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What is the wizard stance on vaccination? Are you guys getting the jab or will you take your chances with covid? Do you believe in the anti-vax conspiracies or is it nonsense?


Yay, another covid thread.
Totally not getting sick of these at all.
I sure there is something left to discuss on this topic that hasn't been gone over already.



is this a fed post? it'd be more interesting to know why you want to know specifically what wizchan users think of the vaccine.
i dunno, i get accused of being a fed/discord infiltrator sometimes just because the way i talk is autistic. so im willing to afford you some doubt.
but it's just eerie that you ask three open-ended questions in a robotic manner, and then attach some generic anime succubus you got off google images, to what, lower our defenses?


The way you feel should tell us everything we need to know about this pseudo pandemic. Had we never talked about it so much, it might have been barely noticed, just like the deadlier than average flu seasons we have had and that nobody made such a big fuss about…


>take your chances with covid?
pretty clear by now "covid" never existed, they just rebranded the normal cold and flu


Still waiting for people to realize this.


entire hospitals are full with dying people, it's not a normal cold/flu



Maybe I'll take it, I'll wait.
I'm not taking this shit.

More or less. It's a normie vaccine.


God forbid hospitals serve their purpose, better we all pay for them to be empty.
Are you a healthcare worker?


This right here. Almost 100,000 people die every year from the flu in the US. Covid doesn't exist. It's literally just the common cold and flu renamed

Absolutely false. Go to any hospital and it's empty and quiet as a graveyard. I spent a week in one last May, during the "height of the epidemic" and I barely saw anyone. If you actually believe the bullshit the media says I have some land on the moon to sell you

Here's an excellent article on other, more traditional vaccines. I recommend reading the part on polio in particular. The CDC and WHO were absolute geniuses in solving the polio epidemic


why do you persist with that you fucking liar, it's a documented fact the hospitals were never full, there was even a filmyourhospital twitter thing and the governments were arresting people who went in filmed them empty


I got it last month because it makes my life easier. Most things in my country are only accessible to people with a certificate of vaccination. At the end of the day it's just a vaccine and if the medical community and scientists say it's okay then I believe them, because if I can't believe such fundamental parts of society, I may as well doubt everything I know about the world… Sure there are risks with the vaccine (not to mention the side effects I had) but ultimately it offers me long term convenience.


So you got bullied in to it by Orwellian threats of forced incapacity to support yourself from your government? All you had to do was set whatever businesses you wanted to get in to on fire and in no long time the government would have double backed on their mandates.

>if I can't believe such fundamental parts of society, I may as well doubt everything I know about the world

Start doubting everything.


There is no point in doubting everything. Even if the whole world is a lie and a trick, I'm not about to fight against invincible powers. I'd much rather take the blue pill and be happy then take the red pill and spend a life suffering

And no, I wouldn't say I was bullied, though I disagree with the measures they've taken (meaning blocking the unvaccinated from many parts of society). I would have eventually had it done when I was more sure about the risks.


>but ultimately it offers me long term convenience.
The same long term convenience you had before they forced you to dance like a monkey to get it back?


You probably won't be very happy when your body is falling apart and you can't remember who you are thanks to prion-induced dementia.


File: 1632173921190.jpg (87.75 KB, 960x930, 32:31, antivax.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have been reading too much issues now:

>two dosages needed

>even media sometimes show people who died or had really undesirable effects
>new variants
>loss of protection with time in many cases

(((someone))) is laughing at people out there…


many things are not normal
>link related: staff claims their own companions were killing patients


Apparently being rich and famous makes you immune or something.


Rules for thee but not for me


Hospitals aren't full, and people with weak immune systems have always died from the flu.

The tragic thing is that hospitals were killing people by putting them on ventilators when their lungs couldn't take it.


>hospitals were killing people by putting them on ventilators
they still do, iirc the feds pay them like $50,000 for every person they stick on a ventilator, and the doctors/nurses who know the patient is going to die do it anyway, they're evil scum murdering healthy people over a hoax for blood money


They are not ordinary vaccines, so one should no issue with people being skeptical about it. I noticed covid vaccine skepticism isn't limited to those who are anti-vax in general.


What's worse is that the evidence of it's effectiveness is scarce so many don't even see it as worth the opportunity cost of getting the shot, unlike ordinary vaccines which usually have ample evidence of effectiveness.


>I noticed covid vaccine skepticism isn't limited to those who are anti-vax in general.
As it should be, I had to get more vaccines than other people for work and I didn't mind. For COVID one just nothing adds up anymore, and more and more people I heard about or even know die in their sleep in their 30's and 40's.
I think it's part of the problem people equal you with anti-vax = flat-earther = nazi = anti-science.
Level of debate is down the drain, I'm starting to be afraid of people since of this rampant tribalism.


If people try to coerce me to do something instead of letting me make my own medical decisions freely, I will just do what they don't want me to do. I don't care about the science anymore, not getting the vaccine


here we can't do anything (i.e. do groceries) without a vaccine card - you are quite literally being forced to take it, without being forced on paper.

I took it. it's fine. I wish all this vaccine shit wasn't such a big deal. So what if it causes autism? I already have that. So what if I die?

My only wish is that covid hit harder lmao. this capitalistic nightmare has to end, and i'd love to be around to watch it happen.


>here we can't do anything (i.e. do groceries) without a vaccine card
What country is that? I am not aware of anywhere doing that

>I took it. it's fine. I wish all this vaccine shit wasn't such a big deal. So what if it causes autism? I already have that. So what if I die?

I dont want to help them push even further and faster toward the slave system. Your quality of life is interlinked with the level of power (freedom) you have as an individual; you have none if they can literally force you to get experimental injections and check your papers before you are allowed to buy food


In what sense are you under the impression that you are not a slave?
You follow a very strict path society has set for you. In that path there is some freedom as to what to do, but without following that path, you will likely not get any money. Thus you have no choice and are a slave by design.

workplaces are authoritarian; any and all freedoms are void while you serve your boss. Worker rights are only there to stop tyranny.

You slave away, and get a little kickback to stay blissfully ignorant.

More control by the government will likely come in the form of surveillance, and not so much from covid IMO.
I do understand where you come from, i just think it isn't a massive argument.


>So what if it causes autism? I already have that. So what if I die?
Well, between autism and dying there's a lot of auto-immune issues you could be having.


That's one thing that gets to me as well. People who are otherwise healthy and with no apparent comorbidities suddenly dying or becoming cripples after taking the vax whilst the response from those in power is censorship, "fact-checking", and near constant repetition of the importance of getting the jab.

Not very reassuring.


I expected something like that would happen, but 5-10 years from now on. It no longer sounds like a crazy theory that people that take the (I guess) Pfizer vaccine will drop like flies in two years, it's already happening.


File: 1632351054678.jpg (3.35 KB, 124x125, 124:125, 1456021766969.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I took the vaccine because following the news for months drove my mother into some kind of hysteria about it. I never thought it was dangerous or anything like that, I would just rather not go to the pharmacy and do it was all. In the end the path of least resistance was to placate my insane mother, it was uncomfortable and I had a slight fever for a day or two but that was all.

I'm pretty sure both sides of this 'issue' are just retards in a feedback loop escalating what really isn't a big deal either way. No-one dies from Covid. No-one dies from the vaccine. Which no-one needs since no-one dies from Covid. Unless you're really old or obese or something there's zero good reason for 99% of people to have an interest in the matter, let alone be completely fucking obsessed by it like it seems everyone is.


How Singapore is turning COVID into simple Flu


The vaccine alters your genes to trick your cells into indefinitely manufacturing spike proteins and we have absolutely no idea what the long term effects of this will be. You're taking quit a large risk just to appease a histrionic succubus.


I don't even know what that means let alone if it's true. Worst case scenario is I die, which is fine by me.


Worst case scenario is you're gonna become a bio weapon and kill people around you


>No-one dies from the vaccine


File: 1632363556335.png (25.44 KB, 703x409, 703:409, boo.png) ImgOps iqdb

This graph is very interesting. Mongolia was relatively safe in terms of covid cases and related deaths, but once the vaccine rolled out, cases and deaths spiked. And you see similar trends in other countries. Strangest of all, Israel is one of the most vaccinated places, yet covid has only gotten worse.


Its not really strange if you pay attention to epidemiologists warning about vaccinations DURING a pandemic.
But oh well, this shit defies logic so it's probably the results they're after, making it last as long as possible so they have time to introduce various control measures that will never go away


cuz it's the fake vaccine killing them, same thing happened in india
stab people full of mystery substances invented yesterday with no testing that fuck up their DNA, naturally they start dropping like flies, regardless of whatever Science© voodoo the fool below me is muttering about




Heh check out this crazy shit in the death shots. A lot of this is graphene oxide, which is slightly magnetic and clumps together over time. This is probably one of the main ways the shot is killing people. Graphene oxide is injected in a dispersed form and then over the course of weeks and months it forms huge clumps, some half a millimeter wide evidently


So, what? Suppose you're right and this thing kills half of western population. Suppose I live. I wouldn't even know how to begin avenging my family. So I choose to ignore this possibility.


> At the end of the day it's just a vaccine and if the medical community and scientists say it's okay then I believe them, because if I can't believe such fundamental parts of society, I may as well doubt everything I know about the world
Come on, its incredibly naive to think evil cannot occupy a certain position in society just because it hurts your worldview. We have corrupt politicians, pastors fucking little boys, cops who abuse their power and doctors prescribing hyper addictive dangerous drugs to their patients. Yes, the world is fucked up, where have you been? It is a bit mindblowing though to think that the evil necessary to carry out this plan is widespread and organized enough to get us to where we are now. It looks so bad that I hope I'm on the wrong side of the fence and everything is okay, but there is a lot of evidence that proves the contrary.


The talking heads in the media still insist that the vaccines will let us go back to normal, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This winter they will double down on this nonsense and keep on scapegoating the unvaccinated. As it becomes clear that the shots are no silver bullet we will be told we will have to live with the virus, which sounds reasonable on paper, until you realise that to them it means perpetual restrictions and control, everything is already in place, and the weak protests won't do shit. It always amuses me when people get enthusiastic about this shit and think the plebs are finally fighting back. It's just theater.

I hooe the sanctimonious doctors in the media get their comeuppance one day, but it's unlikely to happen, they are untouchable, the pseudo-clergy we deserve.


If you look at European countries with with high double vaccination rates there is a return to normalcy. Quick search shows USA at 55% an Australia at 38%. 75% and 83% are fully vaccinated in portugal and britain, where most restrictions are lifted.



Try living in the UK. Things are no where near back to normal. There's still heavy restrictions in place and people are still being told to wear masks (and get tracked every where they go).

Things won't go back to normal because there was a massive power grab. And what is normal now has changed in many areas where local businesses and local people were harmed by the shut downs and had to close or move. Lots of towns got diversity buses full of Londoners (Africans) who wanted to move away from a busy city with covid around and moved into more rural areas.

Things are not normal, they will never be normal again. The new normal slogan tells you that.


I took the shot so my family would stop pestering me, if I die, I die


> Strangest of all, Israel is one of the most vaccinated places, yet covid has only gotten worse.
Israel has had 8,000 deaths due to Covid. This is an amazingly low number all things considered. That's like 0.00088888888% of the population. Compared to the US where the death toll is 0.00206060606 of the population. If my math is right, that means the death toll is about 40 times lower in Israel than the US, and that is despite the fact the population is much denser in Israel. The vaccine seems to work if these numbers can be trusted - - which we have no way of knowing the truth about really.


More of the US's population is elderly, and significantly more of them are obese. This is why Americans are dropping from Covid faster than in densely populated third-world countries, where most of the population is below the risk age and none of them are fat. That's not a testament to Covid's lethality though; look at statistics for deaths from the regular flu, they're exactly the same as these Covid stats.


Covid requires you to spread it. A country like Israel with strong border control is going to have less movement to start infection pools.


More of the US's population is elderly, and significantly more of them are obese.
It's true these numbers are different, so you can't make very effective direct comparisons. But it's also worth saying that Israel is actually very obese, close to the US rate, and about 11% of the population are elderly vs America's 16.5%.


My math was wrong, I am stupid, NEETdom has fried my brain.
Israel's death toll compared to the US is 2.5x lower, not 40.

Also just for more reference, I looked at Covid deaths relative to the population of Switzerland, since the Swiss have almost the exact same vaccine rate as the US.
0.00088888888 - Israel
0.00129729411 - Swiss
0.00206060606 - America

Make of it what you will I guess. It really does seem that vaccination doesn't really do much, but it does "do something". I'd say the only people who should get the vaccine probably are those at risk, the old and the obese.

sorry for bad math


It's also worth pointing out that, that 250% lower death rate is despite the fact that the US has something like 3x as many people unvaccinated, just like Switzerland, but the death rate there is only 50% higher.


We don't have accurate death tolls either. Many unrelated cases were marked as covid and I've even heard of someone dying from a car accident being labeled a covid death. Brain splattering flu.


I live in England and don’t wear a mask anymore and nobody cares. All the restaurants and stuff like cinemas are open freely, I never used the tracking app or used the qr code thing. Your description is totally different from my experience, I don’t know about Scotland etc.

Only restrictions now are on people travelling internationally and self isolating if you test yourself, but they don’t do any follow up. Feels back to normal, ignoring economic shifts.


what a reason to cuck


It's really amazing how many vaxxers are suicidal. Kind of explains their behavior actually.


if it were me i'd just go in and stand in the waiting room for 2 hours and then leave and say i got the vaccine.

there's patient confidentiality, so if your mom scheduled you an appointment, you could go in for the shot and then refuse it once inside alone with the doctor. the doctor wouldn't be able to tell your mom.


Yeah well, it was free, and I put so much unhealthy shit in my body already I don't think it's gonna be a huge difference
>there's patient confidentiality, so if your mom scheduled you an appointment, you could go in for the shot and then refuse it once inside alone with the doctor. the doctor wouldn't be able to tell your mom
Maybe that's how it is where you live but down here it's just a big line and people get the shot in order of arrival, my mother and brother were right behind me in line, there's no way I'd lie my way out of that, as I did lie my way out of other things.


reprogramming your cells to destroy you from the inside out is a lot different from binging on pop tarts and monster


When I heard about people dying in their sleep I was tempted to get the jab myself.


>I may as well doubt everything I know about the world…
hey, thats what i do


The censorship about this on other platforms is truly incredible. I tried reddit just to see. I wrote a comment and got instantly permabanned for "disinformation" when I just cited a real statistic


Yes everything from youtube to twitter to facebook has extremely strong automated monitoring of anyone talking about covid. Anything that can be misconstrued as in any way questioning the mainstream narrative results in a ban.

I got the vaccine, but I respect people antagonizing the issue purely because it it's become this entire authoritarian hysteria and the people supporting it are deeply stupid. The same morons who were screaming to defund the police are now advocating for a police state.


It's scary that people like wizards, who only communicate within imageboards or such, may not realise that they hold opinions so demonized. They could be put in danger if they were to express such opinions to others without awareness of the extent of the cultural taboo. At least, I was surprised and didnt realise. On reddit front page I saw there's a whole board going viral that literally celebrates and shares when "anti-vaxxers" die (herman cain award i think), somehow this isnt against the rules


MGS2 went from being 'prescient about what the future holds' to 'actually, their version of the future was pretty tame.'

I'm surprised nobody on Reddit has taken up the mantra of "Actually, we aren't censoring content, we're creating context."


In consideration of how relatively harmless covid-19 is doesn't the response seem insanely out of proportion especially with the censorship? Covid-19 seems to be used as a pawn to limit freedoms and change laws otherwise it makes no sense.
Why would countries destroy small business over this and cripple the middle class? The in group is being conditioned to see the others as less than human and deserving of bad things. The double think involved is astonishing, people who defended BLM and other protests and riots are siding with police when there is harsh treatment of lockdown protestors.
People who are anti covid policy are seen as racist crab anti vaxers instead of people who have lost their business or job or their life to these measures.

I thought this was some darwin award type thing at first and then read it was basically celebrating when some obese burger conservative dies from covid. What purpose does this server other than to boost your own moral as being in the right team? I would not care about reddit allowing the community if they still allowed communities that were controversial but you can't even have fat people hate now.

Reddit pushed everyone out of the platform years ago and the morels are constantly shifting..


Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, all these censorious platforms working against the interests of regular people, need to be forgotten. Stop using them, stop even mentioning them. They ban you, you ban them.


This is the way.


I think the relatively harmless nature is perfect for polarising the society and keeping the scam going. I just got into a fight with someone I knew for years, who's generally a normie, and they got mad when I said that maybe "overloading the healthcare" is used as an excuse and maybe healthcare workers aren't some demi-gods that deserve sacrificing everyone's else well-being because apparently now flu existing has become a black swan event?


It just seems like the perfect final divide and conquer solution. Like they finally managed to merge religion with science. It's fucking over lads, this is it, this is the reason people will murder eachother in the streets with extreme prejudice. An invisible virus, information warfare, a reason to put everyone against eachother, I don't even feel like reading the Book of Revelation to confirm this is it. If this isn't it then the only thing left is a huge asteroid coming, aliens, zombies or earth becoming inhabitable for human life. God fucking damn it.


>Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, all these censorious platforms working against the interests of regular people
But they are working in the interest of the regular people, regular meaning screeching zoomers, womyn, libs. Lack of censorship scares them. The prospect facing opposition and not being backed by any authorities mortifies them.


>"overloading the healthcare" is used as an excuse
I am convinced that what actually happened is a bunch of healthcare workers got fired for refusing the vax, and then they came up with this "overloaded healthcare system" narrative to cover their tracks.

Also, maybe there shouldn't be A FUCKING GOVERNMENT-PROTECTED GUILD SYSTEM IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, but hey what do I know.


The overloaded healthcare thing is as old as healthcare itself. I remember always hearing "not enough beds" and stuff like that when I was a kid. It's deeply rooted in people's minds. It's become increasingly jarring since last year since now we have vaccines that do NOTHING and people are somehow convinced that it's because 100% of the people aren't vaccinated.
It's a joke, I'm not even sure why I treat it seriously anymore. I pity those that do, it's all a huge fucking joke.


The US government redacted a lot of physical details about the manufacture and contents of the COVID vaccine with code (b)(4). What is code (b)(4)?

>3.3 (b) (4) Reveal information that would impair the application of state-of-the-art technology within a U.S. weapon system

The US government considers the covid vaccine a U.S. weapon system. HMMMMM.

Source with redactions:

US redaction codes:


go figure


So, I'm one of those idiots who got the first pair of shots, but now I'm seriously starting to question it. So, I'm late to this party. If it was just those two, I think I wouldn't have thought about it at all, but now that I'm hearing about an indeterminant number of 'booster shots' I'm suddenly incredibly suspicious. It's one thing if you come out all confident saying, "This is fine, it's been tested, only two shots, perfectly safe," but then you kind of destroy that confidence if you come out a couple months later saying, "UHHH, AND THE BOOSTERS."

Like imagine if you were at a job that had two company vans. You ask your boss, "Either one is fine to take out to the site, right?" And he says, "Yeah, sure, keys are in the drawer by the reception desk, see you there." And then right as you're walking out, he comes running behind you and yells, "WHOA, WAIT, TAKE THE OTHER VAN." You'd be all, "That's a little sus."

Anyways, it's a little sus, is what I'm saying. Just a little.


I already had covid pneumonia, not taking an mRNA gene therapy clot shot.


I was on reddit and I seen people are now openly saying the vaccine basically doesn't do anything and you need booster shots but still demanding everyone get the jab.
Multiple people saying they want to be allowed to get their children and even baby vaccinated. and it makes no sense.

If you can still spread and get covid after being vaccinated what is the point? No one has explained to me why we need to even worry about covid-19 when it hardly kills anyone at all. Why shut everything down and react so strongly to basically nothing? The divide between people is growing stronger and stronger and this covid is showing that clearer than anything before.


Everything around this whole pandemic stinks. I started seriously questioning things when government officials started to forcibly push the "vaccine" as some magical cure all that had no side effects. High blood pressure? Pregnant? Liver failure? Immune deficiency? It is all okay because this is a magic drug that has no side effect for no one! Bullshit. No fucking medication has zero side effects. Even relatively safe over the counter treatments comes with a pamphlet that tells you of all the potential but rare side effects. Big pharma convinced the government to force an experimental treatment on the public and that is not okay.


Fucking lol, I was only saying this >>277013
ironically. Sorry wizzie, you're a certified US bio weapon carrier now.


Evidence now shows that the virus was most likely engineered in Wuhan labs: https://theintercept.com/2021/09/23/coronavirus-research-grant-darpa/

Now remember how the borders were left open for months in the beginning, allowing infected Chinese to freely spread the virus, despite the info that China was panicking and spraying the streets etc.

Consider that the vaccine was developed at unprecedented speed. Consider that the whole situation is being used very effectively to implement dystopian systems.

Given these factors, I no longer think it is a risky experimental vaccine. I think the vaccine was developed before the pandemic even began, and every step has been planned and carefully executed.


I'm doing nofap and stocking up on unvaccinated sperm to donate. I am betting it will fetch a high price once this is all over.


So for you the vaccine is legit and not malicious on purpose or just a global experiment? For the record I also think it's also a means to achieve the ends we see - dystopian systems.
Just wondering if I should make peace with my gods if I get forced to get the jab.


It's impossible to know the details of the plan since we are on the outside. So I just dont know and wonder the same thing. Maybe it is better to just get the vaccine rather than be on the watchlists, and the virus may be genuinely worse. I'm torn


File: 1632677304171.jpg (735.23 KB, 2110x1147, 2110:1147, Screenshot_20210926-142623….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well maybe they're also measuring reluctancy, who and why waited a year, who and why waited two, five years.
I have a feeling pic related is the decisions we're making now.
I find solace in stoicism, the whole burning house thing. One day at a time. One decision at a time.


there is no virus you shitmonger, it's the regular cold and flu being renamed on purpose https://dailystormer.su/uk-the-flu-magically-disappears-cases-plummet-by-95-as-totally-unrelated-coronavirus-rises/


Nah it's a different virus, still not much more than a bad flu though.


Norps will move the goalpost that politicians aren't experts. At the same time they'll support them approving more doses before the experts or doing something experts said is not necessary (passports etc.).
From what I know vaccines have a list of side effects, but the truth is the government is the one that negotiated 'deals' which make nobody responsible for anything and made this whole deal much worse than it had the right to be. I don't care if it's a goddamn life elixir, Placebo, or rat poison in those vials, I'm not taking this fucking shit against my better judgement precisely because of this whole political shitstorm. Fuck them all. Fuck it all. No step on snek.


Roast me for being stupid or childish but I wont tak rthe jab because
1. The virus does not seem to be deadly and even if it was I really dont care
2. i dont like how much it is being pushed on me so wont do it anyway.
3. why would I care if I am someone who is harming society by not getting a jab?

it makes no sense for me to get the jab I dont see what I gain at all.


why do you think anyone is gonna be swayed by daily stormer articles?


Legit reasons. If they wanted you to take the jab they should have made it fucking mandatory or something instead of voluntary-but-not-really shit.


This is the fate of all who accept the vaccine.


For me it's not about the death, it's about the high level of survivors who have some sort of neurological impairment afterwards. It's way too common for my liking.


Stop making these puerile threads, they don't even belong on the /lounge/


It is illegal to force people to take medications. They can make your life miserable until you do, though.


>Maybe it is better to just get the vaccine rather than be on the watchlists
yeah dude, just go along with everything, dont draw attention to yourself, dont resist, and certainly dont do anything to thwart their plans.


I have no political or national affiliation. I'll live where I end up. Not taking the vaccine because I can go to Wikipedia of all places and read up on numerous
heinous atrocities our government's committed with little to no care of repercussions. Covid-19 and its vaccine's appearance is shady and vague. Leaked emails have
confirmed that Fauci was not only in the lab during these mishaps but had a hand in funding those scientists through a different company. This information is easily
attainable yet no news station, politician, or citizen of notable power cares to mention it. I would never do anything I wasn't given sufficient transparent info on.


> I can go to Wikipedia of all places and read up on numerous
heinous atrocities our government's committed with little to no care of repercussions


yes, please link the list or the codewords


File: 1632739833148.jpg (357.62 KB, 2113x1175, 2113:1175, Screenshot_20210927-074959….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizards, I think I cracked the code.
Basically, COVID was a way for China to wage World War 3. Vaccinations are another holocaust, in a couple years it will be an indisputable arguement - today's pro-vaxxers will be tomorrow's anti-semites.
Why are they pushing Israel so much, even if vaccines, boosters, etc. aren't working? Because they aren't meant to work, they need the nice 6 million number of victims of vaccines for their future "Anotha' shoah" agenda.
Jews running the america are sensing its collapse, and they struck a deal with China… which is the same as them. Only cares about money and treats people/goyim as cattle. They're a match made in heaven. Jews running the western world want to suck as much money as possible from the rest of the world, move their business to China, and then the narrative will change and the whole world will pay reparations for vaccine deaths/adverse effects. We're witnessing a hostile takeover over the world by China.
>TL;DR Jews & Chinese have linked up. Need it or keep it?



United States Government is the biggest terrorist organisation in the world


>It is illegal
They're the ones making and enforcing law. Unless we have a rogue AI, aliens or God himself watching over politicians, I don't buy this arguement.


File: 1632752858330.jpg (123.23 KB, 1024x722, 512:361, TheyWouldNever.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


sorry to break it to you, but you're literally a crazy person. All the shit you wrote is insane.


File: 1632771500837.png (224.79 KB, 548x538, 274:269, 1631466963122.png) ImgOps iqdb

We'll talk in 5-10 years, unless I get whacked, in which case you'll see.


File: 1632778427046.jpg (203.96 KB, 937x803, 937:803, ching chong oh hey a penny.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I really wished that was a smartphone.


And those are the only ones that were leaked. The government has gotten much better at hiding stuff.


Australia is planing to keep covid restrictions up forever.

They used a force of 50 police to beat down 2 people for not wearing a mask

It is game over for Australia


It's "just" for one state of it, right? I mean not like it makes it any better, though Australia was always fucked up with their regime. I work on ships and I loathe going there. I loathe going to most places in the world, I think I'll stick to Europe next time I switch jobs.


Apologies for the off-topic post, but do you think it is possible for someone over 30 with no boat experience to get work on a boat?


the VAXX shit will kill you.


Depends where you're from. If US/Canada/etc. it might be a little hard for me to know. Work on ships is usually given to 'competitive' (2nd world) nations, since the pay isn't all that great compared to wages in 1st world nations.
That being said, from my experience it is possible, especially now during COVID lockdowns hitting Philipines which was the major source of seafarers for global trade. You don't need a lot to attempt, just the basic STCW certificates, health certificate and someone willing to hire you as deck hand, cadet. If there's demand (and I guess because of COVID there still is), then they'll hire anyone, though you might end up somewhere you hate (as it's easier to get employment in companies where people don't return to after one contract).
It depends where you're from mostly, 30 isn't too late at all.


It's literally and figuratively just a flu
I've caught it (smell loss) and self recovered (no drugs, no anything) in a few days, like I always do once a year with the flu.


File: 1632849004717.gif (436.31 KB, 342x342, 1:1, Please Be Patient, I Have ….gif) ImgOps iqdb

It is literally Sars while the flu refers to influenza.
So it literally isn't the flu, but functionally there isn't a whole lot of difference for the person who catch it, which is why it is figuratively just the flu.

It's a nit pic but pic related.
I take literally seriously.


Ah yes, being forced to stay in this open prison lockdown for months has done me in
Normals have been committing suicide left and right because of those


Vaccine passport app exposed hundreds of thousands of users' personal data





Imagine my shock that a rushed government website is insecure and a big ol target for a hack.


Are they dead?


Well now we have a chance to see more objective data on how they do.
I dunno how much info is there, but if relatively young, healthy people from this group start mysteriously dying in their sleep or fall ill, then I think it's safe to assume than taking the vaccine possesses a considerable risk and it's a gamble.
A gamble which is completely unnecessary to take… except for oppressive methods that make it necessary. The best and most scientific approach is to wait.


Okay, what about shots that aren't Pfizer or J&J, those that dropped out of relevancy in the mainstream like Astra Zeneca. I'm starting to think that they lost with Pfizer due to black PR and shit. Can it be "safer" because of this? Good guys losing, history written by the victor and all that?

My one term to get the vax in 2020/early 2021 was "It will let me travel to Japan". I'm not considering taking it until then.


None of the vaccines work so you should wait for the ordinary type inactive virus vaccine, it's probably less harmful. French company Valneva is going to be producing one. Russia and China already make things like that but remember these are Russian and Chinese drugs so they have a 100% chance of containing piss, shit and broken glass.


Honestly at this point I trust Russians and Chinese more than I trust West. They're all Godless hellholes but USA/West really doubles down on the whole satanism thing so I'll rather inject myself with piss/shit and broken glass than Kool-Aid.


The narrative changed and now flu is back and worse than ever.
Clown world.


File: 1633096163867.png (462.75 KB, 1140x613, 1140:613, boss.png) ImgOps iqdb

The agenda is so obvious its hard to believe so many people are just rolling over and allowing this. All these stories of people dying right after taking the vaccine and no MSM are covering it. Regardless of if you believe it or not these are hot stories that any self respecting journalist would investigate and shed light on, but they refuse to.


You do realize that people sometimes die randomly, right? You have to compare the amount of death from people who have been vaccinated to the amount of death in the general population to see if there is a difference. This is why we constantly call you dumb. You don't even understand the basics about how to think properly. You take some random anecdote which may or may not be true and try to figure out the truth based on that but this is fucking stupid because you need to get a larger overall picture. This bitch could have died from a brain aneurism and she would have died whether she took the vaccine or not, you have literally zero indication that the vaccine caused her death. Just fucking learn how to think already you fucking retards. I'm tired of having to deal with people with the reasoning skills of a 3 year old.


Why do you think this? Soviet pharmalogical science produced many drugs with no analogue in the west, like meldonium. Do you think Russians and Chinese are retarded? "Coronavirus came from China, because Chinese are too retarded to not sink their own economy for no reason"


It's atypical for healthy young people to die suddenly from blood clots. Combine that with the fact that the side effects of the experimental mRNA gene therapy are unknown and it makes for a very good reason to avoid being injected with it.


The same post could be made for every medial COVID death.
>Just fucking learn how to think already you fucking retards.
First learn to control your emotions.


File: 1633116464984.png (669.1 KB, 1087x615, 1087:615, boss2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nah there are way too many cases of this happening for it to be a coincidence, especially when the cause of death is often the same and unusual for young healthy people. Furthermore medications and consumables have been taken off the market for far less when you could have made the exact same argument. That aside, how did you manage to get your head so far up your own ass?


If you have to curse that much to make your point then your point probably isn't worth much. Next time try not to be frothing at the mouth when trying to convince someone.


The vaccine is an insult


I don't take things I don't need.


They will definitely update what is considering "fully vaccinated" within a couple months. After that, even with two shots you will still not be considered fully vaccinated.



The whole thing has become a religion. Or a substitute of religion for people being too 'enlightened' to believe in anything (so they believe in science™).


>my vax doesn't work unless you take it too!
>now I have to get a third shit all thanks to those filthy unvaccinated grr!


File: 1633534674179.jpg (24.98 KB, 560x346, 280:173, a6a2a280f1e0a6008a2ce29659….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is just history repeating itself. Every tyrant who ever succeeded at dominating the population were only able to do so because of mass compliance, none of them stand a chance against the masses when they are united and fight back. It really does say alot about humanity the fact that so many of these evil regimes were ever able to survive for years and years. As much as I love and respect people its clear to me now how pathetic we are that we allow this to happen continually. I believe that whatever force is behind this sees America and other western countries as a threat because we value individual freedom so much, which is the bane of tyrants. Giving up our freedom to decide what we put into our own body is just as effective as taking our guns away because it will allow them to kill and cause chaos and division. Chaos gives them an excuse to reduce our freedom, division makes it possible to implement without significant backlash. The sad thing is if they decided to just force everyone to take it by gunpoint the pro-vax crowd would celebrate and support such extreme methods, that's where we are now.


File: 1633545611029.webm (2.83 MB, 888x500, 222:125, 1633536125743.webm) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1633547000545.webm (2.79 MB, 836x350, 418:175, 1633546742239.webm) ImgOps iqdb


I have no idea what this means


it's some meme about that actor liking fat succubi.


how is that relevant to the thread?


Fuck if I know


I hate this

This is very nice


is this meant to mock the american liberals' infatuation with vaccination or is it to be taken somewhat seriously?


It's a pro-vaxx psychological operation. It is designed to make plebs feel like the vaccines are safe and positive, that you should be excited about them since they allow freedom and fun, and reinforce that it would be a faux pas to 'ruin the party' by being hesitant or questioning like one of those evil anti-vaxxers. For people who are against vaccines it is designed to create a fear of missing out and a feeling that you should be embarrassed and singled out as an anti-fun, outcast fool


Spot on. 5 star post


>too many cases of this happening for it to be a coincidence
More than 396 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through October 4, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 8,390 reports of death (0.0021%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem

just get the jab, guy. you are clutching at straws looking for excuses to be a contrarian


I hate this world so much.


Its estimated that something like only 10% of adverse reactions are even reported to the VAERs system, that combined with the fact that there is an obvious effort to undermine adverse reactions means that the actual numbers could be much higher. And that still doesn't account for potential longterm negative side effects, but never mind testing things for several years to ensure its safety. By the way did you know that provinces in India have gotten covid under control by using alternative medicines like ivermectin?


Meanwhile our overlords are acting as if the vaccine is the only hope. I wonder why?


File: 1633655510343.webm (6.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Too Late Jr2.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Why are guys like this never in charge? Like how does a Joe Biden make it to the top of the heap while men like this flounder in near obscurity?


>Its estimated that something like only 10% of adverse reactions are even reported to the VAERs system, that combined with the fact that there is an obvious effort to undermine adverse reactions means that the actual numbers could be much higher. And that still doesn't account for potential longterm negative side effects, but never mind testing things for several years to ensure its safety
source: some random internet article with 0 credibility


Oh, but the MSM is soooo credible.


You dont need a source to know that most people who get a chest pain will just ignore it or be too lazy and time-poor to go back and report it to their doctor. 99% of people wont even know there is something like VAERs. I had a family member who was vomiting after their vaccine and they never reported anything


I tried to report severe adverse effects when I was forced to be injected with the mystery elixir the second time. At first the staff pretended to be deaf, then they outright refused to fill the paperwork even though that's a crime, then they proceeded to gaslight me. I couldn't just refuse their voodoo drug and walk out, they wouldn't let me and there were dozens of heavily armed cops guarding the facility, they were brainwashed to see white terrorists everywhere and eager to hurt "creeps" like me for great justice. I suppose it's the same or probably even worse in murica.

Yes. Most people will ignore and walk off several heart attacks before they get one that completely incapacitates them. Happened in my family multiple times.


So now that we established nothing is credible anymore can you please stop pestering me to get a vaccine against my own will?


Yes it is. All the other media seems to think it’s credible
You are really scared of some minor chest pains that go away after 2 seconds? Because that’s the kind of minor shit that goes unreported
You can do an online report you schizo
No. You are a dangerous retard whose actions are harmful to the general public. We aren’t going to stop pestering you because your selfishness can only be contained by force. Soon there will be a mandate and you will have no choice


Are you going to volunteer to enforce that mandate?


fucking fascist


You're either pulling my leg here or you're seriously deranged. Make peace with your gods before your vaccine kills you in your sleep.


File: 1633737827504.jpg (24.05 KB, 620x470, 62:47, jeffrey-burnham.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


can you retarded niggers stop replying? all youre doing is asking him to post his retarded opinions again


They will promote this story while ignoring the many cases of people dying after taking the vaccine. This is where anyone's common sense should kick in. If there was no agenda you would see fair unbiased journalism.


proof besides crab quotes and twitter screen caps?


did fox tell you that or your favorite Qtuber?


Yes actually. It would be a fun way to rain on normalgroid’s parades.


My Fellow magi, we should all know of our internal wisdom during these clouded times of Humanity.

Think back upon all of our known history of long ago experiments and iterations of society.
For generations we've striven for comfort and a loving peace outside of the distortions we creatively partake in upon our beautiful Earth of Endless Death.
Dying so we may lay foundation and sustenance to the rest of life's iterations.
Like a thought or an idea being thought of and slowly echoing away as the thinkers focus strays away, yet the thoughts don't just disappear into nothing.
It left like any other living being.
And realizes its own way, so to say.
A fractal of electricity in the brain memed itself into conscious data.

We are the great dreamers, playing with a universal energy into form like a great musician plays complex emotion into the air.

It has been ages since I've felt this close to an immense singularity of energy. The present world we find ourselves in, breathes on the mirror of limitless potential.

For this final era of Humanity, we find ourselves connecting more immediately with a Hemisphere of attitude, thought, and information. A frequency that our very souls move through

Vibrate through

Like deep bass.
With it's tonal waves of recurring vibrations literally pushing us like an ocean lapping up a dead fish onto the shore.

YET unlike that of a dead fish, we are a living fish using our form to effectively move with our environment both physically and mentally.

Though, ultimately there is no separation as all of us magi know.

The triangular DEMIURGIC MEME of

Have blinded generations of minds into Self Serving patterns for perceived survival within the social memetic hierarchy. Do we truly live?
While existing as slaves to shitty ideas?
>imagine being born into an advanced civilization with a government originally built to be governed by and for the benefit of the people in deciding how they should be GOVERNED during their lives.
>To which then they agree to help create a living environment we should be in alignment on
Now realize that yeah our life is like this thanks to older ideas that have been evolving for generations.
Here we are, connected beyond belief, and somehow we've gotten so complacent and intimidated by the sheer mass and mess of ideas within our chosen sphere of understanding.
Along with a toxic culture to boot on top of our amnesic understanding of existence.

Hell is what you make it my fellow magi.
And I have expended too much mana, I will retreat back into edging myself over our generation's greatest artists works of pornography. For only $5 a month you can have a fellow mind producing calculated lines of fantasy titty, designed to trick the reptilian mind into CUMMING BUCKETS OF CUM

Truly our greatest achievement…
Happy Fappin Wiztards


sad how many people fell for this one and done shill thread.


File: 1633792946158.jpg (108.34 KB, 829x1024, 829:1024, 1633791781219.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>thought about going to movies to see new James Bond
>my theater requires a vax certificate to be let into the showing, even if you have a ticket already


Of course people are going to reply, if not to the OP then to other people ITT. It's the mod's fault for not deleting this thread the moment it came up. We already have a thread about vaccines anyway. Really boggling how inept the moderation is getting.


fbi doesnt care about you schizo


I'm OP and have been participating in the thread since I made it :)


but the fbi's sheep (you) care a lot


havent posted in this thread, dont have any strong opinon on the vaccine, just sick of how it seems like its the new fad for every single nerd on the internet to pretend that they are a super cool schizophrenic just like their e-daddy terry davis


>pretend that they are a super cool schizophrenic


maybe it has something to do with all the psychos bragging and jeering about how they're going to systematically ostracize and then eventually arrest and murder anyone who refuses the gene therapy


they are definitely pretending, it's not possible that all these "schizos" appeared over the course of the last 2-3 years, why do you think VPNs are basically mass marketed now, trendy retards are buying them up when they dont even need them

>all the psychos bragging and jeering about how they're going to systematically ostracize and then eventually arrest and murder anyone who refuses the gene therapy
made up strawman garbage you concocted in your head


>You are a dangerous retard whose actions are harmful to the general public. We aren’t going to stop pestering you because your selfishness can only be contained by force. Soon there will be a mandate and you will have no choice
Tons of other examples if you look for them. Many countries have already passed laws that make it almost impossible for the unvaccinated to participate in society.


>If there was no agenda you would see fair unbiased journalism
Anon, there's always an agenda. Fair, unbiased journalism doesn't exist in this modern world. It's an ideal.


If it walks like a schizo and quacks like a schizo


Literally a normie vaccine.
>Want to take part in normo activities? Take the normo jab
Fuck them, I'll pirate the movie or better yet, not watch it at all.


Pre-COVID world wasn't as fucking retarded as post-COVID one.
Even Buddha will get pissed if you keep punching him.


I don't know why it still surprises me how bad things are getting. They managed to convince people men can turn into succubi, why not this nonsense?


There's a big different between having a bias and shamelessly telling baldface lies to support your bias while pretending that you're the sole arbiter of truth.


I got the shot and didn’t have any symptoms. I don’t know what you pussies are so worried about. You think you will just drop dead the second they inject you with it? I thought you faggots wanted to die. But seriously, shit like this is why people hate outsiders like us. Just get the jab already, for your own good.


I didn't get the shot and I'm also fine.


I'm done talking about that shit outside of Anonymous imageboards.
Scratch that, I'm done talking about anything with anyone, anywhere outside of imageboards. Humanity's ability to communicate is LARGELY overestimated.


>outsiders like us
Oh yeah, I do agree someone's an outsider.


I didn't really expect a new religion to take the world by the storm, I'll give them that.
I mean there were hints that it's going to happen, same with trannies. You always heard about ladyboys and fags and shit.
Just everything happens so fast now, is all.


trannies ruined traps/cosplaying crossdressers
some of the most based chan users used to be traps but trannies ruined that for both the traps and trap enjoyers


Evil can only mimic and destroy good. It can't create anything.


>being a faggot was totally cool before the trannies guize
Hahahahafuck offf


Troubled, Wizzie?




I got both Pfizer and Moderna. 0 symptoms, 0 side effects. Anti vaxx is such a forced meme.


You’re not fine if you’re seething so much on IBs


Which booster will you choose to be giga vaxxed?


File: 1633919497262.gif (3.44 MB, 200x112, 25:14, 1622990032663.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Are you supposed to mix brands like that?


Depending on when you ask this question, you'll get different answers.


he is shitposting


File: 1633961814921.png (155.48 KB, 381x541, 381:541, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Okay but what about the people who died or did get injured, their life doesn't matter? As small of a chance as it may be it could have easily been you or I. These people should have been informed of the risk and they should have has a choice to control their own fate.


>brain bleed
somehow doesnt sound as traumatic when you word it that way


I figured you’d be happy some spic died.


>their life doesn't matter?
yeah not falling for the all lives matter crab meme, if it did you wouldn't be using a person's tragedy for internet morality points but that's the new trend. bet you and many others didn't give one shit about brain bleeds or any disease before any of this k-drama, victims are just used as statistics for their ben shapiro/alex jones larp


getting injected with untested gene-altering compounds that cause brain bleeds to own alex jones


Please take the vaccine… I dont even know what to say anymore


Did you try saying nothing?



injecting bleach to own the libs



Hey So basically I’m just gonna not take the vaccine
I Know….. UGH I know…
It’s just that I’m not gonna take it is all HAHAHAHAHRHAHAHA HARAHARHARH


Tell me you go on 4chan without telling me you go on 4chan


Crippling your natural immune system and supporting increasingly totalitarian violations of your rights to own the cons.
note: i am not an antivaxxer overall but i find these callous vaccine arguments to be cruel and pointless


No, I don't trust it. If I die from the virus then I just die. It's not like I enjoy being alive anyway.


How is it any different from the fear mongering that the government uses to get what it wants? If you don't care about people dying from the vaccine that's fine, but to turn around and lick the boot of the government using the same tactics as schizo right wing conspiracy theorist makes absolutely no sense. Even ignoring some of the heavier conspiracies there isn't one logical reason to take the vaccine, especially not "you're using the tactics my side is using!"


Hey, does anyone know anything about the lipid nanoparticle toxicity? Last I heard, they were a huge issue in mRNA vaccines, and I don't recall hearing some huge development where that changed.


Had both my vaccines months ago and I'm fine, I think people are being chicken over nothing.


they are just being grumpy contrarian babies who don’t want to be told what to do


Looks like Wizchan has fallen to satanists.
It's been a honour Wizards, every man for himself now.


yes slave blindly follow the herd, don't want to be socially excluded now do we?


The only reason to get the experimental gene therapy is if you're scared of the flu (pathetic) or scared of normalfaggots browbeating you (even more pathetic)


nice strawman

appeal to emotion lol
>are you scared of a flu, lol? everyone is gonna think you are pathetic!


Testing of these drugs was a rushed farce reflecting wishful thinking of the manufacturers so the statistics now coming out of >80% injected countries are the real test data. It shows these injections don't work for shit so why mandate them?
Same story with the stupid fucking paper masks that don't even stop dust. It's all a giant clown show where everyone is pretending they're doing something only to look like they're doing something and it's driving me insane.

A fun comparison to think about:
>Each SARS-CoV-2 virion is 50–200 nanometres in diameter.
Pollen of a particular tree I'm allergic to is about 20 micrometres in diameter. The masks can't stop it meaning they're useless against something that is literally 100 times bigger than the virus.


I took it just For easier Life among normies and For The 0.0001% chance that I get a Bad covid.

I'm anti totalitarism so every Time someone starts bashing on antivacs I'm going to defend peoples rights to freedom


Why is the MSM lying about the Southwest revolt and saying it's weather? Why are they continuing to do so about nurses getting laid off, saying it's 'hospital overcrowding'? Why are they doing the same everywhere else, saying it's a 'labor shortage'?


Why indeed…


The labor shortage in other industries not health or gov related is due to the Biden bucks paying normies to sit on their ass.


They are planing on keeping Aus locked down for years.


They're gonna keep everything locked down for years. "Travelling" is dead.


I took it because it was less hassle than not taking it, plus antivaxxers make me cringe.


>Doing something is less hassle than doing nothing
>Also I'm susceptible to propaganda and "us vs them" tactics


One of their key pieces of rhetoric is that they hold all the power and could round up all those who deny the vaccine and shoot them in the head if they wanted to, but they're just too nice for that. This completely disproves that narrative, demonstrating that vaccine refuses can wreck havok on the system by simply refusing to participate in it (which is ironically what the psychos have been threatening us with all this time)


harsh, you can't lock eyes with succubi now </3


And wallop! Just like that, half of the population is becoming """""""terrorists""""""". Another insult I can proudly wear as badge of honour in clown world. Jesus have mercy on us.


Why would I want to gaze at the abyss in the first place?


They're starting to ask for a vax-pass in my country to go restaurants, malls etc. People won't even sell you a burger if you're not vaxxed. My dad just called me telling me to get vaxxed asap. The worst part is that the only vax avaliable right now is aztrazeneca, the one that causes the most side effects. Fuck I'm so scared, I don't wanna get vaxxed.


There's no reason to be afraid. Nothing they can do to you is worse than the fate of being a slave who doesn't even own his own body.


They're afraid average peasants would start organizing more strikes demanding the bullshit to end. Critical professions becoming defiant and willing to strike would break the anti-pandemic industry. They're even more afraid that successful strikes against anti-pandemic regimes could lead the people to abolish the global warming lie too, inshallah. The corona panic is fizzling out and they're really desperate to switch to the warming panic. They got too cocky and the whole debacle could end up destroying both of the elite's most important scams. Their dream of a great reset would be torpedoed.


The fact they haven't done something so extreme that would completely demolish the facade of democracy they hang their legitimacy upon doesn't prove that they aren't hoaxing people with (non existent) covid in a power grab.


Got the 2nd shot of Astra Zeneca, nothing happened, I'm still alive and the side effects were a headache for like 2 hours and feeling a bit more tired than usual for a day.

Stop being babies and take the goddamn thing, you behave like schizo /pol/tards for something that is not a life changing event at all, people behave like they're doing some kind of unbreakable contract with the devil.


File: 1634171800009.png (404.87 KB, 500x397, 500:397, Average show discussion th….png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm just tired of hearing about this thing all the time.
The thing has become a constant reminder of how utterly fucked the world would be in an actual emergency.
Now dumbass government here wants to make it so you can't attend public places or even board a bus without your vaccination card, as if business owners are gonna reject customers and their money. I predict they'll pretend to follow mandates for a week or two before dropping them.
I got the chink virus last year and got over with without a hitch, I don't really feel like gambling with a vaccine when I still have to wear a mask and follow other retarded protocols.


>Daily stormer
The absolute state of this board, apparently the whole wizardchan is actually full of craboid /pol/tards.


Calling me names just strengthens my resolve to not submit to you.


Don't expect intelligent discussion here, the COVID threads (including this one) convinced me that 90% of the wizchan userbase comes from /pol/ and so they follow retarded /pol/ logic.


The people are always the ones who have the power, that's why its so important to divide and deceive. America can't use heavy handed tactics like blowing antivaxxx brains out in the street, so they have to give incentives, and when that didn't work they tried depriving us of comfort and a means to make money.


>nobody is allowed to have a view different to mine
tired of totalitarian shitlibs


At least post real verifiable sources, you people get your retarded ideas and data from literal schizo nobodies.


>you people
I'm not one of those people, just an observer remarking on how insanely narrow minded you people are becoming, and another thing, your sacred mainstream media are all discredited liars, a little "tabloid" doesn't compare to the fake news they pump out


god shut the fuck up and go back to whatever hole u crawled out of faggot


17,000+ Quebec Healthcare Workers Who Refused Coronavirus Vaccine to be Suspended on October 15

The coronavirus vaccine is the first medicine people were forced to take against their will because it is the first medicine that was literally perfect.

Healthcare workers are mostly stupid conspiracy theorists who believe in debunked memes. People who work in medicine are among the dumbest and most stupid groups of people in society.


>CCP agents itt trying to get people to not get vaccinated
lol, china is getting pretty pathetic these days, glad I got my freedom vax so I dont have to worry about chinese bioweapons


Show me the results of the long term testing so I know what potential side effects I'm putting myself at risk for.


>china "accidentally" releases a deadly bioweapon into the public
>all of a sudden all these antivaxxers come out of the woodwork
you are either CCP or their white monkey, how much do you get paid?


I am not going to inject an untested substance with unknown side effects into my body just because you came into this thread and started calling people names. Get better rhetoric.


Cope harder /pol/ retard

>source:Daily stormer again
Ayyyy lmao.


all those people are literal succubi who dont know shit about medicine or science. probably jerked off chads dick in college and then became nurses who just check peoples blood pressure and shit. stop this dumb healthcare heroes meme


no response to ten of thousands of nurses and doctors around the world quitting except "they dunt know shit about medicine!"

admit it, you people have lost the argument


I can't wait to see your fat asses posted here for everyone else to laugh.



Wait, you're actually scared of the flu?


That "flu" almost killed 3 members of my family, I know a lot of people that have died from this, some of them young and healthy.

You know what? Don't get the vaccine if you so want but denying that COVID exists and that it can kill you is extremely retarded.


Which is perfectly in line with something the authorities themselves reluctantly admit has a 99.9% survival rate.


It's been 2 years now, everyone except you CNN cultists knows that this covid hoax is bullshit. The amazing thing is that how you still manage to have blind faith in these corporations even after they've shown you time and time again that they're nothing more than ruthless propagandists willing to say anything to push their narrative.


Already caught both versions.
It's just the flu. Not even a very bad on in my experience.
I'm 30 and in good shape. It ain't anything to worry about.

The experimental and rushed gene therapy however is something that I don't trust at all.


Russia says that COVID is real and deathly, same with China, same with Cuba that even developed its own vaccine because they don't want to ask for US vaccines.

Are you retards really implying that all of them are in some kind of grand conspiracy together glued by CNN and the MSM? Do you even realize How unhinged you sound?


those are all countries on the imperialist shitlist and trying to avoid war most of the time, they see how the virus hoax is hastening the empire's collapse so the most logical explanation is they're only playing along with it to that end


You don't need to be part of a "grand conspiracy" to tell lies or ignore facts in favor of upholding the narrative. That's not how people work.

For instance, you are currently using dishonest and fallacious rhetoric in order to push the mainstream narrative, not because you're part of a formal conspiracy but because you get some form of pleasure from being useful to people who are more powerful to you.


Now we need a site with all the people who have died from the vaccine or from catching Covid after getting vaxxed.


Russia and China have always been lying shitholes what else is new LMAO



>the one that causes the most side effects
I wouldn't be too worried about it, if that's the official narrative. Probably fell victims to black PR of Pfizer/J&J. Isn't AZ non-mRNA? If I were forced at gunshot to take one I'd take anything but Pfizer/Moderna. Preferably Sinovac.


I'd feel obliged to hurl bricks at restaurants like that.


Why the FUCK do you care?
Do I tell you to go work-out since I do it and seeing less obese fatasses would be good for me? No. I don't give a fuck about you or your health. Inject yourself with rat poison if you want to, chop off your dick, just keep your fucking life choices to yourself.


>china "accidentally" releases a deadly bioweapon into the public
I bet my life on this being the truth :)


Unvaccinated Australians in Northern Territory to be Fined $5,000 Unless They Get Deadly Coronavirus Vaccine

The science has already decided that there is no such thing as a legitimate reason not to be vaccinated, because the coronavirus vaccine is a perfect medicine that cannot have any negative effects on anyone, at all, ever.

And no – the fact that entire countries are banning certain vaccines because of how deadly they are does not do anything to change the official position of the science that there can never be a negative effect of the vaccine.

The science does not care about facts or data.


Damn, I'm getting a Deja Vu from reading books about raise of commies in China and USSR.
You faggots really are dooming everyone to repeat the history?


>Cuba that even developed its own vaccine because they don't want to ask for US vaccines.
Wooooow, why would those flat-earther nazi, anti-science pro-epidemic assholes from
*checks where Cuba is on Google*
(Really? Thought it's in Africa)
South America would deny the heckin' good Fauci ouchie?


Hilarious how little life means to politics obsessed normalgroids now.
I'm a fucking anti-natalist misanthrope and even I think this is messed up.


by the end of November, if you're 12 or older and want to fly or take the train, you'll have to be fully vaccinated," said Trudeau, noting that "testing will no longer be an option before boarding a train or a flight" in Canada


Atlas is beginning to shrug.


File: 1634226623851.png (1.33 MB, 1036x1476, 259:369, awaken.png) ImgOps iqdb

1. There is no 'Pandemic' or 'Epidemic'.
2. Pathogenic viruses don't exist and were never proven, it's all bad science and confirmation-bias from vested interests.
3. Even if someone were to buy the notion that there was technically a 'Pandemic' or 'Epidemic' and the virus was real, there is no evidence it's a meaningful risk to most people.
3. Vaccines are inherently immoral because the ideologies that naturally attach to any vaccination efforts always inevitably empower the state, create segregation and division, create social pressure which aggresses against informed consent and basic human rights.
4. Vaccines are all produced in a culture of vivisection and animal experimentation that would go against my vegan and anti-vivisectionist principles, and I know that animal experiments were performed in the development of these 'vaccines' specifically. I am not forgetting the boiled alive chimps.
5. Governments including and especially the one that exists in the region I live in are using state-terrorism against the people via 'lockdowns' (aggression against the basic rights of freedom of movement and freedom of association, etc) and similar policies to pressure people into taking these 'vaccines', this makes it inherently morally wrong to go along with it rather than resist and refuse, I have met many young people who are undergoing extreme emotional distress because of these pressures, and many more adult workers who feel similarly threatened and violated having been given various ultimatums to take the 'vaccines' or lose their jobs. I won't forget these people and won't go along with the mob which ignores their wishes.
6. Again, even assuming the virus were real and a serious threat, I'm not going to take responsibility for acting as a free human being and moving about and breathing freely, even if that kills any number of people including anyone reading this. Nobody can claim that just because I "might" be sick or 'contaminated' that that means I AM sick or contaminated or that I should act as if I am.
7. All of these policies including the vaccination programs have set back basic human rights throughout the world significantly, it's undermined liberal, humanistic values, and empowered not just petty authoritarian government heads in the West, but also empowers already highly authoritarian regimes which the West claims to be superior to.
8. I don't care how effective the vaccines are, though there's plenty of evidence that they're harmful to health and have killed many people, I am not going to take any. Ever. Stop fearing death, or at least stop allowing others to stoke year fear of death to the point that you're willing to sit by as people's basic rights are violated in significant ways. There is ultimately no escape, you are going to die someday, have some dignity.

-(Actual) Wizard.


File: 1634229132199.jpg (3.7 MB, 5746x5502, 2873:2751, vaccine deaths.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah most vaxxers seem to have suicidal urges

This attitude of being okay with killing yourself to appease browbeating normalfaggots is very disgusting to me.


File: 1634231068198.png (146.92 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


I got it. I'm not dead. Not even feeling ill.


Given the fact that there has been zero mid to long term tests performed on this thing you have absolutely no way of knowing what it's going to do to you in the near future.


File: 1634231820883.png (742.56 KB, 552x560, 69:70, Bandit's calming eyes.png) ImgOps iqdb

oh no, you mean i'm gonna die some day? This is an unprecedented development. Also why do you suddenly care about testing? I thought science was bogus and perpetuating this hoax?


>I got it. I'm not dead. Not even feeling ill.
As can be said by 99.92% of the people who had COVID, which alone invalidates any necessity for a vaccine in the first place.


You know what, that was condescending. I'm just tired of everyone saying "the vax will kill you!" and then everyone else says "the virus will kill you!". Where did we go so wrong that basic reality is now a point of contention? What is really gonna kill me? Cause frankly i don't think either will.


Thanks for proving my point that you people are suicidal.


You're doomed! You will die in 50 years now!


If you're not afraid of the virus there's no reason to get the vaccine. It's generally a bad idea to take experimental treatment for no reason, and letting people browbeat you into putting your body at risk for zero benefit isn't a good practice.


If that was actually true most people here would take the vaccine because most people here are suicidal.

Turns out most people here are actually quite afraid of dying.


>most people here are suicidal.
completely false, but it makes sense that an outsider shill would believe that.


I did because I want to keep my job. And yes I know that everyone will jump down my throat for this because I'm laying down for "the man". But it's not gonna kill me. I'm fairly certain everyone ITT had to get multiple vaccines as a child just to attend school, and yet here we all are.


The theory that I'm hearing the most is that the vaccine is gonna do major damage to the immune system and force them to be dependent on big pharma for boosters and pills. There should be large numbers of death among the vaccinated in the coming months years if this is true. I'm hoping and guessing that the truth is more benign, its just a power/money grab and things will calm down once governments have applied enough pressure to get their way without crossing the line into shooting antivaxxers dead.


Where did you hear this theory?


How so? There's literally a couple of suicide threads on dep and dep is the most active board by far.


1.There has already been much speculation and evidence of vaccines doing harm to people throughout the years. This whole "we already took vaccines so, so, JUST DO IT!" argument is weak, if anything we should take a closer look at already approved long used vaccines to see if they are doing more harm than we realize.

2.This isn't even a classical vaccine, they changed the definition of vaccine to adjust to the new technology used in these treatments.


/dep/ is shit and I refuse to let them represent this website. Not that wiz, btw.


I know that dep is probably talked about a lot in whatever subreddit or discord you spend more of your time in but this is not dep. If you need your mark to be suicidal in order convince them maybe you should go over to the suicide general to browbeat people instead of the lounge.


>I'm fairly certain everyone ITT had to get multiple vaccines as a child just to attend school
This argument again?
We're not against vaccines - we're against being forced to be early test subjects for something that doesn't need to be rolled out in the first place.


You must really love your job if you're willing to be a human test subject in order to keep it. What do you do?


>Provide proof that a large number of the user base is in fact suicidal or open to the idea of suicide
>So called wizzies seethe and cope


I work on a ship.

didn't say /dep/ was not a majority, I'm just saying fuck /dep/.


There wasn't such a huge agenda against taking any vaccine, even flu. Nobody would bring up you being unvaccinated as a kid if you didn't tell them like a vegan.
Right now it's one of the first questions people ask eachother. They won't even mind as long as you got THIS one jab.


This isn't /dep/. If you want so badly to shill to suicidal people try shilling on /dep/ instead of /lounge/.


Damn bro, I work on ships too. It's not a job good enough to sacrifice my health for like this.
But I dunno, I'm from Europe and I could probably earn much more with a trade in Norway, just too lazy to commit to that.


I'm an amerifat, so I'm really trying to keep what I can get.


Americans still work on ships? It's a domestic trade or what? Thought shipping is already handled by 2nd or 3rd worlders like Slavs and Pinoys. Are you working on some fancy Offshore vessels or something high-end? I work on bottom of the barrel thing like general cargo or bulkers.


This attitude isn't so bad.
It's the crab bucket "everyone else should die with me" just in case attitude that's bad.


I work on a research vessel so you it's nicer than the average cargo job, but americans do still work on many commercial vessels. Huge fishing industry here too.



>multiple vaccines as a kid
those were actual vaccines not this mad science shit, wow you're uninformed


If people wanted to be informed we wouldn't be in this mess for 3rd year in a row.
The panic wouldn't spread outside of bugmen domains.
But oh well, the writing was on the wall for a long time. Something something future, boot on a face of a man.


>Do you believe in the anti-vax conspiracies or is it nonsense?

It's nonsense. Does believing that a bullet can't hurt you make it true?


File: 1634336684792.mp4 (1.02 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 243023682_582206786145788_….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


The experimental gene-altering injection with completely unknown side effects is the bullet in this analogy, right?


You are a bot, not a real person.

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