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 No.274408[Last 50 Posts]

This is the 100th crawl thread made so far.
The Crawl Thread was originally created by a wizard who wished to encourage discussion during The Weekend Crawl: the mysterious phenomenon of our post rate slowing dramatically as the weekend rolled in. The idea was well-received, and the topicless thread has received more than 30,000 posts since its inception. How has your day been so far, Wiz?

No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


About another month til I get off work. I’m sure this thread will be up then.


>mysterious phenomenon

it's as mysterious as why are bars and nightclubs busier on the weekend


always hated the crawl thread
the "weekend wizards" is also a terrible forced /b/ meme
it seemed like the only purpose of it was so the guy who made it can say he made 100 of these down the line, too bad the other 5 people posting couldn't give a shit


lol threadhurt


mosquito bit my right hand in 3 different places last night, hate these things


I had a pretty productive morning. I installed a second nvme SSD in my laptop. It's amazing how small and light they are. I also got around to installing a larger battery that I have had lying around for half a year now. I tried to install it when I first got it but to access one of the screws holding the battery in you need to remove the nvme SSD that it came with and the screw holding that in was terribly over tightened and stripped without budging. I bought one of those stripped screw removal kits from amazon to see if I could get it out but never got around to trying it until today. The kit turned out to be useless junk. The extractor head didn't move the screw at all, all that happened was I made an even bigger hole in the screw. In a way this turned out to be useful because I ended up putting one half of a pair of needle nose pliers into the hole and the other half around the edge of the screw and was able to loosen it that way.

I jostled the motherboard quite a bit trying to remove the screw with the pliers though, and I was worried I fucked something up. These fears were only amplified when I tried to boot the laptop and it got stuck on the manufacturer splash screen. I tried power cycling it one more time and it tried to boot then failed and said restarting and I was super worried but then I saw some windows update shit running and it ended up booting fine after updates, so I guess the issues was just from that. Nearly gave me a heart attack there windows. Now I'm testing how long the battery will last. Jarrod from Jarrod's Tech was getting over 10 hours with this battery but so far it doesn't seem like I'm going to get anywhere near that. Windows is projecting around 5. Maybe it's worse because I'm installing a game atm but maybe the individual battery I got is just shittier.


I think being lazy runs in the family, my parents and my brother are somehow lazier than I am. The house is nearly falling apart because barely any maintenance is done.


I've been watching Big O recently. It's like nostalgia for a show I've never seen before.


I found one of those netgear mobile hotspot thingamajigs abandoned in our house and thought it'd be great to maybe boost our shitty wireless signal but nope it only accepts a connection with the local at&t, miserable proprietary software, guess I'm stuck with 1mb/s


I'm planning to get myself stabbed by a random thug. The plan is to get drunk as fuck like I am right now and wander the militia establishments close to my building. Soon as I see a crackhead I'm spitting on his face and running away so he can't bestially get his guns or knifes and brutally murder me in the middle of the road. Easy way out, fuck suicide.


Isn't that just stabbing yourself, but with more steps?


don't do something so fucking stupid. Come on…


Why die in such a pathetic way? You could at least stab and kill them until one of them kills you. Imagine if you managed to kill a few thugs before one of them managed to kill you.


My sister and her husband live half a mile away from my parents and they drive there when they come to visit.


can you believe it's august already

goddamn it


Death can't come fast enough.


when I was in gradeschool it seems like years just went on and on, now the years fly by like nothing, feel like it was 2019 a few months ago


It feels weird to remember that I used to see the year 2020 as some sort of unattainable future year, and now we're over halfway towards 2022. I guess this is something everyone has experienced at some point - I'm sure the generations before me felt the same way about seeing the year 2000 come and go.


Stuck sitting for a couple hours waiting for the rain to lighten up because my ride cancelled and I got caught in it.
To make matters worse my bicycle light shorted out and there aren't any street lights for the next 12 miles.
Zero visibility, no rain pants so my jeans are already soked through, and getting eaten by bugs.
Too far to get home but too far to get to the destination. Literally at the halfway point.

Today fucking sucks.


The big test went bad, 40-41%. I spent a lot of time studying and preparing the material (about 30 hours of prep work). If I didn't hold myself so strictly to the 'no notes' honor rule, then I would probably have gotten a 60% (median score)

My intelligence and efficiency are not high enough to make me a good math student. And that's fine. I'm almost done with my math education. Maybe my computational biology minor and my math major will carry me to a nice job..

In other news, a furry visual novel on 4chan was made about 2 months ago. That and the discussion surrounding it was some of the best interaction with people, and the best material that I have consumed online ever. The thread was unstickied and I doubt that the content and discussions will come back in their unmitigated beauty.


File: 1627890827331.png (75.19 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 3.png) ImgOps iqdb

>The Big C


How many questions were on the test?
Was the material significantly different from the course material or lectures?


File: 1627916227170.png (30.12 KB, 736x1080, 92:135, e48051e65e4fb7fcad9a5cd997….png) ImgOps iqdb

I made at least 20 or so of those anti-crawls myself. I'm pretty sure I found noirlac.tumblr.com because I was looking for cool art to upload to one of these and that is one of my favorite sites ever.


File: 1627930054665.jpg (273.39 KB, 2480x3229, 2480:3229, Image (88).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Eight questions, the test relied on us to memorize about 40 mathematical concepts (example prove Fatous lemma using monotone convergence theorem)to a high degree of specificity. The test ended up having about 16 of these concepts, about 2 per question.

Looking back at it, the professor seemed to give very low points. For example I thought I'd get full credit on this question, I got 5/30 points because the professor said he didn't understand my argument. Maybe that deserved, I don't know.

I feel like if I wrote the existence of a limit of a sequence implies the limit supremum and limit infimum exist and are equal to the limit. L is given to us as existing, and is well defined. limit(a[n]/b[n]) limit(a[n])/limit(b[n]) = a/b = L, and then I multiplied them out to show that if one multiplies out to a well defined number that implies that the other one multiplies out to a well defined number. Ergo a[n] and b[n] converge iff the other one also converges.

That was going on in my head when I wrote the test. Ah well, my conscience is clear I did my best. It wasn't good enough. If I want to improve I feel like I need to transcend the limits on my intelligence and efficiency.


happy birthday thread


I see (sort of).
It does seems that the test and scoring for the test is quite harsh, so even with your studying it is still possible to score low.

That said the actual material is totally over my head. So on that I have no comment on.


I started flossing ever since I got a massive cavity filled between a couple of my molars that is still super sensitive and I finally realize why it rotted so bad, for some reason food sticks in between those two molars really easily, every single day that I floss I basically get no food out of any of my teeth except those two, they are also very close together and its hard to get the floss between them but I guess I gotta if I don't want to make it even worse

I think if you have well-set teeth, a reasonable diet, and you brush at least once a day you'll never get any cavities, it's basically pure luck whether you'll get them or not


Its always been like this. There was a chemistry take home test once, I spent 18 hours on it, from 4pm to 10am. I got about 30% hard work is not enough you also need efficiency, intelligence, or a willingness to cheat.


I'm feeling the urge to mount a TV on my wall at the foot of my bed and get some DVDs. After programming, I feel the need to just veg out. I should go one step further and get my own place and try to invite people over for pizza, movies and vidya even though it is not in my nature to do such things.


Do you pay attention and comprehend the lectures?
Do you take notes during the lectures?


Yes, I took notes, payed attention in lecture, read the book, read other math notes pdfs. None of this I did with exemplary vigor, but I tried hard enough such that whatever my result my conscience would be clear, and it is. The problem is that my intelligence and efficiency is not high enough


>try to invite people over for pizza, movies and vidya even though it is not in my nature to do such things.
yeah right.
go away


My tastes buds seem to have gone back to a more normal state after drastically reducing my salt intake. Most food now tastes salty enough without having to add any.


I've been putting spicy pickles on everything. Sodium keeps a wiz happy.


drink so much water all the time if I didn't oversalt my food I would die


salting my spicy pickles so my tastebuds become abnormal


this whole day was a bad joke, everything went wrong, there was even another precognitive lucid nightmare, and my bicycle broke again – as always – right after I renovated the hell out of it and made certain everything is mechanically perfect, the unlikeliest stuff always happens to fuck it up again, the thing has been literally cursed since 2011, it should be the OP pic to the paranormal thread

back to riding my spare for the rest of the year probably, naturally the bicycle I don't care about is the one that's 100% reliable year after year


I never heard of spicy pickles tbh


why do you need a bicycle, where do you go


Who doesn't need a bicycle?
Not only are they good for getting around but they are quite fun to ride and good low impact exercise.


I ride my bicycle occasionally, but not anything crazy enough to pop a wheel, haven't ridden it any recently though because it's way too hot outside, but I wouldn't really be too bummed if it broke for some reason. I have more fun rollerblading definitely, don't really need a bike to get around because I got a car


Why are 18-19yolds allowed to post here when they are basically children in adult bodies?


unsurprisingly, when you raise a generation and tell them to act like children, removing the ability for them to be responsible for themselves i.e: get a job or even go outside to play, you get a bunch of childish out of touch adults. who would have known? this is why i cant trust these bullcrap 'studies' about how you have to be X age in order to TRULY be a fully functioning human being. ridiculous


Not him, but the study makes a lot of sense, now that I'm a bit older I've noticed that people in their late teens and early twenties are still pretty retarded, they've usually got a lot of ridiculous ideas and are a bit naïve. Though this might just be normalfags in general. I also have a theory that marijuana use affects the complete development of your brain which might explain why a lot of older people still act like stupid teenagers or young adults.


its no wonder that someone who hasnt been around long isnt going to be as wise as someone who has. still, what is maturity? not laughing at fart jokes? being disciplined? i have a hard time understanding this because i find acting as if you're above a certain way of thinking can often be immature in and of itself. just as you said, anyone can be immature, even older adults so etc etc i dont know what to say at this point


There is a gigantic gap between a fifteen year old child and a twenty five year old man in terms of brain development, behavior, world outlook etc. On the other hand a thirty five year old man is barely any different than a twenty five year old man (mentally), they are both fully developed human being. A 35 year old might be more experienced is some spheres of life but that's about it.


Life experience is the best metric for measuring maturity and most early 20's kids are severely lacking in this regard


It's not quite about thinking that you are above these younger people, it is just an acknowledgement that you were stupid at that age as well and you can see the same in them, it's just natural, there is no contempt or hate in the thought.


Said someone still in their 20s. When you're 30+ you see a big difference in people in their 20s.


someday they're going to realize this


bicycles are wonderful machines, they're silent and cheap compared to muh car, take em anywhere you want and there's no government jailing you for no license or insurance


> take em anywhere you want and there's no government jailing you for no license or insurance


please stop this


no, we bicyclists live in a world of carfag supremacists


hey fuck off wageslave, where do you think you are?


I always had a problem with my toes in that skin would grow under the longest toenails. My mother told me to just cut my toenails and it wouldn't be a problem.

Now that I am a grown ass wiz who doesn't have to answer to no one, I only cut my toenails like twice a year. Now the skin seems to grow on most of my toes. I so have some pretty nasty big gracks on the bottom of my feet that go away when I shower daily. I think it is fungus. Brought some Terbinafine Hydrochloride antifungal cream so maybe it'll help.


you might be drinking a lot of water because you're oversalting your food
that was the case for me


actually I drink it because I abuse caffeine, had like…i dunno, 5000mg yesterday, that's a perfectly normal coffee day for me


If a[n]=2n,b[n]=n, then lim(a/b)=2, but lim a/lim b is not defined.

In what you wrote, it looks like you assumed a[n] converges or proved b[n] converges, as opposed to dealing with their summations.

I'd argue something as follows:

WLOG, assume Sum a[n] converges.

Choose epsilon<L, then since lim a[n]/b[n]=L, there exists N s.t. L+epsilon>a[n]/b[n]>L-epsilon>0 for all n>N.

Sum b[n]
=Sum_{n=1}^{n=N}b[n] + Sum_{n>N} (a[n] (b[n]/a[n]))
<Sum_{n=1}^{n=N}b[n] + Sum_{n>N} (a[n]/(L-epsilon) )
=Sum_{n=1}^{n=N}b[n] + (1/(L-epsilon)) Sum_{n>N} a[n]
The first part of the sum is finite and therefore converges, and the second part of the sum converges since we assumed Sum a[n] converges.

Haven't thought about this a lot, so apologies if there are errors.


Yes, difference in life experience but not in brain development.


Yes, I see that I shat the bed now.

What I wanted to do was assume the sum of a sequence converges (to a number that's not infinity), then the sequence has a limit that is not infinity. But unless we know very specific things about that limit, and maybe even about the sequences, then we can't prove the sum of that sequence converges from merely the sequence having a limit.

So this whole limit thing is stupid in the first place. I think what could have answered this thing elegantly is the ratio test. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratio_test

Assume: that limit (a[n+1]/a[n]) < 1. i.e. the sum of a[n] converges by the ratio test.
Known: limit(a[n]/b[n]) = L; L > 0
WANT: sum of b[n] converges,
WANT: limit(b[n+1]/b[n]) < 1
WANT: limit(b[n+1]) < limit(b[n])
Assume: not, then limit(b[n+1]) >= limit(b[n])

case 1: limit(b[n+1]) > limit(b[n]), then as n ->infinity, SUM(b[n]) diverges
case 2: limit(b[n+1]) = limit(b[n]) != 0, then as n ->infinity, SUM(b[n]) diverges (by grouping up enough nonzero b[n]'s you can combine them into something greater than an integer, and still have infinite b[n]'s left over we did that in the class)

In case 1: the limit of b[n] is infinity, the finite limit of a[n]/infinity !> 0, contradiction

In case 2: as n -> infinity, the limit(a[n]) = 0, by our root test assumption, a[n]'s are the limit of a monotonically decreasing series, so we'd get 0 as their limit
Zero divided by nonfinite limit of b[n] is not greater than 0. Contradiction

proof finished, sum of a[n] converges implies that sum of b[n] converges.

I'd have to do the same thing for sum of b[n] converges implies that sum of a[n] converges, but I think this would be a working, direct proof.


File: 1628142320315.jpg (368.64 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, sample-b9228c67fa4698bde17….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Played Love Live SIF. One player had "I want to simp for Yohane" (not pic related) in their description. Way to worsen the gaming experience.

And I saw by chance one middle-aged 3d succubus posting that there's nothing wrong about simping for America.🤬🤮


Forgot to add: this story has a surprisingly happy ending. The professor gave me a C+, not even a C- for the class. I don't think I even got the points needed to get a C-, but seems like I passed. That was my last math class. I have all the classes needed for my math major.

Now I just need to work on some genetics classes, and then I can start working on a certain beautiful dream of mine.


Good for you dude. I wish you luck.


But then you talk to a 50 year old and they understand the world on the level of 21 year old again. And then you talk to an 80 year old and they understand the world on the level of a 14 year old.


Can you specify what the dream is or is it a secret?


I just had a migraine aura, it was a very weird experience. First I started having trouble reading the text on the screen and it looked like some weird blurry light was interfering with my vision. Then I got up and walked around and my entire vision started getting blurry and shimmery with lines of shimmering blurriness cutting through my vision in arcs. Then I felt really light headed and nauseous for like 2 minutes and then suddenly I was back to normal pretty much with the shimmering just on the edge of my vision for a couple more minutes then completely back to normal. The whole thing lasted around 45 minutes. Anyone else get these?


Sponteaneous loss of blood outflow from your face and head. Report to the ER, it could be a clot.


Sounds like you had a mini stroke.


rarely, and I'm fine
it's not indicative of a medical problem, weird things happen, forget about it and don't auto-suggest yourself into having more


I made this post >>270877 this post describes my dream


not in a long time

used to occasionally have those and also sleep paralysis


Nah, it runs in the family which is why I knew what it is. Apparently around 1% of men experience it so it's not particularly rare.



The cream seems to be working, but that may just be due to the fact that I have to clean my feet before applying the cream. Maybe I should go back to taking daily showers.


I don't particularly understand why you need a math degree to become a cartoonist, but okay.


I don't want to be a cartoonist. I will be a bioinformatician.


so you think that getting a degree in bioinformatics is gonna allow you to create IRL cat succubi? lmao good luck with that dude


I dont like to talk about that here, no one is serious about anything here but where else can I talk about this? Not like I can discuss this in real life.


face it, you'll never invent anthros, besides it's wrong to bring someone into this piece of shit world


No religion in the crawl thread.
That includes death cultism


god you're dumb


Another good night of sleep destroyed by nightmares. What a bless.


File: 1628425819289.jpg (272.98 KB, 1450x965, 290:193, scoby.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

suits that you live in forever and dont remove. i dont know if it has a name, im guessing biosuits. i was thinking about these today. i cant even wear a fucking pair of socks/shoes for 8 hours or my feet become a sweaty itchy mess. i wonder how such a suit could be made. i dont see how you can encase your skin for any prolonged period without dealing with a disgusting sweaty infected mess. even using antimicrobial materials, your skin has bacteria and stuff all over it that will just exist in the secretions. best case i imagine you lube up with some kind of antibacterial substance before putting on the suit, and you have protection for some days against anything dangerous. but that still requires cleaning, reapplying the coating, changing suits. even just completely removing all our skin, other parts of the body still produce waste, glands secrete stuff, dead cells accumulate. a sterile clean environment is probably impossible

maybe a suit filled with cleaning solutions to periodically refresh its initial clean state. or a suit that is just full of solutions which dissolve our oily and sweaty secretions, which is pumped and filtered constantly. perhaps some kind of stable benign microbial colony would develop when this system is isolated long enough, something that helps break down organic waste. maybe something like a synthetic smegma could fill the suit, which sounds disgusting, but it's already a material the body doesnt seem to mind accumulating against the skin. earwax is also something the body doesnt seem to mind accumulating

in hentai it's not uncommon for these suits to be explained away as living creatures, some kind of organic membrane subsisting off your secretions. maybe a porous suit could be built allowing something to propogate through it. sand water filters develop a bio layer, a sort of skin that actually does most of the filtering. not sure where im getting with this but i was thinking about it this morning


you are constantly shedding skin, hair, and oils, it would impossible for any kind of suit like that to work unless it actually replaced your skin


yeah i think i said that, but even then it is probably not enough. plus, why stop at skin? if you remove all your skin, you cant feel anything anyways, might as well have have limbs and stuff removed, but again why stop there, i feel like it becomes a race to becoming a brain in a vat when i just want to think about suits


it would probably be easier to replace the skin instead of an entire complex limb that can make fine movements and take orders from the brain


You can graft finger/toenail roots to your skin in a scale-like pattern and grow an exoskeleton of keratin


Reject humantiy
Become crab.


without skin you can't accurately control your body. there is feedback missing in the form of all those nerve endings. i assumed since you will need to develop some way of conveying touch sensation to the brain, it would be just as easy to develop the reverse for controlling a robot arm with your brain


I was assuming that it would be easier to emulate all the surface sensations than all the complex systems of tendons and muscles and bone


>you'll never invent anthros
Why not?


pretty obvious reasons


Life seems to be improving lately but I can feel just how finite my energy is. I'm depleted by about 3 PM.


Oh no. You've just invited every nofapper under the Sun to give you a sermon.


oh, hell, no ! i never lecture unless invited to do so…
as for energy depletion a short nap of 15-20 minutes can make a huge difference…


Let's just say siestas and afternoon tea happen around that time for a reason.
I do agree. A short nap does wonders. Just don't oversleep or you will fuck up your sleep schedule.


Do you think virginity affects your looks? Or is it just a lifestyle/genetics? When my cousin was my age he looked much older. Same goes for my mom, she looked more mature when she was 18, and I'm in my mid twenties.


I saw your pics, drew, and you don't look like a kid, you look like any other 25yo soy boy, so there.


Who’s drew? You sound a bit jealous that some people have the same mental age as you but look 5 years younger.


It has no effect.
I suspect the lack of stress of relationships and the drama of a sex haver lifestyle might slow some effects of aging for happy volcels, but the stresses of negative emotion in crabs probably has a negative effect on health causing increased effects of age compared to a relatively happy normie.

I think the biggest factor is stress and happiness. Not if you have sex or not.


Do not care any longer: both ways may lead you into misery if such is your fate


File: 1628516606784.jpg (1.08 MB, 4096x2731, 4096:2731, anonymous.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

has anyone been a part of Anonymous before?


The lame activist group?


thats been the funniest joke ever, I remember when people in high school would say they were 'anonymous', and I just laughed internally at their cringe, its like youre not guy fawkes, youre just some pasty nerd that acts like a retard on 4chan/b/


File: 1628545753670.png (12.5 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I relate to polka dot man from the suicide squad almost in a spiritual level. If you haven't watched the movie I'm gonna resume his lore.

He was abused and experimented as a kid by his own parents and grow up to be a total fucked up adult with the most stupid power and full of psychological problems. He was basically put in this movie to be made fun of and in the end, when he was happy and things seem to finally start working for him, he was killed in the most random situation possible and no one gave a single fuck aside from the rat succubus.


It just so happens that I watched that movie 2 days ago because my parents were watching it and I thought the beginning looked funny. It turned out to be absolutely generic homogenized garbage that is every modern popular film. Polkadot man made me want to gag, he was just the most stereotypical loser some hollywood retard could come up with, not that the other cast were any better. Just another awful comedy/action/sappy/family turd with terrible anti-heroes, villains, and a boring uninspired story.


Unlike Anime*

You forgot to add.


Watched it at work.
Was better then the first one, which isn't a high bar to pass.
Mostly it was the better editing and zero worst joker. It knew what it was (a dumb action flick) and stuck to giving action fans what they wanted.


everyone bitching about suicide squad 2 so I torrented it, wasn't gonna but I'm desperately low on media

just clicked around on the video a bit and there's some nutty anthropomorphic rat monster, I will watch this dumb flick just for that, lol


lol, he shows up in like 3 short scenes, I don’t know how you managed to click around and luckily catch every single one, he is funny but he doesn’t do anything except look retarded


This channel has real recorded nature audio, not AI generated, not on a loop


That's beautiful wizzie, I only wish I could be in those places in person, I love to watch the sun set


yeah I don't know how I did it, but now I see everyone died, that sucked, it could have been a funnier movie with a weasel monster not a shark


The Windows taskbar burned itself into my LED monitor. Not image retention. Burn-in. It's not OLED, either. I'm not going to buy another monitor because the same thing would probably happen to it.


I thought it would be better to replace the daddy issues rat lady with the retarded rat/man thing


That is a bit unusual on modern monitors. Especially LED.
Must have taken a unusual use pattern while ignoring all methods of prevention, while keeping everything on all the time with 100% brightness.


this happened to me as well lol, I can even make out the browser, mail, and steam icons baked in to the screen


I got the monitor used from a storage facility office so it probably spent 10,000 hours displaying the windows taskbar at full brightness before I even got it. I probably put an additional 5,000+ hours on it. LED monitors are supposed to last 80,000-140,000 hours but I doubt even a fraction of them will last anywhere close to that long.


>rat lady
Is that furry or something?


No, it's a chick that can communicate/control rats called Ratcatcher.
Think something similar to Willard, only less creepy and kind of lamer.
She is just a morality sink for other charters for the most part.


Just learned that the monitor actually stayed on 24/7 365 days a year at full brightness for years. No wonder it has burn in.


Hope you got it really cheap then.


I walk by a lot of ground-level offices at night and see all the computers running unused through the windows and can't figure it out, it serves no purpose, and it's so universal it's gotta be a policy with every business owner out there, these people are fucking idiots, who started this crap?

no one's in there, turn the computers off


Neighbor blasted blacked gangbang porn at 7 AM for probably ten minutes. Woke up my whole family. I saw a black police officer when I was taking a walk. I should have told him what happened.


It's not like he would have been any help at all. Is your neighbour mentally unwell?


Maybe it was one of those "accidentally played porn on bluetooth speakers in another room and didn't notice" kind of situation.


Who else is embracing the distance learning format in higher education? I've been doing my bachelors degree entirely online, but it's 100% legit and through a public (not private) university. There's no reason to worry about the "diploma mill" label that so many online schools unfortunately have. An employer wouldn't be able to tell either way. I do worry about going to grad school though. They might see that it was done online and hold it against me in some way.


Been programming for the past two weeks. If I am still programming in another two weeks, maybe I will be okay in the long term.


keep at it wiz, I've been learning at a new hobby for the past month and I like the progress I see


Speaking of programming, what a boring activity. I tried studying it a few days ago by picking up Accelerated C++ and it's just:
>try to solve this problem
>I finish solving this problem
>ok, here's the next problem
I want to play video games or something.


And I am aware of the irony in complaining about endless tasks and then wanting to play video games. I am just a zoomer with no attention span. Video games has instant gratification, toddlers toys colors and bing bing wahoo soudn effects to keep me entertained. Programming is like a shitty ASCII game from the 70s. I can't believe that this is not a niche hobby. I bet most programmers are career coders who tell themselves they like programming as a cope and only like 10% genuinely enjoys programming as a hobby.


Programming is just a tool to build things on the computer. It's only as fun as the thing you're building, otherwise there's no real point to it. Maybe try making a game or a program you need.

Also, C++ is not very beginner friendly. It's low key a terrible language with many pitfalls and undefined behavior. Even professional programmers dislike working with it.

I suggest you learn Python or JavaScript. Maybe even something like Processing if you just want to get stuff on the screen as fast as possible since that's more rewarding, especially in the beginning.


I am literally obsessed with programming, doing it floods my brain with good chemicals, I definitely never convinced myself to stay up until 4am in the morning just programming random garbage many nights


I thought c++ was alright when I learned it compared to tje few others I learned.
Honestly didn't like JS all that much and it's only worth dealing with if you need web or browser based applications imo.


I'm not saying programming is the best use of time but it beats the pants off of the rock bottom that is scrolling imageboards and YouTube recommendations all day for weeks at a time.


anything is a better use of one's time (and i do that all the time, loafing around on the internet that is)


Wtf, the salads at the grocery I go to have half as much salad but cost exactly the same.
I am being dead serious, they went from the container they use being full and it being 650 calories to the container being only half full and the calories being 325.
Such a scam man.


it's the doomvirus hoax ruining commerce, prices are going up and portions are going down on lots of things in case you hadn't noticed



When I was learning python, every time I learned how to do a new problem, I felt accomplished. I can see why it's boring. It's probably also because when I was trying to solve the problem I felt like my answer wasn't going to be right. To be fair though, the class I was taking had some absolutely hard questions. I needed help from my father, a programmer, and it took us an hour for a few of them.


sis' kids have been at home the last two days. I think they have been sitting in front of the tv every waking hour since then. I don't know what my parents are thinking.


how is it like to have a sibling with kids? my sister is basically a female crab and cant get a boyfriend so I assume Im lucky


i stay away from people with kids. they are usually naive/delusional


File: 1628869812115.jpg (91.08 KB, 526x526, 1:1, 20210813_114930.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I really like this social media platform.


Anonymous, p2p, and everything gets deleted after 6 months.


File: 1628913014094.png (769.89 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 160.png) ImgOps iqdb

Thoughts on the latest battle in the culture war? if you don't know it's a cartoon named High Guardian Spice made by Crunchy roll with money they promised it would go to fund Japanese studios, fix their platform and bring more Anime series, people are incredibly mad at this. I assume you all are pirates but i bet you have heard of it.


>and bring more Anime series
if whatever you're talking about means fewer american funded "anime" I'm all for it


I don't feel like getting slapped for political discussion in the crawl thread.
Just isn't the place for my opinions on this subject.


What's political about it? even if it had been made by an all white, "altright" crew, is still not Anime is just another ugly cartoon like Steven universe. It would be equally hated.


>What's political about it
>culture war
If I started getting into what is going on in the industry and the like it would very much be a political rant and be deleted.
Hell just saying something about sjw or virtue signaling would be enough to get a warning.


What actual wizard (as in an actual wizard who is 30+ and not a zoomer who "feels" like a wizard) still watches anime, especially after it's become ultra-mainstream and anything after the 00s?

I've become so tired of that shit.


Ones that don't have whatever mental issue you seem to have.


people that aren’t contrarian


I don't care if it's mainstream now as long as it's not crap, although very many recent animes I've tried are crap and probably because of that. Pretty slim pickings for me nowadays tbh.


>Anon, why are you on the dark web all the time?
Because there's no where else for someone like me to go.


Dude, wth, that hsit is not anime is some cartoon, that's the whole issue, people who pay for cruchyroll do it precisely because they despise that shit and what they wanted was a good platform, now the company funded this thign instead.


can watch any anime, even chinese shit, for free at high res, and it syncs and meshes with my MAL. pirate streaming apps are great, there is no reason to pay for inferior service. especially when they spend the money you give them on gay american cartoon production


I want to find more channels where you don't get someone yelling or the time, shoving their big soy-smile face into half the screen, or pointless 1/3-of-the-video long intros. Do any of you have tips on how to find these channels? Channels like embed-related or primitive technology is great, but I don't need _that_ high a standard.


Fascinating Horror and Fredrick Knudsen are good.


Phoneposters out!


that is a cool channel, thanks


huge clouds of smoke from the California 'Dixie' fire with no end in sight…
It has been burning for a month!


wish it would spread state wide and kill all those vermin


Fuck you. How am I supposed to take my WizWalks if I can't breathe?


>>275167 i can't even go outside, my skin starts itching and burning from all the chems from poison oak poison ivy and the huge drug grows that are burning…
we have had 9 seniors end up in the hospital since the fire started.


>I'm in my last year of high school
>the good old days were years ago
assuming your parents dont kick you out for neeting you have about a decade of the best years of your life ahead of you


how do you know they will kick you out


Epic games store is almost mindbogglingly retarded. I mean they are giving away literally millions of dollars worth of free games but they still haven't even implemented things like a review section or fps counter. If I want to go to buy a game on the epic store I have to go to steam first to look at reviews, then if I want my fps counted I need to launch the game with steam instead of epic. It's literally so broken and featureless it can't be used without the help of their main competitor.


Even the most basic feature of downloading games is shit. I remember downloading GTA V after getting it for free and wanted to pause it till tomorrow. After shutting down the app and starting it up the next day, I had to go from zero again. The speeds were also being throttled because everyone and their grandma got GTA V that week.


that's their tactic, to give away a bunch of free crap so kids move to their platform, but people just use both, I've had steam startup on boot for the past 10 years and I'd never do the same with epic store


That is pretty bad considering ubisoft will let you start playing games after they're like 20% downloaded. I don't know how that technology works but it's impressive.


I am the guy who posted about his test, close to the beginning of the thread. I am living with my dad, he is paying for my college. Extended step family, about 5 people, moved in 3 weeks ago. This has damaged my sleep and my privacy. I feel like if this goes on for another week, I might say something (that will cause them to stop paying for my college) or commit an inaction (not successfully mitigating my delayed graduation). I do not feel that these things will destroy my life, but it will be something I regret for a long time.

Now is the time to find out how well I took stoicism to heart. If I manage to mitigate these bad influences, in a way that does not rustle any feathers, while not doing something that goes against my conscience, and all at the same time fix my problems, then I will successfully keep the status quo.


Just got some airheads extreme bites. Very disappointing. By the name you expect them to just be airheads extreme cut up into pieces but they're completely different, much thicker and they don't peel apart. What is even the point of an airhead extreme if it doesn't pull apart?


Neck and back are fucked from nonstop programming for almost a month. I'm wasting time and energy on hobby shit and, frankly, it's not worth it. I need to figure out how to make at least a small sum of money programming.

Can't take my wizstrolls because the air is toxic. Again. Clearlake is on fire. How does a lake catch on fire? Like wtf?


found a random old website in a search result like some lost leaf from a long ago autumn



I, too, like to browse random results from wiby.me



File: 1629345588814.jpeg (47.29 KB, 400x402, 200:201, riseabove.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I found this site on duckduckgo though. Was searching for info on this album.


is it that serious? wtf is going on in california, the conservative's shadenfreude must be off the charts (this isnt a political post just an innocent comment)


It's kind of what happens when you stop doing the basics of forest management.
They keep playing the same stupid game then blame global warming to deflect their clear incompetence at a preventable disaster.
I really wonder why anyone even still bothers to live there.


>I really wonder why anyone even still bothers to live there.
flies to shit


I've decided I will just go out and walk regardless. People used to not give two shits about smoke in the air and neither will I.


I wonder if these stupid masks make any difference in such a situation.
Are there people wearing them because of the air quality being what it is currently?


No, it really was global warming. They had to stop doing forest management because it became too dry to do it safely. Basically it became so dry that trying to do controlled burns would just end up causing a major forest fire.


>They had to stop doing forest management because it became too dry to do it safely
>so they let things build to the point that the whole state burns uncontrolled unsafely
>because that is somehow better


Father's retired now. Plans to work yet another 4 years. His monthly pension will be ₴4100 ($154).


>₴4100 ($154)

I make more than that staking cryptocurrency in a month…


File: 1629414136856.gif (6.75 MB, 500x269, 500:269, jim-laugh.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>His pension will be $154

This world is just so fucked. My brother is neet and gets about 1500€/month just for breathing

Just fuck this world. I hate living here


you don't even know how much money that is in his country in term of purchasing power


Even if we compared the country with the worst purchasing power to the country with the best purchasing power, it's still ridiculous.


the forests burned on a regular basis when left to themselves…
no massive conflagrations, just burned out underbrush to nourish the land…
the indians used to set backfires to ensure the cycle was followed…
greedy evil whytpepo screwed it up as 'forest management'.


I was just wondering about where I can get some info about new video games and other things. I remember when I was a kid I kept up to date on video games by reading magazines and checking gaming websites.

This makes me wonder, where do most people get their info these days? Social media? Youtube? I think I preferred magazines. With magazines you get all your information once a month and then get on with your life. With social media you seem to spend hours scouring for shit, wasting your entire day reading useless bullshit.


There are sites related to game news of differing quality, youtubers who do a decent job of being game news channels for their particular spectrum of interest, and places people discuss games like the chans, redzit, and forums.

That said the vast majority of all of it is shit. The news coverage I mean. News industry in general is having issues and the alternatives aren't reliable.


Your brother is based. You should try to be more like him.


I tried to post on wizchan on my phone internet a while back and found out the phone IP had been banned. It's somewhat disturbing to know that someone in my immediate area uses this website.


My internet is slow so I was reviewing things I already posted or submitted to here and other platforms and I encountered like 4 faux pas and some typos that I wrote over the past day, some of them really stupid and could be taken out of context in a bad way. Where does my ironic trolling end and actual bad posting begin….




What do you guys know about Roger Crisp? Does he get added to the wizardchan pantheon of Pat Benetar and Schopenhauer?


Neck is really fucked. I'm stuck laying in bed. At least I get to read Japanese books instead of computer work. I fixed my monitor so that it is at eye level and removed the torture contraption that is supposed to be a headrest from my chair and plan to limit computer time to a reasonable number of hours. Life lets you know when your lifestyle is imbalanced.


Ergonomics is worth looking into and studying.
It prevents a lot of pain and once you get your head around it ergonomics becomes the art of being comfy.


one year later that bright orange UFO is still above my city, just watched it blast off across the sky and return to the spot it usually floats around in, I really hate that thing


I have a problem, I try not to do it, but I can spend hours watching these people do this kind of stuff, like carving soap, playing with foam, tapping wood objects together, etc. I dont get "tingles" like these people call it, but my brain is extremely entertained and enthralled by these actions and small noises. I pretty much never even fap before bed anymore, I'd rather watch someone doing this kind of stuff instead. I don't know where it all came from but it seemed to just spring up 4 years ago or so and now there are all these videos with millions of views so I can't be the only person.


And also I just had a thought to use my blood pressure/pulse measure thing while watching this, usually my heart bpm is 80-90, and I was so surprised, during this video it was 61bpm, I don't think I've ever seen it that low.


Tool use is so deeply hard-wired in the brain over eons of evolution that even seeing other people use tools causes your caveman neurons to start firing.


this does nothing for me. it is completely unorganic and fake, i mean these people are doing it only for the purpose of making you feel all tingly. meh


I’ve been listening to planet ambience while I fall asleep so I can pretend I’m not on earth


File: 1629694324541.png (1.17 MB, 1499x845, 1499:845, manichaean.png) ImgOps iqdb

Manichaeanism was quite a wizardly religion.



has anyone here learned a significant amount of japanese? It is very hard but I feel like I learned a lot in just a few months, it’s tough to keep the ball rolling though


I'm gradually improving. I have read the 70% of Japanese for Everyone which is the equivalent of somewhere between Genki I and II. That means my reading comprehension might be on the same level as a Kindergartener. First graders know a lot more vocabulary and Kanji than I do. I have Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese collecting dust on my shelf which is supposed to get you to the point where you can actually read real books.


dam that sounds rough


I started studying in 2016 and learned enough to easily read through VNs and a few 20th and 21st century novels. I only read some manga and VNs sporadically these days but I still never have too much trouble with comprehension despite the long breaks.
> it’s tough to keep the ball rolling though
Have you tried consuming native material yet? It gets more fun once you get past the initial phase, where you're only studying basic core vocab and grammar, and can actually understand some stuff and start mining words you find. I remember the first raw manga I read was Yotsuba and I probably spent 5 minutes or so per page just trying to figure out what was being said and trying to analyze the grammar. It's difficult at first but it's a lot of fun when you get better and can start reading more difficult works.


>Have you tried consuming native material yet? It gets more fun once you get past the initial phase
I am very stupid so I am reviewing basic grammar and a few hundred basic words every single day over and over, I slowly add in new grammar details and words every week but I am slow and I like to write the kanji out too so I take it easy, I think I could understand most kid-friendly sentences with jisho open at this point though, sometimes I see words that are just combinations of two kanji I know and I just made an assumption on what it meant, like yesterday it was "映像" ei-zou is how I read it and I assume it meant video or animated image or something


A lot of people probably get filtered by the basic stuff because they can't stand feeling like an idiot while taking half an hour to read a few paragraphs of text especially for months on end. Add to that lapses in your studies where you forget half of what you learned and are forced to restart. Once you get to where you can read real books, it's probably an upward spiral.


I ordered Chinese food and it tasted like it was made with pond water


Nasty. I've had Taco Ball before that tasted like peanuts and a frozen burrito that tasted like mayonnaise.

On a tangentially-related note, the surest vomit inducer is when you don't realize that your tap water tastes strongly of dirt and you make instant coffee with it.


it was going to smell like dirt anyway when you add the coffee so whatever





The absolute state of zoomers. Have to be reminded that note taking by hand is the superior way of taking notes.


My hand always cramps up really badly when using a pen/pencil excessively. It was hell when writing essays during exams.


>Have to be reminded that note taking by hand is the superior
It's more like typing is easier than writing and any cognizant creature realizes this but most are too lazy and want to do as little as possible whether it's a detriment or not. And I mean, do you really think people take notes anymore? No, they use it as an excuse to look at facebook on their laptop so they can zone out in lecture and then go home and look all the answers up on google.


>Have to be reminded that note taking by hand is the superior way of taking notes.
Most schools don't up to highschool don't even teach proper study habits anymore and the material has been dumbed down so much that study isn't even necessary until collage or university level schooling.
It is not the matter of being reminded. They didn't learn in the first place and now have to learn all that shit on their own in the extended adolescence of their collage years. It isn't even their fault. They didn't even get the chance to know.


I have written thousands of sheets of paper full of math. I don't think this is superior than writing it up in latex. I just like the feeling of the pen scratching on the paper


Ordered a screen protector for my phone. The first one is a rigid glass type which I broke while opening the package. The second one is the elastic gel type. I keep attaching multiple times but it keeps producing air bubbles and I can't get it aligned. I am too clumsy for this. Should have just paid a normal human with normal concentration and motoric skills to do it for me.


I know what you mean. I opted to pay someone else to do it when I bought it in person and it has stayed put and was done right the first time.
Cost like 2 bucks extra. Worth it.


how are they? my screen has a small chip in it and it annoys me, thinking about getting a screen protector so my nail stops getting hitched on the little chip, thought I wasn't sure if it would make the phone less responsive and more annoying in general than just having the chip


Good I guess. I don't feel like they affect the sensitivity.


Yay, I somehow got a stomach flu on my days off.
Broke the fever and feel somewhat better after throwing up, but I know I ain't out of the woods yet.

Only thing I can do is sip fluids and rest. Might skip work tomorrow if I get a fever again.


sounds like covid dude, rip


covid is a respiratory thing, not a stomach thing.
I probably just ate something I shouldn't have.


I hate how normalfags will plot against you if they don't like you for whatever reason. Be it you're too quiet, awkward, weird etc. You're just minding your own business and they make up a plan to hurt you, even banding together to carry it out. The evil within them knows no bounds.


And then the rationalization that comes afterwards. Case in point, I would not be surprised in the slightest if someone replied to your post with, "What do you mean, people just bully you for no reason? Bru, there's never 'no reason,' think back, you were being an irritating little fuck. You were doing something." They can't even contemplate a world not like their's.


>implying that is a trait exclusive to normies
I have seen that behavor plenty of times from abnormals and wizards alike. Shit people are shit, simple as that.


Wizards and abnormals frequently receive blame or pay a price for their participation in that sort of behavior.
Normalfags will usually never receive a slap on the wrist for causing your employment to be terminated.
>Lepeltier, who represented himself, left without comment after the tribunal refused him a full hearing
see also, workplace bullying studies.


>Normie co-workers that hate 4chan send me Wojak/Pepe memes
>Mother that hates 4chan sends me Wojak/Pepe memes
>Fuckin Taliban send wojak memes
>When not banned, imageboards themself are drowning in Wojak memes.
Internet is dead.


I think the "modern" wojak/pepe variations began in earnest around 2012-2014. And if you include the original meme, these fucking variations have been around for over a decade.


My theory is people are too lazy to create OCs because of mostly using smartphones to browse imageboards/internet as a whole. So they acquire those memes that were hip years ago, and it all just snowballs into old memes being the only memes left, since no one makes new ones.


i miss it when wojak is about feels.


Pepe and wojak are old as fuck. Memes as a whole are slowly dying and on their way out. Hopefully the internet is rid of them in the future.


>> Aug 22, 2021 159
try not to have a cow if this tweaks your twinkie wrong somehow…

The Vapor, the Hot Hat, & the Witches’ Potion
A Fairy Story
Margaret Anna Alice

Once upon a time in a prosperous land, a rumor swept across the kingdom that there was an invisible vapor floating through the air. Many vapors had come before, but this one was so extraordinary, it called for an extraordinary response.

This vapor, the town criers cried, could kill you at any time, anywhere. You could get it by talking, breathing, or singing. You could get it by standing or walking too closely to someone. You could even get it by playing. And the scariest thing of all—you could get it and not even know you had it.

The only way to escape was to hide indoors, keep away from people, and rub your hands with a clear jelly every time you touched something. Merchants stopped trading, apprentices stopped learning, and people stopped seeing people.

Every day, the town criers yelled out the number of people who had caught the vapor, although most didn’t know it since they felt the same as usual—just a lot more scared. They only learned they had it because of a certain spell a sorcerer had written down before the vapor came.

The sorcerer had said it wasn’t supposed to be cast for vapors and couldn’t tell people if they had caught a vapor or not. But the sorcerer had died, and the king’s counselors decided to cast the spell, anyway, and that is how people found out they had the vapor.

The town criers shouted the latest death tolls so often their voices grew hoarse. Almost every one who died was very, very old or very, very sick or very, very fat. Hardly anyone else died, and at the end of the year, it would turn out about the same number had died as had in other years.

Still, it was a very scary vapor, and the entire kingdom had to change for the good of the public. The land was no longer prosperous, but the king just minted more coins and tossed them out to his subjects so they wouldn’t notice right away.

Eventually, people were told they could come out of hiding and the marketplace could open back up if everyone followed a few rules.

They had to wear a hot, scratchy hat that covered their ears and eyes so the vapor couldn’t get into their earholes or eyeholes. They had to hop five times forward and five times backward if they accidentally got too close to another person. And, of course, they had to rub their hands with jelly after touching anything.

Some people thought the hats looked silly and were even a little dangerous since they made it hard for them to hear and see and made them sweat in the summer. The hopping took so much time, people weren’t able to get much done.

When those people didn’t wear the hats or hop around, the rest of the people got very, very angry and said it was their fault people were dying and getting sick and couldn’t live the way they used to live. Some even took to wearing two or more hats for extra protection against the anti-hatters and anti-hoppers.

Every so often, the king would tell people to hide back inside again because too many people were catching the vapor. They couldn’t work or shop or visit people they loved. There wasn’t much to do besides lie around listening to the town criers, who always let people know how scared and angry and resentful they should all feel, especially toward the anti-hatters and anti-hoppers.

Suddenly, people started feeling more hopeful. A few witches who were richer than all the world’s kingdoms and queendoms combined offered to make a potion people would need to swallow every so often to keep them safe from the vapor—but it would only work if everyone drank it together.

It took a few months, but eventually the witches each had their own flavor—grape and orange and tropical punch—and they were ready to pour them into people’s mouths. Whenever potions had been made in the past, the witches had had to spend years and years making sure it was safe before giving it to people.

This time, though, the vapor was so scary, they skipped all those steps so people could be saved sooner. They even got the king to issue a special decree so no one could hurt the witches if anything bad happened to them after drinking the potion.

The king gathered three-quarters of the coins he had collected from the people that year and presented them to the witches.

Almost everybody couldn’t wait to drink the grape or orange or tropical punch potion. They bragged about going to get it and told everyone after they got their first and second drinks. When they came across someone who didn’t want to drink it, they got very, very cross. The town criers told everyone to yell at the anti-drinkers because it was their fault they couldn’t go back to life like it was before the vapor.

Something strange happened after people started drinking the potion. Some of them caught the vapor, anyway, but that was because it was a version of the vapor the witches hadn’t planned for—still, it was important to drink both doses of the potion because it was better than not drinking them.

To be safe, though, the town criers said they should go back to wearing hot hats and hopping—although most hadn’t stopped to begin with because they were afraid of what would happen if they did (or worse, they might be mistaken for an anti-hatter, anti-hopper, or anti-drinker).

Even stranger, some of the people who had drunk the potion died either right after or not long after drinking it. Unlike the people who died from the vapor, these people were often very, very young or very, very healthy or very, very fit. The town criers never shouted about these deaths. If anyone brought it up, they called them an anti-hatter, anti-hopper, and anti-drinker.

Being an anti-drinker was the worst of all because everyone knows you need to drink to survive. If you’re against drinking the potion, you must surely be against drinking water, too, and we all know you can’t live without drinking water.

Not everyone who drank the potion died. Some just had peculiar things happen to their bodies. They shook all the time or got rare diseases or noticed parts of their bodies stopped working. They were bedridden or lame or hurt in different ways and couldn’t live the way they did before or even after the vapor. The town criers didn’t tell anyone about these people, either.

And then there were the drinkers who felt perfectly fine … for now. The potion had never been tried for longer than a few months, so no one was really sure what would happen in the next year or two or longer. It was also a different kind of potion than anyone had ever drunk before. This potion changed something inside you that could never be undone.

People would also need to drink new versions of the potion every few months, and the king would need to continue giving three-quarters of the kingdom’s coins to the witches forever, or at least as long as the kingdom existed.

All the surviving drinkers were grateful to the witches and thanked them for saving their lives. They proudly displayed a mark on their chin that meant they’d drunk the potion. The ones who’d drunk it twice had two marks.

Those who didn’t have any marks were to blame for the kingdom’s problems. They weren’t permitted to shop in the marketplace or work or apprentice or take part in any public activities. They were shamed and shunned for being a threat to the people of the land.

These people started to feel like they should leave the kingdom, but they weren’t allowed to travel without the double marks, and besides, all the other kingdoms and queendoms were the same as theirs, anyway. There wasn’t anyplace left where people weren’t afraid of the vapor and where they didn’t demand that everyone drink the potion.

Soon, the king decided the anti-drinkers were so dangerous, they would need to be locked in a dungeon until they agreed to drink the potion. They were free to choose whichever flavor they liked. If they decided not to drink, they would simply remain in the dungeon. It was entirely up to them.

One year passed, and then another. There were fewer and fewer people left in the kingdom. Eventually, so few people were left, the king could no longer collect enough coins to pay the witches. The rest of the kingdoms and queendoms around the world were in the same fix. They decided to join together into one king-queendom so they could collect enough coins to buy the potion.

After eight more years passed, there weren’t enough people left in all the world to cover the witches’ dues. The rulers decided everything that belonged to the people now belonged to the king-queendom. The people could still live in their hovels, but they wouldn’t own anything. They could earn their keep through labor—indeed, they might be put to work making the potion!

People no longer needed to decide what they wanted to do or be in life because the king-queendom would decide for them. People didn’t need to pay for anything because all the subjects got equally small amounts of the necessities. Everyone looked the same, acted the same, and thought the same.

Most people didn’t remember what it was like before the vapor. Some didn’t even know there was such a time.

The rulers, on the other hand, never wanted for anything. Nor did their friends, the town criers. The witches were the wealthiest of all—and deservedly so, as they had saved the world from the deadly vapor.

It wasn’t long before there were no more subjects. The rulers, the counselors, the town criers, and the witches had all the earth’s riches to themselves, and they lived happily ever after.

Margaret Anna examines propaganda, neuropsychology, culture, linguistic programming, and mass control in her aim to awaken the sleeping before tyranny triumphs. Visit her blog to read more of her work or buy her a coffee.


>Memes as a whole are slowly dying and on their way out.

I don't know what kind of fucking internet you're using but memes or "memes" as the normalfags recognize them, which is "joke"/reference of the week (or another variation of wojak/pepe) run into the ground, are alive and unfortunately well. I don't know if you think long-form "content" is coming back but zoomers apparently have a shorter attention span than millennials.

>My theory is people are too lazy
People are too STUPID and ignorant to create OC, anyway most of the memes of yesteryear were in-jokes which made sense to certain people and were like a by-product of discussion rather than being created as an end-goal in themselves.



Has anyone noticed people here are making posts about your life as if it was their own?

For example I would wake up, turn on the TV to watch news and eat breakfast, then sometime down the line I will see someone post something like "Just woke up, watching TV and eating breakfast"


no they just post things I'll be thinking about a few minutes ago, odd things


Old TV was based as fuck. Imagine this conversation happen on modern TV.



Made me LMAO thanks 4 sharing


it's just kind of a stupid joke and it goes on way too long, until they're beating a dead horse, maybe back then fat people were super rare or something? I dunno, I see people way bigger any time I go outside


The joke didn't really go on for too long. If you go back a bit you realize the initial laugh comes from him guessing the answer seemingly out of the blue. The only real joke about her being fat is him asking her if she is taking them.

But yeah, she is fat for the time period. Today she would be about average weight for her age, but back then she would be considered abnormally fat.


airports confiscate tons of items
they hand these to government agencies for that state
they distribute them
some sell or auction them off

seems poorly thought out and annoying to everyone involved aside from the people buying the auctions with the intent of reselling them

why cant you just pay a fine, receive a packing slip where you can print your info on it, put the item inside it, and then you get mailed the item


because normies are just fucking evil, that's why
give em a little power over others and their true nature comes out


File: 1630421461967.jpg (55.49 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 20210831_105023.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1630467165489.jpeg (55.84 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Livia.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

My mother has been having a bit of a downward spiral in the last few months. Or perhaps you could liken it to a trash fire growing in intensity as more fuel is tossed onto it. More arguments and more overt manipulation. She went into the hospital last month for a chronic health problem.

The morning before she went, we found her huffing computer cleaner. Cans of compressed air you'd use to spray out a keyboard, you can huff it and get a shitty little high. We also found a few empty canisters, implying she had been doing it for a while. Apparently she lied to my father and told him I requested a can of computer cleaner, then took it for herself to abuse. She found herself enjoying it and then shoplifted more. She denies being lucid when making those choices. She also takes too much/too little of her medication often, resulting in emergency room visits and mood swings. During her month-long stay in the hospital, she talked a big game about changing and fixing her problems. I didn't believe it then. Now she's out and back to causing problems the same way.

A day after she got out, my youngest brother found her huffing yet another can of compressed air, likely stashed before the hospital visit. She then hid it behind her back and boldly said to his face that she hadn't done anything and he was mistaken. My father doesn't really believe him because he can't find the can. I imagine he wouldn't believe anybody unless he caught her doing it himself, the deluded bastard.

Aside from her air-huffing hobby, constant manipulation and deception spews forth from her. She nonsensically tries to get my father to stay home from work for no reason. I imagine this is just for attention. When he refuses, she says he's abandoning her and gets him into shouting matches over the fight she has fabricated. This happens almost every work night now. She also makes overt demands towards anybody who will listen, forcing both my brother and father to fetch her things at her convenience: go make her something to eat, go get something from the store at 2AM, literally anything she can think up to get their attention for a brief moment. Last night she screamed for my brother across the house so he could rinse off a plate for her while she made a sandwich a few feet away. She's not infirm or even overweight, much less obese: she is perfectly able to do these things herself and I believe just enjoys the control/attention garnered from having others do it for her. And none of this is to speak of the usual constant BPD histrionics, frequent 'gaslighting', attempting to turn family members against each other, suicide threats and outright lies. She's literally an air-huffing Livia Soprano.

My own interactions with her recently have been infrequent, since I strive to minimize contact with her and have openly made myself distant for years. But I find myself hating her more and more as of late, as her abuse towards others increases. I know an outright confrontation would accomplish nothing but intensify her wretchedness and focus it on me so I have yet to bother. Clashes of this nature were common when I was a teenager, but I've long since learned to avoid it entirely. Maybe she'll turn her attention to me and it'll happen anyway.

But I can see my father is growing rapidly frustrated with her in the last few weeks. Less trusting, less tolerant, more argumentative. His patience is cracking every time she does some stupid dramatic act or lies about something. I know soon that she will push it too far and he will make her seek professional counseling or make her leave altogether. She will have lost the last person in her life who truly cares for her. I cannot wait for the day she finds that the situation she has made for herself is one where she is alone and hated, entirely by her own actions and design. I just wish it hadn't taken decades of misery for it to happen.


>Cans of compressed air you'd use to spray out a keyboard, you can huff it and get a shitty little high.
… what. I did not know that was a thing. Unconventional and very dangerous means to get high have always amazed me, you have to be very desperate and very self-destructive to wreck your health like that. Anyway sorry to hear about your situation.


so she's depressed and crazy and doing inhalants. Shouldn't you like try to fix that somehow by making her not depressed anymore?


It's impossible to force someone to change their behavior when they don't want to change. I've lived with people like this. Their coping mechanism for hating their life is to make everyone else around them suffer and to act out for attention. They're not going to let go of that thing that makes them feel good just because you offered to help them. They're going to take advantage of you and use to get their emotional high for as long as you'll permit it. You aren't obliged to let these people abuse you just because you're related to them. They are responsible for their own lives. The best thing you can do is just cut yourself off from them.


File: 1630521525638.gif (48.1 KB, 269x453, 269:453, Cthulhu.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished my first read through of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. What a nice game. I wonder if anyone here played it before or would like to play? It's a slow burn game with lots of talking with npcs and whatnot and for that reason I'm afraid playing text only would make even the smallest scenario a slog to finish. Not sure if anyone here tried this text only before, if you did please let me know how it went. I hope not but using a mic might be necessary.

The reason I'm not making a post on games or hobby yet is because it will take some more prep on my part to be comfortable enough to gm this thing. Just testing the waters for now to see if any wiz out there would like to try this out eventually.


Thanks for your thoughts, wizzies.
>Shouldn't you like try to fix that somehow by making her not depressed anymore?
If I still thought any sort of conversation or intervening would help her, I'd have done it. I've tried multiple times over the years to rationally explain to her how selfish or bizarre her actions are, but this only results in doubling down or her trying to make my life hell for a while as 'punishment'. She doesn't want to be helped, and I'm far past done trying to stop her from digging her own grave.

I definitely agree with the other wiz's point about toxic people, which is why I've spent years trying to simply minimize her impact on my life.

Regardless, it seems my initial hunch was correct: her nonsense has recklessly intensified in the last day or so due to a lack of people feeding into it, and my father has finally stopped caring for the most part. She started one of their usual "you're working too much, stay home with me" arguments in the morning this time, keeping him awake, and he told her to get the fuck over it. She made a very big show of "leaving", then sitting in the garage on her phone for two hours, then writing a dramatic goodbye note she left in the kitchen before finally sitting at Wal-Mart for more two hours and coming home without a word when nobody ran after her. Now he's leaving for work and she left with a backpack without saying anything.

It strikes me as almost humorous how childish this shit is. I did this maneuver when I was like six years old (without the note, though - nice touch) and throwing a tantrum, and she's almost 50 and doing the same thing for the same reasons. She's going to be disappointed as the night goes on and she realizes he's actually at work and not desperately mounting a city-wide search party. My only concern is that, knowing her, perhaps this attention seeking behavior will spiral into genuine suicidal/self-destructive gestures… but even then it's a choice she's making herself.


>It strikes me as almost humorous how childish this shit is.

Did your parents have arranged marriage? Cos it sounds like your mother married very young and has undiagnosed mental illnesses that wouldn't be apparent in cultures that still have arranged marriages.


I think fountain sodas are made with real sugar now, has anyone else noticed this? Soon after the virus hoax started I'd pour a mountain dew from a convenience store machine and the stuff starts fermenting in under a day if there's any leftover in the cup. Stuff based on high fructose corn syrup doesn't do that. I guess the disruptions to commerce last year forced soda makers to switch to real sugar.

There's some leftover mountain dew on my shelf I poured not two days ago, it almost smells and tastes like wine already.


Getting autismbux again finally after refiling 6 months ago when I ran out of money I made trading options. about $800 /mo. I have a tight budget for this month, paying most of a few debts I've acquired in that time. After paying down debts, buying food and changing my cars oil and coolant and such, I'll probably have ~$50. I might buy one thing that I don't really need, like a pepper grinder, and then wait until next month to buy several things that I want.


new crosswords puzzles, the highlight of my day


Wiz that wiz said she is BPD so NOTHING but therapy for BPD will work and only if she is self aware and actually wnats to change.


File: 1630799995570.gif (1.71 MB, 500x281, 500:281, umaru.gif) ImgOps iqdb

This NEET is home alone again. Drains my spirit not being home alone.


God I hate zoomers. Fucking cancerous embarrassing unfunny braindead insects that ruined our internet.


zoomers cant help it because as soon as they came online (birth) it was already laden with normalfaggotry


normie mindset level 20.
>i don't mean abandon people when they become inconvenient
that's exactly what he means.
the following 15 minutes and 22 seconds of this video are irrelevant filler of classic normie victim blaming and attempts at cheating the conscience.
i wonder if people in sam hyde's life followed his advice and cut contact with this evil dreg of a man.


mother won't lay off the damn bug spray and she's complaining that she's coughing all the time, put two and two together dammit
merely smelling that poison makes my head spin


i live with my sister to preface this, it's not up ot me. the kitchen sink had a little leak, liek it wasnt properly fitted or became loose. so the basement had some water as a result. seriously such a small amount that in some places the flooring would squish up water. the basement concrete is sealed and i installed luxury vinyl wood flooring, it's a completely waterproof thing, just vinyl. so the plumbers or whatever ripped up all the flooring so stuff could dry underneath. the reasoning is that otherwise mold will grow. so it's clean as fuck and they have a million air movers blowing air around to dry things. there is no mold, not even in the walls they ripped up. they have thrown away all the flooring i guess, i dont see it anywhere. it seems overkill to me. we have had flooding with heavy rain+clogged gutters where the entire basement has like an inch of water. all i did was literally brush the water into the garage and then outside and then run a bunch of box fans for a few days and it eventually dried and there was no issue, aside from damaged baseboard/quarted round trim as a result of swelling up. so that has happened a few times with this vinyl flooring. you think because of that there would be mold, but shit is completely fine after i inspected everything they have removed. i believe these plumbers/water damage people are either idiots or scammers. sure insurance will cover everything, and my sister gets a huge insurance payout, and the plumbers get a huge paycheck. this seems like insurance fraud, some kind of cooperative fraud between homeowners and plumbing companies. while it seems wrong i dont really give a shit, but im still going to have to relay all that god damn flooring again as a result so it annoys me somewhat. it takes so fucking long to do that to an entire basement with 5 rooms. when the leak was discovered i got to work fixing it and cleaning up, she told me to stop so they could get the max assesment or something. i believe my sister faked some kind of hysterical emotional breakdown while contacting and negotiating with the insurance companies and plumbing companies, because she was completely fine the next day and is already talking about using the money to renovate the kitchen and all this shit… i dont like living with other people. just complaining


I am finally gaining my strength back and don't feel like total shit all the time.
I can even eat proper food again.

Lost over 20 pounds and my piss is still bright orange no matter how much water I drink but overall I think I have made it through the worst of whatever this sickness I have.
Praise Ibuprofen, wouldn't have made it without the stuff.

Not it is just a matter of taking things slow and not rushing my recovery despite being really done with laying around all the time.

I might even be able to eat a burger later today without throwing up. I look forward to it.


Your piss is orange because of the ibuprofin. I took the stuff for a while because of plantar wart pain. The ibuprofin is damaging your liver and your body can't process it.


Mould itself is a big scam wiz. here is nothing wrong at all with having mold in your living space it does not cause any health problems in my experience and your clothing can be kept in plastic bags so they do not get mold growing on them if you really care so much about mold. I thought it was common knowledge that mold was just another way to squeeze money out of people but obviously not.

What is wrong with a bit of mold growing in your house? especially the concrete.
That's right x1


> i believe these plumbers/water damage people are either idiots or scammers.
There was a King Of The Hill episode about exactly this. A small leak that dealt no real damage was fixed with no issue or suggestion of further damage. The insurance company demanded that a mold test be done. The house was ripped apart and only one small instance of a type of non-toxic mold present in every structure was found, and the insurance company deemed the house unfit to live in.

>that otherwise mold will grow.

So they didn't even have to prove it? It was all speculation? The proper course would to have been to saturate with mold killer, dry, and then warm to kill spores. All stuff you could have done yourself with a bucket and the thermostat. Mold killer is something any basement ought to be washed with annually anyway, at least a quick mopping and spraying in to corners.

Every industry from construction to shrimp farming has its own set of scams related to "health safety" that all bank in on insurance policies which financially benefit not only the resident but also all contractors and middlemen who get involved. Mold issues are particularly lucrative because it takes a "specialist" to analyze and determine what is and is not healthy, when in reality most residential molds don't have any negative effect on human health, and many of the few that do can be eradicated with an off-the-shelf mold remover.

It's good that you're getting compensated. All the time you put in was in effect wasted though. Snag some of that cash for yourself wiz.


If you're drinking lots of water then it can't be dehydration. Orange pee means liver or gallblader damage.


Every pee chart I can think of says that orange just means dehydration and has nothing to do with ibuprofen.

Been using the stuff for decades and never had such a side effect as orange pee. Nor is such a side effect listed even among rare side effects of ibuprofen.

I think you are just making shit up again.


You are literally just throwing out random guesses while knowing nothing.


>literally just throwing out
If he was literally just throwing out anything, he would be physically picking them up and tossing them away from him.


Actually I just googled it. First result clearly says liver issues. Also the first part is common sense. If you're drinking lots of water you can't be dehydrated so your piss can't be orange because of dehydration and therefore must be orange because of some other reason. You should be asking yourself what that reason is instead of clinging to a reason you know must not be right one. I don't actually think ibprofuen caused it though, that was a different anon, whatever illness you have is what caused it.


File: 1631032952713.pdf (1.87 MB, Advanced Mold Immune Cours….pdf)

>mold and health problems

you better take measures quickly


Mold has only made me stronger if anything I have not been sick in over a decade. I am not advising others to disregard taking care of the mold "problem" but I for one do not care at all.


Yoghurt is mold and I've been eating that stuff for two decades without getting cancer, not sure what normbreathers are so afraid of. I really liked the cup-sized servings with the foil lid and fruit jam on the bottom. It used to be either those or the big tubs, but now it's all just these mini little capsules with heavilly mixed artificial flavor and coloring. Another tasty healthy thing appropriated as a small snack for fatubi. The coffee mocha is the best.


Yogurt is not mold. Like on any level.


>whatever illness you have is what caused it
No shit.
But saying that is one thing and just randomly guessing and saying it's ibuprofen is another.


Please watch this educational program and stop.
I can only cringe so hard.


>Yoghurt is mold
Yoghurt is bacteria you dumbass, and some bacteria is good for you


Yogurt isn't mold but I like the moldy on purpose cheeses.



>Everyone who doesn't agree with me is gangstalking.


No, just all the active users on the whole site pointing out your are being dumb.


alright you got me


That is exactly what a gangstalker would say.


drank 4 monster energy drinks now my testicles hurt. any scientists out there?


Scientist here. How the fuck should I know what’s wrong with you?


it's your job, poindexter


Why bother with all of the meditation and navel gazing when I can melt into nature with just a cigarette?


Uhhhhhhh… because cigarettes are fucking toxic to your entire body?


New Iron Maiden Album is so fucking good.

that is all.


maybe he should smoke marijuana instead, hmm?



is there a gayer sounding term


marijuana makes me more linguistic. tobacco destroys my ego. Latter better


maybe he should do neither?


The title track actually brought tears to me eyes it was that good.
The best album they put out in years and that is really saying something.


I bet if I download it it'll be mediocre and another lesson in avoiding things that are hyped


Crab in a bucket.


isn't iron maiden a meme band these days? I bet you two are only gushing about it because it's popular now with "ironic" normies


File: 1631177498780.png (3.92 MB, 1300x1065, 260:213, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


slipknot iron maiden and other popular "metal" bands are shit.


You are shit


Mold gang. Mencius Moldgang?


there's a difference between trying to drag someone down and being suspicious of hype
I downloaded megadeth's discography when the internet started raving about them and played every song, they were nothing special


File: 1631251876579.png (414.04 KB, 1922x971, 1922:971, wp-patchy-koa.png) ImgOps iqdb

Made a wallpaper for evening/night. Found an image on gelbooru with transparent_background tag and messed around in gimp for a few hours.
Note: I made this with my monitor settings on lowest brightness and low contrast, it's not intended to look gray and you aren't intended to be able to make out Koakuma's boots. For some reason saving it as a webp does not have this problem even if I change the monitor settings.

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