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File: 1631192481952.gif (14.22 KB, 500x1000, 1:2, watch.gif) ImgOps iqdb

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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction


I honestly didn't realize this is an actual watch. I just wanted an image that's easy to find if you're quickly browsing /all/ and I feel this gif really grabs my attention. It's probably the vibrant red lines on a black background.


>I honestly didn't realize this is an actual watch

I somehow doubt you never heard of timex or never seen such a iconic design before.
It would be like you saying you never hear or seen a rolex before. I simply wouldn't believe you under most circumstances.


only ate pringles today and I am too lazy to heat up any food or order take away uber eats. such is life
What is the origin of the gods they have? why do you mock these people though wiz?


not him but I know timex is real but I never saw one that looked like that


never heard of timex at least in what I can recall and I am not even a zoomer. are you in asia or something where watches are extremely popular?


I know of Timex and Casio, I just didn't notice Timex was written in there before I posted it.


I don’t think they made it all up. There must’ve been some logic to it. Their logic just included the use of magic or powers.


I don't believe you but I don't care enough to argue something so stupid.


I’ve heard of Rolex plenty of times, but I’d never be able to identify any of their models.


I want to buy a smartwatch. Amazfit maybe.


Why do you want a NSA tracking collar?


What makes you think they give a shit about smartwatches when every other piece of internet connected tech is already a thing that can be used for spying?
There are zero people who have a smart watch that don't also already have a smart phone, rendering your point of paranoia redundant and trivial.


If they already use all the other technology to track you, that doesn’t really excuse another piece of technology that tracks you.


your point of paranoia redundant and trivial.
All tech can be used to track you.
Unless you point is that no one should ever get any tech ever because "they" are out to get you, then your whole argument is dumb. A smart watch isn't any more likely to be used for such things then any of the devices you currently are using, probably less.


I just don’t see the point in enabling a device that easily performs its function using low tech to track and monitor you. Especially when, as you suggest, it’s likely you already have a smartphone that can track you and do everything a smart watch can anyway.


Why are you using a computer?

Stop using a computer right now. Don't you know "they" are using it against you right now?
Get off the computer.
Get off NOW!


quiet, intimidating weirdos get falsely accused of rape, murder and retail theft all the time.
the one thing that could save you is having your computer and phone track your movement and activity, allowing the police to see you haven't been anywhere except work and home for your entire adult life.

but, some /pol/ and /g/ LARP union has convinced you deactivate these and make your internet experience worse by using linux shite, assuring your one alibi is gone.

all for what? heh. you're scared of the government tracking for what? isn't that stuff for political insurgents? do you think they are interested in what minimum wage losers with no friends are doing? do you think they blackbag random minimum wage workers for fun, and you'll be saved from that if you use a flip phone and linux?


And when the government in prisons you for posting on the crab terror site known as wizchan you can die happy knowing you weren’t accused of rape.


narcissism. im convinced linux users and /pol/ LARPers believe that they're the protagonist of a Matrix movie and that the whole world is interested in them and what they're doing.


i'm convinced that a large portion of users on this website would turn the boards into a porn dump if the rules allowed it.


I’m not schizophrenic, I just have reasonable doubt. The fact everyone is so accepting of the routine invasion of privacy and large surveillance shows how fucked we all are anyway.


>he is still using the computer

Oh no, now "they" have exactly what they need to do the bad things to you.
You should have listened and got off the computer while you still could. Too late now.
Best just bend over and expose your butt hole to the space laser or whatever the fuck now. It's all over.


Look how the normalfag belittles and accuses while he himself is licking the boots of a government that wishes to exploit him.


I am not a mutt.


And you think your government, or local corporations, will leave you alone?


I'm not a celebrity politician with the world's eyes on me like you believe you are.


There’s enough eyes out there for all of us.


>when in doubt call them a normalfag
Only one being a normalfag here is you for using brainless name calling when you can't handle banter.
Besides, you don't even actually give a shit about government this or that. You were just being a crab as usual and using a thinly disguised excuse to shit on something someone else likes since shitting on others is your only source of esteem.


Downloaded FL studio again.
So bored might as well mess around with some loops and see if I can make a few complete songs while I am recovering.


Computers and smartphones are tracking devices, but they are a lot more useful than the myriad internet-of-things junk on the market like watches, vacuums, toothbrushes and all that gimmicky crap.
The creepy thing with watches is the pervasive obsession with quantification of every aspect of life, down to the most mundane. How did we live up to now without checking our heart frequency everyday, or making sure we have had enough water in a given day? The people who use these things are beneath farm animals.


I know I'm late to the party of this one, but this has some of the most fluid animation I've ever seen, and the action scene near the end is how I imagined DBZ fights in my head before I realized it was just jump cuts and yelling for 20 minutes.


I believe they're very incompetent and actually a hostile takeover by China would make our prospects better. If I can do my part by buying Xiaomi products, buy I shall.


I find it funny that you separate smart watches and smart phones.
Watches can be used to find out if you have sleep apnea or if quality of your sleep is better or not, or how many steps a day you take. Measuring heartrate is useful for sports, it's always some extra info. People haven't calculated calories for thousands of years too, does it mean it's silly when someone keeps track of it? Don't know why you people get your panties in a twist over what you don't need but others do.


They're already attempting it with furry and trans threads that appear here time to time because a porn dump thread isn't enough.

If the mods were actually true to the wizard life they claim to lead then they would ban all porn on the boards including the porn dump thread.


>You were just being a crab as usual and using a thinly disguised excuse to shit on something someone else likes since shitting on others is your only source of esteem.
>The people who use these things are beneath farm animals.

So just proving me right.
The only think you actually care about is shitting on other people while rasing yourself up based on arbitrary nonsense.
You are both a crab and hyper disingenuous. Simple as that.


I am shitting on a commercial fad I do not understand. Ever seen someone using a brand new widget and think to yourself "woah what's the point?"

>People haven't calculated calories for thousands of years too, does it mean it's silly when someone keeps track of it?
You answered your own question. This fascination with raw numbers, with quantification is a disturbing tendency, and the fact that people are willingly doing this to themselves is pathetic. I assume the demographics that are the early adopters are most likely the upper middle class professionals who are used to this in their work, ie the obsession with metrics, performance assessments and the likes. This is the kind of thing where imo the negatives generally outweigh the positives by a significant margin, I mean, is it healthy to keep track every day of all that stuff, let alone upload it somewhere? Are we not made to be anxious enough about our health?

>Don't know why you people get your panties in a twist over what you don't need but others do

They want it, they don't need it. It won't be long I suppose before life gets nearly impossible without one (like computers and smartphones among other things), or there are such strong incentives to be reliant on them that they might as well become mandatory, like insurance companies rewarding good behaviour. But that's conspiracy theory talk, right. I am sure it would never come to that lol.


btw I don't know what you are getting mad at me for, that post you replied to was my first on this topic.


I too lament the state of the world, but might as well have fun with the gimmicks it provides before I die.


Shut up alasken.
You are just a troll and a shitposter and nothing more.


File: 1631404958380.jpg (38.01 KB, 400x362, 200:181, Montana.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Looks like Montana watches (made in China), popular in the USSR and post-Soviet times.


If you are serious seek help, if not you are unfunny.


File: 1631406934083.png (1.25 MB, 711x957, 237:319, 23611126.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I honestly didn't realize this is an actual watch
I did.


>I honestly didn't realize this is an actual watch.



Horror movies don't scare me.

Shit like this keeps me up at night though. Fucking horrifying.


Good stuff, I've been meaning to get a watch and the cheap ones in walmart look decent…I guess, I wonder if those are sold there. My only watch is a 39 year old seiko tv watch that I'm scared to accidentally damage.


i hate websites that hijack CTRL-F. why firefox allows this i dont know. instead of using the browser's search function to jump through stuff, some website hijack it and bring you to their website search mechanic. fucking aids


What sites do that?
I have yet to come across one that did what you describe, but I don't use ctrl-f super regularly so I probably have less exposure.


lol, also makes me think of websites that hijack your scrolling so that it's "smooth" even when you have smooth scroll turned off and it looks like shit


Dumbass housemates hid my mail


this is a serious breach


That sucks, hope you get everything sorted or kick their ass for fucking with your mail.


Watches used to be a practical device and also a status symbol. Now everyone has a mobile phone that automatically updates the time, so watches are now only a status symbol. I heard on the radio once that wristwatches used to be a dogwhistle for gay men, but that must have been long before I was born.


we dont all own phones


I don't own a normiephone, who the hell wants to reach into his pocket and pull something out just to check the time anyway, a wrist watch is practical, and isn't spying on you.


> a wrist watch is practical.
Not as practical as having a computer in your pocket that can do a zillon things well rather then one thing mediocrely.
Watches keep worse time because they don't auto update and slip time when bumped. I have broke more back when I wore watches because it is strapped to the wrist rather then totally out of the way and safe in a pocket.
They are just functionally worse time keeping devices then cellphones on every practical level, while cellphones have more features and uses.
Wrist watches are now just jewelry.


>Not as practical as having a computer in your pocket that can do a zillon things well rather then one thing mediocrely.
when would this be handy? what zillion things would you ever need to do away from your home computer system?


>Not as practical as having a computer in your pocket that can do a zillon things
stopped reading there if you want to be so dense you assume that multi-functionality is the measure to judge things, we're just talking about telling the time, not browsing pornhub, shitposting and calling your friends on the normiephone in your pocket


Tune out normies and avoid conversation through the combination of on-demand streaming audio and headphones is one thing that I regularly use my smartphone for.
As well as being able to use the internet when away from my main computer.
Use it as a bike computer when on rides as well as a map/gps system to never get lost.
Even works as a flashlight and mirror when I need such things.

It's like asking why carry a mult-tool when you aren't in your shop have a tool shop at home.

Hell, there have been times when I have been at the computer playing games, and used the smartphone to look up something as to not have to close the game or tab out.


Post already explained why a phone is better as a time keeping device then a wristwatch on a practical level.

Read nigger.


post was about a dubious anecdote and you being too lazy to set a watch and thinking fragile electronics you need to reach around for is more convenient than looking down at your wrist, it was totally irrelevant


File: 1631591072151.png (194.41 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Oh so you did read the whole post and you are just being a idiot with nothing rational to say as usual.
Go do something useful like reading a book.


you're such a shitposter, mutt, we don't all own phones, you don't need to jump in and aggressively prove they're better than wristwatches for telling time (by mentioning their irrelevant other functions) because you aren't changing our minds


>hey everyone, Look it's me the alasken
>aka the dogfucker
>you know it's me because I use the same buzzwords that I use to violate rule 8
>please pay attention to me and my never ending vacume of attention seeking as I act like a jackass and fight about everything all the time
>did I meantion I need attention and need to be identifiable at all times
>because everyone else is a shitposer but not me
>me constantly attacking people and causing strife for my own need for replies is totally not shitposting

Fuck off retard. You never have anything productive or correct to say about anything ever.


you called me a nigger and an idiot first, shitposter


Shut the fuck up dogfucker.
No one cares what you have to say.
Leave this site and never come back.


I haven't read any of your posts, nor have I read any of your opponents posts. I've always just wanted to jump into the middle of a debate where someone says "Go read a book" and ask them…

What do you suggest?

I've always wondered what someone would end up suggesting while being infuriated in the middle of a debate.


Wow, what the fuck happened to this thread. Who gets this heated about clocks? Seriously chill out, people.

First of all, people used pocketwatches long before wristwatches were in vogue. Cell phones are the modern pocketwatches.

Also, many timepieces were calibrated by satellite before cellphones were commonplace, and their position can't be tracked. So it is entirely possible to have an automatically updated watch that is untrackable.


Basic Economics is a good one.
Really any valid economics book helps better understand the world and how it actually works, so would be a good use of time.

I have also heard good things about Critical Thinking Skills: Developing Effective Analysis and Argument (2nd Edition) by Stella Cottrell, though I personally haven't read that particular book
Really reading something on the subject of critical thinking and reason that touches on the structure of it is good. Learning how to think properly is extremely useful.


> Also, many timepieces were calibrated by satellite before cellphones were commonplace

Oh really.
Can you give several examples of such "timepieces"?
And to keep things in context for the purposes of discussion stationary clocks do not count.


I like watches because they have much longer battery life and no potential to distract me with mindless bullshit for hours on end. I would imagine people that use watches to track the time are generally more inclined toward practical uses of time than the average phone user.


Weird thread.

>The creepy thing with watches is the pervasive obsession with quantification of every aspect of life, down to the most mundane
Agreed. I hate having the time shoved in my face. I turn off clocks even in my home. It feels good to not worry about how much time is passing. Live freely like a cat that just follows the sunlight for time. Watches are some wageslave shit to help you be on time for you slave appointments and get your 'work' done on time.

Slave mentality. I would rather be dead than be watched and tracked my whole life. The knowledge that you're being surveilled affects you profoundly


True, I only know of stationary timepieces that do this. However, gps satellites continually broadcast the time with high precision. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it should be possible to make an untrackable satellite-calibrated wristwatch, if one doesn't already exist. The only difficulty would be when moving to a different time zone, which even cell phones can fuck up.


>Watches are some wageslave shit to help you be on time for you slave appointments
well I am mildly autistic and I prefer to do certain thing at exact certain times, I wake up at 7am and rest on the couch for exactly 2 hours,I take a shower at 10am, I eat at 12pm, I wash dishes at 1pm, then I do a bit of what I want and eat at 6pm and get to bed by midnight, it’s very important for me to know the time


Not everyone has the luxury of shedding every single temporal obligation, as nice as it would be to.


More common timepiece calibration back before smartphones was via radio. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_clock

I had one of these that came out of a bank - When daylight savings time came around the clock would whirl around 11 hours to get to the correct time, since it couldn't go backwards.

GPS time sync needs a bunch more circuitry, and didn't really become common before GPS watches and those discrete GPS units in I think the early 2000s or so.


>talking about watches
>hey here is a wiki thing I found about clocks that use radio waves to still be worse at keeping time then cellphones
Good job. You almost had something relevant to say. Almost.


File: 1631610728970.jpg (10.25 KB, 346x250, 173:125, 1529578219807.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>doesn't know what timepiece means


why would you need to get updated time anyway, my five dollar Casio watch loses or gains a second like every month or two, actually I haven’t calibrated it in 2 or more years and it’s only 9 seconds behind


Garbage animation and embarrassing everything else. Feel bad about yourself zoomer.


it's hot and humid, i hate days like these


Recommend me some VPNs that aren't blocked to hell everywhere.



Do it.


Gonna mix sleepy time easy nap drugs with drinky time beer drink.


Somehow a tree frog got in my room and is now randomly hopping around and making annoying noises.

Can't seem to catch the bugger and it is starting to get on my nerves.


Gave up on trying to catch it alive.
Shot it with my bb gun.
Pretty sure I got a head shot too, but the gun wasn't quite powerful enough to do the job so it just stunned it.
If it has any brains left then maybe it will now leave before I pull out my air rifle and blow the thing apart and put a hole in the wall.
Obviously not going to use real guns indoors on a dumbass frog though.


there's been a new season of beastars out since january and I had no freaking idea, I want to die


Is there a reason why you can't just watch it now?
Is it a limited time thing or something?
Did you really miss anything?


well, one could die at any time
woulda been nice to know this shit 9 whole months ago, sigh


You aren't dead right now so what is the problem?


I already explained it


Not well apperently because I still don't see any problem here.
You are here, the show you want to watch is here too.
There is nothing stopping you from enjoying the show you want to watch right now.
Better late then never after all.


can you please explain to me how the fuck you're excited for such a shit show?
the entire premise and setting is broken and nonsensical in like 50 different places if you think about it for just a few seconds, and the characters have zero personality or character development moments whatsoever.
so you got no setting and no character, and absolutely retarded shit happens all the time like "i have a prey instinct that makes me WANT to be eaten xD"

you're phoneposting and seem like you're not too bright so i don't expect any answer actually. i'm going to just go ahead and probably correctly assume that the show is for people who just get excited for watch anything with no consideration for the quality just to pass the time. many normalfags these days just have total trash streaming 24/7 and probably couldnt even tell you what is happening in the plot or why they like it. im assuming beastars is a prime contender for that subhuman species.


Jeez man, calm down and get off that high horse.


>be me
> hate succubi
> gets arrested for disturbing the peace
> unable to find employment
> live in fathers basement
> cry


did you rage at some guy with a gf in public or something


What are some cool obscure mythical creatures?


yeah yeah, i already predicted your non-response lol.


Any particular region or mythology you most interested in?
Is modern stuff ok too?
How obsuce are you looking for?
Could you give a little more something to go on. It's kind of a really broad subject.

Most important question.


>literally posted a greentext starting with "be me"
Kill self zoomer.


I was obviously talking about possibly dying in the past 9 months, not now, not the future from now. Goddamn it. You people are so dense sometimes it's like you're pretending to be stupid.
go feel yourself to your moeshit


You’re not missing out on much though. I read a ton of the beastars manga, and it starts getting real stupid. If you like the crazy kind of stupid like Baki, then you’ll enjoy it though. It just was not for me.


grappler baki? I saw that crap on HBO 20 years ago, I don't see how it might compare


lurk moar


File: 1631833899481.png (421.92 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 69611ac27eab5dcc758c4ade7a….png) ImgOps iqdb

been taking naps during my break at work and it seems like I get more vivid dreams during the short 2 hours or so, compared to when i sleep 7-10 hours at night.. like my brain knows it only has 120 minutes to keep me entertained so it throws these grand adventures at me that seem to drag on for hours. last night i saw a favored anime succubus, she was out of reach but still it was nice to see her enjoyng herself in my dream realm.


Keep reading/watching beastars and I think you’ll see. Also the mangaka of beastars is the daughter of Baki’s.


Don't care. I'm not sensitive to cartoons getting stupid. They aren't supposed to be shakespeare. I know people these days expect them be realistic or serious or meet some HUGE standard of quality that the creators never even promised. Those people have weird expectations.


File: 1631862924758.jpg (1.05 MB, 1000x850, 20:17, Onzai.Momotaro.full.205986….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

what if you had a cute shoulder pet to go on adventures with?
what if he could speak english too (・ω・)

omg I always wanted a talking shoulder pet like in anime


Not a fan of such mascot characters in fiction.

IRL your options are limited to trained birds/parrots if you want something that can kinda sorta speak.


bet you'd be a fan if they were shoulder sized succubi


That would be even worse.
Just reminds me of Navi only likely even less useful.


you say this like it would be a bad thing


Like a Draph? I'd cast aside my wizardry and fuck it in every hole and pit, yes.


well yeah, we're talking about 3D here


Found a sushi place that does an eel bento meal and delivers to my job. Gonna eat good and make work pay for it!!!!


>with the implication of real life and not cgi
>shoulder sized fairy person
We are firmly in the realm of fantasy here.


He means that the shoulder sized succubus would still have the fickle ill-tempered personality of a regular succubus.


that sounds nice. how was the eel bento?


When I said "what if," I meant here in this world, and all that implies.


I've grown a real soft spot for made in china goods, low price and high quality, feels good man


It was very nice. The eel was a lot more tender than I've had and nearly melted in my mouth. There were a lot of fried vegetables and rice in the meal too. I ordered a seafood fried rice on the side because I thought the bento box was a small meal but it came out to be a two and a half pounds of food so I'm eating the rice now for breakfast.


I really can't remember a made in china product that I would describe as high quality.
They are low price but you get what you pay for when it comes to china made goods compared to other countries that cost more.


I have had some really cheap stuff that was strangely high quality


Guess you got lucky or something.
Good for you I guess, just hasn't been my experience with things made in china.



So much stuff on Amazon, even pricey junk like GPUs, have this little tickbox on the listing that says "apply $n coupon". A piece of hardware I want but don't need has one to save $420 off it's $1,350 price. It doesn't apply automatically though. I wonder how many poor saps pay sticker price after missing this tiny little box. I probably bought things in the past and missed it.

Nice, I didn't know about this. I'm sure many wizards here will get good use out of it


the myth of ye olde High Price = High Quality again huh

do you know what sets those high prices? lol


>things that wasn't said the post

Was talking about the other end of the price spectrum. No one in the thread made that argument at all. You are just strawmaning.


isnt virtually everything production-wise outsourced to china anyways. i cant think of a single product in my home that i can say with certainty isnt made in china, india, or mexico.


Nah, I got stuff from all over the world.


>I'm not talking about something's price tag representing its quality
>I just used an aphorism which means precisely that
c'mon now anon


No one is obligated to defend the strawman you constructed so stop trying.


you said it, not me




Get a life Alaskan


after you floridian


File: 1632039345102.jpeg (115.04 KB, 1440x876, 120:73, ELGY6pHUUAAzyz7.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Live-Action Dragon Ball Z TV Show Reportedly Coming To Disney Plus


File: 1632043064866.gif (200.79 KB, 220x170, 22:17, tenor (1).gif) ImgOps iqdb

There is a thing (game) I like, but apparantly some retard wrote the wikipedia-article in my language and kind of puts the whole thing in a very bad light citing random forum/comments, so now whenever I would mention that i like that thing people will think i am a sick fuck when they open the wikipedia article, great


Why Disney?
Toei has enough cash to fund a project if they wanted.

Then again no matter who makes it it's a stupid idea that will suck.


>Citing random forum comments
Any chance you can post it? I would have so much fun editor-trolling this one. You can lawyer the rules for "proper citations" in Wikipedia so goddam much it's not even funny. And then even WHEN the citation is "technically allowed" you can add all these weasel words under the guise of "providing proper context to the article" that it pisses people off so much it's funny.

Seriously, I would have a lot of fun with this, I think.

t. Person who dragged someone into an editing war over the Mr. Clean Wikipedia article.


There's a specific time and place for things to exist and I don't think people want to recognise that.


Strange how every norm website wants you to sign up now to even view basic content. Businesses have information on Twitter, facebook, Instagram and just trying to view it they demand you have an account. They never used to.


Pisses me off as well. Most businesses realized that, "Hey, if our sites load 0.3s slower, then people won't stay to read our content!" and it gradually morphed into, "In order to use our site we'll need to know the name of your firstborn."

It's because of this that the only sites I visit anymore are imageboards.


it's so they can get your email address, sell it to spammers and let Big Data watch your online patterns for "terrorist" inclinations


It really surprises me how many people give real information. Like, you can give a fake phone number. Even if you get caught, you can just say it got changed/discontinued. Even then, it's perfectly alright to tell some bullshit website that you're Susan Denaulti from North Kassuth Maineconsin. At the very least use a 33mail account so you can know which pieces of shit sell your info (speaking of which, I did this to figure out that even the fucking post office sells your info).

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