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I really don't get why wizards or NEETs actually care about politics, at all. What do you get from caring about how society turns out? We're the rejects, the only thing that changes is how many NEETbux we get. I just assume that every political person I see is a normal, since only they have a reason to care.


it is just a hobby for wizards and something to think about like philosophy it is a social science after all. It is a huge cope many of us have gone into politics seriously in the past.


>I don’t care about laws
>or my living space
Fuck off. And you even included bux in your post. There’s plenty reason for wizards to have a political stance.


For me, tribalism and fantasy. We are programmed to live in tribes and go to war with each other. We also have shit lives so we like to fantasize about a better society or gain vicarious pride from "our group"'s successes. I think there is no rational reason for me to feel so strongly about politics but we are not rational creatures and all of my reactions are knee-jerk. I also have no more stimulating things to do and politics find its way into all crevices.


>We're the rejects, the only thing that changes is how many NEETbux we get
Must be nice to be from a developed nation.


Before this thread goes any further I think we should make the distinction between government and politics. The government, as in the functions and processes of the state, affects everyone and as such everyone has an interest in it. Politics, as in party doctrine and the selection of government officials is indeed peak normalfaggotry because it is by definition a popularity contest. These things are obviously not separate though.


obviously because what those creatures do affects you and unless you plan to kill yourself today, you're going to need to still deal with their shit tomorrow


Politics affect losers more than they affect normals.


politics are normalfag/crab shit.
all politicians are evil


>the only thing that changes is how many NEETbux we get

And 80% of the politics discussion here supports parties that want us to get less, weird loophole of rule 4


Party politics are cancer, fuck yourself.


We keep trying to tell you that the communist party is just going to kill you and all other neets, not give gibs, but you refuse to listen and try to get people banned for not wanting to die.

Being anti-communism isn't a violation of rule 4. Always trying to bring up rule 4 because you can't defend your abysmal ideas is a violation of rule 11.


>the communist party is just going to kill you
A danger as credible as it was in the 1950s. Next up, masturbation will make you go blind.


Uh, you know the communist party did routinely kill people in the 50s?


there are reasons communism failed to take over the 1st world and those reasons still exist, seriously talking about communists killing anyone here is as silly as any cold war propaganda


There was a whole war against it. It’s not like it was left alone and failed by itself. Also china still exists. Just saying.


a cold war isn't actually a war, the only people getting killed were the occasional spy
>Also china still exists
you can't be serious


Oh yeah dude, it’s not like there were tons of proxy wars or that each did everything in their power to undermine the other. But hey they didn’t fight a war face to face so they were all buddy buddy.


>proxy wars
see how low you need to drop the definition of war to make communism out to be more dangerous than is was, now a "whole war against" communism means giving some afghans a box of rifles


File: 1623374005480.webm (270.23 KB, 480x360, 4:3, your ignorance angers me.webm)


Losers are always the ones who care about politics. Normalniggers who are benefiting from the current social order have nothing to gain from change, and even vehemently resist change. Losers do want change because it will make the system more fair to them


I only care about making my country more socialist so neetbux is guaranteed rather than reserved for the lucky few. There's no reason to care about politics beyond that point. So the more leftists in office, the better off wizards will be overall. Unless you're one of those chad wizards who are making tons of money and don't need bux.


Until the economy tanks and the state can’t afford to give you bux anymore.


Yes we know. It's about making the most of it while we still can.


That's good 5-10 years from now at the minimum. By that time most of us will be dead.


>oh it doesn’t matter cause I’ll kill myself
Why not just cut out the middle man and do it now then?


He never said anything about killing himself though, but that might be what he had in mind I guess. Anyway, are you implying we should kill ourselves to avoid "leeching off" the system?


If that’s not what he’s implying the is he pretty shocked. Also if you’re saving suicide until “thing get bad enough” you’re not gonna have the strength to do it. It’s not a get out of jail free card, it’s a last resort.


That's a highly improbable event. It would even benefit workers by forcing companies to pay their employees more because they'd have to compete with neetbux rates. Higher wages and better quality of life for all.


>that’s a highly improbable event
Not if your country is socialist.


How would you even know? China is socialist and they're getting along fine.


China is more fascist than anything.
>propaganda about a national rebirth
It all fits fascism, certainly more than communism.


>ACTUALLY it's not real communism, real communism has never been done
Yea ok bud.


It hasn't been tried, but that's because it's a retarded ideology with no basis in reality. It's just lip service for mass appeal.


File: 1623684256505.jpg (273.74 KB, 953x1200, 953:1200, Mishima a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>no basis in reality
Why does this matter again?


Because we live in reality?


Socialism ether collapses or turns into fascism if it last long enough.

Text book utopian communism is literally physically impossible.


That's a very vague way of looking at things with no basis in reality.


Normalfags like you might, yeah. I prefer the voices over this clownworld


My older brother turned into a /pol/lack conspiracy nut a few years ago, it's so weird because before he seemed indifferent/mildly left.


Same with my father, he used to hate politics and all politicians and now he is talking about how China created covid-19 and what not.


I mean they did, and it is very much something that effects his life so I can see why it would concern him now.


Because people like him know that if he were to express his politics he would be shunned, so they feign disinterest and pretend to go along with the crowd. Also those with weak or no convictions are open to influence.

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