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What is the wizard stance on vaccination? Are you guys getting the jab or will you take your chances with covid? Do you believe in the anti-vax conspiracies or is it nonsense?
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Now we need a site with all the people who have died from the vaccine or from catching Covid after getting vaxxed.


Russia and China have always been lying shitholes what else is new LMAO



>the one that causes the most side effects
I wouldn't be too worried about it, if that's the official narrative. Probably fell victims to black PR of Pfizer/J&J. Isn't AZ non-mRNA? If I were forced at gunshot to take one I'd take anything but Pfizer/Moderna. Preferably Sinovac.


I'd feel obliged to hurl bricks at restaurants like that.


Why the FUCK do you care?
Do I tell you to go work-out since I do it and seeing less obese fatasses would be good for me? No. I don't give a fuck about you or your health. Inject yourself with rat poison if you want to, chop off your dick, just keep your fucking life choices to yourself.


>china "accidentally" releases a deadly bioweapon into the public
I bet my life on this being the truth :)


Unvaccinated Australians in Northern Territory to be Fined $5,000 Unless They Get Deadly Coronavirus Vaccine

The science has already decided that there is no such thing as a legitimate reason not to be vaccinated, because the coronavirus vaccine is a perfect medicine that cannot have any negative effects on anyone, at all, ever.

And no – the fact that entire countries are banning certain vaccines because of how deadly they are does not do anything to change the official position of the science that there can never be a negative effect of the vaccine.

The science does not care about facts or data.


Damn, I'm getting a Deja Vu from reading books about raise of commies in China and USSR.
You faggots really are dooming everyone to repeat the history?


>Cuba that even developed its own vaccine because they don't want to ask for US vaccines.
Wooooow, why would those flat-earther nazi, anti-science pro-epidemic assholes from
*checks where Cuba is on Google*
(Really? Thought it's in Africa)
South America would deny the heckin' good Fauci ouchie?


Hilarious how little life means to politics obsessed normalgroids now.
I'm a fucking anti-natalist misanthrope and even I think this is messed up.


by the end of November, if you're 12 or older and want to fly or take the train, you'll have to be fully vaccinated," said Trudeau, noting that "testing will no longer be an option before boarding a train or a flight" in Canada


Atlas is beginning to shrug.


File: 1634226623851.png (1.33 MB, 1036x1476, 259:369, awaken.png) ImgOps iqdb

1. There is no 'Pandemic' or 'Epidemic'.
2. Pathogenic viruses don't exist and were never proven, it's all bad science and confirmation-bias from vested interests.
3. Even if someone were to buy the notion that there was technically a 'Pandemic' or 'Epidemic' and the virus was real, there is no evidence it's a meaningful risk to most people.
3. Vaccines are inherently immoral because the ideologies that naturally attach to any vaccination efforts always inevitably empower the state, create segregation and division, create social pressure which aggresses against informed consent and basic human rights.
4. Vaccines are all produced in a culture of vivisection and animal experimentation that would go against my vegan and anti-vivisectionist principles, and I know that animal experiments were performed in the development of these 'vaccines' specifically. I am not forgetting the boiled alive chimps.
5. Governments including and especially the one that exists in the region I live in are using state-terrorism against the people via 'lockdowns' (aggression against the basic rights of freedom of movement and freedom of association, etc) and similar policies to pressure people into taking these 'vaccines', this makes it inherently morally wrong to go along with it rather than resist and refuse, I have met many young people who are undergoing extreme emotional distress because of these pressures, and many more adult workers who feel similarly threatened and violated having been given various ultimatums to take the 'vaccines' or lose their jobs. I won't forget these people and won't go along with the mob which ignores their wishes.
6. Again, even assuming the virus were real and a serious threat, I'm not going to take responsibility for acting as a free human being and moving about and breathing freely, even if that kills any number of people including anyone reading this. Nobody can claim that just because I "might" be sick or 'contaminated' that that means I AM sick or contaminated or that I should act as if I am.
7. All of these policies including the vaccination programs have set back basic human rights throughout the world significantly, it's undermined liberal, humanistic values, and empowered not just petty authoritarian government heads in the West, but also empowers already highly authoritarian regimes which the West claims to be superior to.
8. I don't care how effective the vaccines are, though there's plenty of evidence that they're harmful to health and have killed many people, I am not going to take any. Ever. Stop fearing death, or at least stop allowing others to stoke year fear of death to the point that you're willing to sit by as people's basic rights are violated in significant ways. There is ultimately no escape, you are going to die someday, have some dignity.

-(Actual) Wizard.


File: 1634229132199.jpg (3.7 MB, 5746x5502, 2873:2751, vaccine deaths.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah most vaxxers seem to have suicidal urges

This attitude of being okay with killing yourself to appease browbeating normalfaggots is very disgusting to me.


File: 1634231068198.png (146.92 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


I got it. I'm not dead. Not even feeling ill.


Given the fact that there has been zero mid to long term tests performed on this thing you have absolutely no way of knowing what it's going to do to you in the near future.


File: 1634231820883.png (742.56 KB, 552x560, 69:70, Bandit's calming eyes.png) ImgOps iqdb

oh no, you mean i'm gonna die some day? This is an unprecedented development. Also why do you suddenly care about testing? I thought science was bogus and perpetuating this hoax?


>I got it. I'm not dead. Not even feeling ill.
As can be said by 99.92% of the people who had COVID, which alone invalidates any necessity for a vaccine in the first place.


You know what, that was condescending. I'm just tired of everyone saying "the vax will kill you!" and then everyone else says "the virus will kill you!". Where did we go so wrong that basic reality is now a point of contention? What is really gonna kill me? Cause frankly i don't think either will.


Thanks for proving my point that you people are suicidal.


You're doomed! You will die in 50 years now!


If you're not afraid of the virus there's no reason to get the vaccine. It's generally a bad idea to take experimental treatment for no reason, and letting people browbeat you into putting your body at risk for zero benefit isn't a good practice.


If that was actually true most people here would take the vaccine because most people here are suicidal.

Turns out most people here are actually quite afraid of dying.


>most people here are suicidal.
completely false, but it makes sense that an outsider shill would believe that.


I did because I want to keep my job. And yes I know that everyone will jump down my throat for this because I'm laying down for "the man". But it's not gonna kill me. I'm fairly certain everyone ITT had to get multiple vaccines as a child just to attend school, and yet here we all are.


The theory that I'm hearing the most is that the vaccine is gonna do major damage to the immune system and force them to be dependent on big pharma for boosters and pills. There should be large numbers of death among the vaccinated in the coming months years if this is true. I'm hoping and guessing that the truth is more benign, its just a power/money grab and things will calm down once governments have applied enough pressure to get their way without crossing the line into shooting antivaxxers dead.


Where did you hear this theory?


How so? There's literally a couple of suicide threads on dep and dep is the most active board by far.


1.There has already been much speculation and evidence of vaccines doing harm to people throughout the years. This whole "we already took vaccines so, so, JUST DO IT!" argument is weak, if anything we should take a closer look at already approved long used vaccines to see if they are doing more harm than we realize.

2.This isn't even a classical vaccine, they changed the definition of vaccine to adjust to the new technology used in these treatments.


/dep/ is shit and I refuse to let them represent this website. Not that wiz, btw.


I know that dep is probably talked about a lot in whatever subreddit or discord you spend more of your time in but this is not dep. If you need your mark to be suicidal in order convince them maybe you should go over to the suicide general to browbeat people instead of the lounge.


>I'm fairly certain everyone ITT had to get multiple vaccines as a child just to attend school
This argument again?
We're not against vaccines - we're against being forced to be early test subjects for something that doesn't need to be rolled out in the first place.


You must really love your job if you're willing to be a human test subject in order to keep it. What do you do?


>Provide proof that a large number of the user base is in fact suicidal or open to the idea of suicide
>So called wizzies seethe and cope


I work on a ship.

didn't say /dep/ was not a majority, I'm just saying fuck /dep/.


There wasn't such a huge agenda against taking any vaccine, even flu. Nobody would bring up you being unvaccinated as a kid if you didn't tell them like a vegan.
Right now it's one of the first questions people ask eachother. They won't even mind as long as you got THIS one jab.


This isn't /dep/. If you want so badly to shill to suicidal people try shilling on /dep/ instead of /lounge/.


Damn bro, I work on ships too. It's not a job good enough to sacrifice my health for like this.
But I dunno, I'm from Europe and I could probably earn much more with a trade in Norway, just too lazy to commit to that.


I'm an amerifat, so I'm really trying to keep what I can get.


Americans still work on ships? It's a domestic trade or what? Thought shipping is already handled by 2nd or 3rd worlders like Slavs and Pinoys. Are you working on some fancy Offshore vessels or something high-end? I work on bottom of the barrel thing like general cargo or bulkers.


This attitude isn't so bad.
It's the crab bucket "everyone else should die with me" just in case attitude that's bad.


I work on a research vessel so you it's nicer than the average cargo job, but americans do still work on many commercial vessels. Huge fishing industry here too.



>multiple vaccines as a kid
those were actual vaccines not this mad science shit, wow you're uninformed


If people wanted to be informed we wouldn't be in this mess for 3rd year in a row.
The panic wouldn't spread outside of bugmen domains.
But oh well, the writing was on the wall for a long time. Something something future, boot on a face of a man.


>Do you believe in the anti-vax conspiracies or is it nonsense?

It's nonsense. Does believing that a bullet can't hurt you make it true?


File: 1634336684792.mp4 (1.02 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 243023682_582206786145788_….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


The experimental gene-altering injection with completely unknown side effects is the bullet in this analogy, right?

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