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There are some non-depressed wizards in the house?

Existance and felings can be overwhelming for some wizards and that's fine, but I want to get a word with the wizard who are satisfied with life in general.
My future is more uncertain than ever, I have no money on me, my parents don't like me very much and I got no job on the way, but I cant stop feeling this satisfaction on being alive and be able of doing my things. Walking is great, eating is great, running is great and reading about stuff is great. Even if I am not in a great point of my life, I still feel joyful just of being here.

PS: Don't interpret pic related as a "Smug Reaction", I just really love Ritsu Tainaka.


i cured depression by smoking weed, ask me anything


Prepare for the super angry anti-weed people to hate you for saying this. I agree weed is the answer for depression as it changes your perspective and relaxes you and can remove negative feelings.


I'm not happy, but I'm not depressed either. Just taking life one day at a time and suppress any negative thoughts.


I wouldn't say I'm depressed. I've had a few low points in my life but I've learned to just power through the hard times and not let the bad things bug me too much. I imaging this is how that majority of men turn out, be they wageslaves, soldiers, or hobos. If sadness makes doing what you've got to do any harder, then just push the bad feelings deep down until they stop getting in the way. I have my own plans and delusions for how to improve life to the point where I can say I'm genuinely happy, but for now I just need to get through this week, this month, this year…

>becoming dependent on a drug just to feel normal
That's not a cure. A treatment maybe, but you're exchanging one ailment for another. If the weed runs out and you're still no longer depressed, then consider your depression overcome but as long as you need to use something to alter your perception of reality just to function then frankly I'd say you're even worse off. You''re still depressed, just not when you're high, so gtfo this thread. Also enjoy midlife onset dementia, poor eyesight, chronic fatigue, and mood swings after 5 years of smoking that garbage.


File: 1629997654743.gif (852.25 KB, 500x341, 500:341, 3wIQ.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I've felt good ever since I got bpd mood swings under control, if I didn't have the medication I wouldn't feel bad but I wouldn't have a consistent mood anymore. Does that concrete fact make me feel depressed? Sort of, but I'll choose not to think about it. So similarly my future is uncertain, I have no money, and no job, but I am also satisfied. Though I am scared to go outside and "treatments" for that suck, so I try to just stay inside, staying inside makes me happy anyway.


It comes and goes, which I guess makes it not really depression.

Overall I think my life and mental state is in a good spot though. I can still enjoy things, I can still get out of bed, and I have enough money to satisfy my financial needs. >>275734
This also helps a lot. Weed just lets existence become peaceful, even pleasurable, for a few hours. I’ve been wanting to try stronger stuff but that’s all still illegal where I live so I probably never will.


not depressed, just thoroughly disgusted with all the hairless monkey's around me…
stupid is epidemic here…




>>275799 i understand your use of 'endemic'
but the fact that stupid can spread with every new edition of a newspaper or a TV /'net' report i feel gives my usage a slight edge…
its whatever works i guess….
Either way, STUPID RULES !


File: 1630118464828.jpg (35.04 KB, 655x359, 655:359, _ariete.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Having a day free to do whatever gives me …. satisfaction.


Ive woken up to a day free to do whatever for the past eleven years, haven't done much tbh.


I'm pretty sure the "depressed wizards" are confined to /dep/, same with the other sheep who manufacture non-existent mental conditions to wallow in self-pity over.
So yes, I'd qualify, I have incredibly high self-esteem. My pessimism is the result of the external environment and world around me, not some pointless hatred of my own being.


> I'm pretty sure the "depressed wizards" are confined to /dep/,
What exactly led you to this conclusion?


I used to have chronic depression but nowadays, it's more like crazy moodswings. Sometimes I feel satisfied with life and sometimes I'll feel extremely depressed again. When I can stay peacefully at home and just enjoy my hobbies as I do now, I tend to be quite satisfied with my life so I am guessing I'd be happy all the time if I could just be a NEET. Having to deal with other people is really the only reason for me to feel depressed, I feel completely fine with the life I have when I can be by myself.


I have a question
Are you non depressed wizards actual wizards?
As in you're 30 years old and above?


my depression ended when i was 28


Actual wizard here.

At some point I became depressed so long that it just became the new normal. Is that depression anymore?


if you match the symptoms, yes…


weed turned my chronic suicidal depression into chronic moderate depression. Much better result than any other antidepressant I've tried.


called it. Anti weed people who never even smoked weed and just go by stereotypes.


yes I think so


File: 1630634682761.jpeg (6.64 KB, 226x223, 226:223, raisinghand.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, right here. I'm not depressed and don't think I've ever been depressed. Mind you, I'm still an apprentice. But let that go. I've been working for 3 years, it's not the funnest thing ever. But I like my job. It's wizard-friendly. And then I come home to parents & waifus that love me. No news, no normie "doomscrolling", just vidya/distro hopping/waifucuddling. What's there to be depressed about?


i have clinical depression and weed just gives me panic attacks. even during the times it hasn't cause panic attacks, my cognitive faculties are too compromised for me to engage in activities which require critical thinking. i can't enjoy the nuances of my favorite shows, games, or movies, so the high can get tedious after a while.

fyi, im not >>275737


try some indica bro


I have the same experience. By the time the weed kicks in I'm unable to pay attention to anything, the best I can do is listen to music and stare at the wall.
And the worst panic attack I ever had was when I was smoking weed so I'm sure to only ever use it when I'm feeling good to begin with.


why can't crabs enjoy weed?


Weed largely depends on having a good mental state going into the high to enjoy. So it’s harder to enjoy when you’re depressed/angry. Also it is known to exacerbate psychotic and schizophrenic tendencies, so those already suffering from such things will only find it worsening the symptoms.


this is true, I am sort of predisposed to paranoia and one time I tried weed I had been having thoughts that my penis was burning off, so when I smoked the weed I actually started to feel like my penis was burning off, all I could do was wait it out but it was so painful and I was so scared


Obviously it's not recommended for people with extreme psychosis


Ignoring & avoiding things don't make it disappear



I believe that ignoring something long enough can have its benefits though, if you're constantly anxious about everything you do or that is out of your control then it's nice to just not bother anymore by ignoring the fake-run/flight/fight response or what it's called long enough, or say you have trauma, therapists tell you that you need to work through it which can help you see it in a different light i imagine, but you can also get stuck on it and fail to move on, by ignoring at least you won't feel like shit all the time which can allow you to move on


>muh fight or flight response
just accept things instead of ignoring them


Then tell me the difference between accepting and ignoring


it should be obvious.
if you accept something you may not be actively thinking about it but you are not ignoring it.


if someone gets anal-raped by his uncle then accepting it can only help him get this far, because whether accepting or not - it still happened, sooner or later you need to stop actively thinking about (start ignoring) it.


File: 1631178532736.jpg (92.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Girlish Number - 09 [BD][0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

About to be 35 this year, deal with chronic depression since high school (maybe I'm just moody?) and had a bout with major depression over the past few years which I've since crawled out of. Attainable things to care for, finding meaning in your work, and a healthy dose of escapism seems to work for me. Really, it's just about being at peace with what you have in life, accepting your limitations (real or imagined).

Wizards shouldn't shun treatment/medication and prudent use of intoxicants, in my opinion. We all need our crutches, even the Normans.


screw that, I'd rather suffer raw consciousness than be some jewpill addict whose mind is rotted into a real life /b/


I feel you're being hasty in your judgment but that is your prerogative.


I'm not depressed but life is not worth living regardless of how you feel about it, how happy you are, your hobbies, relationships, financial security and other comforts.
Not being bogged down by depression makes it so you have more time to take care of yourself so your extended stay isn't as miserable. That's about all there's to it. There's not much difference in how we go about things compared to depressed people when it comes down to it, we simply have energy to apply the same type of coping that they do, just more effectively with better long term results. Fucking ace.
I have fun and am generally happy, but the topic of life in particular I cannot be optimistic about. I will always feel like a fucking cowardly retard for sticking around with the rest of the death-fearing dregs, scraping by on addiction and sticking your head in the sand about the future.

I don't have any advice for depressed people that they don't already understand. And for those happy, the easiest way to preserve happiness is to not get complacent with the situation that's currently making you happy, you are designed to become used to all things and lose joy. Protect and improve upon things. Leave things and return to things. Artificially shake things up as much as you need to. Remember that your mind is fundamentally still operating on primal wilderness tribe survival logic, it's just hidden in abstractions. It is also absolutely not your friend; it's fucking stupid and self-sabotaging and creates the illusion that problems are caused in the external world.


>I have fun and am generally happy
I didn't get that impression at all.


If it matters to you, I can go in depth on the ways I'm happy. But I should consider it straightforward that if I was talking with disgust and anger about something I dislike, that that doesn't mean I am angry and disgusted 24/7.


>life is not worth living regardless of how you feel about it, how happy you are, your hobbies, relationships, financial security and other comforts
So life isn't worth regardless one can see the worth of? Wut?


the worth is a delusion and people don't know any better. not like you ever complained once before being born.


I’m not buying that you are happy.


i'm not happy


Then what was all this >>276234 ?


I like weed but in my case it didn't affect my depression so I think it can only help some people.


I like this poster. He's neat.


he posts very cute images which add a whole lot of personality to his post as well.


>life is not worth living
>the worth is a delusion
how is possible these both staments as true?


you make the best of a bad situation


You are not replying to me (>>276234)
Please refer to >>276238 for my response to the inane idea that you must approve of the whole of existence in order to be physically capable of feeling enjoyment or contentment of any sort.
As to life not being worth living, it's just cost-benefit analysis. You'd have to first point me to reasons that would make existing an improvement over instantly disappearing right this second.


>a bad situation
How can you say this if worth is a delusion?
Lemme explain this post >>276366 bettter.
If you put something after "Life is ______" like good, bad, worthless, worthwhile you're atributting value to it, positive or negative. If seeing worth in life is a delusion, not seeing worth it also a delusion.

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