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Do you ever feel jealous and wonder why some people are so blisfully happy whenever you look at strangers in public?


everyone I see in public is just neutral face walking somewhere or doing something, where are these blissful people you are talking about. If I saw some one walking around with a big smile on their face for no reason I’d think something is wrong with them


Most of them have to work 9-5 for the vast majority of their lives so I just feel sorry for them


The only people I remember ever looking anything that could be described as blissfully happy when just walking around in public is small children when something good happened to them.

I have traveled and seen people from all over. It simply isn't a thing for adults or even older children/teens to walk around in a state of bliss.

You are imagining things or projecting on random people.


This literally never happens.

Take your pills

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