupied with mouse duty. and my left hand is on jerk off duty. i dont have a third hand to page up/down. having to constantly scroll with the mousewheel destroys my index finger, but the alternative of just pressing page up/down would destroy my elbow constantly switching between mouse and keyboard for my right hand

i need that neural interface chip or or something, my body isn't fast enough to gather all the porn i need


I just don't understand what people get out of porn, or why they would obsessively spend hours on it like you do.

Well, not judging, just a strange world. I checked out porn as a teenager, and I haven't looked back after around ~20 or so. It's all crude, meaningless, fake drab.


File: 1624482799489.jpg (288.54 KB, 1549x1115, 1549:1115, portal to hell.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This pattern has been on the ground for several thousand years. It's near an archaeological site in Kazakhstan. The nearby villages are called Adam and Lucifer.




not the person you're replying to, but i have a huge number of bookmarks, i had this one bookmarked as i'm into all things weird or paranormal


as a neet i'm reliant on porn stimuli to stave off my depression and boredom, it's like the same reason people play videogames but i guess much more potent to me



Interesting. I wonder if copper cookwear manufacturers are allowed to cite such studies and advertise their wares as more sanitary, or if there's not enough "proof" for that to be legally viable.


those copper pots and pans I've seen only have a copper base layer to the steel base, cooking in all-copper ones would be toxic, you aren't supposed to ingest copper oxides


seeing others have sex makes me more depressed


reminds you of what you'll never have, huh


Do you think copper pipes are dangerous based on that reasoning?
If not then why not?

Could you think of maybe another reason why they don't generally make pots and pans out of solid copper?
Maybe something to do with durability and the softness of the material compared to alternatives?

I mean if the outer coat that is exposed to the food is copper then how is that any less toxic then a pot that is copper all the way through?

Just asking questions.


In another 30 years there are going to have been so many masterpieces of media released that someone could just play video games and watch tv all day long and never have to watch anything that's not actually amazing. We're almost at that point already. I wonder sometimes about the kids growing up then, will more of them become social drop outs to consume media?


File: 1624572318369.jpg (78.08 KB, 459x807, 153:269, 785tuyg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's been 2 weeks now and I'm happy to say I actually have been working on the game. Wrote the script and mapped all the areas and items. Currently going through drawing all the stuff on aseprite.


Had a nap, now I will walk to the supermarket for some cheese and maybe cookies. Rainy days a head so I'd like to have snacks for days.
Looking fresh wiz. the mountains are particularly striking


it's the difference of high heat + exposure to oxygen that causes oxides also probably acidic things that otherwise get the copper into your food in dangerous amounts, all that happens in pipes is cool and non-acidic treated water passing through


destroyed my knees laying flooring
my chair doesnt have a foot rest and it hurts to bend knees
about to just screw a bunch of wood onto the front to give me a foot platform


File: 1624579393371.png (21.9 KB, 300x476, 75:119, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

That's not mine, sorry. It's just some pixel art I had on my folder. This is what I'm currently working on. 'Alien' rock wall.


you can also get a programmable keyboard that can have them in a more reachable spot, can get somewhat expensive though


File: 1624624411787.jpg (182.49 KB, 1813x1020, 1813:1020, How-To-Clean-A-Copper-Pan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cleaning exists.


> all that happens in pipes is cool and non-acidic treated water passing through
Do you not have hot water lines where you live?
Or boilers and hot water heaters?


whatever, it's not acidified or sitting on a red hot stove is the point


File: 1624642748066.jpg (546.82 KB, 2048x1031, 2048:1031, aGlgfIf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is there something you really want to do before you die? Maybe something artistic like leaving behind a piece of fiction, a painting or something.


File: 1624643447001-0.png (509.13 KB, 720x405, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1624643447001-1.png (437.55 KB, 700x466, 350:233, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

What makes you think that ether of these cause dangerous food leaching of copper related compounds?
Why would it be a problem when it is solid copper but not when the pot is copper coated?
Why are solid copper pots still on the market if they are dangerous, even costing a premium compared to more modern materials.


1.because facts are facts when it comes to how to make copper oxide, google it
2.if "copper coated" means steel inside/copper outside I think the safety difference is obvious
3.who knows, but if they aren't tin lined then it's your funeral


>even costing a premium compared to more modern materials.
Copper is just really expensive compared to steel or aluminum. It'd be funny to think something isn't dangerous just because it costs more.


It's stupid. Mashing for production of alcoholic drinks is frequently done in copper tanks and it needs to be acidic for efficient starch conversion, most commonly between pH 5 and 5.5. Just clean your pots it's that not hard. Vinegar removes tarnish. Putting copper in boiling water with a splash of vinegar will clean it by itself, no brushing needed.


is it really worth the risk of copper oxides in your stomach just to play make believe like you're gordon ramsay, use a regular pot like a big boy




You still haven't explained why you think it's dangerous.


>.if "copper coated" means steel inside/copper outside I think the safety difference is obvious
It isn't.
Please explain.


I already did, it's called copper oxide, I've made lots of things with copper, I know from experience how fast the oxide flakes form on the surface of burning hot copper regardless of how polished or otherwise "clean" it is, I would never make food in raw copper, it's totally insane


"By cleaning copper tubing with acetic acid or CLR once before the first use and rinsing with water immediately after each use, the copper will remain clean with no oxide or wort deposits that can harbor bacteria. Cleaning copper with vinegar should only occasionally be necessary. With time, the copper will achieve a dull finish that does not change, even after emerging from the wort. This is good; it means that the surface oxides are passive and not dissolving into the wort. There is no need to clean copper, brass, and aluminum brewing equipment until it is shiny."
-John J. Palmer
Metallurgist, brewer, ISS engineer.

"Trust me, bro"
-rando on fucking wizchan


Half life 3 came out in 2015 and we've been playing it since


Copper water delivery pipes are brazed together, the heat of which causes oxide deposits inside and out. Despite this, they are safe to drink from without any cleaning. It's estimated humans consume multiple milligrams of these oxides daily from these pipes alone with no ill effects and much room to spare before toxic levels are achieved. The effects of over-ingestion of copper oxide is not dissimilar to ingesting toxic amounts of iron, which is a known effect and regarded benefit of using cast iron cookware. If eating food cooked on copper cookware was a health hazard, such cookware wouldn't be sold. Simple as.

But go ahead and keep creating a personal strawman that's easy for you to argue against by assuming everyone wants to play pro chef who gets some sense of undue superiority from using a more efficient brand of pot when saving time cooking their maruchan. What an unfortunate mindset to have, to automatically assume anyone who proves you wrong is some sort of deranged self-proclaimed specialist, when really everyone so far who's brought in to question your claims has actually managed to back up their arguments while you continue to call them names and make pretend that they're not genuine. Is being wrong on the internet so inconvenient to you?


File: 1624722358179.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 4nzsCyVr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this football commentator from my shithole country is mocked for the way he looks and normalfags in social media make memes using his photos. This week he sent a message in one of his Instagram stories, asking people to stop sending him memes of his face because he didn't find them funny in the least. I checked his instagram and succubi are making fun of him too. Some users asked the succubi why are they mocking him and they say that it's okay because they know him and he is a friend.
He is good at his job but is treated like the laughingstock for his looks. RIP.


Ugly people shouldn't become newscasters.


Yet people say lookism isn't real. Bluepilled as fuck.

I hate physical discrimination yet I can see from an instant glance why he would be shunned or mocked. His ears are too big compared to the rest of his face and his jaw is too small.


Reading comprehension -250
It clearly says football commentator, so that's a voice job.


he does look pretty goofy though. he has a really small frame, big ears, and a big nose.
>admitting you use instagram
wizchan 2021


File: 1624728455590.jpg (55.87 KB, 700x803, 700:803, agn0K7r_700b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>admitting you use instargram, wizchan 2021
Google a public figure name and it will show their social media links. Click in one of them and you will see their posts. You don't need an account for that.


I have no idea how instagram works but as far as I know you cannot look at anything but thumbnails unless you sign up, so
>admitting you use instagram
wizchan 2021


i created an instagram some months ago purely to look at pics when they are being hidden behind that site. i don't even know the password or anything but it's saved by my browser with a temp email. i ended up doing the same for reddit as well to not look at blurred thumbnails for porn. that dumb site immediately logs me out after i refresh or click a link though so in the end it wasn't even useful. i think i've used the instagram more than a dozen times however

the only other site that is probably a pain in the ass would be pinterest. my google image search results are always infected with pinterest results, and i can never seem to view the full size image. i'm tired of having to append "-pinterest" to every image search. i'll probably make another autogenerated junk account for that site to try it out but im in no rush


It's astounding how much of the web is locked behind junk aggregator sites like Pinterest, and chained to services like Cloudflare; it's even more astounding that normalfags welcome all this with open arms.


they're actually soldered with a torch and solder, not brazed, and only at the joints, sure it oxidizes the insides around those areas but logically that's all going to get flushed out early in their use, probably in the first couple minutes, I don't know what you googled to make you think the oxidation in pipes is a permanent thing, it's not like rust that would keep regenerating, my dad's a plumber and always brings home used copper pipes and honestly…there's no oxidation on the insides, "simple as"
>If eating food cooked on copper cookware was a health hazard, such cookware wouldn't be sold.
how many millions of consumer products are potential health hazards? regulatory bodies generally don't stop something from being sold based on what it could do, it's your choice to breathe gasoline, have one too many pills or eat copper oxide


File: 1624734085551.jpg (23.04 KB, 343x360, 343:360, 4aece8c2eb27dc0218795a8e4b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, I did the same thing but many years ago. I think I have an account for every major social media outlet just because of how much content is locked behind those places. Lots of artists upload their stuff in there and I'm always looking for nice things to look at. It's a good thing I did those accounts a long time ago too because now some of those places even ask for a phone number for you to make an account. I think you can't even create a gmail account without a phone now. Good thing I did like 4 of those when a login and password was enough. I never use it but who knows.


>video a on site x begins playing instantly
>video b on same site x is dog shit slow

what's the reason? different video sources or maybe the server handling video b is just busy?


File: 1624740990959.jpg (97.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1581584080506.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>oxidation isn't like rust
wizchan chemistry, i'm done


I found an interesting old documentary short I wanted to send to a collector of such things on twitter, had no other way of contacting them than through an account. Tried making one, turned out it requires you to disclose your phone number. Noped the fuck out. It's a shame, I only wanted to do something nice for someone.
Android phone forced me to make a google account after years of trying to resist the moloch. The piece of shit was unusable without google's kike spy probe shoved up my ass. It's absurd. I made a trash gmail I'll never use for anything else but it probably compromises me anyway. I feel dirty.


I guess you think copper oxidizez the same way iron does, it doesn't


File: 1624745129552.jpg (29.2 KB, 680x453, 680:453, EkUoYw9XcAAbCy9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

*snicker* sure thing my bastard


>If eating food cooked on copper cookware was a health hazard, such cookware wouldn't be sold. Simple as.
it's only a 'hazard' under specific circumstances. why would they make it outright illegal? you can cook plenty of stuff on copper fine, but there is an fda regulation restricting unlined cooper cooking surfaces when the foods are acidic below a certain ph
>4-101.14 Copper, Use Limitation. (A) Except as specified in ¶ (B) of this section, copper and copper alloys such as brass may not be used in contact with a FOOD that has a pH below 6 such as vinegar, fruit JUICE, or wine or for a fitting or tubing installed between a backflow prevention device and a carbonator. P (B) Copper and copper alloys may be used in contact with beer brewing ingredients that have a pH below 6 in the prefermentation and fermentation steps of a beer brewing operation such as a brewpub or microbrewery.
apparently it's ok for brewing since the yeast requires copper anyway, and the resulting levels don't reach anything toxic for humans


>yeast requires copper
They don't 'require' it and use absolutely tiny amounts when it's available. Copper won't kill you even if you drink 8 beers a day.


rust is oxide, but not all oxides are rust, you obviously don't know that


>Copper won't kill you even if you drink 8 beers a day
yeah literally said 'the resulting levels don't reach anything toxic for humans'

not the same for acidic foods on copper cookware. do you agree



looks like you have to have a genetic predisposition to inadequate copper excretion or overactive copper absorption to worry about ingested copper?


File: 1624781666612.jpg (883.97 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, schizo time.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>pluck a nosehair, looks normal
>pull another, looks like a piece of fiber optic cable
do I have morgellons now?


You have nose-sperm. See a priest ASAP.


File: 1624800119894.gif (1.82 MB, 500x280, 25:14, neet deluxe.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>morning zazen
>mackerel rillettes with chives and lemon on baguette
>perfect french press coffee
>calligraphy session with readings from wu wen kuan
>classic anime lined up for this evening
I'm in heaven


How did you learn to cook those things? On your own or from parents/siblings?


No katana practice?


what a retarded title


it's so humid these days
would not mind if the temp was lower, would make the rain and thunderstorms enjoyable

fucking summer


File: 1624894913077.png (571.86 KB, 1313x1681, 1313:1681, hanabi_world_flipper.png) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't make the pate or bread, but the chives were from the garden. My mom taught me how to cook

I only draw the blade seconds before striking *throws down smoke bomb*


I'm starting to notice something around my town. The sudden influx of "homeless" succubi. Like they're standing at almost all the street corners of my town and I'm like "Oh they're AWARE that more people are sympathetic toward succubi" as I drive on by.

Has this happened to anyone else in their town? Like all of a sudden a bunch of "homeless" succubi are standing on essentially every street corner?


wiz sees his first prostitutes


You're gonna be in for a wild ride when you catch your mum standing out there LOL


Don't know if the news was true or not but I've seen some libs and kikes having rage induced strokes because onlyfans got out of porn business or something. The nature is healing, thots are pounding the pavement.


I've read the news as well. But like clockwork they flocked to another platform and are continuing business as usual. I can only assume that the succubi standing on the roads here couldn't get a dime to save their life and are having to resort to this. Wouldn't surprise me, my town is filled with these ugly ass hick succubi who SOMEHOW end up getting pumped and dumped. What surprises me is how they got pumped in the first damn place.


A lot of people just don't care about anything other than rutting, they basically use others as onaholes or dildos. Sad stuff.


Truth. It's cause of reasons like that that the world can't burn any quicker.


amateur tries casting metal


Nice cherry pick dude.
Now post the one of the hundreds that have amateurs casting metal without a problem.


I look like a bum so some drug pusher I passed by tried to give me "dabs" (I don't know what this is even after looking it up) and was incredulous that I don't smoke weed. He tried to recruit me to work at a dispensary too.


Heh, I semi regularly get asked where they can find weed or if I have a smoke/light because I apparently have that look too.
Some get really incredulous when I tell them I don't smoke and don't have a light. Like frowning is going to make me be able to conjure smokes and fire for them.


I just flossed my teeth for the first time in years. It was a bloodbath.


You should drink kefir/eat sauerkraut or other lactobacillus fermented foods to replace the bacteria.


Because those things give you a dexterity buff?


buy a water flosser, much easier and quicker


>cherry pick
Molten metal explodes from the tiniest drop of moisture with 100% scientific predictability. Calling that a "cherry pick" implies that it doesn't happen a lot. It does, and if you don't see many youtube videos of it that's usually because those (amateurs) who fuck up went blind.
>amateurs casting metal without a problem.
It's accurate to say that someone casting metal and never having it explode in his face is actually an expert, not an amateur.


>97 cents
>Water pick/flosser
>$50+ dollars

Gee I wonder why he doesn't use a water pick


>Molten metal explodes from the tiniest drop of moisture with 100% scientific predictability.
Nice red herring you got there. Just all the food related fallacies.

>someone doing something for the first time ever is a expert

Really? Is this the new hill you chose to die on?


It's not a red herring, the point is that amateurs are almost exclusively the ones whose casting attempts explode, as the video shows, this is not something you want to try without professional training. But for some strange reason you believe that fact is negated by another video showing someone's first try being successful. I guess you think there's no real risk in playing with 2,000F liquid metal because dur hurrr a 5 minute youtube video. Please try it and go blind. The other half of your shitpost is a mischaracterization and doesn't deserve to be addressed.


Oh look strawmen, insults, deflections, and the usual aggressive ignorance and dismissive irrationality.
Typical, very on brand.


Why the hostility over something so trivial. Can't you take it to /b/ or something?


Wow, these look like experts right here.
Totally not complete amateurs with substandard equipment messing around in their driveway.


I don't understand why the topic has your panties in a twist, mutt. The original post was just a demonstration of the risk of playing with liquid metal. You always pick the oddest things to act out your napoleon complex on, but being aggressive doesn't make you right…about whatever your stance on this topic supposedly is.


Rattling off random insults only makes you look foolish and emotional.

This conversation is over. You are practically waving the white flag at this point.


File: 1624989029175.jpg (87.21 KB, 564x856, 141:214, lovecraft.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like to imagine sometimes that I have the power to teleport the two people arguing online into a single room. Then a voice would come up saying something like "this is the guy you were arguing with online, now what?".
Then let them stay there for 72 hours without food or water and see what happens and teleport them back.

It's funny, even if I had godlike powers like that I would still find a way to waste my life doing trivial shit, just like now.


Sis had another child and my mother is constantly asking when I am going to see the infant. I can't be bothered to feign interest in seeing him honestly.


I know the feeling.
Felt like my mom gave more of a shit for my sister's kid then my sister did.


Anyone buying any games from steam's sale? I'm considering Mad Max for $5 and Just Cause 3 for $3.


I told myself "no" this time. My backlog can't be allowed to grow any longer and I need to learn to be happy without buying things. I still have plenty of money but I want it to stay that way.


I got rpgmaker mv and asesprite. I already had both pirated but now that I actually put money on them I feel the pressure to actually use it to make something.


Also have asesprite sitting on my hard drive doing nothing. I'm going to hopefully make myself finish a game completely of my own design (art, music, programming, etc.) before I die. What I want is to make a game. What I have gotten thus far is seemingly unending mental illness.


It's easier than ever making a game nowadays, It's amazing what you can do just by dragging and dropping with the mouse in some engines like RPG Maker. The community is friendly and everything I ask on the rpgmaker.net discord someone helps me within literal a couple of minutes. All you need is an idea that can work within the constraints of your own ability. I lied to myself for a long time, trying to learn fancy 3D graphics and scripting in Unity. It's just not going to happen. I need to work with what I have, which is not much, but I can do some 2D sprites and create events on RPG Maker interface and that will be enough.

Like you probably, I just want to create something to completion before I die. I don't care if the result is some frankenstein, I need to finish something at least once in this life.


>I don't care if the result is some frankenstein

Maybe my game will turn out unintentionally uncanny and creepy like those Bible games Scott Cawthon made before he made FNAF. Making a game with a reputation for being "cursed" is probably better than a game that leaves no impression whatsoever.

We just to have to hang in there. I know enough to program a Mario clone in unity. It's all of the creative stuff that intimidates me.


Yeah, I am looking at the destroy all humans remaster and hades.
Then snag some under $5 stuff that looks good.


What game are you thinking about making? Any games out there that you conseider a inspiration to whatever you're planning to accomplish?


I never really get past the stage of vague ideas. I think about how there seems to be a distinct lack of games like Myst where the joy of playing the game is the rich atmosphere, storytelling and puzzle-solving and how disappointed fans of the adventure genre must be to see that all of the popular games today are fast-paced action games with stories that are largely ignored. Games have gone in the direction of competitive e-sports and streaming and not in the act of quiet contemplation, exploration and puzzle solving. There are few games for people like my dad who want something intellectually engaging or historically accurate.

I'm not even sure that an adventure game is something I would personally enjoy or even be able to create but I still long to create something that at least elicits the same feelings as Myst.

I have thought about making a monster-battling game but its an action game and not turn-based. Maybe a robot-battling game with low-poly graphics. A game with a retro CG style. These are all vague ideas.

In the past, when I have shared rudimentary story ideas, I have been laughed at. I'm probably limited to making games with minimal story and "programmer" art.


You didn't win a conversation, you don't even have a stance on the topic. All you did was poorly try to imply that playing with molten metal isn't dangerous. You know nothing about casting. Just stay with a topic you know >>>/jp/29992


I'm beginning to think that molten metal isn't entirely dangerous. Thoughts?


based on other posts ive seen here this past week im inclined to suggest not pouring molten metal without being an expert because apparentlt it explodes


Get over it dude.


It actually prevents danger if you build a large moat around your house and fill it with molten metal. Don't forget to raise the drawbridge.


My parents keep feeding their grandchildren garbage and sticking them in front of the tv every chance they get. Why won't they learn from their fucking mistakes? It makes me so mad.


Also considering the bundle with divinity original sin and orginial sin 2 for $22.38. I like CRPGs and for 2 80 hour games that are highly rated it seems like a good deal, but I just don't know if I will like the turn based combat or not. I haven't played anything turn based since pokemon ruby.


I bought Slay the Spire


I played them both last year and had a pretty good time, completed 1 and got about halfway through 2 before I just kind of stopped playing and never had a chance to get back to it. They're turn-based but I would describe them as more like SRPGs with a 4-man party, exploration, and unique, non-respawning encounters scattered throughout the map. The combat has a lot of focus on elemental interactions (i.e. you can use abilities that spread oil on the ground and set it on fire, create poison gas clouds and ignite them with magic or fire arrows to make them explode, etc) as well as using objects and stuff to damage enemies(IIRC there's a telekinesis ability which lets you move stuff around and in one or both of the games moving barrels or chests over people could do shitloads of damage based on the object's weight).

The story and writing in general aren't that great though, especially in 1. I remember not really paying attention for the vast majority of it. 2 is a little more high effort but the story was still just kinda there, I wasn't too intrigued with it. None of the quests really stuck out to me either and I can't recall any big decisions that had an impact on the story branching (I think there's 1 towards the end of the first game which determines whether someone lives or dies).

So yeah if you're primarily looking for something good in the gameplay department I'd recommend both. Personally I do think 2 is a bit of a step down from the first in terms of combat, because they went a little overboard with adding teleportation abilities to almost every class which kind of trivialized the importance of positioning compared to the first game, and IIRC they tweaked the elemental system a little bit to "balance" it by making it less dependent on dice rolls and instead just have it be dependent on hitting an enemy multiple times with an elemental ability to inflict a status. Plus they added a phys/magic shield system which I wasn't a huge fan of. But I still enjoyed it and I've heard other people say they like 2's combat more than 1's. And if you end up not liking the changes there are plenty of mods out for the game as well.


File: 1625146049868.jpg (557.39 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, maomao.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The sound of a cool breeze through pine needles,
swaying grasses and empty skies


Thinking about it, what's a better purchase sekiro or nier replicant?


sekiro for sure imo. I'm tempted to buy it myself but I already spent a lot of money on games so I'm trying to limit myself to cheaper older games.


File: 1625161089650.png (5.98 MB, 1786x2505, 1786:2505, 1490723400.png) ImgOps iqdb

How do you avoid being bored wizzies? All I do is play video games, watch youtube, listen to music, and browse wizchan, all day, every day. I wanna go on magical adventures and have fun but I can't even remember a time I could do that. All I remember from when a was younger was being even more painfully bored, just laying in bed, watching cartoons, or occasionally playing some really awful game on our old windows ME pc. I guess when I was younger I had more energy and my body wasn't constantly aching all over, I also had school to go to where I got to interact with kids my age and do fun stuff like coloring or learning about dinosaurs. Maybe I am just the same amount of bored but it doesn't effect me as much because I'm also old and tired. But still, I want magic, otherworldly experiences, something new and captivating.



you're growing up


>I wanna go on magical adventures and have fun but I can't

You can't if you're poor or middle class. This is real life.

You escape shitty reality to internet imageboards, youtube, or intoxicants.

Only rich people get to go on adventures daily, sky diving, hot air balloons, exotic islands, nice restaurants and amusement parks instead of slaving away most of their life.

Neetdom is not a solution either unless that neet is rich, since then you're back to square 1 browsing the internet 90% of your day since that's all you can afford to do.


Why is this world such a pile of shit?


I can't imagine any other planets or worlds to be any better, unless they somehow harness infinite energy and resources from nearby abandoned planets.

Competition over scarce resources and natural selection will always lead to monstrous worlds forming where the top 0,1% get most of everything while the rest fight for scraps.

Just like our current world where the 8 (yes, eight) richest people own more than the poorest 4 billion combined.

The world gravitates more and more towards a system that isn't worth living in for the vast majority of its inhabitants.

There is nothing else that can fix it except killing those billionaires just like the French killed their oppressive aristocrats in the 1700s, but most people are very sheepish about it.

However, I don't support redistributing their hoarded assets as-is. They should be in a trust fund like the Alaskan or Norwegian oil fund.
It would then dispense payments to ordinary people just like the Alaskan oil fund does.

Would you get rid of 8 people to massively increase the standards of living of 4 billion people? To greatly reduce their stress and increase their level of happiness?


The Demiurge


>There is nothing else that can fix it except killing those billionaires just like the French killed their oppressive aristocrats in the 1700s, but most people are very sheepish about it.
Do you really believe this is what happened?


Not that poster, but yes I'd say the French Revolution was essentially resource distribution.
People were only enraged to the point of torturing and executing the nobility (including the king himself) because they were literally starving to death while the rich lived in palaces.

Other catalysts for the revolution like overtaxation and constant wars only added to their will to rebel.


The french revolution was literally by and for the aristocracy, what the fuck are you talking about lel


You'd better explain yourself.


>no politics or religion in the crawl thread

>hur dur
>kill the rich comrade
>french revolution world wide

Why do you go out of your way to discus whatever the thing the thread explicitly says it isn't about?


Roughly 90% of the upper nobility were executed and the king himself was killed by a mob that guillotined him after a mock trial.

Seems like you're on drugs.


I'd say it falls more in the line of history than politics.

Though history can never be completely apolitical.


File: 1625239420018.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x1874, 960:937, cart.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Each little brown smudge is a caterpillar that got run over. They've decimated the local forests and are infiltrating living quarters. They've waiting a long time for this.


You meant the bourgeoisie?


File: 1625269161121.png (11.46 KB, 562x177, 562:177, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder why my browser has to apologize to me when something goes wrong

Even more baffling is seeing something like "Oops. Something happened. :/". I think I'm starting to prefer the cryptic error messages of yore since this kind of readout is more arcane and opaque in a way


Normally after I make a big purchase like a laptop I torture myself by continuing to shop after I have bought the laptop and looking for things that are cheaper and better. Usually I find a deal that is better and feel bad about it. This time though I bought a laptop at the beginning of the year and because of the chip shortage and coronabux printing, prices have only gone up. The model I bought has gone up nearly $250 since I bought it so this time I feel pretty pleased with myself. I still haven't found a better deal.


Weird, I can make this exact same post. The laptop I bought a few months back has gone up in price and the desktop equivalent of the GPU is valued more than the whole package I got. It's a good purchase I don't regret, but I might sell it for a profit and buy a Quadro for 3dcg when when becomes available. Now that China is back to work and has outlawed crypto mining, there's reason to believe GPUs and such will be back on the Western market soon, so now is a good time to capitalize on the ridiculous prices.


do you ever check prices many years after purchasing? im so poor i have buyers remorse for years


don't ever buy anything then


I started learning japanese a couple years ago during a manic phase and I practiced and studied a few hours a day for about a month until I got depressed and stopped, since then I've been to sites with lots of japanese posters and gotten a lot of the basic kana and sentence structures drilled in my head, now I am going back to my learning from the beginning and it is pretty tough but also familiar so I feel kinda bored going through the same things over and over again. A lot of sentences/words I recognize instantly when they are spoken but looking at them on a screen with no spaces or anything takes me a decent amount of time to recognize what's being said, also I only know like 5 kanji without using furigana. My mom asked me why I want to learn japanese and not something useful and I didn't know really, I hardly watch anime or read manga, I just want to learn japanese for no particular reason then to maybe read some random text occasionally or understand some music lyrics.


Use the time to learn something useful, not a dead language soon to be burned out entirely.


Nah, with technology I let it go after a year because I know by then the next generation of shit will have been released so the last generation of shit will go down in price. That's just an inevitable trend with technology, everything goes backwards in price, it's the opposite of everything else which only keeps going up and up steadily. I will keep looking for a year though.

With phones I have taken to buying flagship phones that are new but came out 2-3 years ago and have just been sitting in inventory since then. They have all the good features like camera and waterproofing but cost much less so you can also use the tech price deflation effect to your advantage.


You should switch to chinese because it would be way more useful, you know considering china is the world's new superpower. They use basically the same characters so if you learn them it would make it easier to learn japanese in the future.

As an aside, I'm having a hilarious bug with the quick reply window right now that will only let me make the window bigger no matter which direction I drag the corner. I kept trying to make it smaller but it just kept growing and growing. Had to stop before my new wisdom button was off the page lol.


What a horrible post you've written


it's that moron that rambles all the time about being productive and having marketable skills


I don't think japanese will be burned out of history within the time frame of my lifetime, also I think it would be cool to visit japan with my parents and be able to read things and interact with the people

>You should switch to chinese
I thought about it cause my uncle speaks fluent chinese but it looks really hard, chinese must be like 500iq to memorize all those archaic looking symbols


Don't learn Chinese. China is not going to be a superpower anyway. If you consume a lot of Japanese media already, you will probably get a lot of enjoyment out of learning their language.


Nah, I think he just gets a kick out of being against the grain and making people feel bad.
Either way it's best to ignore him just like the unpayed china shill is best ignored.


You know how there are wireless keyboard/mouse things sharing one tiny USB connection? Are there any wireless keyboard/mouse/speakers? In particular, are there any wireless keyboards with an integrated speaker


You can have a Bluetooth dongle that connects to anything that has a open Bluetooth signal with a pretty high limit on the number of devices if you don't mind a little latency.

There probably exist a keyboard with a speaker in it but the audio quality would be ultra shit due to physics n shit. I would use a alternative like headphones for wireless sound.


Why the fuck is there a button on the keyboard for a semicolon but not an em dash?


just use a comma?


you can use ALT+0515—assuming you have a 10key—if you really need it. Semicolons are great; I'd use them more but people would call me semicolonfag and have me b&.

>A pair of em dashes can replace a pair of parentheses. If you want to draw attention to the parenthetical content, use dashes. If you want to include the parenthetical content more subtly, use parentheses.


If it's functionally the same, it's redundant on account of the fact that colons and commas serve other purposes besides just emphasizing a point with a sentence. To emphasize something further you can use bold or italics
>Dashes are considered less formal than parentheses; they are also more intrusive.
Wizzie is a virgin (who at 30 years old) still can not drive.
Wizzie is a virgin who, at 30 years old, still can not drive.
Wizzie is a virgin—who at 30 years old—still can not drive.
The Em dash requires no space to be used correctly which could mess with technical stuff, but I'm no programmer. Additionally it's best to standardize having the most common length of dash (-) be the only one readily accessible, so when you need to manually copy text you can safely assume that any dashes are the - without needing to count how many pixels it is long in order to get an accurate copy.


what do you think will be the next gimmick after foldable/rollable phones? I think they're gonna start running out of ideas after this.


File: 1625580604321.jpeg (31.45 KB, 474x446, 237:223, dd36c94f918b305fbb15fabeb….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

just make them even bigger until they are unusable

remember when you used to be able to use a cell phone in one hand?


Better built in selfie features.
Maybe micro optical zooms since there are rumors that might be ready to get out of R&D phase and on to market.

I don't keep up with pop-tech and pop-sci like I used to so I feel a bit out of the look when it comes to future consumer trends.


Smart glasses I guess.


File: 1625587126637.png (1.76 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

pretty sure those already came out and failed


Roujin Z. . .coming soon to a nursing home near you


File: 1625590873333.png (265.25 KB, 900x479, 900:479, bodies-of-pompeii.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm considering getting a small dehumidifier for my bedroom again, to be used occasionally. Anyone has any experience with those? I'm talking specifically about these $50 units, although I'm afraid they're mostly widgets that won't make a huge difference, the idea here is to knock down the humidity level to sub-60% levels when it gets humid outside (esp. in summer) and merely opening the windows no longer does the trick.


After doing some research I think I will give up on the idea. Most of the products on the largest retailers websites are dubious chinese crap with suspicious reviews.
…amusingly enough that could be said of most consumer products I guess.


Hmm, this is a smart answer. I didn't even think about smart glasses, but they do have the potential to completely replace smartphones, the only question is will the input interface ever become more desirable to work with? It's hard to beat touch screens.


Most of those are junk products. And the really good ones with HEPA filters cost a fortune.
It's just not worth the hassle. The cheap $50 ones don't really purify anything.



Oh no, normal people lightly jostling over basic hygiene products during a major shortage.


crime stoppers has rewards for information that leads to the arrests/convictions for suspected criminals. there are "crime stoppers" for tons of cities… man, if only twitter didnt remove exif data. im sure you could just google peoples names to get their twitter accounts and then some of them would have photos you could get geodata off to report. early social media days must have been a gold mine for people snitching online


why dont they put spirals or like some type of fins on hard drive platters to dissipate heat better? am i missing something obvious or what


I have a few oldschool heatsinks with little molex fans that screw on to a 3.5" HDD. Gimicky, and they interfered with mounting options, but they look cool. HDDs require smooth open airflow to prevent the mechanical parts from facing wind resistance when moving, and air moves easier and faster when warm than it does when cool.
>the platters
that would be the worst place for any fins. The platter requires perfect balance and no interference to its spinning to perform well, any resistance to its movement would be a drop in read speed and a risk of total failure.


these are the so called rational and civilized breeding scum creatures


In countries with a very high proportion of non-neurotypicals like Japan, this behavior is completely and utterly unheard of.

People waited in line even after tsunamis and earthquakes for disaster relief to ensure everyone gets a fair share.


>countries with a very high proportion of non-neurotypicals like Japan
Prove it.


Not to barge in on your two's discussion, but Japan is the wizardliest (and witchiest) country on Earth.


>According to a government survey published last week, 42% of men and 44.2% of succubi – almost half of Japan's millennial singles aged between 18 to 34 – are virgins.


File: 1625750379622.jpg (37.29 KB, 1175x300, 47:12, autism.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

And that's just autism, not regarding aspergers and other neurotypical irregularities.


Japan has an extremely low proportion of fuckups like you. They'd hate you more than we do.


I get paid ~$4k a month to do practically nothing in an IT company. Life could be far worse.

The only thing I regret is wasting years on a degree that does literally nothing. It's all about who you know.


Is this why so many Japanese children (and in particular, my favorite anime creators) are into trains, planes, tanks and other autistic military obsessions?


>having an interest is mentally diseased
fuck you


Where's the suicide booth?
The saddest thing is he'll never ever find home. He will have no choice but to live among eternal foreigners.


Reading comprehension




So you see it too. Hell, Japan probably has more *female* train and tank fans than the male fans of such thing in the US, South America and Europe combined.

Just look at any interviews, tv shows or Japanese hobbyist videos etc., it's obvious to anyone with two eyes almost all of them are on the autism spectrum.
Doesn't mean they are all diagnosed, but they are all on it.

And I don't say that's a bad thing, they have in some ways created one of the most amazing, clean and high-tech societies on Earth.
It does have its severe problems that come with non-neurotypicality, such as a very high suicide and depression rate.
Or karoshi (people whose lives are so depressing they escape it by overworking themselves to death).


You're an idiot and you have no idea about anything.


Wake up to doorbell ringing and it's the local thugs trying to ripoff my parents by asking for garbage collection fee. Can I just live in a country with a functional government please.


Anime is also autistic. Most anime is created in Japan. It could never originate in a 70 IQ supraneurotypical cesspit like Brazil.

Even random people online & autism support groups are noticing how anime appeals to autistic people.



Over the last year or so I developed some nasty dark eye circles, now I not only look like a wiz but also a druggie, so whenever strangers stare or have to deal with me I feel their pity or disgust. The problem is I really have smoked occasionally to help me sleep better for the last decade, there were periods where I couldn't sleep for more than 3 hours a night but usually I do sleep enough, could be the years of neetdom in my dark room that take their toll on me, I fear that those bags won't go away completely anymore though.


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