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ive been wondering lately if i would be happier if i just "went normal". now, don't misunderstand me, this doesn't necessarily mean that I'll lose my wizard status. But maybe I'll spend more time on turbo positive reddit boards, maybe get coffee every now and then, chat with the coffee making people, smile more, get a new job, get antidepressants, etc. its the only thing i havent tried and im wondering if it would make me happier

anyone have experience with this
what kind of coffee do you drink


Drinking coffee or going to reddit boards won't make you normal.
You can't just start copying some behaviours like that and expect it to change you.
You probably want positive social interaction, and to learn how to do that?

I don't think 'normality' is the right way to look at it. You have to find a way to be weird in which you are happiest


You can't be a normalfag after you've taken the wizpill, unless you're fine with pretending that everything is roses, life is worth living no matter what and constant social interaction is actually a good thing.


not necessarily social interaction, but to be happy like the normals
>unless you're fine with pretending that everything is roses, life is worth living no matter what and constant social interaction is actually a good thing.
this is actually exactly what i want except maybe the social interaction thing but at this point ill deal with it


if i go through with this perhaps i will keep a log here, talking about the coffee drinks i get, inspiring reddit posts i read,normal things i do, motivational quotes,sports games, etc
hopefully other people will try this with me


now i should say that the olympics are currently ongoing
i hear they will have basketball games. what is more normal than basketball?
the mens games will start within a week it seems


i feel like discussion of more than basketball in the olympics is a faux pas in america since most people dont care here. basketball works because lots of people watch basketball anyways


thats been my experience anyways
im not sure what would be some other normal current events or things to would be
there aren't many normal sports in summer right?


You want to be the biggest normalfag ever? Follow these simple steps:
>have no mental illness whatsoever
>be likable
>be outgoing
>be superficial
>have a large social network
>talk about useless shit all the time
>don't express unusual opinions
>don't ever have any negative thoughts
>go to work every day and don't question it
>get a college degree
>get married to a succubus
>have children
>drink beer with friends on the weekends
>stay away from IBs
>post exclusively on Facebook or Reddit


id also like to incorporate more normal media perhaps
not sure where to start though
reddit tv shows for example are more normal than the usual wizards frame of mind but they're still on that edge where its more like weird but not way too weird like a wizard and id like to avoid that kind of border region


This really depends on your innate level of normalfaggotry. You can go to those subreddits, you can drink the coffee, you can chat up the barista, but if you’re still antisocial deep down you’ll find the subreddits hollow and you’ll shy away from the barista.

You can take the man off wizchan, but I don’t know if you can take the wizard out of the man.


ok well some of that stuff is a little hard and not realistic, im just gonna start with coffee and tv shows and see where it goes from there
i could make a facebook but is it more normal to have no facebook or a facebook with no friends?


i like to ramble to myself and my family members, so i think thats a good start maybe
ill just find some normie topic, read about it on wikipedia, and just talk about it



good subreddits to start with if anyone else is gonna try this


Naive. You don't get to choose who you are in life. If you are an actual wizard, there's nothing you can do to change it.

Were it as easy as you describe to delude oneself with false positivity and live happily as a result, everyone would do it.



what would be good tv shows for this?
the office is a commonly cited normal tv show but i feel like its too feminine/soy


is game of thrones normal or still too reddit-esque?


You could try some of the relatively older ones like friends or Seinfeld.


>too feminine/soy
what the fiiiiiiiiiick
watch it. if it makes you laugh, keep watching it. if you're goncerned others might think you're an effeminate soydrinking reddit gold purchaser because it makes you laugh, just don't tell anyone you watch it. jesus


look man im just wanting to watch something for the sake of reprogramming my mind into normalcy.
but i dont want to make myself a normal faggot(lol)


seinfeld may be good. i saw a normal youtube video about it


starting to apply for jobs again now
i figure something like a cashier is a great job for going normal, yeah? idk
there arent many jobs near me im trying to be optimistic


I’d be careful about burning yourself out. Any retail might make you start rethinking this whole become normal thing. But if it’s what you got then it’s what you got.


i worked at jcpenneys before which sucked but wasn't unbearable
worst job was a sales job
needless to say i was very bad at that
but maybe it won't be so bad if i watch more shows like seinfeld and spend more time on social media like reddit


but only the very very top uber normal subs on reddit of course


also i know some wizzies will be like "but wiz, why would you EVAR want to be normal!!1"
but look man, i have a problem with the internet
i spend too much time on it and get filled with peoples weird retarded bitter miserable ideas
i know this happens to many people on imageboards and forums especially nowadays, i mean look at all the people on this site screaming about politics all day long and calling each other various insults
this place is a mental asylum, i know that and im sure many of you do too
i just kind of wish i had the more pure mindset of the normal person who doesnt get all this crap in their head
to just be a guy without an internet addiction, without any weird habits, without any weird angry ideas


every once in a while i have a moment like this but then i just go back to being a neet


normalfags are happy because they have friends and gfs/wives. If you go normal without that all you do is add stress to your life without any additional happiness. You may get an initial surge of happiness from a life change but after a month or two it will wear off and you will be worse off than when you began.


I am trying this now. You are going to have to find a way to get over the solitary lifestyle after a while it will crush you. Yeah yeah >tfw no gf or whatever the fuck. Besides this one particular obstacle going normal can be done easier than you would think. Don't take jewpills. Give it a try


i watched the first episode of breaking bad
it seems interesting and also seems like something that normal people have liked
i considered watching seinfeld but i really dont think i could get into it
ill go with this and see how this works

havent officially done many job applications but i may go in for an interview somewhere
i tried to be more positive and upbeat today\
i was looking into maybe trying drugs to make me more normal


are you a zoomer?


depending on how strict you are with your definitions of Gen Z, possibly. I've seen people list my birth year as being millenial or gen z


>But maybe I'll spend more time on turbo positive reddit boards

No, no, NO! Ignore the fuck out of reddit, even if you want to be a normie. That place is nothing more than propaganda at this point.

If you want to "go normal" then go outside and talk to people at bars. Men, succubi, young, and old, it doesn't matter just strike up a conversation and get a feel of what real people that you can see and smell think.


i had mainly considered the reddit thing just because like i said, the end goal of all of this is to make myself happier
and i figure that even if reddit is propaganda, with enough happy propaganda, i will be happy
that is why i want to go normal
im just sick of being crazy and stressed out all the time
i would consider talking to normals in public but i need to train myself first so i dont get failed social interactions that make me even more miserable
thats why i figured that id watch some normal tv, use normal sites, etc


Y don't forget to buy a car


Do you have tattoos yet?


Yeah. I have "Wizlife" tattooed on my arm


A wizard tattoo would be pretty cool but I always liked not having any identifying features.


Hopefully someone pushes you down a flight of stairs when you're talking about inspiring reddit posts, or whatever. Not because you're a normie, just because it'd be a good thing if you suffered. Cheers


thats probably for the best it would build character for me id imagine
th anks for the wiztip


Most normgroid post in this thread.


he's just from lookism and trying to be an alpha male
pay him no heed


At one point in time, with the proper intervention, I might have been able to appear somewhat normal but, ultimately, my mind was always a ticking time bomb and brain is now irreversibly damaged.


You cannot unknown the truth of this realm, and this knowledge will never let you truly become one of the many ever again. For good or ill, since that moment and forevermore you are unique, alone, you are a traveler who has yet to begin his path. Wait until your shell gives out if you wish, nothing will change. You are no longer human.


> unless you're fine with pretending that everything is roses, life is worth living no matter what and constant social interaction is actually a good thing
Life experience is subjective, for some life really is roses and worth living, and most people enjoy being around others.


File: 1627150118042.gif (1.29 MB, 500x324, 125:81, 53d614525f9660675538c0db52….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Let me share with you op and others here a recent experience of mine. In short, my welfare worker/job center worker fell in love with me. She is a 47 years old, fat, ugly succubus. She started emailing with me and told me she couldn't stop thinking about me, she considered me her soul mate, linked to me strange esoteric sites about twin flames or whatever, some new age mumbo jumbo about soul mates. She is married for 27 years, has a son that is two years older than me (I'm 24) and supposedly never even entertained the idea of cheating on her husband ever before meeting me. She said she couldn't describe her thoughts concerning me, so guess what kind of things she had in mind…She gave me her cellphone number, wanted to talk with me on the phone (luckily never happened), sent me her pictures (not nudes). I ended up telling her really politely that thanks but no, that I am a male virgin who never dated, kissed or flirted before and then went on to lie that I am currently interested in multiple succubi and that I don't want to break her heart. So there. Sure, she was ugly and fat, but she was also kind and polite so if I wanted to, I could have gone normal. The opportunity was there, I could have had sex if I wanted to. But it is not my world, I don't feel comfortable around normals, I hate being attached to others in any way, I am a natural loner. And now a 100% tested, certified wizard-hermit.

What is so good about the normalfag life? I don't understand. All of their pleasures are balanced in the scale of things by all the shit they have to endure daily just to keep those momentary pleasures. Be glad you are a wizard, that you are unique and have a character and personality. If you are here on this site then you are here because you don't enjoy the normalfag life. Even loser and nerdy normals get laid somewhere around 20-29, if you really wanted to become normal then you would have done something to achieve your goal.
Oh and normals aren't happy, they live dull, boring, peaceful lives. Only a small minorty of humans are truly happy, mostly those who have enough money and power to have free time to enjoy themselves. The normal life doesn't have any merit for people like us, their happiness and peace are the same as a boring life.


>Oh and normals aren't happy, they live dull, boring, peaceful lives
>they live dull, boring, peaceful lives
>peaceful lives
That sounds like happiness to me.


If you are a normalfag, perhaps. I know I would hate to get up early every day and do the same shit from 8 to 16. Not to mention having to socialize with co-workers, friends and spending time with your wife and children, yeah right. Thanks but I'll stick to my uncommon and unique life. It is not much but still better than the life of a working and breeding drone.


yeah because only a normalfag would like to have a peaceful, uneventful, "boring" life. The reason why most are here is because the wizard life is comfortable, you feel more secure.
>i'll stick to my uncommon and unique life.

miss me with the special snowflake cringe shit.


So not only are you okay with mediocrity but you'd feel ashamed to even try to pursue something extraordinary. Must be a pretty sad life you lead.


you seem to be confused. Most wizards are neets, lead comfy, uneventful, peaceful, and what most normalfags like you would call a "boring" life. What are you doing here, again?


Exactly in what way it is more secure, tell me. In the way that I don't fucking know what I will do once my parents die? I am 24 and already been in psychiatry because of my failed suicide attempt, this is already living much more dangerously than any normalfag would like to. I never worked a day in my life, I would say this is pretty uncommon among the population yes. Wizards are special, that is the truth.

Um, no. Most of us here had way more unique and interesting lives than normals ever can imagine. We experienced traumas, we experienced suicidal urges, we experienced problems others can't even comprehend, we thought things normalfags are afraid to contemplate, etc. If you want a peaceful life, then go ahead and be a normalfag. But don't come bitching back to this site after a month when you burn out because "work is sooo boring".


File: 1627153720468.jpg (38.74 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 915532.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>exactly in what way is not leaving your house and enjoying the luxury of being a neetwiz more secure and peaceful?


It isn't more peaceful, like I said I'm not living in Scandinavia or Western Europe where you can just go full neet because the government gives you the money to. I don't leave the house and don't work, and this exactly makes it possible for me to face my own demons day after day. Work is the true opium of the masses, not religion. Working and the normalfag life is all about sedating yourself, dumbing yourself down and tiring yourself out doing stupid shit, just so that you don't have to think about the deeper things of life.
If the wiz life is so peaceful then why the fuck do we even need a depression board, explain it to me.


>Working and the normalfag life is all about sedating yourself, dumbing yourself down and tiring yourself out doing stupid shit, just so that you don't have to think about the deeper things of life.
> I don't fucking know what I will do once my parents die? I am 24 and already been in psychiatry because of my failed suicide attempt, this is already living much more dangerously than any normalfag would like to

You don't like your life, in fact you hate it and can't stand being alive, but don't waste any time to sugarcoat it saying it's unique and special because you think about "the deep things" in life. that's a big cope if i ever saw one. You should try to get better first and forget about what normalfags do or don't with their lives or if your life is so unique and special, because it looks like right now it sucks for you.


And finally you out yourself as an outsider. "Get better" - you do realize that this implies "become more normal", or in other words, "abandon wizardry", since the two are incompatible? You make a post with barely any thought put into it even as you scoff at the idea of wizardry being all about solitary thinking at it's core. Laughable.


>Get better" - you do realize that this implies "become more normal", or in other words, "abandon wizardry"

No, it means that should stop fucking around in an imageboard and preaching about how special the wizard life is when you are just a 24 year old guy who has already tried to kill himself but likes to pretend that you're hot shit for thinking about "deep things" while calling yourself special and unique.
Do you know how retarded is to say that your existence is superior to normalfags when you're in fact just mentally ill and want to kill yourself and have no idea what you will do once your parents are gone like you say here >>273946
Stop being delusional and help yourself.


>you're in fact just mentally ill
Mental illness only defines what is not normal and what the human hivemind considers "hamrful", completely disregarding what the "victim" thinks of his "mental illness", and worst of all even dismissing his opinions because he's "ill/not of sound mind". What defines "mental illness" is also eligible to change, sometimes even idealogically-motivated or otherwise nonsensical change. An example - is homosexuality a mental illness, and why/why not?
>want to kill yourself
Life inherently has no value. Yes, that is not a "normal" opinion. That does not matter. I am an individual and can choose how I live my life if I'm willing to bear the consequences, even if I choose to end my life for whatever reason I see fit. Suicide inherently is not a negative decision - and if you try to say "it hurts your relatives!", then ask yourself why those same relatives didn't do anything to prevent my theoretical suicide, why they didn't offer assistance and the like. I think we both understand why though - nobody cares about you unless you bring them something positive or negative. Suicide makes them feel guilt if they have any decency, or inconveniences them if they don't - thus they demonize suicide as completely evil, and in the process disregard why the man chose to kill himself in the first place, and don't even begin to consider if in his case suicide was a logical option. THey're selfish in their demands that you do not hurt/inconvenience them, and they can go fuck themselves for it.
>have no idea what you will do once your parents are gone like you say here
I am not the original guy - I came into this conversation with >>273951 , and I agree with you here, this part is pathetic and reeks of being driven by base fear.


What you're telling this poster is exactly what he is trying to run away from - sedating himself through mindless labor until the day he dies.

You have already proven you are incapable of any higher level of thought besides "work, sleep, die" being some kind of an end goal for life.
If anything, you have a slave mentality reasonable people desperately try to escape at any cost necessary. You are not reasonable.


File: 1627219669226.jpg (55.65 KB, 485x720, 97:144, 72d99c4ed5f34bf9fe6d201f2c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

you can't sell the wizard life when you want to kill yourself(end your precious wizard life) and aren't even a wizard yet. Your actions are a better testament about how you feel towards your own life than any ideas you might come with, and trying to end what you so vehemently defend tells us you never had a choice in this, you're nothing but a victim of your circumstances and ended in a path that's unbearable for you. You can't see yourself as superior to normalfags when you don't have the capacity to endure life like they do and want out of your own "wizard" life. Why pretend to be superior when you hate yourself and your life, it's absurd.
>not even a wizard
>speaks of the wizard life as something great even though he has yet to fully experience it because he is only 24
>wants to kill himself, has failed attempted suicides, so in other words he doesn't like his "wizard" life
>cope thinking he is special and unique and superior to normalfags because he is a suicidal virgin

That poster might not reach wizard age but is quick to talk about his life as superior and sees himself as better than others. You and him are out of touch with reality. If you want to kill yourself it's your choice, but why still speak about your life as something unique or special when in reality is just suffering and desperation? Why have that sense of superiority and disdain for other people? Stop being delusional and either follow through with your beliefs and live in accordance with what you preach or shut the fuck up.


You are making a lot of assumptions. I never said my life matters. In fact, I have made plenty of antinatalist posts here clearly stating my life, your life and everyone else's lives are very meaningless in the big picture.

If anything, nature, various ecosystems, other animals and the climate would greatly benefit from less humans (or no humans at all) existing.

I have no problem ceasing to exist. On the contrary, it's *normals* who think their lives matter.


How old are you, OP?


You completely misunderstand. As far as life goes, the wizard life is superior to the normalfag life. Not because it is more pleasurable or easier or more peaceful than the lives normals have. But because it is uncommon, it is about facing the darker side of existence and things, it is about suffering alone on the top of mountains, while you look down at the pathetic masses who are content with their false and sugarcoated existences. I guess your kind will never understand what is the beauty of being a loner and struggling through life as an individual, not like some stupid npc.

The wiz life is superior to normalfag life, but overall non-existence is superior to any kind of existence. I like my life as far as I compare it to the life of Norm Normson and his whore but non-existence is just so much better than life in general is.

Haha, you are funny. You think people who tried to kill themselves are automatically failures, this is prime normalfag hive-thinking if I ever saw one. Are you mad? Sound like you are unreasonably hostile, maybe you don't like to hear that some wizards like the wizard life and prefer it to normalfag life. Truth hurts? Mentally ill? Please spare me from normalfag definitions. Anyone is mentally ill who thinks differently than the hive-mind.

Why do you persist that there is any value in living life at all? You won't get any medals or rewards for enduring life to the end.
Oh, you are one of those idiots who refuse any sort of hierarchy among people, especially if it is a hierarchy with loner virgins at the top. We can't have that, nope. If you are a male asocial virgin then you are trash or at most equal to others (spiritual communism, when will it die already?). The fact that I don't drug myself with work, sex, parties, alcohol and that I see things objectively makes me a god among humans. Most of humanity is made up of useless, dumb, unoriginal npcs like you. You don't have any desire for greatness nor any instinct to achieve new things or to walk secret paths.
>either follow through with your beliefs and live in accordance with what you preach
I live my life how I wish, I will die when I want to. For now, it is enough for me to annoy plebs like you just with my existence.


>the wizard life is superior, im 24 and not a wizard yet but trust me, I dont know what i will do without my parents if they die, live in constant fear, have failed to kill myself, and been on psych ward

Okay, 24 year old"wizard".


Here is your upvote buddy :^) Now you can go back to wherever you crawled out of.

>I dont know what i will do without my parents if they die, live in constant fear, have failed to kill myself, and been on psych ward

Yes, this is certainly more exciting than living life on auto-mode like you normos. Even fear and suffering are preferable to what you offer to people: boring, uneventful, dull lives. I would rather suffer and despair but live an exciting life than be a moron who is happy, content or peaceful all the time.


>suffering is preferable to peace
and happiness just because

You think you're antagonizing normalfags but you think just like them.


Yeah, I don't think the goal of life should be peace or happiness. Normals think like me? This is news to me, considering normalfags always go with the flow and are afraid to experiment with things and to live differently from the herd. So who is the true normal here? Me, who preaches an interesting, unique life even if it isn't peaceful or happy exactly or you who wants wizards to actually live like normalfags just because that would be more comfortable?


You're so retarded that you think wizards can't be happy or have to always be miserable, and that being happy makes you normalfag. Go back to /dep/


Can you choose it? I thought it was like Down syndrome, you don't choose.


Not at all what I said. I never said you can never experience pleasure or moments of happiness as a wizard. But if you want to maximize your dopamine levels then go ahead and be a normalfag. Living as an outsider naturally means you will enter into conflict after conflict with your peers, it is a consequence of this life. Happiness shouldn't be the end goal of wizards.


>happiness shouldn't be the end goal of wizards
>go be a normalfag if you want to be happy

Back to /dep/ and the suicide thread. Your lot have a crab in a bucket mentality and love to make thread after thread to complain and cry about the wizard life, but ironically feel superior to others lol


It is precisely like that. You don't choose to be non-NT, your brain is wired like that since birth.

That's like telling a down person to just "become" normal. Their brain is physically incapable of it just as 99% of wizards, most wizards are non-NT:


op here
im back
i give up
i didnt bother trying to talk to people or be more normal, i just kind of walked around my house and tried to act more normal adn watched breaking bad

and well now i feel very bad so im giving up the normal act
may keep watching breaking bad though


it should be natural. If you have to force yourself to be social then it's over for you.


Victim mentality


this. you can't teach a blind man to see.
at best you can aim to be minimally socially functional, but you will never become a social butterfly as an adult once your psyche has solidified and you're set in your ways


>I just kind of walked around my house
that’s what I do! have you tried running or jumping around too? It’s good exercise


Deluded "winner" who thinks he won with muh hard work meme mentality and not just blind luck. For every one of you there are millions who worked harder smarter and longer and got nothing out of it because of random chance.


I never complain and cry about the wizard life because I like it, plus I also think /dep/ is the lowest-quality board here. You failed to understand my pont yet again.

Contrary to what the morons here advocate for, yes you can choose. I'd argue that people like us are the only persons on Earth with free will because we are the only remotely self-aware beings around.
It is not hard to be a normal especially, in fact it is the easy way out. You can always become a normal, it is never too late, if that's what you want though I don't see any value in the normal life. Social skills can be improved, you can learn about trendy things, you can learn about dating and making friends too, these are not exactly too difficult things since 99.99% of humans are capable of them.


I stare at wizchan and youtube working night shifts at a plant, and I earn 30x more an hour than a coal miner in Bangladesh busting their ass off,
who works a thousand times as hard as I do for twice as many hours a day.

Hard work has absolutely nothing to do with anything in life.
It's where you're born that counts, into which family and which society.

People who fail to see this are intellectually subhuman egoists who try to rationalize their good luck as their own doing. I can't stand these egoists.


Luck is something people can be proud of, no? Or you can look at it like this, the gods favor you over others.
>Hard work has absolutely nothing to do with anything in life
Actually it has, in lots of cases. You might be born in Bangladesh but through hard work you can get a good job in a foreign country and escape a life of misery, no? Your environment is the starting point only, where you go from there or what you do with what you have is up to the individual ultimately.


People who dont want to change or help themselves do not deserve any help, they are just tumors to society, is that negative enough?


No you can't, in fact most western countries are shutting their doors to nonskilled labor and telling the world they're full.

The UK has taken a particularly strict stance after Brexit, you're not going to get to stay in the country unless you are a very highly earning white collar professional.

If you were born into a thirld world country post 2000 and your family can't afford to buy you an education, you're going to be stuck there for the rest of your life working for $1-2an hour.


No country ever refuses intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc. And for the lack of education part, there are plenty of programs helping disadvantaged but smart/hard-working people, even rich people spend money and their free time on funding things like these. We don't live in the middle ages anymore, in this globalized and merit-based world you can become anything you want if you work really hard.

And even if you can't afford a proper education or move to a better place to live, hard work makes a huge difference in what your life is like. If you are lazy you get stuck on low-paying jobs or can't even get a job. Hard work has its rewards, no matter how you look at it.


>muh just world fallacy


You have utterly no idea how bad it is in third world countries. People stage sit-ins and fight with security forces and soldiers just to get to those basic $1 an hour jobs.


>Protesters calling for jobs halt Tunisia's phosphates output - official

>Protesters calling for jobs have brought Tunisia’s entire phosphate output to a halt by staging sit-ins at installations of sole Tunisian phosphates producer, the state-run Gafsa Phosphate (CPG), an official said on Thursday.

>Localised protests and strikes have steadily cut into production and caused billions of dollars in losses as tens of thousands of young Tunisians demand jobs from the CPG

There are often only 2-3 major employers in these countries, there is no gig economy or small businesses to work in unless your family owns one.
There are simply too many people compared to the number of jobs available.

When the population of these countries doubles or triples in the next few decades there will be bloody civil wars over resources.

Anyone with even an iota of extra money spends it on a sea voyage to Europe to escape their hell countries.
It's useless to spend it on a degree when your country has no jobs for half of its young people.


Have you seen the dinghy totally-legitimate-britons? UK has strict immigration control but only for whites, they're importing hundreds of thousands of turd world apes every year because they want indigenous whites wiped out.



Eh, most immigrants to the UK are from christian commonwealth and ex. UK colony nations, with the exception of Poland.

Practically the only people moving in (before the harsh immigration laws set in after Brexit in 2019) are from the anglosphere.


If you want to be more normie, start listening to spotify top 50. You should know a couple songs by normie artists like Dua Lipa or Olivia Rodrigo. Too many internet people only listen to anime op:s and stuff like that.


No, it is simple cause and effect. If you work hard, you are more likely to end up with better results than if you do nothing. Simple logic.

My point still stands, regardless of how hard people have it in those countries. If you work hard, put in actual effort into the things you do then you will be better off. Maybe you will only be a mini-boss at your local factory but still better than being a simple worker. Hard-work is never meaningless, it always has some sort of payoff.


>Hard-work is never meaningless, it always has some sort of payoff.
No it doesn't, you're being dishonest.


>Hard-work is never meaningless, it always has some sort of payoff.
This is so obviously false. Pick up a huge rock and lift it with your back 1000 times. Your hard work will be rewarded with physical damage. Likewise, many people are working hard but in a way that doesnt help them. You have to work in an intelligent way.


There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of recorded cases where this is demonstrably false. Many people get swindled by upper management or just by regular cons and crooks and lose all their hard work in a matter of seconds.


Irrelevant things. The truth is if you are lazy you are more likely to experience suffering and pain. You are too lazy to find a job? Enjoy being homeless. Without effort you won't get anywhere, you won't get anything.

People are always better off working hard and diligently than in the other case. But I guess it is much more relaxing to believe that hard work is useless, so that you won't have to put in any effort into anything you do, you can just sit back this way comfortably and blame the world for being shit because it doesn't hand you everything (why should it hand you everything if you are too lazy and lack the motivation to even lift a finger to achieve a single one of your goals?).


>I called your points irrelevant and restated my own, are you not convinced?
What incredible rhetoric. So do you deny the existence of thieves and conmen?


Because it isn't relevant? Do you deny that you need some basic effort to achieve anything in life?
Explain to me how you want to achieve anything without effort and hard-work. Make it good.


It’s not irrelevant. Someone who is penniless and never tried has suffered less than someone who tried very hard only to have it ripped away. Both are now poor, but one went through a lot less to be there. And lazy people can get rich through inheritance, stocks and other investing, lottery or other happenstances. Life is too chaotic to declare that working harder=better life in all situations.


Statistics also show that the greatest predictor of someone becoming a successful entrepreneur is if their family is wealthy.

In everyone I have known, success has never been a matter of hard work. Getting a good job or promotion often comes from having parents with connections or experience, or by chance just becoming friends with someone with connections. Your innate ability to socialise, be charismatic and friendly is what really counts.

Further, the way people behave, like how much motivation and energy they have, is not a matter of free will. These things are determined by the person's upbringing, genetics and the resulting view of the world etc. Saying someone is lazy is quite meaningless and ignores the root of who they are and why they are like that, if there is any causal reason at all.

In my own life I put in a huge amount of effort into learning and study but it was all absolutely a waste. Getting good grades at university is literally worthless. But then my whole life was changed because I happened to buy bitcoin for some weed. This earth is just complete unfair chaos.

In the end, someone who works hard is also working their body/mind harder, missing out on play and social events, so I honestly doubt it would have a huge measurable predictive effect as a personal characteristic


>Statistics also show that the greatest predictor of someone becoming a successful entrepreneur is if their family is wealthy.
Post data.


Business ownership runs in families. Not necessarily by you directly inheriting your parents or grandparents company, but how everything they do in life (+ genetic influences) push you into that direction 100,000x more likely compared to an average person.


>My dad didn't call himself an entrepreneur, but that's what he was. Dad wasn't the kind of guy who read Inc. or hung out at tech conferences. To him, he was just a family man who owned a travel agency. But because my dad was an entrepreneur, he gave me the guts to go out on my own when the time was right.

>I'm not the only guy who started a business because his parent did. Nor am I the only one to find success by following in his dad's footsteps.

>In fact, a study from the Institute of Labor Economics says that if you want to build a successful company, you might want to stay in your dad's field.

Not to mention you get your fathers or grandfathers business contacts. You are already a "made man" in your 20s just because of your family name no matter how many risks you take or how many failures you endure.

Your odds of being a successful business owner or entrepreneur when your father was a neglectful drunk or a violent construction worker are somewhere around 0,00%.
It's so rare Quentin Tarantino may as well make a movie about it.


Interesting although I don't think it directly supports your personal conclusion.


This. I took so many risks to turn my few 10k's into more money and they all failed.

I didn't become stronger as a result, it just made me more depressed as I no longer have a way to make that money back due to physical disability.

If I hadn't taken any risks and just spent it at my own pace on nice things, I'd still have something like 15,000$ as a buffer and live a very nice life.


I tried it and it just made me miserable. I don't think normies really enjoy any of this stuff either, I don't think they are fundamentally different from me as a species in that regard.

In my experience and from my observations normies just don't like to be alone with themselves and face their own demons so to speak so they run around their entire lives trying to distract themselves from the "abyss" within. This leads to this "extraverted" personality. In this overwhelmingly complicated world, being introverted is more of a sign of sanity than extraversion but that is just my opinion on it.


File: 1627494340101.jpg (80.46 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, b8431d6f8c6cebd32edd9b761a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I laughed and facepalmed so much, sorry. This is prime loser thinking and coping. I mean, the part about the guy who hasn't tried at all. Haha! Only weak, sick, extremely pathetic people adapt this defeatist and pessimistic attitude as coping. A healthy person would be like "well, even though I failed, I gave it my all and tried everything I could do so now I can rest easy". This is why people like you will never achieve anything. Oh yeah, lazy people can get rich through luck so we should all just wait for our lucky day! Haha. Nobody sane lives their life depending on luck and chance, get real. In nature too, it is always the wolf who actually does something and chases the prey who is most likely to fill his stomach with food, not the weak and unmotivated wolf who is waiting for someone to feed him. It is true for most situations in life, those who are too passive to do anything to fulfill their desires will end up as the losers. For lottery too, you have to take the effort to buy lottery and play the game to win at all, sitting on your ass and feeling superior "because you spare yourself from torment by not playing the game" only makes you look like a faggot. For stocks too, you have to do things to get rich. Inheritance, okay I give it to you but then again most people don't have this option at all.

Life may be chaotic but if you don't make any effort you will never win, you will never get the things you want, that is sure. The passive, inactive, lazy, pessimistic, negativistic mindset won't bring you any good or protect you from suffering, you only make your situation worse by letting these negative feelings control you.


I have a job and money, animeposter, I’m just telling you reality is not the shonen anime you wish it was.


This reads like satire from a boomer still thinking we live in the age when people could buy a house in a few years on minimum wage


And still denying reality and unironically thinking you have reality figured out…
Hard-work and effort are what keep people alive, not luck or anything other. If you are diligent enough and are motivated enough then you can be anything. But it is easier, like always, to just dismiss effort and hard-work as meaningless because you never get rewarded for it, right?


I would rather rape and murder a normie like you than have all the money in the world. It would be worth 100 years in prison.


I love you, wiz. I follow the path of Christ, Gandhi and Martin Luther King and respond with positivity to any kind of abuse.


>If you are diligent enough and are motivated enough then you can be anything.
Those cartoons aren't real anon


That show was disappointing.

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