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Last thread: https://archive.is/O6O7R

Lindsey Graham tests positive for Covid-19 and has had 'flu-like symptoms' despite being vaccinated



>FOURTH Capitol riot cop, 26, commits suicide: DC police reveal officer was found dead at his home last month in statement just hours after disclosing third cop had taken his own life

The fuck is going on? This can't just be a coincidence, someone is obviously cleaning house and being really blatant about it.


What is even the point.
You saw what happened to the last few threads.
Rule 5 isn't enforced and trolls just spam the thread and actively try to disrupt any discussion.
it's over dude.


It's extra suspicious that these started happening right around the time the congressional investigation into the incident is getting started. Considering the cops were basically told to stand down and let the violent mob inside I'm sure there was something fishy going on. This was a literal coup attempt. If only these retards were smart enough to figure out how to use a battering ram they would have succeeded too.


File: 1627997024830.png (106.27 KB, 625x626, 625:626, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

and it begins


File: 1627997691489.jpg (1.71 MB, 4094x2609, 4094:2609, QKUYR4CVMNI6RGCYIFAZPQMTTI.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

its over, Democrats lost


I can't stand Lindsey Graham. He is the most wishy-washy RINO fuck in this country


the picture in the op is funny, if he were to take the hat off it would instantly make him go from early adulthood to middle aged guy


Official UK Data: Coronavirus 26th Leading Cause of Death in June, Less Than 1% of All Deaths

Note that the Daily Mail is trying to sensationalize 11 people a day dying.

Now do car crashes.

Why should we not ban cars?

Is the point to prevent all forms of death completely?

Then why not do something to prevent obesity, which according to the government’s own statistics, is killing orders of magnitude more people than respiratory diseases?

Why is a death from “coronavirus” a special death? Is this like World War II, where tens of millions died, but the only deaths that mattered were the Jews?


>implying any Jews died in WWII


I'd put this in the crawl thread, but it seems politically charged. I am the son of Russian immigrants to the US. I have only lived a few years in Russia during my childhood, the rest was in America, yet I speak Russian and I do not identify myself with America.


You ever actually been to russia?
What are your thoughts about the geopolitics of russia right now?

Don't you think it would be best if the US and Russia became allies?


>ever actually been to russia
not as an adult, read my post
>us and russia become allies
no, being an 'ally of the united states' is not independence, and continued independence is the number 1 geopolitical goal of russia




This absolutely does break the Nuremberg Code, which says that people cannot be coerced into medical treatments against their will. That code was established based on the theory that the Nazis were coercing people into experiments. Obviously, it’s been shown to be a hoax that the Nazis were experimenting on people, but international law against experimenting on people is probably a good thing.

But the media don't bring it up, so the goyim don’t even know it is illegal to coerce them into a medical experiment. A lot of these goyim don’t even know that the vaccine is experimental.


File: 1628076774424.jpg (57.86 KB, 433x600, 433:600, mengele.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Obviously, it’s been shown to be a hoax that the Nazis were experimenting on people


The Jewish hate machine is now pumping up against Dr. Joseph Mercola, who is being labeled “a disinformer” for openly discussing the science of the vaccines.

[This gets to the underlying theme, which was also the biggest theme during the election: if people cannot distinguish between fiction and reality, as the government claims, then how is a “democracy” even possible? The entire basic concept of a democracy is that the people have the ability to look at information and decide what they think about it, then act on that process.

What the government and media are now saying with this stuff about “disinformation” is that actually, the people cannot decide what is real and what isn’t, and they have to have their thoughts groomed by the government, the media and the social media companies.]



>his office was full of hundreds of jars of eyes
>he tossed children into ovens while humming mozart
>he transplanted limbs between twins and injected serum into their eyes
>he was called the angel of death
Do you honestly believe any of this?

The so-called survivors of Mengele went on to form CANDLES, and the organization still exists today because many of them have lived to be over 90 years old. The only point of commonality in their testimony is they received injections, i.e. inoculations against typhus.

Everything written about Josef Mengele is a myth. You don't have to believe me, look into the claims made about him yourself.


>Do you honestly believe any of this?
What makes you think any of that is unbelievable just on the face of it.
There are tons of fucked up people who have done similar shit and far worse.
I mean the shit the Japs did in their labs makes this stuff look tame and human in comparison.
You have no idea how dark and twisted people can get if this isn't believable to you.


I don't believe a single thing said against the Nazis.

Over the last year alone, I've seen how the media/establishment can establish false narratives and truths just by repeating it through corrupt institutions.


weird, I would have expected Lindsey Graham to test positive for a different virus.


Well do you have any evidence that any of this actually happened besides the testimony of hysterical neurotic Jews who may or may not have actually been in Nazi concentration camps?


>I don't believe a single thing said against the Nazis

I know better then to waste my time.


You're replying to one post with a quote from another.


He also wrote
>The only point of commonality in their testimony is they received injections, i.e. inoculations against typhus.


Yes, and your point is?


File: 1628114437568-0.jpg (2.57 MB, 1500x2406, 250:401, aff79e88c826e3cb7623d042c9….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1628114437568-1.jpg (5.22 MB, 1500x3444, 125:287, 79cecf384974a7b1fd8227fe58….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1628114437568-2.jpg (3.73 MB, 1500x2702, 750:1351, 17753ac94c539b6abb412ff444….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are you going to deny one of the most well-documented events in history?


>We tortured people until they said what we wanted them to.


Called it.


a video of spraying water on a kid and calling it an assad "gas attack" was more well documented than the holohoax


It just comes off as a copout on your part. You may as well not have posted at all.



There were probably at least a couple hundred cops involved? It's a stressful job, a lot of cops don't have good emotional management, I wonder what the suicide rate for cops in America is. It could be traumatic too having to fight Trump supporters who cops probably thought were there allies "backing the blue" and seeing the worst of humanity from people you thought were normal, it wasn't just some black people or meth addicts chimping out and crushing cops heads into doors, probably turned a lot of their worlds upside down


Not to mention losing all notion of control or illusion of an orderly society. Can you blame them?

They looked at pure unfiltered chaos, right into its very eyes. And saw there is no reason or logic to the world. Even a random mob of people can overrun the police and attempt to kill the vice president if they so desire.

Life is pointless, but for a normie to realize it first-hand is soul-crushing. Remember that neurotypicals live through emotions and feelings.
They have extensive bubbles through which they look at the world. Shattering these bubbles will destroy a psyche.

My mother is one such person, if she had a glimpse into even 0,1% of the worst of humanity she would go insane or kill herself.
Heck, even showing her random gore being watched by 13 year old kids would make her a patient at the insane asylum.




Already been vindicated without having to do anything.
You people proved me right.



I wonder how the china shill will defend this?
I mean they are regulating games harder then they regulate drugs at this point. Seems like the only reason why they even allow it at all is because it is a source of data collection and control.


new burger killer entering the field soon


New Russian ICBM to enter combat service in 2022: 208-ton Sarmat can carry 16 warheads and has operational range of 18,000km



This is effectively a low-key version of the announcement we’ve been waiting for: the vaccine doesn’t actually do anything at all.


I didn't claim anything. I was a spectator until I replied to your copout. Unsurprising you did it again.


When someone says they will never change their opinion no matter what evidence is shown to them
Then is presented with evedence and proves through their actions that they meant what they said
It vindicates my point that it isn't worth the effort to go out of my way to try and convince in vain such people who can't be convinced.

It isn't a copout it is simply being prudent.


You don't have to worry about convincing the person you are directly arguing with. Plenty of people browse forums without commenting. Sharing your view could still hold value to bystanders.


hitler was a federal agent


better buy some more just in case


Just because you can transmit it, it doesn't mean it doesn't do anything. Vaccines are not meant to stop people from catching viruses, that would be impossible because viruses are physical things that float around in the air after being breathed out by someone else who is infected and replicating the virus in their bodies. If those particles get inside your body, you're gonna get the virus. Vaccines are just meant to make your immune system better able to fight off the virus and to stop it from replicating as much. If the vaccine is good enough your immune system will be able to immediately fight off the virus before it replicates much and before you show any symptoms. When people talk about the vaccine stopping them from getting the virus, they mean stopping them from experiencing symptoms, you still actually get the virus you just fight it off so easily you don't even notice. With other strains of the coronavirus the mrna vaccines were doing this for covid-19, but there are mutations like the delta variant and lambda variant that are able to replicate enough that people still get mildly sick and can still shed enough viruses to be contagious, however, they shed much less virus than people who have not been vaccinated and like I said they have much milder cases and don't get seriously ill or die anywhere near as often as the unvaccinated because their immune systems can fight it off better.


>the mrna vaccines were doing this for covid-19
they weren't doing anything but mass experimenting on people with an untested fake vaccine and killing them with blood clots, screw the virus hoax and the billionaires behind it


File: 1628382001070.jpeg (60.23 KB, 717x477, 239:159, 14B58BB4-6338-4432-94B2-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



Based China


didn't know ona posted here lol


File: 1628440706512.jpeg (194.59 KB, 1024x647, 1024:647, BE95A80A-A64F-40B3-9FDE-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

suddenly the crab cares…


Just say No.


Wasn’t there some story with the military in China complaining their kids were fat and addicted to video games like America. They know they can’t prevent it I guess, just want to control the addiction.


oy vey, don't question the narrative! take your jabs and embrace your new mud neighbors


Taliban Captures Fifth Provincial Capital in 3 Days as Entire Legacy of the Bush Wars is Erased in Total


First, they conquer the countryside – a virtually done deal in at least 85% of the territory. Then they control the key border checkpoints, as with Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Spin Boldak with Balochistan in Pakistan. Finally, it’s all about encircling and methodically taking provincial capitals – that’s where we are now.

The final act will be the Battle for Kabul. This may plausibly happen as early as September, in a warped “celebration” of the 20 years of 9/11 and the American bombing of 1996-2001 Talibanistan.



the media are all mad about it, but there's something admirable about their resistance, it could make for an inspiring hollywood movie or something tbh


I don't think it's admirable. The fact is they have all the high courage, high testosterone men of the nation on their side.

The Afghan national army is running away from fights against 300 Taleban even if they have 5000 soldiers. The average Afghan is is a total degenerate coward.
Taleban have captured some cities with just a few hundred soldiers, when the city had 10k+ Afghan national army soldiers garrisoned.

I don't like Taleban's ideology, but the strong get to rule and they are the elite of the country by strength and will.



I wonder if America will enter that scale of conflict ever again, it seems like the youth are more against it than ever and more vocal in culture because of the internet. I think there will still be some Libya or Kosovo intervention style stuff at least. Maybe its just a matter of time and brainwashing, maybe the economy has to get better first. But I can't really imagine much war happening at least for the west for now.


If it does then it would be the death of the US. Today's youth don't have the sense of nationalism that's required for them to fight effectively in a war. There's no reason for them to. The US is no longer some sacred pillar of liberty, it's just a cow for the opportunistic to suckle at.


The idiots truly taken over.
This is beyond parody. That is how dumb it it.


People were against the Iraq and Afganistan wars too.
Todays youth are majority non-natives to their country of birth. You can't ask a Mexican to be loyal to America or an Arab to be loyal to France. >>274964


why can't democrats do anything about the virus?


because there is nothing to be done, although idiots believe otherwise, and thus we get fools doubling down on the most stupid, counter-productive policies for the sake of doing something


it's just the flu


I really wish they would stop doing things.
If they did nothing the country would be so much better off.


File: 1628863869165.jpg (65.87 KB, 864x486, 16:9, 7107mgay71h71.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

People just aren't gonna put up with this beta male mask mandate bullshit it seems


no one wants to see your ugly mug, any reclusive person(wizard) would be in joy that they can now obscure their face in public, of course these are succubi though, gotta show off their makeup


I think it's dumb to mandate wearing masks now that people have been given ample time to get the vaccine, but it's even dumber to go against such a simple and easy thing to do when it has been mandated. No one is asking you to like mutilate yourself or something, it's literally just a piece of cloth on your face, it's fine. Statistically it will reduce the amount of people who get sick and die so you're basically saying that your right to have a minor annoyance removed from your life is worth more than the literal lives of the people who will die. If the leaders in your area have decided they want to reduce that number of sick and dead then who are you to argue based only on that desire to remove that minor annoyance? It's ironic that the antimaskers are likely also antivaxxers and so will thus be the net beneficiaries of a mask mandate seeing as how any attempt to reduce the spread of the disease is for the benefit of the unvaccinated who are still at risk.


Civil disobedience you spiritual succubus


I don't care if people use it or not, I think it's great that now I can use it at all times while outside and it's not weird. The mask along with long hair and thick glasses really makes me feel safe and more invisible than going out without a mask, it's great. Also now I can get away doing hand gestures and nods only in a lot of interactions because everyone knows talking through a mask is annoying. I hope masks never go away ever again, at least not to the point that it's weird using one.


File: 1628876136008.webm (1.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, testing masks.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>Statistically it will reduce the amount of people who get sick and die
Actually it won't. Masks don't do anything. Besides signal to the other normalfags that you're willing to blindly follow stupid pointless orders.


>masks have no effect on a respiratory virus
I’m not telling you listen to the CDC or Fauci but maybe use your common sense a bit and critical thinking to separate truth from lies


his webm clearly proves him right, why are you even replying?


File: 1628887889879.png (290.43 KB, 497x715, 497:715, 1628887380078.png) ImgOps iqdb

its over




Authoritarian governments don't care.
They are now throwing people in asylums for wrong think rather then allow such disobedience.


Bet he put her in public school while also letting the internet raise her during her teen years.

Shit like that is caused by bad parenting.


Old feminist from the 70s finally comes out and admits that they were total liars who used shit like cosmo and other publications as propaganda.
Now they deeply regret their lives as they are old and their shit ideology failed them.


Wow, this is like something out of a dystopian novel. I couldn't imagine living under a government that behaves this way.



If things keep on the trend they are going then you won't have to imagine it. You will be living it.


>your right to have a minor annoyance removed from your life is worth more than the literal lives of the people who will die
yes, its like the trolley problem. if you pull the lever then youre a murderer, so you have to let the 5 people die, except it wouldnt even matter if the whole world population was on that track, it would still be wrong to pull the lever. there is no "worth more" in the equation, its right or wrong.
>If the leaders in your area have decided… who are you to argue
literally the most effeminate thing ive heard on this site, excluding /b/ that is.



Trump freed 5000 Taliban and lifted sanctions on them, although I don't know what difference it would have made, either way it doesn't really affect the U.S if anything maybe the Taliban won't harm the U.S after they take over the country, I guess maybe that was Trump's logic, though it sucks for Afghanistan but they were probably fucked anyway


lol there was a guy on this board who was considering taking the vaccine because his college educated relatives did, while the uneducated did not. herd mentality at its finest


I took the vaccine because my boss asked me to and was willing to let me do it in working hours so I essentially get two days off work.


how generous lol


My job is offering a bonus and extra PTO but I still ain't getting it.
I have actually stopped even wearing the mask even though it is technically required.


You traded two work days for a pair bitch tits.


They are now throwing people in jail for 6 months for not showing your vax passport in France.


hope you still think it was worth it in a year or two


File: 1628961055197.jpeg (86.48 KB, 508x339, 508:339, DCD57D85-DAE7-4F58-AC06-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

plenty of soft and well moistured pairs of hands in this thread
types on keyboard angrily


"boss says he will fire me if i dont get a fifth booster shot wtf…"


This is wizardchan. None of us have pairs.


dont project
you might be a little bitch, but most of us here are tough


Then…why are you here?


Wizchan is a site for volcels. Losers don't belong here.




Not true and cut it out.



I'm glad these people don't control government anymore


I got my second shot of the covid vaccine, I'll tell you guys if im about to die


Good luck my man


enjoy the double Ds


Thoughts about the current "transition of power" in Afghanistan?


Anyone with access to a history book about Afghanistan should have realized that this would happen.


somehow this is going to be russia and china's fault


Inshallah, within three years the sickening regime in the USA will fall, as the Soviets fell 30 years ago. Poetry.


Wishful thinking on your part.
Abandoning the pointless conflict of Afghanistan does nothing to America but free up attention and resources for the next conflict zone.
No, it isn't military spending that will hurt the US.
It's going to be it's dabbling in socialism.



America is so incompetent, but I think it was just an intentional war so American elites could pay each other out expensive military contracts and enrich industries like the arms industry etc. also it was a good place to test out American military, I have a theory that America starts all these conflicts partly just to keep its military might tested and trained, because if they just do nothing I guess they would have no experience for future conflicts, I think it's stupid. Anyway America will probably be weaker in future conflicts anyway since zoomers seem to have been raised on ipads and fortnite, they don't seem as tough to me, but I think most conflicts will be less boots on the ground.

Anyway alt-righters should be happy that Afghanistan has now become their paradise albeit to the wrong God and with the wrong races


Yeah American workers are too stupid to own the means of production I agree, they need based bosses and CEOs to keep them in line, I think it could work for other civilized countries though and be experimented with successfully in coming years


does someone need to be alt-right to have been opposed to 20 years and 2 trillion dollars on nothing?


If America is incomplete then the vast majority of the world is totally retarded.


File: 1629123692573.png (369.04 KB, 500x382, 250:191, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

ok I woke up and I felt sick for a couple hours but now I feel perfectly normal, so much for dying


you're also talking about eating poop on feels though



wouldn't surprise me



> Top Taliban leaders are among the 5000 that Trump released last year over everyone's objections

lol archived


if releasing those people somehow resulted in afghanistan's liberation yesterday then it sounds like trump delivered, a stable afghanistan means greater peace for everyone


covid vaccine made me feel really zoned out and tired and gave me a really peculiar headache the morning after the injection

months have passed, still alive


yes I will note as soon as I woke up I had tons of energy but after about 4 hours I crashed and laid in bed all day


how does anybody know? where you there bob?


>Why should we not ban cars?
We should


Going out for fresh air is now illegal in Ausfailia.


Dead man walking


File: 1629244765208.mp4 (1.87 MB, 640x324, 160:81, majorgains.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

A blow to the great Satan is a victory of all who want what is good.

I wish for the liberation of all nations, races, peoples and faiths from the clutches of the American ziohomo empire, Inshallah.


I don't even get fresh air because I live in California and everything's on fire. Covid, fire or whatever else God cooks up to force me to stay indoors won't work.


Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid made numerous sweeping claims in a Tuesday press conference saying the Taliban is focused on forming a government in Afghanistan, will observe succubi’s rights and has “pardoned” wartime enemies.


Mujahid assured that translators and allies to the US military will not be interrogated or “treated with revenge.”

“Nobody is going to knock on their door and ask them who they have been working for,” he said, adding that many younger Afghanistan citizens are “assets” that should remain in the country.


I mean they say that but they are also forcing every single female over the age of 12 and under the age of 45 to marry a Taliban fighter, and beheading a fuck ton of people.
Words don't count, actions do.


(((they))) say a lot of things.


When they say succubi's rights they mean their rights under Islam.


Allah is the greatest schemer and deceiver. The leadership of Al Qaeda and Taliban were always very pragmatic. They need some sort of international recognition to maintain their state, and that is why they lie to achieve their long term goals.


Yeah well, it's their country. They can do what they want with themselves.


File: 1629257119128.jpg (12.01 KB, 296x578, 148:289, BidensSaigon.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

On the one hand: the Afghanistan government completely folded over with little to no resistance.

On the other hand: we're getting reports of Afghanis frightened for their lives under Taliban rule to the point of being willing to die because they would foolishly rather claw onto the edge of a jet plane.

These reports make me ask…did the Afghanis actually like the American occupation? Was there…someone internationally who actually liked the U.S.?


They probably did some really evil shit and are terrified that they're finally going to be held accountable for it.


America dumped a lot of money and stuff on anyone willing to even pretend to work with USA.

That said, America is actually pretty well liked by normies the world over. Sure some terminally online people complain but they are pretty hollow complaints.


no source for that claim and massively fucking the world economy up in the last 20 years and creating millions of rapefugees are not hollow complaints


The Taliban spokesman got a question about freedom of speech and he said the question should be asked to US companies like Facebook who claim to promote it while still censoring pic.twitter.com/woXd5RRCWK

— Liam McCollum (@MLiamMcCollum) August 17, 2021


The Taliban has never claimed to promote free speech. They’ve claimed to promote Sharia Law, which is what they do promote. The West, on the other hand, goes around talking about how they promote free speech, while literally everything they disagree with is censored.

Leftists make bizarre Libertarian arguments in support of censorship, claiming that “private companies” (they’re not private companies) are allowed to do anything to anyone – including organize together to strip people of their guaranteed rights. Now, the White House is admitting to actively being involved in directing the censorship.


>no source for that claim
Here is a taste

>massively fucking the world economy up in the last 20 years

It could also be argued that the US is the only thing holding the world economy up at all.
>creating millions of rapefugees
It didn't and most if not all are economic migrants after gibs and not refuges fleeing warzones.
The main thing that caused the migrant crisis is weak border enforcement and overly generous benefit policy that extends to non-citizens.


you're a piece of shit, shill boy
"it's not our fault for terror bombing those countries that drove millions of people to your borders! you jus didnt enforce them good!! >:( "

that's like throwing a molotov cocktail in someone's window and blaming him for not having a sprinkler system in the house
>not war refugees
syria, iraq, afghanistan


I wish we could just drop the whole free speech facade, just leave me in my safe box and keep the terrorists in their big sandbox country where they can do stupid 3rd world stuff


File: 1629286897339.jpg (39.03 KB, 498x441, 166:147, whereDoYouThinkWeAre.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I wish we could just drop the whole free speech facade
t. someone on an imageboard.


File: 1629287073764.jpeg (1.34 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, download-2021-08-18T06055….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Taliban Officially Bans Production, Distribution, And Use of Narcotics

At the same Kabul press conference on Tuesday where the Taliban spokesman condemned the censorship practices of Facebook, he also announced that from now on, The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will be a narcotics-free country.

Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that all of the opium and heroin production which has been run by the US military for the last two decades will end, and the country will go back to the drug-free way it was before the American invasion.

“We had brought narcotics production to a halt in 2001. That is something we will do. Afghanistan will be drug-free from now on,” he said.

“We need alternative crops, and we hope to bring this scourge to an end,” he continued, noting that he would welcome international assistance with developing a new agricultural model for the country.

During the first ever Taliban press conference, Mujahid also promised peace in the country, and guaranteed all rights that are outlined within Sharia Law.

In the United States and across the West, homosexuals, feminists and Jews are still reeling from the rapid and brutal defeat they suffered in the country, and have taken to simply whining and moaning like babies.

During the occupation, US troops were assigned to protect the opium fields, something which created much controversy among the strictly religious Taliban, along with Westerners who did not appreciate the US government flooding the streets with heroin.

The US and its allies had made billions off the production and sale of heroin while occupying Afghanistan for 19 years, but most of the CIA-linked distributors have now switched to fentanyl, meaning that the cut of their profits as a result of the loss of the war in Afghanistan will be minimal.


this isn't a free speech website, you can't say you had sex or that you are a female for example, you can also get your posts removed if they are excessively low quality, it's a moderated forum


>In the United States and across the West, homosexuals, feminists and Jews are still reeling from the rapid and brutal defeat they suffered in the country, and have taken to simply whining and moaning like babies.
random ad hominem mid article, I don't trust whatever source you got this from


>insults and empty words
Expected and typical. You have nothing of value to say and unable to discuss Geo-politics like a adult.


Now the world will be flood with fentanyl and fund china


>Jew claiming to care about freedom starts advocating for a totalitarian state in the name of freedom
many such cases


the safe box phase is the precursor to forcing everyone like you to work like slave


3 days after getting second shot of the moderna vaccine, since yesterday evening I've felt irritated and itchy all over, idk if it's the vaccine or not but I'm not happy


You get what you deserve.


everything is china's fault


You should be thrown into jail with Bernie Madoff because you stole a candy bar once.



>The US and its allies had made billions off the production and sale of heroin while occupying Afghanistan for 19 years, but most of the CIA-linked distributors have now switched to fentanyl, meaning that the cut of their profits as a result of the loss of the war in Afghanistan will be minimal.

Is that actually true? Why would CIA want to kill Americans tons of Americans with fentanyl, I always thought it was just China linked to selling fentanyl.

And this should have a huge effect right, I thought a lot of drugs like heroin were sourced from Afghanistan, what happens when thousands of drug dealers don't get enough supply, do people just start withdrawing and going crazy?



I think the more rural or countryside Afghans hated the occupation, they live in some shit towns or villages with no education, they probably don't see much to lose by Taliban taking over especially when they are being occupied and getting drone striked, a lot of them are young and born after the Taliban left, if you see the vids a lot of the Taliban look really young, it's probably like a grand adventure to them against a foreign invader.

I think in Kabul where they are more rich, suburbanite and educated and enjoy more western style freedoms its a shock to them and they hate the Taliban more, probably wanted the occupation to stay, or falsely thought the government could fight the Taliban back



I think the adventure might end though if the Taliban is as retarded at governing a country as we'd expect them to be, and it turns into infighting and civil war. Taliban has spread itself thin, see how people actually like their rule


File: 1629479223057.png (587.47 KB, 988x620, 247:155, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Government seeks to make emergency Covid powers permanent

The Scottish Government wants its emergency coronavirus powers to become permanent – including the ability to order schools to close, impose lockdowns and operate virtual courts.
Ministers are considering changing the law to permanently allow them to release prisoners early or permit a wider range of healthcare professionals to give vaccinations.
They are seeking the public’s views on removing the planned expiry date for many of the temporary measures, with Deputy First Minister John Swinney arguing that some of the changes have had a “demonstrable benefit to the people of Scotland”.
The majority of the government’s current powers introduced during the pandemic are due to elapse in March 2022 although they can be extended by six months with Holyrood’s backing.

But the consultation published by the government wants to make many permanently available, claiming it would ensure “ministers can respond effectively and rapidly to any future threats to public health in Scotland”.
It adds: “The proposal is, therefore, to give the Scottish ministers the same powers to protect the people of Scotland from any incidence or spread of infection or contamination which presents, or could present, significant harm to human health in Scotland, not just Covid.”
In addition to being able to impose future lockdowns and restrict gatherings, ministers would also be able to order school closures “during the remainder of the pandemic” or for any future outbreak of an infectious disease, so long as they believe it is “necessary and proportionate”, and the chief medical officer has been consulted.
Among the plans for the justice system are calls for continued powers to permit the early release of prisoners and allowing people to avoid attending court in person by taking part remotely.



Chinese LA Times Journalist Says He was Punched by the Taliban and Then Given a Cold Can of Monster Energy



Elon Musk casually announced humanoid robots that can drive your tesla to the store and buy groceries and also implied that he's privy to the cutting edge in AI research. People are surprisingly nonplussed like when the government said UFOs are real. Begs the question, can you have an artificial wife and still be a wizard?


i would get along much more peacefully with a proper 'droid than i could with a hairless ape meat-thing.


Elon Musk is full of shit as usual.



It's already happening

They are spread thin and lots of local villages fed up with Taliban are kicking them out and fighting back. The Taliban is literally a paper tiger. They are a bunch of tribes and clans that can't govern and are gonna infight soon


At least it was cold, not bad


I hate that guy, he's not gonna be remembered in 100 years like a lot of businessmen who didn't actually invent anything or do anything actually cool, he is a marketer meme man


Elon Musk is full of shit, those times are full of shit. I will need to see it to believe it.
>Drive your Tesla
Also I'm merely 99% so I'll never see it anyway. Not gonna get my panties in a twist over billionaire shenanigans like a fucking redditor
>but muh anime will be real
Heard that one with VR, turns out it's just Second Life 2 for ERPing faggots, nobody even pretends to work on waifu games.


I have a feeling the tesla bots will be delayed or be shipped in a mostly useless form. Like, they will probably have the ability to perform exactly one task like buying groceries but you will have to sit and carefully monitor them remotely so they don't go off the rails and start walking in circles in an infinite loop or run out into traffic or something. We just don't have general AI yet unless Elon knows something we don't. Maybe by the 2030's, the robot catgirl meido waifu preorders will begin until such things get outlawed.


File: 1629680933259.png (29.39 KB, 589x282, 589:282, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Every time I think these people can't outdo themselves they prove me wrong.


You don't actually believe this. Do you? It's a Vietnam War talking point. Next thing you know we are back involved in Afghanistan to pretent the outward spread of sharia law. Domino theory and all. Minus the French


Pittbulls anyway.


Doubt it. They were killed specifically to prevent covid spread.


File: 1629686191505.jpg (105.75 KB, 1280x722, 640:361, LOCKDOWNLOCKDOWNLOCKDOWN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe Australia will be able to stop COVID by having another lockdown and putting everyone in spacesuits?


Australia has done a very good job overall with suppressing the spread of the virus. 38 deaths per million vs 1935 deaths per million in the US.


The "virus" is just the common flu lick boots harder


Have they been hanging out with atf and fbi from the US or something?


They're also a great example of a place I would not want to live.


Can you explain what you mean by this statement? In what way is it just the common flu? Are you implying that it is similarly deadly or similarly contagious? Because it's not, it's orders of magnitude worse and we have the data to prove it, so if you believe that you're simply wrong based on ample and sufficient evidence. Even if you are skeptical of the statistics that are being reported, when was the last time they needed to put bodies in refrigerated trucks because the morgues were full because of the flu? When was the last time hospitals were overloaded because of the flu? It's clearly much worse just by going with evidence you can see for yourself.


we get sob stories all the time about the state of hospitals and how they're at capacity and so on
there's clearly more to this story than saving the healthcare system


>the crowded hospiyals myth

Go walk in your local hospital now i guarantee you its somewhere at 30 percent to 5p % capacity. They are so overbooked they are making dance videos right? Lmao delusional sheep. And fuck "the evidence" numbers can be lied aboit easier than anything else. Lies, damn lies, and statistics and all that.


Here's what's actually going on:
>Hospitals put vaccine mandate on staff.
>Staff started quitting or getting fired en masse for not complying.
>Hospital capacity is calculated based on staffing.
>Suddenly hospital capacities have cratered.
And so, the MSM reports that hospital capacities have cratered because of COVID–which is technically true! But in the complete opposite way you'd think.


>Hospital capacity is calculated based on staffing.
hospital capacity is based on beds/rooms, when I was working in a hospital last year covid patients had their own rooms which were basically biohazard zones, literally tarp-taped shut, you couldn't go in those rooms without hazmat suit things on
>Staff started quitting or getting fired en masse
lmao not even, there are so many fucking nurses, it doesn't even matter if your supposed theory that they are quitting is true or not, like 60% of females are nurses, there is never a shortage of them, it's the job that every female that doesn't know what to do with her life takes, it's akin to construction/physical labor for men


File: 1629780648957.jpeg (28.58 KB, 768x258, 128:43, download-53.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

he's right you know, the authorities are inventing new definitions for the virus hoax the same as they're laundering the fatality rate by including deaths from all other causes, also I'm still curious to know how you true believers reconcile the 99.7% survival rate of the "coronavirus" (flu) with its alleged lethality, just plug your ears and go la la la?


Why are you replying to me, I don’t care, that poster just doesn’t know how hospitals work and is pulling theories out his ass.


I'll reply to anyone I want


I have family that has worked in the hospitals their whole lifes. The whole thing is a hoax to get people to take the Mark of the Beast. But believe whatever the Hell you want


I see someone hasn't actually read revelations.


Its just Revelation. Enlighten me, asshole


Going straight from claiming you know how hospitals work to telling me the evil demons are gonna take make soul, you sound like annoying preaching schizophrenic people from the psych ward.


Read what it actually says about the mark of the beast, where it is applied, why, etc.


File: 1629830501276.gif (5.02 MB, 498x474, 83:79, what.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>The whole thing is a hoax to get people to take the Mark of the Beast.


Go back to Twitter.


It's kinda schizo to think they're microchipping people with the vax.


Calculations change bruh.



So you are not even going to attempt to argue or refute anything I'm saying and go straight to calling me a mental patient, got it. Never change, /pol/ oh shit sorry i mean /wiz/ wait what site is this again???


I live in a family of people who all believe the vaccine is filled with chips or forced sterilization. I am one of maybe two in the family to receive an actual schizophrenia diagnosis and I, ironically, think it's just a fucking vaccine. My conspiracy theory is that the Chinese or Russians decided to ramp up the antivax bullshit to create chaos and weaken our economic recovery.


Don't care if some schizos say it's full of microchips or autism or whatever. I just don't see any good reason to get the vaccine, and I am less inclined to get it the more the government and media push it.


Fair enough. I only got the vaccine so I can't be blamed for giving the virus to other people.


>I can't be blamed for giving the virus to other people.
But you're still able to transmit it, some studies even suggest you're more likely to with the vaccine. Everyone is still blaming you for transmitting it but unfortunately a radical minority are in charge and have been blocking such information from public eye.


>But you're still able to transmit it, some studies even suggest you're more likely to with the vaccine
based, I'm like a sentient disease, I could kill people just by breathing on them now


it doesn't kill anyone except the extremely old


Vietnam: Kamala Harris Mistakes Plaque Celebrating John McCain’s Capture for a Memorial Honoring Him

she brought flowers


I'm glad he's gone.


The singing canary and spoiled brat from a military family should've died sooner. I'm glad his skull was full of tumors at the end.


Alright I care about politics now. I have chosen a side. Now what? I am still a mentally ill loser who don't even want to get a job. How are you supposed to fight for your tribal groups as a wizard? There's nothing I can do. It's all just internet shitflinging and then voting.


set fire to the opposition's place of worship


That'll give them propaganda material to paint my side as evil. In the big picture it'll just harm my side. Acts of violence is only effective when they're done in a massive scale with clear purpose and strong support.

Actually, perhaps focusing on strategic targets like individuals and causing damage or deaths with unclear perpetrators would work. It'll be difficult to gather information and actually execute it though. It's spec ops shit. Sounds like power fantasy. Good idea nonetheless, I haven't thought of this. Other recommendations would be helpful.


>It'll be difficult to gather information and actually execute it though. It's spec ops shit
Spec ops is for attacking heavily guarded targets. There are plenty of soft targets that you could probably get away with eliminating so long as you're cautious and do a bit of research on how people get caught.


NEETs like us are incompatible with society and have no place in politics. Plus we've already seen that voting is useless and the rich will have their way regardless of what the majority wants.


Unabomber got what he wanted by sending packages to people he didn't like. He was only caught because he had a unique phrase he used once in his writings and his family ratted him out for it. A modern day Unabomber targeting people would be very hard to detect and do a lot of damage/have their words printed for the normalfags.

I'm not encouraging any one to do it, but one man often makes a difference when he tries. There's plenty of unsolved murders and terrorist attacks still out there. The biggest asset the system has is making individuals feel powerless and unable to act, which is why even though most of society actively hates the elites none of them act against them.

NEETs are by definition a leech on society. You live pampered and secure lives because society shelters you. Without society you would be farming and chopping firewood of you would be in the gutter dead.


I don’t think the unabomber ever really accomplished anything though. No changes were made in government, public opinion was not swayed. And I don’t even know who he managed to kill off the top of my head. I’m not saying his style of “activism” is fruitless, just that his attempt at it was.


File: 1630011067696.pdf (2.1 MB, hunter.pdf)


As a wizard, you do not have your tribal group.
Your tribal group has expelled you. In Rome they would have levied the ruinous bachelor tax upon you. In Celtic tribes they would have exiled you.


rome sucked ass



The US couldn’t figure out how to fix the airport situation, and it was such a miserable embarrassment, so they issued a terror threat warning to clear Americans out of the airport so they wouldn’t be so humiliated.

It’s very obvious what happened:

They were sitting around trying to figure out how to deal with these ridiculous scenes and their inability to manage the process of getting people onto planes. They couldn’t say the Taliban was going to attack the airport – that wouldn’t make much sense. So they said that ISIS is going to materialize through a portal.


File: 1630078056011.jpg (1.2 MB, 2800x1964, 700:491, 1629483104542.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nonetheless many groups still consider you part of their enemy's group and would kill you if given the chance. It's best to oppose those people.


File: 1630079052295.jpg (211.61 KB, 1080x947, 1080:947, Screenshot_20210827-114257….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Taliban insurgents have become trained in meme warfare


What an age we live in.


File: 1630084859608.mp4 (1.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, President Trump presented ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>authorize a dronestrike on the guy that was helping get rid of isil (soulemani)
>free many of their top leaders
>sign draconian executive orders
>dronestrike assad's forces while they're fighting isil
>bail out the banks and larp that you're cleaning the swamp
lol skip to 20 seconds this is in many respects to the big daddy
netanyahu is the big boy


File: 1630090970920.png (267.23 KB, 1026x348, 171:58, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

The primary group among them is female, as it is consistently female advocacy intent on reviving the tribal customs of bachelor taxes (often to be coupled to debtor servitude, based on the French laws permitting succubi to attribute paternity to a bachelor regardless of genetics or sexual relationship history and coerce paternity payments–recall that paternity debt is the only form of debt for which imprisonment is still enforced; #giveyourmoneytowomen did not begin as a joke nor some retarded findom fetish thing, but serious political discourse around the "wage gap"), economic exile specifically targeted at male virgins in attempt to revoke rights to livelihood and therefore life on suspicion of sexual alienation producing antisocial thoughts, and for law enforcement to consider absence of romantic history as an immediate indicator of terrorism prompting immediate and continuous surveillance by law enforcement agencies in contravention of the Fourth–and soon afterwards Fifth–Amendment of the Constitution. You will never find either of these two things: a succubus who actually distinguishes between virgins and crabs, and a succubus who does not believe crabs should be physically removed from society by the state, and to have all legal protections of self and property stripped from them, just like ancient Greek bachelor trials in which after three convictions of bachelorhood citizenship and property would be stripped from them, and how in Sparta in particular this was accompanied by forcing the bachelors to walk naked through the streets singing songs about their dishonor regardless of any military honors they had previously received or military campaigns they had participated in. This is the primary and fundamental bedrock conservative impulse of femininity and attempting to turn succubi more socially conservative is not a solution (note that every 'tradthot' icon who has expressed empathy for virgins or opposed political sanctions against them has lived as a childless liberated independent sexual libertine in their personal lives; it is the lack of natural feminine conservativism that makes them able to process male reactionary concepts, 'nice tradthots' and 'the good ones' are of the autistic and amazonian mental type, not the socially centered and feminine type, and are still primarily pandering to a deluded audience rather than sincere).

Enmity begins at home. Alliances historically are built on practicality, not principle; distant opponents become allies against proximate enemies.

If you live next to blacks who want to kill you, distance is possible and legal recourse exists. If you live next to succubi, distance is impossible and legal recourse is on their side. The solution is to import sharia law from Afghanistan; "white sharia" is a retarded nonstarter. And since it is impossible to import the ideology without importing the individuals who adhere to it, the only way to do so is to import Afghanistani men, in large numbers, and to provide them with state-supplied housing in predominantly black communities.


OMG! i am cracking up laughing !
sheer genius of the most evil sort…!


I can't believe Powell is not going to tighten. The U.S. already has incredibly high inflation. I'm convinced this will be the end for the U.S. dollar's reserve currency status now. The only question is when will hyperinflation hit and when will the U.S. be in worse state than Venezuela?


> import Afghanistani men, in large numbers, and to provide them with state-supplied housing in predominantly black communities.
Y’know, this actually seems like a pretty good idea.


File: 1630200664273.webm (485.6 KB, 977x546, 977:546, 1630199106635.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Bidenbros…im not feeling so good


Wtf is going on here?


his batteries ran out


We're seeing how the MSM was O.K. with colluding to hide FDR's polio because FDR was behind large U.S. corporate interests, but now that major U.S. corporate interest's money spigot in the form of the Afghanistan project has disappeared, all of a sudden the MSM is willing to report on Biden's dementia.


Look at this clown! Russia should just hit us now and get it over with tbh LOL


File: 1630252962810.png (250.13 KB, 474x315, 158:105, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Harris joined some conservative Republicans in calling for Biden to step down after 13 U.S. troops and at least 50 Afghans were killed in terror attacks near the Kabul airport. Harris represents the Eastern Shore and is a frequent conservative critic of Biden.

Biden has been criticized for his handling of the U.S. exit from Afghanistan — including closing air bases before evacuation efforts. The Pentagon and U.S. president have also made statements that have turned out poorly including Biden’s July remarks that Kabul will not look like the fall of Saigon.

"Instead of making sure Americans and our troops are safe in Afghanistan, the President spent countless hours this week twisting congressional arms to vote for his $5 trillion tax and spend plans. Unbelievable. Resign," said Harris via Twitter.

Harris’ remarks are in tandem with some other conservative calls for Biden’s resignation or impeachment over troubles with the U.S. retreat from the war. They come in a political atmosphere of frequent calls for former President Donald Trump to resign or be impeached.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump twice — including after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The Senate failed to convict Trump in both impeachments.

Biden promised to go after the terrorists responsible for the Kabul attacks and that the U.S. retreat and evacuation will continue with an Aug. 31 Taliban deadline for the exit looming.

“We will not be deterred by terrorists. We will not let them stop our mission. We will continue the evacuation. I’ve also ordered my commanders to develop operational plans to strike ISIS K assets, leadership, and facilities. We will respond with force and precision at our time, at the place we choose, and the moment of our choosing. Here is what you need to know: These ISIS terrorists will not win. We will rescue the Americans who are there. We will get our Afghan allies out, and our mission will go on,” Biden said.

The U.S. is blaming an Islamic State group called ISIS K for the attacks.

Biden has defended his decision to exit Afghanistan following up a deal forged with the Taliban by former President Donald Trump.

Biden has focused on his broader and more popular decision to end the 20-year war while brushing off the intelligence, strategic and political failures of executing the exit.

If Biden were to exit office, Vice President Kamala Harris (who is currently visiting southeast Asia) would become U.S. president.



>focused on his broader and more popular decision to end the 20-year war while brushing off the intelligence, strategic and political failures of executing the exit.
This is how he should've spun it from the beginning.



Wasn't this the plan all along? For KH to become president?


Taliban Holds Mock Funeral for NATO, Shows Off Black Hawks
[#Taliban flying an American-supplied UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter over #Kandahar today.
Former US Navy reservist Jim Banks has said: Taliban has #US military equipments include 75,000 vehicles, 200 airplanes and helicopters, and 600,000 small arms pic.twitter.com/hLU7yL4cXC]

Of course, it was clear that “anal feminist Afghanistan run by American-educated university professors” was not going to work out. That was clear for a long time.

But leaving the equipment like this?

The bizarre airport debacle?

Who is even in charge of this?


Makes me wonder how she's going to continue working as VP if Joe refuses to resign. How do you continue working under someone after what is essentially a soft coup attempt?


The call for resignation is part of the play. I'm sure he'll graciously resign and the elites will say he was, though flawed, much better than Trump. They'll likely make his resignation shine a positive light on him and contrast that with Trump's refusal to resign.
If they turn around and attack Joe Biden it will weaken the narrative that Trump was anathema, vindicate the opposition, and embarass some of the most ardent supporters of the left. It's a bad look for the entire establishment, who unanimously supported Biden.


>The left
For the last time the Democrats are not the left.


Ah, I forgot that the Democrats were just temporary bourgeoise neo-liberal allies in the fight against the proletarian nationalists for the purposes of world communism.


it's not what the republicans can do for you but what can you do for the republicans, salutes the flag


why is it "the fall" of kabul? afghans re-take their country and finally capital from an evil murderous barbarian horde and it's the fall of kabul, even daily stormer articles use this hateful kike media term

it was the liberation of kabul


It's obvious when you point it out like that but true lol.
bad guys ==> fall
good guys ==> liberation
regime is another loaded journalistic term like that that exclusively describes baddies…


File: 1630667413501.jpg (420.16 KB, 1256x3600, 157:450, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Really liked the episodes towards the end where he wasn't exactly a Mary Sue, but either struggled or faced overwhelming odds.



Leftists just take a word with negative connotation and slap it on every behavior that goes against their agenda regardless of the definition.


That's some pretty white supremacist thinking you've got there, anon.


guys behind you! it's the left!


translate please, a third worlder like me cannot comprehend their advanced language


File: 1630727465590.mp4 (2.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Trump Rally in Lake Oswego….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Canada: More Than 200 Vaccinated in Ontario Emergency Room With Heart Problems, Most Males Under 25


The EudraVigilance database for 27 EU countries, announced that as of August 28, 2021, some 23,252 deaths and 2,189,537 vaccine injuries were reported following injections from the four experimental injections.

Of the total recorded injuries, at least half (1,076,917) were serious injuries.


What's the name of this anime?


That's Golgo 13.
Don't know the name of that movie though.



"[jew billionaire] Smietana rose from his chair and launched into a rambling diatribe. For hours, he catalogued the hidden crimes of a class of global elites who control citizens through virtual reality, medical marijuana, and pornography. At some point, Stephens started recording Smietana on his phone. “We want to feminize the peasant population to make them more docile,” Smietana says. “It’s so they don’t revolt.

This Jew, while engaged with his partners in a criminal conspiracy to fleece the goyim, talked about his race’s plan to destroy the non-Jews they hate by poisoning their minds with media, weed, and porn for hours at a company dinner. A whistleblower obtained a recording of this, and presented it to a journalist.


i always knew cryptocurrency is a jewish pyramid scheme


Heard about the latest ivermectin SHUT IT DOWN attempt? It's hilarious. The leftists are celebrating a (fake as fuck) study which 'confirms' 85% of men who take it end up chemically sterilized. If that were true it would mean the cathedral was actively concealing the horrifying side effects for 40 years and feeding billions of doses of the drug to niggers in Africa, basically orchestrating a continental-scale racial extermination program LOL. Of course it's bullshit but that's not a very good story to invent now that everyone and their mother are nigger lovers. Obviously this is a short lived non-story and will not translate to any political loss of any kind for the left but it's still good material to bring up to have some fun at their expense.


Okay but why would you take ivermectin in the first place? I understand not wanting the vaccine, but I wouldn’t turn to some quack bullshit instead.


File: 1631238907156.jpeg (113.23 KB, 500x701, 500:701, covidinanutshell.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


is there anything that isnt?


File: 1631247282061.jpg (112.23 KB, 994x1007, 994:1007, 1538859763001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What do you guys predict about the on-going vaccine mandates? I feel like nothing ever happens so I'm not sure how to feel about it. But not to say that I'm not comfortable with the situation that's been going on for the past year.


Optimistic prediction:
People see that big pharma is playing their hand a little too heavily and their whole little lobbying scheme crashes harder than Big Tobacco did.
They pass vaccine passports and use them to restrict movement and turn everyone into serfs to line big pharma's pockets.


Anywhere that wants to mandate their employees or customers are vaccinated should be allowed to do so. It's ridiculous governmental overreach to ban people from implementing such a thing or mask mandates when it has a clear benefit to the public like they are doing in Florida and elsewhere. Ideally the government should be mandating everyone get the vaccine because of the clear benefit to public health and safety but in this looneytoons timeline they're literally doing the opposite of what they should do and stopping people from doing the responsible thing.


I think most of America and all of the developing world will not even attempt to institute mandates. Way more trouble then it is worth. They don't want riots or to have to actually shoot people over this bullshit.


Everything that's been going on proves that most people lack critical thinking abilities and can only think in a "us vs them" way.

The working class really are retarded sheep who fight amongst themselves as the ruling class continuously sow divisions and fly their rockets above the shanty towns.


it isnt about ivermectin its more about the good guys raging over any medication that isnt the officially approved holy vaccines
though to be honest i am sick of the opposite side gushing over it like retards and virtue signalling about their health in their own way

ctrl + f ivermectin/zinc/vitamin d on these alt media sites and you'll see a thousand comments parroting the same lines
some of them really really want you to know how important it is to pop all sorts of supplements and stock up on whatever miracle cure they don't want you to know blah blah blah


Honestly the ivermectin stuff did more than any of the vaccine propaganda to convince me the vaccine wasn’t gonna do anything. If the people spouting that it’s unsafe are also hawking all this other stuff then yeah, it’s probably fine.


Is it even big pharma at this point? Shit like Australia is strictly politicians


Happy 9/11 lel. We weren't allowed to kill nearly enough sandniggers. I hate them. I'm happy the afghan subhumans betrayed us immediately after we stopped paying them to pantomime globohomo values and pretend like they're not all savage head choppers. This is the proper reward for being weak faggots.


dumbass, afghans don't cut heads off, that's a sunni arab thing, even the old school taliban executed people by just hanging or dropping a brick wall on them


Do you like being a kike footsoldier?


They cut heads off and much worse. Saw it myself.

Keep seething commie.


>Saw it myself.
sure you did


>if you're against retard savage group A you must be supporting retard savage group B because those don't like each other!!


>Keep seething commie
Amazon has just deposited 1 credit into your account.


>I-I-I know best because tinfoils from /pol/ told me based towelheads are ACKTUALLY trad crusaders against pedophilia and drugs
>I praise islam and shill against war on shitskins every day, I'm such a white nationalist

>Amazon bailed me and my upper middle class antifa buddies out after we looted Target for great justice b-b-but you're the slave to the system
>Smash all capitalist entities (that don't display rainbow flags during fag month)


early image boards were atheistic throughout. you don't remember the christian 1-800 pranks and the radio show pranks?
then, 2016 happened, politics got injected into everything, a billion people got brainwashed, and now suddenly you're Christian and have to warn me about how your husbando is going to beat me up if im naughty.
what a load. you don't fool me anymore. i guarantee nobody who calls themselves Christian on this site has been Christian for more than a year or two. you just got excited and got to feel like you're part of something during the trump elections.
it's over now and it didn't make you any friends. you can stop pretending you're republican and christian for attention now.


>I'm so stupid that I confuse middle class liberals for the proletariat.


I call myself Christian and I've been brought up to be one, but I'm usually very conflicted about faith and especially the church. I like to discuss about faith but I don't like holier than thou attitude since I don't feel like I'm the one to talk.


File: 1631410048437.png (2.67 MB, 816x2880, 17:60, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>he doesn't know that Jews did 9-11


somehow a lot of people don't.
i mistakenly believed that 9/11 was such an obvious open and shut case that the entire world already knew it was, and that it wasnt even considered a conspiracy theory anymore by anybody except hillbillies that attend church and had never been on the internet before.

but no, somehow billions of normalfags still believe the MSM narrative that it was terrorists.
it's hard to understand. they didn't even attempt to hide it.


Biden @ 20 years of 911… ugh


I'm also like totally a prole comrade. Scuse me while I finish my avocado toast.


>I'm also like totally a prole comrade
You're being disingenuous but you probably are. I know america is an entire country of bootlickers who think of themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

>2016 happened
It started before then; the iphone happened, social media happened, identity politics as we know it happened. And then everyone in everything had to pick a side (or got forced) in the pointless culture war.


I like how you criticize partisanship and then parrot communist propaganda in the same post. Implying that your politics are so correct that accepting them as truth transcends the political dialectic itself. Very good pilpul.


The real estate monster bubble in China is beyond crazy at this point.
Worse is there seems to be no way to cool the market anymore. They are driving towards the edge of a cliff at full speed and there are no breaks.


how dramatic, china isn't broke ass amurika whose entire economy is artificially inflated in real estate though, they're not going to be ruined like us if it pops


What a brain dead take and nonsensical deflection from china's very real looming economic catastrophe.


You say that while literally over 80% of the GDP is real estate related.
Are you actually retarded or are you just pretending to be for cheap laughs?


wishful thinking and projection while your shithole america and its evil empire collapses


I bet you don't even get payed for your stupid shilling.

If you can't keep up with the conversation and can't actually talk about geopolitics maybe you should leave the thread. Not sure what thread is more your speed but this one is clearly beyond you.
Maybe the piss jug thread is still up. That seems like something more on your level.


there is no conversation just the usual wishful thinking that always never materializes whether it's about russia or china or the rest of your "existential threats"


Isn't a market crash supposed to be something unpredictable? Considering every internet users have been talking of a Chinese real estate bubble crash now, every policy makers and bankers in China are probably already well aware of it. Won't they just adapt to it? Stop accepting them for collateral or something?


>Isn't a market crash supposed to be something unpredictable?
In fact every market crash was totally predictable and was indeed predicted by several economist who had enough information to make such a prediction. That doesn't mean such people who make such predictions are listened to since there are so many short term profits to be had by ignoring them.
But I have to wonder what in the world gave you the totally false idea that " a market crash supposed to be something unpredictable?"
Everything about it doesn't line up with anything from the real world. Ether you got some seriously bad information from somewhere or you made it up while being hideously ignorant.


Shut up dog fucker. No one cares about your shilling.


Rude. Well, the video talks about the Chinese government trying to clamp down on high risk loans so why wouldn't that work?


No seriously, why the fuck would you ever think "a market crash supposed to be something unpredictable"
I want to hear why you would ever think that.
Explain yourself.


The Coronavirus and Its Vaccine are Part of a Layered Hoax

The death toll is being seriously inflated, as they just throw as many deaths as possible in the “coronavirus” category. Hospitals are incentivized to do this with cash payment per case from Medicaid. Moreover, it is the official policy of the CDC that anyone who tests positive for the virus – or is otherwise believed to have the virus – is marked as a “covid death” regardless of what actually killed them.

It seems to me that a virus believer would have to pause at the fact that they are hoaxing all of these deaths. If there is actually a new virus, why do they need to hoax deaths?

Of course, there are more than 50,000 deaths every year from the flu, so many of the deaths are exactly what they describe as the coronavirus – a serious respiratory infection that can be deadly. In 2018, 80,000 people in America died from the flu.

In 2018, hospitals were setting up tents in parking lots to treat flu patients, because they were literally overwhelmed. That did not ever happen with coronavirus.

Actually they did set up the tents, they were just never used – we all saw the #FilmYourHospital videos, showing completely empty hospitals at the supposed height of the pandemic. The media responded to this by claiming that the wave hadn’t happened yet, then banned people from posting videos of hospitals. People were actually arrested in some cities for filming empty hospitals.

And of course, in 2020, they decided to completely remove flu deaths, counting them all as coronavirus deaths. The media literally printed stories saying that “the flu has disappeared.”


If you can predict a market crash then the actors in the market would adapt to it. Banks wouldn't make risky loans and investors wouldn't buy risky mortgage-backed securities. Part of the 2008 crisis was caused by inaccurate rating agencies and lack of regulation. But Chinese government has taken steps to regulate the market. I have seen plenty of high views videos about Chinese housing bubble pop up in my recommendations. If pop economist youtubers viewers are aware of the problem, I really doubt that Chinese investors, bankers and offcials would be ignorant. Maybe a crash will still happen but it won't be that destructive. I admit my knowledge of economics is shallow but you ask why I think so.


>If you can predict a market crash then the actors in the market would adapt to it. Banks wouldn't make risky loans and investors wouldn't buy risky mortgage-backed securities.
Wow, apparently you have never ever looked into the history of any recession or market crash, because that is wrong.

>Part of the 2008 crisis was caused by inaccurate rating agencies and lack of regulation

Where the fuck did you hear that? Because that is also wrong.
> But Chinese government has taken steps to regulate the market.
They are actively the cause of the problem. There is no reason to think they will be able to solve the problem that is both their fault and that they politically do much about due to how the whole system is set up.
> I have seen plenty of high views videos about Chinese housing bubble pop up in my recommendations
That means nothing if you are unable to understand the fundementals of the situation.
>If pop economist youtubers viewers are aware of the problem, I really doubt that Chinese investors, bankers and offcials would be ignorant
I mean it does help that they are able to be honest about the issue without being sent to a black site or having their social credit score tanked to the level of sub-human for saying something that can negatively effect the party.
>Maybe a crash will still happen but it won't be that destructive.
It's already "that destructive" and it's only going to get FAR worse before it gets better.
> I admit my knowledge of economics is shallow
You don't say…


All you've been doing is just telling other people of being wrong without saying how. Nice political discussion.


File: 1631539734759.png (205.9 KB, 630x630, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>someone makes a retarded baseless assurtion with no evidence out of their ass
>implying I should put forth more effort then they did in making shit up to debunk them
If you want to assert shit without evidence then I can just as easily dismiss your shit without evidence. Why waste effort on the irrational? The responses I gave are exactly what is deserved.


I've already explained my reasoning in the two previous post. If it's wrong, now it falls to you to disprove it rather then making accusations about how I lack knowledge while making your own evidenceless assertions.


>If you want to assert shit without evidence then I can just as easily dismiss your shit without evidence.
> Why waste effort on the irrational?
You clearly don't understand burden of proof, what evidence is, or what a rational argument is.
I am not going to put more effort into debunking random shit you made up then you put in making the shit up in the first place.
You are simply trying to waste my time.


Get a load of Mr. Internet Intellectual. Sure, come back when you have more self awareness.


Oh look, it's dogfucker again.
Fuck off retard.


I wonder if the fix is already in the CA election?
They did find a trunk load of ballets in a meth heads car, but that story is getting swept under the rug for "reasons".


Ya covid-19 is a hoax and the vaccines are just a populational litmus test to isolate and destroy the types of people who recognize and oppose totalitarianism.




So have fun with our little Five Eyes tale, where an Australian “think tank” focused on demonizing [alleged chinese prison labor] 24/7 gets some of its financial kicks from a Weapons Inc. handsomely profiting from Western prison labor.


Prove that economy isn't a fake video game and China can't just say nope when the slimy accountant class starts acting too retarded with their fake virtual numbers game.


Lel that's pathetically fake. Literally no one would risk having 80IQ convicts make anything more complicated than license plates. You chingchong cock slobberers are so sad. So sad.


Even more fake refugees that are really just lying "economic migrants" fishing for benefits. Including 30 year old men posing as children.


A market crash can be predicted, but not precisely. It's like blackjack. You want to be as close to 21 as possible without going over, but you don't know what your next card will be. Similarly, you can know that the market will crash, but not precisely when the market will crash, and your winnings are higher the longer you hold out, unless you bust. There is a lot of randomness, but those who know the best strategy get the best winnings.


Never call them refugees. They are rapefugees.


>shills for a ultra shithole
>meanwhile they suck so hard that the govenment has to step in to try and stop Chinese people from buying high quality goods made outside of china
>Not even Chinese people want China made products because they are the worst quality in the world
>Like deadly bad level of scam products
>even the food and baby formula are toxic scams that have killed people

Why shill for such a shit country?
You can dislike the US without shilling for one of the worst governments to ever exist.

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