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Another day, another remnant of the old internet sinks into the sea (this time because of some fucking mods who tried to "update" it and failed).

I swear as a millennial (actual) wizard being on the internet feels like I'm floating on rafts composed of the vestiges of the old internet, on a sea of garbage that comprises the modern internet.
And each one of them, without fail, sink into the sea.

Trying to find an island of sanity or authenticity seems almost impossible.


the internet has always been shit and you cant prove me wrong, the only reason you ever thought it was good was because you were a child


What IS still around from the web 2.0 days? And how many are still intact?

All I can think of are SA and newgrounds but I wouldn't call them intact.


>/b/ was always shit
I only hear this from people who've missed out on the good days and apply meme takes on the whole thing.


It wasn't like a renaissance or something, although it was much more fun than it has been in a long time.


Everything new is always shit, take that as an abstract statement. You will never get back your childhood wonderment, you don't need to have been anywhere to see this, all you need to have done is experience time.


the internet wasn't always shit. there was a time before normalfags and succubi were on the internet and those were the best times.


Back when it was a library curated by autistic white men


>there was a time before normalfags and succubi were on the internet
"normalfag" is a meaningless word, extrapolate on that, and there were definitely females on the internet way back in at least the 2000s when I played online games like quake and counterstrike.

>it was a library curated by autistic white men
you wish, stupid monk larper makes shit up again, people were shitposting on usenet before you were even born


yep, and that was a good thing. That's what made it good.


I didn't say they weren't dumbass. I just prefer when it was only autistic white men.


Didn't have to be a renaissance, just fun, new, authentic. Now everyone plays a character. Like on 4chan most newfags do an imitation of what they think oldfags were like.

>Everything new is always shit
No, everything "new" now is shit precisely because most of it is not new, just rehashed shit from the past, sometimes even the recent "past".


Are you talking about kiwifarms?


>most of it is not new, just rehashed shit from the past, sometimes even the recent "past"
there is nothing new, ever, everything has been done before, everything is a rehash or a copy, it's been like that for a long long time


Uh huh, that's why everything should be minor variations on pepe and wojak.

No, a smaller forum that could bounce back if the mods admit their mistake but I don't that's ever happened in the history of the internet.


bunch of newfags, the true greybeards were the hacker researchers. the internet was their home before everybody else and their grandmas came along and that includes all of you


green crab bait from the depths of /v/
you do know users from all over the world would contributed to the scene, not just one specific group. like doujin soft in the east, true nerds at their core. no nosense, just focus on the task to be done which is their hobby.
it goes on to this day, a new generation of cracking groups always seems to emerge and takes over. I see why the scene gatekeeps the forums



it's jewed as fuck and crawling with zoomer shitheads and 7 billion monkeys who were too dumb to get onto old internet that's why he thought it was good and so do I


Lol, complete BS. This dude was in jail for almost a decade and he thinks that modern internet sucks.
>the internet has always been shit
I feel like people who say that are either lying, don't know what they're talking about or were harassed by the trolls back in the day.


File: 1628664776330.jpg (99.58 KB, 640x682, 320:341, Qx3G9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



the point of my post went completely over your head but that's ok


He wasn't a child back then, he was in his 20s.


You have no point


the past will always be better when you look back and remember all the good things condensed into a nice rose-colored bubble, move on or stay a jaded rotting oldfuck that refuses to adapt. Things pass and people change, get over it


Bullshit. The internet was objectively better a decade ago and MadThad explained why in his video.


that's like a terminally ill cancer patient telling you that he was in better health two months ago


>the past is shit, new is good
>nothing has changed

Lol, you want it both ways. Talking like someone who missed out or maybe wasn't alive to experience and trying to console themselves.


>a decade ago
Some say 2008 was when things were starting to go shit on the internet.

Also if that's who I think it is, I'm not sure why we looking to his opinion.


>>the past is shit, new is good
I never said that, don't put words in my mouth. Everyone's perception is subjective and you choose to be the metaphorical curmudgeon telling kids to get off his lawn. But I shouldn't be surprised, most old shits I've interacted with think it's cool to be an idiot luddite that doesn't want to change or try new things. Though go ahead and congregate with other idiots with their tinted glasses, misery loves company.

I'm not going to entertain or partake in giving that low iq pedophile any attention, I assume he's just repeating the same rhetoric here so you can all circle-jerk your stubborn opinions.


I wasn't jacking off to hentai at that point. What I say is true for the places I used back then. You can keep making retarded arguments by misinterpreting opinions as newfags speaking in absolutes, but 90% or more of the people I interacted with when I was getting into this shit were white guys. So sorry my reality clashes with yours. You're just oh so worldly!


It's gettin' swetter.


whoever first called new internet "TV 2.0" nailed it, although they should update that because it's grown much, much worse since then


>I never said that, don't put words in my mouth.
You're trying to have it both ways, don't pretend you aren't.

Someone says new stuff is shit, you reply new stuff is shit to old people. I say "new" stuff is shit precisely because it's just rehashed, repackaged shit (we've had wojak and pepe variations for over a fucking decade when the old internet died), you say nothing is new. Now again you say new is shit to old people.

I've met people like you who seethe over the fact that they missed something or something might have been better in the past.

>luddite that doesn't want to change or try new things.

What? Like tiktok you fucking zoomer? Another superhero film?


yep, back to 4kids


yeah i know that feel


2012 truly was the end of the (internet) world.


You crusty luddites are just too backwards and old to understand epic zoomer humer epic menes. Don't try to drag us epic hilarious zoomers down with your cringe miserable boomerism. We invented internet and menes. You can go play with your cringe abacus and clay tablets grandpa.


current internet isnt so bad. the only sites i gave 2 shits about 10 years ago were imageboards, youtube, and google. id still rather post here than somewhere like reddit. if im ever bored i play games, fap, watch youtube or anime… nothing has changed

anyone that thinks modern internet is bad probably has a cellphone, social media, apps, and other garbage… those things are the real difference from the late 00s to now. you dont have to include them in your life if you're just going to get angry about it


>nothing has changed
All interesting video content is gone, all independent uncensored news material is gone, all attempts at searching and finding anything outside of the tightly controlled and curated lame stream are are being obstructed and manipulated, all people who have anything relatively interesting or important to say are being buried and made a pain in the ass to find and they're being regularly wiped from all easily accessible platforms daily while many of them are slated for extralegal punishments IRL to discourage others from pursuing illegal thoughts. Nothing has changed if you care only about disconnected distractions. Even then you should notice how your entertainment has become controlled and implanted with manipulative elements.


Internet now is just a weapon for mass control. First the normans and succubi, then the government got its hand on it. I'm still online cause I can still pirate things and do enjoy visiting this place even knowing the enemy is already here, but it's just a matter of time before piratry and wizchan are gone for good. I wonder the hell am I gonna do after that.


I don't think they'll ever crack down on trackers
(please let me hope)
dl'ing anime right now like the dirty dog that I am


No you're wrong
at least back then most sites automatically assumed you were a human being and treated you like one, with some dignity and respect…
Now every other site requires a phone number, cloudflare captcha, waiting for admin validation to post… want to post in reddit? you gotta register a new account and "grind" for points during 30 days before you're allowed to post anywhere otherwise the site will automatically delete all your posts assuming you're a bot. old reddit accounts with 1000+ captcha can be sold for a decent amount of money now for this reason.

all the good content is gone from pornhub too and 99% of new hentai releases are locked behind a shitty content aggregation site called exhentai that requires jumping through all sorts of hoops to access and if you want to download anything you need to grind for points

want to download mods for a pc game you like playing? its now locked behind the steam workshop to make pirating harder, and if for whatever reason steam decided to make the mod inaccessible (such as a copyright dispute) the program will go into your downloads folder and erase the mod to make sure you don't redistribute it, I'm not even joking it has happened to me a few times. don't even get me started on multiplayer gaming in general


I hear Gen Z have difficulty using torrents. I hear Gen Z have difficulty using tech that isn't simplified like an iphone.

I'd though the generation after the millennials would be more tech-literate, not less.


There’s nothing wrong with exhentai.


a lot of them have never used a PC outside of work or school. hate zoomers


Then who is buying up all the gfx cards?


Bitcoin miners.


everything is wrong with it.
the admin has a sekrit club mentality and something hides his favorite galleries and puts them in a special gallery that only donors can access.
he also responds to take down requests from fakku


Never had any galleries go missing on me, never had to donate, don’t even know who the admin is.


File: 1631829183160.jpg (173.04 KB, 597x625, 597:625, 1c8199f649257d212d52439f34….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Never had any galleries go missing on me
Not him and I don't know if the "special gallery" allegations are true because I don't really follow site drama, but I've seen lots of galleries get removed over the years. I've got a bunch in my favorites that no longer work. Kairakuten and Shitsurakuten anthologies in particular seem to get nuked often and CG sets from some popular h-games like Taimanin are nonexistent so I have to assume those were removed at some point as well. Implying that nothing goes missing is just retarded.


Wasn't there a surge in demand also from stupid zoomers who wanted 3080s to play fortnite and minecraft?


all the old websites I used to entertain myself with have gone to shit and become insanely stupid and boring lately, I can't believe I used to waste hundreds of hours on shitty game websites like IGN

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