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What would you do for fun if you didn't have access to the internet? My life is shit and extremely boring with it, no idea what it would be like without it.


the internet isn't fun, it's a less boring time killer for when I'm out of more boring things to do afk


Choosing to interpret "fun" as "pass the days",

Read, write, study.
Colouring books.
Sit in the sun, breath, meditate.
Light physical exercise.
Cook, eat, wash.
Bathe, sleep long and well.

As I did when I had no internet access for a year just recently. It was rather peaceful and enriching once I got over the initial dreadfulness hump.

This isn't even to mention working a job several hours daily (if such were your circumstances), or any other hundreds of offline activites you could cook up, like dusting off the old GameCube or learning to wood-sculpt.


It seems to be that I primarily play video games when I can't use the internet so a better quality, at least in my case, would be what I would do without video games.


I would read a lot more books.

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