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File: 1629898740686.jpg (108.15 KB, 850x762, 425:381, dwPgODJ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



They're still blaming wizards lmao


>She received harassing threats from a crab forum called Wizardchan

Hah. Fucking hell. This guy does not even bother to research the kind of people he is talking about.


>a crab forum called Wizardchan

where's the lie???


He called wizardchan and I-n-c-e-l forum. Wizardchan chances I-n-c-e-l to crab.

Wizards are volcels.


The connection from the collapse of the online atheist movement in the early 2010s to gamergate to /pol/ inspired internet right wing stuff (the alt right) is interesting.

However, the guy in the video doesnt really understand that online harassment campaigns based on misinformation and herd mentality are literally what the idpol left do on Twitter all the frigging time.

In retrospect gamergate achieved very little other than showing a lot of men how media colluded to shape complex narratives into simple ones that fit a specific agenda.


wizardchan is now defunct. This is wizchan. Different things. Wizardchan was a crab forum, wizchan is more volcel but not fully volcel, we just don't tolerate open crab whining. crabs still post here but listening to them whine about how unfair the world is for not gifting them pussy is just a boring waste of time so it has been banned. It's basically a don't ask don't tell kind of policy for crabs.


I thought Wizardchan still had rule 2.


Wizchan is a bastardization that can be co-opted by normalfags SO easily if they wanted to.

Gamergate was the final worst thing to happen to forums and nerd culture.


None of that affects a real wizard. I feel nothing but serenity when I see this kind of thing. Everything happens in cycles.


I remember when wizardchan was a ironic website.


What changed?


everyone is more sincere being bunch of virgin hermits now.


Sincere? I don't know, I think at most only a quarter are the volcels that they claim to be.



Normos don't accept something like 'vol' celibate. It doesn't fit their reptile brains someone would choose not to have sex.


I consider myself a crab but less angry and militant that a typical crab. I'm not under any illusion that I chose for my life to turn out this way.


>typical crab

The typical crab was just a loser, usually faded into the background unless he was a target.

This media attention that virgins have been getting is kind of bizarre when you think about it, ignoring all the shootings, I noticed in some write-ups or articles about crabs have been attributing shenanigans that you would usually attribute to frat-boys or dudebros.


>showing a lot of men how media colluded to shape complex narratives into simple ones that fit a specific agenda.
This. Specifically, August 28, 2014, or the day gamers died. In other words, when every MSM outlet published the EXACT SAME FUCKING "GAMERS ARE DEAD" ARTICLE. JFC, you'd think we could at least agree that that's bullshit by now. Instead, it got pushed aside and Anita Sarkeesian won in the end.

The only thing the culture war has succeeded is making it impossible to fight corruption. It just continues to make me demoralized with each passing day.

Posting the original video with the best information, not the completely false rewritten history from the OP.

One of these days, journalists are going to start getting hung [in Minecraft]. I at least hope that they will realize why.


Such an inane pointless bit of drama on the internet. And yet it's been immortalized.


File: 1629937739832.png (162.73 KB, 348x253, 348:253, idontcareanymore.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, and unfortunately the "It was an online harassment campaign" is what's going to be written in any dry encyclopedia about it. None of those journalists are going to get any comeuppance. Kotaku, RPS, and all the rest are still going. Just a boot stamping on a human face, forever.


The people who made their careers from playing themselves off as victims can't move on and have to keep bring it up to stay even remotely relevant.
How these nobodies got any kind of power or platform is beyond me.


File: 1629959282181.png (169.18 KB, 310x325, 62:65, 1512075776401.png) ImgOps iqdb

I ain't clickin' dat shit Missa'(missa=mister in classic negro) Satan.
There's no rule against whining actually. On r*ddit they banned complaining on their neet section interestingly though. Really makes me wonder what type of userbase is here to try to ban complaining. Almost sociopathic as much as a corporate's site.
>be virgin hermit
>>which type? Are you sure you're loser enough? Are you type a, b, or c? (wiz, ink, or cyb?)
>implying b and c exist when it comes to black and white thinking

There's no such thing inkwells even if b did exist, cyborgs, whatever you may call type b, but it's breaking the point of black and white and gatekeeping if you make more than two types, type W and N (w-izard and N-ormal). The point of the meme is to imply men can't have standards you realize. People on r*ddit don't realize it as they're trying really hard to shame males but that is not supposed to be the same sort of thing that would happen to an imageboard yet it apparently does happen.
>how did it happen?
Human instinct soft serves females. Duh.

Anyway, if whining bothers you then bite the anti-empathy bullet and ban whining and also then you can stop, you know, complaining about whining yourself.


>None of those journalists are going to get any comeuppance.
I don't want to be mean, but I feel people like you blew this shit up to stupid proportions. If no one reacted this would've been a just a tiny blip on the radar.

>Just a boot stamping on a human face, forever.

It's about fucking video games "journalism" reviewing electronic toys. Nothing important.
BUT this is probably the first time some young nerds/geeks (I guess zoomers) encountered manufactured consent cos evidently they missed the WMD malarkey when the entire MSM said we needed to go Iraq because Saddam had WMDs that he could launch in 45 minutes .


File: 1630017161478.jpg (93.34 KB, 800x1176, 100:147, IJustWantedToMakeModelRobo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just wanted to play videogames.


jeez this is the same faggot that made that "muh alt-right' video.


Wow, I didn't click on the link until I saw your post and it was exactly who I thought it would be lol. This guy is such a fucking hack.


I was gonna debate you but I’m honestly just too tired to give a shit about goobergrape anymore.


Yeah, I guess when you decide something different actually happened, he is right. It was just a bunch of retards who had their heads buried so deep in video games they didn't realize journalism is marketing and propaganda until that point. Nobody gives a shit about some dumb whore and her shitty hyperlink "game."


File: 1630029335666.jpg (95.06 KB, 888x499, 888:499, gamergate.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>they didn't realize journalism is marketing and propaganda until that point.
…isn't it a good thing to have happened, then?


Yeah, but kinda embarrassing they were too dumb to notice only when they saw extremely shitty games like Depression Quest getting shilled hard. I wasn't shitting on them so much as the targets of Gaymergape anyway. The main point is faggots like to pretend it was a harassment campaign instead of general consumer outrage.


I realize the sarcasm in my first sentence from what you replied to probably didn't come out very clearly. Innuendo Studios or whatever the fuck he's called is a retard and likes to shit on easy targets like crabs and imageboard users.


>I just wanted to play videogames.
If no one made such a big deal, you'd still be playing the games the old way.

>…isn't it a good thing to have happened, then?
Depending on how the morons who finally realised this process the information, maybe. And it's a BIG maybe.

For games, no. Now they'll never be separated from art & politics, I mean, "art" & "politics". Asinine takes on real world events and horrific attempts at replicating actual art.


File: 1630066980165.jpeg (269.97 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, DFF7B6E2-51A1-43C2-9C70-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



> If no one made such a big deal, you'd still be playing the games the old way.
Hah, no.


File: 1630102374196.jpg (12.67 KB, 600x341, 600:341, Doubt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>If no one made such a big deal, you'd still be playing the games the old way.


No, as in this was an inevitable result of videogames going mainstream or…?


Gamer gate really changed nothing. I wouldn’t say this was inevitable, but nothing really was done to fix it.


>Gamer gate really changed nothing.

Marked the end of 4chan, SA, Fark etc. web 2.0 days.


I was referring to the state of video games. It had a big impact on web culture from Twitter and Reddit to 4chan and 8chan


>The connection from the collapse of the online atheist movement in the early 2010s to gamergate to /pol/ inspired internet right wing stuff (the alt right) is interesting.
It's nothing original. I've seen the connections between the neoatheist movement and the "alt-right"/"alt-left" explored more than a dozen times.


Anyone that was there at the time remembers how wizardchan was falsely accused of being the source of harassment with absolutely nothing to back it up. When it happened her shitty game was barely getting any attention anymore after a long time of it being shilled (for reasons we all know now). Do these journalists care to make it clear that "she claimed, without any evidence, that so and so", as they love to do with the people they have a distaste for (namely, anyone that isn't a progressive neoliberal)? No, of course not.

Ultimately that is where the connection between gamergame and the "alt-right" came from. It's not that the media was fair and democratic and the system was just until 2014 and then everything changed, rather it was a mix of those in power getting more bold with their machinations and the internet allowing that to be visible.


> Ultimately that is where the connection between gamergame and the "alt-right" came from.
Eh, sorta. GG always had ties to /pol/ because they both hated Zoe whateverthefuck, and then it kinda snowballed because of all the faggot journalists promoting Anita sarkeesian etc.


Do you like games that came out before GG more or less than games that came out after?


>I was referring to the state of video games.
Ah right.

>It's not that the media was fair and democratic and the system was just until 2014 and then everything changed, rather it was a mix of those in power getting more bold with their machinations and the internet allowing that to be visible.

It was still just videogames. It is simultaneously bizarre and makes sense that this non-event was blown out of proportion though.

Like I said it marked the permanent entry of "politics" and "art" into the gaming world.

I remember the megathread on SA which did a 180 when goons realised what was happening.


File: 1630191780359.jpeg (221.04 KB, 500x1667, 500:1667, 6C8FC075-9E8E-4C94-9E2F-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

not him but I bought quite a few games before, during and postgg and nothings changed
I forget about it when I press play :)


>I forget about it when I press play :)
Good strategy.

For me that only works for old games and certain "opaque" games like Bloodborne or something.


File: 1630203294023.gif (3.18 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 504D3D0C-855F-43A1-A56B-D9….gif) ImgOps iqdb

low quality reply my bad ;-; but what do you mean by gg marked the entry of "art"? like the crabs suddenly being Scorseses and making 10 hour long essays about how gta: far cryfield 7 is art, I say this but find myself agreeing with anton ego after finding games like machinarium, hylics, garage and yomawari


File: 1630205156738.mp4 (459.14 KB, 480x360, 4:3, (OLD) Greatest Artist who ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

yes I know I have literal garbage taste lol


…I'm reading your replies, and who you're replying to, but I don't understand how you're replying to who you're replying to.


same. he is underage, and must lurk moar


Why you use that OP image? I was trying to stay pure…


>nothings changed
I'm not sure that most would agree with you.


Literally no one in that thread is even mentioning “post-gg” games.


Which means you don't even have to know about gg to know it.


I don't even understand what "gamergate" was all about, I was here (or there?) on wizardchan exclusively back during that time and for some reason people said wizardchan was involved in whatever happened but I didn't understand because nothing seemed to be happening outside of people claiming something was happening. I recall chatting with people on feels about it back then and they had no idea what is was either. From what I understand some female got their game on steam because some guy liked her and then 4chan got buttmad about it? I don't really get it, who cares, there are a bunch of shitty games on steam.


Some female "game developer" got a shitty hyperlink-clicking simulator shilled for her by a bunch of games journalists she took loads from. Gamers, having been completely absorbed in escapist fantasies and only expecting quality a notch above the aforementioned game, finally realized journalism is shit and demanded reform to make it more honest or transparent. A bunch of shitty indie game devs portrayed it as a harassment campaign because they can't make a living without outrage, since they they are all completely devoid of talent. They even made a fucking Law and Order episode out of it. Even today, you still see these clowns paint it that way. They will eventually get their way because almost nobody, besides themselves, gives a shit about the GG crap anymore.


>games journalists
what, who the hell reads news about games, no wonder I didn't understand it


No clue. Whole thing was a shitshow full of retards on every side. I remember having a few game magazine subscriptions 2-3 decades ago and never paying attention to their ratings even back then. Let's say they have no incentive to give decent scores to a lot of new games (although they really do). Their opinions could still be complete shit because I doubt any two people on the planet like and dislike the same exact things.



(skip to 8:12)


there are millions of people who only buy games with high scores, they depend on game journalists and critics to tell them what to think


>who the hell reads news about games
Back in the days it was to learn about upcoming games, reviews and cheats etc.

In the late 00s and onwards gaming "journalists" were desperate for some kind of legitimacy and so we started getting retarded essays about the minutia of some aspect of a game not related to gameplay.


I've seen that before and I get what he's saying, but sometimes even the review itself is full of shit on top of the verdict. I think the most accurate reviews I've seen are negative ones from steam users who've invested lots of time, although virtually all steam reviews are even worse than journalists'.


That's why you want consistent reviewers with their own voices like he said in the video. Trouble is, I don't know if they exist anymore. I haven't looked at game reviews for the longest time, I just go by the buzz around it to judge if it's worth playing.

Or Demos.


No we're not.


I started to read old magazines from the 1980s reviewing games. Even back then you found feminist opinion pieces being printed. Nothing changed, it's always been this way. Gaming journalism is a wing of the marketing departments who post bad opinion pieces spliced through out the ads.

Game reviews are dead thanks to Twitch and youtube. You can watch a few minutes of gameplay to know if it interests you enough to buy it. Unless it has some massive hidden issues (which you will see on places like 4chan) then there's no reason to read a review.


>Even back then you found feminist opinion pieces being printed. Nothing changed, it's always been this way.

I don't know what bird cage lining you were reading but most of the reviews I read back in the days gave decent reviews of games except when they were the official magazine of the console's company. They were fun to read, gave decent peeks into what was coming up soon and the future of gaming, reviews used the entire 0-100 scale, etc.

Nobody everybody is going to agree with a review but if you went out your way to find a "feminist opinion" piece that's on you. Maybe you weren't old enough to remember the Lara Croft front covers of certain magazines that wouldn't fly today.

This bizarre view that absolutely nothing's changed is strange given that the audience and the technology available back then and now are *vastly* different.


File: 1631618960436.mp4 (2.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, K2stop.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


The idea that she banged some reporter in exchange for reviews was actually not even true. Some guy she dumped was just salty and tried to insinuate that and the internet crab "community" ran with it and took it as an excuse to basically just send constant death threats and harrassment to this bitch. Then some feminist wrote something about how succubi are portrayed in video games and all the crabs piled onto harrassing her. Basically crabs were just mad that succubi were allowed to exist and also have opinions and influence in regards to video games and they responded like psychopaths. Actually knowing what gamergate is about should decrease your interest in it even more than not knowing. Anyone who ever cared about this is literally a fucking retard.


>Anyone who ever cared about this is literally a fucking retard.
This is the only completely correct point in your post. The rest is half-truths or outright lies.


Yeah, no faggot.


Gamergate was completely right about everything. If you deny this you're either a useful idiot working for the enemy or a retard.


To say GG was right or wrong about anything you’d have to outline what they even believed in the first place which they themselves couldn’t even agree on.


That the whole game industry and journalism became corrupt and controlled by people who hate and want to destroy 99% of its actual audience, meaning mostly antisocial white males. That succubi, minorities and their allies deliberately subvert and ruin hobbies for no reasons other than to earn easy status and to savor the satisfaction of denying comfort to the formerly exclusive communities which built these hobbies in the first place. That the industry wants it to happen to you because enforced inclusivity means potentially more volume which pleases the capital internationale. That you should not take it lying down or you won't be allowed to have anything ever.


You fucking spastic, overblown opinions like yours is why gamergate blew up. Otherwise it would have been a footnote.


Keep shrieking libshit.


The only people who still give a shit about this are the faggots who were gaslighting from the start for the same fake misogyny narrative you currently are. All the hacks involved played the victim card because they were finally exposed for being nepotistic, talentless pieces of shit to a broader audience. Nobody cares about females in the games industry when they aren't outspoken attention whores with nothing to show for all their vanity. Don't cry about people "caring" when you continue trying to rewrite history. Some people just want to keep the fucking record straight.


>Nobody cares about females in the games industry when they aren't outspoken attention whores with nothing to show for all their vanity.
This is the primary and commonly only mode for females to exist within any industry. I assume you haven't had the misfortune of working in a traditionally male workplace and then having to deal with the consequences of female employees being artificially injected into every department. It's ruinous.


My job is very male dominated and my female coworkers are pleasant people. Video games have this specific problem because not only are there basically no barriers to entry in “games journalism”, said barriers are only upheld by the same antisocial spineless white men who allowed these succubi to come in and fuck the whole thing up. Game “reporters” have been sellouts day 1, it just took feminism for people to realize this.


I haven't experienced what you are describing, but I have had female coworkers. Some were bratty, dainty, lazy princesses and others pulled their weight. It's just dumb how all the Gaymergape "victims" are shitty assholes trying to deflect all criticism as misogyny. Most females in the games industry don't even pop up on the radar.


look at you defending your faire laedies. surely they will notice your brave deeds any day now.


What are you even screeching about, retard?


He’s calling us white knights because we don’t call succubi evil soul sucking banshees that exist to corrupt and destroy the male existence.


Keep trying boys, you're almost there. You'll get that employee of the month award and everyone at the Feminism INC office fill clap for you. Maybe a womyn will even let you polish their shoes.


Falseflagging femoid detected.


you don't see anything wrong with females coming to your work and 'totally not ruining anything' because you've always been emasculated feminine brained drones


Haha, now you’re pulling the internet tough guy schtick. What else you got in your bag of bullshit?


I don't really think anyone is talking about work.
Work is supposed to suck, so it's almost natural for succubi to be there.
Like it would be weird if you took a trip to hell and there were no succubi there.
Though I guess there are a ton of jobs that repel succubus and are man dominated. But those jobs suck bad in other ways to compensate for not having to deal with succubi.

I made it to the end of this sentence and don't remember what I was talking about but it seems like a waste to type all that stuff and not post it. Maybe I should walk away from the computer mid post.


Not irrationally hating an entire sex isn't making an attempt to garner female attention or get laid, and it's honestly so fucking stupid I'm even replying to such an idiotic accusation. I'm more inclined to believe it's falseflagging as someone else mentioned because it just sounds too fucking retarded to be an actual opinion anyone could realistically believe.


You do understand that it's your kind of shrieking that lead to gg right?

Some ho and her shite 'game' would have faded into the background if no one gave her attention.


Ignoring something in hopes it goes away is a shit plan that never works.


Maybe you're a moronic zoomer who reacts to eveything, but if the fact that most videogame publications are nothing more than adverts for said videogames is news to you…

GG would have faded into obscurity, 'don't feed the trolls' and 'don't touch the poop' were important rules that the younger lot didn't follow.

It was a meaningless event that people gave meaning to.


Shove that zoomer shit right up your ass too.


>feminized doormats getting slapped around
>jannies step in to defend them
So sad. Wizchan 2021.


Do you even understand what you want? You're just getting angry for no reason.

>literally doesn't understand that this was the event that made wizchan change it's rules.

Wizchan 2021 - just furries and trannies

It probably is with the tranny and furry shit plaguing this board.


Do you even know what you’re arguing about?


He doesn't. He just wants to lick those girlboss jackboots.


>guy makes one (1) furry thread
>Oh my god the site’s being destroyed!
Go take a gander at /b/, and then tell me who’s destroying wizchan.


Not being retarded enough to mindlessly hate someone for being born a female doesn't make you a feminist doormat, nigger.


Good job


I see you're samefagging.

>Do you even know what you’re arguing about?

Yeah, I'm arguing with (probably falseflagging) morons who turned a non-event into an event. Now you tell me what you want?

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