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The Wizard's source for knowledge about events in the mundane.

As always, try to keep politically-charged news in the politics thread.


File: 1625285893018.jpg (47.08 KB, 978x652, 3:2, fresno-jail-guard-01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>female has sex
>wizard news


Accurate. Nobody talks more about sex than wizchan


not true at all. Normie spotted


A pipeline in the gulf of Mexico ruptured and caught fire.
Looks like of like a portal to hell.



Looks like the rise of the Chinese neets is here. As long as they don't get reeducated anyway.


>Five years ago, Luo Huazhong discovered that he enjoyed doing nothing. He quit his job as a factory worker in China, biked 1,300 miles from Sichuan province to Tibet and decided he could get by on odd jobs and $60 a month from his savings. He called his new lifestyle “lying flat.”

>He titled his post “Lying Flat Is Justice.” Before long, the post was being celebrated by Chinese millennials as an anti-consumerist manifesto. “Lying flat” went viral and has since become a broader statement about Chinese society.

>They are now defying the country’s long-held prosperity narrative by refusing to participate in it.

Good. Fuck working for some fat billionaire.


>the top 0.14% of households in China own around one-third of China’s wealth.
>Last year, Premier Li Keqiang contradicted President Xi Jinping on the poverty alleviation issue when he said during a press briefing that “China has over 600 million people whose monthly income is barely 1,000 yuan ($140)

Chairman Xi shouldn't be worried about the US. They should be worried about their own population eating these greedy elites alive.


Turn on, tune in, drop out.


I think if anyone had the ability to legitimately understand all at once the human suffering and hopelessness of the species in that statement that they would somehow die from it. Words can’t describe that.


Lie Flat And Rot


It's pretty fucked up, all they did was redefine the poverty line.


even a futuristic capitalist nation like china can't be expected to raise 1.5 billion out of poverty overnight, but they're getting there, look at the advances they've been making



succubus responsible for worse crash in Tour de France history.

She tried to leave the country to avoid responsibility but was detained.
Still will probably get away with it though.



Commercial gene editing is here. Last year they used it in humans for the first time, soon we will get the results of all the trials and it will be on the market. This is a pretty big deal for treating genetic diseases but also somewhat scary because who knows what else they're going to change. We could be living in a world soon where the rich genetically alter themselves into superhumans.


skeptical, last I heard crispr was bullshit, but sort of exciting if real
>We could be living in a world soon where the rich genetically alter themselves into superhumans.
I'd assume it will be popular and the price will lower the same as cars or electronics



Four-day week trials in Iceland showed despite workers working less hours the productivity remained the same or improved in the majority of workplaces.


That is probably because the productivity of Iceland is already so low and they bullshit most of the time while they work.

Just means they need better management and workplace rules to dramatically increase workplace productivity.


One of the most productive nations on Earth. $67,000 GDP per capita.

The United States is less productive.


True. I knew someone who emigrated to Reykjavik for work. Returned after a year because he was a workaholic. The sheer lack of work and a culture of doing nothing was unbearable to him.


Also, work hours have absolutely nothing to do with productivity.

Bangladesh has a GDP per capita of $1855, so 36 times lower than Iceland.

The average work day in Bangladesh is 11 hours and people work either 6 or 7 days a week.

People in Iceland work 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week (in the trial linked above 4 days).


Then he was a low IQ drone, the meaning of life is not to slave away most of your day at some mindless office or factory generating profits for the owner.

The point of working is to get money so you can enjoy free time with your hobbies, family or friends (though as a Wizard the family part doesn't apply to me).


>One of the most productive nations on Earth
>doesn't make the top ten
>The United States is less productive
>lower ranked then the US

And unlike you I post my source.


I envy workaholics, honestly.


Longterm thinking VS. Shortterm thinking

He retired in a year.
Meaning he worked really hard for one year and now doesn't have to work anymore.
He got in, got his shit done, and got out as fast as possible.

Meanwhile those who don't work hard end up grinding away for decades.


File: 1625611321260.jpg (68.72 KB, 1082x569, 1082:569, iceland-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


People in Bangladesh work their asses off 11-13 hours a day and get 200 dollars at the end of the month.

You're delusional. Working hard has nothing to do with wealth creation. You first need to be born into a first world nation, then get into a white collar job after obtaining a degree to earn a decent wage.

Working hard has nothing to do with it. A McDOnald's worker in Iceland working 6-8 hours a day earns forty times as much as a bangladeshi who works 13 hours a day 6 days a week.


He didn't retire, he got much more money there than he would have made here but it wouldn't be enough for retirement. Of course it doesn't matter because as I mentioned he was a workaholic who'd rather make less money in a busy job than earn more for barely doing anything.

For some people work is the meaning of life.



Only a matter of time now till Taliban are back in control of all of Afghanistan.

On another note, what news outlet do you wiz trust the most?


Only /pol/. Everything else is fake and gay.


its best to never get your news from only one place


unfortunately minus the parts amurika is infesting and their opium farms, I wish the taliban could burn those damn farms again and make the yanks shut the fuck up about the "opioid epidemic" they have been shipping directly in for years on their war planes, probably stuffed in the caskets of soldiers who were told they're protecting "freedom"

mauybe the freedom to OD in a gutter


They were able to hang on for nearly two decades of occupation and immediately spring back the moment the U.S. military left. Frankly, they deserve it.


I don't really trust any of them.
That said I use news aggregators and independent news commentary to keep up with current events.


kek the opioids come from china and south america you dipshit
fix your foil hat tard


it's afghan heroin, it was already a big problem on the streets years before china became the new "existential threat" and america made up this shit about them


You're functionally retarded.


no just old enough to have seen the history of this stuff


Yeah you've seen the history of this stuff on InfoWars


never been there, unlike obviously you



Didn't take long.

TSR came back but it took less then a month before they were bullied into oblivion.
Now it looks like the whole project is dead in the water and the company will never recover.


In recent news, China is shitting up the South China Sea to the point that it can be seen from space, quite literally.

To say that is a lot of shit is a understatement.
Found it kind of funny because apparently I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old. Not trying to start a political argument.



Large study of over 80k people finds an average 7 point drop in IQ for people who have had coronavirus after controlling for all other factors, which is worse than the drop in IQ seen in stroke patients. Covid is literally worse for your brain than a stroke.



> those who had contracted COVID-19 tended to underperform on the intelligence test compared to those who had not contracted the virus.
This only proves that stupid people were more likely to get the virus, which is already obvious.


This. I wonder how well that study takes into account the fact that antivaxxers and antimaskers are extremely dumb to begin with?

I hate political correctness. It's like studying 30,000 people who climbed up electricity poles &touched power lines with their bare hands, then concluding they score lower on IQ tests as a result.
They were dumb to begin with. Nobody tested them *before*, but it isn't necessary.


Have you checked how much yours dropped after getting the jew jab?


I'm not going to get the vaccine.
Not because I'm an antivaxxer, but because I want to die, and from what I have read it's not the worst possible death.

I do realize my odds aren't very good, but I like to have that option open.


Why is this news or why are you posting it here?
succubi will always fuck chads, no matter whether they are in prison, rich, penniless or on death row.

Humans are a primitive hominid ape species that hasn't evolved much in 40,000 years. We are more or less the same as our ancestors mentally and instinct-wise.
Deal with it.


Nice. They would probably drug you up enough to make it pleasant, who knows.
I only haven’t gotten it because I’m agoraphobic.


maybe he's jealous


File: 1627458204869.jpg (41.23 KB, 474x394, 237:197, 20210808.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's now acceptable to wear a mask in public. Yeah!


File: 1627460879729.png (312.87 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1627469435612.jpg (19.05 KB, 320x336, 20:21, fqy9uj54h7s51.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Califagna and several other lgbtifbbq+ sanctuary states have struck the first blow in a new war on gamers by putting in place restrictions on what types of gaming pcs are allowed to be sold statewide, based on some 29iq hippy bullshit about power consumption.


In CA's case it isn't even hippy bullshit but incompetence and corruption.
They can't properly manage the power grid and the power company can be as shit as it wants because it has a state contract that forbids competition.
So rather then fix the root of the problem they just blamed reglar powerless folks who aren't connected enough to do anything about it.

I don't know what the fuck is the problem with the other states that followed in CA's dumbass example.
It feels like a major lawsuit is in order if you ask me.
This shit needs to be struck down before it spreads.


>In CA's case it isn't even hippy bullshit but incompetence and corruption.
Nah. It really is socialism and hippy bullshit. Why does this sort of shit keep happening in systems with large, socialist systems? Corruption and incompetence exist in all governments, but you're just telling me it's moreso in California than in other states? It has nothing to do with the institutional structures in California?


>but you're just telling me it's moreso in California than in other states?
By a wide margen.
The state is totally ungovernable in it's current form.
>It has nothing to do with the institutional structures in California?
Didn't say that.
Just said their motives in this case aren't actually hippy bullshit. That is just a smoke screen to cover for the long time failing power grid that is in the state that it is in due to cronyism and incompetents.

Sort of like how they try to blame global warming on the massive wild fires but it is actually because they have totally negligent and incompetent when it comes to even basic forest management.
But since the people in charge from bottom to the top refuse to ever take responsibility for anything they instead scapegoat and hope the people are stupid enough to forget when it comes time to cash out in the private sector.
Lets just say they ain't all rich off a civil servant's salary.


Probably right, in many cases they use it as a smokescreen. How do places like California even survive?


lol and they expect people to drive electric vehicles?


Shit, that is a good point.


to be fair they don't expect just about anyone to own personal electric vehicles, only from the upper middle classes up, which makes their subsidies wealth redistribution to the rich, so they can virtue signal while powering their pieces of junk with (subsidized) mostly ineffective renewable energy
what are the next products that will be priced out of range of us plebs, if not banned outright? air conditioning? washing machines? running water?

if only they could be honest about their intentions instead of sugarcoating it with hollow moralism and green nonsense, but then what kind of moron would go along with the plan, besides the professional managerial class and the liberal yuppies



Humanity has a pretty long history with that sort of behavior, but back then they were called sumptuary laws.

> Besides the standing regulations governing dress, Edward III in 1336 tried to restrict merchants and the servants of gentlemen from eating more than one meal of flesh or fish per day.

>In 1433 an act of the Scottish parliament prescribed the lifestyle of all social orders in Scotland, even going so far as to limit the use of pies and baked meats to those who held the rank of baron or higher.

Yes, they went as far as banning pie eating from people who weren't at least barons.
Can't have plebeians enjoying a pie when you eat the same thing for breakfast as a baron.

Of course, ordinary folk just laughed off these narcissistic fucks and kept eating pie, but it was still dangerous to consume certain things in public as a commoner.
Even things like a nice embroidered cloak could put your personal life in danger if guards noticed you and found out you're a commoner.


This seems like a load of nothing as usual. It seems only dell took some of their Alienware products off, no one else has done anything AFAIK. And I really hope it is a load of nothing cause I live in CA and was planning on getting a new PC in a month. Also they can’t do shit about people building their own.


They can't do anything about people buying a 1500W PSU, two RTX GPU's and a i9 10900k processor separately.

Sure, a few Alienware sales will be missed, but those are only bought by rich parents for their clueless children.


File: 1627517375988.png (81.71 KB, 700x260, 35:13, Screenshot_2.png) ImgOps iqdb

>A few years later, he revealed a neurological disease that caused his departure. “I got really, really sick with a horrible disease called transverse myelitis; I lost my legs,” he told the audience at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in 2016 (via NME). “I couldn’t play anymore. It was a form of multiple sclerosis, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I got myself back up, and I got myself in the gym and I got myself back in fucking therapy to fucking beat this shit.” At the time, he said he was rededicating himself to music with a new band called Vimic.


He was a banger of a drummer but when I read about what he had back when he first when public I knew it wasn't going to be long.
It's amazing he squeezed out a few more years of drumming at all. Even if it wasn't at as high of level.

RIP dude.


So turns out Chris-Chan has been fully penis-raping his demented mother for a while and stealing all her old person money. She was separated from him by the state and now he's homeless and is under investigation. incest is illegal in Virginia and if Barb's mental state deems her unfit to consent, then he's going down as a sex offender. The CWCKI is down from all the sudden interest and our former admin Null is in the frying pan for supporting and defending the creep for so long.


this is fake


I wish it were. the Cwcki page linked to court docs and a profile of a legal attorney appointed to the case. When it comes back online you'll read the full context and weep


>On 30 July 2021, Chris admitted the authenticity of the recordings to YouTuber Dillin Thomas.[3]


His parents ruined him


he's on record saying these things, although chris-chan does have a record of lying and exaggerating things to his trolls


This shit broke my brain. I’m going off news/e-news for a long time. Worst possible timeline.


a mental ill person doing mental ill things, wow what a surprise, I bet this is the result of trolls manipulation, first they turned him in to a tranny then in to a motherfucker and now they vilify him to feel superior and have a good laugh at him, I hope these trolling bastard get hit hard by karma


This. He had severe mental problems after puberty and all people have been doing for the last couple decades is harassing him online and making fun of him.

He first lashed out by making inappropriate Sonic comics, then as people laughed even more at him he just snapped at one point.

I am pretty sure he wont go to jail, he will be institutionalized because his brain and consciousness is gone at this point.
The shitty nolives who trolled him for decades made him into who he is.


I doubt he will go to a loony bin, to plead insanity you have to not be able to tell right from wrong (or so I heard), evidence points to chris knowing what he did was wrong


He doesn’t have to plead insanity to be shipped off to the funny farm. As long as his mental state poses a threat to those around him, which I think a judge would agree it does, he will be taken.



what does how much fake paper money you're given have to do with productivity?


That's how capitalism works. A factory nightwatch who browses wizchan for 8 hours is about a hundred times more productive than a miner in Congo who busts his ass off all night.

That is in terms of how much their labor can be sold for in their respective countries (for the icelandic or american factory guard, maybe $40 to 50 an hour billing to the client, in Congo the laborers work is worth maybe 50 cents an hour if that - these people are paid $1-2 a day)

First and foremost to make a good life, you must be born into a first world country.
If you were born poor somewhere like the Congo you've already lost at life irredeemably.


File: 1627859996219.mp4 (18.03 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 2399958-c1faacad905d3f69ed….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

He's been arrested, and there's a lot of focus from white knights to bring attention to Null's manipulation and extortion of Chris and other victims of Kiwifarms harassment.


Because the congo is known for being a bastion of free market economics and private capital ownership.


>Being a security guard is more productive than resource extraction


The country is capitalism in it's purest form. Zero welfare, nearly zero taxation, about 1000 people living in gilded palaces while 86 million people scrape by on about fifty dollars a day, and millions of homeless children roam the streets.

Since there is no real way of earning money for most of the youth, nearly all of them are in armed gangs, or kulunas.
They make their livinghood extorting business owners and kidnapping their family members, while the lowly paid police are complicit through bribes.

Isn't unregulated, completely laissez-faire capitalism with no state invervention wonderful?


You are so full of shit you could fertilize the Sahara.
What is even the point of being so dishonest?


Capitalism isn't the problem, it's the niggers.


Any chance you'll elaborate?

The reality of wealth inequality is the problem in the bigger picture.
"Niggers" being a seperate issue in their own right, neither third-world or first world countries are safe from the natural conclusion of unchecked capitalism. Just compare this blurb about 18th century France to what >>274493 wrote:

"Shortly before the French Revolution, a small percentage of the population comprised of the clergy and a few nobles were known to be quite wealthy and lived a luxurious lifestyle. However, the majority of the population consisting of peasants was living in abject poverty. People would spend days searching for employment without luck, and when they finally found work, the pay was only enough to feed their families.

Most people lived in the countryside, as the conditions there were a bit bearable as compared to city life. Urban residents generally had a shorter life span since the air was filled with pollution while water was quite dirty. Disease outbreaks were quite rampant leading to many deaths both in the city and the countryside.

The huge economic gap between peasants and the elite is one of the primary reasons why the revolution began. Peasants were also not afforded equal rights as those who were considered wealthy, and this intensified the discontent of the people of France during that time."


File: 1627892746760.jpg (47.44 KB, 300x200, 3:2, BsSU0Zg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Time to patiently wait for extinction because humanity didn't transition to a more efficient mode production in time.


>wealth inequality

Even if everyone started out with the same amount of capital, unavoidably, the distribution would end up similarly to today. The problem is that freedom results in unequal outcomes and true "equality" is only possible under an authoritarian rule that keeps the checks and balances by force. The problem with that is that any such government would inevitably become corrupt and we would all be much worse off, both in terms of economic efficiency (as central planning has been historically proven a disaster) and in terms of freedoms.


>Strolls over to economic freedom index.
>Bottom of the pile.
You think Venezuela is Capitalist because Oliver said so, don't you?


This is what happens when the political thread is killed.


Was it? Didn't notice.


> our former admin Null
Null was never affiliated with any incarnation of wizardchan.
Glaive was the traitor who was de-admined by Anachronormie immediately after it became known he'd created an account on the cwciki.
That removal was appropriate and the period during which an admin had an active cwciki forums account was brief. My understanding is that Glaive was escalated to an administrative position on the cwciki forums after being permabanned from wizardchan, and shortly removed from their forums for some internal drama reasons I can't imagine any of us caring about.
I don't think this case can be tied directly to the harassment he underwent the way his sex change could. Even with a good defense lawyer that would only indirectly and slightly mitigate his responsibility to the extent that life under continuous harassment numbs and disengages anyone's moral compass similar to increased probability of rape during wartime, which isn't a big enough factor to avoid culpability just as heavily traumatized soldiers might at most get sentences leaning towards legal minima. And there's no way a trashy impoverished autistic man in America will get a good lawyer. He'll probably serve time in prison and then be discharged from prison into a state run psychiatric institution. Tbh I never followed or looked into him beyond anything that's been brought up on this site and 4chan, but it's my understanding that institutionalization has been a long time coming, and he probably should have been re-homed after he started having autistic violence episodes in public.


File: 1627940987405.jpg (457.84 KB, 1080x1785, 72:119, 20210802_174709.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

China bans e-payments to succubi selling their bodies



does that ban those vtuber things now too? that stuff is annoying


>that stuff is annoying
I barely ever see anything related to it other then random folk like yourself complaining about it.
Just don't watch it if you don't like it. It's what I do. It works quite well.
No need to be a stick in the mud or a crab in the bucket about what other people enjoy.


File: 1627959422075.gif (1.52 MB, 600x338, 300:169, tumblr_51a86ecfadce395c58e….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I just cant tolerate vtubers, oh no no no!



Not sure How I will use such information but interesting none the less.


can’t you guys just make a new politics thread? You clearly have stuff you want to post in it, why sully this one


>can’t you guys just make a new politics thread?
Not really.
It is probably dead for good this time.
Congratulations, you got what you always wanted.


Please try to keep politically charged news out of this thread.


But all news can be defined as politically charged.


Turns out to be fake news.
As with all things it is far more complicated then the headlines of irresponsible games "journalist" have let on.
If you are intrested in the "gaming pc ban" then you should probably watch the whole video to actually be informed what is going on.

Hope this isn't too political, unlike the communist shill post that are still up.


And related to the "gaming PC ban" is the "gaming monitor ban" that hasn't got clickbait articles yet (but they are coming).

Again, hope this isn't too political for our glorious and impartial mods.
I mean it does talk about law and regulations, so might be just too political for this thread.


>China bans e-payments to succubi selling their bodies

I already have my own personal theory as to why, but I still have to ask what the fuck happened that the (zoomer) normalfags are handing money over to e-succubi they'll never meet? And it has to be normalfags rather than just losers because they're making WAY more money than if it was just losers. I vaguely remember a couple of popular cosplay(/e-)succubi that made a decent level of money back in the late 90s and 00s but the money they made pales in comparison to the e-whores of today.

E-whores. That's the other part, e-whores. I don't remember cosplay(/e-)succubi of yesteryear of being much more than risqué (as a whole) but the zoomer generation of e-succubi seem to be bending over backwards to fill every possible niche, from "tradcath" asmr to licking toilet seats to anal dp with animal dildos to God knows what else.

Like what the fuck?


File: 1628086631463.jpeg (85.93 KB, 706x455, 706:455, 488ef52b38df8954af432961d….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Not certain, but I believe it's a matter of most payments being made by Indian men. There's been a lot of memes and news in recent years about Indian men oogling over foreign succubi and offering to buy them things in exchange for nude photos.

India is the third most porn-watchingest country [https://www.indiatimes.com/news/world/india-3rd-most-porn-watching-country-in-the-world-up-from-4th-last-year-249212.html]
Indians are being taught Chinese [https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/sushma-swaraj-asks-indians-chinese-to-learn-each-other-s-language-to-boost-ties/story-uEOj99pf7OYqBdq8Q3vh6J.html]
India is a very "online" country, with rapid advancements in networking infrastructure. Stereotype of Indian men is that they are highly versed in smartphones and social media. 100% of India has 1gbps+ landline coverage [https://myjiophone.in/news/finally-reliance-jio-completed-optic-fiber-cable-laying-works-and-makes-a-digital-live-india/]

There are 1.4 Billion Indians. being very conservative, we can assume that 500,000,000 are over the age of 18, and cut that number in half to get 250,000,000 males.

Assuming there are 10,000 attractive Chinese succubi who show boobs and vagene for money on a platform navigable in India, that's 2500 viewers per 1 streamer from India alone. If each of these streamers gives ONE DOLLAR to their assigned e-thot each month, that's $2,500/m for the streamer, more than a living wage even in places such as Beijing. But the reality is that they don't give $1/m, they give several $$$/d, to several succubi!!!

You wonder why China and India are nearly at war? Not money, not land, but boobs. 3 D PIG DISGUSTING CHINKY boobs. naaasty


Do you not remember phone sex hotlines and how expensive that shit was/is?
Lonely dudes with more money then sense dropping thousands a month just to talk on the phone with a feminine voice.

Then there is the whole thing with strip clubs, idols, and all the other ways lonely men have thrown money at succubi for paying attention to them over the generations.


that is truly embarrassing, I feel pretty shameful to be a man and possibly be associated with these types of strange lonely/incel weirdos, over the years I've become a bit bitter about it to the point where I'll actively avoid giving females any attention at all because I don't want to have the remote chance that someone thinks I'm some thirsty creep


>Do you not remember phone sex hotlines and how expensive that shit was/is?
Yeah, this is different, all of that was secluded and mainly in the domain of lonely permanently single dudes, THIS seems to be affecting more and more normies.

Interesting theory but I don't know, I think indian men have basic ass(!) requests of bob and vagene, the ultra-specific niche-filling requests seem more of a western imageboard/forum dweller, at least it used to be.


>all of that was secluded
>60% of late night adds in the 90s and early 00s
>backpage advertisements in most newspapers

Yeah, sure dude.
>THIS seems to be affecting more and more normies.
Probably because people have been locked in there houses for a year and a half over bullshit, and it is a hell of a lot cheaper for the average cumsumer of such content.
Sort of how more normies watch porn then ever before because it is easily available and totally free for most people.

The behavor isn't new. It is just much easier and available then before.
There have always been simps and there will always be simps. At this point all a wizard can do is shake their head and preach wisdom to young apprentices so that they may avoid such a dreadful fate.


>all of that was secluded
>60% of late night ads in the 90s and early 00s
>backpage advertisements in most newspapers

That's secluded enough to me, like, it's the backpage, the time of day of when certain demographics will be watching. And even then most of it was vanilla fare.

Now you're probably one degree of separation away from some attention-whore who has an onlyfans account humping balloons and some fucker who pays who a transvestite for nothing in return because he's addicted to "findom".

>Probably because people have been locked in there houses

This shit has been growing before the lockdown happened.

Look I guess we're not going to see eye-to-eye and an argument can be made that normalfags have been always "degenerate" but to me this is something different. I think instant-access, retard-proof social media and commodification have warped regular human relationships and concepts to such a degree that we're going to see strange things and normalisation of those strange things in the years to come.


File: 1628335097284.jpg (61.37 KB, 1275x895, 255:179, 1mtg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tokyo Olympics are on. Japan doing well with their home-country advantage…


File: 1628865186927.jpeg (94.75 KB, 400x1200, 1:3, 1594310046398.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>be elder living peacefully
>normalfags bullies assault your house
>you fucking go to jail because you are supposed to just take it
Humanity is a fucking clownshow


>their home-country advantage…
yeah cuz the magic soil boosts their power level or something right



File: 1628952093022.png (1.01 MB, 862x485, 862:485, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

not him, but i wonder if there really any benefit when there is no crowd, or if it is less


you've posted that dumb shit before mutt, it has nothing to do with the olympics, there's an international governing body behind the thing that outlaws and inspects for crap like that, even if you wanna believe that fucking with the grass is able to rig a game in someone's favor, which is can't


I caught a few minutes of the olympics on tv cause my parents had it on and it looked really depressing, the people were just performing and there was like no one there, obviously people were watching on the TV but it just seemed so desolate and low energy, like just watching some teams practicing


Cope harder with being wrong alaskan.
I presented evidence, you presented ignorance.
It's time for you to shut your dumb ass up about shit you don't know anything about.


Huh… didn't know you are one of those tards who uses "cope" as a one size fits all word, but that figures.
>I presented evidence
You presented dubious hypotheses you call evidence because they're on page 1 of google. That's how you always argue. You think just because something is on the internet it's true. I remember just 20 years ago society used to brutally mock people like you. I wonder what happened to that…


File: 1628977184159.jpg (61.2 KB, 500x480, 25:24, brown-donkey-eating-hay-50….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh please continue making a ass of yourself.


File: 1629073633559.png (762.45 KB, 943x881, 943:881, 1629072489584.png) ImgOps iqdb


Some people develop an unhealthy relationship to the internet. Unhealthy ties to video games, unhealthy amounts of spam and shitposting. It aint surprising that this spills into real life


What makes you think it wasn't personal or someone who knew her?


they really should specify she wasn't the english voice actress, if you're going to report this on an english news site to a majority english english audience…


it was personal. shame I wanted to see if it was a cannibal.


so powerful and brave! im already for their blm and pride month support next year for another episode! good job





You late.


File: 1629635301205.webm (442.48 KB, 578x720, 289:360, 8kokoro.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Onlyfans has non-porn accounts?!?


Since the beginning it had non-porn accounts, but also since the beginning of the site the most profitable and popular were the porn accounts.


File: 1629804251869.jpg (52.99 KB, 452x450, 226:225, kz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Afghanisation is almost making the USAian right-wing realise that they may be baddies. Almost…


The only monsters is the people that recognize the situation and then have 7 kids regardless. They are the fuel for the cycle, not the rich.


File: 1630200265572.jpg (114.46 KB, 684x1000, 171:250, DeathpactAngel2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

RICH are to blame too especially people like Bezo & Musk. They are billionaires yet suppress their own workers. Hypocrisy?


The poor, unintelligent and degenerate lower classes who advocate for equal rights and welfare are at a close second! Parasites as well.


There are good poor people who don't have kids and are content with frugal and simple living. To chase money to the extreme all the ultra rich do, however, I can't see a single one of them not being greedily psychotic.


File: 1634719456397.webm (165.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SEY.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Brave Search replaces Google as default search engine in the Brave browser



Alec Baldwin Fatally Shoots Crew Member on the set of Rust in tragic accident.



well that must suck. Can you go to prison for something like this? When you kill people by accident you can still go to prison regardless.


>named Bald-win
>not even bald and still has hair
this guy will get away with it being a funny accident, entertainers today have president status due to being filthy rich


Baldwin isn't liable in a accident like that, but the prop guy in charge of the guns very likely could get in trouble for negligence. The whole production company can also be sued civilly for negligence as well.
There was no reason for live ammo to even be on the set.


File: 1634948825562.jpg (66.66 KB, 587x960, 587:960, 20211022_202653.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>poor COVID safety
based Baldwin snuffing covid cultists


lol what a bunch of wusses


union busters probably planted that bullet to send a message


This sounds more plausible than someone just happening to use a live round instead of a blank.


This was planned I bet.


The armorer was a diversity hire, a w*man. The creature simply confused live cartridges for blanks. No conspiracy. All you need to cause a catastrophe is to forcefully include members of the inferior sex and/or race where they don't fucking belong.


She was the daughter of an industry-famous armorer. It’s nepotism, not identity politics.


> The creature simply confused live cartridges for blanks
Not believing this.



getting weed is going to be very easy once dispensaries open up here, hopefully this will drive the prices down due to competition as well, looking forward to it


I dont understand the point of weed, it doesn't make me feel good or bring any more pleasure than taking benedryl (none at all). Still, every single normalfag is obsessed with it. If you want to feel good take a real drug like opiates/benzos/amphetamines/hallucinogens, hell, even nicotine is more pleasurable than weed.


>i don't like it so no one can like it
Please shut the fuck up.


>just fry your brain on these chemicals bruh instead of just using a kino/game enhancer every now n then


Weed makes you retarded and gay.


prove it


>kino/game enhancer
It makes games incredibly boring for me, actually it makes everything entertaining feel like a massive waste of time


Sounds like it's your shitty attitude and not the weed lad. There's no fun in being a mither.


Whatever, I think it's complete garbage of a drug, if you can even call it a drug. Don't know why the shit isn't just sold in the OTC section of the grocery store with the sleep aids.


File: 1635270625480.jpg (51.07 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000291206154-iyee….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Agree, weed makes me actually more receptive and open to entertainment, stuff that would have flown over my head otherwise. Yesterday I played the Dark picture anthology or what it's called, and while high I just couldn't stop laughing at the stupid stuff they do, while it would have been more of a chore sober, it also helps me sleep way better and longer without worrying about stuff I have no control over.
It can fuck with your memory though, but depression and pills do that too I suppose, and for me that's not really a problem.


Let's welcome our Chinese friends

An entire generation of Chinese youth is rejecting the pressures of hustle culture by ‘lying flat’



File: 1635360755298.jpeg (60.23 KB, 717x477, 239:159, 4B8DE3AB-69B1-4ABC-BDE2-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Wait, how is this pulling crabs down into the bucket?
>Hey, don't go work in the mines, you'll get black lung.


There's literally no point working in Chinese society if you were born poor.

You will never own anything, your wages are shit even if you are educated, you wont be able to afford even a down payment on a house no matter how hard you work due to exorbitant property prices (Manhattan tier prices, but wages are 20x lower than in New York).

I'm surprised only 61% of the 240,000 respondents were 'laying flat'.

You'd think the more years pass under those harsh realities (such as realizing you will never advance in life no matter how hard you work if born poor) it would be closer to 90-100%.


I'm curious, what group do you identify with?


What group as in…?


Oh, I get what you're asking.

No, I'm not Jewish.


you failed the test wiz ;-; there is only the crab bucket and field negros, field negros hate their crab master.
if crab master is sick, field negro prays that he dies
crab bucket: we sick boss?
if crab master's house catch on fire, field negro prays for a wind
crab bucket: give their life to put out the fire

crab master: we got a good house here
crab bucket: yeah we got a good house here
when crab master says we they say we

wizchan still got some polcrabs running around here


File: 1635450565370.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 4f49a41daaa96ee172b3ae5bf7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can understand the words you are using but I can't figure out exactly what they mean.


I'm pretty sure he's just shitposting and isn't serious.


Yeah, I don't have the privilege to be a millenial liberal NEET who can laze about in some shared house with ten different normalfags who all pay the rent. I've never had a mainstream job and probably never will and never had a rentmate or friend in general. I can't identify with redditors who feel like they want to have fun playing NEET. I didn't choose this life of being a jobless NEET, it was forced on me.


We already told you to fuck off.



>redditors who feel like they want to have fun playing NEET.

This sickens me. Society tells us all "consume, consume, consume" and it warps people's mind into saying that our lifestyle is cool and hip.

>I didn't choose this life of being a jobless NEET, it was forced on me.

Same with me and a lot of us I'm sure. Normalfags don't understand the root causes of why becoming NEET happens and wanna glorify it… that's just sad and fucked up man. Nothing about our lives is cool or worth emulating. Each new day is either Heaven or Hell and after long enough time neeting they all become meaningless and it's all Hell


"NEET" is an outdated term anyway. Anyone can call themselves a NEET, even succubi do it ALL THE TIME even though they were never expected to work in the first place and can leech off others without society telling them it's wrong. It's no longer a term to identify with, rather it's a way to tell who is larping and who isn't. This lifestyle is something that you're born into, no other way around it.


File: 1635722962088.gif (2.64 MB, 200x181, 200:181, 12552827.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Witnesses told police that the attacker was wearing a bright outfit — a green shirt, a blue suit and a purple coat — like the Joker


i agree but what other term do we have? NEET means NEET just gatekeep the term but since we dont even use social media aside from here we cant rally do that.


What's your go-to news site?


Drudge Report


Outdated? What other term is there?


For serious news I use news aggregators rather than any single site. Helps with cross referencing stuff.
For nerdy, pop culture, and whatever culture war nonsense is going on currently I go to youtube. Same with political coverage during election season. I also mainly get the dog and pony show of that shit show on youtube too.


A constellation of many different websites group chats and podcasts


NEETdom is the end goal for all true wizards


Speak for yourself.
My end game is to be a professional sage/wiseman/hermit.

Would be funny as fuck for normies to go out of their way seeking my wisdom and I just point out the obvious or some cryptic mystic nonsense. I would die laughing.


if i could enjoy working I dont see the issue but it is NEET for now.


>even succubi do it ALL THE TIME
how do you even know this?


Not him but he has likely seen succubi talk about being NEET online. I don't see the issue if the term fits.



File: 1644206986627.jpg (139.86 KB, 644x338, 322:169, PRC_221906050.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Autistic teen stabbed on street had only left his house twice in two years

>An autistic teen was brutally stabbed in his chest and required life-saving surgery after finally plucking up the courage to leave his house.

>Billy Baxter, 16, was attacked as he ventured out in his hometown of Blackburn for just the second time in more than two years due to his social anxiety.

>His mother, Jessie Brian, 35, said her son was left traumatised by the incident and the family are now planning to move out of the area where they have lived all their lives.

>‘I’ve been around this area for 35 years – it’s the only area that I’ve known – and now we have to leave because the attacker knows my address and so does his family.’

>Billy has ADHD and autism and had previously lived at his girlfriend’s house, where he stayed inside for two years.

>He was ambushed after leaving the house at around 6.45pm to meet up with a new love interest.

Which one of you is this


so he is 16 and has been living with his girlfriend for 2 years. his mom is 35 and so she was pregnant at 19 potentially 18. gets stabbed by another kid. kids are damn animals, they shouldnt be allowed to reproduce that young or go out in public. bring back child labor i say, put those normalfag minions to work. they have too much free time and an undeveloped brain that cannot truly appreciate being idle and lazy


if he can go outside to have sex with succubi I don’t see how he would have any trouble leaving the house at all, sounds like some made up story


>>He was ambushed after leaving the house at around 6.45pm to meet up with a new love interest.
Wizards Going On Dates And Getting Stabbed.


I’m confused. He’s autistic enough to be a shut-in, but he managed to find a girlfriend to LIVE WITH at 24? And his girlfriend/her family were totally fine with some autistic hikki staying at their house for two years? And from what I gather, he was leaving HIS house to “meet up with a new love interest”, so his girlfriend broke up with him and kicked him out? But then, if he’s only left the house twice in two years, does the walk from his ex-girlfriend’s house back to his house count? Wtf bros.


He is 16


Oops, I meant to write 14, not 24 haha


Article says that they broke up last year and he moved back in with his mom. So that was the first time he left the house in two years, and the second one was this one to get stabbed.

>A tube that connects his heart to the blood supply had been cut by the knife and it also pierced his heart.



He's handsome. succubi are always looking for people to control, and an autist is easier to control in many ways.



>Men are voluntarily castrating themselves for a north London cult that sells footage of the procedures, reports say.

>The procedures were allegedly screened on a pay-per-view adult channel that was advertised on Twitter, it is claimed.

>Men going under the knife are part of an extreme S&M community. Reasons include a desire to be feminised, to stay prepubescent and asexual, or a phobia of sex in general.

>After having them removed, he said: ‘I’ve never felt more myself, more complete or happy.’


>Reasons include a desire to be feminised, to stay prepubescent and asexual, or a phobia of sex in general.



Maybe we should find the younger ones and put them to sing in churches as castrati. I always wanted to hear how a ensemble of those guys would sound like inside a big stone building.


Would their lack of genitalia positively affect their singing capabilities?


Look up what castrati are. In short, yes. They tend to have higher voices due to a lack of testosterone.


So the pain Olympics is still alive and well it seems.


File: 1644290513047.jpg (152.42 KB, 1188x1478, 594:739, 20220207_221954.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ted Kaczynski diagnosed with terminal cancer



I forgot he was even still alive.
Guess not for long.


Wasting away with terminal cancer and urging the youngsters to take his anti-technology message seriously; said youngsters overlay a reaction image onto his letter and blithely include a watermark for their social media accounts.


If said youngsters were not merely larping, they would not write to him so a variety of government agencies could put them on a watchlist.
And if they are I would be wary of them getting cointelpro'd into doing some ultimately pointless, reprehensible act. Not that it matters as they won't go any further than reposting 'trad' quotes and pictures on twitter.


the watermarks are killing me lol


fuck :(


You know it's not conducive to discussion when you don't post what the fuck is going on.


>A new and timely academic paper, “Will South Korea Be the First Country to Introduce Universal Basic Income?” by Jong-sun You of Gachon University and Jieun Choi of Seoul National University

South Korea could become the first country in the world to implement a nation-wide universal basic income (UBI) program. Lee Jae-myung, the ruling liberal Democratic Party's presidential candidate has pledged to introduce a UBI as well as categorical basic incomes for youth and rural residents. In particular, Lee’s proposal to finance a UBI with taxes on land holdings and carbon emissions has provoked political controversies. This article introduces Lee’s plan for introducing basic income schemes and financing strategies, outlines the political and socioeconomic background and significance of introducing such programs, and discusses the prospects for implementation.




File: 1650581148798.jpg (42.87 KB, 500x462, 250:231, NIHRCAS5CZCJZAQRIBJLZ4DHFI.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cat known for huge eyes, wonky feet to become mayor of small Michigan town

HELL, MI - A cat known for her oversized eyes and wonky feet is about to become the mayor of a small Michigan town. And not just any town. This little black cat will rule over Hell, located about 20 miles northwest of Ann Arbor.

Anyone can become mayor of Hell for a day. It’s part of the town’s schtick. Pets, though, are another thing. Sunday, April 24 will actually be the first time a cat will make sure all Hell doesn’t break loose.

Jinx’s owner, Mia, rescued her three years ago and the two have been inseparable ever since. Wherever Mia is, Jinx is. Wherever Jinx is, Mia is.




this is probably what his gf sounds like


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