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(cross fingers, toes, and nose hairs)


Congratulations. The weather there sounds great.


Also do you already speak the dominant language, and if not are you currently learning it?


Is OP the poster larping as a boomer? this is getting stale, try something new or take your theatrics to /b/


gtfo youre either a troll or entirely massively retarded and you need medical attention for that retardedness nobody in their right mind would move to such a low income succubus county


English is quickly becoming the most common 2nd language in mongolia.


You are the next Dr phil , yes ?


File: 1631226926469.jpg (126.56 KB, 950x639, 950:639, chinatopography-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Annnd away we go ?


File: 1631245292622.jpg (94.79 KB, 950x769, 950:769, apopdensitychina.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

size of China/Mongolia


Be a Mongolian horse archer.


its a skill i plan to renew, many years ago i bought a PSE 'laser' LH compound bow. (?) unsure ?
I found i could connect @ 70 yards easily and consistently.
now i see people shooting modern crossbows @ 2000 yards (wtf ?)
they can't see their POI but the thought of a 1 lb bolt landing anywhere near you would make most people shit themselves.
btw theres video out there of long distance crossbow shooting that would make any sane person think twice of entering a 'beaten ' area.
there is also a video of horse archer techniques.


Nice work, dude.


no wonder these companies charge what they do, omg ! the paperwork alone would make you curl up in a corner drooling /peeing on yourself.


wow, i caught a break !
the CG of Mongolia is in San Francisco !
No long ass trips to DC !
Its almost too good to be true !


>CG of Mongolia
What does that mean?


consulate-general of mongolia


What's the appeal of living there? normalfags and succubi are the same everywhere around the world


So how do you plan to get a residence permit? Are you a typical privileged westerner that thinks you can just pack up and move wherever you want? Unless you are rich or highly skilled in tech, you are typically out of luck


peace and quiet outside of the big city's .
the only place i know of outside of Rub Al Kahli where you can ride for a month at a time w/o seeing anyone.
lt reminds me of the high deserts east of where i live.
Loving is cheap compared to here, things are greatly improved since the Rus left.
People are people whereever you go.
you make your own luck.


>>279216 dam'd frigg'n auto correct) ?
Very tired, just finished dump'n a shitpile of saved info that i won't have to deal with anymore. yay !


File: 1636605243175.jpg (155 KB, 1361x1188, 1361:1188, king of mongolia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Halt, stranger! What brings you to my lands?

[ ] Business
[ ] Trade
[ ] I wish to enlist in your army.
[ ] Personal matters

[ ] (Run from this encounter. Requires 5 agility)


what makes a man wake up one day and think “I wanna go to mongolia”


>>279232 (Take this for what its worth)
An ancestor of mine was there from the english isles at the time of the Kahn, he joined the army; which as an adventurer he was prone to do.
He fought so well and he was valued so highly that he was given one of the khans daughters as a wife.
so, i have relatives (maybe) still living there.
i have relatives in Japan, Germany, Russia, England, (barf) China, (barf x 2)
I had a 1200 page ancestry/list for many years.
My father wrote it all out for me. (I had a friend who was an antiquarian who wanted to read it, he died and his wife has never found the book.)
i still have a short form of just the english/german/american family from 1406 to the present.
Also, it is a matter of self preservation as a i have about a dozen assholes out here that want to terminally inconvenience me.
( i was "cruel and insensitive" to them)
Such is life.
BTW, 70 year old "wizards" are not uncommon, i know one who is 92 this year.




Life is an embarrassment in many ways.
I am tired.
i talked to the 92 year old last night, it was not pleasant to do so.
we are talking of someone who lived thru WW2 served in the korean war, stay in the army (Intel) , had his own business for 35 years, retired and thought he had it all, only to find that his reality was not what he was raised to believe it was…so sad…
He always wants to know when the 'people' will take the country back from the vermin scum. sad…
on that note i depart, i have said too much, and nowhere near enough…
Be careful…


Are you in psychosis? Just an honest question.

I mean, nothing you wrote is true of course, but for your own sake see a doctor.


I knew a guy who had friends who actually visited Mongolia. His friends were mindlessly wandering the gobi desert and they got beaten up and all their money stolen when they tried asking directions to two guys. Funny country to think about


>take the copuntry back from (((someone)))

Well, people were still talking about Trump and Biden with sincere enthusiasm during the rising of any of them… as if they didn't even suspect that such types are solely puppets to more sinister powers behind them.

Still here in wizchan we can sometimes read the bluepill of "muh race being a social construct". It's desperatingly pathetic…


What the heck does race have to do with Biden? Are you hydrated and feeling okay?


no, most people that know me consider me to be the most mentally sound and grounded person they know.
i have had a most interesting life in spite of living in the worlds largest open air insane asylum.
in response to a later posting the are criminal types everywhere; if you are not aware you WILL be a victim.
as for psychosis, most the people i know come to me for answers/solutions to their problems.
i have been places/seen things that would leave you speechless.
it is only getting worse here.
the *hit i see every day would be unthinkable 50 years ago.
ah, well, believe what you will, if you can somehow do it, stay out of the system, it will only drag you down with it.
i am what i am, but deluded/crazy/liberal i am not !

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