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Being addicted to video games is great, it's escapism at it's finest espcially RPG's or action RPG's. I don't have to worry about real life it's all so lame.
I remember late 2011 Skyrim and dark souls was amazing. As a kid i went outside all the time until late puberty,
i didn't like drinking and partying i gradually lost my friends because of it. So i started playing games and i'll never regret it. Now i don't play that much anymore though.

I think most people whatever they're addicted to enjoy themselves, i know about the rat study (happy people don't need addiction) but it makes sense to be addicted if your life sucks


Do you think I should buy Nioh or Divinity Original Sin? Which one is more fun in your opinion?


I played Runescape and some other online games 10-12 hours a day when I was a teenager to early 20s.

These days I get zero joy from playing any games. I can't stomach 10 minutes of a Moba or MMO. FPS games feel ridiculous now. I used to play some FPS games 10+ hours a day. I can't believe I did that. Feels like that was a different person.

Not sure if it's age or just being jaded in general. I haven't gamed in over two years now. I feel repulsed by games. The stories also feel very juvenile and annoying now. The last game I could stomach was Witcher 3, just because it felt like a movie (as it had so much voice acting and characters interacting without user input).

I'm irritated even by human voices at this point.
If I listen to music, I listen to either classical with no human voices, or sounds of nature (such as forest sounds or ocean sounds).


I had a lot of fun with Nioh, 150hrs before I got burnt out, but it took some time to click. This discussion is probably more suited to the /games/ board though.


you should buy nioh 2 it's pretty amazing, you can skip the first one or just buy them in a pack


Divinity is turn based tactical combat.
Nioh is action based if I remember correctly.

Personal I enjoyed Divinity but I haven't played Nioh to give a opinion.
Both will give you dozens of hours of entertainment so I would say go with the one who's gameplay appeals to you more. Watching gameplay vids can help you decide.


I bet 50% of wizards played runescape back in the day.


People are still modding SKYRIM


cant really play vidya no more becuze these days it feels like every dev have to support blm and pride month politics


not all of them, esp not in the far east


yea but i dont have the energy in me no more too search up for non pozzed devs, i just watch gameplay and call it a day you know, no hate, more power to them, right.


Give it 5-10 years. Everyone said the same about slavs and all they gave us is CD GOYEKT with their completely westernized lying marketing practices and maximum poz tranny blm antifa vegan bullshit.


That's why everyone is into "retro gaming" and "The Misadventures of Tron Bonne," which is a just O.K. PS1 title at best now commands nearly $2000 on ebay.


I never really stopped playing Skyrim.


Skyrim is fun, but ultimately feels so hollow. If it just had a little more depth with the stealth/magic/combat then it would be so much more fun.


you will never be at peace if you ever try to go for the next shiny thing bud, sometimes, the cards you got can be fun too, dont be so negative, try to focuse on the things that makes the game a masterpiece


It's not a masterpiece and Skyrim is indeed hollow. It's good for dozing off but the game is incredibly simplistic and almost seems streamlined for mobile players.


>It's not a masterpiece and Skyrim is indeed hollow
they sold 30 million copies, seems, your opinion is really smart :)


because the masses are known for their taste


Masterpieces in any form of art are often unappealing to the masses. People only read books that are easy to digest, listen to pop music that follows formulae, watch superhero movies, drink cheap coffee, cheap wine. In fact the popularity of skyrim is so high that it shows that it was designed not to repel people, and to appeal to people that are not connoisseurs


Not that I think he’s wrong but it’s just as fallacious to say something is bad because everyone likes than it is to say it’s good cause everyone likes it. There are some things which earned their popularity. Skyrim’s isn’t one of them.


>drink cheap coffee, cheap wine
hey now, something may not be a "masterpiece" coffee or wine, but that's not because it doesn't cost a lot, remember this story


I've had $15 wine and $200 wine and the difference in quality is absolutely zero.
You're only paying for image, the chateau and their "story".

LVMH owns some more expensive wineries or champagne houses and they are notorious for branding mediocre crap as luxury by raising prices in their other businesses like clothes and handbags.

Oddly enough, in coffees price does correlate with quality. Preground $3 bags of coffee taste like dog shit. Medium priced beans that you grind yourself taste ok.
Expensive beans that you grind yourself taste amazing.

Coffee is a much cheaper hobby than wining though.

There is a cutoff point for wine where it becomes horrible too though, it's around $10.
That's because they are mass harvested with the stems, bugs, spoiled grapesthrown into a huge steel vat to ferment.

But there is generally no justification for ever spending more than maybe $20 on a bottle of wine for dinner unless you are buying for status purposes (business meal with colleagues etc) or as a gift.

If even people like Parker who literally has a scoring system named after him can be fooled in a double blind test to think a $25 wine is better than a $800 wine, premium wine is complete bullshit.
Which it is.


>Oddly enough, in coffees price does correlate with quality
huh…it all tastes like the same flavorless bitter mud water to me, I just chug it to get going in the morning, it can be "low quality." If I want a drink that makes me go mmMMMMmm I'll have a freaking soda. But I guess I'm not wired to sprout a boner at the taste of dirt like obviously most people. Whatever that's about.


I draw the line at instant coffee that isn't made with real coffee. The good instant is actual brewed coffee that is crystalized using superheated air. You can get like 100 cups out of a $3 container.

I'm temporarily playing lots of video games as a replacement for chronic internet use. It's a less harmful activity when compared with using the internet. In the long run, I hope to transition to more constructive activities like reading, art or programming.


File: 1626922519097.png (527.53 KB, 1018x1024, 509:512, Visual-2-1018x1024.png) ImgOps iqdb

I hate coffee. They had to invent so many terms to describe its taste, and almost all of them are horrid. Can't understand why such strong popculture and cult following orbits this awful drink.
Ever noticed the sphere of lifestyle coffee brands? It's a bizarre world.
>I drink hardcore commando coffee for ultimate warriors such as myself.
>I drink elite coder coffee for big brain computer whisperers such as myself.
>I drink big city socialist coffee for total rebels such as myself.


I buy $3 jars of instant stuff for when I can't use the coffee machine in the kitchen, don't know if it's actual coffee, it could be caffeine powder with brown food coloring sprayed on top for all I care, it's just a stimulant to me.
I try to avoid knowing more about the cult, the last thing I heard about fashionable coffee was they're using beans that a monkey eats and shits back out, described the flavor as "earthy" and slapped a premium price on it

cuz you know, coffees price does correlate with quality


>Oddly enough, in coffees price does correlate with quality

It’s the world’s most expensive coffee, and it’s made from shit.


A weird outlier or extreme example doesnt change the overall correlation


There's no correlation in reality and it's not le outlier, every class of luxury items has the most useless and/or disgusting shit sitting on top as the highest "qtop uality," like modern art, or that expensive maggoty french cheese. Like it or not, when you say price equals quality, that's just your opinion.




Video games carried me all the way through my teens and 20s, but it's only very recently (in the past year or so, as I'm about to turn 30), that I have become completely apathetic to them. Like you, I played a fuckton of RPGs, but now I get nothing out of them. I feel like I've played everything and nothing is a new experience for me anymore.

I even went back to RuneScape in an attempt to recapture the magic of my childhood, but it was such a hollow experience and left a bad taste in my mouth.


I am about to turn 30 and have also been going through almost precisely what you describe


It's because most games have gotten worse in quality and more about synapse reaction. If you honestly expect you should be able to see 2 px out of 1920*1080 is some complicated data point you need to split second react to, you're not playing a good game for yourself, I think.

I also never enjoyed MMOs, but I loved Halo. I enjoy final fantasy (except for the MMOs, and kinda 13's sequels).

It's about jading and being right in being jaded. You'd have moved on to better games if new good games came out on AAA, I think, just think about if cyberpunk was actually good. Now you have to go to indies for any creativity in the medium, because the rest of it's all woke politics and lectures on how to live your life.

I read a lot of good JP visual novels, because that quality hasn't gone down lately imo. I think it's too hard to subvert, which is why telltale crashed and burned (thankfully).


on rare days where i feel ok and clear headed i play games, if i played red dead redemtion 2 back when i wasn't on antipsychotics i would've had the best time.
It's amazing how long slow immersive games are interesting when you're not on medication and have high dopamine levels all the time , same with movies, i can barely handle 2 hours movies now.
Back when i wasn't on medication i would binge 3 hour movies often late at night constantly, watch documentaries and stuff.


I wish I still enjoyed playing videogames. Now whenever I look at the games I have installed all I feel is dread.


happened to me at 27, they say that's when the male brain finally matures or some shit, might be connected…..


>Video games carried me all the way through my teens and 20s, but it's only very recently (in the past year or so, as I'm about to turn 30), that I have become completely apathetic to them.

Part of the reason, I think, they can no longer at this age carry you away from reality or give you hope for the future. You've realised that they're, in this moment, giant timesinks because of that.


You put it into words better than I ever could.

I can no longer immerse because everything about the game is just screaming at me "this is a distraction from all your real life problems".

And then I just think of all my problems while playing and I can't relax.

None of those anxieties existed as a kid. That game _was_ my world. I could completely shut out the outside world and get immersed even in 2d games for 10 hours and believe I lived there. It was glorious.


I stopped playing video games at 17 but then started again 10 years later and I have been enjoying myself. It's not age, it's just getting that you're getting jaded.


tfw can't enjoy vidya because of aphantasia and no imagination anyone know this feel


Isn't that the whole point of using media? Most games provide enough visual/audio feedback that you don't need imagination.


File: 1633129834096.gif (1.39 MB, 498x278, 249:139, ak47.gif) ImgOps iqdb

real men play games with guns


But I think the people into retro gaming are almost all SJWs themselves, and wouldn't be against ranny leftist politics being in games anyway, and you're misquoting the prices, there's tons of old games which are worth next to nothing on ebay. I think it's mostly the youtubers driving up prices.



It's time for you to look for your dreams in real life. But wizards usually have no dreams along with the brain fog that consumes their lives.

Your unconscious, anyway, won't care. It is a sign of that, and there it can remain until death


File: 1638082925730.gif (940.25 KB, 616x300, 154:75, 2022.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Real men use FIST.

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