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File: 1626016909586.png (1.97 MB, 1901x848, 1901:848, 1610140524498.png) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone hear of the dead/empty internet theory? For those who don't know, see pic related. The modern web is very sterile and boring compared to what it once was. Every search result and popular video is a "top 5" or "top 10", many of which are likely generated by bots as well. Search engine results are fake and inorganic due to SEO and click bots. You could be talking to one and not even know it. The OP in the pic focuses on strange phenomena on 4chan, but there's evidence of bots here and on most other sites. I could go on and on, but I'll instead "open the floor" to discussion.


Plenty of people use the internet, but they go to very few websites. Talking to the average internet-goer isn't much different than talking to a bot anyway. They see dumb opinion videos mixed in with the rest of their ADHD entertainment, accept it at face value and go back to laughing at 15-second meme clips like retards.


Your bot point is dead on.

When you've seen one youtube comment section you've seen them all. When you see one popular reddit comment section you've seen them all.

It's all the same "foul play? more like fowl play!" and "nobody: literally nobody" regurgitation.

So it is like trying to talk with bots.

You could program thousands of bots to do these comments and upvote them and they'd look like normal comment sections, because 95% of humans are braindead.


To comment on that original posters (from 2019) theory that a lot of real life phenomena eventually emulate things born out of imageboards (also a huge reason for Qanon stuff etc):

There is nothing more to it than gullible people falling for fairly highly intelligent shucksters scams.
Imageboards aren't separated from real life or meatspace. Tens of millions of normals read them for fun.

If a post is well-articulated, it will stick in the minds of thousands of normals. The idea will bounce around in their mind and get a life of its own.

Some of them will absorb ideas. Just as on Wizchan, only maybe 50 people produce posts. Yet there are 5000 others who only read and never post.


>Anyone hear of the dead/empty internet theory?
Wiz that thread 404'd from here like 3 months ago, we literally wrote that theory.


15 second meme clips are about the only thing of value on the internet. There is no such thing as serious discussion here.


I thought the OP of that post was being stupid until I went on /r9k/ and saw the exact same post that I saw a month ago as well as the same replies (although there were some new ones but none talked about the thread being made a few months ago and the replies being the same as the previous post). I didnt post because 4chan doesnt allow vpns


Corporations gated off the internet. Although there are still a lot of personal blogs etc., it feels like less sites are interested in free exchange of ideas.


News sites and tabloids are picking up on it

>the author claims to have pieced together the theory from ideas shared by anonymous users of 4chan’s paranormal section and another forum called Wizardchan, an online community premised on earning wisdom and magic through celibacy.


2021? Atlantic?

I was gonna chastise the OP repeating the same thread for the third(?) time, especially one we helped write, but the fact that it's currently being looked at by news sites means that journalism reaching new heights of terribleness if some minor theory that's really only of relevance to people who remember web 2.0 and earlier is making it to news sites.


Interesting take from the OP but I think it ignores the cyclical nature of media and society at large.

as far as people disappearing goes. well people die alot so thats a possible explanation. unless your connected on fb or something you'd never find out.

I really do think the deity like nature of modern memes is something to be worried about though.

fuck doge is a meme that is also some peoples life savings. shits fucking weird whatever.

but yea while a lot of his hot takes are dumb as fuck as we move forward and algorithms take over this goon will likely become a fortune teller.


>fuck doge is a meme that is also some peoples life savings. shits fucking weird whatever.

I think it's that "hyperreal" stuff that was Baudrillard was talking about.


You do realize that post was originally made here, right? And that the resulting thread was up for a year or so and had over 600 replies?

>Anyone hear of the dead/empty internet theory?

Yes. Go back to whichever hellhole you came from.


is the author of the OP image that same oldfag who posts cartoons and talks about abandoning the internet because it is of no value and not even owning a PC that has a router which can connect to online?


I didn't see the thread in OP pictures in that time it was up, so is nice that he posted it so more people can know about it. On the other hand a post like yours is only whining.


>nobody: literally nobody

The lack of imagination never ceases to amaze.


Some points are better than others. The ones about "muh popular media is soulless now" reeks of nostalgia goggles and an inactive interest in those things. Music for example is positively exploding and has been for decades, it's insanely difficult to even slightly keep up with the creative energy of it. But you'd only see this if you actually had any real interest in music and didn't just observe the frontier of corporate massproduction.
If all you play is AAA you probably don't have a concept of what a B game even is.
The way the uniqueness and activity in a medium seems tied to how interested I am in it suggests that these mediums of art are all far more active than they ever communicate to the masses.
Similarly, the internet as a whole may also still be active, groups and clusters of highly specific interests all around. But out of sight as OP over there got out of touch with the people he knew and never really visited any new places afterwards.
It is easy to imagine the wizard who knows only of youtube and twitter simply out of lack of interest to go anywhere else.

That said, bot and AI text generation tech is improving exponentially. There may be some wacky experimenting going on on that front for sure. Live implementation to make sites seem healthier and more popular or whatever.


>Music for example is positively exploding
>you'd only see this if you actually had any real interest in music
This is very true you can be full time music searching Wi and still find new and old_new stuff that is amazing.

It does feel like people don't want to take as many risks creatively if the product has to turn a profit like in anime for example. Hollywood has gotten really bad also and become like pop music in ways.
>It is easy to imagine the wizard who knows only of youtube and twitter simply out of lack of interest to go anywhere else.
A lot of people only use this board and maybe scroll through 4chan sometimes. Twitter seems too hard to get into unless you just want to follow creators you like.


>Similarly, the internet as a whole may also still be active, groups and clusters of highly specific interests all around
I will ask you the same that I asked to an anon who came with this same "Oh but there are many places still around very interesting". What are those? Post some.

And that mainstream media is trash is not in a contradiction with the fact that indie media is where the real good things are.


I only casually browse places now because I’ve since realized that finding a “home” website on the internet is akin to find your favorite flavor of cyanide, but I use anon.cafe and zzzchan for niche subjects.


>“home” website on the internet is akin to find your favorite flavor of cyanide
And how was that conclution reached?


By realizing that there isn’t and never will be a place I can comfortably enjoy on the internet after many years of using various imageboards and media websites.


Then I don't know how can you claim that there are many interesting and so on places around, when you can't even find one to be your "home" in actuality.


he could just mean he does not fit in anywhere. a very wiz feeling


File: 1631222824681.jpg (276 KB, 863x1920, 863:1920, Cons--.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The ones about "muh popular media is soulless now" reeks of nostalgia goggles

If you were Gen X talking about the Boomers, you might have a point but you're Gen Zoomer or proto-zoomer talking about the millennials. A lot of the media today is just rehashes, reboots, remixes and sequels. Hell, some shit rebooted in the literally same decade. Spiderman was rebooted twice.

>Similarly, the internet as a whole may also still be active, groups and clusters of highly specific interests all around.

lol no, the internet was in the web 2.0 days and the way the internet is now is completely different. The moment those specific interests groups are discovered by the mainstream they will be devoured and perverted from their original goal.


Anybody remember webrings?


webrings still exist but not like they did


Very few people are interested in music outside of background noise and what you talk about is part of the problem. Places like Steam are flooded with Z grade shit drowning out the B games under "Faggot simulator 2021" and "My gay dungeon daddy's home edition" made in unity and RPGmaker respectively. Steam has removed the gatekeeping of commercial viability which opened up possibility for some interesting games to be made but destroyed any attempt to discover games casually. The middle market of everything has gone.

Are you joking? Anon.cafe is dead since /fascism/ got kicked off of it and ZZZchan is nothing but retards forming a cult against outside opinions. If that's your quality then you may as well be on Reddit.

The 80s and 90s were full of remakes and rehashes as well.

Web 2.0 is the current internet, it's when people instead of ideas became the dominant force on it. Reddit, Facebook and Twitter are the end game of Web 2.0 where "user created content" rules all. A blog is web 1.0, social media is 2.0. It's not totally different, it's how social media making things so easy was going to go. Blogspot, wordpress and others make hosting a blog easier than ever but you have no audience and people want virtual friends more than quality content.

There are still some great and active forums out there if you go search for them (Don't use google). They're not the same as they used to be but they're still there. Image boards are dying out to trannycord and are filled with Twitterfags using them to shit on each other so nothing new or interesting gets shared on them any more. It creates the illusion of a dead internet because the format is dying. It's similar to saying there's no new movies coming out because you're still on VHS or DVD. There's a few worth checking once a week but none worth checking daily.


a lot of people will use image boards like 4chan only to low effort shit post and save their discussions with their online social media friends. Isn't discord also dying or morphing into circle jerking clique faggotry being required as entry? It is a real shame that the bar to entry for creation is so low with (anything) because it comes at the cost of quality content. Soundcloud allows anyone to host music but anything good is drowned out by the swarm of kids/idiots making uninspired drivel that makes it much harder to find anything good. is there some solution or middle ground to all of this? i can see massive division coming online as the owners/operators of social media enforce users to conform becoming more and more progressive and pushing out anyone who doesn't agree into cesspools of group think echo chambers like /pol/


>those website you use are dead and shit
>b-but there’s still some good ones just look for them
As is tradition, I must ask you what incredible forums you use.


There are plenty of attempts to make alternatives already but it's not social media that's in control of the system. When you try to make an alternative the (((banks))) cut you off entirely. It starts with Paypal and ends with credit card companies denying you any sort of accounts at all. How do you set up an alternative when no one can invest and support you outside of physical cash?
The webring is dead and shit. I'm not going to link you to anything when the board we're on is full of furries and trannies now. I told you how to find better places and you have to go looking yourself.


File: 1631301537715.png (384.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 74B5A6A1-2692-4CC4-BC21-52….png) ImgOps iqdb

>he thinks there’s anywhere that is safe from furries


> I'm not going to link you to anything
Then why you posted about it? Just to say that you are in a very exclusive club and you're very special? You can keep that to yourself.


>Very few people are interested in music outside of background noise
Don't be fooled by how present music is in society. It is still an art that requires specific commitment. Same as with any other medium.
Hi, because of how personalized the process of finding places such as those are I would only be able to share the ones that pertain to myself. You know what you like, it's unlikely any of the following will sound interesting to you. I'm confident you'd eventually find all of these or even equivalents on your own otherwise.
I'm in a group/follow 5+ individual outlets that share and rip rare LPs or CDs. I put the ones I find value in on public platforms if they aren't there yet.
I discuss, design and critique level design made for old games. Mainly the classic early 3d fps games. There's a few forums for this as well as some more closed off groups you'll automatically dripfeed into through regular activity. Plenty places I just lurk and read other people's input as I'm not a professional or anything. But it's a very interesting art to me.
Lastly I keep tabs on a few places that do amateur chiptune production among other composing gimmicks. I dabble in composing myself but don't have the confidence to truly join in on the 1-hour writing contests and such yet.
Of course I'd count wizchan itself as one of the rarities only found by a highly specific selection of people. Just these combined with actual activities leaves you with more things to do than you'd ever find time for.


I'm almost certain while the sites he frequents exist, they're either on life-support or ultra-niche. Not really stuff you can stumble upon.


File: 1631918360567.png (148.42 KB, 734x979, 734:979, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


I can’t even make sense of this shit, their syntax is awful.

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