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Last thread: https://archive.is/53IGW

Whips snapped at US/Mexico border, Trudeau promises progressive reduction of human rights, France lost billions on failed submarine deal, 16,000 Afghans stormed in to England this week


File: 1632194604601.png (1.33 MB, 1191x667, 1191:667, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Who the fuck would want shitty diesel subs when offered superior nuclear subs?


diesel subs are super quiet for warfare and reconnaissance


america is a unipolar superpower governed by octogenarians who work for corporations and banks where military weapons are made by prison slaves to be launched at impoverished foreigners while celebrities attend lavish galas and police guard food in dumpsters from the homeless


Says a American who hates on his own country and shills for china at almost every opportunity.


you shithole is "my country" like it's peurto rico's country


Your state has been apart of the US since 1959. Well before you were born. Deal with it dude.


The FBI isn't even trying anymore.
It's also funny that they are the biggest funders and instigators of domestic terrorism.


keep abusing your mod powers, I'm going to literally crap myself with laughter when your kike faggot shithole country burns to the ground


It is literally your country too dumbass.
As usual you are just demonstrating your crab in a bucket nature, only this time on the national scale. Hoping for your whole country to fall apart due to your own personal issues.


it's "my country" like the USSR was lithuania's country, modfag


>been owned by the US for well over 100 years
>been formally a state for over 60 years
>b-b-but I'm not really American and it isn't really my country because I say so and my feels

Do you also think Hawaii isn't American ether?


the Hawaiians certainly don't think so, modfag


About as valid as this
Which is to say not at all.


the sentiment is reportedly strong among native Hawaiians and there's a movement behind it, it's not invalid just because you say so, modfag


Reals over feels dude.
It's invalid because basically all law and legitimate authority don't support any of their arguments.
Again, exactly same as Sovereign Citizens.
Also it's a tiny minority who supports the fringe movement, again like Sovereign Citizens Movement.

The funny thing is your state doesn't even have such a movement. Hell, it doesn't even have whatever is with Texas where they make noises about succession from the union every few years, or California who brings it up every time a conservative wins the Presidency.


File: 1632201206354.jpg (594 KB, 3350x1150, 67:23, slavery.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Speaking of slavery.


>It's invalid because basically all law and legitimate authority don't support any of their arguments.
What is the ground of this legitimacy, modfag, other than your say so? Just admit it, you're talking about political legitimacy being conferred by the barrel of a gun, which is literally how hawaii was taken. It's the same definition mao stood on as china "fell" to communism. Your evil empire and its hypocritical regime have no authority to speak of.


I should point out I am not a mod.
Just someone capable of basic deduction.


my first post could have been written by anyone, there was no clue who it was, turn on your mod tag next time you feel like breaking my anonymity you smug piece of shit


>What is the ground of this legitimacy
Rule of law. The democratic process. International recognition. Etc.


>my first post could have been written by anyone, there was no clue who it was
That's were you are wrong.
It was elementary to figure out who you were and where you are even from that single post.
You broke your own anonymity. No mod powers required.


If it's so elementary you can walk us through the deduction you used. Or just go back and give your posts your mod tag.


>If it's so elementary you can walk us through the deduction you used
And get even more off topic while making the thread all about you?
I think not.


That's what I thought.


Are you even here to talk about politics or just derail the thread to make it all about yourself?


I talked about politics, modfag, your response was to derail it to be about me. >>276907



Project Veritas has put out a video with a hospital whistleblower blowing the whistle on the hospital and their vax terror.

Basically, to summarize, some fat succubus who works at a hospital says that the hospital knows that the vax doesn’t work and also knows that it’s hurting people, but they cover it up.

One doctor is recorded saying “the vax is bullshit.” It is further revealed that the VAERS reports are never filled out, even when doctors know that the vax is responsible for an adverse reaction. Usually, however, they do not even connect it at all.



>Rule of law
IE the ability for a large powerful gang of brigands to kill you if you disobey
>The democratic process
IE the ability of the mob the swarm you and kill you if they don't like you
>International recognition
IE two gangsters teaming up to extort some other guy.

So if ability to inflict violence is the only thing that grants legitimacy the best thing to do is become a terrorist, right?


Euro Wizzie here. Is Romania the least pozz'd country in EU right now? Considering moving to Czech Republic too.


Might be, but also take into consideration that there's a reason why so many young Romanians are moving out. Czech Republic is probably the better choice to settle down.


cut him off we're out of time


File: 1632254411406.mp4 (2.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, lounge.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1632255068640.mp4 (6.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, nsf.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


love this game


That felt fake and performative on the news reader's part.

Related to other things getting cut off in a unintentionally funny way.


The US effectively doesn't have a functional southern border anymore.
It is totally open and the people who come across it are automatically allowed to stay and even relocated deeper in the country.


Why are Americans so fucking stupid?


being descended of germans and the irish


The elites of old wanted a fat, stupid, drug addicted populace they could control. The problem for them was they then got high on their own supply, and now the "elites" are just as retarded and incompetent as the average norp.


reminds me of the paid pentagon think tanks on fox news lol



>it's true it was on cnn
>it's true I saw it on fox


Not really related to what was being talked about and laughed at.
That is more like it.
That is the stuff right there. That was as hilarious as it was horrifying if you think about it.

On a unrelated note, I really doubt too many people here are big blind believers of mainstream legacy media.



I thought that country had it under control by reacting quickly. This just goes to show it is inevitable and I for one hope lockdowns get worse and worse until the people react. How close is the average reddit stance on corona compared to the normalfags outside? people seem to be quite happy to kill dreams and ruin families to save some boomer fucks and fat fucks from dying from a flu.

world has gone mad


>How close is the average reddit stance on corona compared to the normalfags outside?
Pro-lockdown, pro-NWO, pro-everything.


I'm convinced Reddit is just State-sponsored bots leading a wag-the-dog consensus.


It's very likely. SOMETIMES I read someone left leaning that can make a coherrent arguement. But usually it's the usual not-Maoism.


Everyone in America seems to think they'll be the elite one day and just gives their rights away.

"Fuck you got mine".



Some of the security footage finally came out from the Jan 6th protest.
I can see why they tried so hard to keep it from the public.




We are talking about a country that banned knives two days after a mass stabbing in a supermarket.
They are basically as bad a Ausfalia only cowardly.


>It's invalid because basically all law and legitimate authority don't support any of their arguments
>the truth is decided by the biggest group of jerk offs
i didnt expect much coming into a politics thread, but i guess i thought the phrase "ideas over identities" would be held true for all imageboard users.


we’re a few months out from seeing american libertarians angrily sharing around a video of police beating an unvaccinated black person for noncompliance with some new authoritarian law, and seeing liberals in the comments cheering for the police


the liberals would spin it as a positive for blacks - sorry, "people of color" - because they are not as vaccinated and this irresponsible specimen is genociding his own, or something to that effect
paternalistic and ultimately contemptuous, just as they already are against the poor, the working class, the uneducated (regardless of income level) and so on…


At their top speed they're louder than western nuclear subs, and then a SSN can sail 10+ knots faster than that. They're useless for reconnaissance due to limited speed and range. SSK are for countries which want submarines for guarding straits and other choke points where the enemy has no choice but to come to them, not the other way around.



Would modern life get better if people had dramatically fewer children?


I'm gonna go with yes. The system is built on endless growth and it falls apart like a house of cards when quality of life doesn't keep up, and it hasn't kept up for a long time. We'd avoid tremendous amounts of problems if we didn't breed like rabbits.


Less people=less resource extraction needed
And less suffering/potential for suffering


China will liberate Amerikkka in the future by banishing the whites and allowing the natives to reclaim their rightful lands.


For people on top, captains of industry, the financially elite, etc. it would be great.
For people reliant on any sort of government entitlements they would be ultra fucked. Like Vlad the impaler, stick jammed up the ass until it comes out the mouth, levels of fucked. Low birth rates collapse the pyramid scheme.




Romans never thought that Rome would fall either.


Cause rome went through many periods of hardship and uncertainty before it eventually fell. And even when it did, half the empire went as if nothing had happened.


You are talking to someone so historically illiterate that he thinks China has a history of of being stable with a long uninterrupted rulership from ancient times to today.


I can hear the "cope" being screamed from the distance.




Huh? Why'd >>277167 get deleted?


wojak/soyjack/seethejack/feelsjack/cancerman/cringejack/jackmasked copejack


mods are probiden


Testing whether it's really just the wojak or the politics:



Use /test/ for this shit and stop shitting up the thread you fucking retard.


File: 1632751313492.png (956.15 KB, 789x696, 263:232, basedtrump.png) ImgOps iqdb

bros i admit it…i miss him
he was based and every day was like an adventure waking up reading about butthurt shitlibs and woke lefties getting btfo


reddit still has daily trump crying posts.
will we ever get another shitposting president?


I like how he ruined their minds so hard they will never ever recover from their Trump derangement hysteria but otherwise Trump was a 100% libtard. His alt-rightism was just superficial trolling, all for show. In practice he was fine with allowing the leftist agenda to steadily overwhelm every aspect of life, and it was happening only very slightly slower than the leftists would have liked. Which made them rage incoherently anyway. Even during the presidency of much feared black commie Jesus Obama there wasn't an endless hurricane of insufferable shit from niggers/pocs, LGBfaggots, kikes and womyns. You could have actually lived in relative peace away from the freaks back then. Not anymore. Trump and the repubes could have brutally curb stomped it back into the gutter where it belongs but they chose to stand by and watch. Because they like it that way. They like the system of liberal capitalist democracy and they're fine with it reaching its logical final form, that is a pseudofeudalist shitlib anarcho-tyranny.


Yeah. He'd more or less be considered a liberal by 70s standards. He only seemed "right wing" when compared to the radical leftists on the ballot.


Trump like all politicians stood for nothing except lining his and his friends pockets in the name of Israel. He was at best a pressure valve and at worse a lying conman. You cannot vote your way out of a collapsing society being invaded by aggressive outsiders.


Violence is politics. Kill non whites. Resist the vaccine. Kill politicians. Fuck this gay earth


File: 1632778508942.jpg (164.69 KB, 645x810, 43:54, 1627596645559.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I heckin' love it.


It's not just "science," biggott. It's The Science and you better respect it, biggott.


I'll take lying conman over pure Evil Satanist any day.


2020 FBI crime statistics just came in. As of now blacks have been confirmed to commit at least 56.5% of murder.
Note that the FBI knows this data is being used by racists like me so they certainly manipulate the statistics trying to make blacks look less bad. And they still had to publish this record high percentage. It's a lawless deadly jungle out there.


>they certainly manipulate the statistics trying to make blacks look less bad
why would they? getting whites and blacks to hate each other seems like something the fbi would want.


They always provided as accurate data as they could in the criminal crime report before and it appears that they strove only for providing accurate data this time around with this year's crime report.

I don't trust the FBI farther then I can throw them but they show their work for this little homework project and the data is usually as solid as it can be.


File: 1632808511909-0.jpg (122.75 KB, 1260x835, 252:167, 20210925.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1632808511909-1.jpg (330.64 KB, 875x1280, 175:256, ar3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Diesel subs have less range and are smaller. As >>277136 says, it's for countries that have sea chokepoints. Nuclear has more power but those kind of subs are generally larger. There are some electric subs that are super-quiet compared to nuclear but their performance is comparable to diesel eg. Sweden's Gotland-class submarine


Shit like this is what makes racists look retarded and insane
Even when you have data that supports your position there's clowns like you:
>T-that data is fake! It doesn't go far enough? Niggers are responsible for 100% of the crime rate I swear!
It's almost like it's a psyop rather than just another case of autism.


Same old tricks nigger. You do significantly more than 57% and we know it.


Questioning the validity of data in a system that lies and cheats in favors of some groups isn't retarded or insane. We've seen plenty of black criminals be let go because BLM threw a shit fit over them.


Wait so you actually accept the validity of the data then? You know that this would make you yourself a "racist" according to the mainstream zeitgeist?


You'd be stupid if you thought statistics weren't being manipulated by whatever political movement controls them.


You would be stupid to just assume the data is manipulated and not in any way verify if that is true, instead just going on that assumption and assuming it is a fact.


Do you believe in private life or are you a socialist who doesn't?


I immediately thought that "privacy is anti-socialist" meant privacy as in "data/information privacy," not privacy as in "private life," and thought that was an interesting idea and thought that was what the video was going to be about.

Still an interesting video, just not what I was expecting.


This is the most Golem shit I've watched this week.


File: 1633013214161.png (2.08 MB, 1200x776, 150:97, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>This is the most Golem shit I've watched this week.


Twitter obsessed pseuds are the worst.


There is one question which has baffled philosophers for millennia: how can you have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

The Jew CEO of Pfizer attempted to answer that philosophical conundrum this week when he explained that life cannot go back to normal until people get regular coronavirus vaccine shots.



what a ridiculous article, it is just opinion bullshit and the writer being butthurt calling some guy a jew every other sentence


The dailystormer is and always has been a edgy tabloid rag.
Not sure what else you were expecting of them.


I nearly clicked on it also until seeing what it was.
Is it just me or did daily stormer get even worse? I remember it used to be less memey and chan appealing 5 years ago.


It lost all of it's genuine readers after it came out that Anglin was a fat blind 56%er DYEL with Jewish ancestry who married the first old Thai succubi to give him head. He seriously played the whole "It's still based and redpilled when it's ME who mixes races" game.


like clockwork you people pour your butthurt out every time someone posts a dailystormer article, lol, why don't you tell us what a real news source is then, like CNN


Shut up libtard


What are you? an edgy teen who just discovered pol in 2016 and still live in that year? shadily and praise kek hehehehe fuck off.

We shit on the daily meme because it is plain garbage and only about entertaining people with edgy humor.
> why don't you tell us what a real news source is then
none of them because I don't look at the news and have not in many years.


I don't need to. Ask Chingchan Quan to verify that the CCP's statistics on prison organ harvesting are true. I doubt he will be able to, of course. He could travel to the West and see what they say, but he is likely to believe that it's all Western capitalist propaganda; after all, the independent Chinese fact checkers deboonked it long ago.
China, North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Russia each provide their own narratives of the goings on of Western society. Are they flat wrong and it's all the propaganda of their corrupt elites?

What have you managed to verify as fact? Or are you simply leaning on the authority of western media specifically?
To re-iterate, it would be more insane to believe that the individual biases and agendas of the researchers, the pollsters, the organizations, the politicians, the investors, and so on would not accumulate and bias the statistics.


"Garbage" is only your opinion and if entertaining people with "edgy" humor was a real complaint then there's infinitely more stuff you people could bitch about but never do, for some reason only dailystormer articles in the politics thread elicit this outpour of whining out of all the "edgy humor" made or shared on this site. It frankly seems a little personal (see ad hominems above). If you just hate dailystormer because of the politics there don't be scared to admit it.

I'm going to keep sharing DS columns I think are insightful or newsworthy, such as the boss jew at pfizer candidly talking about infinity re-vaccinations being the agenda.


File: 1633064800164.jpg (65.5 KB, 474x592, 237:296, parrot 4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



>that's just like, your opinion, man
>that's not a "real" complaint
you are crumbling apart here


File: 1633204958747.jpg (112.88 KB, 750x1048, 375:524, 20211002_160158.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



quality will drop.


File: 1633208822447.jpg (160.21 KB, 914x864, 457:432, 20211002_170601.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How so? This was the opposition, tard


Being the opposition to complete dogshit doesn't make an idea good.


is japan super centered around anime and video games or something? You'd never hear about this topic in news headlines in america


>Regarding 8-to-6 crunching animators as laborers so they can continue to make a living wage in the slowly failing economy and rising cost of living in metropolitan Tokyo is somehow going to kill anime
how do you even come to this conclusion?


> You'd never hear about this topic in news headlines in america
Huh? Are you too young to remember the moral panic about doom and postal? Or just rock music in general?


I remember the moral panic regarding D&D as well.


yea but I mean like using anime/video games as a major point in your election promises, usually it is like a footnote


I don't see anything that indicates either the new PM or his opposition are using it as a major point. It likely is just a footnote.


The nostalgia from this video


It's japan. What do you think.


Voting based on how pop entertainment will be affected is peak decadence. Bread and circus.


It's more a freedom of expression and protection of one's unique culture thing but whatever.


What's going on with kpop and how come it has gotten so popular over here? Something about it feels even more unorganic than the american entertainment industry.


Kpop industry is a facsimile of the western pop music industry ca 1998-2001. It is inauthenticity multiplied by inauthenticity, in fact embracing it. There are many inauthentic people in this world, Moreso than ever before. Why wouldn't they enjoy the music that resonates with their psychosis?


I see. The thing with kpop is I am seeing a lot of it on twitter (don't judge me I only lurk a few accounts) and even heard of this BTS boys band at the United Stations, lol. I don't know how to put it, it looks so manufactured it's like the seams are showing. Soft power but it is not even remotely subtle and yet it seems to work. How do you make fucking boys bands relevant in this day and age?


> How do you make fucking boys bands relevant in this day and age?
by pandering to gays as well as succubi


>hello fellow nerds I am also a total nerd, I'm a fan of Dime A Dozen Generic Normie Battle Shonen
The new Japanese Prime Minister is a pleb.


Did you want him to ignore one of the highest grossing anime and say his favorite is kodomo no jikan or something?



I'd love a PM to say "Boku no Pico" was his favorite just to troll the everloving shit out of everyone.


We live in a global society.
K-dramas and the like have been popular to a very sizable fanbase for decades.
There is a demand from teenage succubi for boybands that isn't being met by the western market so they turned east to get their fix.

Sort of like the west doesn't meet the teen male demand for edgy action animation so they turn to anime to get their fix.

It's just economic factors rather then sociopolitical ones.


Remember when Reagan practically kissed Disney's ass?

This is that only japan.


File: 1633380076497.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.48 KB, 1024x450, 512:225, 20211004_164038.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



How do you know it's not fake?


several people have begun downloading and unpacking the data, and also Facebook is down due to the attack and its current lineup of technicians have no idea how to bring it back up



i read they just used a trawler on public profiles, notice there's no mention of passwords



File: 1633387873414.png (359.6 KB, 1700x2300, 17:23, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


How many times have we been through these crises already? After a collapse it all goes back to doing the same scams all over again like nothing ever happened, and it and always ends the same way. And then it keeps looping. By now everyone should know the economy is fake and gay. It's all thinly disguised con artistry anyway so why couldn't China shrug and carry on as usual when the bubble bursts instead of freaking out when the fake line on the gay graph orders them to freak out? Who is going to tell them that's not how they're supposed to play the game when the entire world relies on China carrying on as usual? Also the war scenario is pretty stupid, no one is going to fight for chips when China could bomb Taiwan's entire industry into rubble whenever they choose. It would be cheaper to build the dumb chip factories at home than to organize even a modest intervention to defend Taiwan, which again could be surgically reduced into a third world economy within hours if China wanted. War is more expensive than anything else. You think a country that builds supercarriers and nuclear submarines would have trouble producing goddamn chips?


china wouldn't bomb taiwan. they are insistent on bringing taiwan into the fold because of its economic value. they blow china out of the water per capita.
but i don't imagine the west is going to defend taiwan if china gets ballsy with them.


Tell that to Argentina deciding to invade the Falklands for dumbass reasons.


Falklands were undefended. They didn't expect England would want to fight for barren islands in the asshole of the world.


Apparently Facebook just got hacked, and was/is down for a while. User data has been breached and sold on "the darkweb" and Zuck the Cuck has lost over 7 billion dollars.

Today is a good day.


That's a cope. It wasn't hacked, they broke it themselves then fixed it faster than anyone predicted. Non story.


Prove it.


You prove it. Facebook is up, zuckerjew is still making absurd money, the only ones gossiping about le big hack are twitter outrage guys. When it happened they promised Facebook was not just down but gone. 5 hours later it was back.


>prove a strawman I made up on the spot
>provides nothing at all to substantiate own claim
That ain't how things work honey.


Facebook is up, zuckerjew is still making absurd money, the only ones gossiping about le big hack are twitter outrage guys.


File: 1633460911468.png (918.26 KB, 750x591, 250:197, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Reminder that Joe Biden is a fictional character.


File: 1633477390125.jpg (108.16 KB, 585x845, 9:13, 18.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Shaun is an inbred natal misfire who lacks the self-awareness to acknowledge his own crabdom. His whole political career is a facade to avoid confronting the internal darkness of his own subhuman standing in life. His social media presence serves as a copes dispenser for his mutant audience.



i'm against most of what she stands for but if she'd actually follow through on destroying dating websites then i'd have to reluctantly cast a ballot her way.


How is it a issue that effects you in any way?


Cringy autistics nothing will change


*an issue


Fuck off dog sucker.


Seeing how wages of ultra rich caviar socialist celebrities were published and the reaction of libtards was to grave dance on the unwashed poors kills me. God, every day I pray for war.


Google and youtube will be demonetizing and then banning content exposing the global warming scam. Just in case you ever needed a more blatant admission that the weather panic is a huge fucking lie.


File: 1633643250806.png (3.16 MB, 1344x1676, 336:419, 5c5.png) ImgOps iqdb

The fact that this faggot mutt bitch lectures me on white privilege and the bourgeoisie, while making $200,000 a month and sitting in his $2,000,000 mansion pisses me off.

I'm literally working class and this pompous mutt mother fucker calls me privileged.


You have to work to be working class Alaskan.
And no, champagne socialist aren't saying shit to you.


Wow, why did that post make you angry?


Probably a shitskin lover who never worked a day in their life, just like their durka durka raghead idol.


Why are you attention whoring in this thread?


Yeah, I'm curious too. What the hell?


Meanwhile China being dysfunctional again.


White genocide is a dangerous conspiracy theory but we're going to do it to you and that's a good thing, biggott.



Japan tokyo area biggest earthquake since 2011, might see even bigger quake in the coming week


How is that politics?

Post that in the news thread.


They just got a new president at the beginning of the week


go ask /fit/ or /soc/, crab


Which has nothing to do with the earthquake.


Capcom made a VR remake of RE4 and facebook demaned that they censor portions of it, which the company did instantly.

It's shit like this that pisses me off about all the culture war bullshit, and why I keep a eye on politics. It effects the stuff I like even when I don't want it to.


It looked eh anyway, plus hardware exclusives on tech like VR is some villain shit


if you don't like censorship post e-mail
face photo
medical records
unless of course, you want that censored lol


That's the kind of argument that's so bad it makes me agree with whoever you're arguing against out of spite, when I didn't even agree with them before.


post them


Only if you agree to censor yourself and delete your posts first.



You are trying too hard to be retarded for attention.
Get a life and stop being a clown.


Good news everyone. The left has concluded asexuality is a spectrum-type sexual orientation, and so being asexual (term preferred by individuals of the asexual sexual orientation is "ace") doesn't ACTUALLY mean you don't feel sexual urges or are not interested in sex or don't have sex. Asexual doesn't mean not sexual. Experts agree, The Science is settled. Any questions goyim?


>Any questions
Are you done?


Seething kikes? On my wizchan? It's more likely than you think.



How Australia has fallen…


Prime example of how government interference in the market makes everything worse in every way possible.


i always roll my eyes at the left/right dichotomy, all the people that buy into it all have the one fish two fish red fish blue fish mindset. there are very real problems with the system and our culture, and it isn't that hard to prove that these are all encompassing and spare no one, even the normalgroids who self report that they are happy. but most people are conditioned and socialized to the point that when something is wrong, blame is shifted to whatever party they dont like


the nature of democratic political systems forces this to occur. If instead of elected officials, people were able to vote on single issue topics then the world would be a better place.


people who have this attitude always end up bending the knee to whoever has the most power.


I’m an anarchist


File: 1633900853499.mp4 (2.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, lounge.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

noo you have to take part in the culture war, wizsave the wizrace >:[
lol playing with their politics is like playing with their emotions, they'll hang you


> If instead of elected officials, people were able to vote on single issue topics then the world would be a better place.
>If instead of elected officials, people were able to vote on single issue topics then the world would be a better place.
Direct democracy doesn't work in practice.
I mean they do that in California and you can see the results.


Actually making $2.5M/year isn't that much if you consider the cost of living in that neighborhood, the mortgage, maintenance cost of the cars, hired cleaners, gardeners, hairdressers, barbers, personal trainers, coaches and psychologists, designer diet, beauty products, steroids, maintaining a presentable and up to date wardrobe, best in class electronics and recording equipment, travel expenses to network with other important people, appropriate leisure activities to maintain mental health. It's not like he can just skip any of it, being a top level frontline influencer obligates you to carry yourself like one. Certain jobs demand appropriate uniforms, tools and personal protection equipment and that's OK. What you're complaining about is literally the equivalent of a basic worker's kit for influential professional revolutionaries. It's hard work which qualifies Hassan as a laborer, indeed the weight and responsibility of being an icon and carrying the torch puts him among the most burdened laborers of all. For Marx's sake, his mansion isn't even that big. If you step back and compare his wealth and possessions to those of the Peter Thiels of this world you'll discover that Hassan's wealth is relatively meager and when viewed in the true scale it's absolutely comparable to that of a proletarian worker and completely dwarfed by the fortunes hoarded by the one percenters. I dare you to show me exactly where any of the works guiding the Socialist ideology state that important public servants and champions of the people shouldn't be properly rewarded and aren't allowed to amass well deserved wealth.


>I dare you to show me exactly where any of the works guiding the Socialist ideology state that important public servants and champions of the people shouldn't be properly rewarded and aren't allowed to amass well deserved wealth.
Proudhon's "Property Is Theft" dictum?


the sad thing is it's impossible to tell whether this is satire or not


it 100% is satire moron.


I'm in the same boat. I could legitimately see someone defending this position.


unironically, you're right. i feel this way about all the people who brag about making 6 figures like they are the aristocracy or something. like especially with all the inflation, 6 figures is dogshit.

i was thinking, what can you buy with 6 figures that you cant buy with 5 figures. not much. these people have slightly bigger houses, slightly fancier cars, stay at slightly fancier hotels. but really things dont start getting different until you get to 10 mil a year


2.5 million per year is 7 figures


I know. I’m not talking about 2.5 mil


They have officially banned conversion therapies in my country. I did not know this was a thing outside the United States until I heard the news. Anyway I find it amusing, because therapy, medication and surgery to ""change"" one's gender is still perfectly fine though. :-)


I wrote it as a joke but I only used arguments I saw his fans make seriously. Forgot to include some points so here's an addendum. Actually Hassan is the model Socialist worker because he owns his means of production. Also it was the people who decided to make him affluent by sending him money so there was no capitalist extortion or anything morally wrong involved. And even if from a certain point of view that could be seen as capitalist behavior remember it's not hypocritical for a Socialist to engage in capitalism. We can be critical of it but since we already exist in this society it's fine to fully participate in it.

But comrade, don't you know that Socialism recognizes the difference between private property, which is illegal, and personal property, which is good? Checkmate.


>But comrade, don't you know that Socialism recognizes the difference between private property, which is illegal, and personal property, which is good? Checkmate.
In all seriousness, I never understood that contradiction.


Not showing up for work is domestic terrorism now. Let's execute those white supremacist pilots and have POCks take their place. We have plenty of new hard working patriots come from Afghanistan, they'll be more than happy to fly the planes instead. It worked well last time.


"to protect taiwan we must go to war with china!"

t.imperialists who just lost a war to the taliban


File: 1633987750902.jpg (9.12 KB, 300x168, 25:14, you.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Do you not know how to use basic functions of the site or are you just a coward?


>Socialism recognizes the difference between private property, which is illegal, and personal property, which is good
…sounds like Capitalism with more steps.


I feel like the MSM is trying to erode freedom of speech so that only major corporations can dictate what is allowed to be said, and that they're doing this under this "misinformation" narrative.


It's just a semantic game to try and sound less bad then it really is.

Like left wing racist trying to redefine what racist means to claim they aren't racist, or feminist having their own special meaning for the word sexist and equality so that they can deflect when someone points out they have always been sexist and only ever cared about raw sociopolitical power for their small in group at the expense of everything and everyone else.


>anti war retards don't even know what war is and how it works
Some things never change.


"We've got to do something about all this disinformation!"

said the evil empire that is built entirely on disinformation


An empire is a sovereign state made up of several territories and peoples subject to a single ruling authority, often an emperor. A state can become an empire either by a narrow definition through having an emperor and being named as such, or by a broad definition as stated above as an aggregate territory under the rule of supreme authorities such as the Roman Empire.

: a major political unit having a territory of great extent or a number of territories or peoples under a single sovereign authority especially : one having an emperor as chief of state
(2) : the territory of such a political unit
b : something resembling a political empire especially : an extensive territory or enterprise under single domination or control


Mysterious Rise in Heart Attacks! No Relation Whatsoever to Deadly Coronavirus Vaccine

If you think this isn’t just a big and completely random and unimportant coincidence, we regret to inform you that private companies have reached the consensus conclusion that you are banned from the internet.

The London Times:

Health experts have been left baffled by a big rise in a common and potentially fatal type of heart attack in the west of Scotland.

During the summer there was a 25 per cent rise in the number of people rushed to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank with partially blocked arteries cutting blood supply to the heart.

The people running the show are mocking the public.

Related: US Government Admits Moderna Vaccine Giving Men Under 30 a Chronic Heart Condition

Would you rather get heart problems or the flu?


I don't read tabloids.


>the dailystormer spammer is back
Nobody's reading your LULZEPICNIGGERNIGGERNIGGER ironic sarcastic wignat "news" that gets published days after every other actual dissident news outlet has already covered it. This is the politics thread, not /b/. Babylon Bee articles have more factual merit than Angloid's spastic journalistic pissery.


A juicy apple with dark red skin that is a cross between a McIntosh apple and a Red Delicious apple.


shitlib manbaby thinks he's everybody now


They are actually really good apples.
Kinda waiting for my local store to get them in again, but apple season is almost over so might have to wait til next year.

Sage because super off topic.



I agree with him. These shitty articles tell nothing new and the writing style is juvenile.


Pilots Shut Down Southwest in Response to Vaccine Mandate, Media Says That Didn’t Happen
The media are spamming the claim that Southwest Airlines flight shutdowns over the weekend were not the result of walkouts by pilots opposing the vax mandate.

To be clear: None of the information from Southwest, its pilots union, or the FAA indicates that this weekend’s cancellations were related to vaccine mandates. https://t.co/G1fLODSIDS

— The FAA ✈️ (@FAANews) October 11, 2021

But it appears that’s exactly what it was.


Tucker Carlson is reporting that’s what it was, and he interviewed a pilot saying that’s what it was.

As I’ve said for a long time, we’re reaching the point where, as a result of censorship, there are zero checks on the media and they can literally just claim whatever they want to claim.


Kind of ironic for someone from MSM to claim that.
…is there going to be ANY backlash against MSM….._EVER_? I mean, maybe that Atlanta bomber counts, but there hasn't been nary a boycott or anything against them. I mean, there's a list of greivances against the American Media going back to the Spanish American War, and they've never gotten their comeuppance.


lol good one


See, that's some actual news. If you ignore the tabloidy sensationalist articles on DS it's acceptable.
Don't be surprised if in the coming weeks media and tech companies flesh out a new official narrative with talking points designed to goad the public to "spontaneously" start considering transport worker strikes as a form of white nationalist sabotage and the leaders and organizers of these communities as public enemies. If that happens most unions will likely disavow strikes and help to act against dissident workers.
Obviously it's not like the media will outright order their followers to start believing the strikes are a Nazi insurrection but they will constantly imply and suggest things, hoping the media consumers will extrapolate, "come up with" and then propagate the desired ideas by themselves. Shouldn't be a hard psyop to pull off since the previous ideas implanted into and entrenched in the mainstream common consciousness provide a reliable foundation. The liberal media consumers tend to be trained to think in only one direction now, that direction being the framing of everything whites do as ultimately part of conspiracies against minorities, virtuous contemporary values, "our democracy" and so on (God, I wish).
As was said before, it's possible that for certain professions simply not showing up for work is going to be called domestic terrorism from now on.



hello reddit


crab user 277880 parrots his master Dianne Feinstein word by word

crab user 277939 says zionist perspective=actual news

crab user 277943 uses 4chan reply


fox cattle will sage and burry this: protect zionist shill trump and tucker at all cost.

plans to remake the middle east: 1954 Ben Gurion, 1982 Yinon Plan, 1991 Wolfowitz, 1996 Clean Break, 2001 PNAC

Trump's muslim ban: executive order only targets syria, carrying the orders from his masters. Obama 2.0

1991 Clark described a 1991 conversation with Paul Wolfowitz…
this is our chance to clean up syria, iran and iraq


shut the fuck up mouthbreather


File: 1634087697361.png (116.62 KB, 580x536, 145:134, masters.png) ImgOps iqdb

"Pentagon officer shows Clark a memo about taking out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran."

Thane Rosenbaum and Jonathan Mark suggest Arab Muslims don’t belong in America.

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson are Donald Trump’s largest supporters. Together they gave more than $177 million to Trump’s campaign in 2016 and Republican causes in 2016-2018. Dr. Adelson then was given the presidential medal of freedom last year, in recognition in part of her work on drug addiction.

"Disorder and chaos sweeping through the region would not be an unfortunate side-effect of war with Iraq, but a sign that everything is going according to plan."


>taking out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.
Based, fuck the sandniggers.

>Thane Rosenbaum and Jonathan Mark suggest Arab Muslims don’t belong in America.

Based, they don't.

>Disorder and chaos sweeping through the region would not be an unfortunate side-effect of war with Iraq, but a sign that everything is going according to plan.

Based, exactly, fuck all of these subhumans up.


File: 1634140525872.gif (314.5 KB, 234x159, 78:53, EB154C30-0F33-40C7-9F9C-A4….gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1634143149313.jpg (348.75 KB, 1080x1084, 270:271, Screenshot_20211013-123715….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



So it'll bleed money for a few years before finally getting cancelled.



you can put whatever text in the pic, it doesn't mean it's true


We got a sandnigger lover here.


it was mediocre white people who fucked up america and got it to this point,


File: 1634153460383.jpeg (79.94 KB, 728x416, 7:4, E88C148A-81B1-48DE-9FBA-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Over the decades since Israel’s founding in 1948, accusations of antisemitism have been leveled against many people who criticized Israeli actions. Indeed, the accusation was used effectively to silence very prominent critics.

“must expand the use of the EUMC [Monitoring Centre] ‘Working Definition of antisemitism’” including “as a basis for training material for use by Criminal Justice Agencies;”
should “isolate political actors” who “target the State of Israel;”
“should legislate ‘incitement to hatred’ offences and empower law enforcement agencies to convict;”
“should … establish inquiry scrutiny panels;”
“should utilise the EUMC [Monitoring Centre] ‘Working Definition of antisemitism’ to inform media standards;”
“should take appropriate and necessary action to prevent the broadcast of antisemitic programmes on satellite television channels, and to apply pressure on the host broadcast nation to take action to prevent the transmission of antisemitic programmes” (keeping in mind here that the declaration’s definition of “antisemitic” includes various criticism of Israel);
“should use domestic ‘hate crime’, ‘incitement to hatred’ and other legislation … to prosecute ‘Hate on the Internet’ where racist and antisemitic content is hosted, published and written” (again keeping in mind what is defined as “antisemitic”);
and that “education authorities should … protect students and staff from illegal antisemitic discourse and a hostile environment in whatever form it takes including calls for boycotts.”

crab user I love you more than life itself


We rarely see more retarded shitposters than you around here.


File: 1634155397581.mp4 (1.87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, fail.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

my posts versus polcrabs


Honestly everyone is disgusted with you and we want you gone.


seems like every country gets compared to nazi germany except the imperialist one that's been slaughtering people by the millions to conquer the world because it believes it's exceptional




Could be. I thought he was talking about Russia.



America is a nation of hate. Its culture and its genetics are irreparably, incorrigibly suffused with the hatreds and jealousies of degenerate, low-class religious fanatics, who fled in patricidal hatred from the order and culture of Europe. Their fratricidal scions then murdered, defiled, and enslaved their better brothers to the South—primarily Americans who journeyed to the New World for better reasons, the Americans who were essentially European in outlook—the brothers who were growing up to be too much like Daddy. With hate thus a hegemony in America, the Americans then invaded Europe twice, destroyed the European fatherland, and commenced the long-term mass-homicidal spree which has made America the most despised nation on Earth.


This is what reading ruski trollfarm trash daily does to a man. Sad.


Just go ahead and default.

1 - The U.S. government is already functionally bankrupt anyways.
2 - Every time they try to push through something using fear porn, the opposite of what's being said is true. I bet the only reason not raising the debt ceiling would be catastrophic would only be for the plutocrats and megacorp subsidies.



China is Preparing its Citizens for War, threatens Australia with nuclear war


Mises is a stupid dead worthless kike and his fans are just as delusional


They are also making threats at India and their military talks have failed so tention is super high.
Plus they keep on threatening Taiwan with taking it by force.
And threaning nations over the south china sea again lately.

Really it is all just a big ass detraction so that people stop looking into their ongoing financial crisis. The CCP feels very vulnerable and weak right now so they are being bellicose to look strong. They are strongly counting on no one actually calling their bluff or getting fed up with their bullshit though. And their actual military is under super strict orders not to ever fire the first shot in anything that could have the possibility of causing the US to militarily get involved.


Saw a video from him or his buddy talking about how CCP has access to tons of Western genetics info through institutions like Johns Hopkins and has been spending money on developing bioweapons.


File: 1634490105480.jpg (597.17 KB, 640x887, 640:887, 1634460915189.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am more concerned with how the west is making a big non-issue out of vaccines when china is basically war mongering and threatening people. I think there will be another world war in the not too distant future, maybe russia and china and north korea vs everyone else


this but unieonically


>fresh 4eddit post
what is the purpose of this post? mocking people who complain about china? nobody cares when i complain about usa, but someone always starts deflecting when china comes up. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


it says right there "i have no allegiance".


You are about to take a step which will bind you to a single cause for all your life. You will for one year be subject to an absolute duty whose call you will be impelled to heed at any time, in any place, and at any cost. And ever after, until our purpose shall be accomplished, you will be fellow of a brotherhood whose bond you will regard as greater than any other in your life-dearer than that of family, of school, of nation. By entering this brotherhood, you become a self-dedicated soldier in the army of Zion. Your obligation to Zion becomes your paramount obligation… It is the wish of your heart and of your own free will to join our fellowship, to share its duties, its tasks, and its necessary sacrifices.


seems to have a mocking tone to it, like people should take pride in the usa even though that would garner even more jeering than being honest about usa being shit. or that china is somehow superior merely from its citizens being more ready to fellate the government.


It looks to me like it's mocking globalism. It says you should be nationalist and invested in your country and race. Which is not a surprising statement coming from 4/pol/.


But all the based trad zoomers are telling me that China is actually a religion of peace that will save us from the evils of CIA-Mossad-Google illuminati?


normalcattle gotta find hope in something


more projection from the imperialists who are openly war mongering against china and doing a mass genetic experiment on its own citizens


usa sucks. china sucks. botch your suicide and maim yourself, useful retard.


starting to wonder why we even have a politics thread anymore when it seems all the posters who even discussed anything in the thread seemed to have fucked off.


Any attempt at sincere discussion is basically trolled or bombarded with stupidity until they go away.
Personally I don't take much in the thread seriously anymore and don't even attempt prolonged discussion, since even if someone is interested in it, a persistent third person will jump in and do all they can to disrupt that conversation.


The moment someone disagrees with another person and debate even in good faith another will suddenly pop out and call them the Alaskan and try to warn everyone not to pay any attention to them and so on and so fourth.

Thread was ok in 2019 I wonder what happened


>Thread was ok in 2019
You mean when we had to deal with that mentally ill radical communist getting in long winded fights with the person pretending to be fascist just to piss them off because they found it funny.

Wouldn't be what I call ok.


Oh man, that guy! That was already two years ago? He was hilarious. I remember I took his tirades and made them into a Timecube-esque website. It fit WAY better than I ever would have expected.


post something golden from him


there's only one schizo going around callnig people an alasken


I found the old mock website:


Everything except the formatting are quotes of his.


I don't like him mainly because every time he lost a argument he would try to get me banned for not being pro-socialism/ubi/redistribution citing rule 4. Despite me explaining several times that my position is that I don't want my shit taken and given to single mothers and succubi in general.


He's right here, screeching. The tiresome cunt blubbering about muh imperialism is schizenu.


China Fires Hypersonic Nuke That Circles Planet, Surprises US Intelligence

China is preparing to defend itself, while the US is preparing to start a war with China to protect gay anal rimjobs in Taiwan.

The Independent:

China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile that flew round the earth before speeding towards its target, catching US intelligence services by surprise, it was reported.

The technology demonstrates an advanced space capability showing China’s progress on hypersonic weaponry to be far more developed than US officials realised, according to the Financial Times.

The missile, carrying a hypersonic glide vehicle which flew through low-orbit space before cruising downward, missed its target by 24 miles, according to three people familiar with the test.

“We have no idea how they did this,” one of those briefed on the intelligence told the newspaper.


“Great Resignation” – Millions of Americans are Quitting Their Jobs, But It has Nothing to Do with Vaccine Mandates
[The number of Americans quitting their jobs has hit record highs over the past several months in a phenomenon economists have been calling the “Great Resignation.” In August, 4.3 million U.S. workers — almost 3 percent of the entire American workforce — voluntarily left their positions, the highest number since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking “quits” in 2020.

Workers are quitting at high rates in every industry, but the trend has been especially pronounced for frontline businesses like restaurants, hotels, retail stores and health care providers.

Oh, so the most people quitting were the people who worked in the precise industries that first mandated the vaccines.

That’s really weird because later in the article, we hear this:

Rather than offering one reason so many Americans are quitting their jobs, experts mostly believe the Great Resignation is the result of a variety of forces coming together. Something not on that list is employer vaccine mandates, which don’t appear to have caused a significant number of people to quit.

This is again what I told you about censorship: the media can now just say whatever the hell they want, and no one can question them.

They are saying that no one really cares about vaccine mandates, and also, everyone is really rich these days anyway.


Fucking cringe. Fractional orbital bombardment systems are first strike decapitation attack weapons you dunce. “We have no idea how they did this,” you mean they suddenly forgot SALT II and how everyone agreed to ban the whole method of delivery and retire that one R-36 variant? Who did they interview to get that take, a janitor? It's fucking embarrassing watching the clueless chingchong simps acting as if they know anything.


File: 1634591519208.png (25.24 KB, 153x143, 153:143, FC3DE3E2-BCB7-40D0-B1D8-52….png) ImgOps iqdb

>t. boeing engineer


I got the same rule 4 attempts as well.


File: 1634606973985.jpg (27.5 KB, 712x400, 89:50, smoking-crack.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>china is gonna launch unprovoked nuclear attacks


>Male MP gets murdered by Jihadi while at church
>media complains about how this shows how online anonymity harms succubi online so privacy should be banned

The UK finds new ways to horrify and disappoint me every news cycle.


damn the thumbnail made me think that Sadiq Khan died


Me too man. I can't stand england


evil iraq war architect finally becomes a statistic

Colin Powell dies of Covid-19 complications amid cancer battle

"General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, passed away this morning due to complications from Covid 19," the Powell family wrote on Facebook, noting he was fully vaccinated.


File: 1634640288876.jpg (17.34 KB, 430x195, 86:39, colin-powell-un-vial.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't know about you guys but I'm convinced. Let's listen to those two geniuses who studied military technology at Infowars Academy and Stormfront Institute of Facts and Logic.


People are so obsessed with the stupid vaccine fighting that they don't realize china is getting ready for nuclear war



File: 1634669038551.png (565.82 KB, 604x1024, 151:256, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


and the world ending is a bad thing because?



I still think they are saber rattling to distract from them internally having trouble, especially due to the economy.


>muh weapons of mass destruction
where have I heard this before?


Because I don't want to die?
>Most people want to die.
Then how about they just commit suicide and leave the rest of us alone? Win win.


You Killed Colin (Pronounced “Colon”) Powell by Refusing the Deadly Vaccine

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

And no, it’s not some kind of satire or whatever – this is actually what these people are saying.

Colin Powell didn't die because he was vaccinated. he died because you weren't

— Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) October 18, 2021

I don’t know if you’ve been following the news, but he had multiple myeloma, a pretty serious form of cancer, and he was 84 years old. Just to be clear, the average male life expectancy in the United States is 76. The average African American male life expectancy is 72. Either way, the idea that the coronavirus is responsible for the death of this elderly man with cancer is pretty silly.

So it really would have been easy to say “Colon passed away at the ripe age of 84 after a struggle with cancer.”


So, there are a few different things that are to be considered here:

They are moving away from “a few breakthrough cases” to “the vaccine just doesn’t work at all”
It’s the fault of the unvaccinated that the vaccine doesn’t work
This is preparation for a whole new narrative – i.e., “we’re back at square one”


>he's now just copying the entire article complete with incompatible formatting because he knows nobody reads his dailywignat links


but it's for real this time


Looks like it's time for me to close my bank accounts.
Because this is some bullshit.


Because it's not nearly "the end of the world" like you've been led to believe by stupid modern myths. When your country gets nuked it doesn't disappear, it turns into 1945 Germany or Japan which will make you extremely miserable.


but this isn't 1945, if nuclear war happens it won't just be a couple low yield kilotonners fissionables but hundreds, maybe thousands of megaton class thermonuclear and neutron bombs per country involved, there won't be anyone left


Everything you know about this comes from popculture and popscience so you default to these caricatural comic book scenarios. It's too much of a hassle to try to untangle these entrenched misconceptions.


uh huh
ain't like mutually assured destruction has been the declared doctrine and guiding policy behind the stockpiling of thousands of nukes in each of the different world powers, we just got that notion from anime

when ww3 kicks off, murika is only going to lob a couple hiroshima class dinosaurs at russia and vice versa


or china


File: 1634783846443.png (44.68 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Cycle.png) ImgOps iqdb


Where is the cure for cancer, Joe?


russia+usa+china combined could realistically launch 3500-4000 nukes total

thats not enough to drop even one nuke on each town in my country lmao

good luck destroying the world lol



A lot of talking that boils down to the same old tired "we're not racist, they're the REAL racists!"
When will these idiots understand this will keep happening as long as niggers and faggots are allowed to live alongside us as equals and womyn are allowed to dictate our lives and politics, ever driven by their lust for foreign breeders and hatred for the native and familiar?
Get your head out of your ass. There will never be a balanced, polite, sane, moderate utopia. It's either full White Supremacy or third world libtard anarcho-tyranny.



>fascism is odious
>muh poor jews
Cringeaholic Kikefist. Faggot is allowed to post his shit on fucking YouTube of all places. That should tell you everything you need to know about this "rebel." These centrist golems have to be the first to hang. Fucking insects.
Also imagine wearing that biker outfit to sit in your gaymer chair.



Tim Pool got covid, sounds not like just a flu to me (and that is with a ton of rich people medication and he still suffered) unless TIm Pool is part of the conspiracy too and lying


>why did it take 7 bullets to take down Jacob Blake?
>because the police ran out of bullets

i don't know why i laughed so hard at this.
why were they even discussing it?

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