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Im thinking of devoting my savings,time and effort to become physically strong. Ill seek mass and power as sole objetives in life. Hopefully ill eventually overdose on protein and/or creatine,but ill do it after a life of squatting and deadlifting more than each gyms top man.


do it


did you get banned on trannychan


Good for you I guess.
Maybe check out one of the many fitness, weight lifting, or self improvement threads we have.
Welcome to the muscle mages.


File: 1628028547281.swf (3.23 MB, Ultimate_Workout.swf)


>Im thinking
No you're not.


you either gotta fuck yourself up with steroids to do that or have really humongous nuts


No, building muscle and endurance doesn't need either of those things.


so why do female bodybuilders need to take testosterone


Because they are trying to modify their body far beyond what natural biology allows.
Basically they are trying to build the bodies of chemically enhanced men despite being succubi.


well if you were talking about building bigass muscle it takes either of those things, one can only go so far with natural bodybuilding


No one but you was talking about body building.


> Ill seek mass and power as sole objetives in life bodybuilding prioritizing muscle mass over long term health


he's obviously very stupid


I think that's an objectively better use of your time than many things. Honestly looksmaxxing is a way to get better life outcomes. You can just get really buff and groom yourself well and you can probably fake your way into jobs you aren't qualified for rather than spending that time grinding away actually getting experience. If you're doing it for strength and not asthetics though it seems pretty pointless.


>If you're doing it for strength and not asthetics though it seems pretty pointless

Is drawing for the sake of getting better at drawing pointless if the artist decides against selling his works? Is losing bodyfat pointless even if the fat NEET will never get a job? Why is it pointless to get stronger for the sake of it? Bodybuilding is fun, challenging, offers things to learn about the body's workings… OP clearly looks forward to being shredded so he'll enjoy the proccess of obtaining his choice bod. Is that not point enough? Or does everything a wizard does need to be done to get a better place in the global ratrace of wageslavery?

Being strong and healthy makes every single task easier, from sleeping and shitting to gaming and - guess what - working.


If you're doing it to have fun or experience challenge than it's not pointless but OP framed it like the point was to get strong which I think is just a lingering instinctive desire from the times when being strong was actually important. The desire to be physically strong is mostly irrational nowadays because unless you apply it to something like a sports competition it doesn't actually serve any use, but since it used to serve a use we still all feel the urge to get strong. It can be rewarding and worthwhile to satisfy that desire but it doesn't mean it's not pointless unless you actually have something you need strength for. Ultimately strength in and of itself does produce some social gains by way of making you more attractive which is why I think the real utility of getting strong these days lies in looksmaxxing.


> the real utility of getting strong these days lies in looksmaxxing.
I would build my muscles more but only because I'm extremely narcissistic and would get aroused by myself


I'm probably top 5 strongest/best bodied men at my local gym. Yes I do steroids and these days it's so common that you'll never make it to that level without them.

Is it worth the trouble? Probably not but it helps my mental state.


File: 1628239552043.jpg (86.81 KB, 800x534, 400:267, fee.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Yes I do steroids


Are you threatening to remove his kidneys?


Why would anyone care about that?


File: 1629188948816-0.jpg (229.17 KB, 1510x2342, 755:1171, 20210822.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1629188948816-1.jpg (242.94 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 20210905.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Get buffed anyway you can.


meat is better


why the fuck they lump all nuts into 'nut butters'. peanut butter has like twice that amount, more than 6 of the other items they listed out.


note to everyone here allergy to PB is becoming VERY common, esp amongst older people.
not all peanuts are the same.
i can not eat or even tolerate the tast/smell of PB anymore…
the same goes for wheat and several other food items…(DAS)…

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