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File: 1624924192936.jpg (61.51 KB, 1940x1300, 97:65, Bose-Earbuds-Gear-Patrol-L….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Got any new gear to talk about? Let's discuss.

I'll start with a new pair of earbuds I got that have Active Noise Cancellation. They sound pretty damn well and the ANC on them work well enough to where I can stay within my own thoughts and not have to hear the asinine sounds of the world whenever I need to be out and about.

My only gripe with them is that with ANC on the battery life takes a nose dive so I can't use them all the time with ANC on, but still even with ANC on it's quite an escape and a damn good experience.


Wireless headphones are more expensive and lower quality than wired phones of comparable parameters, it's a similar situation to normal headphones vs gaming headsets. Wireless are less durable and reliable with more parts and a shorter life due to deteriorating batteries. With radio transmission I wouldn't expect great sound quality compared to a trusty shielded cable. Also they're an example of those disposable products which I despise, all integrated and probably impossible to repair at home. Would only consider using them if I was a runner or something. I wonder how these runners deal with them falling out, searching for a lost wireless earbud must be an absolute pain in the ass.


I wish it was just as easy to use a pair of wired headphones and call it a day, but with essentially every phone manufacturer and their mother annihilating the headphone jack it's nigh on impossible to not consider getting a pair so that there's no dealing with retarded dongles n' shit.

These damn companies did it on purpose I swear.


I didn't know they were doing that. Sounds like the usual corporate scumming for money.


Yep. Started with the iPhone 7 and has been a recurring thing ever since. Samsung's doing it, OnePlus is doing it, I expect Google with their next Pixel will do it too…It's even more retarded when you know that Apple and Samsung later stopped putting earbuds in the packaging as well as charging bricks. The retarded corporate tactics don't fucking stop.


Spoken like a true luddite. Do you buy nothing but vinyll's as well?


that's not what luddite means


my phone has a phone jack so i just use ear plug speakers. computer has usb so i just plug my headset into that. i dont get why wireless audio exists tbh


"I prefer to use a higher-cost, shielded, durable option that arguably uses more tech and audio engineering to build."
>whAT ArE yOU, soMe sOrT oF LUDDiTe?!


That comparison makes no sense, because wired headphones are in many ways a superior upgrade to wireless headphones.

For each 5 pairs of wireless headphones a typical person goes through, they could still be using the same $200 wired headset they bought 10 years ago.


Spoken like a true drooling dumbfuck. Do you buy funko pops as well?


Not that guy but I use wireless headphones for practical reasons.
Generally you have to spend quite a bit more for the same audio quality but they last longer for me and sound great.
Since I have the money to spend it's worth it for my situations where a cord is inconvenient or a major point of failure. Plus most wireless headphones prioritize being light and comfortable since they are usually worn by people moving around. Which is great if you are wearing them for hours.


Every set of earbuds I have had sounds essentially the same except for those free ones you get on planes. I never understood the need for active noise cancellation either, the earbuds themselves act like earplugs you can barely hear anything. I just bought a cheap pair of wireless earbuds with ear hooks. The last pair I had would always be in danger of falling out of my ear but these stay on pretty well. 12 hour battery life supposedly and the case will charge them 5 times for a total of 72 hours of charge. Cost $25 on sale.


I am getting one of those movable monitor stands.
Bought it from AliExpress so I can only hope it isn't totally shit that drops my monitor. Still, I didn't want to pay over $50 so I can't be too picky.
At least it ships from the US so I only have to wait 2 weeks.


I agree but my phone's headphone jack wore out and I have to use blueooth or else the audio only plays on the right channel.


You know which jacks never broke? 6.35 mm. I miss those.


Yes the fuck they did!


I had cables break but never the sockets.


There is no inherent quality of radio transmissions that make them inferior to wired transmissions, everyone uses wifi after all with no problems. The issue is that bluetooth uses lossy compression codecs, or at least it did until a couple years ago when they started to release lossless codecs for it. Apple has one and android has one, the android one is called AptX. As long as your phone and headphones both support the AptX codec then there is no difference between using a cord and bluetooth because the transmission will be lossless.


One of the first things I repaired myself as a wee lad was a socket to a old ass radio/record player thingy.
They break just like everything else.


Fake news.


The problem isn't just the sound quality, it's the durability of the product itself.

High end wired headphones can last you decades. The best wireless headphones have their internal battery die out within years and they are often non-serviceable.


My longest lasting sets of headphones are all wireless.
There are many durable wireless headphones on the market that will last many years if treated right.

I have never had a pair of headphones last decades if it is regularly used corded or not corded.
Nothing last forever.


I always end up tripping on headphone cords which often damages the headphones or even the headphone jack. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing them and stand up abruptly causing them to fall off and land with a loud crash. I should have switched to wireless a long time ago.


Sennheiser HD650's or 800's will probably last decades, but most wizards (or people in general) aren't going to drop that kind of money for a meagre increase in sound quality.

Not to mention to get any value out of these, you also need an expensive amplifier and possibly a preamp.
Then you've no longer bought headphones, you've bought into a HiFi set worth thousands of dollars.


File: 1625531171433.png (4.29 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'll just post and let people know that planar headphones are heavy as fuck and that HD650's are light, comfy as all fuck, and sound great.

Also protip; buy the massdrop hd6xx, its the hd 650 but for like $200.


Unless you are a legit audio enginer or otherwise actually makes money from being able to hear stuff good and manipulate sounds to a fine degree, that kind of set up just seems wasteful.

Like someone who buys a full wood-shop in their home then only to use it maybe 3 or 4 times a year to make Popsicle stick houses.


Nobody in my second world country could afford a luxury purchase like HD650's except maybe doctors and lawyers.

I just go with Audio technica ATH-M20X. I got them for $20 and they sound nice even without an amplifier (compared side to side with $50-80 headphones, little difference.


sure am glad im not an audiophile


Same. I had a phase in my 20s when I bought expensive amps and headphones just to see what it was like.

After a few weeks I just looked at my equipment and realized I have multiple thousands of bucks worth of stuff laying on my desk which I use for a few hours a week. Ended up selling all of it. Best decision ever.

I now use cheapo 10 buck headphones plugged directly into the motherboard sound socket and honestly, the sound quality is just fine.

Was it better with a dac, preamp and good headphones? Sure, but not considering the price tag.


Stand came in and I installed it.
Golly gosh man, I can now get the best view angle no matter which way I am positioned. It is great, I should have got one of these ages ago. Now I can focus on being comfy, and then just angle the screen just right, rather then adjust my whole set up around getting comfy where the screen is pointing. I can lay down, sit, stand, be off to the side, it doesn't matter because a quick adjustment of the screen and everything is golden.
I hope it last a good long time because I already love it.


I just got good headphones that work without an amp. I have the Sennheiser HD598 32 ohm


I have some Bose over-ear headphones with noise cancelling that have saved my sanity from loud car and dog noises from the outside.

Recently I got a Synology NAS, and set it up on my network to act as a centralized media repository. I was out of space on my old makeshift solution. I installed Kodi on a Firestick and stream my media collection from the NAS to it via NFS. The NAS also serves UPnP over the network to all of my devices, so I can listen to music and watch video from it with VLC on secondary computers. It has 10 terabyte capacity right now, but I've only utilized 3/5 hard drive slots. Should be more than enough for at least a decade.


HD598's are ok without an amp but at least a dedicated soundcard is recommended for them.

They're not going to sound optimal by simply plugging them into an mp3 player, phone or PC motherboard.


File: 1626846487344.jpg (15.8 KB, 425x481, 425:481, soundcore_q30.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I bought these for the noise cancelling, I have fans running constantly during summer that are pretty loud. It has an option for wired but I usually use it wireless so that I can listen to music from my computer while doing chores around the house. Overall pretty nice. Battery life hasn't been an issue so far.


Will the difference be anything more than just being louder if I use a good soundcard? They already sound good. I have focusrite soundcard I can try but it's a pain in the ass to figure out.


I managed to figure it out. I'm not sure if it's different now though


I just ordered a 1TB samsung 980 nvme SSD to serve as a secondary drive. My current drive is only half a TB and I keep running out of space.


>I keep running out of space.
how much porn do you really need


My guess would be modern games or tons of full hd shows.
People "that" into porn tend to switch to private servers for there archives


Are you me? I have the same problem, but I ordered a 1TB Kingston because it's cheaper and the speeds aren't a big deal to me. I can finally install Call of Duty Warzone with its ~250GB install.


Then you don't know true hardship. I try to get by on my 64GB SSD from 2014.


>oppression olympics over computer storage space
This is a new level of pathetic.


I used to feel that, but then I deleted all my games. My hard drive has about 200 useable gigabytes, and without games that's enough


I would have gone with a slower drive too but there was a price drop on the 980 to $110 which brings it pretty much in line with the budget drives I was looking at.
My porn folder is only 67 MB. It's the games these days which are like 100GB each that are the problem. I'm tired of having to decide what game I want to delete before installing a new one.


That reminds me. Need to upgrade battlestation.


Good luck in your hunt for parts.


Update: biggest problem with these is that they're pretty heavy.
I suppose I have bad head posture but my neck feels weird after wearing them for a long time.


What happened to Google Glass?


File: 1632757233819.jpg (36.65 KB, 756x1263, 252:421, 51mIGwN1eFS._AC_SL1500_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I recently upgraded to wireless headphones too. I got the cheapest pair that matched all of my criteria (6h+ battery life, waterproof, ANC, okay sound quality). They cost about €65 and I really like them. They're much more convenient than wired earphones, mine sound better than my old ones, and the ANC is really amazing, the traffic mode kills road sounds by like 90%, and another mode stop wind sounds when cycling, so no longer do I have to turn up my podcasts super loud because of wind or rumbling cars


hate wireless headphones


I hope everyone with atrocious things like <$100 headphones tries something better. You don't realise what you're missing out on.

I used to think this. There is truth to it. However, I did finally get some wireless headphones and find that the trade-off for the ability to walk freely around my apartment is worth it. You can always have both and switch to wired headphones when you want to listen to some FLAC or something.



>You don't realise what you're missing out on.
Ignorance is bliss. I'd rather not spend time and money looking for the best piece of junk like these obsessive audiophiles.


I'm not missing out on anything. I have a wireless speaker.


My headphones have a 6.35mm jack. I love the beefiness, but it isn’t practical for anything other than home use.


When i had music files that were unknowingly low quality, I didnt realise the reason, but I didnt enjoy listening to them. I got better files and then was able to enjoy it and have a nice experience for many hours. Lack of awareness doesnt shield you from negative consequences toward enjoyment of your life


I'm considering buying a 3D printer that's on sale for the cyber monday thing amazon does. Do you think this would be a good purchase?


Do you know how to model stuff?
Do you like tinkering and prototyping stuff?
Do you like modifying stuff both digitally and physically?

If yes to one or most of those questions then you can probably get alot out of 3d printing.
If no to all that then you will probably get bored with it and leave it in a corner to collect dust after one too many failed prints that you didn't even care about anyway.


>6.35mm jack
It never crossed my mind that perhaps the metric world made up a whole new over-complicated term for that. I mean I guess it stands to reason, but it's a bit like making up a new name for red so that the colors of the rainbow are lexographically ordered.


File: 1639145508851.jpg (10.34 KB, 600x346, 300:173, rubber2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Current setup: IKKO OH10 - slight V-curve FR, good imaging and amazing soundstage for IEM. A bit stiff to drive without any dedicated hardware.
FiiO BTR5 - very neutral and transparent, but not in a bad way. Absolutely no BG static/noise, except if material you're playing has poor recording quality. Full BT codec roster, except for LHDC (basically same as LDAC) and aptX LL.


How is naming it after its dimensions in any way complicated? Am I falling for shitty bait right now?


I think it's funny that you say this, I sold my HD650's to someone on eBay and judging by his name, location, and screen name(eyewiz) he was an optometrist.
But this was in the US, and as far as headphones and audiofoolery goes they are relatively inexpensive.

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