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The Wizard's source for knowledge about events in the mundane.

As always, try to keep politically-charged news in the politics thread.
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What group as in…?


Oh, I get what you're asking.

No, I'm not Jewish.


you failed the test wiz ;-; there is only the crab bucket and field negros, field negros hate their crab master.
if crab master is sick, field negro prays that he dies
crab bucket: we sick boss?
if crab master's house catch on fire, field negro prays for a wind
crab bucket: give their life to put out the fire

crab master: we got a good house here
crab bucket: yeah we got a good house here
when crab master says we they say we

wizchan still got some polcrabs running around here


File: 1635450565370.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 4f49a41daaa96ee172b3ae5bf7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can understand the words you are using but I can't figure out exactly what they mean.


I'm pretty sure he's just shitposting and isn't serious.


Yeah, I don't have the privilege to be a millenial liberal NEET who can laze about in some shared house with ten different normalfags who all pay the rent. I've never had a mainstream job and probably never will and never had a rentmate or friend in general. I can't identify with redditors who feel like they want to have fun playing NEET. I didn't choose this life of being a jobless NEET, it was forced on me.


We already told you to fuck off.



>redditors who feel like they want to have fun playing NEET.

This sickens me. Society tells us all "consume, consume, consume" and it warps people's mind into saying that our lifestyle is cool and hip.

>I didn't choose this life of being a jobless NEET, it was forced on me.

Same with me and a lot of us I'm sure. Normalfags don't understand the root causes of why becoming NEET happens and wanna glorify it… that's just sad and fucked up man. Nothing about our lives is cool or worth emulating. Each new day is either Heaven or Hell and after long enough time neeting they all become meaningless and it's all Hell


"NEET" is an outdated term anyway. Anyone can call themselves a NEET, even succubi do it ALL THE TIME even though they were never expected to work in the first place and can leech off others without society telling them it's wrong. It's no longer a term to identify with, rather it's a way to tell who is larping and who isn't. This lifestyle is something that you're born into, no other way around it.


File: 1635722962088.gif (2.64 MB, 200x181, 200:181, 12552827.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Witnesses told police that the attacker was wearing a bright outfit — a green shirt, a blue suit and a purple coat — like the Joker


i agree but what other term do we have? NEET means NEET just gatekeep the term but since we dont even use social media aside from here we cant rally do that.


What's your go-to news site?


Drudge Report


Outdated? What other term is there?


For serious news I use news aggregators rather than any single site. Helps with cross referencing stuff.
For nerdy, pop culture, and whatever culture war nonsense is going on currently I go to youtube. Same with political coverage during election season. I also mainly get the dog and pony show of that shit show on youtube too.


A constellation of many different websites group chats and podcasts


NEETdom is the end goal for all true wizards


Speak for yourself.
My end game is to be a professional sage/wiseman/hermit.

Would be funny as fuck for normies to go out of their way seeking my wisdom and I just point out the obvious or some cryptic mystic nonsense. I would die laughing.


if i could enjoy working I dont see the issue but it is NEET for now.


>even succubi do it ALL THE TIME
how do you even know this?


Not him but he has likely seen succubi talk about being NEET online. I don't see the issue if the term fits.



File: 1644206986627.jpg (139.86 KB, 644x338, 322:169, PRC_221906050.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Autistic teen stabbed on street had only left his house twice in two years

>An autistic teen was brutally stabbed in his chest and required life-saving surgery after finally plucking up the courage to leave his house.

>Billy Baxter, 16, was attacked as he ventured out in his hometown of Blackburn for just the second time in more than two years due to his social anxiety.

>His mother, Jessie Brian, 35, said her son was left traumatised by the incident and the family are now planning to move out of the area where they have lived all their lives.

>‘I’ve been around this area for 35 years – it’s the only area that I’ve known – and now we have to leave because the attacker knows my address and so does his family.’

>Billy has ADHD and autism and had previously lived at his girlfriend’s house, where he stayed inside for two years.

>He was ambushed after leaving the house at around 6.45pm to meet up with a new love interest.

Which one of you is this


so he is 16 and has been living with his girlfriend for 2 years. his mom is 35 and so she was pregnant at 19 potentially 18. gets stabbed by another kid. kids are damn animals, they shouldnt be allowed to reproduce that young or go out in public. bring back child labor i say, put those normalfag minions to work. they have too much free time and an undeveloped brain that cannot truly appreciate being idle and lazy


if he can go outside to have sex with succubi I don’t see how he would have any trouble leaving the house at all, sounds like some made up story


>>He was ambushed after leaving the house at around 6.45pm to meet up with a new love interest.
Wizards Going On Dates And Getting Stabbed.


I’m confused. He’s autistic enough to be a shut-in, but he managed to find a girlfriend to LIVE WITH at 24? And his girlfriend/her family were totally fine with some autistic hikki staying at their house for two years? And from what I gather, he was leaving HIS house to “meet up with a new love interest”, so his girlfriend broke up with him and kicked him out? But then, if he’s only left the house twice in two years, does the walk from his ex-girlfriend’s house back to his house count? Wtf bros.


He is 16


Oops, I meant to write 14, not 24 haha


Article says that they broke up last year and he moved back in with his mom. So that was the first time he left the house in two years, and the second one was this one to get stabbed.

>A tube that connects his heart to the blood supply had been cut by the knife and it also pierced his heart.



He's handsome. succubi are always looking for people to control, and an autist is easier to control in many ways.



>Men are voluntarily castrating themselves for a north London cult that sells footage of the procedures, reports say.

>The procedures were allegedly screened on a pay-per-view adult channel that was advertised on Twitter, it is claimed.

>Men going under the knife are part of an extreme S&M community. Reasons include a desire to be feminised, to stay prepubescent and asexual, or a phobia of sex in general.

>After having them removed, he said: ‘I’ve never felt more myself, more complete or happy.’


>Reasons include a desire to be feminised, to stay prepubescent and asexual, or a phobia of sex in general.



Maybe we should find the younger ones and put them to sing in churches as castrati. I always wanted to hear how a ensemble of those guys would sound like inside a big stone building.


Would their lack of genitalia positively affect their singing capabilities?


Look up what castrati are. In short, yes. They tend to have higher voices due to a lack of testosterone.


So the pain Olympics is still alive and well it seems.


File: 1644290513047.jpg (152.42 KB, 1188x1478, 594:739, 20220207_221954.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ted Kaczynski diagnosed with terminal cancer



I forgot he was even still alive.
Guess not for long.


Wasting away with terminal cancer and urging the youngsters to take his anti-technology message seriously; said youngsters overlay a reaction image onto his letter and blithely include a watermark for their social media accounts.


If said youngsters were not merely larping, they would not write to him so a variety of government agencies could put them on a watchlist.
And if they are I would be wary of them getting cointelpro'd into doing some ultimately pointless, reprehensible act. Not that it matters as they won't go any further than reposting 'trad' quotes and pictures on twitter.


the watermarks are killing me lol


fuck :(


You know it's not conducive to discussion when you don't post what the fuck is going on.


>A new and timely academic paper, “Will South Korea Be the First Country to Introduce Universal Basic Income?” by Jong-sun You of Gachon University and Jieun Choi of Seoul National University

South Korea could become the first country in the world to implement a nation-wide universal basic income (UBI) program. Lee Jae-myung, the ruling liberal Democratic Party's presidential candidate has pledged to introduce a UBI as well as categorical basic incomes for youth and rural residents. In particular, Lee’s proposal to finance a UBI with taxes on land holdings and carbon emissions has provoked political controversies. This article introduces Lee’s plan for introducing basic income schemes and financing strategies, outlines the political and socioeconomic background and significance of introducing such programs, and discusses the prospects for implementation.




File: 1650581148798.jpg (42.87 KB, 500x462, 250:231, NIHRCAS5CZCJZAQRIBJLZ4DHFI.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cat known for huge eyes, wonky feet to become mayor of small Michigan town

HELL, MI - A cat known for her oversized eyes and wonky feet is about to become the mayor of a small Michigan town. And not just any town. This little black cat will rule over Hell, located about 20 miles northwest of Ann Arbor.

Anyone can become mayor of Hell for a day. It’s part of the town’s schtick. Pets, though, are another thing. Sunday, April 24 will actually be the first time a cat will make sure all Hell doesn’t break loose.

Jinx’s owner, Mia, rescued her three years ago and the two have been inseparable ever since. Wherever Mia is, Jinx is. Wherever Jinx is, Mia is.




this is probably what his gf sounds like


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