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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
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What are some cool obscure mythical creatures?


yeah yeah, i already predicted your non-response lol.


Any particular region or mythology you most interested in?
Is modern stuff ok too?
How obsuce are you looking for?
Could you give a little more something to go on. It's kind of a really broad subject.

Most important question.


>literally posted a greentext starting with "be me"
Kill self zoomer.


I was obviously talking about possibly dying in the past 9 months, not now, not the future from now. Goddamn it. You people are so dense sometimes it's like you're pretending to be stupid.
go feel yourself to your moeshit


You’re not missing out on much though. I read a ton of the beastars manga, and it starts getting real stupid. If you like the crazy kind of stupid like Baki, then you’ll enjoy it though. It just was not for me.


grappler baki? I saw that crap on HBO 20 years ago, I don't see how it might compare


lurk moar


File: 1631833899481.png (421.92 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 69611ac27eab5dcc758c4ade7a….png) ImgOps iqdb

been taking naps during my break at work and it seems like I get more vivid dreams during the short 2 hours or so, compared to when i sleep 7-10 hours at night.. like my brain knows it only has 120 minutes to keep me entertained so it throws these grand adventures at me that seem to drag on for hours. last night i saw a favored anime succubus, she was out of reach but still it was nice to see her enjoyng herself in my dream realm.


Keep reading/watching beastars and I think you’ll see. Also the mangaka of beastars is the daughter of Baki’s.


Don't care. I'm not sensitive to cartoons getting stupid. They aren't supposed to be shakespeare. I know people these days expect them be realistic or serious or meet some HUGE standard of quality that the creators never even promised. Those people have weird expectations.


File: 1631862924758.jpg (1.05 MB, 1000x850, 20:17, Onzai.Momotaro.full.205986….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

what if you had a cute shoulder pet to go on adventures with?
what if he could speak english too (・ω・)

omg I always wanted a talking shoulder pet like in anime


Not a fan of such mascot characters in fiction.

IRL your options are limited to trained birds/parrots if you want something that can kinda sorta speak.


bet you'd be a fan if they were shoulder sized succubi


That would be even worse.
Just reminds me of Navi only likely even less useful.


you say this like it would be a bad thing


Like a Draph? I'd cast aside my wizardry and fuck it in every hole and pit, yes.


well yeah, we're talking about 3D here


Found a sushi place that does an eel bento meal and delivers to my job. Gonna eat good and make work pay for it!!!!


>with the implication of real life and not cgi
>shoulder sized fairy person
We are firmly in the realm of fantasy here.


He means that the shoulder sized succubus would still have the fickle ill-tempered personality of a regular succubus.


that sounds nice. how was the eel bento?


When I said "what if," I meant here in this world, and all that implies.


I've grown a real soft spot for made in china goods, low price and high quality, feels good man


It was very nice. The eel was a lot more tender than I've had and nearly melted in my mouth. There were a lot of fried vegetables and rice in the meal too. I ordered a seafood fried rice on the side because I thought the bento box was a small meal but it came out to be a two and a half pounds of food so I'm eating the rice now for breakfast.


I really can't remember a made in china product that I would describe as high quality.
They are low price but you get what you pay for when it comes to china made goods compared to other countries that cost more.


I have had some really cheap stuff that was strangely high quality


Guess you got lucky or something.
Good for you I guess, just hasn't been my experience with things made in china.



So much stuff on Amazon, even pricey junk like GPUs, have this little tickbox on the listing that says "apply $n coupon". A piece of hardware I want but don't need has one to save $420 off it's $1,350 price. It doesn't apply automatically though. I wonder how many poor saps pay sticker price after missing this tiny little box. I probably bought things in the past and missed it.

Nice, I didn't know about this. I'm sure many wizards here will get good use out of it


the myth of ye olde High Price = High Quality again huh

do you know what sets those high prices? lol


>things that wasn't said the post

Was talking about the other end of the price spectrum. No one in the thread made that argument at all. You are just strawmaning.


isnt virtually everything production-wise outsourced to china anyways. i cant think of a single product in my home that i can say with certainty isnt made in china, india, or mexico.


Nah, I got stuff from all over the world.


>I'm not talking about something's price tag representing its quality
>I just used an aphorism which means precisely that
c'mon now anon


No one is obligated to defend the strawman you constructed so stop trying.


you said it, not me




Get a life Alaskan


after you floridian


File: 1632039345102.jpeg (115.04 KB, 1440x876, 120:73, ELGY6pHUUAAzyz7.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Live-Action Dragon Ball Z TV Show Reportedly Coming To Disney Plus


File: 1632043064866.gif (200.79 KB, 220x170, 22:17, tenor (1).gif) ImgOps iqdb

There is a thing (game) I like, but apparantly some retard wrote the wikipedia-article in my language and kind of puts the whole thing in a very bad light citing random forum/comments, so now whenever I would mention that i like that thing people will think i am a sick fuck when they open the wikipedia article, great


Why Disney?
Toei has enough cash to fund a project if they wanted.

Then again no matter who makes it it's a stupid idea that will suck.


>Citing random forum comments
Any chance you can post it? I would have so much fun editor-trolling this one. You can lawyer the rules for "proper citations" in Wikipedia so goddam much it's not even funny. And then even WHEN the citation is "technically allowed" you can add all these weasel words under the guise of "providing proper context to the article" that it pisses people off so much it's funny.

Seriously, I would have a lot of fun with this, I think.

t. Person who dragged someone into an editing war over the Mr. Clean Wikipedia article.


There's a specific time and place for things to exist and I don't think people want to recognise that.


Strange how every norm website wants you to sign up now to even view basic content. Businesses have information on Twitter, facebook, Instagram and just trying to view it they demand you have an account. They never used to.


Pisses me off as well. Most businesses realized that, "Hey, if our sites load 0.3s slower, then people won't stay to read our content!" and it gradually morphed into, "In order to use our site we'll need to know the name of your firstborn."

It's because of this that the only sites I visit anymore are imageboards.


it's so they can get your email address, sell it to spammers and let Big Data watch your online patterns for "terrorist" inclinations


It really surprises me how many people give real information. Like, you can give a fake phone number. Even if you get caught, you can just say it got changed/discontinued. Even then, it's perfectly alright to tell some bullshit website that you're Susan Denaulti from North Kassuth Maineconsin. At the very least use a 33mail account so you can know which pieces of shit sell your info (speaking of which, I did this to figure out that even the fucking post office sells your info).

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